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Curriculum Vitae


Edmond Walshe
1 Stra!"err# $ill% &u"lin ' (ire)Ireland *+,+ 1 +-1111 *+,+ 1 +-111

e! 0ahoo1 Messen2er 30IM4 edmond/!alshe Nationalit# Irish

5O6 APPLIE& FOR WOR7 E8PERIENCE 199: ; Present

6uildin2 electrician

6uildin2 electrician
Walshe Electrical Ltd% -< $arold=s Cross Par>% $arold=s Cross% &u"lin :/ Senior Electrical Technician o? a ten @erson team

E&ACATION AN& TRAININB Se@tem"er 199, ; Se@tem"er 199C

AdDanced Certi?icate Cra?t ; Electrical Instrumentation
FES% Middle A""e# Street% &u"lin 1 ; com@l# !ith national "uildin2 re2ulations% national electrical installation rules and !ith national le2islation related to occu@ational health% sa?et# and the enDironment/ ; inter@ret electrical eFui@ment manu?acturersG s@eci?ications and dra!in2s to determine correct installation% maintenance% test and re@air @rocedures ; inter@ret @roHect @lans% s@eci?ications and dra!in2s to determine the location% t#@es and Fuantities o? materials reFuired to install electrical !irin2 s#stems% eFui@ment% controls and @rotectiDe deDices ; @lan the seFuence o? o@erations% select and use materials% hand and @o!er tools and !or> techniFues that are a@@ro@riate to a ran2e o? electrical installation and maintenance @roHects ; use test instruments to locate mal?unctions in electrical and electromechanical s#stems and eFui@ment ; !or> alone or as @art o? a team to ensure that @roHect deadlines are met

PERSONAL S7ILLS Mother ton2ue3s4 Other lan2ua2e3s4 En2lish






S@o>en interaction

S@o>en @roduction







LeDelsI A1) I 6asic user ; 61) I Inde@endent user ; C1) Pro?icient user Common Euro@ean Frame!or> o? Re?erence ?or Lan2ua2es

Communication s>ills

I haDe !or>ed in Darious t#@es o? team @roHects ?rom re!irin2 ne!l# "uilt estates to electrical maintenance o? Darious cor@orate "usinesses/ I am a senior electrician !hich also inDolDes or2anisin2 teams to carr# out Darious !or> @roHects/ ; >no!led2e o? ETCI re2ulations 2oDernin2 tem@orar# installations/ ; much eJ@erience in installin2 motor control circuit !irin2% rela#s% oDerload units% @rotectiDe deDices and @ush "utton indicators/

Or2anisational ) mana2erial s>ills 5o";related s>ills

K Euro@ean Anion% << ; <1+ L htt@I))euro@ass/cede?o@/euro@a/eu

Pa2e 1 )

Certi?icate in ProHect Mana2ement .Curriculum Vitae Edmond Walshe Other s>ills . <1+ L htt@I))euro@ass/cede?o@/euro@a/eu Pa2e ) . Certi?icate in First Aid 6 &riDin2 licence K Euro@ean Anion% << .