The Republican Manifesto A Tract Book Essay By Anthony J. Fejfar, B.A., J.D., Esq., Coif © Copyright 2007 by Anthony J.

Fejfar Typically, it is thought, at least in some quarters, that if there was ever to be a Communist revolution in the United States, that it would come from the Democratic Party. Apparently, the thought was that in the Soviet Union the government ran everything, and so, when the Democrats wanted more funding for social programs, such “Big Government” Democrats were really Communists trying to bring about a controlling central government. Never mind that the social programs put money into the pockets of private individuals, not the government. Never mind that the government was trying to regulate the economy so that it would stay both fair and private. But, I would like to propose another idea about Communism in this essay. Karl Marx, in the Communist Manifesto said that at the end of the materialist dialectical process, the government would fall away as an unnecessary evil. So, perhaps the real Communist revolution in this country will come not from the Democratic Party, but from the Republican Party. From Ronald Reagan to George Bush the Republicans have done everything that they can at both the state and federal level to dismantle government. Rather that seeing the government as a good, they see it as evil. This is precisely the Communist attitude which Marx wrote about. The Republicans seem to want the State to fall away so that we can be left with a Communist Utopia. Like the Soviet Union, I suspect that the Communist Utopia we will end up with will involve poverty, euthanasia,

abortion, unemployment, and ignorance. Ronald Reagan did the best he could to destroy the middle class in this country by preventing its children from going to college. It is even worse today. Even rich people wonder if they can afford to send their kids to college anymore. Law school tuition is so high that it is de facto impossible for most law graduates to start a solo practice. Often these lawyers have a student loan debt of over $120,000, almost guaranteeing that they will not be able to represent middle class or low income clients. The idea that welfare exists is a joke. In Pennsylvania, for example welfare pays only $600 per month, while food stamps pays only $60 per month. Then the government has the nerve to insist that relatives cannot give gifts to help make up the difference so that a relative doesn’t starve to death. Sixty dollars is about enough to buy food for one person for a week, not a month. So perhaps the Republican Manifesto has come to pass afterall. Perhaps, Ronald Reagan, instead of being anti-communist was really a communist himself. Food for thought.