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Table of Proposed Amendments in the 2014 USG Constitution

Operation REFOCUS

De La Salle University University Student Government AY 2013-2014


ACTION/S Made more concise: removed commit to the advancement and defense of our rights and welfare, safeguard the academic freedom and integrity of the University, affirm the studentcitizens dignity and worth, promote the common good, actualize our roles as propagandists and catalysts for social change and action, inculcate a social consciousness that will strike a balance between self and service to others, healthy competition and cooperation, privilege and responsibility Renamed official name of USG from the De La Salle University Student Government to the University Student Government of De La Salle University Integration of STC: The Science and Technology Complex campus shall hereinafter be referred to as the STC. [Section 2] Included reference for members of USG as students Clarified and merged existing principles, purposes and policies Added purposes to reinforce founding principles of USG o The USG shall be the university-level model government, upon which its structure and selected processes are patterned after the Philippine government. [Section 5] o The USG shall provide avenues for different political views to support proposals in the legislative process[Section 13] Merged Article on the Bill of Rights and Article on the Duties and Responsibilities of Students into the Declaration of Rights, Duties and Responsibilities of Students and removed provisions from the original Article on the Bill of Rights Added provisions in the new article: o The rights of every student shall be based on the provisions of the Student Handbook and the Student Charter which shall be observed and upheld by all sectors in the University. [Section 1] o The rights of every student as a human being stipulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights shall be recognized and upheld by all sectors in the University. [Section2] Renamed LA Representatives to Legislators Added a function of the LA: File an appeal to the Judiciary for any disagreement with the Presidential Veto or Executive Order. [Section3.6] Reinforced the formation of the Legislative Assembly Secretariat by the LA Inner Circle [Section 7] Incorporated provisions from the current LA Manual



Emphasis on the core content and removed portions are already reflected in the Declaration of Principles, Purposes and Policies

Article I Name and Seat Article II Membership Article III Declaration of Principles, Purposes, and Policies

Distinguish DLSU and USG | USG of DLSU Proper reference to Science and Technology Complex campus as STC in the Constitution Proper reference to members of USG as students in the Constitution Emphasis on the importance of the vision, goals and objectives of the USG for the academic year guided by the Universitys vision-mission and its existing principles, purposes and policies Reinforcement of USG being a model government of our Philippine government Emphasis on the provisions in the Student Handbook and in the Student Charter as reference to students rights, duties and responsibilities which are the documents acknowledged by all sectors of the University [The Students Rights and Welfare Committee shall endeavor to review and renew the current Students Charter within the academic year.] Acknowledge presence of international undergraduate students as members of the USG Consistency with the notion of Chief Magistrate and Magistrates (Chief Legislator and Legislators) and for easier recall for members in the University Reinforced check and balance system in the USG specifically with Executive powers Need of an independent LA administrative arm Consistency with official USG documents

Article IV Declaration of Rights, Duties and Responsibilities of Students

Article V The Legislative Branch



RATIONALE Functions of the VP-External Affairs overlap with the functions of the President and can be assumed by an appointed officer Functions of the Executive Secretary are internal and administrative in nature which does not call for mandate and can be done by appointed officers Emphasis on the title and functions of the Executive Vice President in relation with the President Emphasis on operational, administrative and financial functions of the EB as one cohesive and coordinated unit which opposes the current 5-office structure in the EB Emphasis on the presence of the EXEDEP as operational arm of the EB Distinguish the corresponding functions to enhance accountability and efficiency of EB Members and Cabinet Officials Inclusion of a conducive and productive venue for student leaders to advise the EB on matters pertaining to issues and concerns and to coordinate with the USG regarding efforts and initiatives of students Easier reference of the roles of the Magistrates in relation to the justices in our Philippine Judiciary system Reinforced check and balance system in the USG by empowering the Judiciary branch through more detailed provisions explaining its functions in the Constitution Representation of all branches in the appointment of the COMELEC Commissioners Emphasis on the presence of COA through more detailed provisions explaining its functions in the Constitution Reinforced transparency and accountability on the performance of the USG officers and its efforts and initiatives Reinforced check and balance system in the USG and removal of partiality in activity approval and monitoring

Article VI The Executive Branch

Removed elected position of VP-External Affairs and reinforced its roles with the President and to External Relations Head [Sections 2, 9.8, & 12.4] Removed elected position of Executive Secretary and reinforced its roles with the Chief of Staff, Documentations Head, and Marketing & Communications Head [Sections 2, 12.1, 12.2 & 12.3] Renamed VP-Internal Affairs into Executive Vice President and clarifying its roles [Sections 2 &10] Created a shared office of the Executive Board which is named the Cabinet [Sections 4 &5] Modified of Executive Departments (EXEDEP) as the former departments in the Activities Assembly (AA) with the inclusion of their corresponding powers, duties and responsibilities [Sections 6 &12.7] Modified the powers, duties and responsibilities of the Executive Board Members and Cabinet Officials [Sections 9, 10, 11 &12] Created the Executive Assembly [Section 17]

Article VII The Judiciary Branch

Renamed and emphasized the group of Magistrates as the Supreme Court ([Sections 1, 2 & 7] Incorporated provisions from the Rules of Court to emphasize judicial review, presence of Collegiate Courts, the administrative and operational arms of the Judiciary branch and appointment process of Magistrates [Sections 1.1, 3, 4 & 5] Included College President and College Magistrate in the appointing body of COMELEC Commissioners and reinforced election of COMELEC Chairperson [Sections 6 & 7) Incorporated provision from the Commission on Audit (COA) Manual and changed manner of appointing COA Chairperson [Sections 11 &12] Created the Office of the Ombudsman, reinforced the appointment of the Ombudsman and incorporated the USG Monitoring Board which was the former Officers Monitoring Board [Sections 15, 16 &19] Created the Commission on Activity Processing as the former Department of Activity Approval and Monitoring and reinforced the appointment of its chairperson [Sections 23 &24]

Article VIII Constitutional Commissions


ACTION/S Included provisions recognizing all the College Student Governments and their respective titles [Section1 & 2] Incorporated provisions in the Article on the DLSU-STC Science and Technology Government pertaining to the integration of DLSC and DLSU-M [Section 2] Added functions of the College Legislative Board and emphasis on its processes: o Approval of budget allocation proposal at the college level, as presented by the College President [Section5.5] o Distribution of the budget allocation in the College Student Government [Section 5.7] o Approve the Rules of Internal Governance and Organizational Chart of the College Student Government Management Committee [Section 5.8] o Any resolution approved by the CLB must be presented to the LA in the next LA session upon its approval. The resolution shall take effect immediately unless any of the remaining Legislators calls for the LA to discuss and decide on the resolution within three (3) days after the approval of the resolution by the CLB. [Section 6] o A final decision must be reached via a unanimous vote of all the members of the CLB[Section 8] Created the College Student Government Management Committee (MANCOM) and reinforced its functions and composition [Sections 16 & 17] Renamed the Batch Student Government with the Batch Council and modified its functions [Section 18] Removed the elected position of the Batch Vice President and reinforced its roles with the Batch Representative who was the former Batch President [Section 15] Included provisions on the Collegiate Courts and College Magistrate [Sections 22 &23] Extended the scope of accountability and defined the USG Appointed Officers [Section 1 &2] Incorporated Articles of Impeachment in the this article Created the USG Assembly which includes the EXECOM, LAIC, Magistrates, Ombudsman, and Constitutional Commission Chairpersons Modified the purpose, composition and occurrence of the Convention of Leaders

RATIONALE Acknowledge the presence of ACG, CGB, CGE, CGS, CSG, ECG, SEG, and STCG in the Constitution Transition from an autonomous DLSU-STC Science and Technology Government (STCG) having its own article into an integrated STCG in the Constitution [Incorporated provisions STCG Campus President, Legislators, Batch Representatives, Campus Magistrate, COA Commissioner, CAP Vice Chairperson, Deputy Ombudsman, Campus Student Government Management Committee, College Councils, Campus Legislative Board and Campus Court in other Articles in the Constitution] Emphasis on the presence and importance of the College Legislative Board and its processes Reinforce uniformity in terms of initial structure and functions [does not limit the MANCOM to create its own Rules of Internal Governance] Ground the Batch Council [former Batch Assembly in the SC and Batch Student Government] with its original purpose which is to serve as an advisory body Emphasis on the functions of the Batch Representative and his or her responsibilities to the Batch, College (CSG-EB) and the University (EXEDEP) Emphasis on the idea of the College Student Government as the Local Government in the Philippine government which has its own structures for the legislative, executive and even the judiciary Giving importance and value to the presence and functions of the appointed officers as stipulated in the Constitution and their respective Rules of Internal Governance Reinforced check and balance system which ensures coordination among the branches and Constitutional Commissions in the USG Opportunity for student leaders to convene in a social gathering and for the President to address the members of the USG

Article IX College Student Government

Article X Accountability of USG Elected and Appointed Officers Article XI USG Assembly Article XII The Convention of Leaders

PART Article XIII Elections Article XIV Vacancies

ACTION/S Added specific periods in the academic calendar regarding the conduct of elections [Section 1] Included provision in cases of failure of election [Sections 7 & 8] N/A Added provisions on the specifications of the USG Logo, official office hours of the USG, list of all official documents of the USG and an archiving system in the USG [Sections 1, 2, 3 & 4] Added provision on the qualifications for USG elected and appointed officers [Section 5] Added provision on the Executive Proclamation as a means of confirming of all appointments in the USG [Section 6] Inclusion of a Constitutional Convention as means for proposing amendments in the Constitution [Section 2] Lengthened the three-year period of non-amendment of the Constitution to five years [Section 4] Created Transitory Commission [Section 1] Added a provision to amend all existing documents in line with the Constitution [Section 2]

RATIONALE Incorporate in the USG Constitution schedule of election similar to the Philippine Constitution Provisions in the Election Code such as special elections due to failure of elections must be included in the Constitution N/A Ensure trademark, professionalism, transparency and organization in the USG Emphasis on the qualifications for candidacy in the USG as well as importance and value of appointed officers Incorporate means to track personalities involved in the overall administrative and operational functions in the USG Provide an alternative option other than initiative vote from the LA in amending the Constitution Ensure continuity and assess functionality of a system Ensure proper transition, turn-over and relevant continuity in the USG

Article XV General Provisions

Article XVI Amendments Article XVII Transitory Provisions

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