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00. We need to design an optimized operations process which includes the raw material procurement process. so that they are not forced to go back to the alleys of the very hell that they have escaped. It also works for the rehabilitation of women. There is a need to study the legal formalities and decide on the structure of the industry.H.H was born.H. Moving forward. The whole process should be benchmarked with industry standards. Ashish Singhal-08552925269 Paridhi Agal. in and around Pune.07743819081 Sahil Kataria – 07757008832 . Pune which is currently home to over 50 victims rescued from red light areas. visit www. The setup in its first phase will employ at most 20 women.Pune. Seed capital of Rs 2.T.P. and S.This might help you in solving the case.H.A. the students.. The main focus of the team has always been to reengineer. meter of work area is provided in the rescue foundation.P. THE DELIVERABLES From the information provided. The victims are not allowed to move out of the premises for whatsoever reason. art and psycho-therapy sessions. and design an optimized go to market strategy for the same. which is still considered ‘uncomfortable’ in our country. we plan to provide sustainable employment opportunities to these women by setting up a Papad oath to put an end to the growing menace of human trafficking .T.It is equally important to identify the markets that need to be penetrated. took an oath. We provide them with vocational training programs.H. Around 50 sq.A.A. who have been rescued. To get a better idea about the activities of S. They do not have government authorized identification proofs. the perspective of the society towards the victims of the flesh trade. help us come up with a self-sustainable business model including financials for 2 years and provide an expansion strategy. faculty and staff of SCMHRD (Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development) . which hinders the setting up of their bank savings accounts and hence reimbursing them will be an issue. Team is required to submit their entry in the form of max 15 slides ppt converted into pdf format.These women come from different cultures and backgrounds.A. Contact No. the team tries to create awareness about the cause. You may attach an appendix of the same with detailed explanation wherever required. machines required and quality management.THE BACKGROUND In the year 2008.H for this has been raised by S.Prepare for the worst and suggest an innovative idea in case all else fails.facebook. Through its various activities throughout the year.T. THE SCENARIO Shapath has tied up with a Rescue foundation in Hadapsar.A.A.