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Collection de

microfiches (monographies)


Institute for Historical Microreproductions / Institut Canadian

de microreproductions historiques



Technical and Bibliographic Note;


Notes techniques et bibliographiques
L'Institut a microfilm^ le meilleur exemplaire qu'il


Institute has


available for filming.

attempted to obtain the best original Features of this copy which

a iti possible de se procurer.



de cet


be bibliographically unique, which

of the images in the reproduction, or

may alter any which may

exemplaire qui sont peutitre uniques du point de vue
bibliographique, qui peuvent modifier une image

change the usual method of filming, are

checked below.



ou qui peuvent exiger une modification methode normale de f ilmage sont indiques


D D D n

Coloured covers/
Couverture da couleur
Covers damaged/

Coloured pages/
Pages de couleur

Pages damaged/ Pages

Couverture endommagee
Covers restored and/or laminated/


Pages restored and/or laminated/
Pages r.staurees et/ou pellicultes

Couverture restauree et/ou pelliculee






de couverture manque

Coloured maps/
Caites geographiques en couleur

H n

Pages discoloured, stained or foxed/

Pages decolorees, tacheteos ou piquees

Pages detached/ Pages detachies

Coloured ink


other than blue or black)/


Encre de couleur


que bleue ou

Coloured plates and/or


Quality of print varies/
Qualite inegale de I'impressi mpression

Planches et/ou illustrations en couleur

Bound with other
Relie avec d'autres


Continuous pagination/
Pagination continue

cause shadows or distortion

D n

Tight binding


along interior margin/

La reliure serree peut causer de I'ombre ou de


Includes index(es)/

Comprend un

(des) index


long de


marge interieure

Blank leaves added during restoration


on header taken from:/ de I'en-t^te provient:
page of issue/



within the text. Whenever possible, these have

been omitted from filming/

Page de





peut que certaines pages blanches ajout6es
d'une restauration apparaissent dans
le texte,


Caption of


mais, lorsque cela etait possible, ces pages n'ont

Titre de depart de la


pas ete filmees.

n n
Additional comments:/

Generique (periodiques) de


Commentaires supplementaires:
filmed at the reduction ratio checked below/
est filme

This item


Ce document

au taux de reduction indique ci-dessous.











32 X

. planches. Les diagrammes suivants iiCustrent la mAthode. peuvent etre filmis A des taux de reduction diffirents. et de haut en bas. as many frames as required. The last recorded frame on each microfiche symbol TINUED"). Original copies in printed paper covers are filmed beginning with the front cover and ending on the last page with a printed or illustrated impression. Les exemplaires originaux dont la couverture en papier est imprimte sont fiimis en commencant par le premier plat et en terminant soit par la derniAre page qui comporte une empreinte d'impression ou d'illustration. left to right and top to bottom. All other original copies are filmed beginning on the first page with a printed or illustrated impression. de gauche i droite. symbole — symbole V signifie cas: le Un des symboles suivants apparaitra sur la dorniire image de cheque microfiche. selon ^ le signifie "A SUIVRE . charts. shall contain the —•> (meening V "CON- (meaning "END"). en prenant le nombre d'images nAcessaire. The imeges appeoring here are the beit Les images suivantes ont iti reproduites avec le plus grand soin. tableaux. Those too large to be entirely included in one exposure af filmed beginning in the upper left hand corner. compte tenu de la condition et de la nettetA de lexemplaire film6. The following diagrams illustrate the method: Les cartas. and ending on the last page with a printed or illustrated impression. may be filmed at different reduction r'^^tios. et en conformity avec les conditions du contrat de filmage. 1 2 3 1 2 3 6 4 32 X 5 . plates.. or the symbol whichever epplies. etc. etc. le "FIN". selon le cas. Lorsque le document est trop grand pour etre reproduit en un seul cliche. Maps. or the back cover when appropriate. Tous les autres exemplaires originaux sont film^s en commandant par la premiere page qui comporte une empreinte d'impression ou d'illustration et en terminant par la derniAre page qui comporte une telle empreinte. soit par le second plat.The copy filmed here hes been reproduced thenks to the oonerotity of: L'exemplaire filmA fut reproduit grace i gAnArositA de: University of British Columbia Library Vancouver la University of British Columbia Library Vancouver qu'il I cet t de vue 9* ation quality possible considering the condition and legibility of the original copy and in keeping with the filming contract spocific9tion8. il est film^ A partir de Tangle supArieur gauche.

M .



pages has been to amplify the infoiiiiation at present in the possession of collectors.. the the as researches of its late E." has been adopted on most satisfactory of all methods of reproduction in fac-simile which have come under the notice of the Society. and is undoubtedly the Augttst. and l.PREFACE. tlius adding to the completeness of the present work.llation of contents of recent papers in Canadian and English journals. have been completed to the end of June. the only two of the Colonies using distinct stamps. to The Society is also largely indebted to reiir. King for the permission The now lists of Canada and Newfoundland. these Colonies. 1889. to present as far as possible a complete history of the Postal Service In this endeavour it ii.ur of the Society in the following. Mr. . he has consented should be amalgamateil with them. has derived a large amount of assistance from Secretary.y the c. as well North American Colonies have nevertheless as deficient. by the desire of the Connnittee entrusted with the revision and publication of the accompanying lists. The same mode the present of illustration " by the Autotype process.l with the Postal systems of the British Colonies in North America does not present the in ilie ditliculties which had perhaps to be surmounted case of tlie Australian Colonies. as well as by reference to otlicial gazettes and correspondence. TNVKSTIGATION into the history of the various ami successive issues -L of labels. and a does not therefore include subject matter of so interesting' character as that comprised in the recent "(Oceania" Cataloiiue. IMr. Keference Lists of the been hitherto crude. Donald A. liacon. Stamps Oceania. 1).riiilakUst.jduce the valuable contents of certain papers he contributed to the Ifidiftu. which proved of successful in the case of the occasion. 1889. thus allording but superficial aid to the I'hilatelist: and the cnduav. wrai-pers. but which. and even incorrect in detail. and envelopes connecte. whose Notes have been at head of each Colony were originally intended to read a paper before the London Society.

U. iliilliir. Uottnin. II. lUght Ijeft. cent (ir cents.. T. .shilliug.p. i. or bliillings. d. 0.I.LIST OF AIM'. . [lenny. T. it pence.'KVIATIOXS. L.

Id. " mtirmii col umiiia "UATUS Ol- . IJritish Colunihiii entered tln^ Dominion of Canada. 1 c( have lici!ii ahh. and on July UOth. at the time 17!)l'.''lO miles.000 shillings. after the S|iaiiisli that the i. 1KI3. e. "I'UnidC NOTICE.">() inilcs. (if l)KI''Ol{K liivili'.')92 liy Juan de was leased in to th(^ Hudson's l!ay Company in tin.y adililioii. Vancouver I. TIk! earliest issue of Tltc Ouvrnitiirnl dtvullc.sland it) sometimes caHcd QuADUA.'e Iho Koiky Mountains and the I'a(i(ie Coast . J'RIiFJMINAllY Jly NOTES..'old in Ifiri. Colunihia wa. U .< Vancouver. lor each under ^ ounce M. Tlicsc liisldriciil piiHiculiirs ISH'J.w (idicial nipliccH f liiivc (Millcctcil irfcrciicc! r JSUliips to iiiiiki' Die Xoilli (micIi Aiiiciiciiii ii (JdldiuCs..ttvpient on di.. Tiio area (iiRhidiiif.sland was visited.ACOX. cr pence.' lirfi.iry 7lh. and uiu siiiipiuiiifutuil l. fur each J letter under ounce .f. owin..ctler Island.S. every additional h ounce or Iractiuual . Hdcicly (if (li<.'.IIRITISU COLUMIUA AND VANCOUVER ISLAND.i 1 1. with mIkhI irmnw of tlic iii.Ncess . "BetwekN And for liritish Colunihia and Vaiicoiiver I. I'. .' alumt '. 1 iiiir|i(isc iii(. Captain (ioorgo . in commandant on the coast of the mainland. to the lar^'u immi'. in that year. what uks I Imvu in kiw. in addition to Foreign l'osta. and niiulc a Crown Cohuiy 1819. delivered .scovery of Kiuta. -U f. Vancouver colonies Island. ad.. .)aiiu. dLseovered in lind in this country is that of .e. . llrilittli ColiimJiia. D.ritisli Coliiiiiliia is situated on the norlli-wost eoasi lietweeii of North America. 3d. hrcadlh liciiij. and delivered or mailed Westminster.s. territory ly. till- tlie av(!ra'. This number uilains the following notices . and comprises tlie hniiiided on its.'rati(jii con. 18().er. For each Newspaper On all Letters iuid at New Papers to or from abroad. north hy the (iOth parallel. hy the Ihiti. the. . I' naval olli(.ir ill llii' iiiciiilii'iH 1(1 till. iinr taken fur Uk^ iiHwt part from oiii! from Thv Volnnhil OjHre U^l fur or two olhur W(irkn of rcfcicnci'.").i(iiif. In 1800 of llriiish Colunihia and Vancouver Island were unitod. 1871. from whom it (leriv( its iiKJie usual name.s I'.' Vancoiivur Mijuaie mile. at Victoria or New Westminster. liritish and (. and the leii^'th of coastline !.s (•oiistitule(l a th(^ Crown Colony j.iiieen Charlotte Islands) is about . and on the somIIi liy the I'nilcd Stat( of i^iich nf the |ii(iviiiccs. K..

. .^lil. .Hd. >^VM. IVir uuli Oil.SLAN/K .(» H iiiiiias riici'l ill iir Paivils li.r Oil.f n<' l.H' NdTICK.|i..>| Ollin- ill . issncl llir invpiyinunt of piisla^'i' Maiiips al prcsiiil IU I Iiiarin. as tho . have lii'eii liist issneil in— I . III riiiiliiiMul cxicKK .ill.Diit llu- niiililiu of in l^<(. SiAl.tWUi/A ^ .year tlie Two I'l'm-e Ilalfpinny stamp is sai. imiII.-inin .'.the hi-her valup.iv aii.|„|iy 1111(1 Miiy nlli. There will be is.illi'i 4 laiiu'i' J Ami Kill' I'm iviiy .'iiter Two Pence Half ' penny stamp 3d. is ])o...j. solely ns. I'lilil . »|l| iliai-iil at iiiiii. PiiM On II K. Inr wliiili tlif (." AVas this . "All Letter..l i.r<ffr al...\ I. . alidvi' III. (lil. l..|!. did not varieties the Po.i-lil. It .11 "0.|. I liave never .I .1.. and the fact that it was found upon newspapers alone Penny provisional divided in any . even in face of the notice.scconil notice that wimtuv. prepay letters sent l.t l„ll. Perhaps as well for eollectors that the idea of sureliargiiifj the .il llie tlifiv )<v us. liavin. l'. . I am iiirliiieil to think tlic stamp was lir.1' ami iml pur k ixi'ouillii^' w.. piwtaxr will ill In.says. Ami V«r Inr lii' li cvny 11 aiMiiniiiiil iiMiiir .„l Olli. ' If this was wu see from tlie (list of ||„. Another curious point in coniiei'tion witii the aliove notices is to know how the newspaper rate of one penny was prepaid.Si. I!.n(i.second notice distinctly .nuil) .. 1801.' ami in this lasu uontinmil i'nniij. is certainly admis. or the jiaper is attached|a-i' li. -e halfpenny in i- June.!< l. imucu. as is I'listi.y of this stamp divided.iy nl' . Tlie escape was no iloubt due to the fact that time siiirhar-es on stamps were few in imndier...Mt. as that at Pence Halfpenny stamp it. . was it to be sold at is was dune iway with or raised in the ahme inontli.ilil. rate formerly paid.the arrival of a new one bearin..l rtliall mail inallir p..j.|. liiiiuil ixi'c«« _ Ni\\>.V nil. .st.repaiil.sable into a coll.B. aliove notices that this was riii. The .. .siMi r.. or there to i.'. '• (iKSV. It is upparenl from the it . I'lisi Ori'ii v/i "(>*iKm''l) W. l'osl.ii..rii «nliMilnl.l. ...l..i^v/> \AMnriK/l . .i.^kr-(l. larli Ncw»|iii|i«'r . This Two type. . prepaid in coin? One of these two alternatives naturally .stamp came into use.lijil.." Till' -Iniii'.K.i. ilniilil lii'st appi'aivil witii in T/w (!.illui lli.. Ill l'. will in liunre luiKi'i \V..stmai'ked after . N.:nmit.\. In all ciikh In Im' pripali!. W/i Jiiiir.. ihilish Coliiiiiliia.luiie 19th." "l' for 1801 tin.i.'iil iif minilH'is. provideil it 1801. l.Imcc iiiiil. the capital of Vancouver riito likely altogether unknown to the Postal authorities of liritish Columbia.' \<U<r iu Hi.sent by two special routes.— l'iuka.suggests itself to have been the ca. or was the postage. uojiiu-s wui'u pulilislini snlis('.WSii. .'!'.. lull.u.u. dilFerod in it iirobalily would have done..'li to appear until lliu lattur end In liml a tile ..:m:i<(t. "(Jkm. Xnt liuun fuitnnalc — capital «o.iii NeWHpiiiitTK. . piv|iai. CiiliHiy.' . . 6il "N.lmi(iiln'-h'.L.Inn.tlu' inaik 2\. uistaiice the old 2id. liir Mamps liavc li..ctioii as a iirovisional Three Ponce. . ailililiiiiial . the use of tlie stamp would probably be small.sai. Three way like so many of the other Xorlh American Colonies stamps.'il t.ItlliriSII fii/.seen or heard of a coj.] and mail matter lialiie to posta-e must be |.etween New Weslminsler. the i<l 180").s no telliiif ow many we should have had add to our albums if the suicharj. lUlWrill Ill |' alter tin.111111.1 11.uu unable to -ive the cNait ilay this ..'.'!' ill 111.limli iiiiisl .niary siinilai' imliui's.sued for tlie lirepayment of postage tlu^ postage stamps at present in use..i|jii' . |s(i|. Ktami.. can ln' lakfii im ifilinn 8 in wti. but as it could have been only employed for ne\vspa]iers . l.vnNKli n. .. .i|Ii. pemlin... anil Victnria. iil.stniaster's head. and mo. opened tlirun.. .ST OFFICES IM DLUTISIl COLU.1 l„..'lio„t the whoh' colony. '.lr fur April Itli.i.xt -'^" ""• l'i"visiHi.. hiilfiH'nny in I'LACE.. I. may also |„iv.e liu liitU'i' (^ml f/rtov 1801 uijil li — in — I MM tlio t<> think the the names of the Postma. " invsimpcr rate 1 Van Winkle William's Creek Fort Slie|ilierd Koviteiiny . M.. Hall. issued on the 20th Ihree lenuy stami. M. 'ame into the Hire. F.hd l. fc^il. lu i. the d. to prepay the . '• On .S0... iiimisii co/.h in f. list „f Pust-ollices. . Sanay.. Aiidersnu. the ne. sjmll see vv. Sharwuod. i. Mevor.K'ued |S(.'...r next t!. Aj^useiz..laa ow many Lillooct iliffurod in le to llic fact ely altogcllH'r icc Yale byitou Asheiul't (v'linton llaifiicnny inco. the provisional that provisional. w. C(. an Act was passed which dian-ed the currency of the colony to the ilecimal system of cents and dollars..ster. instance whuthor or not such \ras tin. Cn. W.'hui' viiluc.' ISO. eatah. lUlilc Se.. nf -pe.pliraliui.(«^ . i.„ „. |.ssiumI IS I'th for the John Jane.ece«. Qiie. .. and runs as iUy.. 7 Won M no'it'" aciMMinl ' |.. W. iiroviilcd Sriila Lake La Haciic Creek .mi„l i.Mi. District tliis Tiirec Columbia Kiver.ti. Another and J..xo.. Im meet the ""• ''"^'"1 O-dinaih'e. case. as ut that lime there were only sLxteen Po. W.|. 'aieral. ..niiii.'('i hat future research will. r..i. I. Letter.! .i new poMii}.'I Ihilish Coluiiihia on „r alter the 1st N'(. in the same . Hl^lrinlHi. hlue.. which cneral.. " Ir hi.|. 1 divi.i„. iiiliiliil his WHS so. ISOO.MINIIII It. Ik. ' r. /^«^HI. W. was published in The lin::r.MLIA.s|. as Uiu ' Now Kojie Westininntet • hij.inelmouth F.Axn.. T. Big Bend American 1 paid in coin the t cn.n. nimith.)„/ "(Sillied) k'l' W. isdt.'. A. rosTM.. newspaper rate.L. we have 1 seen.uii/A »l. &I..ji.. R. .s. think it is possil. M. iXL' large fancy Tiiiee Peme hy "v" and Clown .e. . with tcr. 11 .„.. ....s. ivntie. SpaldiiiK....iws "NOTHi:. L. L. wo old LIST OF I'O. „se..iittall.p at present in use will ..\LMINO. Calm. .„p. «. -lamp at pivmnt .veiiiher. ..s.\s'n. . reeeivd hy the I'osl Olliee Depaitluenl.'"""'" ^.. hIimim.Meii iiiicMlc of in imlilisli(. l. could llllVC of the sjiapurs stamp alone On March 20th. . 1807..ik.r '^'''' the di. .y "'I.n..|„. . M. lliilf Pence In} l.lo Pence.e al st„nip nniiliuned in the letter ahov in the is ohviun-iy llie is in I'liliu'u bhm. This nnliee : T/n (l„. I'o*r OKKltl-. d.. . I. The list is ehielly interesting as showniH upon what a small scale the Postal Service of ihe craintry then wa. ••Ml.v/>..i-... Champness. Richard White. J.-.n use may excliaii-e the same „„ ai.M.. T. AM) . H.^[arell 13th. C. ..• i:\xn iry/-..(! ' l'onf..viiil. i." l>stiinti'il Tile aiii|is new pusl. . I • Aslicroft t'ost-ollioe is tlio jmictioii will l)u whence mail matter for llic Ilcn<l District forwariloil. IVrsons in passesMon ef th.s.. penny .aie ii. stiiuci! till... '' .lte.l Th is Penny -lamp taken f nse Ini down (Vtohei to the 1st -NoVemlH. at anv ut the I'ohIollites .lt.[„ne.„„i.i |„„„ »"'! alter the 1st Neveinl«. H.n. Moens a./( isr.-(. ii.. 01..linilely del.. 1 The f„nowinf..

iial an i.' crfain I'oKtal ratfs in tlir llii' ci'nt. Iloro again I can only au^'Kost that the Twenty-live Cents may have Cents cut in two.. mimt In- prrpaiil in StanipH of So it Im cviili'iit. on white. aii.-alermarkod.illi'i-.. \h. colourei'.vi' with tin. WcHtniinMter anil Clinton . ..ri>iiHMiiiK liiill iiti tlirinixli. in.\ asd VA. for tho tho Two Cents value prepaid newspapers ulnne.' in is upwards. a fi'i. CVntn. on the admiltanco of the colony into tho ln'on divided. lij Aii.m.'lit. ninl Htntinf. Unitoil Stairs. for . Gnziltn.of Two Cents.lliris .' that I'rinci.! I. I'ltWfcu Vaiir. That liavo liocn unalilo t. 1871.l |(. Above and a curved label of solid colour— one with convex.. of letter rales in Clau.. anil the other with concave ends.ajier. Tlial i..lialily cainc into use at tlu' tiim. as wo know.inl Msnl.lliiwiti>! III «.ii isi. 18(18.\iisi. Do La Hue and Co.straight white labels. LONDON'." fur I "X. of I/indon.-.i. TiO runts ami ilollar..l lii. . mill Ni'w \Vi-liiiiii4i'r.. Mr.H. N. and .iiii'i' " IX. hIiuII In' imi.scribed On either side iw..iiy r. tliu Cfiiln . Unman in capitals.iii unrnsii new I'nslul : (•(H. in ivnts. .il. lo tliu l'iii('(.nt in lliu IX. Tln' full. but thoy aro usually Postal Onlinuneo 18G7'iii. we viiluo should expect lo liml a Twelve and a Half Cents stamp.' 1'im. lliiiT hIiuII paid on iwli nm h Lvltcr an ail.|.iiiy Piwl-i.. Issue L 1861.stainpH : woro thm in usi". I aU.iivir Munil nr or Siivana'i NfW .il. nmy not luivo nppcnreil at As wo spo from Clause X.'iim. I2j fVnt. niv taki'li till' l.ili.iawicn Vi. nr any I'. and used in conjunction with a Ten Cents or two Five Cent stamps to nmko up tho reipiired ralo.i till' r. on ground of horizontal lino.ssi.litinnal acconlinj. laiin. I ixiriKlin« oiinri' in wvif. .I-iiIIIi'i' llii' ('. iIiitc shall lio paiil a iiostaKL.'oin« lali'fl.r. .m. of tho Lonkiii'.ir rvi'iy a.« y.laiini "y I8tli. . papers.». It is possililu all tho values eataloKUoil as our issuo. Yiilr. i'oHta. un\. — — nil in small white ends." and the lower ones " vancouveiw lsland" respectively. kt\.iliiM. the All was or sln.c A.iiiAfry ill It l. INi^l-iiHiiTs liiilf l. I'. Caiiaila.l f.kpknny " The remainder of th" stamp two (illed lines on tho with right.i. .a\w law. nojuch was oC half an iinncc ImtimuI iioMla.i'yiinil lllnili' .l. llniic.. Thin Hot 1 wi- know.wnrvh.s. Shakespeare is tho present Postmaster of Victoria. slightly -surfaced i.ST OF THE PIIILATKUC SOCIETY. isMuo of slanipH snrcliai'ji'il al.l iii. valnipi. white <.l. •!'> CflltH." am! Ni'wfo'uiillaiiil. loiisistnl of tiiu fiillowinf. Tho upper hdiels are inscribed "nmiisii coix'MniA fc.s.lilii. Tho stamps of liritish Columbia were withdrawn from >iso on July 20lli. iiriil 11. for Creat Ilritain. which aeeounts tho list stamp heiiig so rarely met with postmarked. with rounded Uoman capitals— " i-o.Dvr wiij^lil.. or the Five Dominion of Caiuula..|ii. downwards.'>..' vahios i.iilc lliiit in ti.. tlio MrttiMH.Axn. 'lU. RFFEUKN'CF LI. C'liit^. and "two pence-iiai.'!.' tlinni^ili any riwt-ollicu in llic Colony. . hut. iiH from tlir pliiinl w.«ll(.'!' K. thcri- y a noti.llln' in Vuiiniiivi r NIaii..' at onco. (iinl any imtico Imt in The Oaxelle of In Tin' tin.rlly iiftcrwaiiU. cvory Hin^lo NcwspnpiT ilcposilfd in or passiii.any tliuri.i) Kivin-.l . Kiiy . Isliiml.. 10.. Enj{mveil and type-printed by Jlossrs. reailin<.aia. nr IVarti.»taj<i' lUcihliiiK t. ( l|.li-l. Wny .unoc.iiiy. Ihf al. tliry pn. win. reading in reticulation.. lii'twt'iii any Iw. Al .STAdii " on the left.lwanl lolony. Omvalm: Diademed profile of Queen Victoria to and below the head are a stralfjlit Designleft.'av. almvo .

black surcbai'He. fltanip l)t'iiig vafiipa.j c.\M)." with heraldie rose inside. rose-pink. ruse." in carmine Roman capitals Roman capitals " .10 cents 50. 1865. .^i'.'e(/).. and Remarhg. ONDOX.') CVnK (Vlltl4.nnvii ini|ii'i'fiii'ati' («lir . i^^ht...) 1. oy arc UHUully deep lilue. Issue Dnfl ratw. on 3il. I (II) iVr/w.. hy tlie Society. iir d. . cr 11 The in in " he ailmittance is values are printed black violet follows. >. timt 'IfttiTH. ^jreen „ and Co. (• IlI'VllMil |>(iKlii." in blue ".itl.' is.']it rectangular. Roman capitals. ". iipHy-l..''i.SIia|M.. vermilion. .'iiiii jierforaled 14. violet luaiivc. „ Illations. 2. 3il. ). The sheet is eiaiipuseil of 210 >lainps.. eontaiiiiiij." in lilaek block tyjie . . green. I .' issue. Jli'iiiiirl. l. outer lini' of colour.I — one (D) p.) (. c. iiiicli with the values lioltoiii in the altered currency.'e" lielow..') cent fi. on 3<l.. lilue „ „ „ ( ( ( ( . Si'j- 13th March desij. „ „ mil..'iilar. anil dollar.: nitirisll fiH. 1867. Xoveinln r. inserilM'd " iiihtihii ciilummia i-ostaok'' liy almve and "tiiiikI'. {l/fiintnitiiiiiH (a) Perforated U. c. Vafumtal 12J. noi.!lit line across the of the stamp.). wateriiiaiked Crown and (-' C v. which a.t. . value l>y from June. oil Ahovo with 2 .. iM'iiiK two inscriptions of the dcsijjn liein^^ se|iarati'd is a star like ornaiiieiit at either Mwiinl oliiiiy. of iJesign 50 1 c. in 10 c." in .. ii))i'ij.. 10 ill Issue III." iisn... veriiiiliuii. and the perforation riu! StillllllS of each sheet contains 210 .^ 2. All nf lait tlie Cliuisi' IX.liiiiui ". |Hl|i| iijil riwy-liniwii.iil. ).s|i.. 1st November. ). heariii^^ the value of Two reiiee latter llalf|H-iiny. lines. (llliiHlruliim I. •t tiiknn two oilier liiii'H of ruloiii iniii|il(|e till' ii|.\\/) VASnit'VEII i|i". PKNi.0 c. arranged in six Im !«oiilal rows of ten. " 10 cents 10. "two tknts. blue „ on on lid..^ii.' fsiin il sixty stamps. I The remainder riainded.M I. He Ln Kiie and Co. I 2Jd. bistre. no 't'lita the preeedini.'ii. 2 5 10 c. ce. white hand.iil. ). TliiM 1 Hi't. The |i. rose-pink. and did duly proviNionally IHdl.." and type-printid hy Messrs. The is is white wnve the lu with a watermarked Crown and preeedin}. U[)right rectangular. readins{ OO 1 c. violet 3d..!j C'clitn.. on wliilr Hlij. black surclirtrt. on on 3d. If^li.'litlysiirfaeed jiaper. orange. laili Kn(. Act. with rounded left.--Su |iiwtiiiai'ki'd lopy of the allliiHiKh variety fare in known to the Soeiely. the corners S« it and the is c<iiiipleted hy a sinjrj..ii-lil i'«'i'taii'. 11. of the next iiwue. hhie. .. f orange. the side..'rforated Hlaiiip.lii'e niaeliine f. 3d. is enclosed within a ." the present green Roman cai»itals Roman capitals. . was sold L'Oth at Three Peine. ImIuiiiI.s Like 12J. same and printed from the anme die as jmjier know.v { lUth. bistre.(/. llrsij^n: ( Iriiaiiiental left. (7).\) II lit' /m/iir/i/rad'.s not been met with perforatecl 12}." representing " Victoria. stamp Idled in with u diaiK'r puttern.. lai mauve. tliniii^^h Viita. Hurinoiinti d by ( Juthic crown . thistle on the and the tiiiji' RpriK of shamrock on the oval riKlit.—T]\i' Two Cents hr. {ll/iiKlra/iim 2.vth 2Ci "i I!.'llil|i8 till- letter " V.. of ^t. .) . . c.<l. 2.Ait -I. are similarly disposed.i". surchar^'cd in may a liiivu Tt'ii strai).'raved . cariiiiiic ^reeii. iiuelSC. Iilup. ibed "nniTisii lively. . wlii'ii it was I'lplaii'd the Three I'eiiee. C C. until Int for IIiIm 2J •J. carmine green „ „ reading d. all black surcharge (shades). .IMIllA laiiHCM nri> .'i.stamps. on 1)11 3d.Shape. oil 3d. on M. black sni'charKe.suo.y.i|i. divided iiitu four panes.

.u. 1865..l ends l. Jhitf labd v h ..l l>loek letter.ns.„c. rectan-ular. •> Paforaled e... watornHuk.ol . c. of . » .o(ilo Cown an. rose.„«.th Ckmu • s a...ito lof.r Majesty in .l CC. Issue I.l. inseril. Ten .. ISLAND. VANCOUVEi. Shane ".oun. blue...Sa.. "FIVE CKNTH.n ViCona on . blue( „ ).Lvt'ori'/. k. portrait of ll....M.l.! witi. ..u.) T. C...„n.u«. ill c.^. .vc. rose (aliailus).„ wl.. 7. K'c.iiu. Floriate ornan. the '11-1 in u.l.olo.a.ents in span.. w. Cknth..lesi....lod< Ht. July.)uo. .ANl>.hovo.10 I'." (ii) f) "TEN CENTS 14.r.. ]). whit.. " VAXCOUVRI! IHr.. .«!.li 'i ..h ." li.a.„e.. Into .! p.s..lre outer line of colour co.-<fm/wii.. «. of eaeh value.H.! of horiJn^ An c. " (a) Imj/crfomte... laI./? isLAXD. uiuight upright (I// eolonrc.

1873.July.s Day. The Proviuecs Canada). I should add.. 18G7. and on the 1st of July. Jly JH. and . of Ontario and (.late the 27th of Iu 1791 an Act of Parliament was passed dividing Caiuula into two Provinces.iil liiis tjio . the weight of a aiiii-lo Packet bein" . have invariably altero'd the . On the I. 3d. nil Designs: ml of I FivK lioiizciiital colour.s later Cartiur (. Post-olfuT notices ndating to tho i. " Newspajiers are conveyed free...t . 1111(1 outor liordiT ill [ajosty cin. au.M. . contains n long uotice. The [.ssuo of stamps were not published in T/w The number that on April of The Owxtte f. I in advance J oz.5 Fnmch took possfssion of countiv iu ll„.scovoicl by Suba. of North American liruuswiek. Xewfoundland now alone. We Genoral of Great " is 111 liritaiu for 18. iii)iig|it SliaiH'.tory of Canada was c(Mled to Great Britain Ijy the Treaty of ]'aris.St. and iu 17G3 the whole . 1871.xplorcl namiu.aie Xova Seotiu. Tho . relainiiig its iudependcuce.rovinees were afterwards re-unitcd iu 1840. In IG08 t.' entered it Y 1. Iu 152.. THE DOMINION OP CANADA. Payment per .l ten ywir.c iu 1 11)7 l. the lir. Oil ordinary optional.Dial splendid river fmm liaviuf.sottlement. the uewly-f„rmed province of Manitoba on the 20th of July. tho As far as I have been able to discover. D. Upper Canada (now Ontario) and Lower Canada (now (Jueboc).5th of ..')7. wliitc label 'Ills with in spaiidicls. /"jAXADA i. 1851 a reduced rate of postage wns established. the local rate of id. was founded. " Books are charged h\. succumbed to the ]>ntish forces under General AVolfe. In "iviii'' these extracts from the Poslniaster-Generars Keporl. This Act was brought into force by Koyal Prochimaliou. uam." fimucd into Dominion.l to liavo Wmi tlio di. La\vrencc'.S nut uertain. did not conic uito use until 1S. were hy "The Xortli American Act.)uel. 18.. 18G7.H"i> iilid Ci). on St. and ostahlishing a constitution for each. PRELIMINARY NOTES.s sai. . of tho king of Franco.u- r)tli following the Camvla Guxettc with other ulli. the colony of Columbia. . bearhig lintish ." Oil Letters posted and deliveicd in the same tuwii eiiuli. 1870.. iiiKfi'ihpil CANADA.].-)7 what new rates of learn from tho report of the I'ostmastorthose rates wore . all were successively admitted to the Dominion. per oz. that of Prince Edward Island. and that the postage would then come into force. stating managemeut of tho Inland Posts would be trans- ferred to the control of the Provincial Government. . llACOiV.hiebec (formerly Xew constituting the Colon\' of Ihili. for we read . . Lctim limited to 411)3.-^liaii Calioi ti.Mal matter March 8th. ^d.

Canada and United States .000.s shoitly after April 1st. Slauritius.000. Iiy British Packut.ive no new infor- mation about any of the and I shall conclude my remarks on this pnnince by which has grown. 1889. iirnbalily oarlicr. Eu.S.000. I am told.l 17<( t)iicrati(iiL uii Jlay 1st. Straits Settlements. -1 Newlijundlaud Europe.S. which are all parcels. and Ed. can <. 31. is The present Postmaster-General the lion. lid . i oz.soii. 3 . .st Indies. HKFEKENCK LIST OF Issue Thri'f sent from the otlico publication. and British Guiana South and West There is a Parcels Post to Newfoundland. ns tlicy arc j^ivcn in llic list. the number of letters per head of population was 15. 1 per oz.160. &c. 2 ])er oz. . 1887. . the desire of the tluverninent to extend jiostal owing. . and One Siiillinj.000.255. Halilax .53 1 . .356. (?) I.603. Wright. Cliina.21 the number of offices was . a hnye . There is weekly mail connnunication with Great Britain vin Quebec or Halifax. by Canadian Packet „ 7i. . J CMcll. The number of of letters sent in the year ending 30th June.ii(l. 10. Kawdon.some changes have been nindo by an Act passed this year. ^'iveu further from the Keport of the Po-itma-ster-Gcneral of Canada list.l. the United States. Engraved and printed in taillr-ihnice by Messrs. J.000. Per J oz. 3 per uz. was 74. the present cxiicnditure greatly exceeds the revenue.. . . 1851. 2 per oz. the revenue for 1887 was $2. The present rates of postage are as follows Letters. some postal .: J'f It riituH t(i C'AXADA. . Ci'iil. on thin white paper. Tlic rates to I'. giving. ioz. Iiy U. and of newspapers (other than carried free). later issues. twice a Pacific week vkl Now York.-i.sI \)i\\K\-f of free transmission by post to sub. understand . one of whicli alioli. and Europe. i>rove to what tind. and that these throe values were is. tlirii' iifoprr ciinciicy valiio. the West Indie. LOXDOX. Hatch. Cents. periodicals.i. South America Australasia IJitto.458.system the Post-ollice establishment of the Dominion We however. at "alpnut" tlic stiM'liiiL.. . Newsi>n|wrs. l. I it seems prolialile the issue took place on Ajiril nth. .ngiaml in C'ldsi. IS'iO. not t. wvtc : mail. Is.' ciiiiivali'iit. to facilities ua widely as possible. 111(1. lid U. 5 5 10 15 li) each.sued fnini tiie extract know on in tlio Hoeiety'. G. Taking' into consideration the notice 1 have mentioned. Six I'enny. 1850. of post cards.300. There is a through daily service by the Canadian- Kailway to the Pacific Coast. and 7. The innnber of newspapers sent from the office of publication was about 00. Kgypt.^. and the expenditure $3.shes the privilege hitlu^rto granted to Canadian new. Haggart. .scribers from the publishing oflice.'.\ceeainf! ^ oz. .sistc(l of a Penny. and vertically in the otlier two values . . tliat the lirst stamps con.. •7M. We Tiirc(! for IS'il. 18. TIIE PHILATELIC SOCIETY. Brindisi . Ami Packet on October .statistics taken from T/ie Colonial OfficK List. laid horizontally brownish in the case of the Three Pence.100. „ „ I oz. 5th April. of New York. tlio.

.listance oval colour.f value in each spandrel fa. has n. In each spandrel th. of the acnoinination of ...marhs. wliieh ranges from st.ler of tw. in lu!ll.„lo„rc....k 12. Tw. the inscription. R.-nce and the third repr. v.! with wliite Roman capitals.. .py of the It is as follows 1.t ben hav. with ri-lit. &c.paratii..mllie The oval .we!y-ribb<!.l in whit.160.vh PENOE. Issue III.000. o!ive-l)lack. Criil." vcnnilion (slia.. it 110 necklace witlun c...fl..iues Carti. i?wia)fe— The Twelve Pence wove paper.' Engrave. "v'on the l.l an...'ANADA POSTAGE....} pence tl„. nn irrmuul of horiz<mtal lines.f Prince Alluut. secoii.O. Oeiieriil of ii]is Ciinnda a Arabcs.)ut to nearly pelure. Roman th. O. .. 3d. from tlie oflico 1888. Arab. pr..- .pies ami Arabic ntim.s in...s Loxnox. "tiIUKE rE.iian capitals. trees i„ the ..shining above tliom of river. 1889. )ostiil ".. ins.scrib. (Ordeii No.-Thi. Crown .1 to the [lostniastcrs at imixirtant points.~hx no. .>: Pence aii.458.opi. lett. upp.. r.. 31.|y.rc.l iiicntioiu'd....! npon white paper.riiiili...." " SLXl-KNCE..scription. Dia.iii. iljcr of offices was iture .r.ribe..... or Halifax. ot Her Majesty. Hatch. Plulnlclist for July.en but undouhtc.u.msLlerably in substanc. is an numeral of valu.nvnish gum' pENOE.:-donr.Si..e i. "P. vcrniilioi!.. ibout 60.000. \sI April. 12. 1855-57.pie and 'M.lrel bor. remarks on this Officp.Mi.n new iiifor- either side s. The latt.i„:e.. Raw. 10. ." N't.senting the lica. 1851. 13 at "iilHUit.... R.ii (siiadcs).l print. 6d.lull vi.! thin paper. " iStamiis for J'rcjiKijmciU of J'astxyc on Ldlrrs. benoatli which are IieraMic llowrs.) T. St.Ie s.. with Dosisn.s.atahiguod bef.lson . Mack.nt was 74.-Pr..!.re as fouml upon b. but print.l with white Roman Wright. .ival.s uoeds tlic revenue.lull prnplo.parat.-Xearly full face bust portrait . Tliree vnhies.. 2 per oz. .l oval.c*: . by nn Act passed o Canadian newsling odicc..Nr. clo.MriMK.shortly he transiiiitte. 10....lia.ribbeil paper. border coiisi. within . brownish whit. Issue 11 1852. of the denomination of 1 shilling.1 .ure. {I/liistratiom Three vuhte.ual lines. !). which will .ilot (sha.m Designs: Ten ...1. 2 per oz. wnv. llall/a. „ ). DEPARTMENT.-lieaver nn bank .l . " tlic gum. capitals.300.yai y '^^ irlici Crown. 1 per oi.per aiul lower parts of . "Postage Stami)s are about t. br.l ..VCE." "TWELVE PEXCE..r a„d lower portions of the .Ia.'h span.! Araliie iUMf.Iing.mplete tiic I>K.. JleraMic flowers on eitlu'r si. : oiricial order notifying the issue of tlieso three stamps is given. one riiprcsenting the beaver. and by the Canadian- "!'.-e....'r iiuia c.'ivo ' wcro issued Quoon Victoria on bust portrait of with . The paper varies .x arabes..loure.c $3.ssiicl.'. broken at ihe top by a K. bhapes: small oblong rectangular for the Three Pence.c. . J cacli.imiige-vermili. ( facilities as 3il. seen by members of the Society..scribo. small upright rctangular for the Si.lem and a groun.000.l Twelve ea..> plain outer lines... within an .rm.l. I {I lust rat ims S.. plain .l u. col. 9. in.Ies).stcd of of two plain outer Twei.. i«." D..1.s.. .ws|in Iters. List...ler. Touont. purple-lilai.l by Messrs. of tliu Dominion ami Arabic numerals of valu..l b..000.l representing the hea.. ...piarUr looking to in whit. Uesif. and Europe. in military i.) (a) Ware jKijier.! fiaiu.g the u... especially in the Three reiiny value. valiK'M liivi: .. of the aennniination of G p. in.ft and "u". a c..1. and K.l of Prince l.). -i eacli.lile bust portrait of .. Mack.r value is also found printed upon cl..l oval. looking to right.OANADA. laid horizontally r'aUies .! of horizontal lines.-iun TimEE rExcE.s. 0. Kawilon.les) (n) Clnsdii-rilihcd Ihin jiKjm: 3.!.VCE.100..r to right. 3 per oz. Identical in type with the wove 8. l. Nb'Hsrs.

Outer lioriler of two plain.. 1857. and by which contract the postage w. letters.l. postage sunups of the value of 10 pence currency.— Diadoniod of profile of tjueen Victoria to left." " Moreover. "To promote the general convenience in i>ivpaying letters to Great Ilritain at the new rat(>. reticulated lines. were procureil issued for .} pence cu.ssiie of the Ten Pence value. . Shape. CAyADA.says "it is identically the same as that of all the existing portraits of Jaopies Cartier. Skven I'ENfE Hat.. ( ( ).) two plain lines." "TEN PENCE.K " PENCE STEnUNG. rose (n) )." paper. tradition has always assigned Catalogue of the Collection of Stamps. However.'. on ground of luirizontal {IthtxtmlimiK 11. 12. Close! ij-ribbed thin paper. or 7.serve as the modiuin for prep.. insufricicnt iwstaijc applied after tlio letters tiiey are probably only notifications of wore posted. "CAN-ADA POSTAOE. In the uppcf "S. M. cv. It was. The article goes on to say..nrtrait of (.adian anil : Packet rate. the upper inscription left now reading. but supposing the surcharges to bo genuine." The same article gives the following extracts from the rostmaster-deiieral's Report for 18r)7 "To faciliiato the prepayment of letters passing from Canada to England by the Canadian steamers.\ in oval frame.. in wliito. a new stamp l)earing the value of fi jience sterling.rency. showing us the rcison for the i.. the Halfpenny surcharged in black— one with an Arabic numeral "1. witli'ii ((ildurecl oval frame. Prussian-lihic (shades). equal to 8 pence sterling.)Meen Victoria as in the Twelve." and the otlu r with " 8d. 7|il. white.'round." "ONE (a) 1st April. edloureil lines. the Department has been led by the increasing use of postage stamps to take measures for obtaining the Canadian Postage Stamps has been secured and put in circulation.. Eemark8. more esiwcially as a writer in T/w IMifcu' P/iifaMuf for July. outer border'knny. lettered with white Roman spandrels.." . ]). JIaf-flines. With it to regard to the portrait on the in the Jacques Cartier. A iilustor of leavps on . STG. 1888.' "ianada all PACKET rosTAOK.. PENNY. small upright rectangular.') is given.. IS'ij. and Museum as the totally unlike those existing of Sebastian Cabot. in the at the IJorlin Post Onice. "This stamp was renilered necessary on account of the contract between the Canadian Government and the Allan Line of Steamers in regard to carrying the reduced. T." or iiincncy.— The same lirst j. SI. tlio li'ft mid a honvov on U\o li^lit soparato tlio upper ina('rii)tion from tlic lower <ross-liat(IiLMl spaiiilicls. 2ud Juni'. rose. on coloured cross-hatched f. sto. Wove UW." or sterling. 14 cni)itals.Jd. to bo that of Lord Elgin." or in and the upper and lower spandrels "". but Ten Pence... lHr)7.—T\vo sni-disant provisionals havn been chronicled viz. same catalogue pronounces the portrait on the Six Pence of issue I. I'onee of the inscribed with white liIo(tk issue. being the Can. S:c. in llin lower "10 cy." sU^rlin-. The u|)per and lower ri^lit spandrels are inscrihed " transient newspapers." The other extracts read: "A now stamp has also been introduced of the value J penny to . it is probably equally incorrect in the former case. sTd. Outer border of two plain cai)ilals." The Society can furnish no information concerning these two stamps . id.J.')." IIAI.PhiialcHst an extract from the Postmaster-Ccnerars Report for the year 18. PENNV." or currency." In the .saiiK! article on Canadian Stftm/is in Tlie II<d!f(u. grass-grucn IHth July. it is given as that of Sebastian Cabot.

. 3J.. STEIILIXG."-). l.' " CANADA Trevioiisly deserihed.-i.ii.I. . Seventeen Cents. 10 17 c. Chaely-rihlicil thin jMiicr.I „ (shades). i)o.." in ic ll|p|i('I' "Hil. to faeilitato the seiiaiatioii of a siii-ie lltci' Ixil'ilcl' of |W(I <. Perforated 13.— Same design as the Seven Pence Halfpenny of to lio 'oriiior casp. Te. The jjaper of this issue — is givpii. save for the alteration in Cu. rose. liy the increasinj. small upright rectangular for the other five values. ew stamp idian say. well-known Parisian collector.. were prociirpd c. pprforatpil. Five Cent." the dividin. rose extracts ayniPiit from the of lettPi's 2 . Same design as the Ten Pence of 18. itc.— The same value.'lit 15 spparntp tlio on sheets perforated for use.' somewhat in the siiandicl.")".' of the slij. Dvnl rcinliii. Ist July. T/iivu valued.etaf{0 rectangular for {Itltutratiuns 1 the? Five Cents . tlin values.' varies considerably in substance.'iis. or curroiiry.s.ditly iiiodilied in order to ehan. Packet c.' On 1 paper laid n I'oatrtgp Stamps obliquely.— design as the Three Pence. iii.o.V.) Jd. I I'trforakd 12. U. Imt iiiachine-iierfoiatcd. 1864.s. but dilferin... Pirfomtal 12. IG. id. ! Ifowover. with substitution of the now value in the oval. (c) JFnvc jmpcr.s.I/>.s. (lUustnUiuns 8..oay-s moro "it is 888. stamp from the others on a sheet when rwpiired 1857. 12.stiini|)s tiifi. (id. )lnin lines. liiii'izdiitiil idrcls. 3d. nil in (n) Halklinos. STO. viz. 13 (a) ilicd "Oil. Siiandnds cross-hatched.n. desi." Hub-varklij.laiid.—{\) Five Cents is whicli also The Five Cents has been met with imperforate. The leaves and beaver which separate the inscription in the Ten Pence are replaced by small oval ornaments. ruse (shade-s) vermilion (shades) 6d. 17. l«Gt... Two ». "This stamp and for liy Prussian-blue (shades).. Var!dkii. iif dull jnirpk'. c. I. reddish-lilac. 1859.line in the manner adopted in ]"nt.I.—T]iii Seven Pence Halfpenny. and Ten Pence..J.) (sliades)...s not issued until 1st August. | I'crfnralcd 12. repeated twice in each .. and in the lower spandrels. purple 12A c. watermarked "Ca" aliove "p. (d) The known cut in half and used with a Ten Cents to make up the A now iiin stamp has prepaying " packet " rate of 12J Cents. veriuilidn (shades). the Cabot. and the perforation is 12. 19. and an iix Phi'lafo/idt tution of the new value.. Shapes.i. hliip. green. Two vnhiex.. ) piii'tniit iliiiiii'd (if Issue IV. vermiliun. ?). Iii:m<irJ. brown. Twelve AND A Half Cents.NK Cent. lie donlitfiil.'e the currency from ]) two Illy notifications of as the One llalfiienny. small oblong "To new nj. vermilion. of the perfurations appears to Issue V.. to nd otlu r with . browii-lihic."or Luiti piijier.s always a. Printed by the American liank Note Co. Same — of is. with substitutiim of the new value and numerals of value and small ornaments between the two portions of the inscription. and consistinj. This stamp wa." (Canadian Post Ollice )epartnient in double-lined letters.s. HT(3. (iiilcr lididi'v •Imi^ 11. e.. tlie Ilalf- previous cents. violet-black (shades).— Almost the same desi'jn as the One Cent.. The authenticity.nt. l. Six (1. iKarini. with substitution of the new value in the spandrels only. showiiif.5. 3d. black-brown.5.>iiccu fraiiic. with Arabic numeral (t. ENVELOPES.' rate. 'iiuus Cai'tior. 9. eniei-ald-greeii (shades). a exist in the colleetion of f^recn.'ned ill itanip. (many shades).. each of which eoiilains an oval. and 1st August. however. imiinoto the ratp.n Cents. and the Roman numeral " X " in each si)an(lrel. Same design as the Sixpence. 6'. with substi- of value. Canadian Governlils. 18.

yellow. Shapes. l)i«.. on lai." Viivc paper. «„.. green.l of «oli.i.o..visl. Some on wove paper have been catalogued with a watermark. T.l ." " FIFTEEN CENTS.ine perforated white ^i-m • ." "IIAM-.olonr..xtculiny nearly tl. brown-rod.a>t of Qneen Victoria to right..-n from the sixth e. an. «tan. lilac ( ( (n) 1 U'hiU horizonhd laid paper... 3 c.l of horizontal lines. Hmall (///(w/m//'ww 20.ronn. SIX values. Cent.p. JJOMINION OK CANADA. tak. yellow.gular for the Half Cent.l paper. C'KNT. 27. each in ten rows stamps. in relief. t'h. Engraved nn. 25. Sue. ( THREE. enclosed w.American r. . (sliuden).. | nmn puinM lo ^. Engraved an. vary in each value. vermilion.riti.. large upright rectangular for th other Seven m/uex.l (Jttawa.. or on white lai.! prohle portr.e. The 100 stamps. RemarU-Th.lers of the .. black..nada >n.\A/JA.itllom«li-u-hiti: laiil jitnicr.l in tallk-dowc by the British-American Lank ^ote Company on white wove paper. is tak. 5 c. blue 15 c. ]llv lull-white nme paper.. nmehine u the to. on bluish paper. Tlie entire . the shape of the labels. brown-red (shades) 1 c. which most lik. is It IS of the . r..leMgn i.l. enclosud Kon.ri. The Half Cent. 28. of Montreal an... . 5 c..^^ Varkty A. vermilion.l on . tlun a narrow circular white line.l Yollc.J x 3| The staini. varying in substance.pnght recta.1. The border.l {IllMtmtkm» 22.lition of M.10 envd. priMte.stamps various Icttei^. 1 c.ll2 varyinff greatly -n . 24. | c. oinl. 20.sheets contain of ten. 1870-1874. l.c OA." "one cent. white gun.l consists of a aiadenu. . ' "CANADA roSTAOE.' (a) WhiU: ^ C. "ca." "twelve AND A HAM'.ank ^ote Con. black. yellow-green ).l paper. 3 (i c.sHc. on baekgronn.. small .an capitals.l printe.. page 74. 0„ hluM-vhik hi. than in ((). which size of the Cent of the preceding issue. rod (c) (^^hade9).luwc by th. i c. orange-yellow ( „ ) 2 c.) 1). inseril. 21.gnn: The central . brown... One -Society.) (a) (hi .l paper. 1868. an..rnt. in white relief.." " TWO.l the value in wor. i 0.tanee. Issue March and April.w„ T1I1<. | FUii> ruumlcd. and the position of the numerals.pany. ( brown „ 12i c. consisting of not known to the Issue II. (u) ki e. on white wove paper.1 up.! 10«TA0E e. stamps and the designs are similar to that of the Half except as regards the bor.ul.l« at the bott Shape of upright oval. 1888.'ly exists in the margin of the sheets.n from Ue Halifax Philatdist for July. th.. ^.e lonyth of lai.nacl. ). It is probable these letters are portions of the name of the papermaker.l loft in whit. DcsiKu. Moons' Catuloyue.. Fivevaum. red c. is inchrs.l in tait/r.sune in each value.' 'six.1.. 23. I. in the lieadof Queen Victoria to uitlnn a_ narrow oval ban.

white gum . of Issue ).s f varying III.. (Illiuitratwiin colour. The dimensions. in ten rows of ten. The Two Cents British-American ICC . 1876. ilo "CANADA c. XXVl. 1876. 35. Viirictien. 15 c. shape of tho Shapes.ssucs. like those of tlic u.) End 1880. iides). wo. Half Cent . ai. Consisting of the Two and Ten and the Five Cents. c. TIk' speeimi'ii seen ill • nrilish-Amciican papur. Issue Probably the chan-e 'Vc liiu' iist. . emerald-green (shades)." "thuee.stamp of similar design to that of Issue I. oonsiHting of tliu tho iiunio of leets. ' known page 74. Cataloijue. but on comparing the stamp carefully with that first issued. 30. 3 0. 15 c.. the size was reduced is 12.lanuaiy. value.. ( „ Issue V.. and [icrforated 12. vurmilioii. yellow (sliiwles). (Illustrations 30. printed ui)oii white wove ikiiwt. orange. The perforation of both varieties (a) {Illuntratioiw 3i. carmine-red „ ). pach in ten rows that of the Half le the above year as printed from a die. lark. last i. mentions that the Three Cents exists in very dark hrown. If^S'. printed in modilictl colours. (a) 3 c. Tho Fifteen Cents January. mine. July. as before. iniperrcjrate.'!! liil the Ten Cents did not niakc 29. yellow-gruen (shades). IvUaS. I. almost black. green.. and purchased among others from the Post Oflicc. 1875-1876. red.CAXADA. Veruiiliun-red (shades). c. 1875. to that of the stanii)s of small oliict Issue II. lioiizoiital Oiw Vdlm. was unused. colour is due to oxidation. 35. Issue II. Issue IV. Oiic 1877-1880. 33. and tho sheet 100 stamps. rose. of u Jiadunicd liui's. ipe of slaiiip. (n) -Ic.. 1882. 10 c. . 5 c.. Similar in design to the stamps of the two stamp first npiK-ared on Octol)er 1st. 5 c. which greenish -grey ( ( „ ). with large Issue I. black. stamps. no alteration can be discovered in the design. brown (sliiuleH). grey-violet (shades). VI 1888.) was described in the Philatelic journals of new 2 c. in its nuniher for Fehruary. (IllustratiuH 28. i>L'if(jiatc(l 12.) liar Lanje ske. 32. 1877. Tlie Six Cents was not issued until . 5 10 c. ). lilac-rose (shades). The perforation remains 12. perf. bronze-green (shades). bronze-green (shades). s' The Half Issue T/iree values.) 1 its appeiiranci! end of 1871. {Illustration 36.—Tho IlaH/ax Ph!lHtd!^l. 13jxl2. . •ally tlio : 17 IcDsth of Diiulciiu'd L'iu:los(!il (liffer for each value.) I c. but of much smaller dimensions. issued in March. while until the Draif. for tiiu but in March." (n) Small eke. One A to the The stiimp S Sonic eontttius was produced by tho same firm as the preceding issues.. slate ). Cents. Varklij A. smuli 2 c. RamirK-ii. 33. with the colours modified. or some other accidental cause..

upon "TlIK .s peculiar we . that he had or ginally rec fi V rum the 1 o..l lar^c "caxa.£ lin.e. REGISTKATION Issue I. . c.ations. .:.Aincrican l.rv. VJi''^"''ti"»..l that they were .. Ml/r.nk JN„t. with II.. {Il/u.!. an. 2 •2 .ety thnik tl>ey cannot Cents. 2 c..ttle ofhc New Ross.'. infom^ti^" I rogistorcl letter received Xew It liad a urown Two valiR.. with' enKino-tUMK. .l to those as to the others. experiments I'ost-ollice An.rniiMiin (sliailus). Kn^.„at. ).!.I..sev. as to whether they we e genu... an..ul «n..ow a as if 't^r ..cmh.. the n. in tliu ujipui' cunit'r.l paper for January.. in«cril.d i.r. uii whit..M.s Olhce Vpartment at Ottawa.2'..if."' ""''•""''• J" tl'c meantime Mr.-r.y tlio l!riti«l.d clear colour... .. ^ .l .M.'^ '"..! rartnur/.!.H -et two to S tunc this al \i . w..r„wn. of the h.l them This h..r.! „„. ivctangiilar. an.l.'""" was in tlie main instrumental in '--^ ^^^^ '« ^^^ «.. 15th..„all sfai^-ht iah.irr"..:.i w..KTTiiii «r. gri'en. Changes by chemical mea " re aso tr..s.... regard to the much do . Xo Tli. (.l this did not a go. whit.eive.-." Ktini iimuhinc-|M..'.ilraliuu 37.. 7?p/»a//x— Tho I'i-ht iiniicrforatc i« i!'l 1888 T..|. the abovu-menti. c.!..l to . tr""'"'"' their g..''^ Ligh liouse l-ost-olli.l. at th."r..! ah„v. valuer.r'r^' W..l-'sputed Two .av.1«. C.. registration s amp on it-a .'> vciiiiiHiin-ri/.vo imiH.iu..state. brown (ciriii' /).c ions were raise..lark brown.r.. t.lo not get more of th.l positiv."'"'"".r. in IJrunswick...^e •''"" assurance rr. lw„ . with cuivcl hihul h«i„w.l l. lonht as to 1 "T'i th.I ] thing which woul. in i.l l'>'^.re of salt water was m.. a... November print. the atmosph..ctter thati r..u.. In this . 18 <JAX.. bhie.'""" i^'"'" It tl'i« ti'Hi^ n n>„U.\Mi'. I then sent to bin for th m ""'"•*' '•"" '""^ "^^'' ^^™ "^ '-"' ^'-t i -"i-u on!y frm„ frmu Ml cou Unt '^""""'•^'' ^^'''''> I »''^ '*''o«'» i' ^t''... The .!'K." a. i'^ ^'".) It was from the al.ow..l mixe. f„ll.iJr""' " - "Th. "i.«o stamps I sl.l that he ha..i i 1 ..?""'" in )h'.i::.l turn the red of tl e ge ui e colour to brown was sulphuric ™.i'.1.. aii.s IC V o : Kaye came ""'v. The postmaster at this office was do having receive. iianuw Larg..w Ihe same ohj..:.b. 1875...1 in l.taine.I . F.|ear " • .'rcen.alic.. yi'llow-Kreon liliie „ „ 8 c. 1888..l with water.:.l lal„...\/>A. twenty-three . 1S78 taken from T/w Ilali/ax Philatelist for i\o'vcn>l«.. il..muniencss more s-""—sur.1 D.. «haiH.. another nrgisterd letter with bniwn registration stamn Tl^^ Post-otlice of fifty were ol..le .....hilatelists...l in cw. . iniiicrlorrttc.l CVnts was withdrawn fr„ni circulation in January. .l tliir.s' to bo as ^ ""''^' l...owx\S .. with " liiCMSTK.itals.. in Lunenburg S Xs' Frim IK^sitive h„tt . It .'"<}.vfu-vi..'.no nuspnnts or not.aster there for information relative to them. ..out to '''". Aialjic nuinural of vuluo „hl„n. "''"• •''"''"^'"'^ origin.oul...ll.u.. imblishud m the interesting article this stamp.seen. 18HS ( ( „ )...« ..m..'''lv CAXADIAX having a somewhat greyish sliade in it.!:::. As mentioned frciuently there .'as.gar..m ban.. dark y<tndii. " '" "''''^' K'<nian cai.i7"' ""•'''' ""m ""'' 'If'"' •'' '' "'" '^"" '" '•" 'Atmosphere froi. and "" S..a-" .! nnr al.! . I immcdiatelv wrote the pos n. ( ). STAMPS.. C...l.l them from the IVpartment at ( )ttawa in I r.. He ans ai d sai...

iu.l me a l. deau iinincdiatcly LETTER OFFICE..isl. 'M<. stan. He answered and lily The rest of the design received hini fifty both inscriptions b.t ]).liiced lioiv for thi' b...n if they lia.l.l been n. i stamp. 1879 (7).. The design consists of solid colour inscribed.!.>sted in Canada for a Cana..ake I'o...l r< Ih.msp.." in a curvcl line. N.l I'haracter in the four corners.VAX ADA.) Without exprcsseil value .....Miit.lark reil-liinwii.. letter received a nitoWN Two 1 "oiFinAt..vt being unable to give all their history or ch. h.Mve nn opinion in sn.. or even l.loiil.ili-Aiiioriunn ll>.s l».l not 1. "Afl. there in seems to ho instniineutal in vc thu inforniation in lnm.ln. With in .l.T. ami below the label " ..l .s. atiaospliere from ^fr.].e.." liil)(. l„.„.l always on returned dead registered letters.<.if those .H.that it is my (in..shc liii. This was l!.|„.L.partn.. aii.)ml-es thai.ati„„ a„. What is sai.T th.|o Mut ihiMJc liiiii. No . in n-ar. 18..1. the ])ea.." ab.r only SIX ivccivnl fi'oni IIiimv. Doubtless thee are others who can speak of i„altei-s connected with tlies.l anything' to .! i„..—i:\\K only information the .lian from the United aildress. which is to be accounte.l tlu'y woiilil not havi' liccii allowed to Iip issucl to the [lulilic..0 si'i'ii mil. hut with thoso wo .ii A..v..Society can give almut this stamp contained in an nrtielo in The Uulifax Phllatelid for DiTembn.n will iloiilit tlicir gi'iaiiiii'iii'ss.v skai. a„. C..l..turncd to his addre^^s in Michigan. |..l l.stered or this are the words "POST ofhce (JAVAnA. . lit .^7.. iiiul lalii 1. 10 thiit 1 not get two to due to the gum.r .itally.. 1 .rs who „.. At exnminin.any of the speeimeiis a„.lge by observation and exporienco. colour in stamps.. Kin'^ .) otl„.s..S. Iwo Cent ." The momhers havo not had an opportunity II ill Jaimary..i.lation iiiUircstiiig stamp are frccpiently met some ehaiiKod completely to l.i.t Caniula Iwo („f that stamps are a {enuine .n out of a trunk ami wh„_h ha.'.ts of (Illn-ttmliim .l ivicivc'l them from the Hciiartiiiciit at Utawa ( in a lu'own roloiu'.manating only fro.e winter has gaine.n„ish Co. ti'acos of inh. w.e scarce. l...l that copie. I received a tref. 'iHiltcil "Tho to 1.e. 10 with thon. They are never foun.rm.e ti. Novciiilicr. o. | printcl white wove ijajwr. ll<78." stamps which the writer knows nothing of.i.v„. which is is rei)ro.a.. ... ahaost a hiaek.m. no e„nsi.l (o rxinTtwl. „.lo not think that it lia.ral y.S.l his kn.l Htawa was wiitt.l which he had p. very..ic-niiii.ln>i<-f „|m ...i. frirml of „l.nt at ( tj. Willi imiiliiul "CANADA. What have been seen From also olfice was )ttawa in brown.s of this .lo not . I di-Jcovere.nt..ay not have seen' it.s of thu aiticlo with showing in colour.l on Local I)ead Letters.lo. ..ais.v as th. may It seoma theref. .a„ly..irc! prohahle that the specimens third here have all come Slates. hml tlir samo stu. regi.. myst'lf "W(. l)('. miiinjral of value 'stratiuu 37. Kino..M. knew nothm.s l. Thnv w.-h ]„.l f„r s.„K t].lony that liino ..'iitioned freipiently OFFICIAL STAMP FOR RETURNED LETTERS. nnahh' to f. th. so th.. Kind's it pape.l letters....l who travels in Canada for a I nited States llriu show(.. Ih.leavouring to afl'onl some information about tlios.' o||i. with orname).. F.l for when we consnler the manner of their use.rve.." also in a cajiitals.. iiicniliiT.ii.! us that in looking ovr a lot of .s chan.e time shouM he atnte.I Letter Oflice at Ottawa 1 nMr.'li: IJiat any icasoMal.k l.n t.f n a straight lal„l ii'cil lad! to in M.. intcestin" ai„l handsomi. A'ollect.scrihed he refciTcl to the same eate^jory.r which hnuvv.. ailliesives (. "While en. to l„. hi„wn. referre.a.„t n. vero niiowN Avhen for them.ti„.ati.lo.y :lid for III. all the A nonnal 1 eolou.)wle.ttcrs wlii...rowi.v.'ej-istniti.!..p.f the san.l. foiwal amon.. this "THE 'OFFICIALLY SEALED" DEAU LETTER OFFICE STAMP OF CANADA..all cohaired Roman is compo.1 L.T 111' ira...y this staiiiii.1.l the manner of their us.liii- this.'. The stamp in shape is a large ohiong rectangular. an.„s|i„„si.-.thnn several re«lsten.. liriiiail{. in white block letters.sed of eiigine-tuniing.n sayin.oii them (. " DoXAi....of them whatsofvci'.oIogy.. Mr. whether tlioy were ator was not the of their I changing cheniical means of the genuine d lose did not give a exiieriments as if to i.. hav..<'ist >red • ..ite accid. in AMti.e ion IJo. ciiivml l)ic liulmv... In the first place they a. X. and perforated 12.

j... ."„x3. 39. I. 1 c.i. is respects to tho last issuo.s" i two hncs lower down to left.A.«.'. 3 c. 1 c. to wlmt Demi I.S'(>e A.!.-hadea).:" SMLKD— DEAD LKTTKII OKKK.Kht uppor corn-r.' I. «un." and son.An QUAnT.„. are wrappers of Is. the found .-'„ i)ic/iM.iri " " N ANAUA— (IH.l "n.!:..l fnronnio ronnon. miKiliroctiim or a. "cakada ro«TAaB" at 't Jlt g„oo„ Vict 1 1. Similar in A Jo " I •^I'l inch.. n. with the stamp surehargo..!^.! eft n. 3 c.'i.''„x3.i»"i. "^""""« « . onclo«c.added to the left of tho stamp.|y.... t Brit^^^ o..'„ I iiirhef.. and the cards of are frocinentiy met with.hi.|i... mstca.a. 3 c. wlnt..n. (Illu.' i:. inthts.''>. large upright oval...„t.i„.i..!.a„ cap.erely ""-no duo to private speculation..l Ih. an. except that the tiap tooguo-shaped.. an.K.„...l... ..l. (sliades). Issue T.vsH.s...etin..valH.\ ' "It wmihl bu npproprioto to Imvp tlio colour of tlin Btiimp hlark.'ji. Htn m I .„ s..i. .xtan. "' ''''X'- 5J'„x3. liluo (.l of being pointed.. or black word 'oKKu. blue.'J:..E:...20 nn.i'„x3-'." or "hkhvck.:..l .suos I.mM „l. vermilion (»)._The lsm. vermilion (.. bv-^ n. the r. : pointcl. C. I.H no( I lli.. (().l. 'T '' Kh:.o wholo l. ut the and the bottouK 8hapo of ntau-p. . >vitho„t On white . Issue IL 1881.i.nvelo. vermilion. '" i!. . verinilion iike Ii.. ^«««r*«. fij'„x3. r).n white relief.?. ">.i .!..: ..-. w.. vermilii • ^-liudes). T.n« noarly tl.shades).'i..:. vollowish .. on (-roun..l_|.l inM val e i tl>e word.iir:. A.l \| the anus of G«. t'/lXl/AI. .. End of 1877.:^ri":i:r"!:.f::j4o!""^ ' '"" '^^ '^"'^' ""' ''- ''^' '- '-'-^''^ ^" ^""- Xhc A. . 1..„„. vermilion Issue III.. ^V. (///L^W/J.'„ imhes. I>.l in ml. o wntormnrk i.." ENVELOPES.. 40.) all tih.::. and II.n«-G3nn H.:''" . 3 c.5.t».u Kou. r.UU. Size I).i.f.Kr..- „„ oval top. 3 c. very pale to very dark blue.^ n.0 V.j tWi«.f ww vh .s an. of l. 3 c.m vuhe. ..l of solid colour.:iir-':.:. iU.athmx 39.|t.ese surcharges are in no way official. "^ 1888...-ngth of tl„.t«ls. s . f i ii ''''' i..'E. (///«l:. 2.I(.t..'.

. UHnlruliunn '3'J. A.. t.cciliiuna. | c. blue (shades). May. {lUuntratiun i:i.. The wrapjiers are xmiiim^d at the reverse ntermiirk piiiiited. The central oval of the stamp has no ornaMients running round it. 1887. One (3n -GSuri niKLEs" in nfficial. The and the staini) ipiantity of C^iictm Victoria wiajiipers employed varies ^icatly are known. nide of the wrapper. varying slightly in the dimensions. It is more like that found on th(! wrapiier of Issue I. Uii light huff paper. The principal alterations made are found These have now no while those at the bottom.«|. and the numeral of value in the circles has a white vuliw. arc circles are conventional cross.y. rdtraniariue (shade Issue III.elnw. Altove and below the ornaments. (a) 1 e. dark blue. yullowish side in a straight line ulon. 1881.M«ed at the . and " oNli cu.s impressed in a similar position to that found on Issue I. an uiirisht oval. c. ri-lit paper. fancy Arabic numeral of Value.'AXAltA. ultraniariiiu (shades). pale blue. Si/.s ornaments running round the central C..'> inchcu. paper. Idufi. wove un vatcrniarkcd niodilication of the type of that issue. This variety unknown to the members of the Society. . 1 (n) (Jn straw paper. ion (1).—Th- M. {I /I net ml ion 1875. of the same dimensions as the preceding issue. or lilack s cream or straw wove un watermarked paper. blue (li(.' tii piirty il LcUcr it. {n/iix/niliuu 11. piolile of t.V hlarh. replaced by other conventional ornaments of a diilerent pattern. The liaiid is in. and the cards of of Groat liritain rod.. With the stamp priiileil to 1 (May.aiid colour contained hetweeii two white liiicH. 1 I (u) i On straio paper. line at either side of the ligure.) c. >). i. between the two iM.scrihed in Roman eapilals "canaiia mistaok" 2. 1 c. inches. Issue Bpt that tlie II.NT" l. . up. 10. Ill '«'. ultramarine (shades).sud within lui oval l.lit Imir ami yell. but there is no wavy lino round the interior of the oval."JO Hij-di Edlliim of is given as x 105 mm.e taken from T/tc -. are . 31 t ilcliviTccl nil iM'iiif. dark blue.wisii.tioMs.) 1 Diademed I'ANAIIA— OKKldiAIJ. left. Ollici' opened to Ciowii Issue I.>iioeu Victoriii to ri«ht \\\M\ hai-kKioMiid of horizontal liiic. eiielo. 187H. I in dillurcnt si. WRAPPERS. The }. c. and beneath the bottom ones a small Maltese ShajK) of stump. ahout iiid printed in lirowii. and value iii C. On 11x5 liyht buff.'um used is brown or white in colour. V. Morns' Ca/al(HjHe. above.) in the circles at the sides containing the numeral of value.) tshe 11.i On ii itiinip inipie.e..seri|. c. 1882. and the design is a (>liudes). .' the lop.. mill iicil tlicii K'lit (III mill cxliiliitcd Till' Ow inelies 11 vulur.. with the Maltese cro. straw. lij.) Ste A. The stamp i. or cream-coloured Hap is One value. to left is is nriii'ir/. band with stami. <>. the inner one of whieli ha. two and of solid lialf fnmi the I)e. where the si.'lit (Kml to (lark). to end 1881. (c) On cream paper. wove iiinvaleriimrkeil 'S.) hv* merely On cream paper." Hniall oval.' a At citlier side. 11x5 7WiM. 1(1 . The design of the stamp is once again modilied. Two sizes of tli I oval band tlie iiiHcrilHMl i'i''„x. eircles eontainiiij.s. ornaments at the top i-osy-wliite (a) in tint.

ms.. pale„„t..H. III.|.. ^.- „hort lines .Mvlmt . separate..Nr.m H. lUM." Tln^rf fmicy tall IfttiTM..y Hetween the word "to" in the centre ...tre ..le length of the canls.„„1 .. .esi.y aiM lm. I..^1..i 1 c.. and II. IS '.on ciuivali'lit tl.iii „n..k ..hl Im.l 1. lii„.... The stamp I..M..f Onovuhw..(l aiross or l.ut 1„. thin Un„mii .^ AnDKKss ONU. tlic naiiir At tlir top of " '" wiappiT the size.tteis.^ li^ht hull I'llst. Lowe...Ln.c*. hut the inscripth. ....round of horizontal surrou.ription and the khel of L. llnsr lin.. w.un „f Htaiii|.s„li.le.." pir. iiis..aiM is to l.." in H >n . car.o is .tw.. : thu Ui ill Hw Mist.l liii.loek h. wiapp...|s POST CARDS. of m/.U~T\w 8ur...lue ink. on.^ Nolo . each th... with Llipitui illilii...ilich iH tlans|ati. Mliaik' T''!'^ uhol.. IJlitish-Anielican liauk .l l..." and the cards are -....™ Mair.i„1 SKHVU'E.har«. .. "Tl. ipvi l.. "WKKIIITH * .n ... in "imam..l to . si>.. h.i.u. June(?). of a lij^hl« than the stamp.hvM..i'.lH.. ilHunill." in I.l eapitrls. IlntLsh-Aiiieriean liai. I..d." or "hkuvicu. lii«l an<l seciM. ih . altered th.lown are hea. eanl./. Luwor ..l . .ns.T lliun IImull„.ls.\ V. . en. I lli>mi. A. \.na toM.. Issue I..MKAriUltKH italiu . liiie. of kw'n.. .e..jtt.y n«.. W. I. cn.k .|.) c... frame at the bottom of the eani.l "to.!.| to Issu. ami the . and l.l .) . aro foiin.l the Company upon .inte.n|.l.nj... i„.^.italH.. . " (>Jli''i'</ V.. .ht upper „rner..) dc. at the hottom of the stamp are in darker .s.n «iv".lown is tlio to loft tlu.l of (.mM.ii 11.lili..L. I'V..l/>. will. in h.t." an mnanimtal wavy l. {IilustKi'i'n.t. is "Tins hire n>le... an.. liHiiK Hoin." fullowiul tw„ nilcl on of ll.l in hhu. Montreal ami . of The corners are lilkd in with horizontal a small tridohed (l.mip the .l tliu ni.r..VH« fnll„winj...l. l.l the lirst aney ..TO m "CANAMA winmcN ox fOHT eAKh.. .See the iviiiiiiks appen.l. nnti. of Issues I. (Il/un/ratiim - The canl is'p hliic. in iikvkmk. of the eliVeh..s..styV a. on lin..V. Xote ^M. sh. {lllH-<lntt!.l colour...„.et hy thin .een circle.l H.. upon .r.M . Co.le.. to .olour than the rest of the design. within a dotted . TIkcanls an.s.liminishi„^. IsMu f„ll„ws r.M.cle.) 1 c. Ki.apitals.|.|.. with roun ' I ac. «tiai. on th.ncdnrned fr. int tho a.fntiv with the wonl "oi'I'Iciai.W»hi>.loured lines running the w!. s. t.:. ^^^...TV.d hy an ornamental Dank Note .a' havo no wiitin^ At he bottom "one .y „.. i...n. rins . Isstib IL 1876.." in Koma..ure with three halls within a stamp is a straight laliel of ...„. CANADA.l. i.parated cards. thu wmpiH.i.." in l.„int.." in hhi. >.script tyithe la. OFFICIAL WRAiPPER.. H.„.r at the centre of the shies of the pale to deep blue. l„. lies... Th. tl. )).r aial th..i„.l.l with the sl. „ the ri... se. ilaik MiU'..l lines..ttawa.c „f thivc lin.!.„...ilMK "f III. n x ineh. ...pes." in small ( l. is which is and _ in the cc. Diademed heu.n at the C...tlcr-. tl„.

r. wiiitte..v {I II Ml ml Ion 48.. "tiik lire ill Liiwi'i ilciwii Issue V. is n'placed hy I one of the ... mid three dnlled lines (or '"'ttoiii. type i..'l..f that on the wraiMinr nf Issue II. 1 ' 47. Mile this sidk. la.d l.. n 1877. (If/iii/mfini. 1882. caiatal . Ulhirhalim." Word commencing. c." iili'iMi'il in small lii'ail of (jtiii'iii lottutl -il li cil'i:lr. June.) lii|i twii i c.'ii. hut the similar in type to that found upon the wrapiiers of Issue III.-^.'si. "'M'K"' KIN capitals.i.... -iV"..'r4 in in small type.ei.F.. Issue VI..s.mtaiiiii. Iho r„h. ami Ottawa. in a straight line measuring -J'. M ihe initial letter . I. ".x 2^% inclios. I'rinted 1888. than the rest. Lower down "ro. A.ue I.' "''" 'l.s.'a. yelln«-." in on. Mo. Issue IV." 'l'i"l. The stamp. iiiiil ki'ciiikI mill Hcnpl type.ll in .u I the wrapper of c...-ncd ami |aiMl. 3ril.. Kir.>.V. '"l"''." is .''I'"' tlui'i' lialls wilhiii a I («liailes). iniinl '! July (7)... Moiilreal The lil'llcilllr slaiiip is the riyht nppei Uie c." ii. inscriptiiai .n (diaile.. f.~nn. "tiik AimiUiSS TO nE WHITTEN ." measures only 2? inches V (shnilcs).'ANADA lu liH'Kcr Hmnm.irine •.' inche.' Hunk ail' Xntc liiu'N the design remainder of is dill'erint.T. hy the Society." III.!.v. It is taken from the M.. I. except nn roKards tlio three lines. "rm.s. " One ruluK i^tanip IS direction..•. si'i'iiiid. last with the ill sliinip Ono vah.rii'an Ih.AMi IIKVKMK..1st "union- rllVl'lojMJH.nt coniainiii^.„.v this si|.ihel circlo . x 0.Vc. ( I cdloiir.r.mith. in iiulii. At ceiilre of tile card at the " >l '1'.k larf.... as follow.t.n.1^ lid !t lahcl of dcsiii.' Ihe stamp |. .'"' "'• •' " "J^l" '"'"' '"'•'•. Viiu'iiumi tlii^ snr..ame type as tlial found . At the top of the card is an archd scroll.iv.v.'Ann the value is rcpectivdv The .. ^' and the lahel of v. 1870.. cud third .-. l.4.' i/. of the Thi" lili^' the whole I lciij. nis o| a dilleicnt »..." in coloured Komaii ... l. aMd ahove and helow the colour.... Issue ic bottom of the card aiul till' VH 1888. The„ s.supplement in has m„ l.i„.'apitals. Size.'Ani. .|. with iiiMi rj|>ll<<n ^'""•'""•V liricH r-*!.iiKss to v.' of . ultram. Ihe head is em hy a plain line. 'in. The iiLiription is in f„„r top of the card.. 1. in l. wonl l. size.. inches." Muck and stamp.n.. ^vilh a Kom.sT . like the previous issue." i. MKAilltKM .„.i. uf a lighter nature at the four corne.^t i.> mm.ree-ipiarler disc. fancy III Iilress. r. ycll(nv-.v 1 . liy twd mi nili'd Mtriiinlit llicxc Ii||l.^ciJii(l.s' Catahigue.|oi U h'llers." jirciiMliii. in with The . 1 coiiiiili'tiMl till! liy \ Mil .-. The line of "TiiK Ani.i' III.o.IcttiTH.'„ iiHlii's. which is Imiaeased upon light huff card./.. Mae. I Design.sssu.m.'. ipiti:!s.v." In typ. iMue Oh. inscrihcd l.i/>.dae "f ll.'tli upon light hull card as hut the staini.Miiji'sly'H Issiie T.S The oach inscription is..AiiH.) c. Mock letters. T losed is lesion resemhh's the s'tanip on iiscil II' III! ...„ larger.. "tiik A. is phiccd iu the right One value..sKi.olid "i'anada" and " iwr.MintainiiiK th.i„J l.STALE Similar in all le-pecls to is the in "HliUVICK. UomaH..ntal Kmnan " in italic Ijomaii ': "''"""' "'.mmenled.'i'r.v r„h„: • I ».li.. ami helow thi.sne. x.aiik Not.).. lai'Ker iitiiiii I (if "^' '" '""il''«'"l will.: ahmukm omv. inscrihed "ian-ada post f'Ani. (.llcieiitly lllh'd in.. cards aro u of the silk's of tlio Improased upon light Lull' caid..\) in bliio. upper corner. (f/tiistm/inn Ki.iiii 1 „ ). ' llrilish-Ameiican rner..) ' .ird is liiirizontal without flame. "iM... UNiVKi.'. (.Ve. capital. 2 c. iHt January. and tli. . orn. l!riti.i'ceii (shades).i. or. is with ii.. * at thi' "WKKIIITM rii/ar.' " head are arched lahcls of Koiiian capitals. The frame of iiiiiiir mill tilt' iiililrcM. Hank Note Co. 1 liy till' woiil "lo" till' 111' liotliiiii nf raid.iirxs oni..

to I inserted " Black on buff..lenie.sten<:c l.. he envelopes.. the surcharges are in no way ^ssluTr . the wonl "nKP.t and 1 c.eel. 1 varictTorurot • z^ 7 ^c::: . Issue in... . «Knv. of '" I'lii™ "f " IAN-ADA POSTAGE.m« the amval •'"'.l their exi. 0«6 ««te Cori-esponding in all respects to Issue VII. + 1 .ilnr to the sinj-lo card of Lssuo V. l. or V. of t!ie single cards. in... December 20th. as stated in the ren. slato-bluc.". 'x ^.o canls known to the Society. slate-blue..p surcharged but...-The cards of Issue « oPncA. r.JJ"\^ . Issue II.s 7\ ''T\ '..?.. with the stan." Tlip rci)Iv fimi :.s.. OFFICIAL CARD. Without expressed value. Issue I. are fohlcd alon.. 1888. ''°"'' th'd lis "" '"'' "'' 1 ^''^' '''^'^'" '^ ""P--^^ "1- tl.v" in block letters heneath the . t.i„. &c. .e. Precisely sin." %t''^^'- u.r.t and third Oue vaJne. + c.CE.^''"''\r"^ The face of the card has nothing whatever upon it. 1882.l.. ""^ r.e lir. the to.. "' ''" ""'""'''' "'""•"''' '^^"-'-'^ -"thev "^ ^°^^ ^^^" ^^ t. 1 c..ted at A Id Jiand.» of tla. 1 c. 11 .a' u CAXADA. notice fonn is prh. .". are met with. ^''''""" ^""''^' ^«''''«^« O^/^'-" f"i' "! "'" "otifyi-'S to the of a package liable to duty.arks after official.-^-. REPLY PAID CARDS.l upon the f. «i--« '^'' ^.. i?«»«. and the design i.. . s .1-ticulars l^lt^f . + 1 c. 1885. an. except that the con half ha. greenish-black.

John. when it ^ras erected into a separate colony. belonged to the French.. D. : rart/. . .. was ceded by Franco to tJreat Britain. and through them to the Way Ollice Keepers. has . . NEW BRUNSWICK.l. rks after Issue 111. long. "N. Tlicy are of the respective colours and values as under viz.105 s-piare Brunswick. or dull vhdct. . . that the postage stamps into this colony took place on September 6lh notifying to the is "NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC. and PRELIMINARY NOTES. from whoni the Public will he able to obtain re(iuire. . them at cost prices in any quantities they may /cice.'in. BACON.since iieen deniuil. it.l W. at the right hand upper corner..i t (Icpcrilipil another slam}) tho toi) of tlie STAnu. It is Nova 1763 connected with Scotia by a low isthmus. in tlie milo. . and was annexed to Nova Scotia until 1785. At the peace of lirunswiek. is/ "(Signeil) Howe. lat. ami these were undoubtedly the stamps referred to in the notice. published at Frcdericton. and in 1783 by disbanded troops from Now England.'* of this value j. One Shilling. Postiimster-llenend. and New Wo learn from the following notice. while the darker shades of mauve.s.. Six Pence." II Tli(> reply uanl Ni^itlier ill Uie stninp.')' re iniprosseil in the left IST^^-o -L^ 67° ^'^^ '^''''^^'^*^^^ 5.. Imt pinkish-mauve. as ollieially designate. the above notice is which shade of the One Shilling was first issued.. except that tlio h the scriilh ho first The cardy thinl pages. with the rest of Canada.3' ''" "''"•'''''^'^ between and 48" 5' N..q area is about 27. Three Pence. Xew early part of the last century I. and will lie on sale at this ollice on and after Friday next.hil. SVplcmhn. and G3'47'. of "Supplies will be innncdiately forwarded to all Postmasters throughnut the Province. form !ars printed at the "A to be inserted by yellow the . '^""'e* ..B. 45'. wliiuh appeared in The Itoi/al Ocao/fr. 1851. BY E. on Septomber 10th. sed upon the first and M-as called by them \ew France. It was first colonized liy IJritish sulyccts in 1701. J. of the single cards ers beneath the scnili.'' interesting as proving Besides giving us the exact day the stamps came into use. are those wouhl hardly any of the a the majority of tliem are of later printings. . sue v. stamp surcharged i'i"'( . . One rail stamp. IS. Sr.'il.— The postage stamps should be adixed to the or direction Bide of the Letter. the Gth Septemlwr. "General Post OFriei:. introduction of of that year for New Brunswick. SUPPLY of POSTAGE STAMPS lias been received from England.

§ oz.l..z.ut ..s( „f Ih. postal Lo. Charles Connell to. d. not exceeding i lb. &c.ssue found cut Ihree lence and tho S^ T conjunction witl.ed for half their original values. 1S57 l!esid.terestn. on jun.s. each part hei.1 : For a sin-le volume.H.k olli...„. and Mr.... The Mr. Mr carriers "Newsiiaptrs are conveyed " free.'. On Books.. which was (id. bcin.aster of f. published in Th.' And . the charge as follows.a. are cnijiloyed.. "'^.ng . could only be made up by using half (he Three Pennv stanm letter rates to irf?!" that (latr. i. currency. . [^ " j.. .on an Act eamo into force which made the ollice a political one. "There ^ is .p..M.x Penn to nuak^ rae of 7^1. " On And .-or.spee.. J^a/ Oa.en of this value is known used by it.ling the ounce.. 1880 eiearly shows the rea.ln. l. additional el. <m June Ml.„. Willis the mster at St. e..Maled in connection with otl„.l for October.. ste. ]-nsl.nnv stan.|' opcalion on January ls(.. John Mercer Johnson.gne.. a whole Si.. bisection of the Three Pence.„g. Franci^ ll. I have been unable to hn.s the present Inspector of Post-oliices. . ' ' .ned on 1 hn.nd was succeeded by IS.- ''In l-'^-J^ rale to Lngland. ]!ritain for f.(.several future years.Iy inlrn. the time of the introduction say.| 1 t.s the England.s always found obht. .-: ree Halfpenny s. (.! LS51 measures wore- .utilatod stau..s are aware. 'irn'„er rate was in -'"^' """' l"'"vi'ms to will.ral „f r. parallel to one of the sides of the to lOd. tho variety .-^..ned theren. John As many eolleetor.^ Jnd.' gs. n..gart. and Mr. IS. M. Jan.<'.„ . Tho cut in half.Mhen goes on lo say the ]. .e. rate came ii.r Three Pennies or a Six on.' 1 and not exceeding 2 lb.son for th..port of . pubhshed in ri.IG Md.^te..'""^ '^ '""' '""'"''''> '"^" '" "- some of the other the use of any of y « these n.sts divided into four cp.sucvo.ed a.. .! an the United States Jnd u ed as a and „.p was used to n.(.t. vs. but. 1 enco ex.. Mr.„l„„v in at iMislai^c staiii)is.. not exceclin....ake up the h.tu.s () .ch.i^^'^ The latter ''"'..self...p. and not exceeding' .z." _' g.agonally. . two.".stn.j. prepayment bein.y. ] ..e autl. (li currency each on Lelter. was the w].L.. Postal It U'u imm< of ||„.. or for letters forwanh.. iVA'ir JiiirxswicK.1. J. A oz.nnstr.r„hn and iMvderieton. eoual to T-d <M. >- liritish I'acket. IS. " lbs.'e of M..siv. that two „f the new rates on Pamphl. char-od lor every additional i oz.pnlsory 7J.p n.n.n . in wei"lit lb. and not e. ''^' M I have found out (hat the of the iirst (Stephen .1. E.0 r. the only places where let. according to the English scale of weight.' ea. res..Mr.. Howe became Postmaster of .r May for September Ifitl. ' ." M Mr. also known up tb •. |. John Howe lield (he position of Postmaster-General until May 3011.i0. a '1 l. latter --^''vend.xceedin}..l any olbeial' notice in a.en Mr.l I'^tabhsliiiaait ol a l„r low the rate of iiostaj^e.rren. ¥\ 26 Tl. As the article points out no half . Above 4 Above 1 lb.1. Mr..c PlulaHic R. .-rederieton during these AS and a c J K.'ts .h„e. Connell 18..or.. all three and was suc^ceeded by Mr. we learn from the following notice'. in is „..s triangular pieces.alf s.s Mill.ell(TS Above was then appointed in his place. Po.

clearly he same as . similarly by as useil make up to 7. ' . ..os fell th. issu.^cessarily be pr.uently a . Shilli„.s. is.. Ud Currency.i the nut excce.1. 18..r the . P. For a I'acket e..l in printcl or lieyulations of the Colonial iJook Post. An. I'o.any n..lition '"'" "" "' """""""" "''"' '"^""'^ ^"^ liecos..n.. e former was in ioiiie the Three P. (. no -'iniies he san...„.on!lem.l For a Packet exccclin.. a. Coniu'll Jfr.mce between the Unite..stamps.ue. hut unpai.. Tlu.r was the true cause of these vJinies wh. siikvs Tlio '"" '"''''"'""' of the stani]). iciil one.d' Cnl.isT OrncK.... Ic each part being Si. Johnson. or n. or wi. year.„ain.e rai.. thi . with reference l'""'- original pound Is Currency.pai.Ir.s notice. is. time previous to Desiiles the T/ii> li'ii/aJ 1857..a^t of Thr.iiu tl lulili.l. to make in any oflieial notice uitilatud . I'L'libU'.l ^t the m. notice.l eonse. J iliiison.l I oral future each m a. ^^ ^. and Newlmn„llan.l.conl..'.stamps nnVht b.l.ably .L. Stoadinaii. .a„... latter yir.l have no .. F'roN..p. 4 ounces au.oo.l.p.s .id.l fr..l not (i. the ai'ticle point. not e.sly t.|. P.neo was allow.xceclin.U -nan. ]85G. postal ollicials to frank con..will be the rates t.l .e...„„ . for October 1st.i.l.l ... Shilling values there but the varieties an..l.dly forwar. . 3. 2s.t. was . Is.1..p..: Tin. I hi ive a Ireaily on lamphL^ts sunt ln.1..rican Cd..." I until :\riiy 3011...l both of m than pr... 6( the bisection of the ..f the two bio.l not exceedin.s of l.!. ounce. . for xk AND NEWFOUNULANU if oili.u AM.M.l and a half pounds. 1880.-.u. which no .x ]'i>nny to As regar.T.e.c or On...lf counf^ We New Prunswick sh.:i!Ai.lin. . Post-o. . that eorrespon. wamay have .. . A. Francis Ijocanio 'Plic'lini Postmaster of ri'sii-ncl oWU-.nce.o pre I s an. KlwanfMam. "Sir. 1 ecjual Pritisli Piicket.j Bruiiswiuk tJreat liritain.... sen.r.r but the variety or a Si.„„. value . an 1 by tl ii...u f mi mnufa. I'.\cecilin- Sterling.m iiilniiliiifil New next the Inilowin..„.. Currency.l .l naturally cans..l U e.„ '> th. viA llalilii. ill isiiUNswnjK. liore lotlur carriers For a Packet excce. .I letters wo„ . (id.l in this state by the I'ost- causes: („) The useil pouu.e ha...'.. all pouiul and a Currency. no further inforination about the half Thre.v.ther they emanat.. in this his way. S.„.sponili. blishcd in rates on Pamphlet.Six Pen.r jl.half a pound hterlnij.1. are p.l or insuiliciently pr. rates must n.pai.lal Ln.l \oinl that found in the articlie in 7V»' Philatrllr U..ju "" now charged on .orr. („l.leliverv ' w .„„„^. I'a. ami n„t bavin.i .ir.les.l pr. first .two ha bDing comimlsiirj- on increasiuf. an.ket.' 8.l an.l.l...v/. th.")? fiiniislifs iis tinii' of the iiitroduutioii "XOTU'K To TIIK "On a.l n.harj.a.!). upon ^ publish.! K.veeedin. liij.l val.l Six Pe m. -Willis the Post- tamps of the ho A lirst issue similar noti. Currency. North An„ is no stipulation that th.j. SCOTIA. /'„.on . Tliri'e Penny stamp olliee. the Cdlowin.ater nund. .„ubt fron.„^.Six .viously appeare.„.r 1st. K. Jfr.'. an... N1-:W BRUNSWICIv.x ..nny au. iA./ . JJ. Slerlin. th.n.. two other .N|. vi^. em .mies was fre.. jini..59.'ket e. New liruuswick.-e.i.i... Is. not exceedin.d.) Or it may l. ab.c.. . (i.y I luaently prepaid. : for tliu For a For a I'a... .ud.. ..rhaps ' public . This a.lue to one .lay „r Octol... halv.. .. .l were jHjund tMcli on LotU-rs hall.' 4 oiniccs in wei-lif. 27 for LS.l from both si.! in Octolier. bterbn.lditi..led ei wholly or oidy partly prepai.m tlu.. rat... "r„.pe. Nova Scotia..ct to ().^ the appearance of tln.! an. ur. Is.h a t.en of half pound. Three Ponnys postmarlaM after a . 7*. Uf/i ^pL. exceedin.l.. Jr.ncc 18. seven pence hallpenny Currency lor every additional pouml or Iracl.-.l. an." ne wouhl be r.c.lmader-Gciicml.heref„re exp.d„.d./ was of a lin.x Penny..late. that P...M.. From the same .s...te.n th. .pdr.y r.t out of e.s.'. "(Si-ncl) . my stamp sur(.. t„ .rs to be anxious to see their .l On.. cut stan.. ..l As self. is.r. "NOVA "Lettkus u ot .. which was published in th /y J.„l after tli.1.half a pound.

?' bv Post P. take.' as the case n.-u„.. not weighing over Two Poun.ut of the three'-' '-'"'"^ '.onev until th .^'"'' ".ty th."IIa„d Bill. ' "'""'"»"'. curreney. II "From be CO. ' IVinted M„..r:. 1859. ii-. ]'i>..ic will be allowed to pa.. Current.-^^-^ -•-^.ovise.. the cents " l.stage Stan.. For any weight over " (Signed) "(!exi.ks in .. and must be taxed accordingly.w a halfpenny he says tho charge for delivering .Ii)..n.-' .."frv" '/' the word 'Ccula...e could have been i.Mtary pniHT in journal fo. ... A-ain "tha wh.lor sixteen ounces .. approadnng to the value of ]|./.y«l : .l.jks.v-t : "The si.. .unps then current iMyn. can be forwarded by P„. sMpplu-.Ii." postage on the abo^•c ntu. John 18.sstto of the One Cent stan.-f.paid in „..ay be. with . .l.„ie. and each Package must weigh under half an ounce.'^^ The nc '^""^-'"^ '"'- 1:. 1859 : "Post Office DEi'AnT. viz. IS..t.' 'Ca.:ii|..' or P.ry 19lh..aster.l . ' all i.„.States.n T Island.r Ja. most hkely he given and not It is true tlm I>o.nnmn/ VM.speaks of under the through Post in New Brunswick posted . f.. 3 following "Printed Bo.Gencrars report for that year . Canada.ndusion.!..".. the writer .'""'^^^f' '=<""'"i^' into New P.swick the f"':' L„.e.s in the towns of Id... Hand Bills.loruton anil St.«.1.." Post 0. v. I think.u. n.^'"'". cpmlly applicable to the value Id. a." At tl./ ^Vav7/.u|rl.anic Itegulatioiis as Paiaphlels.. as the nearest e.0N.. . wc must hear .ual 1^ only For any weight not cxcecling 1 lb..erroru. I entir. Fi. . Gil.ding 2 lbs. any heu.s„.vt"tV by f o.. by . wlneh would therefore e. ..r " '.m.g Id.l between any of the « Post-ollices in New Brunswick They must be prepa„l at the following rates by P.xl be subject to one half penny PosU.r 1803.:„ai. to be collected on delivery ^"*'-'y. 18. 18C0...m.'<tmusUr-(!ciurut.ary next a Parckt. tl....VA'ir umwswicK. (it tnc I the year tr.V.n nnnd that this is probaldy Id.r„l.>d. . and not exc..:'i>. a -".s. m "Pnnted Circulars. .ge. - PARCELS BY POST IN NEW BlirX.' ""'«''"'' "' " ^''^'"1.tice. list m and would the --rk The annexed notice is fcund in The Royal aa::dh for August 3rd. or Piincc Edwa.ssue took place in 1860 no stan.. tns way).abg„e.. altn. w. /.1e s>de Postage niast be prepaid. .i>.. 2s! Charles Cosnell. . .3. open nt the end or '".-.juivalent for IJd.ons to the penny ea j .1 (J.. in May. sterling (all the other quoted n.1.l th. Is . January.bra. i-. 1 "(Signed) Charles Cornell.o tin.oj-u. vanoty . Periodical Publications or Paiaphlct-s. rbt .„ wc.MENT.s." i. and Prices Current New runswck will be liable to a rate of one half lollowmg Rcgiilat. have been pr.uit ' the em n 1 f'"f.„a..alMl. .„p.w. an.t in New ]lrun.r it is dillicult to see'h.«-ick at the rate ot one ball penny ))cr oniice.. and tl.. "'"' """''''"^' '" "'" "'""'"^'"'^^' ' ""^ '-"-I »»"! . Ud ratts beh....g. .H.-.7 was [ho author m letler. f. Nova Scotia.p was is. 1887. '.. (1. F.ust be written or printed on the face of the Cover . the 1st F. as the\'u„rchar'ed h oa.ted .'ulo'led"' Sf °" ^' "'' ^'"' °"''' K'=«"'"ti"»« i^ •q'^iiled.y 28 .^ of llmt ..' 1 lb..

Above." lower left "THREE PENCE. beyond what we (ind mentioned further on in the Soei(!ty's list neithe:.—Thc Three Pence due upon white paper.' as the . Is. 165 and 219. Cd. i. In the Six Pence both the word "POSTAGE" and the value . .s then current. prepay the postage rate to the United Kingdom. curreiiiiy. and on either side. to •ICK. {lUiuitraHons 49. cmTCMicy. for < January 1859. half the value of the . varying in colour from deep to pale blue yellowish gum. MENT.ssue. 50. with coloured Arabic numeral of Shape. The Three Pence has b( en seen divided obliquely. Issue II.wi(.sted enny each. Each of the values met with cut in stamp was two. new information I 20 iiave minilior of tlio tlmt T have now exhausted L'hisioiis all the writoi' cdiiicsi colletted concerning to yiiivc iloubt. 1867. LONDON. lecteil on delivery." " SIX PEKCi:. not i. The Six Pence is also known divid(. there can be little doubt that the su. but from curtain remarks contained in two articles. with engine-turned border. That on the Three Pence is in plain Roman capitals. is luit the variety is only to the discharge of the blue colouring . in an octagonalshaped carimtcho. Th(. lev Two Pounds. which in 1857 was reduced to 7-^d.}d. which may be found in Tho Pliilatelie Record. tl)3 . : Three values. of Engraved and printed in /nille-'/„nce by the Am(!rieiin Dank Note New York. and in block letters on the other two values. into the earliest colony. brownish gum. 51. A curved white line surrounds the stars." upjier right. 1 859 : 61/' Jiihj. and as there was no stamp of this value in use. 2s. ) New Urunswick vermilion (shades). Reticulated side labels. the angles formed by which arc filled in with floral or.see how a 1 Dill. : n])9 . "new.^wick. the rose in the lower star being inverted. Bacon. Neither of the. upon the formation of the Dominion of Canada. lozenge. and following Engraved and printed in iaille-douce by Messrs. 1851.'iign In the centre. only Is. imperforate. "POSTAGE. Issue the value Id.) Cover and ouch Upper left border." . De.. inscribed with n"-ue of Colony in plain pen at ice e tlie end or Current. letter. r. and I have no further particulars to give youaboutthe8tan. IMifax tho mini clinrgoil. :iM Current i)o.NEW in till' URUNSWICK..k at the rate in New Brunswick United two stamps has come under the notice of tlie Society . CO no stamp was issued lilicablu to mutilated. May 15th. as the repaid in dillicult i: money until to .iaments engine-turned background. uml tlmt imtlior thn siimc time tlic K h-iU-m iH't IS in tliu is towns of truu tllG l^il. vol.. .-iLxUrn ui. Vandiiin. violet exists „ ). subject I Roman capitals." lilac-maavo. is the Royal Crown. orange yellow „ ).o. never printed upon white.roduccd from The . IJd.. rinhttdist. and that on the right the thistle." loWcr right. It thp Postage Stamps of New Iiruu.' (nil other rato« boiii^ Id. masUr-dcHtml. N-. and surcharged in red " L]-. 1S59. August 3rd. and used as stamp. heraldic tlowers of the K'tS under .. value. on stoutish blue wove paper. border.." The same surcharge is also said to exist in black.ssuod until (^uito L September 6th. OXNEH.natter ii'om the paper. tlie centre of each Plain lozenge in each corner of the stamp. recourse haa to be made to these varieties. stamps of this Colony became obsolete on the 27th of May. viii. ( ( 3r Prince Edwaixl 6d. containing the .l in 18G0. machine . 1860. New Brunswick. Perkins.stamp foi. REFERENCE LIST OF THE PHILATELIC SOCIETY.M.can 1 add anything to the liistory of the Five Cents "Connell" st^mp so carefully related in the paper rei. and r would Again. pp." « ONE SHILLING. on white wove a line of colour down letters. Five values. Company. to make up the postal rate of These bisected stamps were used to 7-Jd. of London. The upper and lower have the rose. "postage" in plain block and the value in various type. "DnirNswicK . in conjunction with a whole Six Pence.charge is "bogus. but till. below." 3d. nnd Co. each (juarter being used. is an eight-rayed star.d triangular pieces. tliat on the left the shamrock.

.l Xota Co. ' ''^tchin. ( ) c..." "l-IVE.../ .it v. t.. ^i^^-w— J>mden.] values.. ton rows of ten..:: ei. with V with vt" ' . Thr Arabic the ov.. 11' soarli't-vonailiiin ( 12?. "'''"''• '""' ''""^'' "l'"«"'toval.s. "i ° ''""^' m:tansnlar for the One .VE A. "sli' ^1: .1. ^^•'^>.." " SEVEXTEEX OEXTS. -reen c..stun.) ' ? MiW URUXSSVICK PObTAGE.s in the lower con.l iinmeraLs of value in white.nfmn.k's).an capita.o.„ the public." "TWKI. "ONK CE.. ('.cn.j i„ fiill-fncc nortr.ecl..r'^?" "TEN-.. ^or..\E\V JJja'. ]' 1 Aal. "™ ^""' ''"' "American liunk w .s Curve.^fl. •>•>." 1 T) .ha.. '-r^ lieneatli '"""^S conta. nearly ":?'.ral of value.hite Kon..n.NU a HALl'.. (Illudmtwn a Tr. 51.f^'^ ' ^Ul^t:^ i::^^^ S! «"^'' '.«^::.IC 30 IK'rforatcil ill ..^'i. In design." Ij. x\ew Vo-k "on tV^ • l' /n . ammgc. v.|ti'v sluM-t „f .. IJ. — Tit.l with. it is almost sin.VT.! octagonal label helow.ue.i Twelve and a H.e Mn. 100 . a. Prussian l." tf ' "'• iJ' ^ ''" : r" .^. reddirth-niauve (slia.p was never .. br()n/c--n.lack Muu i " " If ) \' • 17 f.iL TZ .. V }• Remarlcs. stan. an.::. Mte. nunu.^" ':'-!"':' '"l'>''«''^ rectangnlar for the other three ">3. . ..'. lilac-l>rown.:: ':rixii „f ( tr.

Ccnt-s.. Ma)nier. Xew l.\/:]\IS niiuxswicK. '•sting correspondence ' dc.... T. 1. spok. on account of the stamp affair.s.„ 12. J "'^'ff'.il to the Lieutenant^"-uanant .es of stan. the Lieutenant-Governor of the Proviii. an.wrote a letter to the Hon..lesigns submil(. and 1 wa " instructed by he Counc 1 to .says or whether any have ever done po a t'^ ^"'".. and for the Five Cents had his oun por rait.l ." •s. He..miy the other three values issiunl. however. Connell.jivls are Arabic.s. was this: Mr. Charles Waiters.s with the letter of the Conn. August. The of T y\v The « ay the ^'" probably been di.l Conned in reference to this bnsines.<r'"""''"'' T AT Manner. an Twelve and a Half Cents.S. and because he said that his colleagues did not have conh.evu. exist.V..same time a. Charles Coniiel].stmaster-Oeneral by a Minute of Council in Decendjcr. is 31 100 .small . brown. the cour-so lid)el below the printed ImiH./^^''.i. !Aent.swick.s. 'd in hatchod nearly "A PlIILATKLIC CHAPTKll IX "Thi. to obtain and order t." ot Cent stamp already procured by Ur. The Five Cents.stcr.— Railway Konian capitals.sary. A. NEW BRUNSWICK.s of Roman colour ntrait of the Prince of coloured ' il ujiright oval in each corner..General.n l!ank X.. on a small matter that i.„. etc he ordered the plates for the values wan'ted-Oue.lence enough in him t. ransvcrso oval..s. II. . "The correspondonce .lvise Your Kv"ell.r "'Approved May ." " TE. II. but becau.. tlio inurgins of tlio has "AmiTiciin ]Jank Charles Connell.ncy to' order a l'?f''^'«. Several of the letters contain a large amount of matter irrelevant to the subject in .l we farther a. npitals. 1888. Cents. J..ssued. the "(Coi'Y Xo.s" with white Arabic in white Ronnin line...rforate replaced by a full face portrait of iu the span. the Governor.s of the . arranged on ts Ten l^ype.te C pany. and am giving them here. and order a new lot with t em'-v the (.snin-' ot the iMvo Cents. L. 1 t? Po.g that this Minute gave him full po^'er and discretion as t des. portrait to "To the iris E. paper.s .stamp has ser.) Max.i to some of his friends about " ".lestroy them. miu ner.^''""l'. haost similar to the „.wn to posterity thereon. which the eh. ^nt nt ntu n n of gonig d<. instcu. etc.scl more than any other stami.— 1 )i.'"!' *"'"'^ '"^ l''^'t ""> "-ere in use.stamp nnnierals of vahio. Connell would not do.says that he .s arnved at as to and two onter of at . and dealing oiily with the political rea.-<-SHltoii. S.l perforated „.' be distributed. of \.button. I' 've Cents.I.slantin- :iSNT. which and refused to allow same time ijcsty.niestion. 18G0. "'(. As a matter of they disapproved of Mr. and .stiiiiii)s.. Conuell's design for the Fiv.t° '. the is. H for . were destroyed. NTS..l nf the ?„ iive i.."'"' by the au. lli. belwc'eu Connell..bieed by the Aiue. was author.. and larger of value in white.s . n with and tangular for the r One for the other three IVE.s. OnoV-^nf'T ^"''^'^ '""^ " "''" f-''"' r-'^'^'n"' «f"mi>« procure. Postmaster-General. then?.rove he could not agree with the Government evliciuliturc of public moneys. S. T.rnn. P f ?'V?"*' . with IS.stamp was pro. STKEVE.-llw.s m ie cornor. etc.slanting oval.s ot the (^een.59 to procure a new set of postage stamps. IF.s. 1 W.) lielow. King's article R Mitch kll.SUO oefore it wa.MiTH.\ccutive Council iu Conmiittee.l „.sent out to postmasters for public use. bearing tlie likcue. A horizontal lines. " ' ( Governor after they had had the the . in . Conuell's resignation.. in currency renleml nece. that TlllC IHSTOHV OF ST.Signed) y°"'' ENcellenoy to ai.' .n o„ly proofs. and the nunnuais aliiu and tlio Fivo Cents The s: One Cent. u Jlr.. llic {Ill list rut inn bi. J.soiis of Mr.)ueen.lid not resig:.'''' "1"".]. il who "Memorandum his own of the E. IJ eopi. lower coniorB..stamp ongniated but only for a dav.o back him n. then I'o.s. with with "uunt" in with lino \ork.m.s ^^•llit(> I but these can be look. . This eame to i and of his the knowledge of the TS" in outer white line. lettered the rals uj)i)or.'a'knqi the Hon.s.seu. giving his reasons esigning his olhce.\M1'. and therefore rcvsigued. "TIIK CONNKI.s Jr.A . brown.s. notwitlr TiLLKY. The Connell red for use. !'<." '•'*'M''''ti'Ji'.w in but the head nf Her Majesty Vandyke-brown npo„ white wov.| to tli.^' ^'•"'^^k. F v I have been enabled to see the coinplete olheial correspondence.. Small . an. and still a decision has nem''be whether they are .p. instead of Ron. or have ever been'nn!d. oval. ami hese parts not being interesting to the philatelic reader are hdt out.:e. Through the kindness of a fri. liel.stma. OaVIUWaRK.

"Letter from Mr.I°- TELK.spatch. I. " • 5. n . . • ^ ^^''^>' Charles Connell. M /. Esq. 7. S.ei. " Woodstock. Tlie Hon. a::^^:!:^ Ilecan mtallriKht.nade.. " Vftmcs Hale..'. "'No. C. L. "^ ''^"''"^''' ""'>. — ' " W00D. a I the recent net of n. • 28ih April.::..l e. Tillcy.-dovomor '"'^•« Jiaa the Your honor of l.. Five.A . . «•>""''' The Hon... K ^' L. >H'. Telegraphic Despatch..^i. Charles Connell.. 2.' II' 33 ^'l:]\ BiwxtiWWK. " The Hon. ' „.r s '" ''•'••" he in'''''^' l-'-K'^'l'li "li'"'. " 'Hon. '"''"^'^^ ^'"•'"^•="- A.''"' I <'"V"""'>'t "" I.^Z^^^ ?^ a. ii„l. Cnnnell to U.^ . ' ^ was anthonzea in t e a' . '^---'r'-r -nnot t cni"". crisis. R L.- ^ " ' .r'''^'"^' ""• ''""-"« Twelve IK IIal7SnU- '° "''""" ""^"^ '"^'"«'-' ^"""1'^ '» "ne. and TTtc "'No.Sr:J ^n^'KSSr!:7in^!^ir'-^-"--^ '«"'(Signed). " ' Telegraphic Despatch.i^^&'l "r^ '" ^' Woodstock. 1800.:t^llj'!'''""' "."1''''' ''^ to I'-li-Vfl •ninntosof connci. iho want o [ik^ 'ul. TELEcinAriiic DKsrATCH.n7. Thought order 28.:r:'. Charles Connell. 18C0.v o.-«n.STOCK. Woodstock ' TELEQRAPnic Despatch.' onlered to retain ohl ones ^^""^^ "^^'''• i!^'-^ M . " ' The Hon. 4.lnes<lay next.laye. 3. JFooihtod- — i. "'No.. ExcellLiicy.— can :. Clmrlca lue to ' iiihlrm. if' " No. — until'Si 'onS " FREDEmcTON. ""'« TiLLEY. Charles Coimell. iscoV' 6. ' ^'"*'""-'''^' 28<A ^.. TELEGRAPniC DESPATCH.— "'''*• possible!"' •' °'^"^"'^ ""^' "" "^-^ ''\ «»• '' John by Thursday next.'" l'Vo"Kht '".RArnic Despatch.^eis. Frederidon.'^"'''^'• "'No.' Charles 6'onnkl SELL.''..(Decen:. he stayed till Wc.l>«P''tieB *''"'^ ^' ^ April.t::.s. FraJericton " See Mr. Imt inntler.. I860.l action. TiUey.) tliu '"(Copy No. iSflO.nt.. Let issue of stamp. 28<A April. • '""'" 28?.oi.' " ^^ ^. Hon. Telegraphic De. Y ur I'-xedluncy Fx [1 v ""' '''"'1 '""" ^'"" T s lulvi.nea'nnt!i'S™l:ri:r I'i.n.. Tilky. JFooihlock.on > me.!. "'No. I .

S. T''° brown. Uil. and Twelve ConncU.i 1 .'„.n Midftt till" sniiio tiiiio .at I w m d lis ril. J.ConncU.l a Ifalf Cent postage stamps 'cui by yo.. ililiiywl lii<iiif.. Tillky..eS directed by His Excellency the Lieut. to take the necessary steps to'l. 'wi .''"V"'>' One f Cent.1 . Tilley. and I am directed '" to mlorm you that ne has referred it for the consideration of his Council.^"frk. '7^ .nvinf. . hd' "'(Sigucd). fen. Smith.. in I).ll . I. he One. Five. nform his Excellency that I was autlioiiaed. L. rriiKc to 'It H. & tl.^^ "'(Signed}.'}^ wall be reduee<l by the recent action of the Government."-' ^^'"'"•"'^' S.OHt^H. ^''^''''''- Hale. 1800. John. as I With certainty that the revenues of the Department made arnu^ei" . Ti.. '"Post Oiticr Drpartment.s Office.. "'The Hon. Cii.?c!iSed\oP""""« James Hale. L. . (Cory)." ' S. I. L..' '^'"''!../ m. S. Ten. bearing the likeness of the Queen. and Twelve and a Half C. onnacndVtion to the Lieut -Uoveruor: " ' in wliich 11- Ijclifvi'il (Coi-y.'lit action Ijut nmttcrs to I 'I'e' "J. " I tl„. an. lal I S.^ultoH. .. A."!• the Lieut.' •^"!'~:. Charles CoNSELi.a}..Minuter of c'ou last to procure a One.C.fl''f the 15tl.^[ for distribution c'd^s^i^bi^^ir Mai/<iiiaimii( Chorlen Cmmlt. J. and disapproved of Mr. ' Excellency ••'mnon.' "m'^V^"'" ''''''''r' by l„s Exce^lc.ave"stn> k' ol[ a Five Cent stamp.. Voitr nreqcnco L Tm i... ^r. 33 "'No.) liy tlif lolldwiiif. that I cannot discover by that correspondence>t was the intention to withdraw from me that supnort in '""^ '"''''' ^''™^'' ""thoriJiT'LTt. and o direct yoj. L.&c&c. o<^^a /e sU this oe •:j::.Vnt postage stan. 'ednesday. 1 .11 now will nmke staniiw calle<l in.^. rimrsday next.ue . ^'1"" *" ''I'l'iove „f and order to he distributed n„„ ^\'''4''''''n '^•'^. Ma.j -Ud..': "'Secretarv'.bute the One. and Twelve to bvke stens to procuie a Five Cent sUuup Ibrlutu."0- iy ^ii-'iii.'"'«-ever.^ Jot!.l Twcdv. for future distribution "'Ilmve. Dkhpatik.. and Cent ." he Postmaster-CJenera and we further advis. . .ps..^. nie as soon as kI to procure new Sa proc re b . " 'St. stamp rannot S. L. TlLLE?.p.hKv. ExctUmnj thi Hon. ' cv r. it is '"/„"l''y.. & Watteiw Tilrj-iapli " -J/. mo. lie A. C..-Oovernor to reouest von v".. P. by .l S.' leflday next. Ten. ipli I may '"''^ '''". your 10x._ riill the ftdminisI lime that nil! Ijuve . "/ y"""' ''"'"'" i'llorming n.e list'. Tirjjcv."«='-"'''* •'^'c l>roniise.. Licut-aovernnr-the One....' W'ls agreed upon. Connell'o Five is their re.) '"Letter ..-VA'II JIIIIW..•.raor to re.: - '. likeness of the (. mst rohative to the distribution of postage stamps.. 1 c Fi 1 v e i. . TiLLEV. CoNNKLL. Charles Council from the Provincial Secretary. fVnd' '^"""""l Cents. s . Hale 1 lesired • TiLLEY.te and a Half Cent postage tau.' " ' ^^'- "• '^'""^ \^'^«'^- (Copy. leu Cent.est».p ali'eady procured by the I'ostnnuster-Ueneral. VMh V. neral Iiere. JIiTciiErr.' "'A' o dist./.? f '' '' " • r/ic JTon. ISOO.e i'. RLES C'oNNELIi..t Licut.e Stan.-Governnr you'r letter of *) i-.:cllencv o r h'r a ' . T. Tii.:^^z^:^ u LS^is^sr-" *'"*" '^ '''''' '"^ '''''-' -^ will 'Cli'in"''il'". "'(Copy).^.n" necessary ' iiliicu to iidcln™ Council to consider claims. Five.tln I ive Cent »tan.SUJCK. . S. if Nn it}J «7 ha' retain old ones MLri./„c/. . 1 hursday evening «t furthest.e that von have l„'e. Ten.' " 'fo //. ^'"""""'^' '••neITon. '''' 17(/i Mar/.c. and the loll. to „• struck. Mmiwa-. to Hon. (Si..entt::?. "^»"""-"""« ".. L.-Oon. hea. 1800.. dny .„.

xeciitive Cniiiicil • ""' •. &c.p.M net W...m":.neinor to Mr. "(Copy No.f the Executive Cnincil in Committee.T.. M„!/ 19«. " Momor«n.:r'ir ?' r'.iit.f_- II. Mauna-..liim ol ti.-^-'to foiiiifcteil tliiTcwilli.... "' Mannkhs-Hltton. " Monioraiiihini 4.nit t.e a.. -^ m :'" """"•'- . .e sul.rHK.''s.v to L ..i.I/. ^. ^-.-U.lien.-S. I mt Ihc l.V.) lui tlie E. Connell... T. (|„„.''!..V :it mithority l.— >.) "Memoraiuluni .. &c.s':ST.f .KMKnK-n.™.opodfully h.. a.:n wii'v' '"' llie l) «:: s.'i... V nr K^X^ "1 '' '^ ''">. . ^ '"OovRiiNMKNr H.. " (Copy No.!. M.) Lieut..c. May it plense ynur Excellency..».. •' U.iH... ' oil * ' "'y '^""^"""'"^ ""1 the .in« tu ilu.?::. Fi. Lieut.„t ""-"'1 . ' M.. "To His Excdlenaj " ' tkc iron. ti..-tlinmt. "'(«>K"e'l). . "•s""'! .liHal -"'" "" n.• .l|„. dr.:"^'imtinimna. J.. . 1 llllVl'. J. is.. w„i.»». ^^'"t..... . ' ' "''•l'"''^ .I>liV. iK..oernor.i..... //.. T.:' :±.'r.Mtim..1 i ' iM... -^li: VhurliH Vimnrll. !.p "(t'orv No. '- dn.

vfi. Ills Coiiiii Watikiw. Connell to the Lieut.' " "" "''•"^' "' '"^ ^"""^'' '" ^^ ''^ '--"^'i " ' ^"'"""'^ "' ''' JI'^>'-^•^»«S^"o^•• 10 oflice of Post- iioruin. • ".t f .stma." 111 >'""' '•-^•^"''"v la "l-n tl. in which they submit tu his l^cell.s W//i.sty..i"'i^"J'r^"without date. D.l..Mied "(C'i)i'v No..) una-SoTToN. iiotwitlistimd liii>. I am induced to trouble your Excellency with this rejoinder ^'"^.i'< Mm'Htio„.l Charles Connell respectiu.a liy the Piistiiia«ier-llciicral.we have „ot of I'oslaKe Slnuii.lejiend u.KY.sij. I860.. II. your Kxcclli. which I had the honour to submit to your Excellency on the liJth instant.ter-aeneral. signed by your Excellency's a. "(Copy No.-Govenior Iiiui received the nienioraudurn of Hie Council in Comuiittee.soti:f Wav-iillicc Icj. tliii Limt.1. IStiO. 2„rf..lvisers. mt delay 1 Ilia '""'" to to lay Kxcelleiicy ptlwSuid^doclit.. ImH ilo L.'om Mr iweriior.S.'nin" mv place at the Council Board. )ur Excellency iiaster-deneral.iililic.. or of the head of any otlier ' " imhlie h flli'iicy. tn C'li. liic iiiiil as rea. ol a "'His Excellency communication dated l. "'AsM!' re.) "Letter from Mr. ite. the Lieut. Tii.itliorily of the I'o..i uy I'h 111 obtained your Kxeelleiicy'rt iiermiHsion to ruihlisli hl.rociiri.ld.vl' . T..o„ tl e e.xcellency the Lieut. Wauk.Governor. CiiAULKS Ttsnta. II. '"^"'"""'^ •"/. the Ifevtnue of the Po.-(5ovenior lays before the Executive Council n May lidlh...'iiati(iii. J.MuIUiiiy'H lie curreHiHiiiiloiici' iBLEH CONN'ELL.dividual eorre«|io. ..erve thai wi.iuiivd to the i. have im lU-Mtv to limit Imil or liri iimseiilM' Ihi! e^jitimate a. .-aiie if^lit'ciriillv Ijc^j'to i)stiiiaHlcr-(iciu'nil. C. P. Ih I I'r. «.-VAir /uiL'xauicK...-Oovernor. \m\ which his Excellency has ivceive.xecutive Council. Manners-Sulto.ncv'H Council re. " " ' 6. "'To IIU Excdknaj as jireparcd to ^VAi the Hun.' liy Mr.his ivcent resiguatiou of his seat at the Council Board.s.". copy 30.' "• '^- '^I'^>-^-"^«'^-«^™lN.d. "(Cov\ No. A. 7. 3 istage and order Stamps Stjimp 'ofltage e Cent stamp 23i'l instant appears a ineinoran<la ^^!"i"'' .) Memomnduui for the j<:xecntivc Council..n. and the ollne of Postmaster-General. le has aasif.s.v 'n. airected l.'iliiimtn Hint iill llii.' "VVV"".ncv their on Mr. uot heliuve that thete will be a sin-e letter " leas written iii ceiisuiiueiiee of such action. cVc d-c. and addressed to your hxcelleucy in which is reviewed a correspondence. the stamps e head of the ite of Council of.-< of we . •'• 18C0..n of the (Joverniuent that must . aud we . your Olllce Deonrtment will li. S. tliu rual kt mnd of his iusij.. J'jxecutiye observi'tiona Hia K. Wu rpnnol the a disc'rii how lull. iimlci' all il iKit lie lieiiclifini Without filtering into thr diHcns-jon nf ihc powers of tin illelc'llt lle.'niilioii i>( Coniiell lia. CoiiiieirH letter to lii.H.'I !"'.i. MlXCllELL. " Meinoraiiduni for the E. .s Excellency of the tilth instant. ti'iiilcrcil Ilia W.. • i' leliarlineiil. lear the likeiicsH of Her Maje.. 111' liiuiltd nr ftlruady |. in.e. iiiiiltcr.Mrni. T. tlint iippioval ol the (loveriior and 111. f?«'«"c "t . lie iif accfili-s to (if "'(Signed. The subject-matter of that correspondence must be discussed ut the proper time in another place but as there are several points urged in the memoranda of your advisers calculated to create a lalso impression with reference to my reasons for resi. kiis-Slttox. lis his (lath JaMKS BllOWN. Stkevk.™"' " -May -llna. i.' I s (late. the other UKsiKiKil liy him.

for the lo.n.lun. l.„oran.. aOM '^'""^'^'^ M. '^ "•""•"' '*-'"''' '^'•"•" '''t« .nran.noranduni the Executive Council. ami t|. C'lunLEs Watters. dated "' 5u/!. A.l.i.e r . . KivutVnl • : St "'^.' ' CUAllLKS Mr. I860.-an^t^rJuhl^ri'ol-'.m.. „it with l^a wC nd^l':. Smith.atod to your Excellency Ihat l. of hi.""'' "''•.sHEK.ral.' v'i i ! ? "o vJ '".*'"'-""""l t." '>-rPe--. until after iul'y ^.«cu. your Kxcellemy. L. cJl^fe. Connell our rej.imlKiMout.iro his policy . SlEEVtS.. II.mittce J. ' Jic. '-To " I nn.Mry..rlNn.!..he Hon."''"" ^"" ^'„„a will «. I !'< '*'. ^ i-xtellLin. May It i.„ ucTf i-.«„„. W.^UnMlrZ*^^m!ve'r?"'T''''?/™'''^^'' their re.?'''''..lun.VMM- Kx.f the Executive Com. t. . |I„„..v-cnt at a ?.':.s. «l.:'. " ' WouasiocK. ".„ i..— Manncn-Huito. \m: J. JaJIES JillOWN.^ t^Z^ '^^^Z!^:^.y .) "Mcmorand. Peieu Mitchell... TlLLKV.:!:.Mon tla- of t1..uled "I the Decinml l'o«t«l StaJ..„er n>e.' " (Copy No.i!/. "'« "«n. '" '""^ comnuin..XyirA^lir^\J::TT'^ the .. .o """'*= ''^ " '•'-•«'^« '" "vohl " '^''''^""' ""'"'"'^'y r "/en .. n...l..cil i„ C.In our for. 5lh June.t .. 8lat ^-1 . rostnm.uul act.. n"a r.ster-tJ>.f^^'lSl^-'l '"(•'^'o'"'-^'') "-nlance witll "'Jiou. *' "^ J'"uuc ' wui bu ublo to arrivu ut a correct " I Iiiivc. Walk.!'. f). " 'CouM-ii CiiAMBKii./ ""'^" '""'' P^^' .> authorue the imUication o/ this '" (Signed) CiiAnLEs Fi. &c. we Cent . ' .cHtion to your Excellency '. MANNEns-SunoN.eellency.t«.'.l...Governor.tte " ea!. E.„e. &c. i„lvi«.l no. T.}nl ultin. David Wauk.) "Me. 1S60. m. S. "" " yr"^^Z. "((^'orv No.iKu. intc. H.96 .

oriicv-CIciieinl.xcelleiicy'..f your Kxi'idlciicy toorder tin.HNiry.1. Alll "'TIir< ExiiUciii V the M. ri'H|Mr. uf my coiiilnsion to ri'si^.see the telegrams to Connell forbiiMing the issue. /J.. my course was tlie only honouralde one to pursue. Cuiniill. C. J.J!.ivk 1»tnrc llie Kxiiiilivi' "' leru took pluci'.s. jiostage of a letter. and would receive in time for on the 1st of May.' fonnril n ropy wlii.inn JTevioin to ilH fiiHilmciit. it rcnl roonnn of U) iiilviwi I riii'iit llCIIICllt IllllHt "(Cdl'Y No..-aovonior.. at Frederieton.MiiiiiiiiiMdiim liir II.Inn.nniil toiiilvi. II.seH. Fiye. in releiiiiie to the Htanqw. Excullency'rt from till) Into ir Excellency submitted to jsire to avoiil '"The cnrrespondiiiiMi Iielween myself and the Provincial SeiTelarv. Even if this wa. staniiis of various denomimiiion. iiarts on the of your advisers. lloii. being tlie letters uf the Kxeentive tliey are iu ixuoiance of the iiieauiiiK conveyed by such coriespoiidenco. 11. Vonr E. ih. I T.-dm. that any further orders were nmiecesthe ilistrilnition Mr. ami stated on the lloor of House in Mairh liLst that 'I had (M'dered..f his leniit resif^imtioii of Tli« Sliimte iMiiO. After Iiaviii}.rialiin.rH-Siilton.clli'of a rrply to to "' UK. I.'ii.liii. lalr.!.-..sulliiieiit to caime HUch autiou a« I took upon the preiui. h and 9.-{iMVcnini I.'niilinn of the olliiu of l'ii-.inii.s.. in all Iiecanie a]inareiit.Mh. three days before they were to start sending them to postmas'ters.'iam Irom ilie rrovineial Secrelary. what was a mere matter of detail.' procured. laid liefrnv your Exeellcnry. altliougli an inference to the eonlrary may be drawn from \iis.'nef(. and iireparalions for their issue at the apiminled time Were made hy the Department.A'A'ir II' liitrsswiuK. In vmir Kvicllniiv. liy the knowledge and conaeiit of the tiovernnieiil. (luted dunce with careful reading ami consideration of tlie letters lierc given will .show the inipossiliility of there ever linying been any of the Connell stamps iiseil to pay the. would have lieeii . until iiiterlcreiice I received the tele.h His ICxcfllni. and liis telegram to Hale. Tlir .ssiie Init setting. in whicli vour iniinrv on Ihf mind of Vnnr Kxridlrniy'lliiit the only iim-r of my iv>i. lli(^ liMli Ajiril. vu I my that "(t'ol'Y No.t liin neat at the olllic of I'uslmaMter-Uineral. cCc CONNKLL.hy tlir Htaiiip i|ni'Hlioii I consiilcr lliimcc. iiimiiuili ri'cclvi'd liom Ml. in view of the introdiiclion of the decimal system ol currency.. I have in my ]irevioiis leiliis to your Kxrellemy slale. nt accurately '"I wiLi first nulhorized to procure the slam)is. ttc. "Tliis history of flnislics this "•Charles Connell.icrs I'xiiilit my IiIUt of ih.'e 1 did receive at the handn of 1 my my iiitiiilioii my my •overnor. Post Ofllce Department for distribution.: - Ifmi. will howivir say.' iimli t. Iiim. and snlisci|iient we a}. CU£LL. An order to i.s the only cireumst.l . Connell iiid Bary. mid to rejieat that "'Sill. aside my power and ri^.. Ten. Against this we .unx a mi'moraiidiim iiilendcd nil. Five Cent staniiis wan made.1 s e of the many nasoiis foniiin. Coiinell Lt.\iiMv In'niTid w/n the rclnsil of llic(!.te. supjiusini. nd of the year ot a correct "T" ii!( //in KmlUncii n. luid the illecl of linii^.'aiu l'"ivo )ou the :t!leiicy. I have the Iioiiour " ' to lie. Loumil incil ' mid ot may cnmo "'June If. fviiilH have li) to the iidiiiittcd "Lcttif ftum Mr. In . ciiiil. either has mil hail a earefiil pnusal. <ollviij. the ha-Mi-. thus conduct even a minor arraiif^emenl of the l)epartment.' They arrived..irtMiic of the Five (Vnt. . foi'wKimr or later ie-<ij. the Secretary of the Tost Olhee bepartnient of N.' most roinarkalile eonespnmlenee ami chnpter in the postal New I'ninswiek. Nlam|i.iiiee inlluenciiig me. or el.s iiiit inllni'iiced in 1 ciniise alto^rlhei. stamps of the ilcnomination of One.'nalioii must 1iave lieeii teiiileiid. Mannkiw-Suttox. M.) K '.v ha. Vattkbs. III' (illi ill-.s moat obedient servant. T. l<> priivi! (lie tli« ami the Executivi' Omiicll. or probably moaning that they were in the hands of the "A IITON. that the nsa:. V. mid Twelve and n Half Cent. «e tills iuu ol rii.tma. forbidding him to send out any of the stamps.. a 'iiitlHT DiNird. that matler liieivly haviiij.'" riillillcil 1 "'(%!•) . my position as head of a department was i^'iiored./. iHdii.' but "this is due 1 think to louse writing.i lioviil (lii/. with n'fereiiee to the issue of the I'nsta^^e Siamps. ".

l an. « J - r . AMOUNT. £ »..„. of A^. One mluc ue c. c„.„„. j.|." "TWO CENTS. and the n of the engravers appears „.i... ].. pi. . plftte for " I'rmtinj.::::..' »l. KlNO..' 5000 sliects 5 5 5 5 25 31 56 £208 15 "BONAM) Issue III.l.L. . of tho Cent iSu.w u .:. . Q„„.sheets Twelw & """ Ilulf Cent ^'•"^ "* Cent " " " '• 25 12 10 - 25 25 25 (i 50 31 hngravinf.„ o.d ov. plate for " Five Cent I'ruitnif.*).l . 4000 sheets „ hngraviiiK phite for " Seventeen Prnitniff looo .:nMravc. A..s of ten.. 12 15 En^rraviiifr plate for () 37 15 Vtihtmn 2000 " Ten Cent 31 15 56 15 37 10 (1 . -•'" "-B.-S: "new miUNSWICK POSTAGE. . .AliH.t.. arranged in ten row."." " 38 ^VA'ir JUiUNSWICK. PAlmcuI. .„„„|„i.sheets Bngriui..rinte....!!.„. il. .|^.j„.„. hy the American Bank Xuto Co of Vc. AMOUNT. e„.'i.:'"' ^'''' »"->' 1-'' ^•' tl'" NAME.::n.ghl oolo„. . „„.. 1863.l » 1 one hundred stanu-s..1."akin.w '""'""* "f SI.of ... . ° * «. orange (shade. £ 25 25 s.:r i^r T..:t..m Tl n i. the margins of tlio sheet ])e." 2 c." May(?).„ „ . „.

.s 1500 frequented by the Portuguese. having emigrated liy means ratilied of a Parliamentary grant. It was as early fisheries. "VTEWFOUXDLAN] • ) is nn isliiud situatcl and IN rri" 35' and 59° 25' W. . ii. and appointed his son Governor. In 1G34. lonj. . Walter Raleigh and thi. on the Continent. John's. . and average hreadth about 130 estimated area 40." Postage stamiis are not mentioned. 1 1 . and twenty years after some English colonists colonists were . rate of postage for Letters was establislu'd. but . Lawrence.. " On Books the postage is about weight. have been iniable to gain any jiarticulars about the stamps of this Colony from that source. 37 15 56 15 37 10 NEWFOUNDLAND. sul)se(piently by the Treaty of between the two Paris. Above „ „ J oz. The Report of the Postmaster-General of Great liritain for 1857 1 have before quoted from tells us : " Inland Posts were established in 1852. attempted to colonize but were not successful. a. which are nations. on tlie ncivth-east is of St. The coast of Labrador. a party of Ireland.)cl. In ISS. D. in 1713.'.s 350 miles.000 sciuare miles.s island. Exceeding \ oz. PRELIMINARY NOTES. newspaper T/ie Ihiijul Gazette but Government notices awl Newfoundland Advertiser.. 3d. . On Letters not exceeding J oz. and French. established himself in the south-ea. up to ozs."? a reduced and \niiform anollier for liuoks. anil not exceeding 1 oz. and oz. exceeding that 1)0 per oz. i)d. up to IG ozs.sf. between 4G' 37' and r.AMOUNT. the exclusive sovereignty of Newfoundland was ceded still to Great Pritain. now inehided in the Colony. beyond wliicli weight they cannot trans- mitted through the po.. Spanish. with the exception of this country one or so commences with the year 1875. . /?!• E. per oz. In 1623.lolni has only 4211 inhabitants. . subject to certain rights reserved to France. Cabot in 1497.. I have foimd in I this newspaper.sent over from arrived. in (juestion As already mentioned. BACO^f. And so on in proportion. so they had evidently not been introduced into the Colony at the time the above pnrtic\dars were sent over. published at St. Calvert. 2(1. Newfoundland has never possessed an a|)pcar in the Gllicial (iazette. .st part of the island. for its Sir in the reign of Queen Elizabeth. The its is greatest length fnini north to soutli i. The earliest file of two odd numbers.200 square miles. afterwards Lord lialtimore.. . Cd. Newfoundland is now (1889) the only North American Colony not included within the Dominion of Canada. but 1857 is the . " Newspapers are conveye<l free. side of the fliilf hit. £ >.V 39' X. Sir G. At the peace of Utrecht. It comprises about 120.. The island was discovered by others.

The Two Pence. who may have gieiiter faeilili(>s. Lpttrrs. on sloutish white wove paper. inscribed "rosTAGii" in small coloured block letters. in Mr.. 1 United States. s(piare. and Mr. and One Silii.. Varidij. clincolate-brown.. of postage are as follows In St. cent. .40 year usually givoii as tliut : NEWyi)UNDLAND. The remainder of tho design varies in detail for each value the value in full in the bottom label. of the O. right. Miijuelon . Tlic inesent rates N'l'wsunpers I'lei'.. .MNd are very similar in design. John Dclanoy was Postmastev-Gcnoral of Colony 1879. chocolate-brown. and the Co. South Ainei lea and West Indies Scents the 2 cents.. The divided in half horizontally. BfiiiarJc' papers are ilillerent in texture. —A sets specimen of tho One Penny in the Vice-President's collection is ))in-perforated. has done duty for 6d. 2d. . Four Pence.amination will al.ave letters. on reticulated background..59. The pahr shades of the . G2. Three Pence. im|ierforate. John's Williin Col(iny Euroiie. G4. of : Designs first London. orange (shades). inscribed in white Roman Lozenge-shaped blocks in the three corners. Tho central circle. I am unable to give you copic. and that there is a small oblong white label above that containing the value. and tho second on paper which thinner and more transparent. green. . Two may be ma lo of tho One Penny.i of any of and be notices of the issue of tho stamps of this Colony. upright rectangular. left. or oval. Engraveil and printeil in iailhi-douco.Id. Seven valuei^.\cci)t that the crown in tho centre is printed The design straight instead of obli(juely. „ Is. triangular.and is One and in an oval on the Six Pence.. e. Shape. Tiiuee Pence. orange (shades). . — Heraldic capitals. lake-brown. however.. the I J. verging on bistre (shades).ne Penny and Five Pence closely resembles that of issue of New Brunswick. oflieial in the case of Canada. anil St. Numerals of value on white squares in each corner. yellowish gum. I hope. LONDOX. Id.. Two Pence. 3 cents 5 cents Free. orange. 4d. Perkins. Four Pence. Gd.... O. with coloured Arabic numeral of value in small white circles. enframed in a larger engine-turned oval. I regret. Dacon. Krasor liohls that a-i ollice at the present time../.. REFERENCE LIST OF THE PlIILATl'XIC SOCIETY. yellow-green (shades).. flowers on a trilobed cartimehe in centre. Shape. Shape... 1857. Is. GO. 3d. (Illustrations . . Issue I. and Five Pence. . . . show that the two One Penny and The is lirst is fomid on fairly thick white wove paper. inscribed above with name of Colony in a curve of white block but all h. I'lT . Pierre. (piite A close e -. Labels of solid colour at Six Pence. . 1 CUlll .. . and at the bottom. may shortly be followed by other writers. G3. by Messrs. ami Arabic numerals of value in the corners. in wliiili tho lirst Issuo took placo. which consists of a bunch of heraldic llowers in a central circle on the Shilling. Gl.. but no information is available as to the authenticity of this stamp. more successful in obtaining the desired informatiou than I have been..) lake-brown (shades). .

with the colour changed to a dull lake. „ „ ( „ is . Siuiilav to those of the last issue. Seal on with icebergs in the background. witli coloured labels above Two curved "five Fivi. " NEwi'ouxnr.NEWFOUNDLAND. 4'1 «'l- „ ). —The Eight the oval band of solid colour. scarlet «''• l-^. two new values of Six Pence Halfpenny two latter are similar to those of the other stamps. but the minor The colour of the four first stamps elianged from orange to scarlet-vermilion. and those of frequently met with with the colour changed to brown or even sini}ily These varieties are dui' to oxidation.. Varkly. sliaile doubtful. 05.' in the early sot.. ). and contain the Arabic numeral of vahie on coloiired ground. favour. fouuil cut in halt obliipiely. All three i)aper. arc The stamps of this series iirinted in orange. 1862.. TJpjHacfo. ( ( ' „ „ -td. and the One Shilling of the preceding issue. "TWO CENTS " bclow. uniforui looking to Nearly full-faced portrait of the Prince of Wales in military rigiit. said not to have been issued to Several of the values are scarce used. 1860 (?). 64. Five Cents. 02. inscrilied in Koman capitals "NEWFOUNDLAND" mental circles abovc. Four Pence. 1866.K I'onee llalfiienny was used for the Threes Pence in botli S'>ts.. with and Eight Penee added. Cod-fish swinnuing to left on shad^I ground of horizontal white lines transver. but f(jrgcd obliterations are not imcouimon. in full in white Koman and Arabic numeral Ten Cents. Bcark't-vermilion (slight similes). ).%• viilacK. Consisting of the Two Penee.Axn " in white Koniiui ico-floo. .') — the first in. frame..1. or to the cn^i^raviny of a ni'w jila(e. .. Urnabreak the oval at each corner. aio values arc apprceiahly smaller in sizi' 41 tlip immA on tliiinior paper. 03. 00. . lake (shades)." and a similar one below in full. set. ). (Illuxfrafumx 00. 03.. (lull «''• dull lake (shades). on yellowish and white wove paptu' machine-perforated. with viduc at either end. ( 6i(I. ). as well as copies jiostmarkcd by Issue IV. of New York. and the second. Jloeus BJiado of catalo{. ( !«• » is ). 06. 02. 6'»- „ .'re(>n M. which npponrcd in 1803.) 6^(1. sliaucs)..').e details vary. 4'1.) 2il. Six Pence. liut than those printed on the thieker whether is this is due to shrinka. . ( „ . is The central designs of the-. Pence of this set.. all in with vahu' white Roman capitals.. 01. Five Ponce. Straight capitals laliel at the bottom of the stamp. although printed." with an oval at each end Arabic numeral of value.scribed capitals. )... The sheet of the Two Cents (the only one seen by the Society) contains one hundred stamps in ton rows of ten. ami used as Issue III. on ground of horizontal lines. . and "two" at either side. within a fancy ornameutal Curved label above inscribed "Newfoundland. Six valuf. the next black. Issue II. 2(1. : Six Engraved and printed Two within ri. ).. Cents. vermilion (slight >. in fnille-ihiwc hy the American Bank Note Co. » ( ( .. Designs calnen. >. The same two of •. {Ilhistrntions 00. and Eiyht Ponce as issued with this to the Society as oxistinj. liut O. The 8(1. January.'nes the Si. but these values are not known orange.'!' of thc^ paper.

). taken fnmi the .same paper as that of the lU'evious notice of the . (e) I 24 c. black „ (d) 21 c. red.AXI).it to over'". of New York. with the colour changed. 71. Neitlier of these stamps has come under the II \1 . with white Araliie numerals of value. jiortrait TwENTV-Kouit Cents. 5 c. Three and Six Cent. brown 13 c. (shades). ami Thirteen Cents . Shape Upright capitals. Perforated f> l(i| (?).'ht. 70. green .'." Scroll : rectangular. The 1 1. Prolile bust p(U'trait of in the two bottom Queen Victoria to right in widow's weeds. ' Uouletfed.') c. upright rectangular for the other values.'art('r of giiccu Victovin to left. within a white oetagonal frame. ). (sliades).. on shaded background of horizontal lines within an arched ("si. Scroll above with capitals. (Ilhi^lratiuns 73. black c. (a) {lHustmt!< lines. ( End 18G8. Di-signs . inscribed respectively "TimEE" and Curved label below with value in full. 1(1 12 c. 3 c. is and above a scroll with value in white Roman capitals. TiiiHTKEX Cents.'a]g Cents of this and also of i.s. red (shailes). 09..'i'ound "cents" a white-bordered oval with Arabic )unuerals value on eomi)lete the desi-n. 08. Cent. seen ncrforateil aijpear. I c. I (c) Itnuktted. fl c. .x") frame. with the letters " n.) (a) Perforated 12.s V. brown. looking to the right.s. and VII. black. diademed uf (^)ueen on f-round of cro.ssue. 1868-70. Araliic numeral of value corner. black. iJiailciiicil prolilc t.s in Highland costnme. lo c.t G7. Prussian-blue n-hil. vermilion (II) „ ). on ground of wavy lines.I : 42 NFAVFiHWDI. has l)e('ii no explanation is forthcoming of a kind of mystery which tuese specimens. The Five Cents is the ..) Perforated 12. ( ( c.same design as that of the preceding i. name uf of Cohmy and (jf lalud lielo v with "oents" in white is Human On either side the word f.s. ri. i. 8:1. 2 c. uf hori/oiital lines. 1870. on white wove paper machine perforated.les liroken Komau eapitak Victoria Ornaments hy eoloured Fiill-faeed ciicles. <if S. I}i'mar/:i>. Four cahm. July.some doubt as to thc'r authenticity. is Iit'mctr/iS. f. Side borders and a few ornaments Shapes: Oblong rectangular for the Two. I 1 c.lioonei' sailing to Curved lahcl ahove with the name the Coliiiiy." (Jver the npper portion of the oval in full capitals.sue. ( ( 12 c. Twelve Cents. c. on gromiil of the Colony and lioi'izoiital linns.' Oil jiapcr. | (i dull lake „ ).sue. 71.. 1888.. July. the upper ones containing Arabic numerals of valui! and the lower ones small tive-rayed stars. Uh ycUoKifh „ ). rouletted. Two ou'ved labels above.s. '<"ive Issue V. orange „ „ )..—T:hc 'atter variety is taken from T/ie Halifax Philafclint for July. 2 c. all in white Roman ornaments in each corner.-' b. "NEWFOUNDLAND. purplo-br(]\vn (shades). Five. There is .—'£\K' variety of the Five Cents. 1H70. One Printe of AVale. green. Prussian-blue. black. ami straight label liehiw with value in full in white at si. paper. ( En<l 18G8.Siicietv. I J'erfuratcd 12. i)agv. within a shaded oval portrait Threo-^uartor-facc of the frame inscribed below "Newfoundland" in white Koni. Engraved and printed in taillc-iloua: hy the American Lank Notfi Co. 72. within an oval insciiboil with tho nniiio of value in full in white Roman capitals.

sdil wilh |iiirlniit of tliij I'riiicu uf Wales arrived at iiiaiilic«]i|. The of letters In ISfay. I'. green :i „ „ . ( 2 c. Cindcs in lower corners wilh numerals of value. oblong rectangular for the other two values. last issue. Tiiiiee Cext. ). also has its the stamjis are ronletted. coar. arranged . ten..i. Ijhio (shades).) .— T\w Two Cents was other values." 13. OS. 77. lettered respectively "n" and "f. 1873. resembling thigh bones. ). new was engraved fur the One Cent of 1S(. Similar to the preceding values as regards designs.Vnierican ll'. The Five Cents colonr changed to hhie." c. inscribed in white Roman capitals. within inscribed oval. Two Crxts.) lilac-lirown (shades).ssue appenreil with its colonr chani.. aiiuthor sIkiuKI liavc )wa'\\ issu^'il nearly three yciirs later reiireseiitiiij. "NEWFOUNULANU. Vive Cents. die Tmi vaJms. 1876-1879.'). Queen widow's weeds to laliel right. 3 c. and straight label below. Montreal.— Cod fish on background of horizontal lines curved i]iscribed labels idiove and below . 1871-1873. ornamental border. lailliHhnici ly Fonr ndiies. upright rectangular for the One and Three "TWO. on white wove paper entire sheet of the gum . 1 {Illmtr-MiDiiK 74. a. not issued until two or three years after the Issue IX.— Seal on ice-floe. chief alteratioii. and Ihc "x." 1 •2 madder-brown. grey-brown (shades). lilnc-browii (shades). "ONE CENT... Issue VII." ornamental numerals of value below. Early in 1888. blue „ ( ( f> End End End End 1877. „ „ „ ). ornamental Portrait of scrolls in lower corners with numerals of in value. 1). in taitte-'Iuuce .lue . niachinc- perforatod 12. Remarks.'ed to hlue. The One Cent printed from the phite of the 1 c. 70. curved label above. Circles in upper corners with numerals of value.. f. The stiuiips is 12. c. > ^•. curved label above. machine -perforated The entire sheet of each value contains 100 stamps. side ornaments. c.s.' him as a little lioy. yKWFoUMH. Ornamented circles in the upper corners. on white wove paper.n ii in l.. 1877. arranged in ten rows of Thcsj stamps are . and straight below. ). ). ( ( ( imitations of those printed Ijy the American IJank Note Company. The Ten Cents contains stamps.8. on ground of horizontal linos. Dcsign. Shapes. lait Four is valm:.. 7t. {lllaxirfitims 7.s Oxe Cent. Engraved and of [jrinted by the Uritish -American yellowish fifty Bank Note Co.. inscribed with white Roman capitals. of Montieal. the Three (Jeiils perforation of IkjUi th(! last i. Early in 1880. "NEWFOUNDLAND.. 187!». Dank Xotc Company. Six values. 1 1 hi it rat lorn 70. On Ajiril 1st. 78." Cents.AMK It is 43 stiiiiiii soinowliiit juMnilinr that iif'tci' iss\iiii. Issue VI. yellow-green l.. T.'). T.j | c.s noticeable are in the face df the Prince uf Wales. on grouiul of horizontal lines. 1871.— Three-quarter face portrait of the Prince of Wales in Highland costnnic looking to right. Engraved and printed in the Ih'itish-. 67. 7. 187G." which arc^ closer to the scroll. ). Issue VIII.

'lit curved label uf solid colour above. 5 c. groeli (. 2 c. but with the colours changed. 4/^x2^ inches. by a small labial with rounded ends inscribed "amehican bank note co. 76. The ground- and crossiu" these aro a number of straight lines which converge towards tho loft bottom corner. the word Ui'lcersal being curved.AM). 1873. size. 77. of New York. n. ornamental scroll. Small Half Cent." in coloured .' in white Konian orn. {Illuxfrafiun 82. shorter than the one above card. to rij. 2nd. wliilu tlio. Size. surnmni'.' contrc.v tli(! lioailof M Xi'wfouMillnnil boars in tho onclosod within a poarlod oirolo. bright green. II.-ic of the otlu. )i. which is evidently copied to ..' at tho top.r live viiluos aro cdinposoil of ton. Designed and printed by the American Bank Note Co.Scroll-like ornanionts complete th(! design. Ce. uiu! huiidiud um. 1 work of tho card with innumerable intevlacod Size of border.— A . 3 Ill e. tho two last words separated containing' " A " in white Arabic^ nuniorals. POST CARDS. upon niediuni white card. {Illudralium 80. at tho luilton). Tun wiMi nnnid. rose-red. with pendant. : . etch one of which right upper corner of tho issue 1871. orange.Ml top and pearl border.shades).. both in-soriptions capitals.some extent from tho solid colour. Tho an pendant is broken in tho centre by an ornamental circle. At is the top of tho card. Tho One Cent. o. Liroiniil in ton rows of Dosi^rns: IIalk Cent. Uitioursal Postal Union in coloured fancy lottei' 78. in the centre. c. l. i\ x 2^ inches. similar straight label below with the vahu! in full. The label bears a large capital coloured Koman letter " N " upon ground of coloured horizontal linos. upright rectangular for the One and Throe Cents. >ipon ground of coloured horizontal IJoneatli tho label "the aduress lini. tho label capitals.n-ts. dark blue. in the centre.y a and the vahio "ii. 1879. ruled linos for the address... the loft end of which just described. inscribed " post cahu " in capitals.'lit tablet. . livi: vcilital Riws uf ton stiuiiiis . 44 ill NK\\FiiUM>l. The design of the card is completed by an ornamental border. At tho top of tho card is the inscription in three lines 1st. small scroll-like beinj. and Five Cents same designs as the preceding issue. circles.nlv to ue wuitten- on this side. inscriliod in wliite Roman capitals with the iianiu of tho Colony hoinj. Shapes sipiarc for tho are llio .slanting cupitaks. The border is broken at the Ijottom..m. slimloil at eitlior do. oblong rectangular for the other three values. and is of the is same type as lilled iu Tho stamp is in the the One Cent adhesive. with Thirteen Cents of Issue IV.aments at either end of tho bottom label. Kelow the white fancy is scroll there a straight ornamental label. c. Tho scroll is bears " wound round the right side of ewfoundlaxd " in coloured fancy linos. iu a straight is lower down tiiroo it. brown." in white Roman cajiitals.. with ornamental linos above and below. April l)y 1st.oil . June.) c.y. Throe. and the corners contain large fancy white crosses. inscribed with tho name of tho Colony.' in full Siiil. with rounded corners. black. Issue Otic I. Designed and printed the American ]Jank Xoto Co. Two. plain upi'iglit sliioM.— Urij. Issue OiiB vahi". containing tho word " to " is in coloured early Knglish characters. upon thick white card. 81.) 4 1 c.sido a circular liand of solid colour.f cknt" small uprij. raliw. of Xow York. circle of Arabic numerals of value at each side of tho stamp. with of liorizonliil linos. 5^^^ x 3/(y inches.. .!. The left upper corner contains an irregular ui)right fancy label. 79.

2nd.ned and printed by the LritisliAmerican I'.) c. At the bott(5m there a straight label of solid colour. green. Oiia value.'r<)iiml (if fillod (. i'lx-i'a inehes. July. 1889. is in tlio ri^'lit-npi)or corner. each is sH^liliy Ioh-ct than tlic liie one aluive (Lssiie The . in with vertical lines." is ill whiUi in iif fiiiicy oiipituls on a culoiiroil oniiiinriit. at the and in the centre. upon medium light buff card.\m). 1st. Dusi.'o The design card. It consists of tho One Cent card of the preceding issue. which Idled in with fine linos. of tlio cards Size.ank Note Co. tlu. addicss. Issue IV. name of the card is completed by a fancy border. iiending a fresh 8upi)ly of Two Cents cards. Issue III. 4i x 2iJ inches.111^ witli liorizoiital lines. "Newfoundland thuue neuve. G . two straight bars at the top obliterating tho original value.'i"iy inches. and tho word " to " is in different type. is widow's weeds. black surcharge. Designed and printed by the IJriti. (Illustration 84. 1 (Illmtration 85. on a coloured ornamental Ijelow tlio lal)el. light buff card. Tlio inscription. capitals. at the bottom of the card. The scroll at the top with the name of the Colony is a littlo altered." with Arabic numeral and Roman value.stamp. green (aliadcs).sliintiiig luUurri. 1880. upon mwlium Size. Issued provisionally. bottcjin of t]i(^ . Tho frame is altogether different. 1870). on ground of horizontal lines. Bank Note The design is a somewhat poor copy of the first issued Conii)any. size. One 2 c. : which is at the. ornaments at the four corners. in the centre.) ' The design 2 c. in linos. and the groundwork of the' card consists of interlaced circles and ovals only. bearing the vahu^ "two cents. adhesive. orange-vermilion (shades)." in white Koman 4i X 24 inches. upper corner. wliicli is Luwiir (Iciwii tiircc nilud lines for it. nlao curved.. top of the card. :?iil. Issue V. Outside the border.) 2 c.k cdlc. each on<! of which is shorter than the one above it. in small coloured letters.. May (?). within a plain . on 1 c. issue 1880. vcrniilion-red. The stamp is replaced by the typo of the One Cent. upon a groundwork formed of diagonal lines. " Uidmrsul PoHfal Uuiou. of Montreal. but with valiio is changed to Two Ciiiits. liirf. principally capitals. "imiht wliicli CAUU. One value..^'^ inches. measuring Inside the frame.'! lalicl.NFAVFOUNDLAND. The stamp is Design: Three-quarter face portrait of t^ueen Victoria resting ber bead circular band.mod . the makew is placed outside tho bottom of in the centre narrow label size of frame. wliioli tlio similar in type to Tliivo Cnits adiiesivu with July. label there aro three dotted lines for the address. upon lier right is band. coloured slanting block ciij)itids letteiv. completed by a fancy X -i"(j hord('r. tuuiiu-nkuvu. is of Jfontreal. it and on a the name of ." ill 40 l)lui. {1 11 usl ration 83. January (?). with tlio stamp surcharged across the centre in black " 2 cents. "post cakd. is the of the designers. filled The circle is surrounded by ornamental frame. "newf()UM)i. ami an Arabic numeral " 2 " over the figure " 1 " at each bottom corner of the stamp. in three lines 4^^ x 3 ." in white fancy with gronndwork composed of horizontal in the right to left. tlui f. is the name of the makeio in small coloured Roman capitals." 3rd." in in a curved line in coloured fancy letters.

NOVA SCOTIA. which authorizes the bi. to Mr. a settlement of dishanded troops was formed there hy Lord Halifax. OP W. and a grant of it made to Sir "\V. antl stationer. Donald A. . and his aihlress for the ordnance Charing Cross.. Dniiiswick isthmus alidiit 11 miles wiilc.tonj of 1851 as a " mapseller. it was colonized hy the who gave it the name eif Acndvi. but the Report states distinctly the Three Penny stamp was alone to be used for out. Gennniii-cn-Laije. connected with iilxiut Xew miles. It contains an area of 20. to carry it was this latter firm who engraved the stamps. Six Pence. forms [lart of the provinee. Its 100 at its widest. iihont oiie-lifth part of whieh consists of lakes. rate to England'. liy lui niul f^T loiif. hnt a. I. JTES. its lenj. Ho was who evidently received the order from tlie Colony for a supply of postage stamps. rivers. and inlets of the .y John Cahot in 1497 . agent by appointment maps and admiralty it charts. Ca|)c IJreton it was not taken from the French until 1758.section of the Three Pence to allow the prepayment of the 7^d. ^ "VrnVA is SC(. Alexander liy James 1. liacon. with nnieli island of Cape Hieton.gain ceded to England at After the Peace of Aixda-Chapiaie. in 1748. previously ohscure jioints in regard to the. as ^ . Esi]. of London." Trelawney (as the name should be spelt) Saunders is given in Kelly's /'w/ Office London was 0. hy tlie Treaty of Ht." i%c. and I think the Society has acted wisely rhilatdist. in repulilishing them as they originally appeared in The llitli/ax Amongst other information Mr. King gives from the Report of the Postmaster-General of Xova Scotia for the year 1852 occurs this . The Nova French Scotia was discovered l.sentence: "Postage stamps valued at One Shilling.iiiiisiilii l.scpiare miles. King gives an extract from one of the Reports. and it was this monarch who altered the name to Xova Scotia.-. and Co. we have from liim what may he considered almost a complete history of their introduction and use. hit.. Perkins.. in 10:27.'th 300 and hreailth alMnit variation. liAcoN. Mr. In 1032 it was restored to Franco. King's persevering assiduity in hunting up official and other particulars connected with the stamps of this Colony. as they elucidate many Thanks notices. in with (^liiehec.sea. stationer. sejiarated hy the tint of Caii. which now hears finally his name is the cajiital of the province. which he must have entrusted to Messrs. and Three Pence have heen procured from Trclayney Saiuiders.907 .ctwcuii 43' . From 1784 to 1819 formed a separate Colon}'. publisher. 1714. in 1598. and the city the Peace of Utrecht. His papers are most interesting and valnahle. It was taken hy tiie English.)TIA is a |K. & stamps. IMiELIMINARY hv e. d.10' X.

T. I .ar. S. the dale of the formation tir of Ci liefore it j. Ah in tlip case of . and he hack the date of the fir.dand on May 1st. (livut prnliolily fi In tlin Hiuiic" ciiiiscH lis tliiw liuve -ivi'ii tli. but above that weiyhl. per oz to Eiif. Tlie present tor . been transferred to Ottawa. Kin. IlaieHiills. jier Books.. January and Deceiuljer. Tlio st limps '. . and the dates were in reality correct. "ISSUING or THE "In looking over any FlIiST POSTAOE STAMPS IN NOVA SCOTIA. ISriti. .'rih.. And . "Letters posted and delivered in ' tlie same town are cliarf^ed only per Joz New iimpers On are loiiveyei 1 fri printed Cirenlars. " direct" by I'liitid Slates and Rrilish by I'liited States Packet Iiis] 7}d.1^- nnd iliii' ( liic Sliilliiii' nio fdunil Tlii' Novii SInilia viinctii'M funiicv Colmiv. 1887.Mr.standard stamp cutalogm.. tlie :id.'d.' l.. 1 foniKl in the legislative library the yearly reports of the Postmaster-General of the province for the years previous to confederation. "In 18J2 '53. H. in weit. of I'ost-ollieoi is North American provinces.May -. alivays It seemed to me as very peculi. Id.. the Society thinks of in would be advisable to reproiluce here the excellent articles upon the stamps this Cohiny from the jien of I\rr. the year it has previously been at in the catalo. . put down to Seittomber 1st. !)d. iiiMiii>liPil \f<'u..'ives is entirely new to eolleetora.sed dat(! "On of issue— 1 found that postage stamps were regularly mentioned in the Departmental accounts. :Most of traces the information Mr.i. are allowed to ]iass free of charge when not exceedinR 2 ozs. will yivc the oiirly postiil rates of Novii Scotia 'ftl. (id. and New I'. 1 found that all records of the Nova Scotian Post Ollice Department had.. . Donald A.. were sncccssivfly uiloptiil loi estalilishment nf a hw Dn rate of On Lettern not cxcwdiiij^ nz. I'rices Current.runswick in 1851. at the confeileratiou of tht! Ih'iti.. . I'ackct lOd. enquiring at the Provincial Secretary's oni('e in Halifax.'ue. 1888. through the kindness of the ll. Ilimiswick. Kiiif..\. Ditto. &. should see if "I determined to turn the matter up on the first possible occasion.: ynVA tli:it SCOT/A. Starting with 1857— the siippo. that Urunswick in issuing stamps. excoodiii. W. &c. Fiidding. all parts of . O. \ oz. nnd not and not excci'diiif^ oz. fni' tlir Tlif piirliculiirs ill found in the Kc]Miit of lis I'ostmiistci'-Gciii'r.'i'.' a detailed list of the stamps of Nova Scotia.. coiisiileriiig the nearness of tlii' two enuntries and he so long beliind tlui New resemlilance in their (Jovernments.. (to which weij^ht the liook privilege Till! rates is limited). the Provincial Secretary. so on in proportion.. postaj^e is Id.H oz. Not above J oz. the postage is Ad. ftiiil '50 nicamiroB ]M)sta. However. Xova Scoti..'ivin.f this Colony \X(\7.m. lilaekade.f.:. and up to 18 o/s.. Is.c. Aliovf J Above I oz. (if and Ih lieiaiih rostmaster at Halifax obsolete on .w liiscctcil. '54. W. :Maeiloiialil. which were published T/if Ilitllfax I'lillatcliiit for of l!ril lin. wi're- Hitto. 1851.-.s. C.'lit .st issue from 1857. the reader will see that till! date for the issue of postage stamps in Nova Scotia is 1857.'. liiilli piirposn. I llip lire Six r 11. of the .

and Three Pence liavo been jirocured from Trelayiiey Saumlers. nml 1854. for poatjige stamps for .s. This is a much smaller circulation than was antici]ialeil at the lime of their iiitrodiiCL. 5th October.' . and One Shilling wore. 1854 (bciiif.' to feel ami appreciate and advanta^'cs. out about the last part of 1853. issued to tin' ]niblic in the second quarter of 1851 and the One Penny were probaldy put . "Ill the ' same Reports I also found the following: " To remedy to some extent the serious inconvenience said to be experienced by merchants ami others in consequence of there being no Seven and One Halfpenny currency postage staiiqi. Six Penny.i'viimM.'ii('. to the effect that letters could be prepaid to England by stamps by parties using a Six Pence or two Three Penny stamps together with halt a Three Penny stamp. I find the Post (Mlico Dopartiuent foi' the ijuartor ending the the foUowiiii' issues amon^ 5tli the accounts January..'er amoimt paid to Hon. u. a. 1853 (bein^' the re|iort for tlio year 185:!). and not wishing to put the province to any liiither expense in having ancilher 'die' prepared. I apiirehend.iys tlip (itlier "'Po8lftr. 1850. 24 24' "Also in sanies Report aecounts for quarter .' that the Oiio I'oiniy had not been issued till . Em(|. lx. now to 1h' liad in nearly cvfry I'osl-ollii'c in Nova Sculiu. endiiif..')5 2s. an iU'in of inforiiuilion wliiuli is . The Three Penny stamp alone to be used for that purpose. . . Application has Penny stamps...o stamns valued at One Sliilling. . of i^'ial illation tliat. Jos.. . and a notice issuetl to the public. . stationer.' from whom One made for of "Tlion takino tlio Report for January 5th.i into the fliationer.'at liy any place it His Kxcellency's (i(]veiriment consideralile (jutlay lit mil need into the cinmtry llie system of prepayment to wliiili every stamps tan free i liuility all'oriled tlieiii to pri'pay tlieir lliem. by which parties who feel desirous could thus jirepay their letters to Kngland. 1852. £221 Hs.52 » „ I.n follows jiiit "'Onk I'r.i) 1 found not ^iviMi iji luiy ciitiilot.. 1855. and siipjilied to postmasters.Imiimry 7lli. and One Ponny and . the pulilical laij^i! are lie^^iiinin^ nml inlo circuliiliou Mv.'inr from the wi»y tlui iiccnuiits n'iul tlmt Htiuii[w liml Ucportfl iliitc'i! iiscil for twi'iity yciiiH p. 1852. m "'Tliero arc at prcsiMit stamps for One SliiMiie. stamps. I considered it expedient to allow half stamps to be used with those now in vise.'if. tlic> iimIjIIc Ijave tlnis letters to liavin}.cordi ugly forwarded to my diqiiilies.'rrr('iitly lii'rn rci'civid from Loud. of fjondiin. £100 100 Consisting of 3 penny to value ot . and a circular was iu.i. lieiiij^ an increase of over 25 pur cent. During! the jiast year there have been issued tVom my ollice postage stamps to the value of £'. Howe. and the Half to bo equivalent to l^d.NNY pnstiij. Ksi|. the public ^^eni'ially. £100 Nova Scotia . Cd. iMasnliji. "'By amount of postage stamps on hand By amount due Heceiver-Ocneral for postage stamps . piovinccti. Six Pence. which are expected to arrive sluirtly. 6 1 „ shilling „ „ „ .'en "'Tliey are deposited with the Receiver-Oeneral for safe I procure them when a siijiply is needed.. £.'i'ptiini)isliaviiif. 1851.s.' their advaiitai^es.' their convenience been issued from my ollice "ThuH finding.. Six Pence. merchant.. in which lie s.s a. iind others at a discount of 5 per cent. '"By amount of postage stamps Ca.. 8d. 'I'lirec I'l'iiee.. I should think. "The Three Penny. not yet clearly understanding' their nor appreciatin.s will positively decide the question as to date of issue.' "Those extracts from Postmaster General's Reports and from Post (Xrico Department Aceount. keciiiiif.some time after values were. during the past than the |iievioiis yi'ar.' tlic woik fur 185. allowed on sums of £h and upwards. : 48 "It waa "Ill tlio tlic NOVA snmc in SCOTIA. . . .: . a iiiiicli larj.'. I then turned to the Report dated January i*nd.s will be seen by reference to Keiiurl I. to obvinto the want of iKH'oiiiiiiiKlatioii comidained of. It i. The Three Penny stamp to be cut diagonally. liii'ii A porfon would iiii. being amount remitted by liim to Trclayney Saunders.

000. The desi^. DoNAr. . black. He says " Postage stamps of a new design.sed the introduction of po. us will lie at. Should this direction not be attended to. on further investigation. "'Geni-.000 stamps. This indeed was an net worthy of the lilieral and enlightened mind of one of Nuva Si'otia's greatest sons. to he staniiieil whether they wcu'e paiil or not.' This (I tliiuk ciisiiy cxpliiini'il. were obtained. while tint parlies receiving them will be put to ninch trouble in obtaining n n'. "'A supply of 19.ral Post Office.. letters which bear stamps will frcipicntly be taxed. "All the eHort. U.rFAX. green Ten Cent.Jl : "In " ' N'lTK. ." "NOVA SCOTIA STAMPS. costing for their manufacture and incideuUds 901. hut (if iiiii ncit siiiv) was cntcivil intu lictwcrn the rustniastrisdcniMal JJuva .'(Ml lii^ 'paid an thi! n UUNIH.stago stamps in Xova Scotia wore in vain. Tho proof is obtained in th:' foli. although tliero is no error in rc'gard to the date of those as thoro is to tho lirst issuo. the Nova "All on to the letters goiuH to the I'niteil Slates fnmi N'ova Scotia.Scotia anil theii' United Ktati's It fur tliu a^'rci'd sliiiiip of corivsiionilenec hctwecn Im resiu'itivc iiinnti'ics.iwim.. and adapted to the decimal system. lottl upon tlie right hand aimer of the. and value of the stamps arc as follows One Cent. "'In all cases of complaint. th(! faee. iiftcr tln' rciluctidii df lln' imckct [loHtii.Uun of the postaj.IC.sii/e. h. or 1. In it I ventured to assert that they \V('r(! issui^l in tlu' middle of 1S51.n. WOODOATE. "'A.e inipio]ierly charged. This stiuii|iinj.'es.\ SCOTIA. . . scarlet anil Twelve and a Half surcharges have lieconie known.scif at this olliee on and after Mamhoj. Six Pence.. and One Shilling can lie purclia. whether of any irregularitv. lUit I presume. ike \sl (/«// nf Stpkmkr next. and circulated on the 1st of October last (I8(i0). juilging from the accounts of tho Post Ollicu Department.'52. 1 have discovennl the exact date of issuo.n A.. that the Hon. they should then be placed on the front of tin' letter.000 sheets. ^Imijiim^ 2ith. 40 iiscil "Tlio Tlirno Ppniiy Tliin (irilcr 1 staniji I Inivc wwr seen cut mul in tlmt iiimiuh'I'.' I have no doulil has occasionally lieen done on the postaj. Kixo.!' to Kiiyliiml Irmii sllillillj. from the rapidity with which the duty nuist be perlbrmeil.s tlmt I made to find out who first propo.30th of August. Tho extriR't following is taken frmn tho Report of tho I'ostmaster-Gonoral of Nova Scotia for 18G0. west. "•Postage stanijis having liecn received from Knglatid.settle tho matter as to tho [jroper date of issue.'(! Ahoiit 1851 think. Since then.'n'(^niiMit SIMM liy the fiilluwinK <ixchaiii.' : ' : . the Dcc(!nil)Li innnhor of this paper I had an article on the proper dntn of issue of thi^ Pence stamps of Xova Scotia.'(! stamps. The staniii which was used for that purjiose I'orresponds in all particulars with the suiiposed surcharf. 1851.' to "Miijiir JCviiiiH in liin Catnln^MU) niciitinnx Un: TIii'imi I I'l'imy laii .G. with the consent of the Uovernor in Cimncil. ( KNTh.H\ir('liiir. "While on this subject it would bo as well to give tho same information in regard to the Cent issuo of Xova Scotia. black Five Ciait. the covers of the letters (and contents in all practicable ciuses) must invariably be kejit and sent lo the post-olHoc as alfording the only means of investigating tlie complaint.— Postage stanijis before being used kIioiiM bo examiued to ascertain that they will firmly adhere (as in the event of their falling <ill' the letters become charged with postage).' iiml also ovcrininti'il '5 . notice is hereliy given that stamps of Three Pence. equal in value to l. wim issunl "J |M'11I'I'.'!' sliimlil to lie equal to that value.'E TO THE I'UUI. 5 rents. I think. "' been obtained from the above firm.P.ll(K) dollars. IS. Ujiper . was Scotian Throe IVnny niinn tliat Iho poHtaj. Joseph llowi' was instrumental in doing sc. liy the olliee which ilespaleheil the mail United States.\()V. from the New York American Bank Note Co. .' extract from tho Chronicle of the .50 dollars.' "This will. colour. blue Eight and a Half Cent. IlAi. and thus those .M.

'. . and I was lucky eiimi'-h to Kct them. mil Mav.«siii'v tni'll imlil i''>'li''t' " 'laiap . I shilling 1 penny cent „ aliniii :iiil ipiarter. 304 of Lc T. A|iiiliialiip|i I . the liromen Afarkcn error.Y^ flO N<n\\ sciiriA. I'lerre . a re^'ular surcharged stamp of Nova Scotia.0--anil all addressed to tho same person.roton.'Uh... ('.l so in . and asked if the envelopes from which they were cut could Ije sent luc. 1 Issiieil Isl Ill Octnlicr. was the same as was there in 1 800. tin' '(. overlooking the fact that theri^ wore no other cancellation marks on thoni The three letters had all been mailed from the same ollice. l. II. but it is true nevertheless. il< " ' Tlic lii'sl ii'iliiicil rate laiiic into ciiili'il o]H'riitii)ii nn ilir i itli last.'Cist. and which was precisely tlie .ly wm'w.. ' It will Im MOPii Hint nil iihi' 1 licrc in 11(1 iiK'iiiinii imikI.. a less iininiiiii." "THE SURCIIARGEI) "The titlfi AXl) PUOVISIONAL STAMPS OF iNOVA SCOTIA. They had all been cut out of the envelopes' IiaviiiK il part of the paper as a mar-in. do Ferrari. and as I had in writin.f's wi'ii' iii'iiciiri'il • . il was m'ii. lt<t.ii Art iii't ralllll Till' fniiilUill fxtrart fnini l'ciMtiiiaHt(!r-( irlli'ml H Hi' i. us the St.s known to .'ht 1 had a bonanza.'.louht stnrlliiif..'cd stamps I returned tlioin.for tlimn of this is well-known fact m or I'rror. the three surcliar. i ' Sc|it('iiilicr last (as lar as liavi.l a parcel of ^ova Scotia stamps from a fricml 'in Port Hastiin's Cape I.1 lean IVoiii (lie rctiiiiis in in iiiy niiiiiinn. New V'mk Am Mav ami Itiiiik III. I lias vicMcl ciiaMcl Inr Ilic live iiiniillis. prnvisiomil are not foiiml in calalo-ncs. 1803.Seotia we have the so-calleil surchar-es. . . lH5. a sii|i|ily.lyii'ig Tlie list is fruiii the l'oslnia... 'Those extracts Sciitia. at a un^t tn the Dc'iiarl 1 at. I saw in No. I Ihii than wniilil liellnil my • have 'Sinn) a rcvcnin! nf -iriO iln lais. will.t'il iiinlui' tlie lii^liei niK' loi' Illie saiiiu The followiiin list will ill. ililivi'iy williiii llif saiil <'iiiiiily.).eueiltcl on tho hacks of them Immediately takni'. IHJI.D. liceu mili/..miv sure of the fact of their beiiiK really n surcharge. the year.Mla.s(l(l.i^ iillliT st:illl|iM foi' il II' tlmt iitii tlic'ic fii was fur it imM at was lailnl ||i<.' tlii' last c'l'iits nil a li'lter ill a nullity I'lii. t| I' of tlic Twd liiiil I ('cut Htniiip. It i. . jiiwlril ill ii'firi'iii'L' liiriy (nit that jmit nf tlic Art.ii> nt iiis .. linally settle the .same as the three I had.Nova . 20tli. Nlii. .)(it|. iiiiil I. hut whieii ai" ncveitliele."jiiiNi I'lii' llic |iii'|jayiiu'iit nf lliis Id I ITS. I'liilatdy that nearly every country has sonio . To make me i.'iiiiiily l'i. IJaildeck.'ivo j.s..l •' as follow pence >.an illustration of one which was in the eollection of y\.lale of the " staiiiji- of Xovi DoXAMi \ Kixij. ami ahoiit Hie proluihlc lime. and anionn them 1 found three' Three Penny stamiis with . . I decided to write him for information on the subject i . ju.ndn.1' iliclllilill. nn. I thou thouj. In Fehruarv of this year I icceive. liiwcl to llir I'ost-nlliii' rciliiciii" tl ic |iii«laH« 111 twii til iliiiiii-.'ivi' Of it 1 can no niiiie tliaii UH the precise ilate of all except the due I ciinv.Mii|uelon I'..Mtcr-( encral's Jicport. licuii tn .i.'To' in an oval printed on tliein. the third the day of Hie month docs not show. no . Issued 1st Seplenilicr.i. within mouth— January l. valiio wan Tl im ri'iiNiiii ' lint iHMucrl till N(iiiii< liiiii' iifii.H cxiilaiiiitiiry lialili' lilt' Hcusiim.' llic. 1 In prin'iiro |iarlii!iilar ilass nf I'ii'iiii to tlic Nnl. Pusi. was aiMnnlin. tliat oM speeitieil tlie dates hetween which the Pence issues would he found nil tho stamps had the respective dates of tho letters i.stamps.s a. liciiig informed that the postmaster who is now at IJaddeck.

Ml l„H . „M ..u.s s. '1''"'' ""^pai.l .l a„. althoii^'h in sunn...S..y own ..nT.. als.||..s. '""VI'I'I.. f t..r a„.at Ihutai.l h„ .'.y .„.! f.. ..l „. ..llali.ui/.. s. Y'Tl "'T'' sm. l. .st (». sla us..iVA. that his an.s....m„.' f.i.H a liKnr..i.''y tli..tsi es .r|a. to ( to some extent '"""''""^ ^""' """"'^ " 1""^^''""^ th.nvisi.i. l).a.e.. if postmark was on th... J.. ree Penny sta„.. shoiil.. s(aiii|. an. f„„„.iip l.J'i'orjr".r ? o that all ..s tho .„....n„.|.i si 1. fr...i..o stamp sta..!.. ^ have hi... \ l.M U^ . howvv..l „. f„r . to be use..l the half to f.J\ ....fleet hat couhl he prepa....l that W imrpos.y parties using a 8 ! x 1' .| . ilinsli.. tha .s i. HIS .„l th.s n^. l..l.....'uy stuap.. w. w..ll.i.o.oi. INS^ I III II .V "^ there parti.. six Penny.l •" 'l...n an...„ «tii...'.ni . tliat will..3.„v... ''<. t...'"'" in "•'"''' the l..ntal cani.w III.„l until th. pn..„ .„..'"' '"...i c...S.<ii. harg. N'.nli„..aM... tn .e.l ''''^'^ '»-"» occasionali. Son..a|..."•.....i„ „f n.„vpa„l |. "i anil ihii In was a „. M.." -T" ''""'" u an. stampH a.onve„ ...r.r at Why...l an. n eireular was uce.. he so ns.h.Hii|.tler. a.„.h ..-...i |. Vruu^'n ...„„l was a n.„tia „f a simlia...u. the Ihiy.'ula.! .le.s ile ...„.utia !' '". '"...>f posta. ..<""l'l i.l il„ .l «.„a„l.l to .l..0 ..|. was niiiil. I will .. is : ''^ se'...1......iM 1„...|. x.l| „„t th..„„... v... w....i. liv... TuZ^vT iluuht '"". whi..n tli..„l Nova .. havi.s°. .tt..„„„m.„l...„.... . only value..w the rat...//e" prepar.afti. Th. a surcha.ce a two an. mil iH n.11.lie to the .iiirliiir liiia-iiii' 01 liihl .i„.K..s „u . as in n.|.„ Unit. „f ||„.a ..|.l.UMi« n .l hy stamps. sho„l..y was a„tl„.rly .'l.nts m <nly 10 c tha th..nly an a...ltli....w postal t..l a notice issiie..i..t i..y was chai th.lllA.y a.iiitMiriit Ill. Il..Six pence..e..'Vt./ If' this was th... "''"^ |''.....„„l..f this 1'" wV ij?. .. to Knglan. a s„...„ .W/ltlM... .l.y own Th.Mr iiii|.iiiplaii. tl...Ktm>. \„t I„m^.'"'''''.h l...-.. h.1 Tho Throe Penny sta. 1 co.1._„is..l l.ity i„Ta„f..a..oul..- se. ....„ako of th.„.l...1 .o.'o th..e to hLJiov.. |„.l not wishing to put m Three Penny s an..i.' stanip l.l.! ... in . orwar.i|. l-slmaik Ihis in . who feel th..„ly a hiiu 1.l th.1..-...f 1..........i. he laL .ni.-.... i..iiis.s....gether with M/ 1 .Tnil..x|...„ ..s .1 ..„al stanips of X„v.1 th.11 1.„tia that as th. wa.M. "f ^^''f''"' was that tl.all......VmI'.e l.-!..lul .l.-„ni„g „f l. s„l.. oierprint..s. split ones...n..|„.. ..I „nil..„'...... Wlli'll my iccivi..! I>.. i ns e„„j^ Thive l'. have met with live varieties. th.a..„l. 1 „....III I li.. .l.. Mli.|H.l to the pul..M. province to any further expense in having another ". ...St .y the JWma^ter-tiener «« u "Tho om u7l~ oU.iiii..'. „ .'m '^"'-i-"''.iiips n..p to be .l llM. p....I iilM xdiia. wus th.. . .•ha..„ whi.. „_f '"'' . but cut per- .l„|„ was anth.!.ivs..Msl..1 think n„. th.Si.. an. ami nse.-...| .^^.. 1'..!.....|li.. l. .„.„.'„Ms .. .n '"'' "" ..po.s. „n.. '.Iis. put it .. was n... ih..Ns a.'niiii.liagonally.tlcr til.Y. T is 8 ! r "'f otln.! Stat. to E„.iit..l|. 71..i....r.h thur.. 1 1 I s.' '' 'To .!. .... ..l lall. l„. .i.r .ntally..i„ ars I...0 si .!.„p alon.l • nm„„...|ia„) that nkoi.l thus .i for h.... "a't th.. u„..|Vn.l Stat...snirlmw. S..l tins inannc..„t..p....I..l split stamps as I leiiny out d..„t with a oir th..r.inatc.^ illlHUVI-.. tlic Six IVnnv stamps t„ Hh„w hat !.i.1 I „.l of. of whi.z l..hat„n th...put.„t «..lh.a t. Cmiils th...wof tim (Jana.l th.. slam.r I ' " ' (Sl(rMCll) itdllKlir Kl.'".l l.. hI„....v....' .„„i !" .t. i'"V"l"I"' Im... ntk'...„ast..1 . „f |. „n.| M..l . . IVnny...l t..i .iially.. 1 . I thus .ry \'.i ...-si.' M. I.l s..y .o uf tho <. valcnt Ma2 Ih^ o lU that puri.' "Til.. a.. sti 1.ssc..l lliat as G..r ^'""1'"' whieh l.l ti. f„un..v likely to h...| a staii..osc' "Of the auth...„ To Imt it tj..„il..s .....f w..•MV.l ''" w... bo e..„„..on e.. Penn...ri.l tliLii. ..„t hy Xova S.

and Co. l)uii(lieularly. ii. of : Design London. it. Amount £ sold * * • . red lieing the paid colour. . and in nearly every case have never been mentioned in catalogues. however. 2 10 2 10 Spain Swuilen . imperforate. or they were given by some one then as now). Tiie design is almost exactly similar to that of the first issue of New Urunswick. September 1st. . eut iliagonaily and used as Fivi. Perkins. 1853 1854 1855 325 473 8!)8 2 ii 4 8 .— 52 A'OVA SCOTIA. and tiie Five Cents. To Adelaide Aiiti. 3 OF WElOnT .SOCIErY. 2 10 Cape of Good Hope 2 Brazil . Austria . insteail of a rose inverted. 2 2 Hong Kong. which i. . Engraved and printed in tai/lc-doucc by Slessrs. an oxtreniuly rare variety. . and used Under it is writtiin in red jicucil '5 cTS. they are the Ten Cents.MIT it. upon stoutish blue wove paper. cut diagonally and usid for tlic county [jostagc of two cents. Whilo in Nova Scotia we have not got those varieties of types in stamps which some other "All the countries have. 2 3 !) Cape Verd. 1 liavc also seen three other varieties . 2 1 3 10 To France Oihraltar . China .27 J . yellowish gum. To Chili • 1 7 Cuba Denmark 1 1 3 10 Bernuula .' is written siiows it. . .'ua • . An increase of fivc hundred |ier cent. The stamps have undoubtedly prepaid tlie letter. 6 2 2 Bavaria ]!c'l^. Cents. 'J'/ie Halifax Pin latvU. Australia . Bacon." 1854. to a mail courier (as was the and he marked them in red jiractice as prepaid. I. as tiie colour in which the 5 CTS. To Alexandria Al^. King. after their introduction. the heraldic emblem of tlio Colony. s. Tlicy probably originated at some small jmstollice out of stanijis. and sent them for wliat? ' iuul the money for stamps U) tlie )ie. 2 Turkey . with the money to and had them stamped at the nearest jiost-ollice. i 2 1 2 Russia 2 2 . " Another variety I have found is an oddity . page 7• REFEKENCK LIST UF THE PHILATELIC Issue Tliive values.. To Portugal Prussia . split stamps of Xc . and should bo greatly valued liy coUcctcns. . d.' I have two almost the same. Oil' tlio original envelope they arc valueless. The name of the Colony is in block type on . and I have been sorely disapiiointed more than once on receiving them in that condition. 6 3 11 .iuiii . s. on the road ])repay tiiem. . 8 Tlie following figures s low the increase in the sale of postage stam] )S in Nova Scotia in the 1852 lirsl four yc^ars. ii.. 1656 16 vol. the other has.I.21 . but the lower star contains a mayflower. 1851. 2 1 To 8 1 . and who marked them in red us paid letters. still. 2 8 2 3 Holland India . . "Donald A. only the figure 5 in red under the half stamji. . OUNCE. .Scotia arc very rare. 2 10 Norway LIJIIT .23 . if. viz. also cut jicrpendieularly and used for same.. s. 'i i it.eria . it is a Six Penny cut.\t post-ollice . LONDON. i. POSTAGE RATES FROM NOVA SCOTIA IN TIIE YEAR wo can make up a number of interesting varieties whicii are iniknow-n to most collectors..s the only one I have ever seen eut in tjjis manner.22 . . OF WEIGHT I OUNCE.

lilue. vol. value. yellowish gum. — The colour of the [)ai)cr varies considerably.) top. lozenge." "six ONE SlllLLI. completed by arabe. upon a backgrouiul within a diagonal circle lines. 12. blue colouring matter from the paper.des). Perkins. with coloured Romnu numeral of value. thrnc Viihms. the variety stamp are known upon white paper. almost wliito. rf.) on the Six Pence ami Uue The wurd coloured lino down the centre of each letter." "nova. as we see from Mr." jj. dark Miie dull viulut Cd. and Co. This is the oidy stamp of Nova Scotia King is unable to give tliv exact day of first issue of. Engraved and printed in ujron stoutish blue wove paper. arched .." lower left border. square.-!i Design: within a Diademed almost single portrait of Quoon Victoria looking plain-lined filled lozenge -shaped in spandrels are stars.sed above and Ijclow. on yellowish or white wove paper. like the is only due to the discharge of the I^fr. All three stamps arc found cut in two and used nnminal liemurh. labels of solid colour in the centre of the scrolls The scrolls of the caiiitals. in April. containing inscrijitions in plain Koman capitals. Plain scptarc blocks in the four corners. "I'OBTAOE. crossed by diagonal lines behind the head. that are frame with engine-turned background. " POSTACIE. May lst(?). in which four eight-rayed cut in half l)y the lozenge-shapod frame.. Engrave<l ami printeil the American of horizontal lines. but. A note in IVie Philatelic Reconl. I'liXCB.) may down to due to fraud.NOVA all SCOTIA. figure prominently. Is. T. Five mines. states that the supply was sent over to . Perkins.values. Hank Xote Co. " ONE PENNY "—both tllC lattor 1 1 1 7 reading downwards. letters "postaok" uiul tlic value in Kniiiiin capitals .. 5. ijllmtration 89. Paeon. Designs: One Cent and Five Cents. ( ( 3il..scrolls <if cros." (shades). and two sides there are narrow coloured bands. 88. Five Cents are inscrilied. Issue III October liy 1st. Bacon. " sixi'EXCE " has a (I/huftraliuns 8fi. following the shape of the circle curved . composed of a plain white and a fine coloured liiu'. dark green. King's paper. 1853 so the issue most likely took place on or about May 1st in that year.. "NOVA. Ui)i)er left hurdcr. 1853. yellow-green liliic-iiiiiuve. Colony by JFcssrs. {Vi'h Iilr. full-face by Messrs. from deep blue to be put All the surcharges catalogued on the oljliteratlons.NO " luWer right. The with arabesque ornamentation." " ujiper right. for half the dthough. Varic/ies." B. Remarks. tlie x. to left. "scotia. King's pai Issue II.s alone luithorizcd to be mutilated in this manner. At the bottom.Shilling. yellowi. 1860. or as stiimi)s of tl issue is. in while the Colony above and the value in words bidow..sciues and foliate iiiiiaiiicntation. Sliaiie. Shape. ).^ R. tail/e-ilonce One and Co. imperforate. — Specimens of New this Three Pence of Prunswick. page 48. „ „ ).— Diademed profile of (^fiieen Victoria to left. 3 lU reddish-brown (si . labels of the u . "SCOTIA. composed of diagonal crcsscd linos. gum. of Xow York. and Mock P". 53 cm Uic Three rence. Roman One Cent and with the name of is The remaimler of the design on the Five Cents value only." L. . machine-|ierforaled. the Three Toncc wa. "lUHBE PKNUE.

" 2 c. on white wove paper. Vcrticallydined arched scrolls above and lielow.graved as the real stamps. black. value. The Twelve and a Half Cents has the upper inscription upon a curved label of . upon a strai. 5 c.^ht octagonal label of solid colour. and used for County Postage of Two Cents. but they may be found described in King's last paper.roim(l Haw Cents. they would previous set of stamps exist. 8. an oviil. la' "nova . Issue IV. upright rectangidur. placeil in the centre of the scroll. black. Engraved and printed by the American Bank Note Co. The design is exactly the same as that of the One Cent of the last issue. The lower inscription is in The reuiaiiuler of the designs are tilled in of the thi-eo values. black. which dill'er for each Shape.—{A) The the Fivi^ Cents 2 is known oit in two diagonally. c." "five.ii!k}. "two cents." "TEN. lilac. yellow-green. :>re Rvmarlif. 1863. machine-perforated 12. Shape. excepting mo value. U) c. til)right One rectangular. 8J c.) T. dark blue.. dark blue.. diagonally. (half 5 c). 5 c. with arabcstpics and foliate ornauu-ntation.'orgerics of this and the They are quite as well ei. block letters.—^omc very dangerous and wcU-executei' '.— Dindoiiii'tl and diii-onid fiill-fute imrtniit of C.J 12jc. dark blue. be most difficult to detect. c.. I'lrck". tlic two . —The bisected varieties 'Sh: unknown to the Society. {UhtstralioHs <J0. dark yellow-green 1(1 1 c. iiin'iglit Twelve and l)." b. brownish-lilac (shades). yellow-green. vermilion. (half 10 c).) 'nova hcotia. 93. vermilion. 94. 92. and is also IM found cut perpendicularly. 91. \. c. {Illustration 95.solid colour. for the two lower values. and wore it not that the designs are of somewhat smallc dimensions.vitlr'n on of liorizontiil ci'dssimI lines. . Vane/i(S." "eight & J." (li) On ijdtowifh piqtcr. black. vermilion.scrolls mid the Eiciirr an'd a Half.\ c. ' (h) The Ten Cents exists cut. May 11th.iucoii Victoiiii -.ii 64 wliith iiiul A'Ol'A ciRomiiasscs . On v:hite }iaper. 12. inscribed with the name of the Colony abov(^ and the value in words bolow in white Roninii capitals." AND "twelve & (a) 1 J CENTS.scotia. SCOT/A. 'one cent. Remar]is. c. Ten. each half serving as Five Cents. yellowish gum. 5 c.

.'rince Edward. Post Oitick. 1799. perforated 9. proves tlie : 18G1. T.rPtlNCE EDWARD ISLAND. nv mills island is E.s. Vcnmber 20t!i.t " POSTAGE STAMPS. Three Ponce. and conse(|uently the stamps woidd get destroyed.arate colony in It 1 i passed in 1798. and of all Postmasters on the island.'ence » II „ I. consisted of three stamps. as they are tlie only values found with this large perforation.S0.stamps Cohuidiia the propnymout of newspaiiers. The latter probalily could only be employed for tho prepayment of book. Duke of Kent. it is aliout and liptwcnn G2° and 04" W. PRELIMINARY NOTES. Its aroa is about 1. "Grneuai. It may be also this provisional was soon replace. ame • into operation 1st February. A situated bctwoou IG" and 47° N. by the Frcncli. "(Signed) Owen. but I iiave never seen the bisected Two Pence.. » Two Ponce. on the 1st January.ssue K. 18G0. "The and Packets follows . and value of each class of stamps are as The Queen's Head. was constituted a sej. 1497. or ral stamp will lie received for payment sum it indicates. ra\. » j> )) profile ijreen. Tapling's collection contains a .df the " The hlue. 1801. if eut in two diagonally. Three Pence.000 awes. two provisionals. Po. colour. C. Six . With regard to the two provisionals.: mts. Whc. but. of h. i. Jlr. orange-yellow. Charlottetown. published :. " These stamps can be had at the Qeneral L. liyanAct 1770.. Public are horel)y informed that stamps lor the i)repaymcnt of Letters to be sent by the Post will. but inyC3. I).!.. The disappearance of for the strengtliens have thrown out regards the bisi'ction of CritLsh the Two Pence Halfpeiniy and Three Penny . it was first settled was taken from them in 7r)8. Postmaater-fknenU. . It was annexed to Xova Scotia on the petition of its ! •'.se. of when there would bi' no further call for its u.speeimon of the Three Halfpenny. be ready for circulation. loHK. naturally . S:v." Wo see from this notice the tirst values with the. 11 A COM. and Six Pence. tlie was discovered by Sebastian Cabot. and 34 its greatest breadth. although in this case the suggestions I we know tho stamp was so U8e<l. Colony took place on January 1st Tlie introduction of postage stami)s iiito tJK^ following notice from Tlw Roijal Charlottetown.l by the One Penny. forming five Those first issued were evidently the Two Pernio. as GazHh of that date. island received its present muv . 140 miles lony. The decign.«t Olfice. lat.

McDonald was appointed Thomas (wen.>. Si.. in Andrew Mr. each .iiAi.' fdlllul IK) llli'lili.\\v. sli'iiiii.shall he I'enec'.ANMi." And found : in the issue of Tin: Jini/al of . We. iiiatuad of Six I'unce lirst as at ]ireseiit. taUeii from of 7'//e Iti'ijal dwxlli' for Oetolier 'JUnd.ster-Cleneral. Mr. 1870. cm a single and Ten Dents (iipial to Si. . Mr. or fiacticiii (hereof. us the reason for the i. "(Sij. The next notice.' iiiissiiif. 1870.'. IcSfl".\V(l imps mic. United Stales. IVter Dos Ihisay. tiint time was (id. 1>S70.ei-s for Great Untaiii. eiirreney was eipial letteis lielweeii to Oil. sterliiif. for (ireat liritiiiii. contains the following: "REDUCTION OK POST AGE TO (iREAT "On and alter the lie 15RITAIN. Macdonald.|(.ivr llic djitc of issue of Uic On.'idi. if jirepaid. remark that the eiineiiey of the island was apparently more depieeiateil than tJiat of tlio other Nnitli Ameiican Colonies. Cn'rowN.'ned) Thomas I8(i8.. IS(iS. and for eliai-Hci he made for other than sint. C. McDonat. where we have seen til I'eimy iiiid Nine . 1870. Isi. Newspap. shall for it' prepaid at the mailiiiK ollieo. us I fi||. 4d. hetween Stales and this I. for Newfoiiiidland iind stg. p.TowN.\\ \n (id. " NOTIOK. ey. ." Postmaster aeneral "Ueneiiai.hiiie Indies. .'e on Letters for the : Dominion of Canada. ||i.laiuiary l.!Oth. Maij Qici'tti' 'lOlli. California. ](. r. cy. IlilVC iif llicsi' (. L.d. Thomas \i ' Owen heeunie I'ostinaster-Ceiieral on April .'. and Oivj^on ()\vi:n. deceased. ill T/k' linljitl (lirrttr lm(. "(Signed) "tlrsi-. PinXCK KDWAllI) ISLAND. : "On unci al'ler llu' liisl ilay of Novoiiilier next. ( the on 18fi9. . "30M Miiy.siiilU! Teiiee) it posted unpaid. Owen. Letters each additional half oinic'e.. I'dsr Okfic^k. each Ijd. each.^' T. Britain will sterliiij. jirr half ounce. the postage on paid Letters for Oroftt Tliroo IViiee slerlliiH per half oniicc.ieiit('iiaiil-{!ovcninr in ('oiincil to apin-ove llie I'liiled iiiiiililicaliniis in llie I'ostal Arraiit. slerliiifr.l otlice Mr. (ktulicr iXsl. has heeii iileasi'il "Ills llouortl"' of the I'lilliiwiii.\ Letters liritish Celninliia. cy.r. Till' Niiii' I'imut ninviiry h'llei's sliiiiip.)nne next. shiiws slaniii. as the oz. ilio (lostn^'e lie Letter shall (he lAniu I'kni'K. this luitico ia "MAILS.\ .ssiie the Four 'eiiiiy whii'li came into use at this date or shortly afterwiinlH. CiiAitLoriF.'. [ liavc hull iiciTHs friiill is 11 very ilii'oiiiplclc si'VI'I'mI yiMis ln'iiij.'.ulaiid. I'ciicc." "CKNKiiAi. John A. 1870. " Newspapers Australia. "Ch'town. ARRANGEMENTS. lor New Zealand. Rt. mto . 3d.. i. who to .' iiltcij^'rtliri' (hi- si'i'ii's. Id. -dace of Till Riiijiil dwytli' for May -iTth.'.. free. was for cviilnit-ly issued Un- the invpayiiii'iit of to Kii.suec^eede. I'osr Offic !:. . rate the two coiinlrieH at. for Hie I'iiKed S(ates. and the Dominion of Canncla forwarded "(Signed) John A. ke.daiid vi/.loliii in ])laco of Mr.lmn»l(r-anicml. 1 mil uimlilc to f. Post Officb. .d.'emeiit .'. let mi. 2d. "r(istaf.

stamps of Iteaufort irou.'ind Ollawa: of the earlii'r .ip|inixilii.'ood oll'cred for the .stamps.\Vi> linlins -/wv!* us the . SOCIKTY. many of these cnKraviii^' .Jd. It is possiMi' tl»! sl.ny The Thpee Penck in precisely similar to the Two Pence. the issue shortly afterwards.siamp was N'ole Co. l.solid colour at the spandreks are filled is in with reticulations of the .s.'ns stamps in (Ireat IJrilain. Vv'hiting.. hut endo. and an outer line of eoh)ur completes tlu' issued hein. I nave found no notice T/w (!a::>'/fi! of the i.nnv . the Dominion KKL'KKKNCK LI. (ixci'ptin. Litho-rajihed (!) ami printed l. lia.'ed in six horizontal rows of si.soli<l colour. inscrihed with the nan f the Colony and the enclose<l within an octagonal hand.S71 an Act was canui into u. If this at (he alteration of the rale.i. cuiTciwy).' .ed hy Charles WhiliuIt was this Mr.lanuary Uh.H: Ist. Two I'unxh. white . Cha. name of The hand is in.Iiiiii' sliiinp.t took eii^'raved Iiy and UHod provisionally proviotis to and tlio iie. and is endo.sed to eslahlish a decimal system of currency in the which came into operation on .^'estions to the ioveiiimenl jirevions to thi' inlrodnelion of postage (h'si^. white wove nnwatcrmarked pajn'r (that used for the stamps fir. (j!uecn'. whii'h touches the f.siiys Colony Immm. The Xine Pence . hut perhaps }. Nine I'lMUT cut oir a in lialf ami used in This vancly it is is said to liavii Imcn taken letter sent to Knglaud 1. The One I' . London. . they In 1.same palt(. The stamps of this Colony wero withdiawn lS7:i-the date the Island w.siAiiH..solid tlio head niion a naiculaled hack^round.xty in six Two I'enee.. enclosed within a hand of side with the colour. with the value out(>r lahid of .il. Strand.stamps arranf. Imt they were not issued on tlu.' tht^ : .f are lieantiful works of had a art compared with the mean tlii! tja.sanii! diy as the al)ove Act lu^came law.Iuly of Canada. Tlu! four corners of the stamp contain small conventional ornaments.s.. in if pii.seon.ul'c..\!.solid shortly afterwards.w stamp was not ready ))laee issui! of tlie lirown stamp.inil ciiusc of issue of the Tliiw IVlUT sliM'liiiK (\M. I'k. which lia.s and is th(! design completed hy a single full. The I'ntire sheet of each value contains thirty five. Whiting who sent ( printer. Till' (irst r<7 of llirsc t.sue of the sil of stamps with tln^ values in cents.'is admitted int<. es. Mock and is h'ttcrs.sides of the stamp.t horizontal rows of ten.s.sed within a circular hand of ." and at tiie hottoin with the value in word.' diid' . im Mr.pmdii. all Di'si^ns The same diadiuimd prollle of Ijluoen ail in whiter Victoria to left do^rs duty for live .is not iviuly for issun on till- 1st. curved at the four corners.PIUNCK EDWARD ISLAND. limwii .se. oxci^pting has Her Majesty's head npon a similar haekground to the One Penny.Mr.ST OK TlfK L ]'Il[L.. upon nwdium yellowish in tone).OXDON.( (he ISritish tlii! Auieriiau liaidi . al stamps of ti I'rince Kdward Island. hut the is head is contained within an upright oval hand.\ within a rihhon-Iike haml of .s and the inscriptions an.stamps l|ii> they were ordered deal to do with their poor workmanship. 1S72.. The O. so llu^ possilili' tliu Nine IViiee was liiseclod was so.ilhrtors know.sland.''s cnllccMon containii a wijiy of us I. Straight hottom of the standi. TapliM. name of the Colony aliove and "rosTACiP" helow. of Five valucx.rn as the coloured line. As i)ric<' e. in so many and .— The head of Her Majesty rests upon a reticulated liackground of a dill'erent ])atterii to that of the inscrihed with the One Penny. This Four I'enee llalfpenuy .scrihcd at the left top and ri^dit the Colony and the word " ro. London. Issue January 1861.iiiip w.h70. no doul. that the hcml is The Six 1'ence also similar to the Two Pence.L.d .s. from u.y .

. (1HC5 brownish-yellow. Halifax Philatelist November. (b) Imperforate. ( ^. orange-yellow." Till' liiiiiil word STO.) (a) Perforated 2d. lilac.. 18(51).' "Sixth row. (half 3d.. .l straight label liiu. Perforated 11. (half 9d. and the article a very interesting one..i.' curved. iiia(uil)ed in tlireu till! " nine pence cuRnENfv— equal to— sixpence in tlii' first lino Iwinj. 99. On I "One With solid cohair . " Second row. and on part of the original envelope "it has a wide margin.. and used for half the values.. use until the year 18G5.. dark blue. The variety The writer . Conventional ornanionta (lesif. " Second rou. lihic „ ). i gd. uprij. printed in sheets of thirty. and used for half the vali. David Lang. lilac. 12. tw. The One Penny ami Xine Pence were not and 98. oranye-yellow (shades). . " posTAOE.—Th(i is descrii)ed in Tlie Two Pence. 2d.\' in 'island' broken. 0. 9d. dull rose.lark lihie. hluish-greon ( „ ). A be did not eoine int.iialf 6d.'s of solid colour. didl rose. igonally.. tilled lor ibout one-eighth inch.j.. 6d. ll.. propose to give a short examniing thorn closely there are a number of varieties in the stamps of which list of the most conspicuous.. for is unknown to the Socief v. 1888. fifth stamp : No cross-bar to ' a in ' island. horizontally. 1888. dull rose. (d) Imperforate. I 3<l.Mi.). ).l paper on the nunor arieties found in The Halifax Philatelist for Soptomlior.Jd.~(A) Divide' in . In the Penny. issued with the otlier three values. 4.' ' ' ' " This province has the reputation of issuing the worst-looking series of stamps design and e.*). Id. (half 2d. iliaxonally. '? stamp : Full atop above ' L in island. T\meties.. Id. The following " stamps was publish. six rows of five stamps each.'lit i'ectanj. 58 PRINCK KDWAnn ISLAND. 3d.). canuine )." is imiiin^'cd iipdii at tlio liottom Iiy a hroa. ( () <Jd. yellow-jjreen ( „ run'efe. sec. dark rose dark blue (sliade.... 2d. dark blue ( „ ). 2d.). ( „ ).. niipcr corners.'ular. 6d.. | Gd.. dark rose. yellow-green. and a plain outer line of colour conipletea tlio Slia|)e.sed. Jifth ^tamp: White Hue above '. roulettod.says tine III the specimen seen was u.' probal. bluish-green. (Illustrations 9G. and shows the roulette cuts plaiidy. 97. 100. (c) Imperforate. lilac." The imi)erforate stamps arc believed to in this state. page 129. in those is a repr luction of it VARIETIES OF PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND STAMPS.Kooution of any of the Pritish North American provinces. vertically. Ud. (n) Itoukttal. 3d. Id.). (Janrary 1st.ed The author is Mr. yellow-green.. | IiemarJM. 3d. <lark blue.— Divided in two. and not to have been issue. (c) and compound.

^^ "POSTAGE. printed in sheets of thirty.' The varieti. '"'''"'-' one above the other. Design. "Third row inverted i.. but parts of the lino only sliowmg. 1 was the last .suo mentioned above are. so that it is hardly in. .n parts at left hand side and a.. 1 have four siieeimeus willi this line in tju^ golden yellow and yellowbrown shades.. 'l-' 59 HI centre before " Second row. six rows of five stamps "Fird row. Fancy ornaments at sides of the stamp and a single outer line of colour eomnlete the desi-n.xs in the diamond on the right Imiul side of the stamp a . tenth stump: Part of 't' in Full stop before 't' in 'two." tlie IJeneath the top scroll a small curved label of solid colour inscribed All the inscriptions are in white block letters. fourth stamp: > Two full stops. but on the oval at the lett l)anu side none at all in any. and the lower with the value stamps arranged in six horizontal rows of profile of horizontal lines. bottom. the full length and Avidth of stamis with traces of it showing on perforation at tcp and right hand side.^. an outor line all around the stamp. liftli.stamp of the fir. Vm ^\. and printed by Mr." Issue < \ II. ' ^"'^ "'"!' inste'wfTl. The same diademed Queen Victoria to left.stop between ' E ' and ' D ' in ' edwauu '"••' ' lool'bi^'i. seventh. which h. The seventh . . } live. third. ten rows of ten stamiis in eadi. I think. the perforation goiii^ ilircetly tlirough it.. "David Lang.' ' 't Ij^i". second. fifth d„„qi it : Full .some kind of secret marks.' winch 1ms none. No. No. 3 has lino sliowing . ill words. "Three Pence. Charles Whiting upon medium /i-Ftiiyt^''^^'( ( white wove nnwatermarked paper :)aper " white gum.' 'wo' niakin" it look like "In the rl.r printing of the One IViiny a peculiarity exists wliicli sonic ot our reivlers may liave in a eoiiiplete form tliat is.PIUNCE EDWAUD ISLAM). The one is in the ilireo Cents.:^. No. 1868 (7j.small line to it at top and bottom.. "This peculiarity may also be found in the Four I'cncc.-liito circle and coloured dot in rniNc'E. in each. ten rows of ten stamps oft'. A peculiarity of the Foui Pence is that in the dianioiul. Ihe last two are of the yellow-brown shade. printed in sheets of one hundred . perftirated 12. 4 shows only at bottom.-itump: ''""'' Full stop at the top bur of the last e' in 'three pence. in each. . itamp: V. on each sun ot the stani]) there is a small oval ornament. sk. Specimen No. 2 has tlie line on left hand side and bottom.? line with row. '"' '" '8™''' nrra''-'"tly put there "Two Pence.a attached to it. and has tile mai-inal part of the she. or whatever they may be.'s in the 1 once but of this sonic one with more knowloclge of the stamps may be able to speak. edwahi). 1st November. six rows of five stamps in each. after ' "Second row. printed in sheets of thirty.' "Nine Pence. upon baskground of Curved scrolls of solid colour at top and bottom of the stamp the upper inscribed ^vith the name of the Colony.' in ft ^"'"'"' """'^'' ^'"" top o^'d""'' "/'(/(/( "'°'' "f**"^ '="^^AP". Tlic entire sheet consists of thirty . One value. The Cent issue with one exception is frco trom those errors or secret marks.:' """"'" '•' " ''''*"''' ""• "'""^ •''"' "' ' ""''"'" "Same .l. altliougli they are not found in a regular rotation as in the Three Cent. Tlie line is the full lengtli of the riglit Jiaiid side of the slamj). beiii-' ai'lutrarily scattered hero and there over each sheet.' thus 'prixce.stamp in tlie row. as in the preceding issue. the varieties of each stamp when they occur being precisely the .ssible that such a series of erroivs could be made unintentionally. . i/tird stamp : Full stop between r ' au(' ' o in ' ' rosTAOE. and ninth rows ha:i a tuil stop between 'riiixcE' and 'euwahu.same. which are printed in sheets of one hundred.T'\vf "f-"\'\ instead ot alter ' src!.

60 Rlmpo:







{I /1 (ulnd ion 10 1.)


I'roljuljly prouf.

4d,, blnck.




June 1870(7).

Engraved and printed l)y tlic I'.ritiHh-Amcrican liank Note Co., of Moiitrcid and Ottawa, upon niedimn white wove unwaterniarhcd pa|)er; yelluwinli gum, niiiehineperforated 12. Design: Diademed, nearly full face, portviit of






upon background





within an upright oval.
oval at the
left, top,


of solid colour following the shape of the

and riglit side, inscribed with the name of the Colony and the word "post.voe" in white Roman capitals. Araljesqucs in the lower cornerH, surrounding a backgnnuul of cross-hatched lines. Tiu! left contains " 3d. hto.," and
the right "cv. 4|d." in white numerals and letters.

The upper

corners also contain


Sliuiic, upriglit rectangular.

(Dlunlmlinn 102.)

yellowish-brown (shades).

Issue IV.
Sij- valiien.

January 4th



and printed by Mr. Charles Whiting, of London, upon medium white wove unwatermarked paper; yellowish or brown gum, nuichine(?)


pi.'rforated 12, 12J.


entire sheet of each value consists of one

hundred stamps,

The same diademed profile of Queen Victoria to left is found upon all the stamps. One Cent. The head rests upon a background of horizontal linos, surrounded by a circular band of solid colour, inscribed with the name of the Colony above and the word " postage," below.

arranged in ten rows of

Straight label of solid colo\ir at the bottom of the stamp, witli value in



upright rectangular blocks of solid colour in


four corners, containing numeral of






completes the






and a plain outer lino of colour is upon a background of solid
I'lain label of

colour, enclosed within a

narrow upright oval l)and of

solid colour surrounding the

upper part of the oval, inscribed with the name of
Straight label of solid colour at the bottom of the

the Colony and "rosTAOE."

stamp, with value



Square blocks of


colour in the four corners,
is (lllod

containing Arabic numeral
reticulations, with a border

Tlie remainder of the design
of a plain coloured line.

in with


Three Cento.


head of Her Majesty
inscribed with the


upon a background of horizontal


enclosed within a

fancy trilobed band of reticulations, having over

a curved label of solid colour





Straiglit labels of solid colour at the top

t]ie stamp, the lower one extending (juito across. The ujipor bears "i'ostaoe" and the Iwttom one the value in full. Small upright rectangular blocks in the epp ;i cf ,iiei s, containing Arabic numeral of value, The rest of the design consists of rijti^.iiations and a border of a plain coloured line. Four Cents. The head rests upon a liackground of solid colo\ir, enclosed within a fancy-shaped

and bottom of

octagonal band of reticulations.

of the stamp, the upper inscribed in

Straight labels of solid colour at top and bottom two lines " postage prince edward island,"

and the lower with the value in words. Square bhicks of solid colour corners, containing Arabic numeral of value. The sides of the stamp

in the four

are filled in

with rotioulations, mid
n plain





lino cninplotns thn (lu.sign.

Six Cents
within a



„„ a l,,wkKn.UM,l „f
of ,rli,n,lalinMs.




tlio top,




stn,i-ht laljuln of



mul „ similar on. at tl,o hntl of M„. stamp. TIm, i.ppor are inscrilKMl posTAOE-niiNct: UDWArii. island," aiul the hotton. hears tlio value in words

Siiuaro blocks of

<'ulour in










tho upper cornprs, ami similar upriyht rmtan-ular Arable numeral of value. Straight han(rs of tho stamp ami a border of a plain eoloureil line

of Queen on l)aek-TOund .,f solid colour, enclosed within a band of reticulations forming a twelve-sided figure. Curved plain label of solid colour above, and a similar straight label extending tho whole width of the stamp below. Tlu' upper is inscrihcd\vith tho name of the Colony and "postage," and tho lower with tho value in words.
S,,uare blocks of

complete the design.

Twelve CENia-IIead

upper corners, with Araliic numerals of value. Tlie rest of the composed oi" reticulations and a border of a plain coloured line, Tho inscriptions on all the stamps are in white block letters, excepting the values' in the bottom labels of tho Two, Four, Six, and Twelve Cents, which are in Roman capitals. Shape, upright rcctangidar. {lllwtmUon^ 103, 101, 105, 10(>, 107, 108.)

solid colour in tho

c, orange-yellow (shades).

2 c, ultramarine

„ „ „ „






). ).



c, black
12 c, bright




Varieties.— (a) All the values
stained the paper

and given it but they are probably only proofs, each half serving as Three Cents

be found with dark brown gum, which has a brownish hue. (ji) All tho values exist imperforate


The Six Cents


known divided

in two,

Rciiiad'.t.—A large stock of the stamps of each issue remained in the hands of tho postal authoritie.s at the time the Island boeamo incorporated in tho Dominion



slock was disposal of


1871- to a speculator,


has since

supiilied the principal

stamp dealers throughout the world.
K. Taplin-o, M.P.-In The Stamp

Note by Md.




vol. x.

105, will bo found an


amended notice Among thom is catalogued

relating to the

values constituting tho

Cents on tho authority


to have boon Ts\. l^loens from what ho considered a thoroughly satisfactory source, doubt has been thrown upon tho stamp by iMiglish writers but a few weeks since I was shown a specinien in Jlr. Pearson Hill's collection, which he told

ritihdchj. Some discussion arose subsaiuently as to the authenticity of this value, but the mystery attaching to it sooms never to have boon wholly cleared up. Very few specimens were seen, and these ajipear

American Journal of

obtained by



had been there over seventeen
Office enabled



to get nearly all

Mr. Hill's connection with our fionoral Post his stamps direct from Foreign and Colonial

Governments, and
a cojiy,

It is similar in design to the

stamp reached him in the same way. Three Pence of tho lirst issue, tjf which it is apparently though the details are rather larger and the general a])poarance rougher. It
it is

his impression is that this

a companion in style and execution to the issue of which

supposed to form

a part, and the perforation (machine 12)




dull mauve.



It is posrtibli- lliat tlio Htiimii



issuiMl, tliouirh I'voii

in thin

case Mr.

Ilili mif,'lit i|iiitt^

well Imvt^


a specimen sunt
if it




it i

I'Mwiml IsIihkI
Htran^e that



was merely




opies are,

ami always have been, exeeedingly


venture no delinite opinion either one


or the otlior, and liope this short note


ilriv an answer from

some nue

i|Malilied to

speak with eertainty.

both Nova Scotia Six Ponce cut dii^onally and used as Throe Pence.. tlie postage rate will be two cents per ounce instead of one cent per half ounce. In tho catalogue list of tho Nova Scotia I'liilatolic Association I find that there arc but two of those split or provisional stamps oll'erod. to eertain alterations in the rates. feeling sure their contents will Ik^ of interest to philatelists.i drop Letters. "'Post OKFiri. I think there were very few of . '"The rate of postage upon Letters posted in Canada. j„„.< . and until further instructed. Postmidcr-Gm^al. q_ HAaaART. "(To tite Editor of * The Halifax Philatclis!. CANADA. "'Letters insutliciently prepaid will be charged double the deliciency as heretofore. and from what I can learn. and help tu add further to the cunipletcness of tho iiostal all history of each of tiie provinces.: ADJ)Ex\DA. mimbers of a I'oiiy \vhii:h hiul licit previously been seen Tlie iiotiic.soon it be a thinj.^'e.' Halifax I'lnlaliHd for the current year (18S9).. "The Canada Two Cent Tho following " ' Keiiistralion Stamp will . will he three cents per ounce instead of three cents per half ounce as heretofore. of the past.. of Xova "Sh: Donald A.f uiisultiiif. Kin. where free delivery by letter carrier has been established. liiivc liiid tlic mrniljcrs ( (if the Cdiniiiittcc ciiIiiisIimI with Tliv its iMililiciitioii tlic (iiiiMiiUuiity i. Afiiy nuiulier coiitiiiiis of a recontly-imlilisheil Ciiimdiiin . Postage Rates uxdeh AuTHoniiy of Post Office Act. "'Letters posted wholly unpaid will be sent to the Dead LettiT Ollice for return to the writer. 'I Having oxamincd your plate of Nova " To all appearances. I wouhl like to mention a few notes on the split or provincial stamps of New Jirunswick.runswick.' has (wo fmllier papers upon the stamps while the April number eontains a I'tter from a corrcspoiulent upon tho bisected stamp of New IJrunswick. For the present. minihers for . the registration fee may be prepaid by using the two cent registration stamps and postage stamps to make up the c amount. DErAnTMKNj. except in the cities. . "'8'/ May. Tho Coiumittoo consider it advisiible to reproduce here tho four articles mentioned. provided at least u jiartial preiiayment has been made. "COMMENTS ON THE SPLIT STAMPS OF NEW BRUNSWICK. The rate of ^jostage up(.laniiary and Kclirnary Seolia . mil in Ui. addressed to plai'es within the iJoniiniiin or in the United States. 1889. the liy thi'iii.') Scotia split stamps and oddities.'" NEW BlIUNSWICK. and not one split Ni^w I'.. is the olliiial order in connection with "•NOTICE TO THE Changes in PL:15LIC. Ottawa. O ^I^'CK tho CiitaloKUd wus priiilrd. 1880. postiil referriiif. will lie one cent per ounce.. "'The fee for the registration of a Letter or other article of mail matter will be five cents upon all lasses of corresiiondeiice passing within the Dominion. "'Upon drop Letters posted at an ollice from which Letters are delivered liy letter carrier.

"The Colonics cuinplaincd that the ICiit. On the envelope. uml IV I'lve tlelit hIiuii| iHCiit.„. and wvnl' London. IHOO.'le iii>ri/. Imt the One SI iillnii.i.cimen from one of the reports of these Post Ollice Coniiiiissions.iiiiliiinilhi 'SI. linmswi.i' i'/ii/aMM havi! iccupy a proiiiinent place tl le all cullect I tl ink they are very rar and rcpreM'Utalion of New Mr iinswic k sti nipH !• lumiuur.. ami presiiiiialily 1 used as Three I'einn\ makiiij{ IV total of lift ei'ii pence. IMOO.sle(l the Hiijiitin. with tho use of no. \. To "ive ii spi. I (if Imv(.NiM.Inlm. I'mvi Canada seems to ho thi! only lie which did not do tlii s. NOVA SCOTIA. I New Unmswiek as Three I'eniiv. fmir on tl nri . Ten CenI.. eiivelci|ie.i.'t.\.'li vahii's thus'comhii lid ill an envelope wliieli had lieeii sent out to M elhonrne.\v ItiiiiiHwick tlit^ \\m>A.„lf veiiieMlly.k. mul I lliorofoiv ' tl Hi.s and every annual ivjiort of the I'ost OMice Commissioners which sx. was directly "inder the control of the K. and also vertically.').oiiliill y..^ 31) of the Catalo-ue ii llowiiij. I ..'h rate I'cjr ii single etler. s known cut in two dia'. (half 10 c).' liave iilso lieahl of li.t large reduction in postal rates.' is e. The Kn-lish olli.iMal my ilrt ii\ . mill lm\( e.of holli vermilion. of III New iii|w not seen any ho Illiniswiek sliort. This state of tliin-s existed for yoar. Lord this 'To a Ion" despatcli Loiis"lalu.. hrotlier olleetors tell what rale was eliarKeil for etters to Australia in iNliO? I in the Dili of tl lis all I of my or 1 reeeiveil fn | .li..SUE OF STAMP.h^rived from the postal service. and gave the Eiifedish 1 ost Oliice ollicials the IrouMi' of senilin^' out lont.iaIs said that there was an annual deli. violet. Iml liisl.'lish Post Otlic. at the holtom of Varic/y.'e. After speaking in favour of .local Legis iture was full of complaitits under this head. until the year \m\. and one half of u Six \inee.>ll.y lire iiivc never seen Very nire. with the liiKh rate of \s the seeond tlic isMii. i. whieli is yellow.l.i. yelli ".M.v.' or delivering a Letter on tlii^ iiost voacj.( |. -II Ten l\ .S. siam| I'eiiiiy heiiij. J'lirf Jcr-iit.omplaints on the part of the Colonic. as split stamps from her e mv verv scarci The rate on Jitter from Nova Scotiiv to Victoria w IS one shilliiij^r and threepence. in'oviHiiiiml -liimiiM of liiil Ni.xtracted from their annual report for the year 1814 in Xova Hcotia. in May.04 tlii'siI I AnnF...etters_aiu 1 apers ss complicated. r/iilalelM.if 7V. A.. eiil I iiave also liearil_of the Six d ia^'omtlly ami Ninj. who St .. ml in half (lia. N. aiiil iiseil 'Can any (louh would like to know if any of the reaih'rs ever seen any of the liij..ive stamps trom dies authorized by the proper authorities. lull Imve not en lint Useil. eaiiie into use in iHfiO. |ireHlllilil tl Miipply Cleiit.i loso out of the country. "TllK postal service of the liritish-Aiuerican i)roviiices. (Jeiil ran Ten ami llms staiiilis sii. which the Colonies were not ahle l. .e Hal ij'ii. would render the transit of l. in lH(iO It was mailed iil Kiii-slun.] stamps of Xew liruiiswiek an d(m)>t hut t ley are not iiioiv so than any of the other I!.— DiTcju of Thv llalifd.OOO per aniuim. .eiil. nueil.'..' ) was tlio no answer was returned till some time in 1H4. i lieiii'' cni. 1800. llie insiillicieiit mail accoiiiiiio.xh laid on the tabic of th(. N. iiis(eail of verlieiilly. they say: 'This.. This.eli. i J "SOME OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS UELATING TO THE FlUST NOVA SCOTIA IS.' despatclios.—Thii Tun Cents c.ifr|ish I'ost Ollice Departii. vemiili New tJ. on piv-. ipiile ii lii.'. as such presume it to 1u Tli^ l'( liny stamp is very liri^'ht. wc imh therefore add the fi May 15tli.itioii.„ Australia. soarlet-vuniiiliun.l (.' IS so whiil faded. and the striic'eiit laws against a private person carryin. pi'M. split I "[The 1' From the issue of the ahove letter. we presuini) it wiva the siiiiiu from Now llrunswick.y. .'oimlly. the followin.'onally.'it in Nova Scotia aloiu! of iiJ. are a One Shilli UK./. cause of innumerable . n rif^iniil ami is |inMliiiiiikei| lliii K in«. took a lai^e aimaint of revenue . when was received from the I'ostiiiaster-Geiieiul of Ureat Britain... and give the relief rcpiired by the people. . liiil tliive nr .

:..i.ents ti. .1 ."!!.!'::.m.'.ADDKNDA. ('(lllhHCr I'liih'.l..a- ..iml s. was a . in L y. . .1.f |1„.i.-..„r„i„ii„„|„linn ... niai-iii „f t!i..i!'.... wl. i.M 1|..:'!nU. way ...'. was vo.]....nlar 'li-'"''^""' '''"'" ^"'' dr'nliir s1ii. crown iir wivatli .....''^"""" "..''-''^ .a... • .^"«"'•^t ""^1 'I ro'|Misiti. .„ ..„li„) .n. .•.::^:''' Ihf -^^'"^'''"^ ti..|..f I nii. «.:..m' "'''^''""« ""-" ""'^« i"«U.i ..:ll.:. will "" l"'""">' "" I""""''* i" II'" "AH. V SK-.: \„v„ .(.. I .t oili^^'ii^t.''' ' St. I."'Ho.11. ..„ tli..'..l' Umail • I ..... ''i'pii™'..tii ll. 4„1 ..'"' "^'•'^''>' «" f»rtl'" llian tho ollko of U. c .: .:..!'Sl'/T.' '"""> '-^"l''"'.r|„.r.i. ami as pcnvivc l. ..:::. am '...' "r7'f' •'^'''''"- f'""i'.. .i i Lim'' "of :^^i i. .:. • .mli.i.? lliat tliLTiMs not Tin-...„ Mia..™nK. raillKll . f'liiia..-..... hilt (V. MaiLh tl. I".Mir I 1 l„nWiii.... "'^"'" l"-* °" f- f"-'« '' ^.^f...i.s7.f !::}.i. fax M Tn.||.n7 I 2!..„ • Tl w ' ".•''ll'. „.(. l.c...IMI.:..| to .li.lii|.:j. I. lur.. I'r„vi .:.v ll„. rou. |.Irlivrr .|.^:i'.lHIMriii.:'i:.i:. .\....l of lVovh™'s..y ..wl '''"•. 1 111.usn. /l/.'l.'. ..lM....".a.. m to taki (.^.s..<u.i. ........IKAX.Icsi^-n nirntinn. AcwIiiiiiM aiK .: l->r. .r' "''^ ''"i"-"-- ' -" "i'i''y "A .-::^^^^^^ .M..^'':!:.:inj..l.....ln. ' .:.'"'....I..-- a.''.vii.:..:.l.i. .« 'i-i^c.iv Jiiko .l. !„ 10 IjuUuiii of S"™'i'Str':..:. tlii.. .. <. ..'. w...r'.. liko u.i..::'f.i„"!i.:i...- l^tn."'""'l« Uaters "f ...^-':.n..5 Ml A.ven.|.a.Meet in Nuva Sculia.! IIH 1^1.oihi nlnris .....?.| larlVr "'''''"'' "' ''''• '" ""-V ""'"^ '^"•"•"' •"uM ..... I umimmiM Ouvniinr .•n.^ .iv not all„w.l \' ". "'ll..r:..!.. . I HI.... w.. .n.1 !" -^ :r:a:'i?M:. or ^'""^'V i-' t LVf .Uu Lrtturs..Sn. K.i..! Kin.jt.H. liilU'Mi.|| .r....' .!^'.r'' '''•!"'>'.M.:...„r"i "" ....nrr. IS „„. .•* ti.v .uii „f til In.l in tliis hlU-r is „n tl„.„.v "^ mow .„.y „f tlu. .„. .'i.enc. .I..„...i Ills Kx<H. 1. r. s. .::^ " .1..::...'.y w.i„id.ini. iu. 1' n-^ maa..i| t„ 'MM'II.

II.. the colour ol ' . seems to rqiort against tne iii„i)osili(in.'100 '. Charint! Cross. kiuiu-lud-o of tile tinu' IS tlatod . "'Jnbj2iid.\ containing the dies.P.oiiour to reiiuest that yon will be "ood enough to issue the necessary directions to Jlr. viz. ixm "'Tho 11 ^ . and is copivd from tlie same letter-book : "'memo. Trelawney Saunders. Passow. we find. '1 doubt if the plates were ever sent out to Halifax I never saw them. and stamps wanted could be printed from here.K of the value of £2.. TurrKi!. that h. &c. juhjm. AVheii making the re(piisitioii. or perhaps the stamps ol holli Co (.same day— Auj. as Mr. 1888. 6. Inst Howe made had oil nller the siii. wlieii an application-letter was . '"The last supply of stamps was furni.s.P. I wrote :\fr. Bacon. „ „ I'll 'f £8 respectively. ' 1 have. Woodgate. it will be neces-sary you .' "'(Si. Si.sent to the Proviueial Secretary. nor can any trace of fnrtlicr orders be found until 18. letter is as follows . and which will be copied later on. He .— The 10. kkatin-o. and Petch.'ircd from the foUowiii. that £10.— belli". as may b.D.' "'(Signed) A.h'(ation for stamps. T'lis seems to be the opinion anion. 1851. IJacoii. indisputable evidence that the plates were in England in 1857.. as was the case with «orae of the iiackiu'es in the " last supply furnished. anive. Messrs. '. liowevcr. £'.50(1 Is. I Haild Ikto suf.0()() 6(1. &c. "'General Post Office. viz.^ was informed by the makers of tlio and Co.ud One Sliilling . it would lie as well to caution the engravers not to pack the parcels toe. n.000 H-ortli of stamps for Nova Scotia. Stanford.nies were boii-ht tc«etli.. Westoby says in a letter to me of February (jtli. should this iiiuuuiit be consiJercil too '"I would also recommend that 200 half-pound canisters be also provided— 1011 for the use of this iihilalelists.l.1)00 sheets of 3d. £2. be rnrnislieil tor inime'liate to dcjulile the above numbers.. and a similar amount tor Ivew Brunswick. A.s--:Messrs.s should be sent out. I have the b.late. G.. llie i^latus could have been sent out. Saunders. F. The memorandum previous.") „ Is.y 3d.xed on the iiiargin. [Wn siiliiiiitlod to him mid approved neuessnry stiun)« witlioul Ww. for the consideration of tlie Oovernment.I.000 i. M. postage stamiis 2.— ' " Wheii Mr. £2. . to en(|uire whether the plates ever came here. . Kach sheet to contain IGO stamp.' memorandum.runswKdv stamps wen^ sent out liere on the . inf.2''<i value £20.. . Perkins. No.hiiy 8th. U.|. Perkins.'ust 6tli. . the ap]..-n. of. which are now ill the possession of the engravers. close for when they are strictly confined they ailhere. and become useless.Knnli.' To make this positive. it was proposed that. ii.'). in the letter to the Provincial Secretary above referred. theretore. At the same he apparently had th<^ power to ileeide <m the desi-u of the Xew lirunswick stamps. . ma.ply impressions taken l. who also are in possession of a key fur the safe custody of the dies. £4.000 „ £10.\liausted. iind ordered the Postnmster-Oeneml. \ . Stanford.v. As Mr. liad (lo. IS-^l receipt of this. wlio was cliief clerk of tlio Aova Scotiaii Post Ollicc^ Departinent. and en-raveis in Halifax.'f. of oblileratiii" ink New LrunswrckA "Mv. Halifax. .500 k... S. The .r for the sake of eecmomy. Ho. W. who lias traiislerred his business to Mr.— tliat the plates of the Xova Scotia and P. lor a further demand .d) ' ^ " W of stamps was ordered couM not be found out. . London. Xew "On . and to be those alli. ks. those remaining on liaiu' iiig not only nearly expended but much injuicd. and 100 for aiid directions lor its use. In applying for these posta-e labels. SUinford with your authority to produce the key for opening th bo.should furnish Mr. and Pemiv. making each sliei't labels of Tliree Penny. "What amount "It was mentioned in above letter tliat a proposal was made that the plate. " It is particularly reipiestcd tliat the stamps ' mav be forwarded at as early a period as possible. "'Sin.'est. use. Ualifaic.shed by Mr. „ i. C. or. stock of pasta^je stamps procured from England some time a"o nearly e. 1857.66 ADDENDA. .

lavi^ in mv .'"•' i .i„.VV. Halifax. /h/)c 30//i.' ul w i 1 au.lgato's letter of >iuiy July inu. After .l return to this oliice "lam.Pence is the rule.. mid very oft..ral of Nor^a S^Jh!!^'^ ^^ °°°'''"^^' P'>'('»'''><^r.ook of that Department: T '"Halifax.f I"T"?" date of issue ^Y shoiil. lilue .n less . anil July 2iul.accounts for' their "se of this "D. .e. the answer (h.'"'"""r '" ^ >'^"l'W'<t M. one sheet of Throe Peiu'e an.— I beg to enclose herewith. a. nf *9n(f!l!:.I.. Dec. that of the One Penny has only been guessed at Having lately been fortunate enough to procure access to the letter"'"•' '" J'q'artmenf. our specimens.^ ^T'A "". of tlie '.. from the Postmaster of>e Three Peiic was on a white paper. (date indistinct).-w"V"'° ve'io sent >'?1"'.ook containing copies of letters to deputies...:V""""l. In the le terJ.' and an entire one on envelope pi from same place. ar. while those of the Tliree Pence. ^i.. and copied from the lotterJ. that I Office"^ " • tfPiti°?: """'^. collection a Six Pence on this blue paper split aial used as Three Pence on original cover. printed . same „ on „. I Imvi^ .. and [ have examined a large number of that value '«'"'. " WiiRE the exact date of issue <. 18G0/ The Three ]'ence is on a much liliier pai)er than the ordinary dark shades of _.e furiiislicd with a RUiiply t„ £. "™ '"" " "'"'' "'"""'"'' "" ''""^'^ ""^''' '1'^'" l"'" '*"l'Pli«s ight Ono ...00). is. I have l.'f vTnn e outsid. 1859.ii/ I2th.|uisitio„ for One Penny to which.Ut.. m' msulliciently-cleaned plates -shade of the number IS on a iiaper which shows a somewhat The Six Pence bluish shade in it." • The shoot of tho Ono Penny thorcforo contair. 1H53.-.n.. "Amherst was then one .si„„„.i'l^^''^t nt...'reen Si. agreeably to your request. six y lul els of One Penny .. 'l>eb.lamps. "o?i' ". thr carli. h.l think. l"''"""o'"f.^..' "DATE OF ISSUE OF THE ONE PENNY NOVA SCOTTA. be taken from that application. 2nd is.General.r issu.s a little more. a dark blue Three Pence or yellow-gri^en Six Peiu:.:Gen. Postnu. lsr.ADDENDA. here given. 7.r.(.piisitions I this Province.„ paper of the earlier issue.xa>ninatio. Amherst. as wo see from Mr. A. outside of the «'"'"« »'" •^'"^11 One lenny stamps asked StillClLV."• largc'sl l'''""->- towns of '"l"i''^"l "" "r".: '"'l^'^ (amoun. and One 120 stamps.. and One . ^- H H Ji.. Six Pence. Woo." tmteil blu(! on lace by the ink.^'t''^'>^f«' «<«»>1« (tl. Xova Scotia stamps has been discovered.&c&c.ulit blue Three Pence and irk 1... is sc'ldom fiamd after Xovembcr..^n 67 of July 8tl>.. "'Postm/ster. '"Sin.ster-Oeneral of . 18M..een enabled to make the ^^"t. almost nb date exact. Kixn.)/. A. Six Pence.. in 18:)7" soi ue sheets of the Three Pence and Six Penee were -. .lh.f the Throe Pence... Ki. 1857. stamps ' to the "'Halifax. of a arge of spt'cuuciis of tli(^ t\V(j lower values es on the tl ori-nud cover. will thank you applications..... '' f'f "'« <»"« l'"»"y stamps in the IctterJiook. iper. A so a supply of the proper priatcl .\. on „u an intensely luLi-useiy b'hu oiue paoer. 7. to tdl up .o. viz.'e stamns amount of £2 5s. being used as they were for show that this was the usual number of sometmn. for the use of the 'pU Itece!. At the time tlie last supiilies were sent tail. 1853. he re. which was tintej'Tl.t re. the 1. From that date the li. 18W wore each oniposed of 100 stamps.' with the ackiiowleagmeiit «.". '^^ limy l.. and the .) ' ^ " "c.Nova feeotia.. Of tli(> Six Pence on blue jiaper 1 have only seen f.l n merely town or drop postage.„. "D.N-G. postmarked I unenburg. as will be seen by the following letter of th.Shilliag.. as 1 .Sh. iiosta.

^ Sir .yi'!^s/:i^2^ji^>^i>.



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urn uuHtKss Hv/j-ru un wkittkX «v tbis swk J. ^mi ^ I 1» € » ?H» 'M" C VV 1« > 9^ . I -4. .'mMs^ms2m^zs?:s^.s?m^mmzmmszm iC TQSs0*«wf^w*^ *»C»*iT yClAlt II I T5> -1/ ""^^^ ..