Peer Instruction

NNHS Institute! November 27th, 2013! Geoff Schmit!

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This work is a derivative of “Teaching Faculty about Effective Use of Clickers” by Stephanie Chasteen / Science Education Initiative/ CU-Boulder, used under CC BY NC SA

What do you teach! most often?
A. Science! B. CTE! C. Communication Arts! D. Humanities! E. Mathematics! F. Wellness! G. World & Classical Languages! H. Other

Are you familiar with “Peer Instruction”
A. Yes! B. No! C. Maybe, not sure

A couple years ago…

• Geoff Schmit! • analyzing strengths and

weaknesses of AP Physics students

In the early 1990s…
• Dr. Eric Mazur! • Harvard Professor of

• “Confessions of a

Converted Lecturer"

Your sister-in-law calls to say that she’s having twins. Which of the following is most likely? (Assume she’s having fraternal, not identical, twins)! A. Twin boys! B. Twin girls! C. One girl and one boy! D. All are equally likely

Investigating! Peer Instruction
• not an EdTech fad! • significant body of research! • read the research! • “the plural of anecdote is not data”

Connection to Standards
• NGSS: “Engaging in argument from

• College Board Science Practices:
“Justify claims with evidence”!

• similar Common Core standards

Peer Instruction Steps
1. Instructor poses a question! 2. Students individually think about question and select answer! 3. Instructor shares distribution of answers! 4. (if needed) Students discuss, question, debate, and defend their answers! 5. (if needed) Students select answer again! 6. Instructor states and explains correct answer

A small acorn over time can grow into a huge oak tree. The tree can weigh many tons. Where does most of the mass come from as the tree grows?! A. Minerals in the soil! B. Organic matter in the soil! C. Gases in the air! D. Sunlight

! 2007 Paul G. Hewitt

A tennis racket and can of balls together costs $110. The tennis racket alone costs $100 more than the can of balls. How much does the can of balls alone cost?! A. $5! B. $10! C. $11! D. $100! E. None of these

I think the toughest thing about using clickers and peer instruction in class is / will be:! A. Writing good questions! B. Technical issues! C. Tough to get students to discuss questions! D. I have too much content to cover / takes too much time! E. Something else

Flexible Technology
• whiteboards! • clickers! •! • BYOD with NearPod! • iPads with NearPod

Why Does This Work?
• student engagement! • student time and freedom to take a risk! • instructor gains feedback! • students who have just recently gained
determine answer

understanding are more effective at helping other students who are still struggling!

• students see model of applying reasoning to

• make it clear why you’re doing this! • ask challenging, meaningful questions! • allow enough time! • circulate, listen, ask questions! • emphasize reasoning! • show students you value their ideas

• surveyed students after units! • end-of-year class discussion about
effective class time!

• consensus was that this was the most
effective class activity we did

• Questions?! • Thoughts?! • Comments?