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How to Develop a Photographic Memory

By braniac Everyone wants to remember everything all the time, reach into the sciences behind it all.(Please rate with stars above) Difficulty: Moderate

Things You'll Need
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dar! room. bright lam". sheet of "a"er with a rectangular hole cut the si#e of a "aragra"h for the te$t you want to %"hotogra"h%. & 'his system will ta!e & month for you to develo", you must ta!e &( minutes every day and dedicate it to this training. )or the first month, your eyes will ta!e about ( minutes time to ad*ust to daylight reading. + )ind a dar! room in your house, free of distractions for &( minutes. , use the bathroom. 'he room must have a bright lam" or ceiling lam".

ad*ust distance so that your eyes focus instantly with ease on the writing. it will wor!. fli" the light on again for a s"lit second. e$"osing only one "aragra"h and hold the boo! out in front of you. 1ou will see an after glow as your eyes ad*ust to the dar!. again staring at the material.. )li" light on for a s"lit second and then off again. 4 5e"eat this "rocess until you can recall every word in the "aragra"h in order. 0lose your eyes and o"en. / 0over the "age.% % % % % . 1ou will be able to actually see the "aragra"h and read it from the im"rint in your mind. ( 'urn off down ne$t to the light switch with your boo! and "a"er that has a rectangular hole cut out of it the si#e of a "aragra"h. Tips & Warnings % Do not get discouraged. 2 1ou will have a visual im"rint in your eyes of the material that was in front of you. 3hen this im"rint fades. .t has been wor!ing for the military for 46 years. .

% 1ou will be develo"ing this techni7ue to a "oint where you will be able to e$ecute this during the day. 8mitting even one day. all day. can "rolong training by as much as a wee!. % % . 5ate this article with the stars by my screen name.