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Mojave National Preserve Conservancy

Minutes of the BOD Meeting November 22, 2013 Conservancy Board Members present on call: David Lamfrom, Dennis Schramm, Michael Gordon, Ben Spillman, Lynn Davis, Not on call: Linda Slater, Sid Silliman Meeting commenced at 5:30pm. MNPC Financials: No updated statement. Web/Social media: Nothing new to report. Restoration event: Sid not on call to report on. Michael heard there were 25-30 people there. Went well. David reports we are scheduled for another one in February. Editor's Note: The following was submitted by Sid after the monthly call and is included here for information. The October 26 restoration project in the Ivanpah Valley was a success by any number of measures. At least 20 good folks shared in the work during the day. Among these were members of MNPC, Desert Survivors, Wilderness Volunteers, friends of John Hiatt, and a strong contingent of NPS staff and volunteers. We removed some 1.6 miles of barbedwire fence (and all of the posts) without injury to any of the participants. And, we enjoyed fresh brownies from Chris Mills. Please block out February 14, 2014, the date of the next restoration project in the MNP. The event is scheduled for the day prior to the annual (Saturday/Sunday) meeting of the California/Nevada Desert Committee in Shoshone. Bring your valentine with you or make the MNP your valentine.

Business cards: Ben did get hard copy business cards and had the process set up with shop in Barstow (Printing Solutions). Just call and talk to Jody. They can print cards and send to you in mail. Solar: EIS for Soda Mtn. project just released. Would be closest project to a National Park unit. NPCA will be focusing on opposing this project. NPS officially opposes it. Star Party/Service Event: David thanked everyone for work on this event after the government shutdown. RSVP's have numbered about 50 already, and more tend to show up than RSVP. More firewood is a priority since it will be cold. Hot tea and coffee would also be good. Hot chocolate and hot cider other good options. Need to keep a good supply of hot water available. Michael or Ben suggested they could bring a generator. Lynn volunteered to pick up water, hot chocolate and cider packets and drop off at Ben's house to transport.

David has sent out a couple of emails about the event to two separate lists. Also has been on Facebook and website. Could also do email blast to our member list. Newsletter: David still owes a President's Corner article and one on the government shutdown. Still need additional general interest articles. Can anyone write a piece on a personal experience in the Preserve? Lynn volunteered to write a book review about a new book on night skies. Michael was asked if he would donate a couple of pictures for the newsletter and maybe a brief write-up about the picture. He agreed. A brief summary of the Soda Mtn. solar project would be useful. David will do. Board adjourned at 6:30pm. Next meeting is Tuesday, Dec. 17th at 5:30pm