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For additional information on graduation requirements, acceleration options, state End of Course Exams, and Bright Futures Scholarships

, please attend your school’s th 8 Grade Parent Transition to High School Program! Duval Virtual Instruction Academy Tuesday, December 3rd Cline Auditorium, DCPS School Board Building, 6 3!"# 3!$m Students Entering Grade Nine In 2014-1
!hat Students and Parents Need to "no# a$out Graduation %&tions

5ote6 credits in the same .orld Language are required for admission into state uni#ersities 1 %nline 'ourse -ust &ass re5uired state assessments Y

24 'redit Standard (i&loma %&tion
4 'redits English )anguage *rts +E)*, ELA 1, , !, " ELA honors, Ad#anced $lacement %A$&, Ad#anced 'nternational Certificate of Education %A'CE&, 'nternational Baccalaureate %'B& and (ual Enrollment courses may satisfy this requirement 4 'redits -athematics )ne of *hich must +e Alge+ra 1 and one of *hich must +e ,eometry -ust pass state Alge+ra 1 End of Course assessment . 'redits Science 1 Biology , 1 physical science, and 1 equally rigorous science course  of the ! required science credits must ha#e a la+oratory component . 'redits Social Studies 1 credit in .orld /istory, 1 credit in 01S1 /istory, 12 credit in 01S1 ,o#ernment and 12 credit in Economics to include financial literacy 2 'redits o/ !orld )anguage credits in the same *orld language 1 'redit 0ine and Per/orming *rts1 S&eech and (e$ate or Practical *rts Eligi+le courses are specified in the Florida Course Code (irectory ***1fldoe1org3articulation3CC(3default1a sp 1 'redit Ph2sical Education 4o include the integration of health %/)$E& 3 Electi4e 'redits

NE! (i&loma (esignations
I/ 2ou choose the 24 'redit Standard (i&loma %&tion 2ou ma2 also #or6 to#ards additional (esignations on 2our di&loma! Scholar (i&loma (esignation 'n addition to meeting the "7credit standard high school diploma requirements a student must6  $ass the ELA ,rade 11 state*ide assessment once implemented  Earn 1 credit in Alge+ra %must pass state*ide assessment&  Earn 1 credit in statistics or an equally rigorous mathematics course  $ass the Biology 1 E)C  Earn 1 credit in Chemistry or $hysics  Earn 1 credit in a course equally rigorous to chemistry or physics  $ass the 01S1 /istory E)C  Earn credits in the same .orld Language  Earn at least 1 credit in Ad#anced $lacement %A$&, 'B, A'CE or a (ual Enrollment course1
-erit (i&loma (esignation

'n addition to meeting the standard high school diploma requirements a student must6  Attain one or more industry certifications from the list esta+lished %per s1 188!1"9 , F1S1&1

18-'redit *cademicall2 'hallenging 'urriculum to Enhance )earning +*''E),
 $hysical education is not required  ! electi#e credits  )nline course is not required *ll other graduation re5uirements /or a 24credit standard di&loma must $e met %per section 188!1" : %!&%a&7%e&, Florida Statute ;F1S1<&1 This o&tion ma2 limit a student7s &ostsecondar2 o&tions as #ell as 8right 0utures Scholarshi& eligi$ilit21

Students *ith disa+ilities *ill still ha#e the option of choosing one of se#eral S&ecial (i&loma %&tions to meet their educational needs1