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28 Nov 5 Dec 2013 Vol 19 Issue 47

The BEST things in life are


The Voice of the Village

S SINCE 1995 S

Presidential Partying: Erstwhile Montecitans Harold and Annette Simmons join George W; meanwhile, Nancy Koppelman and Mollie Ahlstrand party with the Obamas, p. 6



UCSB Physicist, World-Class Balloonist and Inveterate Explorer Julian Nott is surprise speaker at Channel City Clubs Annual Holiday Fete; he joins Gil Rosas and MUS Chorus at Doubletree Luncheon on December 11 (story begins on page 5)

Nobody has to tell these women the way it was; theyve been donating time and energy to the Senior Center for decades, p. 48

The Way It Was

Part III of Polly Bookwalters ongoing examination of Cassis Montecitos seductive French mirror image habitat, p. 42

The Other Montecito

1960s songstress Janis Joplins niece Malyn and dad, Janiss brother Michael, debut new clothing collection at Allora by Laura, p. 25

Made For Pearl



28 November 5 December 2013

The Premiere Estates of Montecito & Santa Barbara

RANDY SOLAKIAN (805) 565-2208 License #00622258

DEANNA SOLAKIAN (805) 565-2264 License#01895788

Exclusive Representation for Marketing & Acquisition Additional Exceptional Estates Available by Private Consultation

Romantic Palladian Montecito - $11,500,000

28 November 5 December 2013


Santa Barbara Ocean Views

Unbelievable city, yacht harbor & channel island views. Restored/updated 1928 Santa Barbara French Villa on approx. 2 private acres. Main house with 4+bedrooms/6 baths plus 2 bedroom/1 bath attached guest house. Spacious light lled public rooms and large kitchen all with stunning ocean views. Large media/family room, high ceilings throughout. Ideal couples or family home. 4 car garage. $7,498,000

Steve Slavin
DRE# 00493760

Estates Director 805.886.3428

5 Editorial  Channel City Club Annual Holiday Luncheon to feature Gil Rosas, MUS Chorus, and one of the founders of the modern ballooning movement, Julian Nott 6 Montecito Miscellany  Harold and Annette Simmons run into friend G.W. Bush at Tonight Show; Mollie Ahlstrand and Nancy Koppelman visit White House; Oprah receives Presidential Medal of Freedom; Huguette Clarks estate continues to draw controversy; Cary Presants new book; Brenda Rae and Natasha Kislenko wow at MAW; Monty Python reunites; SBMA photography exhibit; Our Lady of Mt. Carmel 30th annual Old Hollywood; Matthias Bamert conducts all-Mozart concert; Family Service Agency reception; SB Dance Theater samples future works; sightings 8 Letters to the Editor  More on pitbulls; Obama the tragic hero; hanging out at Mollies; a different view of elephants; David McCalmont with more on Katy Perry 10 This Week in Montecito  Thanksgiving dinners around town; Lolita Tita Lanning signs memoir; Small Business Saturday at Granada Books; Tea Dance at Carrillo Rec Center; MBAR meets; William Laman Furniture Garden Antiques presents Beverlye Hyman Fead photography exhibit; Allora by Laura trunk show; Kathy Eldon signs book at Tecolote; Garden Street Academy Holiday Boutique; Santa Barbara Navy League golf tournament; Transcendental Meditation lecture; Parade of Lights aboard Channel Cat; ongoing events Tide Guide Handy guide to assist readers in determining when to take that walk or run on the beach 11 Village Beat  Caltrans responds to Highway 101 concerns; Casa del Herrero hosts annual Christmas at the Casa event; J.Z. Binghamreads from book at MUSs Pajama Night; Alliance for Living and Dying Well sponsors initiative encouraging people to begin health care directive; Sansum Clinic covers walls in eye portraits created by Crane students 14 Seen Around Town 18th annual Military Ball presented by Pierre Claeyssens Veterans Museum; Jack Hanna visits UCSB; Braille Auxiliary holds annual meeting at La Cumbre Country Club 22 Trail Talk  Tim Cope shares stories from his 6,000-mile horseback ride from Mongolia to Hungary at UCSB


25 In Passing William Scott Hedrick passed away peacefully on November 3 at the age of 68 Montecito Insider  Janis Joplins brother and niece talk about new clothing line inspired by the singer, Made for Pearl 26 Real Estate Mark Hunt spotlights four single-story homes on the market in Montecito 30 Seniority Jodi House offers support to brain injury survivors and their family and friends n.o.t.e.s. from downtown Jim Alexander understands the perils of simple childhood acts 32 On Entertainment  China Forbes and Pink Martini take the stage at Arlington; two chances to catch Syncopaths this weekend; Rosemary Butler headlines at SOhO; Brian McDonald stars in Rubicon Theatre Companys Santaland Diaries 35 Your Westmont  Museum displays impressive collection of contemporary art; business plan competition focuses on ending poverty; pickle tree lighting 42 French Connection Polly Bookwalter explores the vineyards of Cassis, the other Montecito 46 Legal Advertising 47 Movie Guide 48 The Way It Was  Laguna Cottages for Seniors celebrates 60 years of providing affordable housing to Santa Barbara seniors 49 Guide to Montecito Eateries  The most complete, up-to-date, comprehensive listing of all individually owned Montecito restaurants, coffee houses, bakeries, gelaterias, and hangouts; others in Santa Barbara, Summerland, and Carpinteria too 50 Calendar of Events  West Coast Chamber Orchestras annual Thanksgiving holiday concert; Plaza Playhouse Theater presents A Christmas Carol; four-course meal presented by David Lentz and Suzanne Goin; The Olms stop at SOhO; Warren Millers Ticket to Ride screens at Lobero; Mannheim Steamroller plays Granada; Brad Nacks annual 100% Reindeer Art Show 54 Classied Advertising  Our very own Craigslist of classied ads, in which sellers offer everything from summer rentals to estate sales 55 Local Business Directory  Smart business owners place business cards here so readers know where to look when they need what those businesses offer



28 November 5 December 2013


by James Buckley

ver the past few months, weve used this editorial space to tout and/or publicize people, places, and events we believe will be of great interest to our readers. This issue will not be an exception, as one of our favorite subjects is headlining one of our favorite annual events and we earnestly believe it is one which if given enough advance notice you will be pleased and eager to attend with us. The Channel City Clubs Annual Holiday Luncheon will be held at Fess Parkers DoubleTree Resort on Wednesday, December 11. It is scheduled in the Ronald Reagan Room beginning at 11:30 am, but the guessing around here is that once word gets out on the entire program, it will have to be moved to accommodate more people. Longtime Montecito-centered pianist Gil Rosas (think Olive Mill Bistro in the 1970s) will kick things off by UCSB Physicist and ballooning pioneer Julian Nott entertaining in his inimitable way, is keynote speaker at this years Channel City Club drawing upon his extensive repertoire Holiday Luncheon of American Songbook and holiday classics. Pam Herzogs Montecito Union School Chorus will sing a medley of Christmas carols and spread even more holiday cheer. Finally, UCSB-based scientist of the first rank, Julian Nott, will address those assembled. Professor Nott is one of the founders of the modern ballooning movement. Among his many achievements are the first crossing of the Sahara Desert, Australia, and the Alps in a balloon. He piloted the worlds first solar-powered balloon across the English Channel. He has broken 79 World Ballooning Records. He is a lecturer, writer, and a contributor to The New York Times, The Economist, and many other publications and scientific journals. He has been the subject of four full-length TV documentaries, is a Senior Member of the American Institute of Aeronautics, and a Member of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots. He is the first balloonist to have received the Gold Medal of the Royal Aero Club (other recipients include the Wright Brothers, C.S. Rolls [founder of Rolls Royce Motors] and Neil Armstrong). Professor Notts ostensible topic is Intellectual Courage and Scientific Ballooning Exploring Landscapes Near & Far, but his expertise and interests (if youll pardon my Superman comics reference) go far beyond those of mortal men. Although his talk is scheduled for less than 45 minutes, this erudite, entertaining, thoughtful, and knowledgeable British-born, naturalized American physicist could speak for 24 hours without tiring a soul. Over the years, Nott has given hundreds of talks of one kind or another. Five years ago, he gave a talk at the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics at UCSB, and rather than direct his talk to fellow physicists (there were at least two Nobel scientists in the audience), he addressed intelligent people who knew very little about a particular subject. Notts talk was far ranging, stimulating, highly informed, and improbably entertaining. If there is one thread I hope to weave through the whole of my lecture, he tells us during a leisurely conversation at our office last Sunday, it is the importance of daring to go in the face of received wisdom, of the current consensus. During our conversation, he discussed the Drake Equation that puts the likelihood of life elsewhere in the universe into a mathematical formula: The thing about the equation, he observes dryly, is that one could put in any numbers one chooses. He discussed the discovery of helium in the mid-19th century. Like lots of things, once one realizes a thing exists, you know exactly what youre looking for and can find it on Earth. Julian is on former astronaut Ed Lus B612 Foundation board of advisers in its goal of sending a satellite with a telescope onboard to orbit the sun and begin to track the nearly one million asteroids that may impact Earth in the future. The recent meteorite that came down in Russia that injured 1,400 people was a very

The Channel City Clubs Holiday Luncheon

Peace of





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28 November 5 December 2013
While money cant buy happiness, it certainly lets you choose your own form of misery Groucho Marx


Monte ito Miscellany

by Richard Mineards

Familiar Faces at Tonight Show

hat a small world! It was six months ago that Montecito dynamic duo Harold and Annette Simmons splashed out $70,000 on an auction prize at Isla Mar, the historic Hope Ranch estate of Geoffrey and Alison Rusack at a stellar fundraiser for the Cancer Center of Santa Barbara, emceed by Tonight Show host Jay Leno. The prize included tickets to the popular NBC show at its studio in Burbank, as well as a personal tour of Lenos extensive car collection. The tony twosome, who live at Piranhurst, the 27-acre estate formerly owned by actor Gene Hackman, when not at their mansion in Dallas, Texas, decided to take up their prize last week when en-route for a short

Richard covered the Royal Family for Britains Daily Mirror and Daily Mail before moving to New York to write for Rupert Murdochs newly launched Star magazine in 1978; Richard later wrote for New York magazines Intelligencer. He continues to make regular appearances on CBS, ABC, and CNN, and moved to Montecito six years ago.

Photographer. Saskia Koerner








PO Box 41459 Santa Barbara, California 93140 | Phone.805.965.9555 | Fax.805.965.9566 |


Harold and Annette Simmons catch up with friend, President George W. Bush, at The Tonight Show


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28 November 5 December 2013



thurs., Dec. 5th - 3pm to 7pm



An evening reception with designer Malyn Joplin

Fri., Dec. 6th- 10am to 7pm
Refreshments, retro mood & music provided!


Inspired Clothing & Accessories Recalling The Artistry. Energy And Uncompromising Passion Of Janis Joplin

For Beh


Black and White Diamond Swirl Pendant 18 Karat White Gold


812 Stat e St ree t Sa n ta Ba rba r a 966.9187 14 82 E a s t Va l l e y Roa d M o n t eci to 565.4411 Brya n tA ndSo m
Consecutive Winners of News Press Readers Choice Award and Independent Best Jewelry Store Award

28 November 5 December 2013


If you have something you think Montecito should know about, or wish to respond to something you read in the Journal, we want to hear from you. Please send all such correspondence to: Montecito Journal, Letters to the Editor, 1206 Coast Village Circle, Suite D, Montecito, CA. 93108. You can also FAX such mail to: (805) 969-6654, or E-mail to



Dog Of The Year

write in response to last weeks letter from Hazel Mortensen (The Danger of Pit Bulls, MJ # 19/46). The writer cares deeply for the welfare of animals. She has devoted years of effort and financial support to promote spaying and neutering, a cause that has unanimous support among everyone who works with animals. Her antipathy to a single breed does not have such support. Those of us who have worked for decades with this cause have seen the characteristics of so many breeds perverted to serve the ends of evil people. Remember the German shepherds set upon the civil rights marchers of the 1960s? Now the Rottweiler is being trained to guard meth labs and pot farms, and sadly these poor dogs will be reviled as the pits have been. The last statistics I saw showed that 30 percent of the dogs impounded in California shelters are pit bulls or their mixes. Accordingly, DAWG (Dog Adoption & Welfare Group) reserves 30 percent of its large dog kennels for

well in their homes and communities. It is undeniable that dog breeds share many characteristics, just as we humans carry in each of us the genes of our race and ethnicity. But surely we have come to understand that differences in intelligence and temperament vary more within a race than between races. It is just the same with dogs. Shirley Jansen Montecito

with two friends from Los Angeles. As for Katy Perry, a local girl who has become one of the worlds most successful singers through her tremendous talent and undoubted knack for promotion, my column always accentuates the positive. I leave it to others to deal with any alleged negatives. Richard Mineards Columnist Montecito Journal

Heroes & Tragedies

Xena, a pit bull mix, rescued from a shelter, saved her familys lives and was named Dog of the Year by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

pits. We do our utmost to screen these dogs and to give them good training and gentle, loving socialization. Pits are not appropriate for every home, but then neither are Chihuahuas or beagles. We work to place each dog in a home with responsible people, and of course every dog is spayed or neutered. It is our experience that dogs, cared for and carefully placed, do very

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F. Scott Fitzgerald once said, Show me a hero and I will write you a tragedy. Well, if Mr. Fitzgerald were alive today, he would be writing the tragic tale of Barack Obama. Never in the history of this great republic has one person become president with more fanfare both self-proclaimed and otherwise. Based upon a number of factors and promises made during the campaign, many Americans were excited about this hero becoming President of the United States. Unfortunately, the promises made by this hero were only promises, and too many of them have been broken. The broken promises are too long to list but whether they are domestic or foreign, the failures of the policies of the Obama administration continue to build his tragic legacy. From ObamaCare to the Internal Revenue problem, from Benghazi to the policies of the NSA, from Fast & Furious to the intrusion on a free press, his attempt to change America benefits very few and disadvantages many. The irony is that those that looked to this hero for help are in fact the biggest losers. The tragedy is that he has attempted to remake America into something that is the exact opposite of what the founders and generations that followed had envisioned for this wonderful country. Ralph T. Iannelli Montecito (Editors note: Ever since Mr. Obama gave his nomination victory speech between the Styrofoam Greek pillars in St. Paul, Minnesota, and famously uttered he was absolutely certain that generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal, I knew he was full of himself and full of it, so nothing our Speech Reader In Chief says or does surprises me. J.B.)

What Good Are Elephants?

Missed At Mollies

I was much amused by David McCalmonts letter to the editor accusing me of hanging around Mollies hoping for tips (Westmont Role Models, MJ # 19/46) For the record, the last time I was at Mollies was in January having dinner 

Regarding your ongoing discussion in the letters section, here is my take on elephants: really, what good are they? When was the last time you really needed one, assuming you do not own a circus, pull logs, or run a zoo? The destruction of six tons of ivory (Crushing Ivory, MJ # 19/46) is a token response, a closing of the barn door after the livestock leaves. Moi, the former President of Kenya, did a similar show. He stacked an outwardly enormous but really hollow pile of tusks and torched the lot. In Kenya, the Somali are blamed for a portion of the poaching. When I lived there, Richard Leakey was placed in charge of the wildlife protection and my then wife worked for him at the National Museum. Leakey was able to apply considerable pressure on poaching. Under this pressure, the poachers merely shifted to tourists. I was often in the area as the environmental officer for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) for 22 nations covering eastern and southern Africa, an area populated with elephants. But back to the opening question: what good are they? Elephants are valued because outsiders place value on ivory. In Tanzania, for example, their ivory and rhino horns were traded to the Chinese, who were superb builders of railroads. They built them across Tanzania, consequently improving commerce and international trade. Thus ivory and rhino horn, fairly abundant at the time and of no real interest to the native population, were converted into foreign exchange items and thus used to help pay the Chinese, hence improve the nations transport, and we, the U.S., then gave the Tanzanians several locomotives to run on those tracks. Elephants in this example are a plus. Looking around, the old king of Swaziland one day remarked that he did not remember his country being so red. What he was seeing was the tremendous overgrazing of the land. The loss of vegetation allowed one to see the underlying red soil. This overgrazing was generated by cattle. Anyone who could afford to get into

LETTERS Page 244

28 November 5 December 2013




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2330 Lillie Ave Summerland, CA | 805.565.3848



28 November 5 December 2013


(If you have a Montecito event, or an event that concerns Montecito, please e-mail or call (805) 565-1860)

This Week in and around Montecito


Photography Exhibit William Laman Furniture Garden Antiques presents an exhibit of original photographic works on paper by Beverlye Hyman Fead. Join in for a day of shopping to support the Dream Foundation; cocktails, hors doeuvres, and music will be offered. When: 5 pm to 8 pm Where: 1496 East Valley Road

Small Business Saturday This years Small Business Saturday is the Saturday after Black Friday during Thanksgiving weekend. On this day, Granada Books is doing its part to raise awareness for Small Business Saturday by inviting renowned local author, T.C. Boyle, to come be a guest bookseller for the day. The Santa Barbara community is invited to meet the author while supporting the nation-wide initiative to Shop Small. Since 2010, Small Business Saturday has become the day to celebrate the Shop Small movement, to drive shoppers to support local merchants across the U.S. This day has become a key annual event for independent booksellers nationwide, as a chance to boost both sales andconsumer awareness. The event was supported byPresident Barack Obamatwice over the past two years, with Obama heading to Virginia bookstore One More Page Books this past November. Where: 1224 State Street Info: 845-1818 of the ballroom and volunteers provide music and refreshments for this ongoing, free dance event. Ballroom dance music including the Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Slow Fox Trot, Quick Step, and rhythm dances such as the Cha Cha, Rumba, Swing, Mambo, and Bolero are played, among others. Participants can hone their dancing skills or learn new dance techniques. The Santa Barbara Ballroom Tea Dance is held on the rst Sunday of every month at the Carrillo Rec Center. No partner necessary, but if you can nd one bring him or her along! When: 2 pm to 5 pm Where: 100 East Carrillo Street Info: 897-2519 Cost: free

Trunk Show Allora by Laura owner Laura Dinning presents a trunk show with designer Malyn Joplin, the niece of Janis Joplin. The line is inspired by thestyleandaesthetic of Janis Joplin and the 60s hippie movement, but its been reinterpreted using luxury fabrics and highend leather. The designer will be at Allora by Laura for the show. When: Thursday 3-7pm and Friday 10am7pm. Where: 1269 Coast Village Road Info: (805) 563-2425

Holiday Boutique Garden Street Academy will host its annual Holiday Boutique; the event is free, open to the public and a familyfriendly affair. The boutique will feature several unique vendors with a wide variety of holiday gifts, professional photos with Santa, a Scholastic book table, Christmas tree rafes, and scrumptious treats. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Garden Street Academy scholarship fund, which helps to promote the schools vision to offer a progressive independent school experience to families who might not otherwise have the opportunity. When: 10 am to 1 pm Where: Garden Street Academy, 2300 Garden Street Memorial Golf Tournament Santa Barbara Navy League presents a golf tourney at Montecito Country Club Where: 920 Summit Road Info: Transcendental Meditation Learn how Transcendental Meditation helps to reduce stress and increase wellbeing and productivity. Attend a free public lecture offered by the Santa Barbara TM Program at the Montecito Library. The one-hour talk will discuss the many health benets from regular practice of this simpleto-do technique just 20 minutes twice a day including better heart health, more creativity and satisfaction, reduced anxiety and depression. When: today and tomorrow, Sunday December 8, both at 1:30 pm Where: 1469 East Valley Road RSVP: Christmas at the Casa Casa del Herrero is pleased to announce the annual Christmas at the Casa holiday celebration. This years party will be held indoors (and in the courtyard and loggia) amidst the antique furnishings and architecture of a George Washington Smith estate. While the Casa is always an architectural marvel, festooned in elegant holiday dcor, this National Historic Landmark sparkles with Christmas splendor. As usual, an early sell-out is anticipated. When: 5 to 8 pm Where: 1387 East Valley Road Cost: $175 for Casa members, $200 for non-members; event is limited to 150 people Info and Tickets: visit www.casadelherrero. com, call (805) 565-5653 or email info@

Thanksgiving Several restaurants in Montecito are serving up traditional turkey dinners with all the xins; call for details and reservations. Bella Vista at the Biltmore, 1260 Channel Drive, 969-2261 Montecito Wine Bistro, 516 San Ysidro Road, 969-7520 Plow & Angel, 900 San Ysidro Lane, 565-1724 Stonehouse Restaurant, 900 San Ysidro Lane, 565-1724 Stella Mares, 50 Los Patos Way, 969-6705

Book Signing at Tecolote Kathy Eldon signs In the Heart of Life: A Restless Soul, a Search for Meaning, and a Bond That Nothing Could Break. WhenKathy Eldonlearned on July 12, 1993 that her22-year old son Dan,who was working on assignment as a photojournalist for Reuters,had been stoned todeath by anangry mob in Somalia, a wailof grief emerged from the pit ofher soul.Its the type of life-changing event that could crush anymother,but for Kathy it became a defining moment that turnedajournalist,filmmaker and mother-of-two into a warrior andsocial activist whohas made her impact felt around the world. She isthe author ofAngel Catcher,Soul Catcher, andLove Catcher, a series of popular self-guided journals written with herdaughter Amy Eldon Turteltaub that help people negotiate loss and grief,nd their purpose and introduce more love into their lives. When: 5 pm to 6 pm Where: Tecolote Book Shop, 1470 East Valley Road Info: 969-4977

Book Signing at Tecolote Lolita Tita Lanning will sign her memoir, The Wit to Win When: 4 pm Where: Tecolote Book Shop, 1470 East Valley Road Info: 969-4977

MBAR Meeting Montecito Board of Architectural Review seeks to ensure that new projects are harmonious with the unique physical characteristics and character of Montecito. When: 2 pm Where: Country Engineering Building, Planning Commission Hearing Room, 123 East Anapamu

Tea Dance The City of Santa Barbara donates the use

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Day Low Hgt High Thurs, Nov 28 5:51 AM Fri, Nov 29 6:22 AM Sat, Nov 30 12:27 AM 1.7 6:55 AM Sun, Dec 1 1:07 AM 1.7 7:32 AM Mon, Dec 2 1:48 AM 1.8 8:11 AM Tues, Dec 3 2:32 AM 1.9 8:52 AM Wed, Dec 4 3:18 AM 2 9:37 AM Thurs, Dec 5 4:09 AM 2.1 10:25 AM Fri, Dec 6 12:18 AM Hgt Low 5.2 12:36 PM 5.7 01:15 PM 6.1 01:55 PM 6.5 02:35 PM 6.8 03:17 PM 6.9 04:02 PM 6.8 04:49 PM 6.5 05:38 PM 4.2 5:08 AM Hgt High Hgt Low Hgt 1 06:28 PM 3.6 011:47 PM 1.6 0.3 07:21 PM 3.8 -0.4 08:09 PM 4 -0.9 08:55 PM 4.1 -1.4 09:42 PM 4.1 -1.5 010:31 PM 4.1 -1.5 011:22 PM 4.2 -1.1 2.3 11:17 AM 5.9 06:30 PM -0.7



28 November 5 December 2013

Parade of Lights on the Channel Cat Join the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum fundraiser aboard the Channel Cat; sushi, wine, and hors doeuvres will be served. When: check in at 4:30 pm, boat leaves dock at 5:15 pm Where: Sailing Center, 133 Harbor Way Cost: $75 per person for members, $100 for non-members Registration:


Live Entertainment at Cava Where: Cava, 1212 Coast Village Road When: 7 pm to 10 pm Info: 969-8500

Story Time at the Library When: 10:30 to 11 am Where: Montecito Library, 1469 East Valley Road Info: 969-5063 Connections Brain Fitness Program Challenging games, puzzles, and memory enhancement exercises in a friendly environment When: 10 am to 2 pm Where: Friendship Center, 89 Eucalyptus Lane Cost: $50, includes lunch Info: Kai Hoye, 969-0859

Julian Nott Speaks at Channel City Club Julian Nott is a founder of the modern ballooning movement and one of its greatest, most creative exponents. According to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, he is the leading figure in applying modern science to manned balloon design over the last 20 years. When many people think of hot air balloons they envision colorful and scenic flights while sipping champagne, but in Notts ballooning world he develops balloons for flights at Solar System destinations. His many achievements include the first crossing of the Sahara Desert, first crossing of Australia, crossing the Alps, and piloting the worlds first solar balloon across the English Channel.He has broken 79 World Ballooning Records. Julian Nott is the featured speaker at the Channel City Clubs Festive Annual Holiday Luncheon Program; his talk is titled, Intellectual Courage and Scientic Ballooning Exploring Landscapes Near & Far. When: 11 am Where: Fess Parker DoubleTree Resort Reagan Room, 633 East Cabrillo Boulevard Cost: $35 for members, $40 for non-members Info: (805) 884-6636 and

Adventuresome Aging Program Community outings, socialization, and lunch for dependent adults When: 10 am to 2 pm Where: Friendship Center, 89 Eucalyptus Lane Cost: $75, includes lunch, plus one time fee of $35 Info: Kai Hoye, 969-0859

Brain Fitness for Successful Aging Series Learn how to rewire your brain, combat stress and fatigue, and keep your brain strong and healthy. When: 12:30 pm to 1 pm (optional power walk), class is 1 pm to 4 pm, until September 25 Where: Friendship Center, 89 Eucalyptus Lane Cost: donation, snacks provided Info: Kai Hoye, 969-0859

Art at Pierre Lafond Longtime (approximately 40 years) local artist, author, ex-marine, architect, and builder Bill Dalziel is showing his paintings and prints of African Elephants with Attitude on the walls of Pierre Lafond Wine Bistro in the upper village. Ten percent of sales will be donated to the Save the Elephants charity. When: Ongoing Where: 516 San Ysidro Road Info: 969-7520

Casual Italian Conversation at the Montecito Library Practice your Italian conversation amongst a variety of skill levels while learning about Italian culture. Fun for all, and informative, too! When: 1 pm to 2 pm Where: 1469 East Valley Road Info: 969-5063


Farmers Market When: 8 am to 11:15 am Where: South side of Coast Village Road Local Artisans Market When: 3 to 7 pm Where: La Cumbre Plaza, 121 South Hope Avenue Info:


Art Classes Beginning and advanced, all ages and by appt, just call Where: Portico Gallery, 1235 Coast Village Road Info: 695-8850
Don Gragg 805.453.0518 License #951784

Local Artisans Market When: 2 to 6 pm Where: Food Walk Market, 2330-2350 Lillie Avenue, Summerland Info:  MJ Whatever it is, Im against it Groucho Marx


Adventuresome Aging Where: 89 Eucalyptus Lane Info: 969-0859; ask for Susan

28 November 5 December 2013




Get cash to SHOP LOCAL. November 30th

Village Beat
Caltrans Responds
hree days after taking part in a private meeting with local elected officials and members of the Montecito Associations Common Sense Coalition, Caltrans officials released a statement last Monday solidifying the agencys commitment to improve traffic safety and congestion in [the Santa Barbara and Montecito] corridor of Highway 101. According to attendees of the meeting, Caltrans reps were unprepared to comment on the Coalitions independent traffic engineering report, which ascertains left-hand ramps in Montecito are not more dangerous than right-hand ramps. Caltrans plans to widen the freeway have been based on redesigns that eliminate the left-hand ramps in Montecito, a move the agency says is for safety reasons. (For more details about the meeting and the project in general, see last weeks Village Beat, MJ #19/46.) Caltrans spokesperson Jim Shivers said in a statement that the agency will continue to work with local stakeholders, and will widen the highway in a community-sensitive manner.


by Kelly Mahan

He also stated that Caltrans is actively looking into the Coalitions reports, and will respond to it in the coming weeks. It is expected that Caltrans will report on the project at the December meeting of the Santa Barbara County Association of Governments (SBCAG), although the agenda has yet to be released.

Christmas at the Casa

14 State Street 962-0049 Mon - Sat 10 - 6, Sun 10 - 5 At the Beach Free Parking


Share your travel stories and photos with us! #mountainairsports

Locally owned and operated for over 30 years!


Montecitos National Historic Landmark, Casa del Herrero, will hold its annual Christmas party onSaturday, December 7from 5 pm until 8 pm; the popular event is a chance for guests to see the property in all its holiday splendor. This year the early evening event returns to being an intimate gathering held within the two-story Spanish Colonial Revival home, amidst the Casas antiques and architectural details, all decorated in holiday dcor. The party will extend out across the sandstone service courtyard and loggia, and into original

Photos courtesy of Sorel, Kuhl, Purnell

Coast 2 Coast Collection

Introducing an Exclusive from Vietri!
Santa Barbara Mission & Courthouse Serving Platters, Salad & Dessert Plates & Mugs Exclusively designed for Coast 2 Coast Collection Limited Quantities Available! Please call the store today to reserve your selection (805) 845-7888 Makes a wonderful holiday gift! Complimentary Gift Wrapping With Purchase

Coast 2 Coast Collection La Arcada Courtyard 1114 State Street, Suite 10 Santa Barbara, CA 93101 (805) 845-7888
Store Hours Monday thru Saturday: 10am - 6pm Sundays: Noon - 5pm



28 November 5 December 2013

owner George Steedmans workshop. Casa del Herrero, located at 1387 East Valley Road, is an 11-acre National Historic Landmark open to the public for tours, by reservation only. I truly look forward to this event each year, said Molly Barker, Executive Director of Casa del Herrero. There is just something magical in being able to celebrate the holidays at a special place like this and imagine all the happy occasions that have been enjoyed here by the Steedman family. Along with the Christmas pageantry and seasonal ambiance, the formal Christmas at the Casa gala offers a silent auction with a new twist: a presale of auction items is now accessible online at Items up for bid include: vintage jewelry, a classic Santa Barbara getaway at a local seaside George Washington Smith abode, a private event at the Bowers Museum in Orange County, and other items. There will also be sign-ups for party book events, which will take place at the Casa: an afternoon of croquet, a plein air master class in oils with artist Rick Garcia, an intimate dinner party for twelve, and a classic bridge party for twenty-four. Proceeds go toward stewardship of the historic property. Christmas gala guests will enjoy hors doeuvres and wine; patron sponsorships are still available. Attendance for Christmas at the Casa is limited to only 150 people, and the event traditionally reaches capacity quickly. Individual tickets are available for $200 each, or $175 for Casa members. Advance reservations are required. For tickets and sponsorship information go to, call 805-565-5653 or email

PajamaNight at MUS

Last week, local authorJ.Z. Binghamread her recently released, award-winning book series, Salty Splashes Collection, to students at Montecito Union School. The event, sponsored by the PTA, was part of the Books for Bedtime series, which had been on hiatus for the last six years. The childrens book series feature lighthearted tales of adventure with engaging charactersand full bleed illustrations; Bingham has received nationally acclaimed recognition, along with a Moms Choice Award. The three books are loosely based on an animal adventure of the Channel Islands, says PTA president Cindy Feinberg, who organized the event. Locally, the series will be carried by The Book Den, Tecolote Book Shop, The Good Cup, and Chaucers, and online atwww.barnesandnoble. comand MUS Chief Academic Officer Dr. Nick Bruski said of the evening event, in which students dressed in their pajamas: J.Z. is a wonderful storyteller who brought her books to life by reciting them from memory. What a great opportunity for students of MUS to meet and learn from a real, local author who writes stories about the place in which they live. For more information about the books and author, visit www.jzbing

Second District Supervisor Janet Wolf is surrounded by volunteers and administrators from the Alliance for Living and Dying Well and Visiting Nurse & Hospice Care during an inaugural community-wide event encouraging people to begin or complete an advance health care directive (photo by Teresa Pietsch)

or are interested in finishing the work they started are encouraged to attend ongoing workshops scheduled every third Wednesday of the month from 3 pm to 5 pm at Garden Court, 1116 De la Vina Street;every third Thursday at the Hospice of Santa Barbara, 2050 Alameda Padre Serra, Suite 100, from 4 pm to 6 pm; and at Sansum Clinic, 215 Pesetas Lane, as scheduled at various times of the year.Notaries and trained professionals will be on hand, and all services are free to the community.

Eyeball Wall

by Ann Pieramici hen patients enter Sansum Clinics pediatric ophthalmology department, they will now be seen by more than just their doctors. Thanks to a donation from Crane Country Day School, Sansum has a new art exhibit, consisting of 260 hand-painted, wooden eyeballs gracing its waiting area.


Get it Done Today

Sponsored by the Alliance for Living and Dying Well (ALDW), a community-wide event was held November 13 to encourage people to begin or complete an advance health care directive, with the assistance of trained volunteers and free notaries. Those who missed this opportunity

Photo: Stephen Sherrill

DECEMBER 6-7, 2013


28 November 5 December 2013


At least theres something still sacred about this holiday; and by holiday, I mean the Iron Bowl Jon Anderson








Dr. Chang is nationally recognized as a Black Diamond ALLERGAN BOTOX / FILLER Injector

Seen Around Town

by Lynda Millner

Check out what our expert has to say in this Santa Barbara Independent Feature Article, In Defense of Botox Google Search Defense Botox

Honoring Veterans at 18th Military Ball

To be killed in war is not the worst that can happen. To be lost is not the worst that can happen to be forgotten is the worst. Pierre Claeyssens (1909-2003) he highlight of the Veterans Day weekend for me is the Military Ball held at Fess Parkers DoubleTree Resort. This year as we entered, we were greeted by General MacArthur, complete with pipe beside a real army helicopter and truck. There were over 500 men and women decked out in their dress uniforms and the rest in tuxes or gowns; it was gridlock during cocktail hour. Some were having swing dance lessons to the big band sound of Swing Shift. Many of the veterans pay nothing as the Pierre Claeyssens Veterans Museum and Library Foundation (PCVM) picks up the tab. The ballroom was studded with flags from many countries hung from the ceiling and patriotism was in the air. Pierre founded the Ball in 1995 as a way of paying tribute to the U.S. Armed Forces, past and present, in our area. He was a Belgian-born immigrant and experienced first-hand the American soldiers liberating his

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Joseph H Chang, MD

(805) 565 5700

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General Douglas MacArthur greeting guests at the Military Ball


homeland during World War I and pledged that all veterans be honored and never forgotten. This grand celebration is headed up by board president John Blankenship, USN and his



28 November 5 December 2013

Board president John Blankenship, Anne and Karl Marlantes, and Janet and Col. Ed Dewey (Ret.) at the Military Ball VIP reception Ms. Millner is the author of The Magic Makeover, Tricks for Looking Thinner, Younger and More Confident Instantly. If you have an event that belongs in this column, you are invited to call Lynda at 969-6164.

wife, Hazel. Their goal is to have a Veterans Museum. Ninety-three-year-old James Pattillo received the 2013 Greatest Generation Award in gratitude for his service. He dropped out of college to join the Army Air Corps. He had a score to settle since the Japanese had shot down his brothers B-17. James was in China and then India with the 58th Bomb Wing. His many awards include the Distinguished Flying Cross with two oak leaf clusters. While in the service, he went to night school and passed the bar in 1965. Hes had a whole career in law here and has been married to his wife, Helen, for 71 years. As the Blankenships said, Our keynote speaker and Vietnam vet Karl Marlantes has written the book Matterhorn: A Novel of the Vietnam War, which you cant put down and youll

Seated is the oldest living female WWII veteran in California Bea Cohn (in her World War II uniform) with her daughter Janiece behind her and event co-chair Hazel Blankenship

never sell it at a garage sale. It was on The New York Times bestseller list for several weeks when it was published in 2010. It is a novel but relates to all his experiences in Vietnam and took him 37 years to finish. His latest book is What It Is Like to Go to War, again with personal reflections.

SEEN Page 174

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28 November 5 December 2013

Whoever said that money cant buy happiness simply didnt know where to go shopping Bo Derek



Season's Greetings!
cordially invites you for a day of shopping in support of the Dream Foundation

San Ysidro Village

10 am - 7 pm cocktails, hors d'oeuvres & music 4 pm - 7 pm

Thursday, December 5th

525 San Ysidro Rd. Montecito, CA 93108

Julianne, Coffee Shop, SR Hogue, William Laman, San Ysidro Pharmacy, Margerum Winery, American Riviera Bank, Henry Beguelin Jenni Kayne & Jenni Kayne Home, Country House Antiques



28 November 5 December 2013

Karl was interviewed on stage by Peter Bie, president of the local chapter of Vietnam Veterans of America (#218). In the 1990s, Karl finally asked the Veterans Administration for help with symptoms caused by post-traumatic stress disorder. He helped the audience see and feel how the service turns a button on in you, but doesnt know how to turn it off. Space limits me from writing about all those honored this night, but one special lady there in her army uniform from World War II was 103-year-old Bea Cohn. She is the oldest living female WWII veteran in California, and possibly the nation. Bea is one of the few people alive today who witnessed the beginning of WWI in 1916. At age four, she watched planes drop bombs on factories behind her house in Romania. This night she led the Pledge of Allegiance in no uncertain terms. She said to me, Imagine two hundred women dressed like this with white stockings. I told her it wasnt too sexy, but I liked her hat. We thank all of you veterans who know that freedom isnt free. Learn how you can help at www.pierre

SEEN (Continued from page 15)


Jack Hanna with one of his cubs (photo courtesty UCSB Art & Lectures)





Zookeeper Extraordinaire
Jack Hanna said, If you can get [people] to love [animals], then you have a better chance to save them. He has spent a lifetime doing just that. Hanna began cleaning cages for a local veterinarian in Knoxville, Tennessee during the summer at age eleven. By age 16, he knew he wanted to be a zookeeper. After college and a job in Florida, he took over the small Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Powell, Ohio in 1978. It is now considered the number one zoo in the country and he is director emeritus. Baby twin gorillas were born at Hannas zoo, which led him to a stint on Good Morning America, followed by appearances on the Late Show with David Letterman, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Larry King Live, and many oth-

ers. Eventually this culminated into his own Emmy winning TV series, Jack Hannas Into the Wild and Jack Hannas Wild Countdown. He told us that Letterman has joked, Im a walking dictionary of misinformation. Hannas fans dont believe it. He has traveled to every planet on earth to photograph animals. Before the show at UCSBs Campbell Hall, I asked him backstage the standard question of what is the most dangerous thing thats happened to him. He quipped, When my wife, Suzi, asked me to build a house. Thats not exactly the answer I was looking for, since hes been at this animal business for 40 years. He seriously replied, My friends who have been killed (Dawn Brancheau at Sea World and the crocodile hunter Steve Irwin) would tell you it was their fault. My crew and I have a comfort zone and so do the animals. We dont cross that line. Hes had accidents. He still bears scars from when a boa constrictor clamped down on his hand. He had to wait a half hour for the snake to let go. He feels strongly about the killer whale documentary Blackfish saying, Its true but that was all thirty to forty years ago. Its not that way







DEC 10 DEC 11


DEC 12






DEC 13


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DEC 16





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28 November 5 December 2013

11.28.13.MJ.indd 1 I still believe in the Holy Trinity, except now its Target, Trader Joes, and IKEA Jen Lancaster



stay in our rarefied enclave and were no doubt surprised when they found out the main guest at that days taping was none other than their good friend, President George W. Bush. It couldnt have worked out better, says Annette. We often see him and wife, Laura, at Dallas Cowboys games, as we have the skybox next to owner Jerry Jones where they are often guests. We had great fun chatting away and catching up. In May 2007, Harold, 82 who is listed on the Forbes 400 at number 40 with $10 billion , and Annette were invited to a white tie state dinner at the White House for Queen Elizabeth

MISCELLANY (Continued from page 6)

and Prince Philip by the presidential twosome and often bump into them socially. They are both very nice and it is always so good to see them, adds Annette. But how strange to meet up in Burbank. The president, who is quite an accomplished artist, gave Jay an oil portrait hed painted of him, which was well received. It was a quick day, but lots of fun. Nancy & Mollie Visit White House In other matters presidential, restaurateur Mollie Ahlstrand and Nancy Koppelman, a member of the Democratic National Finance

Committee, were also guests in Washington last week. It was a reception with President Obama and the First Lady, says Nancy, who has been to the White House a number of times before. My husband, Larry, wasnt able to go and I knew Mollie had always wanted to visit, so I extended an invitation and she flew back from a trip to Rome to attend. There were about two hundred friends from around the country at the soire. It was small by White House standards with a buffet dinner and the
Nancy Koppelman and Mollie Ahlstrand at the presidential reception at the White House


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Am er i c an R i v i er aBan k. c o m


28 November 5 December 2013

F I N e P RO P e RT I e S R e P R e S e N T e D B Y
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2076 China Flat

Elegant home at the end of a peaceful cul-de-sac in gated Birnam Wood Golf Club, with stunning mountain views! Located on a spacious lot between the 1st and 18th fairways, this home offers wood floors, high ceilings, grand living room with fireplace, mountain and fairway views, pool with brick terrace, and wonderful surrounding lawn and gardens. The main house with 2 bed/3.5 bath including large master suite, plus the 1 bed/1 bath guest quarters, makes this property perfect for entertaining, guests, and comfortable everyday living!

Offered at $3,399,000!

28 November 5 December 2013



SEEN (Continued from page 17)

way for exercise! Jack patiently met with donors and kids before the show and stayed after to sign autographs for a long line so as not to disappoint any child. His passion for his work is evident. There are four more Family Fun events, so call (805) 893-3535 if youd like to take your family.

Braille Auxiliary Luncheon

Jack Hanna with Luci Janssen and her grandkids Finn (in her arms) and Preston before the show

Jack Hanna with a huge snake and families at a backstage preview

anymore, so whats the point? He doesnt think children need to see that. And he doesnt like the animal reality TV shows. In his programs, they show the chase but not the kill, attempting to keep them family friendly. There are 192 million visitors to 221 accredited zoos in this country. That beats out all sports combined. More than 90% of the animals come from other zoos, not the wild. Illegal importing of animals is second only to drugs.

Also backstage were Arts & Lectures council member Tom Kenny, wife Susan McMillan and children, and Arts & Lectures ambassador Luci Janssen with her grandchildren. This program was part of UCSB Arts & Lectures Family Fun event. UCSB Miller McCune executive director Celesta Bilecci has a son and noticed there was a lack of quality entertainment for children. Three years ago, she began Family Fun. This year there is a series of six events at affordable

prices so more can attend. An hour before each program, there are balloons, bubble blowing, face painting, and craft-making for the kids. Hannas show was a sellout. He not only showed clips of his shows, but also brought along a camel, Madagascar cockroaches, a kangaroo, black and white ruffed lemurs, and more. Talk about dog friendly. How about kangaroo friendly? Imagine what its like to be at his hotel and see a kangaroo hopping down the hall-

Braille Auxiliary held its annual meeting at La Cumbre Country Club, where the highlight of the day was the check presentation. President Pat Andersons and the co-chairs of the polo fundraising event Charlene Nagel and Meg DiNapoli gave Braille executive director Michael Lazarovits a check for a whopping $180,000. The new co-chairs Mary Romo and Janet Lew are already working on next years event, with a theme of Polo in Provence. There really is a polo field in Provence. Diane Wilkerson from Los Angeles was the guest speaker and what an inspiration she was. She is visually impaired and has been for 15 years. It began when her children were only two, four, six, and eight. She became a student at Braille when she had lost hope. She could no longer drive, she wasnt cooking for her family, and

Hope Ranch View Estate

ommanding a dramatic presence from a premier Hope Ranch location, this Palladian style estate rests on approximately 3.64 very private acres and offers truly breathtaking ocean, island and sunset views. From the moment you enter the property youll be enamored with the Old World beauty and impressive classical European architecture. All major rooms offer awe-inspiring ocean views and is abound in the most regal details creating a formal yet warm and elegant atmosphere. Unique in presentation and unmatched in quality, this lovely home pays homage to the classics while providing an inviting living space. This is an incredible opportunity to own a piece of old world lifestyle, never before on the market.

Details at: Now Offered at $5,195,000

Natalie Grubb-Campbell
License #01236143

Grubb Campbell Real Estate Group 805.895.6226

Village Properties 805.565.8868

Renee Grubb
License #00861534

All information provided is deemed reliable, but has not been verified and we do not guarantee it. We recommend that buyers make their own inquiries. If your property is listed with another broker, this is not intended as a solicitation.



28 November 5 December 2013

Pre-Release Sale with 5% Discount Exclusively for Virtuoso Travel Agencies

Pat Andersons, Charlene Nagel, Meg DiNapoli, and executive director Michael Lazarovits at the check presentation for Braille Institute

shed lost her independence. When her vision was going, she would practice putting on her makeup without a mirror and then check to see if it was good. She said, Braille gives back your hope. Diane joked, I never have wrinkles. She keeps her sense of humor even though she wasnt able to see her daughters face in her wedding dress or see her new grandson. Besides learning how to read Braille, she has learned how to cook again. She quoted Helen Keller; There is something

worse than no sight. Its people with no vision. The new slate of Auxiliary officers elected for the next year are Pat Andersons, Mary Romo, Janet Lew, Meg DiNapoli, Linda Chapman, Carol Schleck, Diane Pannkuk, Raye Haskell, Jean Von Wittenburg, Judy Mack, Sharon Larson, Joanie Kelly and Sandy DeRousse. For more information about the Braille Institute, visit www.braillein See you in Provence at the polo field August 2, 2014. MJ

Cunard announced that James Taylor and his band will again present two live concerts aboard Queen Mary 2 on the August 27th, 2014 Transatlantic Crossing from New York to Southhampton. During the crossing guests will have the opportunity to participate in a signing session a with the artist and join a live Q&A interview.

James Taylor is true music royalty having sold close to 100 million albums and earning 40 Gold, Platinum, Multi-Platinum and Diamond awards. The ve time Grammy Award winner has delighted audiences for decades with hit songs: "Fire and Rain," "You've Got a Friend" and "Carolina In My Mind."

QUEEN MARY 2 and The Most Famous Ocean Liners in the World are registered trademarks owned by Cunard. All rights reserved in the United States and other countries. Ships Registry: Bermuda.Cunard 2013.

Montecito Village Travel 805.969.5096 CST# 2019108-10

28 November 5 December 2013

Getting older is no problem; you just have to live long enough Groucho Marx




Photographs courtesy of Bloomsbury USA, New York

by Lynn P. Kirst

Tim Cope Holds Audience Spellbound with Tales of the Trail

Tim Cope (right) loads one of his packhorses with the help of Seryoga, a Russian who spent two weeks leading the Australian adventurer through the forests and mountains of Crimea

This male saiga is one of 18,000 remaining animals, down from millions that once ranged the Eurasian steppe. Related to ancient fauna, its most peculiar feature is a long, curved nose that filters dust in the summer and heats inhaled cold air during winter. A living genetic link between antelope and sheep, saiga are a migratory species that can run as fast as 60 miles per hour but are battling extinction; they are victims of poaching, as its horns are used to make cold and flu remedies in China.

Among the exotic scenes that Tim Cope was able to film along his journey was this large group of camels being herded across the Zhem River

ith the ease of one whose subject matter is virtually part of who he is, Tim Cope held his audience spellbound when he recently appeared at UCSB Campbell Hall to talk about his 6,000-mile horseback ride from Mongolia to Hungary. Gracefully speaking without notes or a single awkward pause, Cope provided an overview of his odyssey that is recounted in fascinating detail in his award-winning book, On the Trail of Genghis Khan: An Epic Journey in the Land of the Nomads. Crediting his love of the outdoors to his late father, Andrew Cope, Tims wilderness survival training stood him in good stead as he crossed the Eurasian steppe, where temperatures ranged from sub-zero to scorching hot. With his horses stolen just six days into the expedition, Cope was lucky to find them running with the herd of a Mongolian nomad, the probable thief, who taught the Australian adventurer a traditional adage that became life-saving advice: A man without friends on the steppe is as narrow as a finger. A man with friends is as wide

A museum and travel professional, community volunteer, and lifelong equestrienne, Lynn Kirst is a fourth-generation Californian who grew up in Montecito; she can often be found riding or hiking the local trails

as the steppe. That was just one of many stories related by Cope to the packed audience, which filled virtually all of Campbell Halls 860 seats. Tim made good on his promise to deliver a night that will take you back to an older age of exploration, and a nomadic culture that has dramatically shaped the course of human history. Condensing his three-and-a-half year odyssey into a 90-minute program must have been a challenge, but his book provides a more detailed account of the fascinating and harrowing experiences he faced along the way. Cope related how the advice he received from the horse thief early in his trip encouraged him to engage the people he encountered,

Adventurer and filmmaker Tim Cope with columnist Lynn Kirst at his UCSB book signing. Tim graciously met with dozens of fans, and signed each copy of On the Trail of Genghis Khan with his hard-earned advice: Rush slowly.

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Mediation or Representation RICHARD DOLWIG Attorney at Law for brochure call: 637-7993

Len Jarrott, MBA, CCIM 805-569-5999


and it was those friends he made on the steppe that helped him survive the journey. He credits his communication skills to his fluency in Russian. As to what he called the warmth of Santa Barbara, Tim told me in a later email that he was fascinated by the architecture, gazed up at the mountains beyond, and enjoyed a walk through downtown. The UCSB campus really impressed me with its skateboard highway, and general energising atmosphere. After two months of traveling throughout North America, Tim is eager to return to Australia, where his intrepid dog Tigon, now nine years of age, has recently fathered his first legitimate litter of puppies, all of which have already been spoken for. But first Tim will travel to London for a week of events, then up to Scotland and finally on to Europe. There he 

will visit his horses, still living in Hungary where he had to leave them after finishing his epic journey across the Eurasian steppe, before returning home to Australia. In spite of his own nomadic lifestyle of international travel, Tim tries to incorporate another adage he learned on the steppe: If you have to rush, rush slowly. Tim Copes program at UCSB was his only West Coast event on an extensive book tour through Canada, where he made stops from the Queen Charlotte Islands to Montreal, and the United States, with several appearances that included Washington, D.C. and the Explorers Club in New York City. According to UCSB Arts & Lectures publicist Karna Hughes, credit for bringing Cope to Santa Barbara goes to Roman Baratiak, Associate Director of UCSB Arts & Lectures, who has been working for the organization since 1980. For the past thirty-three years, Roman has brought in a wide variety of speakers to complement the artistic programming overseen by executive director Celesta Billeci. Mark Your Calendar Sunday, January 12 3 pm, UCSB Campbell Hall Joel Sartore Presentation Close Encounters: Grizzlies, Piranhas and Man-Eating Pigs Part of the National Geographic Live! series presented by UCSB Arts & Lectures, photographer Joel Sartore will show what its like to deal with wild animals in pursuit of the perfect shot. Books will be available for purchase at the signing to follow. Tickets available online or at the door, ranging from $15 for youth and UCSB MJ students to $25 for adults.  28 November 5 December 2013


Congratulations and thank you!

sant a barbara

Chairman of the Board Michael Towbes and President & CEO Janet Garus

Please join us in congratulating the 164 local nonprot organizations who received a Community Dividends Award this year. Through the Community Dividends program, Montecito Bank & Trust has now donated $11 million to nonprots in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties.
Adventures in Caring Foundation Alano Club of Santa Barbara, Inc. Alzheimers Association, California Central Chapter American Cancer Society, Inc., California Division American Heart Association, Central Coast Division Angels Foster Care of Santa Barbara Anti-Defamation League Arthritis Foundation Atterdag Village of Solvang Bishop Garcia Diego High School Boxtales Theatre Company Boys & Girls Club of Moorpark Boys & Girls Club of Santa Barbara Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Conejo Valley Boys & Girls Clubs of Ventura Breast Cancer Resource Center of Santa Barbara Buellton Senior Center California Lutheran University California State University Channel Islands Foundation Cancer Foundation of Santa Barbara Carpinteria Education Foundation, Inc. Casa Esperanza Homeless Center Casa Pacica Centers for Children and Families Casa Serena, Inc. Center Stage Theatre Child Abuse Listening Mediation, Inc. Childrens Museum of Santa Barbara Coastal Housing Coalition Community Arts Music Association of Santa Barbara, Inc. Community Conscience / Under One Roof Community Environmental Council, Inc. Community Memorial Health System Conejo Valley Senior Concerns, Inc. Congregation Bnai Brith Cornerstone House of Santa Barbara Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Court Appointed Special Advocates of Santa Barbara County Crane Country Day School Direct Relief Domestic Violence Solutions for Santa Barbara County Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy Foundation Dream Foundation Easy Lift Transportation, Inc. El Concilio Family Services Elings Park Foundation Elverhoj Museum of History & Art Ensemble Theater Company of Santa Barbara Family Service Agency of Santa Barbara Fielding Graduate University Food from the Heart FOOD Share Foodbank of Santa Barbara County Foundation for Santa Barbara High School Friends of the Carpinteria Library Friends of the Library of the Santa Ynez Valley, Inc. Friendship Manor Ganna Walska Lotusland Garden Court, Inc. Gay & Lesbian Business Association Girls Incorporated of Carpinteria Girls Incorporated of Greater Santa Barbara Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital Foundation Goleta Valley Historical Society Habitat for Humanity of Southern Santa Barbara County Habitat for Humanity of Ventura County HELP of Carpinteria Hospice of Santa Barbara, Inc. Hospice of the Conejo Housing Trust Fund of Santa Barbara County, Inc. Isla Vista Youth Projects, Inc. Jessie Hopkins Hinchee Foundation Jewish Federation of Greater Santa Barbara Just Communities Central Coast Kids Helping Kids La Casa de Maria Retreat & Conference Center Laguna Blanca School Laguna Cottages for Seniors Legal Aid Foundation of Santa Barbara County Lobero Theatre Foundation Manna Conejo Valley Food Distribution Center, Inc. Marjorie Luke Theatre Mental Wellness Center Museum of Ventura County Music Academy of the West National Multiple Sclerosis Society Notes for Notes Old Spanish Days in Santa Barbara, Inc. Pacic Pride Foundation, Inc. Page Youth Center Parks and Recreation Community Foundation Partners in Education PathPoint Peoples Self-Help Housing Corporation Planned Parenthood of Santa Barbara, Ventura and San Luis Obispo Counties, Inc. San Marcos High School San Marcos Parent Child Workshop Sansum Clinic Sansum Diabetes Research Institute Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, Inc. Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation Santa Barbara Center for the Performing Arts, Inc. Santa Barbara Chamber Orchestra Santa Barbara Channelkeeper Santa Barbara Community Housing Corporation Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital Foundation Santa Barbara County Genealogical Society Santa Barbara Dance Alliance Santa Barbara Education Foundation Santa Barbara Family Care Center Santa Barbara Foundation Santa Barbara Historical Museum Santa Barbara International Film Festival Santa Barbara Maritime Museum Santa Barbara Meals on Wheels, Inc. Santa Barbara Middle School Santa Barbara Museum of Art Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics Santa Barbara Performing Arts League Santa Barbara Police Activities League Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center Santa Barbara Rescue Mission Santa Barbara Symphony Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation Santa Barbara Zoological Foundation Santa Ynez Valley Cottage Hospital Foundation Santa Ynez Valley People Helping People, Inc. Sarah House Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara Solvang Friendship House Solvang Senior Center Special Olympics Santa Barbara Spirit of Entrepreneurship Foundation St. Johns Healthcare Foundation St. Vincents State Street Ballet Storyteller Childrens Center Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation The Foundation for Santa Barbara City College The Howard School The Little Cottage Tradart Foundation Transition House Turning Point Foundation UCSB Arts & Lectures United Boys & Girls Club of Carpinteria United Boys & Girls Club of Goleta United Boys & Girls Club of Santa Barbara Westside Club United Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Barbara County United Way of Santa Barbara County United Way of Ventura County Unity Shoppe, Inc. Valley Haven, Inc. Ventura County Community Foundation Ventura County Housing Trust Fund Ventura County Medical Resource Foundation Ventura Music Festival Visiting Nurse & Hospice Care of Santa Barbara Westmont College Wilderness Youth Project Wildling Art Museum Womens Economic Ventures YMCA Youth and Family Services: Noahs Anchorage Youth Crisis Shelter YMCA: Stuart C. Gildred Family Santa Ynez
Solvang Goleta Santa Barbara Montecito Carpinteria Ventura Westlake Village
Member FDIC

28 November 5 December 2013



the cattle business did so. The annual return on investment was estimated to be 50 percent. Here we also saw very clear evidence of a commons being destroyed. How could you argue that someone, for the sake of the environment, ought to remove some cattle? You remove yours and someone else just puts more in. Money was driving this, and what happens when wildlife impinges?Unless that wildlife has some value, it is just in the way. Thus, with habitat being destroyed, other things that competed with cattle were merely problems. Elephants in this example are a negative. We then can shift this same argument into Botswana, where the E.U. is a major importer of its beef. Let me mention that you will seldom find better tasting beef. The number of elephants in Botswana dwarf what might be found in Swaziland, and they are now competing for some of the same range as needed by cattle. Every bureaucrat in Botswana who can muster a little money is into beef. They will also tell you that the range is going down the tubes and they are sorry to see this, but the money is so good that if they dont, someone else will. Economics & The Cold War Cattle are so important to the economically powerful that they drenched the Okavango Delta with pesticides to

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Avoid it! With a daily shot of Neat Wheat Grass. Available@ Biltmore Hotel Coral Casino Resort Montecito Natural Foods Pierre Lafond Visit us @ www. neatwheatgrass. com 805.403.0697


kill off insects that affected cattle. Pole your boat through that once wonderful wetland wildlife area and there will be silence and once in a while a burp from a frog but basically silence in an area that should be abuzz and teeming with life. Then, look around at the overstressed landscape. One sees trees torn down by elephants foraging for any scrap. There are now just too many elephants for the land to support. Now, a bit on the Cold War. So, back to Somalia. I was one of the last to leave Ethiopia as we switched listening post locations with the Russians, who at the time were just leaving Somalia. I had been working on an Ethiopian rural roads project and writing the nations Country Environmental Profile (CEP) for USAID, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and the Provisional Military Government. But, once the Russians and Cubans were invited in and we were invited out, tracking impacts on wildlife came to an end. After Ethiopia, I soon landed in Somalia as the mission environmental officer. We were just opening up diplomatic relations with Somalia, and the Russians had just left. The Somali shilling traded at five to the U.S. dollar. The country was stable and self-sufficient. At two in the morning you could, in complete safety, wander the narrow, poorly lit, twisting streets of the ancient city of Mogadishu. Many of my colleagues commented how clean it was and how orderly and how safe. These were old Africa hands. I went back to Somalia ten years later as the regional environmental advisor to the state and the USAID, with Somalia and 21 other nations as my clients. The place was in shambles with sickness and malnutrition, war and chaos. Wars originally developed as proxy wars between clients of the Cold Wars major contenders left much of the Horn in disarray. What was variously left over saw an array of small arms available. These wars also saw the herding Somali and their animals chased out of their historic pasturage back into smaller and smaller range and thus overgrazing until the population of man and animal crashed. Left to their own, historically, the Somali were a rather wealthy people, but wealthy in animals, not dollars. If you ignore this animalbased economy and you measured their wealth in dollars, they suddenly were among the poorest of the poor. But, then Somalia was a critical listening post for watching Russia and Afghanistan communication traffic and the shipping in the Persian Gulf, as well as the Red Sea. It was almost unrecognizable and hardly safe when I later arrived. Take that backdrop of a chaotic economy in ruins, with refugee settlements so large it was difficult to see across the

extent of them to the other side, and then note the availability of elephants in neighboring Kenya and the value of their tusks. Then ask why Somalia wound up as it did. These are an exceptionally bright people who historically had lived in a stateless nation with no government and no central bank, yet had developed a robust economy in livestock. There are currently well respected contractual dealings with international corporations and the stateless Somali. Those studying the area note that there is a booming unofficial export and import trade. There are also those among the Somali who may find it expedient to poach elephants, but what drove them to this? I think that unless we start to really look at underlying drivers and not at the normative agenda on elephants (merely an outward symptom), but at the underlying pragmatic agenda, we will be closing a lot of barn doors after the livestock leaves. Dr. Edo McGowan Montecito

stuff that is considered over the top today (something Miley Cyrus would parade around in). For real modesty in what young girls are wearing today, we have to look at what the youthful Muslim women are wearing. Using the modified definition of slutty for 2013, this designer apparel website (as compared perhaps to boutiques found on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles) is probably middle-ofthe-road stuff. The fact that theres worse stuff out there for sale doesnt detract from the assessment that almost all female apparel today has abandoned any sense of modesty and is designed to tell the world that Im sexy and Im available. The Katy Conundrum As for Katy Perry, I admit I have a thing against her. I dont like her. Her music and talent is overrated. Im well aware that mine is a minority opinion in Santa Barbara. But much of the hysteria for Katy Perry on the South Coast is a result primarily from the fact that she was born and raised in Goleta. Im not going to honor a local celebrity when this local celebrity has so illtreated and dissed her parents in public. These same parents are the ones who spotted her talent potential from early on and prepared and developed her for the big leagues. To turn around and dump on them after shes achieved a certain level of success and thus independence from her folks is rude and grotesque. I dont honor her talents and artistry for the same reason I dont give critical attention to Madonna. Katy Perry returned to Dos Pueblos High School a couple years ago to do a victory lap special assembly for her alma mater. At one time or another, most celebrities show up at their high school alma mater, to receive the applause and adulation they never got when they were just another student taking up an empty seat. Its a feel good situation all around. People keep telling me times have changed, but I dont think theyve changed so much that teachers and administrators at Dos Pueblos werent at least mildly shocked at the infrequent filthy language and pervasive sexual innuendo of her performance. I would be shocked to hear or read that Carrie Underwood had returned to her high school alma mater and put on a 30-minute show not appropriate for 16-year-olds. Even if your concerts are aimed at the vulgar, you show some respect for your high school, your former teachers and principal, and its minors and put on a PG performance. David S. McCalmont MJ Santa Barbara 28 November 5 December 2013

Slutty Or Not

A group of us meet for coffee and a bagel most Thursday mornings at Starbucks in Camino Real Marketplace. The age range is 58 to 73, and were all men, at this point. My colleagues didnt have the benefit of having seen the young womans website for female apparel that you featured (Cover Story, MJ # 19/45) and for which I offered a comment about in the following issue. My criticism was that this young designer-entrepreneurs idea of cutting fashion seems pretty slutty to me. And your editors note stated that you didnt think any of the outfits displayed on the website were remotely slutty. Here we have two men one approaching the twilight years (me) and the other a few miles from the twilight ramp (you) both looking at the same line of young female apparel, but coming up with completely contrary assessments as to the level of modesty built into these casual designer pieces. I say slutty. You imply, by saying this clothing isnt remotely slutty, that you wouldnt raise your eyebrows if some young teenager or young adult related to you entered the room wearing select items from this website. I threw the question out to these seasoned gentlemen: is modern female casual wear today slutty or not? The consensus I derived from the ensuing conversation was that female apparel over the past 25 years has descended relentlessly in favor of the slutty, so much so that weve moved back the standard for slutty and continue to define slutty as only the 


In Passing
illiam Scott Hedrick, of Montecito, passed away peacefully on November 3, 2013, after a brief but courageous battle with cancer at the age of 68. Scott was surrounded by family and close friends during this difficult time and supported by an outstanding medical team that included our own Dr. Babji Mesipam. Scott was a fourth generation Californian born on September 23, 1945 in Los Angeles and raised on a family citrus ranch. Following high school, he attended Menlo College and UCSB. He was a medic in the US Air Force William Scott Hedrick (seen here with his wife, Reserves and completed his post Mer) was born September 23, 1945 and passed away graduate work at the USC School November 3, 2013 of Business in 1970. Some of Scotts fondest memories transpired as a lifeguard at Miramar and working at San Ysidro Ranch, offering an insight into life in Montecito in the 1970s. Scott was an avid outdoorsman and sports enthusiast. One of his greatest joys was walking his dog Piper along the beaches of Santa Barbara. He thrived on the camaraderie and competition of golf and was a highly regarded member of the Valley Club of Montecito. Scott loved to socialize, and was armed with an easy smile and infectious laugh. His positive approach to life elevated the experiences of those fortunate enough to surround him. He was very much in love with his wife, Mer, and a wonderful stepfather to her three children. Scott began his professional career with Bank of Americas Small Business Enterprise Company. In 1974, he co-founded Inter West Partners, a venture capital firm. Scott guided numerous small business enterprises from concept into successful, publicly traded companies, serving as a director for many of them. He was a lecturer at Stanford Business School, and served on the board of many non-profits, including Direct Relief International. Scott was not only devoted to his wife Mer, and to her children, but also to his four boys and their families. Scott will be remembered for his many qualities: he was kind, polite, generous, enthusiastic, warm, playful, and endearingly sentimental. Scott is survived by his wife, Mer James, step-children Chelsea Sheehan and Madison and Austin Stranahan; sons Todd (Catherine), Carter (Erin), Devin (Carina), and Brad; siblings, Sandy, Patricia Duncan (Lansing), and John; former wife Corrine (Jim); and his grandchildren, Palmer, Crosby, Eloise, Bailey and Quinn. Scott was pre-deceased by his parents and his beloved golden retriever, Piper. In lieu of flowers, donations in Scotts memory can be made to Direct Relief MJ International, 27 S. La Patera Lane, Santa Barbara, California 93117.

Montecito Insider
n June of 1967, Janis Joplin took the stage at the Monterey Pop Festival with Big Brother and the Holding Company, the bluesy psych-rock band she fronted before embarking on her too-short solo career that would produce the staple Me and Bobby McGee and other classic renditions. The groups much lauded performance there captured on film by Dylan documentarian D.A. Pennebaker garnered the band attention from the music world outside of its native San Francisco scene. Theres a lot happening during Big Brothers run through the song Ball n Chain in the film Monterey Pop: bassist Peter Albin entranced by his own slow-burning bass groove, an attentive bunch of hippies at the Monterey County Fairgrounds, an impressed Mama Cass mouthing wow. But Pennebakers camera keeps returning to an unexpected location: Janis shoes. He may have been zooming in there to catch her spirited foot stomps, but he may have also liked the way the hem of her lam bell bottoms hit her matching slip-on heels. Either way, he put the fashion of Janice Joplin in the center of the frame, making it an

William Scott Hedrick

Big Sister and the Clothing Company

The fashion photographer Francesco Scavullo took this shot of Janis Joplin that inspired Made for Pearls stretch velvet flair pants

by Jeremy Harbin

integral part of the performance and the way its remembered. Since Janis death three years later, her legacy has been thoughtfully managed. You can walk out of a Target store with a new Beatles or Grateful Dead t-shirt, for example, but you wont find one there with Janis Joplins likeness. The singers younger brother Michael Joplin who, along with other family members, is the estate that makes those kinds of

INSIDER Page 444


Rotarian of the Month


n avid genealogist and amateur chef, Ross is an active member of the RCM. In her 17 years as a Rotarian, she has wholeheartedly contributed to all five Avenues of Rotary service - Club, Vocational, Community, International and Youth. She has served as a Board Member of the RCM for 13 years, served as

Club President in (2002/03) and, currently, Ross is an Assistant Governor working with the 8 local Rotary Clubs in the Carpentaria to Goleta area. Ross was recognized as Montecito Rotarian of the Year last year. Originally from the Australian gold mining town of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Ross graduated from La Trobe, Uni-

versity, Melbourne. Her career as a teacher and school administrator spanned many years in Australia. In 1996, she was inspired to join the Glenhaven Rotary club as one of the early female members. Ross soon realized that her personal efforts and values could be magnified by the power of Rotary International. Her Rotary family quickly expanded with her hosting of Rotary Exchange Students from Japan, Sweden, Germany, South Africa, Belgium and Denmark. Ross joined the RCM in 1999 when she and her husband, Murray, relocated to Santa Barbara.

sweetheart. The Rays will celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary this year. They have two grown children, two grandchildren and a world of Rotarians who consider them family. The RCM celebrates its 60th year of community service and supports both local and international humanitarian

Ross not only retained her good humor, wit and charming Australian accent, but has also kept her high school


CA LIC. 0D94539

projects. We are part of Rotary International, a worldwide group of business and professional leaders. The club meets every Tuesday for a delicious, informative, and collegial luncheon at the iconic Montecito Country Club.

For more information about attending a luncheon or joining the RCM, please contact Club President John Glanville at (805) 565-3334

28 November 5 December 2013

Can you buy an entire chess set in a pawnshop? Steven Wright

Rotary Club of Montecito MONTECITO JOURNAL


Real Estate 
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties proudly congratulates D A N IE L E N C E L L on successfully closing 3 3 8 T O R O CAN YO N R O A D
Listed at $12,500,000

by Mark Hunt

Mark and his wife, Sheela Hunt, are real estate agents. They live in Montecito with their daughter Sareena, a student at SBHS. His family goes back nearly one hundred years in the Santa Barbara area. Marks grandparents Bill and Elsie Hunt were Santa Barbara real estate brokers for 25 years.

here are many things to consider when shopping for a home. Aside from the business realities and limitations, or opportunities a mortgage provides, in the end its all about the style, finishes, amenities, financial upside, etc. Whether in search of a primary residence, a vacation home, investment property, or whatever, most people begin with a shopping list of attributes they hope to find in a prospective property. These features include, but are not limited to: a view, pool, garage, sun/shade, exposure, number of beds and baths, indooroutdoor living, yard, schools, and noise factor. One goal many buyers have is to find a single-level home. Whether its a family that wants to have everyone on the same level, or an older person who does not want the stairs as they age, there are certain advantages to single-level homes, and they are often in demand and harder to find. In reviewing the current listings in Montecito and on my Montecito Best Buys website, I determined there are about three two-story homes on the market for every one single-story home being offered. Following are four single-story homes I feel present interesting opportunities based upon many factors when compared with other homes on the market. As many listings featured in these Montecito Journal articles find buyers before or while the issue is on the street, I will not be surprised if one or more of these homes goes into escrow by the time this article makes it to print.

Single-story Homes

Daniel Encell
2013 BHH Afliates, LLC. An independently operated subsidiary of HomeServices of America, Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway afliate, and a franchisee of BHH Afliates, LLC. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices and the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices symbol are registered service marks of HomeServices of America, Inc. Equal Housing Opportunity. BRE: 01834496

505 El Bosque $1,445,000

This ranch-style, single-story residence is on the corner of El Bosque and East Valley Road, just two blocks from Montecitos upper village. It features three bedrooms and three bathrooms, on just under half an acre. This is the lowest priced single-family home on the market in the Golden Quadrangle area. The living room has wall-to-wall windows overlooking the lawn and gardens. There is a formal dining room with a cozy fireplace and sliding glass doors


The junior high years matterand theyve been our specialty since 1977. Seize this moment in your childs life and set them on a course of life-long learning.

Event begins promptly at 2 pm

Photo by SBMS Advanced Photo Student Maia

Photo Russ McConnell

Santa Barbara Middle School 1321 Alameda Padre Serra Santa Barbara, CA 93103 805.682.2989 Financial Aid Available



28 November 5 December 2013

leading to a private backyard. The kitchen boasts custom cabinetry, updated appliances and a stainless steel refrigerator. In the en-suite master bedroom, there is a walk-in closet that connects to a private office or sitting area. Each of the two additional guest bed505 El Bosque is private and gated and is in the rooms have en-suite baths. The garden contains mature oak trees, lush plantMontecito Union School District ings, a lawn, patio areas, and a Bali-style meditation structure. The property is walled and gated for privacy and is located within the Montecito Union School District. This home was originally built in 1957 and is located on a little-known street, off El Rancho Road near Camino Viejo. This single-level home includes three bedrooms and three bathrooms (just over 2,000 square feet as advertised), and is perched on a ridge, boasting views of the surrounding hills and ocean. Situated at the end of this quiet cul de sac on A home at 933 Skyview Drive features views of approximately 0.83 acres, this gated nearby hills and ocean vistas property offers a peaceful retreat with tranquil gardens, inviting easy indoor-outdoor living. Features include hardwood floors throughout, fireplaces in the living room, and master bedroom and granite countertops. Homes rarely come up for sale on this street, which is in the Cold Spring School District. This substantial home is located in one of Montecitos premier locations. The residence offers privacy, style, and single-level living all within a short distance to the beach and lower village. The property is gated and located down a long private driveway on over 1.3 flat acres. There are four bedroom suites plus an attached guest suite with a separate The four-bedroom-plus home on 175 Olive Mill entrance. Lane is a substantial estate-like property The kitchen is equipped with top-ofthe-line appliances, a wine refrigerator, three ovens, warming drawer, two dishwashers, and ample storage. In addition, there is a formal dining room, living room with fireplace, very large family-game room, and a library with wet bar and fireplace. The generous master suite has two walk-in closets, a fireplace, and French doors leading to a private patio. The solar-heated pool and spa are well located off the family room and there is a vine-covered patio with fireplace for outdoor dining and lounging.

The market leader

in commercial real estate transactions three years running.
and a h alf

933 Skyview Drive $1,790,000

How can we help you?

175 Olive Mill Lane $4,450,000
222 E. Carrillo St, Suite 101 Santa Barbara, CA 93101

(805) 563-2111

FREE Monthly iPad / iPhone class

Learn & explore tips & tricks with your favorite Apple devices. Beginners & advanced users welcome!
s r friend u o y g n ! Bri iPhones iPads &

1478 East Mountain Drive $14,500,000

Where: Montecito Library 1469 East Valley Rd. When: 1st Wednesday of each month at 1pm

house. There is also an impressive one-bedroom pool house and a private two-bedroom guesthouse with patio offering additional views. The highest standards prevail throughout this estate, which blends a classic vintage home with Architectural Digest level design and state-of-the-art modern details and amenities. For more information on these properties please consult your Realtor. If you are not working with anyone feel free to contact me directly or call/text 805-698-2174 and visit my website to see my best buy picks for top Real Estate opportunities in Montecito. MJ 28 November 5 December 2013

This gated estate at 1478 East Mountain Drive features 2.5 acres of privacy and top-of-theworld ocean views

Expansive ocean and island views abound from this commanding, 2.5-acre gated estate in a premier East Mountain Drive Montecito location. This home has an impressive, gated drive leading to a circular motor court. There is a lavish entry leading to the living room, dining room, and top-of-the-line kitchen. The master suite is sprawling with office, walk-in closet, and more. There are two additional bedroom suites in the main

Next class is December 4th - See you there!

For more info call 692-2005

We used to build civilizations; now we build shopping malls Bill Bryson



VILLAGE BEAT (Continued from page 13)

Dr. Mark Silverberg, pediatric ophthalmology specialist, with Caroline Kenny, Dylan McFarlane, and Phoebe Stein, three of the many Crane School students who created panels for the Eyes project

Dr. Mark Silverberg is credited with bringing the permanent exhibit to Sansum, inspired by the three sets of eyes created by his own children, Crane students Zoe (6th), Noah (5th), and Caleb (2nd). Every year at Crane, the very first art project of the school year is some type of self-portrait. All kindergarten through eighth-grade students

participate in this exercise. Cranes Art Department organizes its year of activities around an overall theme, and Big/Little was the art theme for the 2012/1013 academic school year. Students studied artists who create tiny micro-wonders, such as carving animals into the lead point of a pencil or individuals who paint a complete picture on a grain of rice. And at the other end of the spectrum, they also studied artists who work on a grand scale, including giant sculptures like Mount Rushmore and painted murals on the side of a huge building. These eye portraits represent the perfect mid-point between tiny and giant. Neither big nor little, the eyes were designed to be exactly to scale or in other words, precisely the width of a childs face, explained Head of School, Joel Weiss, who had the eyeball art in his office last year. Part of the test for each eye portrait was having the student artist hold up their eye painting right in front of their face. If done correctly, the sides of their painted face would exactly match the actual width of their head. The project represents the intersection of academics and art, a hallmark concept at Crane Country Day School, where the intentional balance of intellectual rigor and creative expression serves as the basis for learning. Crane is located at 1795 San Leandro Lane in Montecito.  MJ

4030 Mariposa Dr, Hope Ranch

Open Sunday 1:00 to 4:00

1137 Coast Village Road Montecito, 805.845.3300 CA 805.845.3300
1137 Coast Village Road Montecito, CA

The Giving Season


Authentic European Villa Offering Period Architectural Details. This Exceptional Residence has Breathtaking Ocean & Sunset Views. The Surrounding Acreage is Modeled into a Park with Magnificent Garden Rooms filled with Water Lily Ponds, Arbors, Colonnades, A Marble Fountain, A Vintage Gazebo, and Valuable Specimen Plantings

Offered at $4,288,000

1290 Coast Village Road, Montecito, CA 93108



28 November 5 December 2013

Happy Holidays


Join Us Black Friday

8am starts our HOLIDAY DISCOUNTS


have arrived - 10% Off as low as $1,500

electric fun up to 20 MPH!

Open Tuesday - Sunday 9:30am - 6:30pm and by appointment 436 State St. (behind Bucatini Restaurant)


28 November 5 December 2013



Tariq and Maxine Kadri Beat the Odds
by Patti Teel

n.o.t.e.s. from downtown


n 1996, Montecito residents Tariq and Maxine Kadri were in a horrific car accident. Tariq sustained a spinal cord trauma, resulting in paralysis from the waist down, and his wife, Maxine, endured a serious brain injury. Tariq spent three months at the Rehabilitation Institute and was released about the time their two young children, Aden and Sharin, were finishing kindergarten and the second grade. While Maxine continued to fight for her life, Tariq had to get a nanny for his children and help them get ready for the next school year all while adapting to his own disability. Tariq says that when you have young children to care for, you dont have time to worry about yourself. Fast forward. Even with the downturn in the economy and his physical disability, Tariq has continued to run a successful general contractors business, Kadri & Associates, which specializes in residential construction and remodeling. He is also the founder and president of Santa Barbara Collection, an architectural salvage company. Aden and Sharin are now 23 and 25 years old. And while Maxines life will never be the same as it was before the accident, her recovery has been nothing short of miraculous. When she was first injured, the experts didnt think shed survive. Then they thought shed need 24-hour care for the rest of her life. They had little hope that she would regain the ability to walk, talk, or feed herself. But against all odds, Maxine can do all of these things. Maxine spends two to three days a week at Jodi House Brain Injury Support Center and says she enjoys the various activities offered, especially getting a massage. In 2010, Tariq donated his contracting services and converted the former Chads Restaurant into a new home for Jodi House. Each time he sees the building, Tariq says he feels good, knowing what a wonderful service it provides to the community. At the Jodi House Clubhouse, brain injury survivors are considered members, not clients or patients. Clubhouse membership offers survivors consistent, ongoing support. Another component of the program provides a lifeline of information, referrals, and support to family, friends, and caregivers of brain injury survivors. People who have suffered from a brain injury often become isolated. Tariq explained, You have a comfort zone and its difficult to go outside that comfort zone because youre not sure how youll be able to adapt to the obstacles you come in contact with.

Jodi House Brain Injury Support Center is located at 625 Chapala Street, at the location of the old Chads Restaurant Patti Teel is the community representative for Senior Helpers, providers of care and comfort at a moments notice. She is also host of the Senior Helpers online video show. www.santabar E-mail:

He says that its important to make an effort to expand your horizons or your world becomes smaller and smaller. Tariq feels that Jodi House has expanded and enriched Maxines world. He went on to explain that for people with disabilities, your friends are still your friends, but they have other things they do and the number of times that they interact with you goes down over time. It becomes much more of an effort for them to maintain the relationship. Everybody grows and changes and you have left a void in their lives as well by not being as available. Tariq is not angry or bitter. He says that it doesnt mean your friends dont care for you. Its just that they become a smaller and smaller part of your life. Thats one of the reasons that Jodi House is such a good thing. It gives people with brain injuries a comfortable place to be. Tariq was formerly on the board of the Rehabilitation Institute and presently serves on the board of the Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital. He says, After the neonatal unit, I think Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital is the happiest and most positive place in the hospital. It gives people their lives back. And thats something Tariq and Maxine know about first hand. Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital often refers brain injury survivors to Jodi House. Common causes of brain injury include traumatic brain injury (TBI), stroke, aneurysms, tumors, and cardiac arrest resulting in an anoxic brain injury. For more information, contact Jodi House at (805) 563-2882 or visit MJ

omeone who undoubtedly gets paid a lot more money than me, and has a much more impressive title than Writer-House PainterSpider Killer-Trash Taker Outer, came up with the brilliant idea to depict children performing various physical activities on postage stamps. These stamps were supposed to commemorate First Lady Michelle Obamas Lets Move youth antiobesity program and were intended to inspire kids to become more physically active. Good idea, except the only way to get our youth to notice the stamps would be to drop them into a McDonalds Happy Meal, and make the adhesive taste like pizza. Wed also have to overlook that many children under the age of Microsoft have no idea what a postage stamp is. My grandson, Camshaft, saw a roll of American Flag stamps on my desk last summer and asked, Are those temporary tattoos? Unfortunately, after the U.S Postal Service printed the stamps, some other people who also make more money than me, and have a more impressive title than Stamp Idea Guy destroyed the entire run of stamps because several of the activities were deemed unsafe. And when I say unsafe, I mean almost as perilous as a pajama-party pillow fight. You may well ask: were the risky activities depicted things like bungee jumping, rock climbing, or co-ed Twister? No, they were (Im not making this up) skipping rope, juggling, and shooting hoops. For those of you less hip than Queen Elizabeth, shooting hoops means playing basketball, not actually firing a weapon at clay rings. The three stamps that raised the biggest safety concerns portrayed children performing the bone-chilling acts of cannonball diving, skateboarding without kneepads, and doing a headstand without a helmet. I recently attempted a headstand and I didnt need a helmet as much as I needed a block and tackle (and a chiropractor). Moreover, I have a real problem relating cannonball diving to physical fitness. When I was a kid, the best cannonballers had nicknames like Pork Chop, Chunk, Meatball, and Crisco. To this writers thinking, the safety pendulum has swung a bit too far toward the amphigoric (I have no idea what amphigoric means but it 

CAUTION: Do Not Read This Column Without A Helmet

by Jim Alexander

Mr. Alexander is founder and chairman of the board of the Safe, Not Sorry Company; he has led the increasingly successful effort to remove so-called playgrounds and sports activities from schools and campuses throughout the U.S. He is also the author of How To Walk Slowly and Safely, and the best-seller, Sitting Is The Safest Exercise: Building Big Butts For A Better Future.

was in my synonym finder under absurd). I could go on and on about how when I was a kid we didnt need kneepads, mouth guards, or helmets, but I wont. I wont tell you that excluding the first day of kindergarten, my mother never walked me to school, and if she had, she sure as Sugar Pops wouldnt have carried my books and clarinet. I wont mention that we not only played football in the street without kneepads, some of us played without shoes. I wont bother telling you that a good portion of my water consumption came directly out of the tap, or that my delicate palate could actually differentiate between water that flowed from a black, green, or red garden hose. I wont admit that the only mouth guard I was aware of was called a mustache. And, I wont bore you with the knowledge that in my youth the only people that wore helmets were Vikings. In this cockamamie world we live in, some fear our children might get the wrong idea if they see a stamp depicting a kid doing a headstand, yet were fine plopping them in front of a TV so they can watch a character named Spongebob Squarepants ride a bicycle underwater (without a helmet!). We worry that our offspring might eat a hot dog more than twice a year, yet many of us ate something called Spam which is akin to brined swine loaf, only saltier (and yummy!). Heck, just opening a can of Spam back then with that medieval key was more hazardous than shucking oysters au naturel. I beseech you Safety Police to stop mollycoddling. How long before a child says, Im going swimming at Butterfly Beach, and we reply, Okay, Ill get out the shark cage. Soon a youngster will ask, Can I ride my bike? And well answer, Okay, but put on full battle rattle and only ride around the kitchen island. Someday future Montecito progenies will ask, Can I gaze at the stars tonight? and well say, Sure, Ill turn on the Entertainment Channel. MJ 28 November 5 December 2013



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On Entertainment
Think Pink and Get Out the Good China
by Steven Libowitz

Steven Libowitz has reported on the arts and entertainment for more than 30 years; he has contributed to Montecito Journal for over ten years.

Yeah, Thomas and I wrote a lot of songs together, but we havent been in that phase for a while. I think it just evolves to what inspires us at the time and its always changing. I loved the first three albums, so to me its always great to come back to that sound. Thomas loves finding songs from the past that arent very well known. What about the one song you did write, Je Ne Taime Plus [I Dont Love You Anymore] with Philippe Katerine? We worked with him back in 1997, and while he was here we wrote the song and did it a few times back then. Now 16 years later, Thomas said lets get him to come and sing that song you wrote. I still remembered it and so did he, so we did it. Its an absurd duet, but its always fun to sing in French. How about some of the other songs on Get Happy? Thomas has always loved having lots of guests at our concerts and when we record. Over the years hes met more and more interesting singers to work with. So on this album he put them all together. Its a combination of finding songs he loved and getting vocalists to do them. It turned into this big festival party where getting happy is the goal, and its a beautiful album. Hes gotten so much better at arranging and orchestrating and with each album he just keeps growing. Whatll I Do isnt that esoteric, and its also not that happy. We love that song and that thing that happens with Norman Leyden on clarinet. He was the music director on The Jackie Gleason Show and did a ton of Disney movies and hes still playing at 96. But, no, its definitely not a happy song. The title of the album doesnt mean that we are happy. It means were not, and we need to get there. Pink Martini performs at 8pm Thursday, December 5 at the Arlington, 1317 State Street. Tickets cost $35 to $55. Info at (805) 893-3535, www., or (805) 963-4408.

China Forbes returns with Pink Martini to play the Arlington on Thursday, December 5 (photo credit: Autumn de Wilde)

ood news, Pink Martini fans: China Forbes is back. The four-octave-blessed singer, who is fluent in several languages and even more musical styles, has fully recovered from her vocal chord injury and has rejoined the eclectic 12-piece band. Shell be front and center on stage once again when Portlands little orchestra ensemble that is decidedly partial to sultry Latin sounds, lounge jazz, cabaret, and vintage film scores a blend of classy glamour and sassy swing returns to the Arlington Theatre next Thursday for a special holiday concert. The band is slated to perform selections from its eclectic holiday album, Joy to the World, as well as songs from its 2013 release Get Happy which features Phyllis Dillers final recording (a cover of the Charlie Chaplin song Smile), and special guests Rufus Wainwright, The von Trapps, and Ari Shapiro plus some Pink Martini favorites. In a relatively brief phone interview she is, after all, just two years removed from throat surgery and had several interviews lined up back-toback Forbes discussed her recovery, the musical connection with Pink Martini ambitious and effervescent mastermind Thomas Lauderdale, and the new album. Q. What is it about Portland? There are so many good and diverse bands coming out of the region. It seems like theres a new one every week. A. It must be the rain, the acid rain. Do people even talk about that anymore? Maybe its the drizzle, the gloom. It can be very depressing, but its also very inspiring.

When you said gloom, I couldnt help but think that today is the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination. Thats more or less the end of the era your music evokes. Well, you know, Thomas always says nothing good ever happened after 1963. Maybe thats why. We used to call our music old-fashioned pop, but really its more like a soundtrack to a black-and-white film. So thats even earlier, right? Can we talk about what happened with your voice? Wasnt there a period where you werent even allowed to talk? Yes, and it was very weird. I thought maybe being silent would be inspiring, but instead I felt very shut down. I couldnt even write songs because I dont do that without singing. It was very strange not to talk. I had to be silent for weeks at a time. It was very, very hard. But it was also good because I needed the interruption. I was really burned out. I wasnt enjoying touring and performing anymore. I was feeling like it wasnt worth it to miss my sons childhood since I wasnt having fun anymore. I was quite anguished. But then during the time off, I had a lot of time to change things in my life, shift my attitude. I thought about what I would do if I wasnt going to sing, and I realized how incredibly lucky I was to have had the opportunity to do it for a living. So I started appreciating it all over again. Now Im re-approaching Pink Martini with a lot more enthusiasm and excitement. The new album features many more covers than the previous few, when you had at least four songs on each one.

Syncopaths Firing On All Synapses


The three original members of the Syncopaths tossed fiddler Ashley Broder off the diving board into the deep end when they asked her to hook up with the Celtic dance band. Her 

only previous connection had been with founder-keyboardist Jeff Spero, who sat in with Broder and her former partner Jamie Laval when he was also calling at a contra dance. We had an amazing musical connection right away, she recalled. It was a real blast, just egging each other on with different chord changes and harmonies. But Broder left the state for a while, and when she came back she only had time to briefly meet the rest of the members fiddler Ryan McKasson and bodhran player/vocalist Christa Burch before she replaced Ventura multi-instrumentalist Bill Flores for the Syncopaths upcoming dance camp gig. They sent me a list of two hundred tunes to learn, and I wasnt even sure I was joining the band, she said. But as soon as we played some stuff together, the band collectively asked me to marry them, and that was that. Four years later, the Syncopaths just might be the most overqualified band ever to play the local contra dance. Each of the musicians enjoy thriving musical careers (classically-trained Broder is half of the recently-formed mandolin-accordion duo Sam n Ash) and theyve put out two CDs that stand up very well against much more famous purveyors of Irish-Scottish music; the most recent recording, 2009s 5 Gears, is named after the groups ability to perform at a wide range of tempos and energy levels. And live, the musical synergy is so palpable its almost like they share synapses. But around these parts, we only get to hear them playing for the weekly contra dance on rare weekends, and never in concert. Fortunately, Santa Barbarans have a chance to see the Syncos in both settings this weekend, as the band performs in concert out in Goleta on Friday night before playing the dance on Sunday. Expect to hear a bunch of Irish songs and some background vocal numbers alongside the typical high-energy instrumental jams at the concert, Broder said. And a good dose of improvisation, too. Oh, yeah, she said. We havent seen each other as a whole band for six months or so. So there will definitely be a lot of improv because we dont remember what we used to do together. That should make it more fun. But dont dismiss the contra dance performance on Sunday just because the music wont be the full focus. Its satisfying both ways, Broder said. At a concert we get all of our different musical ideas out there and listened to. But at a dance, were jamming with each other. We feed off the energy of the dancers, and it passes back and forth, which is a lot harder to achieve in a concert. Were having a 28 November 5 December 2013


The Syncopaths are slated to perform at Live Oak Unitarian Church on Friday, November 29, and again at the contra dance the following Sunday at the Carrillo Rec Center

great time and if we know were helping the dancers to enjoy themselves it can turn into a loop that never stops. We can be as experimental as we want, which can get pretty weird. As long as the beats there, it doesnt matter. The Syncopaths perform Friday, November 29 at 7pm at Fellowship Hall at Live Oak Unitarian Church, 820 North Fairview Avenue in Goleta. Tickets cost $15. Info at The band also plays for the contra dance 6:309:30pm Sunday, December 1 at Carrillo Recreation Center. Admission is $10 for dancers; free to observe. Info at www.

on Empty and Stay (Browne), and How Sweet It Is (Taylor), in addition to the songs on the new record. Butler dished on the old dirt and the new stuff in an interview earlier this week from Sound Design Studios here in town. Q. I knew you had sung back up for lots and lots of artists, but I didnt realize youd been in an all-girl rock band way back in the 1960s before the whole singersongwriter era. You even opened for the Rolling Stones? A. Yep. I started the LadyBirds when I was in high school. When everybody else went to the prom, we were on stage opening for the Rolling Stones. It was kind of funny because we were big Beatles freaks and this was the Stones first U.S. tour so we didnt know all that much about them. They came over to our hotel room after the concert they probably figured we would be easy but we didnt even let them in! (Laughs.) What we did do was take all their cigarette butts to school the next day, and when everyone else was talking about the prom and showing off pictures or corsages, we were selling cigarette butts from the Stones. Thats when I knew my life was going in an alternative direction. How did you first hook up with the singer-songwriters who you did all those great background vocals for? Well, it was through Bonnie Raitt, who I met out on the road. There werent too many of us ladies out there then. A musician named Catfish Hodge had asked both of us to do his sessions, and we hit it off when we worked together. Through Bonnie I met Jackson Browne, the Eagles, Linda Ronstadt, and James Taylor. Lets talk about your new album. Its been, like, thirty years since you last made a record under your own name. Whats up with that? Well, I was always on tour, or playing sessions, recording. Im out all the

time with Rosanne Cash, or James Taylor, or Jackson Browne. Ive been having a lot of fun. But a fan wanted to help me make one because it had been so long. A lot of the guys from Jacksons early band are playing with me: Russ Kunkel (drums), Lee Sklar (bass), David Lindley (guitars), Freebo played tuba. Arnold McCuller, who sang with me with James Taylor, does backing vocals. Also, Mike Finnigan, who plays organ with Bonnie. Jackson sang one of the songs, and Kenny Loggins too. Its like my dream coming true. George Friedenthal, who is from Santa Barbara, played keyboards and Maitland Ward played guitar. Oh, and the cover photograph is by Henry Diltz [who took the Doors cover shot for Morrison Hotel and Crosby, Stills & Nashs debut album and many other iconic rock album covers]. It took about a year to get all the songs together, because we went through thousands to find the right ones. I can sing in lots of different styles, but this is really who I am. Most of the record is really rockin out. Yeah, thanks. The first song was You Just Watch Me, originally done by Tanya Tucker. That set the tone for the album. New Mexico Cadillac is by Wendy Waldman, and Kenny Edwards (who lived in in Montecito) was playing on the demo of the song when he died, so we kept that as the basic track. Thats When I Find You is the song that Kenny Loggins wrote, which just hit me right between the eyes; we sing it together as a duet and its the first single. The next one might be Travel My Love, which is the one with Jackson Browne. You cover Whats Love Got to Do with It and When Will I Be Loved, but your versions are very different than Tina Turners and Linda Ronstadts. If you do a cover, you better have your own style, and make sure you show yourself. So we took them on really differently, but its also good to have those songs that are familiar to people. I sang Whats Love with Tina but I wanted to do it more like a slowed down ballad. And wed all done When Will I Be Loved on tour with Linda, so our version turned out more like Little Feat funky-silly. I got to play it for Phil Everly, who wrote it,

which was great. After all these years, youre still out there rocking when some of your contemporaries are sitting in a rocking chair watching TV. Whats the secret? My main relationship in my life has been with my voice and with the audience. I adore singing and its what I live for. I never married or had children, and Im healthy, so theres no stopping me now! Rosemary Butler and her band play SOhO Sunday night, December 1, at 7:30. Tickets cost $15 with dinner, or $18 separately. Call 962-7776 or visit www.

Big Mac: Rubicons Actor/Director Gets Christmas Spirit

Butler Did It: Backup Singer Takes Center Stage

You may not recognize Rosemary Butlers name, but youve almost assuredly heard her voice. She sang background vocals on a zillion tracks for Los Angeles singer-songwriters and many other pop stars from the 1970s right up through the present, including James Taylor, Linda Ronstadt, Bonnie Raitt, and Jackson Browne, to name just a few. Shes been on tour with all of those, too, harmonizing off to the side, even more so, perhaps, than most of the participants in the recent documentary, 20 Feet from Stardom. But Butler hasnt made a lot of records in her own name exactly two, to be precise, including You Just Watch Me, which just came out in September, about 29 years since her debut LP. No stranger to Santa Barbara Butler teaches vocals lessons in town a couple of times a week and has done recording sessions in local studios she returns to headline at SOhO on Sunday, December 1, where she promises the set list will include her version of a lot of the hits on her resum, including Walkin in Memphis (Mark Cohn), The Rose (Bette Midler), Get Closer and Adios (Ronstadt), Takin it to the Streets (Doobie Brothers), Running 28 November 5 December 2013

Rubicon Theatre Companys Brian McDonald is running around in so many directions during the holiday season, he might as well be one of Santas elves. Check that. He is one of Santas helpers for December, 2013. Or at least David Sedaris version of one of the holiday elves. McDonald will don the tights and green slippers to portray beleaguered elf Crumpet in the NPR humorists short story The Santaland Diaries about his challenging experience working as an elf at Macys during the holidays on December 6-7 in a cabaret setting at 10pm. But those shows come after the Rubicon Family Christmas Concerts, a musical revue of classic and contemporary songs of the season that McDonald conceived and directs. And both of those come just two weeks after McDonalds last directing effort, Cormac McCarthys The Sunset Limited, finished its run at RTC. If Sedaris tale comes off as a bit dour, its a far cry from McCarthys suicide-and-existentialism drama. That was pretty intense, dark and a lot of mind work, McDonald agreed. Its nice and very refreshing to switch gears to something lighthearted, joyous, optimistic, and hopeful. The Christmas concerts feature six Broadway stars (from The Phantom of the Opera, The Lion King, Miss Saigon, and RENT) and a local childrens chorus, with styles ranging from pop to jazz and gospel. The family show







Eating in Sweden is really just a series of heartbreaks Bill Bryson



ENTERTAINMENT (Continued from page 33)

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By Appointment Only

1482 East Valley Road, Montecito Village North, Suite 4 805.845.8167

Rubicon Theatre Companys Brian McDonald stars in David Sedaris comedic short story The Santaland Diaries on December 6 and 7 as part of Rubicons Holiday Central events

went missing for a couple of years before playing at Ventura College in 2012, so this year marks its return to the stage at the Rubicons own theater. You cant duplicate the intimacy. Its very special theater, McDonald said. The stage being in the corner jutting out rather than flat against the wall creates a synergy with the audience. You cant help but be a part of the show. Bringing the concert back home with just a single personnel change

Exceptionally Rare 109 End Tie on Main Channel of Santa Barbara Harbor Marina 1

Also Available: 60 Marina 1 Slip 60 Marina 2 End Tie

805.962.8195 125 Harbor Way #11, Santa Barbara, CA 93109

Seacoast Yachts of Santa Barbara


and a few updates in repertoire also lets theater-goers experience all of RTCs holiday offerings in a single location, including Santas Village & Boutique; free visits and photos with Santa, Rudolph, and Frosty; and free readings of Twas the Night Before Christmas which take place during the day and early evening before the family concerts, which open Friday and continue Wednesdays through Sundays through December 8 (meaning McDonald does double duty December 6-7). Whats more on the weekends, Rubicons Merry Elves will perform 30-minute Tiny Tots concerts and professional caroling group The Tinseltones will appear in Dickensian costumes to serenade visitors. As for Diaries, McDonald cant wait to take on his first one-man show in his long history of theater. Its a bit bitter and somewhat jaded, but it does have a tremendous amount of heart, he said. And its really funny. To me, it feels more like a stand-up routine with chunks of monologue. Im trying to imagine living the moments hes going through as Im speaking the lines, and finding the human element and curiosity within the frustration. Its a journey, and a search for discovery. What could say Christmas better? For information, schedules, and tickets to Rubicon Theatres Holiday Central, visit or call 6672900. MJ 28 November 5 December 2013


Your Westmont
 by Scott Craig (photos by Brad Elliott)
Scott Craig is manager of media relations at Westmont College

Museum to Exhibit Impressive Art Collection

Professors Kim and Ken Kihlstrom at last years tree lighting

he Westmont Ridley-Tree Museum of Art shows works from 29 artists from 19802000 in an exhibition, Impulse and Connoisseurship: Selections from the Forde Collection, December 3-February 1. There will be a free public opening reception on Friday, October 18, from 4-6 pm. The exhibition features the collection of Westmont alumna Marie (May) and Arnold Fordes, who began collecting contemporary art with the help of legendary art curator Paul Schimmel. The show includes a selection of works by John Baldessari, Cindy Sherman, Barbara Kruger, Chris Burden, Jenny Holzer, and many others. This is an exciting exhibition not only because it features so many incredible and respected contemporary artists, but because of the close connection to our Westmont alumni, says Judy L. Larson, Askew professor of art history and director of the Westmont Ridley-Tree Museum of Art. It is wonderful to see where Westmont alumni go and what they do after they graduate, and Mrs. Forde is no exception. She and Mr. Forde are both incredibly knowledgeable about art from this era, and it is exciting to see this within the Westmont community. This impressive collection is visually and conceptually interesting, says Alisha Paulsen, museum outreach and education coordinator. Many of them exemplify the minimalist and conceptual realms of the art world during this time. The museum is also preparing for the American Family Folk Festival on 28 November 5 December 2013

Piero Manzonis Achrome

Jessica Stockholders Made of 3 Elements

Saturday, March 22, 2014. The festival will be a day of free activities, crafts, music, dance, storytelling, and food, celebrating the vibrant American culture. The festival, held in conjunction with the exhibition Walking in the Spirit: American Visionary Artists (February 20- March 29), will be located in and around the museum. The exhibition showcases work from folk artists from all over the United States.

Entrepreneurs Present Poverty-Ending Plans

The 24th annual Westmont Business Plan Competition attempts to solve some of the deepest problems encountered by disadvantaged families in poverty-stricken areas on Monday, December 2, from 3:15-6:30 pm in Adams Center, room 219. The event is free and open to the public. Instead of coming up with some outlandish business plans in hopes of being funded, this year well focus on finding solutions to help the poorest of the poor around the world, says Rick Ifland, director of the Eaton Program for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Westmont. There will be seven presentations describing various projects, including purifying drinking water in rural Haitian villages, mitigating blindness in children around the world due to vitamin A deficiency, and providing the tooling and machinery for indigenous people to cheaply create bricks to improve their living conditions. Ifland, associate professor of economics and business, will speak about the challenges and efficacy of microfinance in a free, public lecture Thursday, February 13, at 5:30 pm at

University Club, 1332 Santa Barbara Street. No tickets are required; the limited seating is available on a firstcome, first-served basis. For more information, please call (805) 565-6051. The talk, The Future of Microfinance and the Role of Muhammad Yunus, is part of Westmont Downtown: Conversations about Things that Matter, which is sponsored by the Westmont Foundation.

Rick Ifland, director of the Eaton Program for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Westmont

Westmont Lights Tree, Sings in the Season

Westmont kicks off the Christmas season with the 12th annual Christmas

Tree Lighting on Kerrwood Lawn, Wednesday, December 4. The lights on the 150-foot redwood tree, affectionately known as the Pickle Tree, will glow at 5 pm. The event is free and open to the public. Hundreds of students, alumni, and neighbors will join the celebration with carols, warm apple cider, cookies, and Santa Claus. Santa will be inside Kerrwood Hall posing for pictures with people who bring a canned good or unwrapped toy to donate to The Unity Shoppe, a local volunteer program that helps the less fortunate in Santa Barbara. Westmont alumni and their children are invited to arrive at 4 pm for Santa photos. The Westmont Gospel Choir will perform and lead participants in traditional Christmas carols. The Westmont College Student Association has selected Glenn Town, professor of kinesiology and department chair, to deliver the annual Pickle Address. Town taught at Wheaton College for 21 years before coming to Westmont in 2003. He will retire this spring and move to Bend, Oregon. The WCSA has also selected a secret person to flip the switch that lights the giant tree. For more information, please call (805) 565-6056 or email MJ

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Geologists are never at a loss for paperweights Bill Bryson MONTECITO JOURNAL




Marine Corps band playing. It was a casual, but elegant affair with a reception line in the Green Room. The president looked quite fatigued, which was not surprising after what has been happening, but when a three-year-old girl gave him a hug he brightened up considerably.... Presidential Medal of Freedom

MISCELLANY (Continued from page 18)

Huguette Clark: the legal battle continues

Oprah receives the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Obama (official White House photo by Lawrence Jackson)

(805) 689-1602
DRE # 1040095

My congratulations to former TV talk show titan, Oprah Winfrey, who was also at the White House last week receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom from the president. Montecitos most famous resident joined former president Bill Clinton, country singer Loretta Lynn and former Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee in receiving Americas highest civilian honor established by John F. Kennedy. Michelle and I count ourselves among Oprahs many devoted fans and friends, said the president. Early in Oprah Winfreys career her bosses told her to change her name to Susie. I often pause there because I got the same advice not to Susie, but to change my name. It turned out, not surprisingly, that people can relate to Oprah just fine. In more than 4,500 episodes of her show, her message was always you can, you can be, you can do, you can grow. Even with 40 Emmys, the distinction of being the first black female billionaire, her greatest strength has always been her ability to help us discover the best in ourselves. I heartily concur... Continued Clark Controversy Huguette Clarks estate is seeking more than $100 million from a doctor and a New York hospital where she

spent two decades, furthering a fight over her fortune after a legal feud over her disputed will was resolved. Dr. Henry Singman and Beth Israel Medical Center were less dedicated to Clarks welfare than their own, says the lawsuit filed before the weekend. A public administrators office, a local government entity, represents the estate of Clark, whose 23-acre Santa Barbara property, Bellosguardo, is destined to be an art museum under the guidance of a New York based board, which will include trustees currently being carefully selected by mayor Helene Schneider. Beth Israel abandoned its duties and responsibilities when it learned that a very rich patient was in its eye, and Singman placed his own interests above those of his patient, says the lawsuit. Singmans lawyer, Harold Schwab, called the suit outrageous, while the hospitals legal eagle, Lawrence Fox, declined to comment. Clark died at the hospital aged 104 in 2011, leaving no close relatives and an estate valued at around $300 million. She had homes in Manhattan, New Canaan, Connecticut, and California, but had lived at the hospital since 1991, though she didnt need its care most of that time. Distant relations raised concerns about the gifts Clark had lavished on those around her, including more than $4 million to the hospital, more than $800,000 to Singman and his family, and about $31 million to her main private-duty nurse, according to court papers. The nurse isnt among those being sued in the newly filed case. A settlement in September largely benefitted arts charities and the relatives. But it left a door open to further

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28 November 5 December 2013

Surviving American Medicine An oncologist and hematologist for more than 40 years, Cary Presant knows the health system well, so his new book Surviving American Medicine, will no doubt come as a shock to many. We live in a time when the business of health care has surpassed the care of health, Presant, a professor of clinical medicine at USC, stated quite bluntly at a bijou launch bash at Tecolote, the lively literary lair in the Upper Village. Virtually every American understands we are experiencing drastic changes in the delivery of health care

Toast Spirits LLC Henderson, NV 89074

court action over gifts doled out during Clarks life. The new lawsuit says the hospital and Singman let Clark stay violating regulations that require discharging patients once they no longer need treatment to extract presents from her. It also faults Singman for not having Clark undergo psychiatric evaluation and says he and others violated hospital policies against employees accepting personal gifts. The hospital, Singman and others who attended to Clark have long maintained she was mentally sharp, if eccentric, and lived and gave as she desired. Singman was unaware of any gift policy, wasnt a hospital employee part of the time and provided care that helped Clark live as she chose, says his lawyer. The concept that Dr. Singman did something improper, in any way whatsoever, is absolutely absurd, thundered Schwab. Any money recovered would be split among Clarks relatives and arts institutions. Stay tuned...


Cary Presant launches interesting new tome on U.S. health care

Dynamic Duo at MAW

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and the insurance programs that pay for it. My book lays the foundation to help you take control of these issues and help you become your own advocate. The book, which took Presant, 70, two years to write drawing on his decades of experience as a physician, professor, administrator and researcher, won an international award in the health category...

Brenda Rae entertains at MAW

VIP donors to the Music Academy of the West got quite a treat with a special concert at Lotte Lehmann Hall by two former academy students who have gone on to have stellar international careers.

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pms 199 d: pms 199


28 November 5 December 2013

In terms of adaptability, humans are pretty amazingly useless Bill Bryson



Call for rates (805) 565-1860

Santa Barbara Revels, Dec. 21 & 22

Encore Season proudly sponsored by


Dec 4 Dec 6

Warren Miller Entertainment presents

Soprano Brenda Rae, who studied at the 76-year-old Miraflores oceanside campus five years ago and is now a member of the ensemble of Oper Frankfurt in Germany, joined Russian pianist Natasha Kislenko, a 2001 alumna and faculty member since 2004, for an eclectic hour-long show of music favorites. The dynamic duo, who have both performed at New Yorks Carnegie Hall, were in fine form performing works from Puccini, Verdi, Delibes, Richard Strauss, Leonard Bernstein, George Gershwin and Duke Ellington, among others. After a delightful rendering of Bart Howards 1954 classic Fly Me To The Moon, a stage stopper for Frank Sinatra and Peggy Lee, Rae wrapped up the show with an encore of Puccini favorite O mio babbino caro from his 1918 opera Gianni Schicchi...

MISCELLANY (Continued from page 37)

John Cleese back together with Monty Python team

Ticket to Ride
Seymour Duncan presents

Jimmy Vivino & the Basic Cable Band with Slash, Robert Randolph and more

3rd Annual Benefit Concert for Notes for Notes Featuring

Affordable. Effective. Efficient. Advertise in

Dec 7 Dec 11 Dec 14/15 Dec 21/22 Jan 11 Jan 17 Jan 18

Gustafson Dance presents Rudolph Lobero LIVE presents

Dawes with special guest Blake Mills

Santa Barbara Choral Society presents

Santa Barbara Revels presents

The Christmas Revels: In Celebration of the Winter Solstice

CAMA Masterseries presents

Long Awaited Reunion Former Montecito funnyman John Cleese, who, by his own admission, has been going through tough financial times of late because of a particularly expensive divorce, is back raking in the money with cult comedy group Monty Python reforming officially three decades after they last worked together. The five surviving members Terry Gilliam, 72, Terry Jones, 71, Eric Idle, 70, Michael Palin, 70, and John, 74, have scheduled a show One Down, Five to Go a reference to the late Graham Chapman who died of cancer in 1989 at Londons O2 arena in July featuring popular old sketches as well as new material, for which they will reportedly earn $1.5 million each. The 20,000 seat Show, which sold out in an astounding 43.5 seconds, will also be shot for TV and international distribution, raking in even more money for the coffers, with four more shows on consecutive dates, and possibly the Hollywood Bowl, according to my U.K. mole with the martini. We just got bored of speculating. Were always speculating about whether were going to do something,

and we never actually get round to it. Somebody started a rumor that there was going to be a stage show and we thought Well maybe. And the next thing, there are, I dont know, fifty offers coming in from around the world America, Australia and elsewhere, so we thought, Maybe well have a look and maybe decide to do one. One famous sketch he will not be reprising is the Ministry of Silly Walks. With an artificial hip and an artificial knee thats out of the question! says John... Channeling Old Hollywood Glitz and glamour were the order of the day when Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School threw its 30th annual Old Hollywood gala at the Bacara while honoring Kathleen Patrice, a nun known for her community outreach for the past 18 years. The boffo bash, which had 375 guests and was expected to raise around $100,000, was co-chaired by the tony triumvirate of Karen Bell, Rosemary Dunn and Silvia Unzueta, while auctioneer, Sean Kelly who stars on the truTV show Storage Hunters sold off a number of glittering prizes including ringside seats at an L.A. Lakers game and a stay in the late Bob Hopes Palm Springs house. People always pull out all the stops, as you can see with all the costumes, says Karen Regan, school

Kalichstein-LaredoRobinson Trio
Lobero LIVE presents

An Evening with Shawn Colvin

Lobero LIVE presents


We are 26 dealers with individual tastes, making us a unique marketplace for over twenty years. 2192 Ortega Hill Road Summerland 805-565-3189
 28 November 5 December 2013

Additional Sponsorship for Lobero LIVE provided by:

Box Office open 10-5 Mon-Fri, 12-5 Sat 805.963.0761 |



Mario Borgatello, Christopher Toomey and David Borgatello at the Bacara (photo by Priscilla)

West Coast Chamber Orchestra

Christopher Story VI, Music Director

A Thanksgiving Concert



by Candlelight

Friday November 29th, 2013 8:00 P.M. at Trinity Episcopal Church

1500 State Street (corner of Micheltorena) Doors Open at 7:30 P.M. 1st Half 2nd Half Rondo...CMAJOR Wine Raffle Drawing Tamsen Beseke, Violin Voi avete un cor fedelearia-for Soprano and Clarinet Concerto... Orchestra AMAJOR Celeste Tavera, Soprano Julia Heinen, Bassett Clarinet Symphony No.40...gminor Christopher Story, Dr. Michael Shasberger, Conductor Conductor

principal. The monies raised is also an important part of our budget. Among those quaffing the champagne and noshing on the filet mignon and chocolate decadence desserts were Ron and Andra MacLeod, Miguel and Elena Angeles, James and Diane Beane, Charlie and Carrie Bissell, Mario, Judy, David and Louise Borgatello, Andrew and Michelle Checketts, John and Angie Eck, Scott and Liz Hanson, Paul and Wendy Harrington, Kieran and Amy Maloney, Tom and Eileen Mielko, John and Virginia Persoon, Robert and Monica Senn, David and Lyn Springer, Christopher Toomey, and David and Tracy Wilcox. A swellegant evening, indeed...
Honoree Kathleen Patrice and Karen Regan at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Schools 30th annual Old Hollywood gala (photo by Priscilla)

Matthias Bamert entertained with the SB Symphony

the Granada featuring guest conductor Matthias Bamert. The maestro, who was music director of the London Mozart Players for seven years and has masterminded a very successful series of recordings of works by Contemporaries of Mozart which has already exceeded 75 symphonies, was in fine form, kicking off the show with the Austrian wunderkinds Serenade No.10 for winds and double bass in B-flat major, with just 13 players of wind instruments on the large stage.

Julia M. Heinen, BassettClarinet


Gen Admission: $25.00 Seniors(55+) & Students $20.00 Children 19 & under/Handicap $10.00 Ticket info email: Tickets available at Arlington Box Office 805.963.4408 & at the door

Heritage Oaks Bank Family Fun Day

Maestro Matthias & Mozart Mozart reigned supreme when the Santa Barbara Symphony performed its second concert of the 60th season at
Rosemary Dunn, Karen Regan, Kathleen Patrice, Karen Bell and Silvia Unzueta at the Mt. Carmel soire (photo by Priscilla)

Sunday, September 30, 201

Start time: 8 am Cost: $40 / $45 after 9/7/12


Start time: 9:15 am Cost: $30 / $35 after 9/7/12


Start time: 10:15 am Cost: $10 / $15 after 9/7/12


Start time: 10:45 am Cost: $5 / $10 after 9/7/12



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Quality Coverage Personal Service Friendly Staff

Business First Bank, a division of Heritage Oaks Bank, is now Heritage Oaks Bank. Nothing else is changing, but our name.
Presented by the City of Paso Robles

Paso Robles 7 am 1 pm

Same great service, same great bank.


805-683-3636 or 1-888-467-4811

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28 November 5 December 2013

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The value we place on what weve been given correlates to our depth of gratitude for it Todd Stocker


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eating disorder
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Storm chasing shutterbug Mitch Dobrowner shows off his works

The MOST Comprehensive Treatment Program on the Central Coast.

After the intermission, the strings took over with the 1787 work Eine kleine Nachtmusik Serenade No. 13 in G major , one of Mozarts most familiar works, wrapping the entertaining show as a full orchestra with the haunting Symphony No. 25 in G minor... add five to six photographs to the museums archives annually, she says. We also appreciate little known artists. Photography is a very valid art form. We love old photographs, but are not afraid to push the envelope. Among those at the bash were Susan Bower, Joanne Holderman, Ken Anderson, Jane Gottlieb, Crista Dix, Susan Jorgensen, Steve and Caroline Thompson, Mike Healy, Tim Walsh, Karen Lehrer and Steve Sherwin... FSA Welcomes Lisa Judith Hopkinson opened the doors of her Hope Ranch home for a reception for the 114-year-old Family Service Agency and its new executive director Lisa Brabo, who has just come on board from the YWCA in San Gabriel Valley. Lisa, who has more than 20 years of experience with philanthropy and non-profit organizations, will now administer a $3.6 million annual budget, helping 30,000 seniors and children each year in Santa Barbara County, replacing Scott Whiteley, who has moved to the Bay Area. It really is an amazing agency,

Board Certified Physicians Licensed MFTs

Covered by Most Insurance Intensive Outpatient Program

805.962.7800 x x 3891 State St. Suite #210 - Santa Barbara

The Complete Elite SPORTS MEDICINE Facility & Executive Gym


Photographic Fanfare Santa Barbara Museum of Art has been accentuating the negative with many positives. The popular institution now has more than 8,000 photographs dating from the 1800s in its archive collection, much of it due to the 16-year-old group PhotoFutures, which supports the SBMAs program, both in building the permanent collection and sponsoring important exhibitions. Cyndee Howard, who studied art at UCSB and chairs the group with Bud Baumes, co-hosted an intimate reception with Lesley Cunningham at her contemporary art-filled Montecito aerie, featuring stormchasing award-winning Los Angeles photographer Mitch Dobrowner , who has just published his first book, Storms. We meet eight to ten times a year with curators and photo experts and

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 28 November 5 December 2013

1 N. Calle Cesar Chavez, Suite 110, Santa Barbara, CA 93103




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she says. I love interacting with everyone. Its so important. No one is turned away. Among those welcoming her to our tony town were Stephanie Wilson, sheriff Bill Brown, Jim Hurley, Cheri Jasinski, Jaime Kuczkowski, Bob Manning, William Morton-Smith, Diana Pereira, Sarah Rudd-Lawlor, Jonathan Wang and Jane SantosSweeney... Sizzling Sampler Santa Barbara Dance Theater, under artistic director Christopher Pilafian, whet a lot of cultural appetites with an enticing sampling of future works in the program at the Center Stage Theater at Paseo Nuevo. The sold-out show, which featured Kyle Castillo, Monica Ford, Tracy Kofford, Christina Sanchez and new member Lindsay Mason, had three preview works Smolder, The Moors Pavane and Spark to Shine, featuring a variety of music from Rachmaninoff,

Lisa Brabo (front), Judith Hopkinson, Stephanie Wilson, Denise Hinkle and Bob Manning at the Family Service Agency reception (photo by Priscilla)

Santa Barbara Dance Theaters Christopher Pilafian and Monica Ford (photo by Phil Channing)

Purcell and Earth, Wind and Fire. Christopher, who is marking his second year at the helm of the dance company, says: We seem to be gathering steam, building on connections we started in my first year. The dancing is becoming deeper in the bodies and the dancers are continuing to grow artistically... Adding a fifth dancer, Lindsay, seems to have added a whole new dimension. Sightings: Alan Thicke shooting his new Canadian TV reality show In the Thicke of Things at Trattoria Mollie... Ellen DeGeneres chowing at Tre Lune... Herb and Bui Simon checking out the crowd at Luckys Pip! Pip! Readers with tips, sightings and amusing items for Richards column should e-mail him at richardmin or send invitations or other correspondence to the Journal MJ

805.965.9000 1 S Milpas St

805.642.222 4051 E Main St
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28 November 5 December 2013

Chance favors the prepared mind Louis Pasteur



The French Connection

Hearing Services of Santa Barbara

by Polly Bookwalter

Les Vignobles de Cassis

The Vineyards of the Other Montecito

Polly Bookwalter has lived in Montecito part-time for ten years. She and her husband, Roger, divide their time between central California, northern Michigan, and the south of France. A mother, grandmother, and former teacher, she is also the author and illustrator of the childrens book, Butterfly Beach.

Complimentary Hearing Aid Evaluation Expert Hearing Aid Fitting Management of Repairs and Warranties
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5333 Hollister Ave, Ste 207

(in the Goleta Valley Medical Building)

Ann Burre,

MA, FAAA Dispensing Audiologist

ften mistaken by foreigners as the area responsible for producing the sweet black currant liqueur known as Crme de Cassis (which is, in fact, a specialty of the Burgundy region of France near

Domaine St. Louis vines straddle the ocean in Cassis under the prominent cliffs of Cap Canaille

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Dijon, the town famous for its mustard), Cassis is located in the region of Provence and is well-known primarily for its vins blancs (white wines), and to a lesser degree for its ross. Nestled between the Mediterranean Sea to the south and several mountain ranges to the north and west, Cassis vineyards enjoy a sheltered, warm location ideal for growing grapes. Cassis terroir, the land on which the grapes are grown, is extremely important to the success of its vineyards. It is the unique combination of natural factors, the characteristics of the land itself its geography, geology, and climate that embodies the wine and sets Cassis wine apart from other wines cultivated in other terroirs. The sea air, the composition of the limestone-rich soil, and the warm Mediterranean climate which provides Cassis with over 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, all combine to give Cassis wines their distinctive fullbodied, herby flavors. Les Cassidains are quite proud of the fact that their region was one of the first wine-making regions of France to be accorded an Appellation dOrigine Contrle (AOC), the official and prestigious recognition bestowed upon wine-producing areas distinguished by their grape varieties and wine-making practices. Cassis fresh, dry white, and ros wines go especially well with the local fish and seafood cuisine that attracts visitors from all over Europe and beyond to this small portside town in the south of France. While demand is high for Cassis 

wines, wine production is relatively low. Covering less than 600 acres and featuring only about a dozen or so vignobles, or vineyards, Cassis wineproducing area is much smaller than the Santa Ynez Valley, which is estimated to cover more than 5,000 acres and includes at least 70 wineries and tasting rooms. Seventy-five percent of Cassis annual wine production about a million bottles of wine are white wines, and the vast majority of them never leave the immediate area, being consumed in portside restaurants, bars, and cafs by tourists and local clientele. Only a very small number of vineyards produce enough wine for exportation and those that do, do so only in very limited quantities. Introduced by the Greeks in 600 BC, who cultivated mostly Muscat grapes for making dessert wines, the area gradually evolved to produce other white grape varieties including Clairette, Marsanne, and Ugni Blanc, and ros varieties including Cinsault, Grenache, and Mourvdre.

Low-key Master of the Vines

It is somewhat surprising that although the wine industry is of great importance to the local economy, wine tourism and wine tastings have not yet been well established in Provence. Purchasing wine directly from a vineyard is common practice, and almost every small town has a Maison des Vins, a House of Wines,that displays and sells all wines produced in their particular area. Setting out for an afternoon of visiting wineries and tasting wines one after the other, however, is not. Organized wine-tasting tours do not exist in Cassis, and I have never come across a local vineyard that offered items for sale. There are no personalized wine glasses engraved with the vineyards name, no clothing sporting the vineyards logo, and there is never a charge for a dgustation. It is, in fact, extremely low key. Because Cassis vineyards are small, it is often le vigneron or la vigneronne who pours the wine and always seems to have time to discuss them with visitors. I once arrived at a vineyard only to find a handwritten 28 November 5 December 2013


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The modest farmhouse on this small vineyard in the Cassis region of France could easily be mistaken for a Central Coast wine producer

note with a telephone number on it tacked to the closed door. I called the number, the owner answered, and a few minutes later he appeared, having come directly from the fields, dressed in work clothes and wearing rubber boots, with grape roots still clutched in his hand! Another time, my husband and I rang a bell that was suspended near the doorway of a locked tasting room, and a charming young woman, the granddaughter of the owner, stuck her head out of an upstairs window, smiled, waved, and said she would hurry right down. Despite the obvious lack of commercialism at the wineries, there are usually a few organized activities surrounding the annual harvest. Each year in Cassis, for instance, there is a festival in late September to celebrate this event. A mass at the local church is conducted, and along the port there is dancing and wine tasting for all.

If I am fortunate enough to be in Cassis at this time of year, there is always one wine I am quite impatient to try. Its a wine from the local vineyard Domaine St. Louis, now owned and managed by Laurent Jayne, grandson of the original vigneron. Chosen a few years ago for his passion and talent as a cuisinier, a cook, as well as a vintner, to participate in a popular French televised competition similar to Americas Master Chef, Laurent is a well-known personality around town. He is also known for having developed a wine that has the distinction of being made from grapes that were harvested under a full moon at midnight. The wine made from this nocturnal harvest is called La Grande Question, The Big Question. It will probably never be available outside Cassis, but it just might be worth the tripacross the Atlantic!  MJ

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28 November 5 December 2013

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decisions says that Janis merchandise does exist, but that hes never been extremely excited about it. He draws a distinction between merch and clothing. With Made for Pearl, the line he started with his daughter Malyn, he produces clothing inspired by the iconic looks of his famous sister. To make this clothing line in honor of Janis, Michael says on a conference call from Arizona, is so very much more in line with my thinking of how Janis should be treated. Malyn, who heads the company, called in, too, from her home in Los Angeles. The father-daughter team fielded questions from the Montecito Journal, but if you have any of your own, Malyn will be on site at Coast Village Roads Allora by Laura on December 5 and 6, along with the Made for Pearl sales manager Natalie Miller and creative director Katie Kay Mead, to debut their new collection of Janis-evoking attire. Q. Malyn, did you know Janis or were you born after she passed away? (Malyn): I was born afterwards. She died in 70, and I was born in 83. Michael, what were you up to at the time, in the late 60s when Janis was a famous musician? Were you in the music scene at all? (Michael): No, I was in high school. I was just trying to get as many dates as possible because my sister was on the radio. Malyn, how old were you when you realized you had this famous aunt and what was that realization like for you? (Malyn): I dont know exactly what age I figured it out, but it was never a secret. It was always just something I grew up with. I remember in 1995, my dad took me to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame when she got inducted. I remember that being a really big, cool event. I was thirteen or something. Ive always known and shes always been this interesting part of my family that I never knew, but have always felt very close to, in a way, because shes always been there and always very talked about. And my maiden name was Joplin. I always got the question, Are you related? Janis herself we wouldnt be talking if she werent was very stylish. Did she put together her own wardrobe or did she have people dressing her? (Michael): For a long time, there wasnt any money. She didnt make any money at all. She was dirt poor. Her kind of fashion sense evolved from wherever she could find clothing. She wrote a letter home before Big Brother times, and she said, Ive got to get an outfit. Something that looks like Im a singer, an entertainer. She was just wearing t-shirts and beads,

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because thats what was being worn at the time. When she did Monterey Pop, that was the first time that she had an outfit made. That was a white lam outfit that you might have seen pictures of. That was very understated a very classy look. She wore a pair of gold-colored mules. She evolved into the boho-chic lady over a period of time. It wasnt until much later in her career well, she didnt have an extremely long career that she had anybody making costumes. The rest of it was all her own shopping. The times were vastly different. When you talk about a rock star then and a rock star today, she didnt have a masseuse and a chef. She didnt have an entourage. She lived in an apartment and she bought a used car. Its a vastly different view of rock stardom today than back then. So she finally had a roommate or somebody helping to take care of her house make her some clothes, and some of those are her stage clothes. The rest of it they just shopped for just girls shopping. Pearl is Janis nickname and the title of one of her records. Who came up with the name Made for Pearl? What does it mean to you, if anything, beyond just whats on the surface? (Michael): It was a group effort. We went through a bunch of different names. That was the one that we liked the most. Were not making recreations, so we didnt want to call it Janis Joplin. (Malyn): It was a nod to Janis but we didnt want it to be super obvious that it was about Janis. Obviously, were doing side-by-side interpretations of her. We have a picture of her in an all-lace outfit [on the Made for Pearl website] and then we have our interpretation of that all-lace outfit. In some of her costumes, she embroidered Made for Janis Joplin. Ive always loved the name Pearl and everybody associates Janis Joplin with Pearl. Its sort of her alter ego. In looking at all of these things, we kind of thought it would be really pretty to use the Made for and then Pearl. People discover the clothes and they like the clothes. The clothes are going to stand on their own. Its not just going to be a Janis Joplin thing. Theyre beautifully made clothes that fit very, very well with fine materials, high end, all made in the United States. Its almost like a rediscovery in a way: Oh, this is about Janis Joplin. And vice versa. Some people are going to know that its Janis and love it for that, and then other people are going to get reintroduced to her. When did the company start? (Michael): On paper it started a while ago, but Id say this last year. We were toying with it and messing around with how to deal with patterns and

who to get involved. Its been a growing process. This last year has been when we knuckled down and realized we had to make this work. The pieces are very modern interpretations of the style or a concept that Janis might have picked out. Were using her as a muse and moving it up to the now. What are the aspects of Janis style that translate the best to today? (Michael): What is a part that doesnt? There is so much going on now, and a lot of it is Janice without anybody even knowing that she was a grandmother of it. So what then are the aspects that dont translate well to today? (Malyn): A lot of those kind of cheapie materials and some of the fits. We have definitely taken the bell bottom and made it a little bit sexier. Its a little bit of a higher waist. Its not so chunky and wide leg. Its a little bit tighter on the leg and then squares a little bit lower. And I think a lot of the fabrics back then were polyester. Were definitely using a higher quality velvet and an Italian stretch cotton definitely so much more eco-friendly, modern material. In the 60s, a lot of it was very synthetic. Can you tell us about the Allora by Laura trunk show thats coming up on December fifth and sixth? (Malyn): Were going to bring the full collection to Montecito so people can pre-order off the spring/summer. We will also have our small holiday collection available of more velvet and paisley. Itll really be the first place anybody from the public will be able to see it or try it on or purchase it aside from the five items that we have on our website. How did you come to work with Laura Dinning? (Malyn): We just at the last minute did the spring/summer of 14 L.A. market week, where we were in a little showroom just to try it out and we met her there. She felt really passionately about the project and she has a new store and a lot of new clientele. Theres a lot of positive energy behind her store right now, and a lot of really fun up and coming things that she wants to do. She said, I want to carry your stuff, but I also really want to do this event with you guys. We thought that was a perfect way for us to get out into the marketplace. Ill be there on and off with our creative director and our lead on sales. Well be there for any questions or fitting questions. Wed be remiss not to ask about the musical thats on Broadway right now, A Night With Janis Joplin. Do the two of you have any involvement in that? (Michael): Thats my sister Laura and me. We got the ball rolling. Its been really fun to go from a concept 

sitting on a couch with a couple of people to opening on Broadway on October tenth to incredibly good reviews and packed houses. Its been really fun to watch it evolve and grow. So you were involved in the initial brainstorming stage it sounds like. (Michael): Yes. Laura and I were saying we wanted to do a play. Movies have one type of feeling to them, but a theatrical piece has honesty, a presence, immediacy, and contact with an audience. That was one of Janis favorite aspects of performing. We wanted to honor that and use that type of venue with a live theatre audience with live people with sweat and all that. We contacted a couple of directors and the person we met with, Randy Johnson, sat with us. We had a ten-minute meeting planned, a meet and greet type of thing. Two and a half hours later, we went, Oh, theres something clicking here really well. He was right on the money with what we were thinking. We went with Randy and the rest is history. Auditions are another fascinating aspect. How did you settle on the lead actress? (Michael): I had known Mary Bridget Davies from another piece we had done before. The creative people had hired somebody and then I said, We need to listen to Mary Bridget. Shes pretty good. She blew everybody away. We have two other actresses, one is the understudy and one is the swing and they are also killer. Everybody has been really good. Our biggest thing has not been to try to recreate Janis. Theres no point in that. Its like the clothing. Were paying homage and letting the style and the talent of the people speak for itself. We want this to be a modern day representation of who and what was going on at the time. We want you to enjoy it for what it is as well as what Janis was. Any other Janis related projects we should expect in the future? (Michael): Well, theres a documentary coming out. And a couple of weeks ago, Janis got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The doc will be coming out next year at some point. Theres always stuff going on. She is actually having an incredibly good year. The Made for Pearl trunk show will take place at Allora by Laura (1269 Coast Village Road) on Thursday, December 5, and Friday, December 6. It starts at 3pm on Thursday and ends at 7pm. It runs all day Friday, 10am to 7pm. Allora by Laura regular store hours: 10 am to 6 pm Monday through Thursday, 10 am to 7 pm Friday and Saturday, and noon to 5 pm on Sunday. Find Allora by Laura online at and reach the shop by phone at 805.563.2425. Find Made for Pearl online at www.  MJ 28 November 5 December 2013



28 November 5 December 2013



City of Santa Barbara Invitation Notice to Consultants Request for Qualifications RFQ Number: 3700 November 18, 2013 REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS TO PROVIDE PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERING SERVICES FOR THE ANAPAMU STREET BRIDGE REPLACEMENT PROJECT The City of Santa Barbara has received approval from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to develop a federalaid Highway Bridge Program (HBP) project titled Anapamu Street Bridge Replacement. The City of Santa Barbara, Public Works Department is requesting proposals from engineering firms for the design of this bridge replacement project in compliance with all applicable requirements under the FHWA-HBP. Copies of the detailed Request for Qualifications (RFQ), including a description of the services to be provided by respondents, the minimum content of responses, and the factors to be used to evaluate the responses, can be obtained by contacting: Brian DAmour, Supervising Civil Engineer 630 Garden Street PO Box 1990 Santa Barbara, CA 93102 805-897-2661 The RFQ will be made available beginning November 22, 2013. Proposals will be received in the Purchasing Office, located at 310 E. Ortega Street, Santa Barbara, California, until 4:00 p.m. December 12, 2013. Mailed Qualifications shall be addressed as follows: City of Santa Barbara General Services Division Purchasing P.O. Box 1990 Santa Barbara, CA 93102-1990 Hand, courier or next day postal delivery Proposals shall be addressed as follows: City of Santa Barbara General Services Division Purchasing 310 E. Ortega Street Santa Barbara, CA 93102-1990 It is the responsibility of the respondent to see that any submitted Proposal shall have sufficient time to be received by the Purchasing Office prior to the submittal date and time. At that time, proposals will not be opened; there will be only a public acknowledgment of all proposals received. Proposals received after the closing date and time will be returned to the respondent unopened. The receiving time in the Purchasing Office will be the governing time for acceptability of the Proposals. Proposals will not be accepted by telephone, e-mail or facsimile machine. No less than one (1) Proposals must bear original signatures and figures to be marked original.
City of Santa Barbara Invitation Notice to Consultants Request for Qualifications RFQ Number: 3716 November 18, 2013 REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS TO PROVIDE PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERING SERVICES FOR THE QUINIENTOS STREET BRIDGE REPLACEMENT PROJECT The City of Santa Barbara has received approval from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to develop a federalaid Highway Bridge Program (HBP) project titled Quinientos Street Bridge Replacement. The City of Santa Barbara, Public Works Department is requesting proposals from engineering firms for the design of this bridge replacement project in compliance with all applicable requirements under the FHWA-HBP. Copies of the detailed Request for Qualifications (RFQ), including a description of the services to be provided by respondents, the minimum content of responses, and the factors to be used to evaluate the responses, can be obtained by contacting: Brian DAmour, Supervising Civil Engineer 630 Garden Street PO Box 1990 Santa Barbara, CA 93102 805-897-2661 The RFQ will be made available beginning November 22, 2013. Proposals will be received in the Purchasing Office, located at 310 E. Ortega Street, Santa Barbara, California, until 4:00 p.m. December 12, 2013. Mailed Qualifications shall be addressed as follows: City of Santa Barbara General Services Division Purchasing P.O. Box 1990 Santa Barbara, CA 93102-1990 Hand, courier or next day postal delivery Proposals shall be addressed as follows: City of Santa Barbara General Services Division Purchasing 310 E. Ortega Street Santa Barbara, CA 93102-1990 It is the responsibility of the respondent to see that any submitted Proposal shall have sufficient time to be received by the Purchasing Office prior to the submittal date and time. At that time, proposals will not be opened; there will be only a public acknowledgment of all proposals received. Proposals received after the closing date and time will be returned to the respondent unopened. The receiving time in the Purchasing Office will be the governing time for acceptability of the Proposals. Proposals will not be accepted by telephone, e-mail or facsimile machine. No less than one (1) Proposals must bear original signatures and figures to be marked original.
CITY OF SANTA BARBARA NOTICE TO BIDDERS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that sealed bids will be received by the City of Santa Barbara Purchasing Office located at 310 E. Ortega Street, Santa Barbara, California, until 3:00 p.m. on the date indicated at which time they will be publicly opened, read and posted for: BID NO. 5288 DUE DATE & TIME: DECEMBER 12, 2013 UNTIL 3:00P.M. Alston Place Vegetation Management Project A MANDATORY pre-bid meeting will be held on December 3, 2013 at 10:00 a.m., at 1479 Lou Dillon Lane, off of Salinas, Santa Barbara, CA to discuss the specifications and field conditions. Parking is located at the end of Lou Dillon Lane where we will meet. Attendance at this meeting is required for your bid to be considered. Bids must be submitted on forms supplied by the City of Santa Barbara and in accordance with the specifications, terms and conditions contained therein. Bid packages containing all forms, specifications, terms and conditions may be obtained in person at the Purchasing Office or by calling (805) 564-5349, or by Facsimile request to (805) 897-1977. There is no charge for bid package and specifications. Bidders are hereby notified that any service purchase order issued as a result of this bid may be subject to the provisions and regulations of the City of Santa Barbara Ordinance No. 5384, Santa Barbara Municipal Code, Chapter 9.128 and its impending regulations relating to the payment of Living Wages. The City of Santa Barbara requires all contractors to possess a current valid State of California D-49 or C-27 Contractors License. The company bidding on this must possess one of the above mentioned licenses at the time bids are due and be otherwise deemed qualified to perform the work specified herein. Bids submitted using the license name and number of a subcontractor or other person who is not a principle partner or owner of the company making this bid, will be rejected as being non-responsive. Bidders are hereby notified that a Bid Guaranty Bond in the form of a money order or a cashiers certified check, payable to the order of the City, amounting to ten percent (10%) of the bid, or by a bond in said amount and payable to said City, signed by the bidder and a corporate surety, who is authorized to issue bonds in the State of California. Bidders are hereby notified that a Performance Bond in the amount of 100% of the bid total will be required from the successful bidder for bids. The bond must be provided with ten (10) calendar days from notice of award and prior to the performance of any work. The bond must be signed by the bidder and a corporate surety, who is authorized to issue bonds in the State of California. The City of Santa Barbara affirmatively assures that minority and disadvantaged business enterprises will be afforded full opportunity to submit bids in response to this invitation and will not be discriminated against on the grounds of age (over 40), ancestry, color, mental or physical disability, sex, gender identity and expression, marital status, medical condition (cancer or genetic characteristics), national origin, race, religious belief, or sexual orientation in consideration of award. ____________________ William Hornung, C.P.M. General Services Manager Published: Nov. 27, 2013 Montecito Journal

William Hornung, CPM General Services Manager PUBLISHED: November 20 and 27, 2013 Montecito Journal

William Hornung, CPM General Services Manager PUBLISHED: November 20 and 27, 2013 Montecito Journal

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: The following person(s) is/are doing business as: The Bourbon Room, 4444 Hollister Avenue, Santa Barbara, CA 93110. Alvaro Rojas, 207 Romaine Drive, Santa Barbara, CA 93105. Anna Louise Sacks, 3245 Cliff Drive, Santa Barbara, CA 93109. This statement was led with the County Clerk of Santa Barbara County on November 6, 2013. This statement expires ve years from the date it was led in the Ofce of the County Clerk. I hereby certify that this is a

correct copy of the original statement on le in my ofce. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk (SEAL) by Jan Morales. Original FBN No. 20130003381. Published November 27, December 4, 11, 18, 2013. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: The following person(s) is/are doing business as: Ling Star Technology, 6735 Abrego Road, #44, Goleta, CA 93117. Cuichao Li, 6735 Abrego Road, #44, Goleta, CA 93117. This statement was led with the County Clerk of Santa Barbara

County on November 21, 2013. This statement expires ve years from the date it was led in the Ofce of the County Clerk. I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of the original statement on le in my ofce. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk (SEAL) by Jan Morales. Original FBN No. 20130003517. Published November 27, December 4, 11, 18, 2013. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: The following person(s) is/are doing business as: Dani Boy, 1187 Coast Village Road Suite 5,

Santa Barbara, CA 93108. Danielle M. Leholm, 2166 E. Valley Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93108; Peter Mackins, 4400 Shadow Hills Apt. M, Santa Barbara, CA 93105. This statement was led with the County Clerk of Santa Barbara County on November 20, 2013. This statement expires ve years from the date it was led in the Ofce of the County Clerk. I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of the original statement on le in my ofce. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk (SEAL) by Jan Morales. Original FBN No. 2013-

0003514. Published November 27, December 4, 11, 18, 2013. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: The following person(s) is/are doing business as: Attorneys Video/Media Services, 405 Camino Del Remedio, Unit D, Santa Barbara, CA 93110. Andrew D. Weed, 405 Camino Del Remedio, Unit D, Santa Barbara, CA 93110. This statement was led with the County Clerk of Santa Barbara County on November 5, 2013. This statement expires ve years from the date it was led in the Ofce of the County Clerk. I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of the original statement on le in my ofce. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk (SEAL) by Jan Morales.

Original FBN No. 20130003375. Published November 20, 27, December 4, 11, 2013. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: The following person(s) is/are doing business as: United Drain & Sewer, 3857 Pemm Place, Santa Barbara, CA 93110. William N. Shalhoob, 3857 Pemm Place, Santa Barbara, CA 93110. This statement was led with the County Clerk of Santa Barbara County on October 14, 2013. This statement expires ve years from the date it was led in the Ofce of the County Clerk. I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of the original statement on le in my ofce. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk (SEAL) by Hector Gonzalez.



28 November 5 December 2013

PUBLIC NOTICE City of Santa Barbara NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the City Council of the City of Santa Barbara will conduct a Public Hearing on Tuesday, December 10, 2013, during the afternoon session of the meeting which begins at 2:00 p.m. in the Council Chamber, City Hall, 735 Anacapa Street, Santa Barbara. The hearing is to consider the recommendation from the Historic Landmarks Commission that the Hodges Estate at 2112 Santa Barbara Street (Assessors Parcel No. 025-252-007) be designated as a City landmark. You are invited to attend this hearing and address your verbal comments to the City Council. Written comments are also welcome up to the time of the hearing, and should be addressed to the City Council via the City Clerks Office, P.O. Box 1990, Santa Barbara, CA 93102-1990. On Thursday, December 5, 2013, an Agenda with all items to be heard on Tuesday, December 10, 2013, will be available at 735 Anacapa Street and at the Central Library. Agendas and Staff Reports are also accessible online at; under Most Popular, click on Council Agenda Packet. Regular meetings of the Council are broadcast live and rebroadcast on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. and on Saturday at 9:00 a.m. on City TV Channel 18. These meetings can also be viewed over the Internet at Point to Government, point to City Hall, and click on Mayor & City Council; click on City Council Meetings, City Council Meeting Videos, and then click on the Video link for the meeting date. In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, if you need special assistance to gain access to, comment at, or participate in this meeting, please contact the City Administrator's Office at 564-5305 or inquire at the City Clerk's Office on the day of the meeting. If possible, notification at least 48 hours prior to the meeting will enable the City to make reasonable arrangements in most cases.

and Metropolitan Theatres Corp. present......

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FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: The following person(s) is/are doing business as: L.R. Peterkin Residence for the Elderly, 234 Uhlan Court, Santa Barbara, CA 93103. Julius JR Peterkin, 1134 East Haley Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93103. This statement was led with the County Clerk of Santa Barbara County on October 28, 2013. This statement expires ve years from the date it was led in the Ofce of the County Clerk. I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of the original statement on le in my ofce. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk (SEAL) by Andrea Luparello. Original FBN No. 2013-0003290. Published November 6, 13, 20, 27, 2013. ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR CHANGE OF NAME: CASE No. 1438491. To all interested parties: Petitioner Shawn Hard led a petition with Superior Court of California, County of Santa Barbara, for a decree changing name to Shawny Donahue. The Court orders that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court at the hearing indicated below to show cause, if any, why the petition for change of name should not be granted. Any person objecting to the name changes described about must le a written objection that included the reasons for the objection at least two court days before the matter is scheduled to be heard and must appear at the hearing to show cause why the petition should not be granted. If no written objection is timely led, the court may grant the petition without a hearing. Filed November 13, 2013, by R. Alvarez, Deputy Clerk. Hearing date: January 8, 2014 at 9:30 am in Dept. 6, 1100 Anacapa Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101. Published 11/27, 12/4, 12/11, 12/18 ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR CHANGE OF NAME: CASE No. 1438779. To all interested parties: Petitioner Margaret A. Pieper led a petition with Superior Court of California, County of Santa Barbara, for a decree changing name to Margaret A. Fuller. The Court orders that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court at the hearing indicated below to show cause, if any, why the petition for change of name should not be granted. Any person objecting to the name changes described about must le a written objection that included the reasons for the objection at least two court days before the matter is scheduled to be heard and must appear at the hearing to show cause why the petition should not be granted. If no written objection is timely led, the court may grant the petition without a hearing. Hearing date: January 22, 2014 at 9:30 am in Dept. 6, 1100 Anacapa Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101. Published11/20,11/27,12/4,12/11


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Original FBN No. 20130003137. Published November 20, 27, December 4, 11, 2013. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: The following person(s) is/are doing business as: The Mill; The Mill Annex, 406-414 East Haley Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101. The Laguna Haley Studio, LLC, 421 North Milpas, Santa Barbara, CA 93103. This statement was led with the County Clerk of Santa Barbara County on November 7, 2013. This statement expires ve years from the date it was led in the Ofce of the County Clerk. I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of the original statement on le in my ofce. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk (SEAL) by Jan Morales. Original FBN No. 20130003405. Published November 20, 27, December 4, 11, 2013. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: The following person(s) is/are doing business as: Alternative Wealth Solutions, 3419 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93105. Aase Christensen, 1417 Pacic Ave, Santa Barbara, CA 93109. Richard Hersey, 419 Los Robles, Santa Barbara, CA 93105. This statement was led with the County Clerk of Santa Barbara County on November 7, 2013. This statement expires ve years from the date it was led in the Ofce of the County Clerk. I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of the original statement on le in my ofce. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk (SEAL) by Miriam Leon. Original FBN No. 20130003409. Published November 20, 27, December 4, 11, 2013.

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS /s/ NAME STATEMENT: The Gwen Peirce, CMC following person(s) doing City Clerk Services is/are Manager business as: Blue Diamond; Blue Diamond Mortgage; Blue Diamond Asset Management; Blue Diamond Realty; Blue Diamond Group; Blue Diamond Wealth Management, 3419 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93105. Aase Christensen, 1417 Pacic Ave, Santa Barbara, CA 93109. This statement was led with the County Clerk of Santa Barbara County on November 7, 2013. This statement expires ve years from the date it was led in the Ofce of the County Clerk. I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of the original statement on le in my ofce. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk (SEAL) by Miriam Leon. Original FBN No. 20130003410. Published November 20, 27, December 4, 11, 2013. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT: The following person(s) is/are doing business as: Heavenly Sinful, 3343 Via Feliz, Lompoc, CA 93436. Frank Gomez, 3343 Via Feliz, Lompoc, CA 93436. Raquel Heron, 3343 Via Feliz, Lompoc, CA 93436. This statement was led with the County Clerk of Santa Barbara County on October 25, 2013. This statement expires ve years from the date it was led in the Ofce of the County Clerk. I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of the original statement on le in my ofce. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk (SEAL) by Carol Kraus. Original FBN No. 20130003267. Published November 13, 20, 27, December 4, 2013.

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28 November 5 December 2013 8:30 9:30 10:20 Mon-Thu 8 W. De La Guerra Pl. - S.B. 1:45 2:50 3:50 5:10 6:10 618 State Street - S.B. 7:10 8:30 9:30 10:20 MONTECITO JOURNAL THE BOOK I never drink water because of the disgusting things that fish do in it W.C. Fields THIEF (PG-13)

Wednesday, November Mon-Thu - 2:50 5:30 8:00 Recovering from 27 surgery can be a long and arduous 2044 Alameda Padre Serra - S.B. WADJDA (PG) 7:30 incisions and journey. Painful inflammation are (R) OLDBOY frequently present even after most successful surgeries. thruthe Sun - 11:30 2:00 4:40 PHILOMENA (PG-13) 12 YEARS A SLAVE (R) 7:20 9:55 Wed 11/27 - 2:30 5:10 7:45 Wed 11/27Using - 4:20a feather 7:45 light touch the body is speeded Mon-Thu - 2:40 5:20 along 7:50 Thu-Sun Thu-Sun -the 1:20 4:20 7:45 road to recovery. Recently, scientists at the Pacif ic 12:00 2:30 5:10 7:45 (PG-13) 3D GRAVITY Mon-Thu -Advanced 7:45 Technology Laboratory were able to provide Mon-Thu - 5:10 7:45 thru Sun - 1:25 6:30 proofTIME positive and transfer energy. Using (R)that I emit Mon-Thu ABOUT - 7:40 sophisticated infrared research equipment scientists Wed 11/27 - 5:00 (PG) FREE BIRDS were able to identify that the energy from my 2D hands Thu-Sun - 1:40 4:40 7:30 CAMINO REAL MARKETPLACE Gloria Kaye, Ph.D. thru to SunMon-Thu6:20 was successfully transferred my 11:10 subjects, If you go to Mon/Tue & Thu 7:30 Hollister & Storke - GOLETA my website click medicine 314 East Carrillo Street, Suite (PG-13)and LASTjust VEGAS Wed10 12/4 No Show!you can view this... science. THE HUNGER GAMES: thru Sun- 4:00 Mon-Thu- 2:30 Santa Barbara, California 93101 Wednesday, December 4 CATCHING FIRE (PG-13) JACKASS PRESENTS: This healing energy may reduce inflammation, heal Wed-Sun 805-701-0363 BROKEN CIRCLE (R) me to BAD GRANDPA hematomas and reduce scar tissue. Please allow 12:30 1:45 2:50 BREAKDOWN (NR) thru Sun- 8:50 Mon-Thu- 5:10 assist you along the road to recovery 3:50 5:10 6:10 7:10


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The Way It Was

Laguna Cottages for Seniors

by Hattie Beresford

Board members Susette Naylor, Helen Haskell, and Gail King help celebrate Helens 50 years of service to Laguna Cottages for Seniors

hen Elizabeth Kellam de Forest resigned from the board of Senior Center after forty years of service in 1984, she was the last link to the genesis of the organization known today as Laguna Cottages for Seniors. In her letter of resignation she wrote, It is my hope that the present Senior Center Board and subsequent ones will pause occasionally and pay tribute to Mrs. Edith Kelly and to Marjory Whittemore, the truly remarkable chairman of the A.W.V.S. who steered the transition from war work to the housing needs of the impoverished elderly. Hats off to these two women! Let us not forget them! On November 20, Laguna Cottages for Seniors, which was incorporated in 1953 as the American Womens Voluntary Service Senior Center, paused to celebrate 60 years of pro-

A packed group of well-wishers and dignitaries enjoyed the 60th anniversary celebration
Ms Beresford is a retired English and American history teacher of 30 years in the Santa Barbara School District. She is author of two Noticias, El Mirasol: From Swan to Albatross and Santa Barbara Grocers, for the Santa Barbara Historical Society.

Coastal Hideaways

805 969-1995 Luxury Vacation Rentals Short or Long Term


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Please stop in and visit us 17 years serving the Santa Barbara community

viding affordable housing for Santa Barbaras elderly citizens with a wine and hors doeuvres reception in their cozy clubhouse. The drizzly evening didnt dampen the spirits of members and guests who mingled and reminisced about past accomplishments. Edith Kelly and Majory Whittemore were once again remembered as were a host of other women who made, and continue to make, Edith Kellys dream a reality. Especially selected for recognition was board member Helen Haskell, who has completed 50 years of service. Removing the tape covering a brass plaque renaming the communal sitting room in Helens honor, board member Susette Naylor said, Helen is a rarity, but I know she realizes I do not take anything away from her when I say that she is also a symbol. A symbol of the spirit and dedication of our board members and of those who have supported us in our mission to provide all those who reside at Laguna Cottages an opportunity to age with dignity. To think, it all began because of a war.

Board member Kitty Peri of Arnoldis Cafe, which donated the wine for the event, and Mary Lambert greet arriving guests


Melissa M. Pierson, Owner

1211 Coast Village Road #4 Montecito, CA 93108


When the nations men donned uniforms and abandoned their hometowns to fight in World War II, the nations women donned uniforms to support them from the home front. The American Womens Voluntary

Services (AWVS) organized units throughout the nation, and the Santa Barbara unit, which opened its office at 22 State Street in August 1941, was the first in California. Among their many activities, they promoted war bond drives and victory gardens, opened a canteen for lonely and hungry soldiers at 431 State Street, and set up a Welcome House at 1010 Chapala Street that served as a refuge, rental bureau, and information center for servicemen and their families. After the wild celebrations following VJ Day on August 15, 1945, their war work came to an end, and they turned their attentions to meeting the needs of the returning soldiers. Primary among these needs was rental housing, which was in short supply. A 1952 News-Press article about the organization recalled that they pried open the former Hoff Hospital, standing empty and idle, and cut through Government red tape in order to make some of the empty wards available as emergency shelters for veterans with children. They also arranged to convert Quonset huts in Goleta into housing. When the County Housing 

The author with Laguna Cottage resident Erma Cook, a valued volunteer at the Gledhill Library of the Santa Barbara Historical Museum (Photo by Marshall)


28 November 5 December 2013

In 1955, the American Womens Voluntary Services Senior Center added 12 additional cottages to the original 14. Instrumental in the success of the project were (left to right) Mrs. Marjory Whittemore, Miss Katherine Harvey, Mrs. Anna Louise Murphy Vhay, Mrs. Caroline Porter Green, Mrs. Edith Kelly, and Mrs. Eugene Patterson. (Courtesy Laguna Cottages for Seniors)

Residents pose outside their cottages in this 1955 photo of Senior Center (Courtesy of Laguna Cottages for Seniors)

Authority took over the responsibility, the AWVS turned to the concerns of Santa Barbaras senior citizens thanks to the prompting of Mrs. Edith Kelly. Canadian-born and trained as a nurse, Edith Thuresson arrived in New York around 1900. She became involved in the suffragette movement in New York, and married attorney Shaun Kelly in 1905. In 1910, she moved to Santa Barbara and became active in social issues of the day. By 1930, she was working as a real estate broker in town. As a witness to the postwar housing crunch and escalating rents, she became concerned for elderly pensioners whose financial resources were inadequate to meet the rising costs. She sought the help of the AWVS in realizing her dream of providing a place for seniors of limited means to live in harmony and security.

The AWVS Answers the Call

Together with AWVS chairperson Marjory Whittemore, Edith Kelly investigated nationwide resources regarding facilities for senior citizens. In 1950, the AWVS created a senior day center that provided activities and social interaction for seniors. This group met for a time in the basement of the Lobero Hotel and in 1951 moved to Neighborhood House on De la Guerra Street. Meanwhile, a plot of land had been acquired from Mrs. Anna Louise Murphy Vhay, an artist and architect who had come to Santa Barbara in 1919. She owned several lots and designed many of the cottages of an artists complex on El Casario Lane. She also saved the hundred-yearold Gonzalez-Ramirez adobe on the southwest corner of Laguna and Canon Perdido streets by restoring and extensively remodeling it. Mrs. Vhay owned other lots on the block, and she sold an odd-shaped piece on the corner of Laguna and De la Guerra streets to the AWVS, which used monies left over from its war work to make the purchase. For a 28 November 5 December 2013

bonus, Mrs. Vhay undertook the task of designing a complex of cottages, each with sitting room, kitchenette, and dining area plus a separate bedroom and bathroom. A capital campaign ensued, led by a nine-woman board of directors. A friend of the organization donated $15,000, and members of the Senior Center day club, who paid dues of 25 cents per month, voted to donate $100. Mrs. Kelly then convinced AWVS and Senior Center board member Mrs. Caroline Porter Green to give a memorial gift of $25,000 to honor her two mothers-in-law. This example was followed by the rest of the board, and Edith Kellys dream became a reality. When the first cottages were completed in 1952, they were painted in various shades of pastel prompting the name Rainbow Village. Ceramic memorial plaques decorated the walls, and Elizabeth de Forests landscape handiwork had created peaceful gardens. The AWVS, proud of its record of success in handling the veterans units without incurring a deficit, expected the units to pay their own way. The first residents paid about $22 a month. With the pilot project well on its way to success, visitors from national and state organizations came to learn from the Santa Barbara example.

Mrs. Murphy Vhays 1952 conceptual drawing for the American Womens Voluntary Service Senior Center (Courtesy of Laguna Cottages for Seniors)

The Growth of the Dream

In 1953, thanks to a gift from Mrs. Sarah Fleischmann through the Fleischmann Foundation of Nevada, the Senior Center Clubhouse was built and completely furnished, right down to the blue gingham curtains in the kitchen. Besides serving as a gathering place for Center residents, various community groups used the Clubhouse as a meeting place over the years. At Fiesta time, the kitchen became infused with the aroma of enchiladas being prepared by the Soroptimists who sold them at Plaza de la Guerra to raise funds for their activities. Sewing groups, craft groups, and several charitable organizations met in the living room. For

a time, yoga classes were held there as well. In September 1955, hundreds of Santa Barbarans toured a new 12-cottage extension built on additional land purchased from Mrs. Vhay. Two of the cottages were furnished for the day; one by Paulson Studios and the other by Henry Levy, Inc. Levys chose a braided rug in greens and browns and a maple davenport with cocoa brown quilted denim covering along with other complementary pieces in the latest styles. Tickets for the tour included a salad luncheon at the clubhouse and a sale of Christmas gifts, plants, and foods. Ever striving to make the project self-sufficient, Mrs. Whittemore expressed the hope that the income from the rental of the new cottages would defray the expense of the clubhouse, which produced no income. Rental of the first 14 cottages produced a $2,000 surplus, which covered half the expense of the clubhouse, but, said Mrs. Whittemore, We have had to scurry for the rest. Rental prices were now $32.50 a month. The years passed and the dream grew. In 1960, the Santa Barbara Unit of the AWVS resigned from the national organization and became a corporation known as Senior Center of Santa Barbara, Inc. Additional land was acquired, cottages added, and existing buildings converted or razed to make room for new cottages. And still the rents stayed low. In 1990, a single cottage rented for $105 and a double for $175. In 1997, the name changed to Laguna Cottages for Seniors. The

latest expansion was the construction of the Leonora Cook campus of Laguna Cottages at 818 Garden Street. Leonora Coleman Leo Cook, a gifted artist and sculptor, had generously willed her home and studio to the organization. Eleven additional units were built on its site, bringing the total number of dwellings for independent seniors to 55.

A Pearl

In her Residents Report of 1968, Elizabeth Bacon, one time manager and later resident at the senior complex, wrote, The past year at Senior Center is like another lovely pearl on a lengthening string of daily living; pleasant memories, neighborly friends, kindly deeds, tiny gardens, so many blessings for which to be grateful The first tenants named it Rainbow Village for the pastel tones the groups of cottages were painted. I think there was an inner meaning . the end of the rainbow where we find that we have been seeking the perfect end to the storm, the promise of the future. Today that strand of pearls numbers 60. May succeeding years add their luster to that ever-growing amount. Sources not mentioned in text: Senior Center of Santa Barbara, Inc. Chronological History; contemporary News-Press articles; Obituaries; Michael Redmon, director or research at Gledhill Library; Montecito Journal 26 October 2006; U.S. Census, City Directories; Sanborn fire maps. Thanks to Beebe Longstreet, executive director Laguna Cottages for Seniors. MJ MONTECITO JOURNAL

Beer is made by men, wine by God Martin Luther


Note to readers: This entertainment calendar is a subjective sampling of arts and other events taking place in the Santa Barbara area for the next week. It is by no means comprehensive. Be sure to read feature stories in each issue that complement the calendar. In order to be considered for inclusion in this calendar, information must be submitted no later than noon on the Wednesday eight days prior to publication date. Please send all news releases and digital artwork to

by Steven Libowitz

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 29 Mozart by Candlelight The West Coast Chamber Orchestras annual Thanksgiving holiday concert has moved to the Gothic space at Trinity Episcopal Church in downtown Santa Barbara, a few blocks away from its former home at the Presidio Chapel, but most everything else about this 30-year-old tradition remains the same. Conducted by orchestra founder/conductor Christopher Story VI and associate conductor Dr. Michael Shasberger who is also on the faculty at Westmont College in Montecito features Mozarts Clarinet Concerto performed as originally intended on basset clarinet, with Julia Heinen as soloist; the composers extremely popular Symphony No. 40 in G Minor (a week after the Santa Barbara Symphony plays Mozarts other symphony in G Minor, making this a special treat); plus an arrangement by Mozart of Baldessare Galuppis popular aria for soprano Voi avete un cor fedele (A faithful heart, refused), featuring Celeste Tavera; and the Rondo for Violin & Orchestra. WHEN: 8pm WHERE: 1500 State Street COST: $10-$25 INFO: 9634408 or

Christmas Carol in Carp The recently revived Plaza Playhouse Theater in Carpinteria has done an admirable job of balancing screenings of classic movies with several local theatrical presentations and the occasional touring act. For the 2013 holidays, it is bringing back A Christmas Carol, the Charles Dickens classic about a miserly old man who gets a new outlook on life and love after being visited by three Christmas ghosts on Christmas Eve. Once again, company director Asa Olsson has assembled a cast of local actors to portray the famous characters of Ebenezer Scrooge, Bob Cratchit, and Tiny Tim, which last year earned a mixed review for the performances but a rave review for the ambiance from the Independent. The Plaza Playhouse revives the feeling and ambiance of another time, one in which the town came together for theatricals that were half play, half party, and truly fun for all ages... The overall effect was joyous. More Christmas programming coming up at the Plaza includes a screening of the original black-andwhite movie Miracle on 34th Street on December 20, A Christmas Story on December 21, and The Muppets

Ticket to Ride The title of the famed Beatles song is also the name of the new Warren Miller movie for 2013, which gets the honor of kicking off the new era at the Lobero Theatre as the venerable venue reopens following renovations. The 64th ski lm in the annual series takes fans on an action-packed journey with some of the worlds best skiers and snowboarders to the worlds most exotic destinations including the Alaskan Tordrillos, Switzerlands Jungfrau, Icelands Troll Peninsula, Montanas Big Sky Country, and the exotic winter playgrounds of Kazakhstan, Iceland, and Greenland. Among the athletes are World Cup champions and Olympians Seth Wescott, Julia Mancuso, and Ted Ligety, plus legendary ski mountaineers such as Chris Davenport, and freeskiers Colby James West and Sean Pettit. Also, park and pipe veteran Gretchen Bleiler throws down in Aspen proving girls can look like girls and still rip, and a snowboard segment in Valdez brings two legends, Wescott and Rob Kingwill, together for a rowdy, big mountain adventure. As always, the screening is also a pre-season party that offers discounts to local stores and chances to win ski vacations, heli-trips, prizes and gear. WHEN: 8pm WHERE: Lobero Theatre, 33 W. Canon Perido St. COST: $21 INFO: 963-0761/ or Christmas Carol on December 22. WHEN: Tonight through December 8, 7pm Fridays & Saturdays, plus 2pm December 1 and 5pm December 8 WHERE: 4916 Carpinteria Avenue, Carpinteria COST: $12 general, $10 seniors and students, $7 for children 12 and under INFO: 684-6380 or SUNDAY, DECEMBER 1 Sneetches, Riding Hood and Wolf, oh my Just over a year ago, Ventura Music Festivals artistic director Nuvi Mehta premiered Dr. Seusss The Sneetches, featuring Lorenzo Palomos music, for a select audience, including Dr. Seusss widow, Audrey Geisel. Now Mehta is pairing a repeat performance with Roald Dahls Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, a unique take on the classic childrens story with music by Paul Patterson. The family program is part of the VMFs celebratory 20th anniversary season, building excitement for the actual main festival that is still months away. Both stories will feature Mehta as the narrator and musicians from the San Diego Symphony, with slide projections helping to animate the tales. The hope is that this initial concert becomes an annual family holiday tradition. Mehta will also announce the full schedule of events for the Ventura Music Festival from the stage, with tickets going on sale the following day. WHEN: 2pm  WHERE: Ventura College Performing Arts Center, 4700 Loma Vista Road, Ventura COST: $25 general, $12 children INFO: 648-3146 or www. MONDAY, DECEMBER 2 Cookbook dinner The Hungry Cat owner/chef David Lentz teams up with Suzanne Goin the chefwriter who made a huge splash with her James Beard Award-winning rst book Sunday Suppers at Lucques to host a special dinner celebrating the publication of her new A.O.C. Cookbook, based on her creations for her sophomore restaurant of the same name that turns small-plate, sharedstyle dishes into main courses. The menu for the four-course meal comes directly from the pages, and features bacon wrapped dates; dandelion and roasted carrot salad with black olives and ricotta salata; black bass with fennel puree, peters citrus, and green olives in green harissa; turmeric spiced root vegetables with kafr lime yogurt and mint chutney; pork cheeks with polenta, mustard cream, and horseradish gremolata; longcooked cavolo nero; sweet potatoes with bacon, spinach, and romesco; and spiced pumpkin fritters with chocolate sauce and crushed pepitas. Optional wine pairings are designed by Caroline Styne, Goins business partner and wine director of all of their restaurants, who wrote the wine 28 November 5 December 2013

Olms for the core It took ve years of friendship before singer-songwriters Pete Yorn and J.D. King who met through Linda Ramone, a mutual friend and widow of the late Johnny Ramone of punk band The Ramones decided to even try performing a song together. Then it took only 20 minutes for them to co-compose their rst tune, Twice as Nice, after bouncing a few ideas off each other. The song became the rst single off their debut album as a duo, the self-titled The Olms, which came out last June. The album won some critical praise for its easy blend of 1960s Brit pop, country rock and folk, a free-wheeling sound full of jangly acoustic guitar, wistful melodies, radiant harmonies, and unexpected instrumental ourishes. As the duos bio says, what keeps The Olms from sounding too retro-minded is its lyrics, which brim with personality and dark humor. The King-penned and sung She Said No tells a morbid tale of a murder-suicide, while beneath its breezy surface Wanna Feel It addresses feelings of numbness and apathy and What Can I Do is essentially about two people stuck with each other until one of them dies. Yorn, whose 2001 album musicforthemorningafter sold well enough to earn a gold record, and also received notice for 2003s Day I Forgot, and the much younger King, whose debut Heres J.D. King came out in 2008, are hitting the road together for a fall tour, including a stop at SOhO tonight. WHEN: 8:30pm WHERE: SOhO, 1221 State Street, upstairs in Victoria Court COST: $15 INFO: 9627776 or



Steamrolling the Granada It took Mannheim Steamrollers Chip Davis several years to nd his niche as the mastermind behind the annual Christmas music juggernaut. In the 1970s, he created the country music character C. W. McCall (of Convoy fame) for his friend Bill Fries, but even before that hed already come up with the concept of making classical music mostly with synthesizers. The rst few albums came out under the pseudonym of Mannheim Steamroller which as Wikipedia tells us comes from an 18th-century German musical technique, Mannheim roller (German for Mannheimer Walze), a crescendo passage having a rising melodic line over an ostinato bass line, popularized by the Mannheim school of composition and were dubbed Fresh Aire. In all eight original Fresh Aire albums (plus a compilation fth) blending baroque classical music and light jazz were released before Davis found his ultimate niche in doing holiday music, beginning in 1984. At rst, the records featured Davis contemporary interpretations of Yuletide favorites and old carols, and eventually included original music, too. New music isnt being regularly released anymore, but Davis has an entire cottage industry touring as Mannheim Steamroller every holiday season, with the live shows of Christmas music aided by multimedia effects and lasers still drawing plenty of fans. WHEN: 8pm WHERE: 1214 State Street COST: $33-$73 INFO: 899-2222 or sections of the new book. Goin and Styne will be present to greet guests and sign books, which will be sold separately. WHEN: 5-9pm WHERE: The Hungry Cat, 134 Chapala COST: $60 per person; $35 for optional wine pairings INFO: 884-4701 or THURSDAY, DECEMBER 5 Martin-izing chamber music Long before she served as principal pianist at the Los Angeles Philharmonic under Esa Pekka Salonen, and now Gustavo Dudamel, Joanne Pearce Martin was the founding pianist for Camerata Pacica. Now as the Santa Barbara-based chamber music ensemble considers its history in its 24th season celebration, Martin returns to the fold along with her equally accomplished husband Gavin Martin who made his debut with New York Philharmonic under Zubin Mehta for a special two-piano recital. The piano-lovers delight of a program features Schuberts Fantasie in F Minor, D. 940, for Piano 4 Hands; Variations on a Theme by Paganini by Witold Lutosawski; Debussys Fetes from Nocturnes, for 2 pianos; Rachmaninov Barcarolle from Suite No. 1, Op. 5, and Tears from Suite No. 1, Op. 5; Mozarts Sonata in D Major, K. 448, for 2 pianos; and Mozart/Griegs Allegro from Sonata in C Major, K. 545. WHEN: 1 & 7:30pm (Lutosawski and Mozarts K. 448 omitted at 1pm lunchtime concert) WHERE: Hahn Hall, 1070 Fairway Road COST: $45 ($22 at 1pm) INFO: 884-8410 or www.  MJ

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314 East Carrillo Street, Suite 10 Santa Barbara, California 93101

Gloria Kaye, Ph.D.


A Nack for reindeer Santa Barbara artist Brad Nack has been painting abstract reindeer portraits since 1996, and every year brings its own fascinating herd as Nack offers his unique take on the Christmas-connected animals. The whimsical, elegantly framed oil paintings range in color, expression and mood from fun and upbeat to pensive and morose but all reect the artists own personality and growth, as he creates them throughout the year, albeit with a more focused concentration come holiday season. Nack who is also art curator at MichaelKate Interiors & Art Gallery puts all of the works up for sale during a one-night-only 100% Reindeer Art Show each December, and over the years collectors and the public have made the show an unofcial Santa Barbara holiday tradition, usually snapping up all of the pieces just a few minutes after the doors open. So dont delay if you want one of these little (most are 12 x 12 or smaller) one-of-a-kind beauties. WHEN: 6-8pm WHERE: Restaurant Roy, 7 West Carrillo St. COST: free admission, paintings are priced as little as $150, with most at $175 $200 INFO: 617-6039 or 28 November 5 December 2013

It is easier to change a mans religion than to change his diet Margaret Mead



EDITORIAL (Continued from page 5)

Saturns moon Titan is two thirds the size of Mars and features mountains, rivers, lakes, and streams

useful incident from Ed Lus point of view, Nott observes. If people had been forewarned, he continues, the number of injuries could have been reduced to four: the four people who didnt read the newspaper the day before. As for his appearance on December 11: Because my talk is intended for a general audience, Ill try to look at

broader more interesting parts of ballooning. If you are interested in the study of genetics, he explains, you dont study whales and elephants. You study fruit flies, and thats because they are very simple and reproduce very quickly. And, the things one learns from studying fruit flies are universally applicable. So, if youre interested in the evolution of technol-


Closed Thanksgiving Day

ogy, studying the history of ballooning is like studying fruit flies. All the various aspects of human life are here: bravery, fraud, folly, plenty of dead people, and of course, success. Nott says he wants to try to convey this by focusing both on my own career and ballooning history as a microcosm of the world at large. Nott first used the expressionhe coined Intellectual Courage in reference to the Montgolfier brothers, who launched the first recorded instance of human flight. They did not need physical courage, he explains. They planned to send two condemned convicts up in their balloon. What they needed, he says, was the Intellectual Courage to go against contemporary thinking. Referencing his own record-breaking flights and brushes with death, he says the one reason he is alive today is that he is obsessed with technical details. If youre going to fly in something, he says, the details are important. One single bolt left out can make an airplane crash, so you have to be obsessed with details. To do projects of the type Ive done, he concludes, you have to have optimistic objectives and then execute with immense pessimism. Speaking of details, the capsule Nott created for his record high flight is on its way to the Smithsonian. For that flight, he had an escape plan. I asked if he could describe it. Well, its known as a very good parachute, he quickly responded, half seriously. Nott speculates on why technology, although it can fix technical problems, cannot fix human problems. Africans starve in Africa not because we cant grow enough food, he says, but because warlords use food as a weapon; they feed the people that support them. Focusing his microscope on America, Nott observes that Brutus and Julius Caesar would feel quite at home in Sacramento today. Human nature doesnt change. He believes the American Constitution is underappreciated on both sides of the

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Atlantic. Julian has been working with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena in designing a balloon that could map the surface of Titan, one of Saturns 62 known moons. Titan has an atmosphere with rivers, streams, lakes, mountains, volcanoes that blast molten ice (water) into the nitrogen atmosphere, he points out, adding that, Titan is just a moon and who cares about a moon? If Titan were in orbit around the sun, by itself, every school child would have heard of it. Its bigger than the planet Mercury, much bigger than our moon; its two-thirds the size of Mars. Anywhere humans go in the solar system, he continues, such as Mars, theyll need a cumbersome space suit. What is fascinating about Titan is that since it has a thick atmosphere, a person could walk around the surface with equipment purchased from a sporting goods store. Youll need super warm clothes and a breathing system such as SCUBA. The clothes you would need would be quite modest. Nott speculates that if life is found on Mars that wont say that life has appeared twice, because life could have formed on Mars and traveled to Earth or may have formed on Earth and got to Mars. But, if you find life in Titan oceans, it has to be an utterly different kind of life, showing that life has emerged twice in the solar system. And, if that were so, it would seem reasonable to conclude that of the billions of planets out there, there will be life in many other places. Nott has been working with Google for the past two years on its Loon Project, an attempt to use inexpensive balloons to bring telecommunications to the Third World. Our discussion continued, ranging from the likelihood of multiple universes multiverses to Captain Cooks first voyage, funded by the Royal Society, to observe the transit of Venus in order to measure what they believed then was the universe. From the discovery of the Andromeda Galaxy to the Big Bang theory, Nott offers refreshing observations and opinions: Purely philosophically, he says, I find the Big Bang totally unacceptable, emotionally. What the hell was here before the Big Bang? If you find any of this stimulating, you are in for a treat on December 11. Those interested in attending this Channel City Club event ($35 for members, $40 non-members, lunch included) are invited to call 805-5646223, or email info@channelcityclub. org for more information, or visit the website: You are also invited to visit Professor Notts website: MJ



28 November 5 December 2013

During this season of giving thanks, it is with deep gratitude that I extend my appreciation to the Santa Barbara community for giving me the gift of love that enabled me to survive during my time of profound pain and loss 19 years ago. Its the love of my founding inspiration, Timothy Scott Palmer, and the love of this community that held my broken heart and our family together and propelled us forward in life to give others what you had given us. You are the founders of this great mission. Today, 19 years and nearly 18,000 dreams later, your generosity is the fuel that allows us to serve final wishes. On behalf of our dreamers and their families, thank you. Dream Foundation plays an integral role in palliative care by helping ease emotional pain and suffering. The NGO Human Rights Watch has gotten involved with palliative care as a human right. From one small office we support more than 800 palliative care and hospice programs nationwide. We are poised to serve 2,500 dreams by year-end, 125 this week alone. Sixty percent are basic needs requests: a utility bill paid, a wheelchair ramp, hearing aid batteries, a working appliance Many are emergency dreams: urgent requests and last minute pleas by families wishing to be at the bedside of their loved one to say goodbye. Emergency dreams are turned around in as little as 24 hours. For the fifth year, we are proud to maintain a 4-star Charity Navigator rating for sound fiscal management.

We hope this holiday season brings you many blessings. As you surround yourself with loved ones, please remember the families we serve. This time of year, we often find ourselves concerned as to whether well be able to meet the demand we foresee between now and the end of the December. Your contribution will go far in the life of someone who may be wishing upon a star right here in our own community as you read these words. From the Heart,

Thomas Rollerson P.S. Special thanks to everyone who supported our 12th Annual Celebration of Dreams Gala. Although the event has grown to accommodate but a limited number of people, its important to recognize that our work reaches communities far and wide. Without federal, state or government funding this event has proven essential to meeting our budget and the needs of those we serve. As in years past, 100 percent of talent fees waived and hundreds of thousands of dollars in In-kind services provided helped ensure we maintained a 30 percent income to expense ratiothe national gold standard of funds raised vs. costs for fundraising events. And as an organization overall, we are proud to report 84 percent of expenses are allocated directly to program costs.

The mission of Dream Foundation is to enhance the quality of life for individuals and their families facing a life-threatening illness by fulfilling a hearts final wish.

28 November 5 December 2013




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GARAGE/ESTATE SALE Grandmas things from Italy Antique furniture, art, coins, stamps, sports collectibles, FREE BOOKS. Perfect for Italian restaurant or winery dcor. Fri/ Sat/Sun 9-2pm -November 29, 30 & December 16594 Segovia Rd, Isla Vista contact Bill Billet - for info CAREGIVING SERVICES In-Home Senior Services: Ask Patti Teel to meet with you or your loved ones to discuss dependable and affordable inhome care. Individualized service is tailored to meet each clients needs. Our caregivers can provide transportation, housekeeping, personal assistance and much more. Senior Helpers: 966-7100 HOME CARE SERVICES Serving Santa Barbara families for 25 years. We provide experienced, compassionate, Reliable caregivers. Our caregivers can help with errands transportation, cooking, light housekeeping etc. Call for a free in home consultation with one of our Care Managers or visit our Montecito ofce in the Upper Village. Coastal Home Care and Senior Planning Services 966-3312 or 969-3312 HEALTH SERVICES Stressed? Anxious? Feel relaxed & calm Biofeedback training is fast & effective Tina Lerner, MA Licensed HeartMath & Biofeedback Therapist The Biofeedback Institute of Santa Barbara (805) 450-1115 6500 Scott Discover Serenity Withinand how to cope withHoliday Pressures. Contact Teri Conrad, MA, CCHt 895-6040 orvisit SerenityWithin. com TUTORING SERVICES PIANO LESSONS Kary and Sheila Kramer are long standing members of the Music Teachers Assoc. of Calif. Studios conveniently located at the Music Academy of the West. Now accepting enthusiastic children and/or adults. Call us at 684-4626.

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WRITING FICTION? Best-selling author and longtime instructor for Adult Ed and SB Writers Conference will critique your manuscript. Excellent references (check Amazon books). Note: Now teaching writing class Wed. eves. 5:30-7:30 at Granada Books. Duane Unkefer POSITION AVAILABLE HELP WANTED Hair stylist. Montecito Salon has position available for a full time stylist with clientele. Station rental, friendly, professional atmosphere in great location. DADIANA SALON. Call Diane 9691414 or email POSITION WANTED

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Property-Care Needs? Do you need a caretaker or property manager? Expert Land Steward is avail now. View rsum at HOUSEHOLD MANAGER/ CHEF Experienced, mature and reliable multi-purpose person seeking permanent full time position. Please e-mail for resume and excellent letters of recommendation. I am hoping to assist a family or others assisting with childcare, errands or light cooking. I am reliable and trustworthy! Please call 805 708-0730 or email HOUSE/ PET SITTING SERVICES House sitting service offered. Responsible. Insured. Short or long-term. 805-451-6200 Pet-House Sitting Home or Hotel Comfortable Family Style Care (805) 705-8576 Loving care for your pet while your away! REAL ESTATE SERVICES Nancy Hussey Realtor Nancy performed Miracles for us! ~ Client Comment 805-452-3052 Coldwell Banker / Montecito DRE#01383773

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28 November 5 December 2013


Termite Inspection 24hr turn around upon request.

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ESTATE/MOVING SALE SERVICES THE CLEARING HOUSE, LLC Recognized as the Areas Leading Estate Liquidators Castles to Cottages Experts in the Santa Barbara Market! Professional, Personalized Services for Moving, Downsizing, and Estate Sales . Complimentary Consultation (805) 708 6113 email: website: Estate Moving Sale Service-Efcient-30yrs experience. Elizabeth Langtree 689-0461 or 733-1030. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE MONTECITO FOR SALE condos and houses, sorted by price, updated Fridays.TO SHOW: Berni and Kevin, 60 years experience, Coastal Properties, 637-2048, Get away from it all -Woodstock Ranch- Beautiful four bedrooms gated home, 18 acres. Santa Ynez. Mountain views, pool, citrus trees. Rentals & unique. Mineral rights optional. 805-752-7235

CEMETERY PLOTS CEMETERY PLOTS FOR SALE (up to 5) Santa Barbara Cemetery, Vista de la Cumbre 24K ea. (market price 27K) disc. if more than 1 (310) 472-6091 HOUSE/COTTAGE/ROOM WANTED SEEKING COTTAGE/GUEST HOUSE in Trade-out I am looking to rent a small cottage/guesthouse in Montecito where I can create my own ower gardens. I am willing to trade out the rent for gardening, property watching services, au pair & housework. Good references. Gary(805)364-4851 Sophisticated, tidy, mature couple from Rome, Italy seeking guesthouse or studio, with kitchen, in Montecito/SB area for Feb, March, April 2014. Prefer walking distance to CVR, or SB downtown, if possible. Excellent local references. Pls call/text Cliff, 729-2974 . SHORT/LONG TERM RENTAL CARMEL BY THE SEA vacation getaway. Charming, private studio. Beautiful garden patio. Walk to beach and town. $110/night. 831-624-6714

Ocean View Condo for Rent $1,900 + dep. Steps to beach 3 bd/2 bth, newly remodeled, gated complex, w/maid. N/S, N/P. Port Hueneme, Ca. (805) 278-9308. OFFICE SPACE FOR RENT 1205 COAST VILLAGE ROAD For Sublease Rate reduced high visibility 2,665sf ofce or service retail reserved parking. Call Michael Martz 805-898-4363 Hayes Commercial Group Location, Location, Location Business-Professional STATE & MISSION beautiful suite, 690 sq ft. Quality Bldg. Parking, Private bath, Air. Low rent. Call 682-6899 PAVING SERVICES MONTECITO ASPHALT & SEAL COAT, Slurry Seal Crack Repair Patching Water Problems Striping Resurfacing Speed Bumps Pot Holes Burms & Curbs Trenches. Call Roger at (805) 708-3485 WOODWORK/RESTORATION SERVICES Ken Frye Artisan in Wood The Finest Quality Hand Made Custom Furniture, Cabinetry

& Architectural Woodwork Expert Finishes & Restoration Impeccable Attention to Detail Montecito References. lic#651689 805-473-2343 GARDENING/LANDSCAPING/TREE Estate British Gardener Horticulturist Comprehensive knowledge of Californian, Mediterranean, & traditional English plants. All gardening duties personally undertaken including water gardens & koi keeping. Nicholas 805-963-7896 VOLUNTEERS WANTED Bunnies Urgently Needing Shelter is located at the Santa Barbara County Animal Shelter, 5473 Overpass Rd, Santa Barbara, Ca. www.bunssb.orgAdopt / Volunteer/Donate with us, and help give abandoned & stray rabbits & guinea pigs a better life.

28 November 5 December 2013

I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and the new Ralph Waldo Emerson



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1880 E Valley Rd $16,980,000 Tim Dahl 805.886.2211 Distinguished Montecito estate, 4.5 acres, 6bed/7bath, pool, and many other luxury amenities.

580 Toro Canyon Rd $8,950,000 Nancy Kogevinas 805.450.6233 10 Acre, 5BR/6BA Montecito compound w ocean & mtn views. www.

Coveted Montecito Estate $17,999,000 Josiah Hamilton 805.284.8835 1525 Las Tunas Rd $8,795,000 Montecito Estate Price Upon Request Pinnacle of the Golden Quadrangle. 8BD/13BA. 4.8 Ocean view acres. Nearly 12,000 SF Detached Vaulted Ofce, Guest House, Nancy Kogevinas 805.450.6233 Tim Dahl 805.886.2211 Gated, French Provencial style 5bd/6.5ba estate on 1.3 acres. www. Luxurious 4 bed, 4 bath Montecito estate, privacy and the highest level of Detached Guest Suite, Innity Pool/Spa, Home Movie Theater & more. quality & detail.

Unique Mediterranean! $4,295,000 Daniel Encell 805.565.4896 Montecito Mediterranean w/ character! Has pool w/ rock slide, 4BD/5.5BA.

Panoramic vws on Riviera $3,950,000 Daniel Encell 805.565.4896 Breathtaking Riviera estate site with Panoramic views. 4BD/4.5BA. www.

2132 Mission Ridge Rd $6,900,000 Nancy Kogevinas 805.450.6233 Mission Revival Hacienda designed by Windsor Soule. 6BD/8BA w/Ocn & Mtn views -

6 Ac View Estate Site $4,750,000 Joe Stubbins 805.729.0778 Gated 6 ac estate site with ocean, island & mtn views. All utilities at site & includes plans.

Riviera Development Land $3,850,000 2862 E Valley Rd $3,500,000 Ken Switzer 805.680.4622 Nancy Kogevinas 805.450.6233 Riviera development opportunity, ocean/city views. 3 adjacent parcels 3BD Suites & GH, Open Kitchen, Media Rm, Den, 3-Car Garage. www. zoned R-2, 10,454 SF ea.

Ocean, Island & Mtn Vws! $2,175,000 Sue Irwin 805.705.6973 Stunning views in Birnam! $3,399,000 Private & Quiet $2,385,000 Daniel Encell 805.565.4896 Josiah Hamilton 805.284.8835 Quintessential Santa Barbara Mediterranean home built in 2000 - 3BD/3.5BA, 2800 SF, ocean/mountain views, Spanish tile roof, Stunning views from this elegant contemporary estate, Birnam Wood. Single level 4bd, 2.5ba home in CSS District w/ landscaped yards & gorgeous kitchen. Great for entertaining w/ several patios & decks, plentiful guest parking.
3BD/3.5BA lounging deck w/ re pit.

SANTA BARBARA 805.687.2666 | MONTECITO 805.969.5026 | SANTA YNEZ VALLEY 805.688.2969 3868 State Street 1170 Coast Village Road 2933 San Marcos Avenue, Suite 102 Santa Barbara, CA 93105 Montecito, CA 93108 Los Olivos, CA 93441

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