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Method of message transmission - channel Preferred communication strategy in high context cultures Converting a message into words and/or nonverbal symbols - Encoding An informal communication channel within organizations - Gra evine !erbal or nonverbal res onse flowing bac" to sender - #eedbac" $ransmission of information and meaning - communication Communication Channel Gra evine Encoding %irectness %ecoding #eedbac" &ndirectness

Revise sentences
a' #ocuses on the writer or the com any ( t)* trung va+o ng,-+i vi./t ho0*c c1ng ty b' 2efers to the feeelings of the writer or the com any ( thi.n v.+ ca3m xu/c cu3a ng,-+i vi./t ho0*c c1ng ty c' 4ses 5&6 more often than 5you6 in a ositive situation ( s,3 du*ng & nhi.+u h-n you d' Em hasizes the reader in a negative situation ( nh)/n ma*nh r0+ng ng,-+i 7o*c 7ang -3 ti+nh hu1/ng b)/t l-*i e' Contains hidden negatives ( )/n ch,/a th1ng tin b)/t l-*i f' Em hasizes what the reader can8t do ( nh)/n ma*nh r0+ng ng,-+i 7o*c "h1ng th.3 la+m gi+ 7o/ g' #ails to 9ustify negative information ( th)/t ba*i trong vi.*c nh)/n ma*nh th1ng tin b)/t l-*i h' &ncludes negative information that could be omitted ( bao g1+m th1ng tin b)/t l-*i i' :ac"s friendly tone ( gio*ng 7i.*u "h1ng th)n thi.*n 9' Contains biased language ( s,3 du*ng ng1n ng,; "h1ng thi.*n ca3m <e can8t send the !C2 you ordered until =an > ?f? 2evision@ we can send the !C2 you ordered on =an > >' b <e are ha y to enroll you in our stoc" mar"et lan

 Aou8re welcome to our stoc" mar"et lan / $han"s you for enrolling our urchasing lan B' d Aou failed to sign your cheCue .h  Aour cheCue arrived without a signature D' i 2eturn the draft with any changes by next $uesday  $he draft need to be changed before next $uesday E' h Aou were worried about the resume you emailed usF howeverG we did not have an roblems scanning it into our system  Aour resume has been scanned into your system successfully H' c & have ordered a new com uter for youI & ex ect it to arrive by the >HthG and &8ll get it ready for you to use as soon as my schedule ermits  Aour new com uter will arrive by the >HthI Please arrange time to hel get it ready for you J' f <e cannot sell %!%s in lots of fewer than ten  Aou can buy a bul" of ten %!%s or moreI K' 9 <hen the nurse fills out the accident re ort formG she should send one co y to the Central %ivision Lffice  <hen she fills out the accident re ort formG she should send one co y to the Central %ivision Lffice M' a Ntarting next monthG the com any will offer you a choice of three different health lansI  Aou will have a choice of three different health lans in next month O' e $his ublication is designed to ex lain how your com any can start a recycling rogram  $his ublication is to hel com any start a recylcing rogram / $his ublication give a guideline about starting a recycling rogram >P' g <e will not allow you to charge more than Q>HPP on your !isa account  Aou can charge Q>HPP on your !isa card / #or your safetyG your visa card can give you Q>HPP in credit SHORT ANSWER Ruestion > .

erceivingI c' !alues and beliefs Psychogra hic characteristics are Cualitatius rather than Cuantiative and include valuesG beliefsG goalsG and lifestylesI Tnowing what your audience finds im ortant allow you to organize information in away that seems natural to your audienceG and to choose a eals that audience members will find ersuasive Mar"eters also use geodemogra hic data to analyze and a eal to audiences according to where they live and what they buy Ruestion B a' <hat is active listening U Active listening involves feeding bac" the literal meaningG or the emotional contentG or bothI b' Ex lain E of the H strategies that create active res onses Paragra h the contentI #eed bac" the meaningG as you understand itG in your own words Mirror the s ea"er8s feelingI &dentify the feelings you thin" you hear Ntate your own feelingsI $his stretegy wor"s es ecially well when you are angry As" for information or clarification As" how you can hel Ruestion D a' %esign VLV !E2SA: communication .$hree criteria that might be ta"en into consideration when analyzing the charaacteristics of an audience are demogra hic factorsG ersonality traitsG and values and beliefsI Ex lain each criteria and ma"e s ecific suggestions how the information may be hel ful when writing business messagesI &nclude exam les if the will hel your ex lanation a' %emogra hics@ %emogra hic characteristics can be ob9ectively CuantifiedG or measuredG and include ageG genderG religionG education levelG incomeG location and so onI Susiness nad governments use a variety of demogra hic data to forecast eo le8s behavioursG and to design their strategies accordinglyI Nometimes demogra hic information is irrelevantF sometimes it8s im ortantI %emogra hic data has certainly determined the shar increase in small business startu s devoted to ersonal services b' Personality $raits@ Personality traits are distinguishing Cualities or characteristics of a ersonI $raits are readiness or act in a similar fashion in res onse to a variety of different stimuli or situationsI 4nderstanding and ada ting to your rimary audience8s ersonality can hel ma"e your message more effectiveI Personality and learning style own and others behavioursI $here is o ular assessment tool to identify references@ introvert-extrovertG sensing-intuitiveG thin"ing-feelingG 9udgeing.

Von verbal communication is the rocess of communication through sending and receiving wordless messagesI Vonverbal-communication includes facial ex ressionsG gesturesG eye contactsG body languageG touchG s atial arrangements and our use of time and s ace b' &ndentify and ex lain H nonverbal symbols that differ among cultures Eye contact@ these differences can lead to miscommunication in the multicultural wor" laceI Nu er visors may infer from their eye contact that em loyees are being disres ectfulG whenG in factG the em loyee is behaving a ro riately according to the norms of his or her culture Gestures@ that means a roval in Canada may have very different meanings in other countriesI $he 5thumbs u 6 sign that means 5good wor"6 or 5go ahead6 in CanadaG the 4NG and most of <estern Euro e is a vulgar insult in Greece N ace@ &n many culturesG eo le who are of the same age and sex ta"e less ersonal s ace than do mixed-age or mixed-sex grou sI :atin Americans stand closed to eo le of the same sex than Vorth American doG but Vorth Americans stand closer to eo le of the o osite sexI $ouch@ Most art of Vorth Americans allow o osite-sex cou le to hold hands or wal" arm in arm in ublicG but frown on the same behaviour in samesex cou lesI Peo le in AsiaG the Middle EastG and Nouth America have the o osite ex ectation N atial arrangements@ in most Candian interviewsG a des"G which both o le erceive as art of the interviewer8s lacem se arates the interviewer and the a licantI &t8s considered ina ro riate for the a licant to lace his or her ro erty on a des" or to lean on the des"I Ruestion E %iscusss the following obstacles to inter ersonal communication by ex lanining the terms and suggesting the im act each has on the communication rocess a' Poor business writing Ex lanation@ $he writing that is unclear and incorrect has miscommunicationG oor erformanceG lost revenueG damaged re utationG lost credibility &m act@ oor writing is costly Poor writing ta"es more time to read and inter ret &t reCuires more time for revisions &t confuses and irritates the reader &t delays action while the reader reCuests more informationG or tries to figure out the meaning b' %iffering frames of reference $hey are the contextG view ointG set of rosu ositions or of evaluative criteria within which a erson8s erce tion and thin"ing seem always to occurG and which constrains selectively the course and outcome of these activitiesI Miscommunication also freCuently occurs became every individual ma"es meaning using different frames of referenceI <e always inter ret messages in the light of our erce tionsG based on ersonal ex eriencesG our cultures and subculturesG and the time in which we live .

c' Siased language Siased language is wards and hrases that are considered re9udicedG offensiveG and hurtfulI Siased language includes ex ressions that demean or exclude eo le became of ageG sexG raceG ethnicityG social classG or athonize othersG they ris" losing the res ect of their readers as well as their credibilityI <hen they eliminate biasG they avoid offending othersG and they demonstrate your ability to thin" and ex ress themselves in thoughtful and im ortial ways d' Voise Voise influences every art of the communication rocessI Voise can be hysical and sychologicalI Psychological noise includes emotionalG intellectualG or sychological inteference@ it could include disli"ing a s ea"erG being concerned about something other than the messageG having reconceived notions about an issueG or harbouring re9udices about the message or messenger Ruestion H a' <hat is active listeningU b' Ex lain #L42 of the #&!E strategies that create active res onsesI Ruestion J Ex lain the eight activities involved in the writing rocess Planing@ using PA&SLC method analyzing the situation Gathering/researching Nearching the information from the clientG internetG initial message Com osing/writing Getting words downG ma"e listsG free writeG mind-ma G ma"e drafts Assesing 2ead and readed Getting feedbac" 4sing a reader and as" for comment 2evising <riting is rewriting and rewor"ing the document to reflect your own assessment and hel ful feedbac" from others Editing #ocus on the surface of the writingG ensuring a ro riate word choice and correct formatG s ellingG grammarG usageG and unctuation Proofreading Chec" the final co y to ensure it8s free from ty ogra hical errors Ruestion K %escribe $W2EE ways in which you can im rove written communication with a visitor who s ea"s english as a foreign language and whose culture is different from yoursI &nclude s ecific exam les to su ort your answerI L ening .

Exam le@ reCuest action or get reader8s attention or offer than"s X a ologize Ntyle Exam le@ short sentences or modesty minimize own standing !alue Exam le@ EfficiencyG directnessG action or statusG comtinuation Ruestion M An effctiveG reader-centred message must meet five criteriaG the HC8sI Lne criteria is that the message is clearG the writer chooses the factsG the organizationG and the language ti enable the reader to get the meaning that the writer intendedI :ist and ex lain the other #L42 criteria for an effectiveG reader-centered message $he message is clear@ the writer chooses the facts-and the organization and language to convey those facts-that enable the reader to get the meaning that the writer intended $he message is concise@ the writer conveys maximum meaning using as few words as ossible $he message is com rehensive the styleG organizationG and visual im act of the message hel the reader to readG understandG and act $he message is com lete@ the reader has enough information to evaluate the message and act on it $he message is correct the information in the message is accurate and is free of errors in unctuationG s ellingG grammarG word order and sentence structureI Ruestion O a' Nuggest $<L reasons why reader benefits wor" Provide benefits that focus on readers8 needs and wantG eo le feel more ositive about you and your reCuest Provide reader benefits ma"es it easier for you accom lish your goals b' Ex lain $<L characteristics of effective reader benefits $hin" of the feelingG valueGG fears G and needs that may motivate your reader &dentify the ob9ective features of your roduct or olicy Multiple choice >' <hich of the following is a ur ose of a business documentU a' &nform b' 2eCuest c' Persuade d) All of the above B' <hich of the following is an exam le of a com any8s internal audienceU .

a' 4nion leader b' Nhareholder c' Nu lier d) District manager D' &nformal conversation around the water cooler is a) Just as important as writing formal documents b' More im ortant than writing formal documents c' A sign of a slo y organization d' A bad habit E' <hich of the following would be an external audience for a cor orate accountant wor"ing at Wead Lffice a' !ice.resident sales b) Stockholders c' ManagerG brance office d' Cler" accounts receivable H' <hich of the following is a wor" lace myth a' Necretaries will do all of my writing b' &8ll use form letters or tem lates when & write c' &8ll 9ust ic" u the hone d) All of the above J' Canadian rofessionals need which of the following basics to remain com etitive a' $eam building b' 2e ort writing c' Presentation re areation d) All of the above K' Effective message are a' Clear b' Concise c' Com lete d) All of the above M' <hen a document goes from one erson to another several timesG the rocess called a) Cycling b' Nhifting c' Sy assing d' $ransferring O' <hich of the following is not a benefit of becoming a better writerU a' Good writing saves time .

b' Good writing saves money c) Good writing reduces travel costs d' Good writing ro9ects a ositive image of the organization >P' <hich audience ma"es a decision to act on the basis of your message a) Primary audience b' Necondary audience c' &nitial audience d' Gate"ee er >>' <hich of the following is most im ortant in the communication rocessU a' $he sender b' $he receiver c) oth are e!ually important d' Lther audience are more im ortant >B' <hich of the following is VL$ a red flag wordU a' 4nfortunately b) Alternative c' &ncom etent d' Vo >D' &f your audience have different needs focus on the gate"ee er audience or a' &nitial audience b) "atchdog audience c' &nitiating audience d' Primary audience >E' Aou are a lying for a 9ob as a networ" administrator with a com any of MP em loyeesI $he news a er advestisement instructs you to address your cover letter to <ill barnes &$ managerI &dentify the most li"ely gate"ee er audience E your letter a' Ncott smith mailroom cler" b) Sheryl leung# office admin c' <ill barnes &$ manager d' $ara beaucheminG !P o eration >H' An audience8s disli"e for a s ea"er is an exam le of a' #eed bac" b' 2esonance c' Ntimulus d) $oise >J' %etermining whether a message will be delivered by email or delivered in erson art of .

a' Nelecting an a ro riate audience b' Netting the right tone for the message c' Ada ting a message to the audience d) Selecting an appropriate channel for the message >K' Geodemogra hic data analyze audience according to a' Age b' &ncome c' Ethnicity d) Spending habits >M' <hich of the following is VL$ an exam le of sychogra hic dateU a' Seliefs b' Goals c) %eligion d' :ife style >O' $he SEN$ reader benefits to use are those that derive from a' :ogical reasoning b' Necondary sources c' Audience analysis d) Person l e!perince BP' <hich of the following does not reveal organization culture ) M"th b' Clientele c' Sudget d' Mailing address B>' Aou want to convince your manager to urchase a new iece of software to im rove office ro ductivityI Nince ur manager is an introvet G your best a ouach is to a' Mention ur idea to ur manager at the water coller b) Pur ur ide s in n em il mess #e c' :eave ur manager a voice mail message d' Ma"e an a ointment to s ea" to your manager in her office BB' <hich of the folowing is not a gate"ee er audienceU a' An accont exective who a roves a mar"eting lan beE it8s submitted to the client b) A receptionist $ho routinel" opens the m il %or sm ll business & pss e ch piece on to its o$ner c' A rogram director at the nation science foundation who screens all grant a lications to ensure confrmity to the a criteria beE d' $he ersonal director of a large university who scrrenns all internal a licant for eligibility before sending a lications to the interviews .

BD' <hich of the following is VL$ a demogra hic characteristic a' Education b' &ncome c) ' lues d' Age BE' Aou8r wor"ing as a consultant for a new cor orate clientI <hat is li"ely the most effective way E you to orient urselfe to the com any8s culture ) An l"s(e the comp n" $ebsite b' Chec" the valure of com any shared on the stoc" exchange c' As" the office admin E a com any orga chart d' Conduct a search for news a er articles that mention the com BH' Aou8r writing a memo recommending that marguerite chavez be romoted Gmarguetie has been assed over E several romotions even though her Cualifications weere stronger than those of the men Yin each case' who received the romotionI Aou believe the failiure to romote her is unfair and erha s even evidence of discrimination I should u use the word discrimination in ur memo a' Aes G because only a tough stance can be ersuasive in business b' AesG because ur su erior must face u to what the8re doing wrong br H they can change their behavior c) No ) bec use discrimin tion is li*el" to lien te ur re ders n d m *e them less li*el" to ccept ur recommnetion d' VoG because no business message should use short word BJ' Sy BP>J what ercentage of canada8s o ulation will consist of vivible minorities a' Lne tenth b' Lne fifth c) One third d' Lne Cuarter BK' <hy do we need to be aware of different cultures values Gbeliefs and ratices when we communicateU a' Canadians wishing to ex and their trading terntory might loo" outside of canada X the 4N b' Many canadian com anies are art of larger multi national consortiums c' Canadian wor" laces are becoming more ethnically diverse d) All the the bove BM' <hich reward would li"ely be the most motivational in an arab countryU a' Profit sharing b' Gifts for self or maily c' #ringe benfits d) Soci l services .

BO' <hich culture most strongly values ris" ta"ing ) + p nese b' Arab c' Vorth american d' Ncandinavian DP' Closed body ositions show that you are being a' L en to new ideas b) Defensive c' Voncommittat d' %isres ectful D>' Personal s aces can vary according to ) Culture b' Gender c' Soth d' Veither DB' Aou are in a meeting with an international executive at his officeI A colleague comes in to tal" to him during ur a ointmentG and he acce ts B hone callsI $his robably means that a' We thin"s you are less im ortant thatn the other callers b) He is unor# ni(ed c' Wis culture is monochronic d' Wis culture is olychronic DD' <hat a' b) c' d' rimary ur ose do business introductions serve in 9a anses cultureU Establish ersonal ra ort Est blish position in #roup Establish status Establish 9ob identiry DE' Aou are an admin assistant sending our invitations to the hos ital benefitI Choose the best alternative to the biased ex ression doctors and their wives ) .octors nd their husb nds or $ives b' %octors and their husbands c' %octors and their guests d' %octors and their s ouses DH' <hat is the referred term for eo le over JH years oldU a' Golden agers b) Senior citi(ens c' Llder ro le d' $he elderly .

DJ' <hich of the following is a strategy to avoid listening errors caused by focusing solely on factsU a' #ocus ont the contentG not the delivery b) P r phr se $h t the spe *er h s s id c' Plan ur rebuttal as u listen d' <rite down "ey oints DK' &f you are having trouble listeining because your are u setG which of the following strategies should u try a' Minizing roblem b' Ntarting ur fellings c) -nterro# tin# d' Mirroring the s ea"er8s feelings in reverse DM' <hat wor"force a' b' c' ercentage of executives rate listening as the most im ortant s"ill in the BPZ EPZ JPZ d) &'( DO' <hich of the following is a form of bloc"ing a) Advising b' Para hrasing c' Ntating ur own feelings d' Vodding EP' &f u r s ea"ing with so who nods while u r s ea"ing and then brings oints of disagreement when u r finished s ea"ingG it is li"ely that ur listener a' Vods for noreason at all b' <ant to mislead u c' Agreed with u until the last oint u made in the argument d) "as nodding to show that he or she was listening but was not necessarily agree E>' <hich of the following is something a good writer is li"ely to doU a' <ait to edit until after the draft is com lete b' <rite regularly c' Srea" big 9obs into smaller chun"s d) All o% the bove EB' A roximately what ercentage of the total time s ent roducing a document should be devoted to lanning and organizingU ) ./0 b' >/>P .

c' [ d' B/D ED' <hich lanning method would li"ely be most effective for an oral resentation with visualsU a' Ntoryboard b' #ormal outline c' #reewrintg d) 1ist o% he din#s EE' <hich of the following is an ex ert wtiter more li"ely to do than a noviceU a' 2ead daily b' 4se rules strictly c' Ntic" with a single writing strategy d' Create >st drafts that reCuire no revision EH' <hich of the following is a benefit of tal"ing to internal and external audiences a' Eliminates the need for secondary research b' N eeds u writing rocess c' Vegates olitical conflict d' 2educes the number of revisions EJ' <hen you8re roofing a document and find an errorG you should a' Circle it and movee on b' 4nderline it and add it to your list of errors c' Correct it and reread the line d' Wighlight it and lace a note in the margin EK' Grammar chec"ers can a' Correct all ur grammar b' Ruestion you about some grammatical constructs c' Eliminate the need for roofreading d' All EM' #eedbac" is im ortantI <hich of the following should you VL$ doU a' $ell eo le what s ecifically you want feedbac" on b' Argue or defend your ideas and intentions with reviewers c' As" for feedbac" on styleG coherenceG s eelingG or grammar d' Put aside the reviewrs8s comments until you can deal unemotionally with them EO' <hich of the following is VL$ a rinci le for achieving you-attitudeU a' Always use the word you b' #ocus on what the reader receives or can do c' &n ositive situations G stress what the reader wants to "now d' %on8t8 resume that you "now how the reader feels or will react .

HP' <hich sentence SEN$ illutrates the you-attitudeU a' <e will shi your order by May BP b' <e are leased to credit your account with QHP c' Aour benefits begin as soon as you use ur new credit card d' <e are sure you will en9oy the vacation ac"age we have ut together for you H>' &n which of the following situations would using the word you ty ically VL$ be a good choice a' <hen you must inform a subordinate that she has inadvertently made a costly error b' <hen you must inform a subordinate that you have assed her idea on to your su ervisor c' <hen you want to focus on what the reader will gain from your new olicy d' <hen you want to congratulate your subordinate for her romotion HB' <e have decied to extend our service to you by remaining o en until midnight on Vew Aear8s EveI &ndicate the alternative that both correctly evaluates the sentence and correctly the reason for the evaluation a' Good you-attitude because it stresses reader benefits b) 1 c*s "ou2 ttitude bec use it %ocuses on $h t the $riter is doin# c' Good you-attitude because it contains you d' :acc"s you-attitude because the service referred to is not s eccified HD' &m leased to let you "now that the new com uters have arrivedI %oes this sentence have good you-attitudeU a' AesG since it is ositive b) 3es) since it cont ins re der bene%it c' VoG since the sentence does not begin with you d' VoG since the reader doesn8t care about the writer8s emotion HE' & have negotiated an agreement that gives you a >PZ discount for any domestic fight charged on our com any credit cardI &ndicate the alrernative that both correctly evaluates the sentence and correctly ex lains the reason for the evaluation a' Good you-attitude because it contains a reader benefit b' Good you-attitude because the reader is getting something valuable for traveling c) 1 c*s "ou2 ttitude bec use it %ocused on $h t the $riter h s done d' :ac"s you-attidude because it does not mention whether the reader travels very much HH' <hich of the following sentences exhibits the MLN$ you-attitudeU a' Aou cant entroll in the rogram until you8re BP years old b' Sefore your twentieth birthdayG you cannot entroll in the rogram c) 3ou m " entroll in the pro#r m n"time %ter "our 24h birthd " d' & regret that & can8t enroll you in the rogram until you turn BP .

o% ur present tion should be enclosed JP' <hich of the following sentences contains a hidden negativeU a' Aou will no longer have to wait for hoto develo ing b) Our pplic tion process h s been much improved c' $he "it contains no less than BPP ieces d' Vo on under BP was at the arty J>' $o de-em hasize a negativeG ut it in@ a' $he first sentence of a aragra h b' $he middle sentence of a aragra h c' $he last sentence of a aragra h d) A bulleted list JB' &n which of the following situations is it VL$ acce table to omit negative information a' <hen the reader already "nows the information b) When the re der needs the in%orm tion to m *e decision c' <hen the information would not affect the reader8s decision d' <hen the reader doesn8t "now the informationG but it is trivial .HJ' &dentify the sentence that uses a assive verb to avoid assigning blame a' Aou seem to have made an addition error in your last invoice b' Aour last invoice contained an addition error c' An addition error a eared in your last invoice d) An ddition error $ s m de on ur l st choice HK' <hich of the following words is :EAN$ negativeU ) C ustions b' 4nsure c' Afraid d' <orried HM' &n a rogress re ort announcing a ro9ect delay to ur bossG which of the following would be an audience-based benefit of ta"ing more time to com lete the wor"U a' Aou Ythe writer' won8t have to wor" over the wee"end b' $here8s roomin the budget for additional wor"days c) The 5u lit" o% the $or* $ill improve d' Aour boss can ta"e some time off to de-stress HO' which of the following sentences is an indirect reCuestU a' Enclose a cd of ur resentation b' Please enclose a C% of ur resentation c' <ould you be able to enclose a C% of ur resentationU d) A C.

JD' <hich of the following sentences would be considered the W&GWEN$ level of olitenessU a' Nubmit your itemized ex enses to me by #riday b' Please submit your itemized ex ense by #riday c' All ex ense must be submitted by #riday to be reimbursed d) Would "ou be ble to submit "our e!pense report b" 6rid "7 JE' <hen you are at faultG you should ) -mmedi tel" issue n polo#" b' Consider cor orate olicy regarding a ologies c' &gnore the situationG it8ll blow over d' %o none of the above JH' &dentify the sentence that uses the MLN$ ositive em hasis a' 4nfortunatelyG your new credit card can8t be used until you activate it b' <e8re ha y to inform you that your new credit card will be ready to use as soon as you activate it c) 3our br nd ne$ credit c rd $ill be re d" to use s soon s "ou re ble to ctiv te it d' As soon as you8ve activated your new credit card by honing >-MPP-EJH-B>PEG you8ll be able to ma"e your first urchase JJ' Extrinsic benefits are benefits that a' Are 5added in6 b' Are granted by someone in ower c' &nvolve financial gain d) Are dded on s corpor te re$ rds JK' &n Maslow8s hierarchyG the need to understand the reasons for a su ervisor8s actions falls into which category of needU a' EsteemG recognition b' Nelf-actualization c) S %et") securit" d' :oveG belonging JM' According to Abraham MaslowG which is the highest category of human needU ) Sel%2 ctu li( tion b' NafetyG security c' :oveG belonging d' EsteemG recognition JO' <hen you have more than one subgrou in your audience a' &nclude at least one benefit for each subgrou b' #ocus on benefits that a eal to you ersonally c' Concentrate on extrinsic benefits d) Choose bene%its th t ppe l to the #roup $ith the most members .

KP' Lur wor"out lan ma"e it easy to get the exercise you need is ) A stron# re der bene%it bec use it cle rl" st tes $h t the re der $ill #et b' A strong reader benefit because it a eals to the reader8s sense of health c' A wea" reader benefit it says nothing about cost savings d' A wea" reader benefit it offers no s ecifics K>' &n which of the following situations would be a assive verb be desirable a' Aou cant thin" of another way to ex ress the idea b' Aou want to im rove coherence in the aragra h c) 3our re der h s sophistic ted voc bul r" d' Aou want to blamce the right erson KB' <hich of the following re resent s the SEN$ writingU a' =ohn conducted a feasibility study for the com any b) We re d" to be#in the ne$ procedure c' Please give consideration to my lan d' MrI=ones will ta"e action on the reCuest KD' <hich of the followingG if anyG is the SEN$ re lacement for at resentU a' $he original wording is acce table b' At the resent moment c' Currently d) No$ KE' &t is the case that good communicators advance more Cuic"ly in the com anyI <hich of the following would be the SEN$ revision of this sentenceU a' &t is the case that good communicators advance faster in the com any b' &t it true that good communicators advance more ra idly in the com any c' Evidence has shown that good communicators advance more ra idly in the com any d) 8ood communic tors dv nce more 5uic*l" in the comp n" KH' <hich of the following would be the SEN$ revision of these sentencesU Lur resent receivables are in line with last year8sI WoweverG they exceed the budgetI $he reason the exceed the budget is that our goal for receivable investment was very conservative a' 2eceivables are in line with last year8sI $hey exceed the budgetI Lur goal for receivable investment was very conservative b' $he receivable investment was very conservative c' Lur resent receivables are in line with last year8s because they exceed the budget d) Our present receiv bles re in line $ith l st "e r9s) but the" e!ceed the bud#et bec use our #o l %or receiv ble investment $ s ver" conserv tive KJ' <hich of the followingG if anyG is the SEN$ re lacement for seems to be of im ortance .

a' b' c' d) &m orts to be Neems im ortant Neems of in ortance The ori#in l $ordin# is ccept ble KK' <hich of the following is an exam le of businesses that should be eliminated from your writing a) )ere is the document b' Enclosed lease find the document c' Aou8ll find the document enclosed d' &8ve enclosed the document KM'$his student deviates from the norm in a number of waysI <hatG if anythingG is wrong with the word 5deviates6 in the sentenceU a) Deviate has a negative connotation b' $he hrase deviates from the norm is too wordy c' $o deviated means to become and therefore the word by definition has no lace in this sentence d' $he word deviate will not be found in most dictionaries KO' &n which of the following situations would it be MLN$ a ro riate to use technical 9argonU a' &n an email message to a new client b' &n a letter to a contact outside the country c' &n a memo to all em loyees d) *n a +ob application letter MP' Choose the word with the MLN$ ositive connotation a' Lbstinate b' Ntubborn c) Determined d' Pig-headed .