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Outline Template (Microsoft Word

Beginning on the next page is an outline template (in Microsoft Word format), which is filled in with a sample to show you what a final outline looks like. Here is how to fill in your own outline: • • • • riple click on a sentence to highlight it. (!r swipe across it with a mouse"s left key held down.) ype your sentence. ( he original words should automatically disappear# if they don"t, use the $elete key to eliminate them.) When you don"t need an outline su%di&ision (such as '() or '*)), delete the line. When you need to insert a new su%di&ision, place the cursor at the end of the sentence immediately a%o&e where you want to insert, press +nter, go the ,tyle drop-down menu (typically located next to the .ont drop-down menu) at the top of the screen, and select the appropriate style: .or /, //, ///, etc., choose !utline 0 .or 1, B, (, etc., choose !utline 2 .or 0, 2, *, etc., choose !utline * .or a, %, c, etc., choose !utline 3 NOTE: 4ou will need to manually enter the correct letter or num%er, and you may need to change letters and num%ers a%o&e and %elow your new entry. 1t times, you may need to use the a% and Backspace keys to align entries properly. • TROUBLESHOOTING TIP: /f Microsoft Word performs undesired formatting5such as inserting unwanted letters and num%ers and changing the indentation5go to .ormat menu, click 1uto.ormat, click !ptions, choose the '1uto.ormat 1s 4ou ype) %utton, and deselect (so that there is no checkmark) these two choices: '1utomatic Bulleted 6ists) and '1utomatic 7um%ered 6ists.) he first time you sa&e your document, choose ',a&e 1s) in the .ile menu and pro&ide a new name. ( his will preser&e the original file and its sample.) .or Bi%liography entries, you can choose (from the ,tyle drop-down menu at the top of the screen) either the 'M61 +ntry) style or the '181 +ntry) style. (,ee (hapter 9 in the text for details.) .or an explanation of the different parts of an outline, see (hapter 02 in the text.

• •

INTRODUCTION /. My information comes from he 7ational 8arks and (onser&ation 1ssociation# the +n&ironmental 8rotection 1gency# $r. B.Banning Jet Skis :i&iana Morello .eneral 8urpose: . / am in fa&or of permitting them on the ocean and pri&ate lakes. pollute air and water. . 0. 1ttention Material 1.AAA5one-third of all %oat sales. harm the en&ironment. !rienting Material 1. 8eople go to national and state parks to get away from noise and en<oy the sounds of nature. his is a <et ski >8ower8oint slide will %e shown?. (. !ther people hate them and want them %anned.ome people lo&e them and want to use them on all waterways. =et skis should %e %anned from lakes and other waterways in national and state parks %ecause they make too much noise. with annual sales of a%out 2AA. But my &acation recently at a %eautiful lake was marred %y the constant noise of <et skis. . / en<oyed dri&ing a <et ski on the ocean a few years ago. and $r.* million <et skis (also called personal watercraft) are in use. $.pecific 8urpose: o persuade o persuade my listeners that <et skis should %e prohi%ited in national and state parks (entral /dea: =et skis should %e %anned in national and state parks %ecause they make too much noise. 2. Den (ordell.eorgia. / ha&e a lo&e@hate relationship with them. =et skis destroy peace and Fuiet. wildlife expert at the Cni&ersity of . //. 2. professor of %iology at Butgers Cni&ersity. 0. pro&ided they stay away from shallow water.E BODY /. Howe&er. and harass wildlife. More than 0. =oanna Burger. (Transition: 6et"s examine the first reason why <et skis should %e %anned. and harass wildlife. 1. B.

1 <et ski makes loud. +ach year 09H million gallons of oil are spilled into C. (. and plants. . says the +n&ironmental 8rotection 1gency. B. and harass wildlife. 1. 1. says $r. 0. $. hese deci%el le&els were figured %y the 1merican /ndustrial Hygiene 1ssociation. 1 person on shore 0AA feet away hears GA deci%els (eFui&alent to a police siren). they are also creating an en&ironmental mess. /n lakes that ha&e hea&y <et ski traffic.. which dump up to one-third of their fuel5 un%urned. .. an important part of the food chain. +. +xample: polycyclic hydrocar%ons can kill Iooplankton. 0. fish populations ha&e declined. his exposes their young to predators and %ad weather. (.AAA miles. 2.) ///. 1 lot of the toxic chemicals are long-li&ed.) //. Many %irds a%andon their nests permanently. =et ski emissions can harm humans. 0. animals. two-stroke engines. Burger. =et skis cause alarm and flight and sometimes death. hey create noise. 2. 2. waterways %y <et skis.ummary 1. intrusi&e noise. B. hey are so small.B. (Transition: 8ollution is not the only way that <et skis harm animals. *. =et skis ha&e inefficient. =et skis cause serious pollution of air and water. cause pollution. hese waters are used %y wildlife for reproduction and nesting. (Transition: While <et skis are creating noise. =et skis should not %e allowed in national and state parks. (Transition: 6et"s summariIe. !ne day"s worth of <et ski production of hydrocar%ons and nitrogen oxide eFuals what a car would produce in 0AA. B. wo or more <et skis tra&eling together can create o&er 0AA deci%els (eFui&alent to standing next to a chainsaw). =et skis harass wildlife.) CONCLUSION /. they can enter shallow waters.

Bo%inson.. B. =oanna. (lemans.$. BIBLIOGRAPHY Burger. 8lease sign a petition that / will send to our C. ( he article includes research %y the +n&ironmental 8rotection 1gency# $r. 2AAA.ept. professor of %iology at Butgers Cni&ersity.o&ernment to Bid 7ational 8arks of Watercraft.ept. and $r. (lincher 1.//.npca. and state legislators asking them to support a %an. =ohn. 'Bluewater Blues.. When we go to these parks.haw. 8h.) 7ational 8arks and (onser&ation 1ssociation (/nternet site at www. we ha&e a right to find peace and Fuiet.) Environmental News Network (press release). Den (ordell. '+n&ironmental .. Betrie&ed 03 . VISUAL AIDS 8hoto of a <et ski on a lake (8ower8oint slide) 8oster showing three main points . +-mail inter&iew. 2AAA: H9. =oanna Burger. 2AAA.roup 8ushes .) . '. H ! to 8ersonal Watercraft. * .eorgia. wildlife expert at the Cni&ersity of . 2AAA. professor of %iology at Butgers Cni&ersity.) Motor Boating & Sailing Mar.