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IFC 2 (GEAS) *Additional

Trying 18% 3 144 Alkenes Aluminum Bookkeeping system Consensus Drawing or toughening Dummy activity Equivalent values Glass Goodwill Hurdle rate Linear responsibility chart Liquidity Paper Php 1500 Riser conduit Riser shaft Saturated Surface loam soil The alloy group The modifications of the alloy group or impurity limits Umbra IFC Section B3 The term obligation comes from the latin word which means What percent of the human body is carbon? What is the maximum number of lines for any building other than one or two storey residential building to be required a service entrance facility under the ECE building code What is the heat of fusion of ice in Btu/lb Which of the following have one double bond between two carbons? Thin conducting films used for semiconductor is made of what material is made of what metal? What is used to record historical financial transactions? What refers to the process of reaching agreement on a collective decision? What is another term for tempering? What do you call an activity with no duration and no resources used to show a logical relationship between two activities in project network diagram? Return of investment (ROI) is calculated from ___. What is the widely used in the electronic industry as structural member, such as tube envelopes, hermetioc seals to metals or ceramics, protective coating on hybrid and integrated circuits, etc. ___ is the element of value which a business has earned through the favorable consideration and patronage of its well known and well conducted policies Based on the Theory of Minimum Attractive Rate of Return, which of the following is used to maximize the economic well-being of an organization? What refers to a management tool for the design and implementation of work content? The payback period indicates the projects' ___. What is the widely used electrical insulator? Under the R.A. 9292 the rate of retainers fee to be changed by the consulting electronics engineer for routine or ordinary consultation will not be less than ___ per month It is a non-combustible tubing which means encases the riser cable between enclosed type metallic terminal cabinets or boxes A series of closets connected by slots or short conduit sleeves between floors or open shaft of the building is called When the maximum amount of solute is dissolved in the given solvent at a stated temperature, the solution is said to be? Which of the following is the lowest resistance grounding on earth In as system of designating wrought aluminum alloys, a four digit number is used. What does the first digit indicates? In as system of designating wrought aluminum alloys, a four digit number is used. What does the second digit indicates? What refers to the part of the shadow from which all light is excluded? Page 1