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===================================================================== Company of Heroes Release Notes ===================================================================== v1.

71 07/24/2007

General Fixes & Features - Warning on option screen for excessive memory usage. - Crash fix on entity spawn (occurs with several mods) - Various other crash fixes. - Various memory leak fixes. - Window maximize button switches windowed mode back to full screen. - D3D10 sky shader fixed. - D3D10 stippled scarring fix. - Better colour for HTML news links. Gameplay - Allied War Machine has had its duration reduced to 25 seconds, cost increased to 250 munitions and cool down increased to 150 seconds. ******************************************************************************** ******************** * You will need to reconfigure your options from the default settings after this patch is applied. * ******************************************************************************** ******************** v1.70 05/29/2007

DX10 Features - Edges of particles are softened where intersecting 3D objects. - Thousands of additional 'litter' objects in the world. - Improved user control over anti aliasing settings. - Alpha to coverage anti aliasing to improve quality of alpha test objects such as shrubs. - Lighting quality has improved by moving all calculations per pixel. - More precise point light calculations. - Point lights can now cast shadows. - 3D short grass on the terrain. - Vertical refresh synchronization is enabled by default to improve visual quali ty by preventing tearing of the display image, use '-novsync' to disable. - Hardware PCF for improved shadow quality. Other Fixes - Various crash fixes. - Improved hack detection. Gameplay - Axis Pak38 50mm accuracy modifiers vs infantry target types have been reduced. - Allied M1 57mm AT gun accuracy modifiers vs infantry target types have been re duced. - Certain Infantry Antitank weapons (bazookas, panzerschrecks, recoilless rifles ) accuracy modifiers vs infantry target types have been reduced. - Attack ground functionality was removed from the 234 Armored Car to fix issues enabling it to fire through shot-blocking objects. - Tank and armoured car weapon types can no longer one-shot kill 234/Puma Armour ed car and M8 Armoured Cars.

Online Fixes & Features . . . (See note below) .Performance improvements for lobby game pings. . . having a sync error. and certain kinds of internet * * connection problems.Players can now see the number of "dropped" games in the player profile screen .Fixed multiplayer maps not drawing boundary lines after a performance test. The following things cause arbitration. . . kicking som ebody * * for lag. .Worldbuilder now shows territory properly.Units using Barbed Wire Cutters are now significantly more susceptible to dama ge while cutting barbed wire. ªdrop-hackingº.Fog of War can be toggled on and off during Replays in the Replay Menu.Fixed timed ability not triggering on all selected squads.Player ability levels are matched more evenly during automatch.Squads building barbed wire are now capped at two builders per squad.Fixed a bug where Allied Halftracks were resistant to some forms of damage. .Hyperlinking support added to news items. . .Fixed a rare crash occurrence in the lobby. .Recorded game files no longer saved to disk until after the game. . .Fixed a graphical bug in the replay menu.Fixed a crash bug when launching saved games from Windows Explorer in Vista. .61 05/08/2007 Hotfix .Fixed a bug with unit weapon slots after dropping two weapons. .Scenario packs will show UI images and loading screen.Performance bar improvements.Addfriend and Removefriend commands are now disallowed in game.Fixed a crash that occurred while loading old files. * ******************************************************************************** ******* Global . ******************************************************************************** ******* * "Drops" is actually the count of the games you have been in that the server ha d to * * arbitrate the results for.60 05/01/2007 General Fixes & Features . ."Play Now" button is disabled if in dev mode or any mods are active.v1.Fixed AI bug that caused retreated units to gather closely around the HQ.All Anti-Tank Guns have a reduced chance to hit moving infantry targets. . . Players should be aware that all of these things will aff ect * * the players trust score. . .Implemented dropping fixes. .Fixed a bug that caused the Panzerschreck to misfire. v1.Wire cutters are now provided to all players at the start of the game.Anti-hacking systems have been integrated. . .Tiger Ace with wreck mesh has been fixed. .Fixed a bug in crew switching during AT gun movement. .

Allied M10 Tank Destroyer damage reduced against buildings.Allied M10 Tank Destroyer turn radius increased.Allied Pershing now requires more experience to obtain veterancy levels.Axis Volksgrenadier and Axis Knights Cross Holder squads now receive bonuses a t their second levels of veterancy.Allied M10 Tank Destroyer no longer has an unintended accuracy penalty against moving Axis Sdkfz Armoured Cars.Route N13 ambient building repositioned so troops no longer become stuck when exiting. .Tank wrecks found on maps are no longer salvageable.Axis Armored Assault Force cost decreased to 900 manpower from 1000. . . . . . . .Allied M10 Tank Destroyer acceleration speed slightly decreased.Allied M3 Halftrack Quad . Mortars.50 cal upgrade cost increased to 125 munitions from 100. .Axis 88mm Flak 36 now receives intended bonuses from support weapon veterancy. .M8 Greyhound no longer does incremental engine damage to vehicles. . .Axis Inspired Assault UI indicator will now last as long as the ability is sti ll active. . . . .Removed flamethrower death critical on ballistic weapons.Allied M1 57mm Anti-Tank Gun and Allied Paradrop Anti-Tank Gun accuracy bonus at first level of veterancy decreased.Axis Sdkfz Armored Car 50mm Puma Gun upgrade no longer requires Escalate to Ba ttle Phase.Allied Paradrop AT-Gun cost increased to 350 manpower from 320.Axis Panzerfaust ability no longer has a 50% chance to miss moving heavy vehic les. . . . . Commander Trees .Axis Urban Assault Support cost decreased to 600 manpower from 700.Allied M3 Halftrack cost increased to 25 fuel from 20. . .Allied Supply Drop will now cost 200 Manpower.Axis Sniper now obtains suppression resistance and a health bonus at second le vel veterancy. .Allied Demolitions upgrade moved one slot to the left on the Allied HQ UI.Removed manpower upkeep cost from mines. .Axis Stormtroopers will now come out of camouflage while retreating.Axis Motorcycle more resilient to small arms fire. .Allied M3 Halftrack and Jeep armor is no longer highly resistant to projectile ammunition.Gameplay Bug Fixes . .Axis Ostwind Flakpanzer area of effect radius increased.Axis Infantry Assault Team cost decreased to 350 manpower from 400.Axis Stormtrooper squad removed from the Urban Assault Team and the Armored As sault Force Commander Tree Abilities.All small ambient buildings will now display on the minimap while garrisoned o r controlled.Allied M4 Crocodile Sherman range and damage decreased. Gameplay Changes .Axis Grenadier and Stormtrooper squads can continue purchasing weapons package s regardless of the number of times they've dropped them. .Changed the requirements to use Offmap Reinforcements and paradropped engineer s when HQ is destroyed. .Axis Advanced Warning Commander Tree Ability no longer applies sight bonuses t o Axis Vehicles. . .Allied M10 Tank Destroyer damage reduced versus Axis Light Vehicles. . .Axis "Urban Assault Team" has been renamed to "Urban Assault Support". . . AT Guns and other non-builder units will not pr ohibit this action from taking place. .

Fixed a bug which allowed users to use the development console in multiplayer games.Losing connection with the lobby while downloading a patch no longer crashes t he game.Custom maps are now properly supported in multiplayer.Games with players who have infinite pings now display an "X" for ping in the lobby game list. . Gameplay Sherman Calliope: . . .Axis Panzerfaust ability damage increased versus Allied Jeep.Sturzdorf resources rebalanced. . . v1.New game list filtering options added to the online lobby. .Beaux Lowlands resource positions rebalanced. .Rank icons now indicate the type of game the rank was earned in. . and Wrecked Train Community Maps added to the Custom Games map selection.Destruction sounds have been added to various world objects. Langres. Mere Dumont.Repetition has been reduced in battle chatter and with various units.Allied M10 Movement improved: 15% increase to acceleration and 10% increase ro tation rate.0 03/19/2007 .Various speech fixes for weapons have been implemented and tuned. .Games with friends now have a friend icon displayed when browsing the lobby ga me list.UI sounds have been added to the online lobby.Axis Grenade ability range increased significantly.Hill 331 resources rebalanced.Angoville Farms base defenses updated.Sherman Calliope's main tank gun has been removed and the Calliope Barrage abili ty is now free to use.Sherman Calliope Barrage range increased from 130 to 150 meters. . Maps . .Messages regarding game connection attempts are logged to the chat window for all players in the session.Sherman Calliope Barrage ability recharge timer increased to 105 seconds M10 Tank Destroyer: .51. . . .Sherman Calliope now has cap of 2.Sherman Calliope cost reduced from 600 Manpower to 560 Manpower. Sound . . . .Beaux Lowlands base defenses updated.. . . .Axis Grenade area of effect increased. .Auto match sound notification has been improved.5 01/05/2007 New Maps 2p_Beaux Lowlands 4p_Lyon General Fixes . . similar to the Pershing Heavy Tank.Allied M10 Tank Destroyer weapon damage has been increased and Fuel cost has b .Point du Hoc resources rebalanced.St. .Fixed a bug in multiplayer lobby v1. . .Angoville Farms ambient building positions rebalanced.

the Pershing has been reduced to 45% from 74. Allied BAR and suppression changes: .Allied BAR Rifle will take slightly longer to Pin units that are in a Suppress ed state .All Snipers more effective against units garrisoned inside of bunkers. Axis Observation Posts.Allied Observation Post built from Riflemen now has the same build speed as th e Observation Post built by Engineers.een reduced by 5. .Pan zerfausts are now more likely to cause splash damage rather than kill infantry.Allied Engineers with the Flamethrower upgrade are no longer resistant to Snip er Shots . .Players may no longer delete Sand Bags or Tank Traps. General Squad and Weapon Changes (Allies and Axis): .All Barrage weapons no longer have a 50% chance to miss targets in Smoke.All Allied Rifles slightly more effective against Axis Motorcycles . .Allied M8 Armored Car's accuracy on the move increased.Axis Armoured Car (Puma) 20mm main cannon rear penetration vs.War Machine Branch changed to: Fast Deployment to Field Repairs to Pershing. base buildings has been lowered by 25%. . .Sherman smoke launcher recharge rate was less than the duration of the ability . . . .Allied BAR Suppression ability can no longer suppress and pin units in heavy c over.Axis Stug penetration rate vs.Allied Pershing penetration rate vs. . the Allied M10 significantly reduced. Now on par with the M4 S herman and M10 Tank Destroyer. . the Stug increased to 80%. now like all other buildings they will be much more susceptible to damage while under construction .6% Allied Commander Tree Improvements: .Allied BAR Rifle upgrade now gives 2 BAR Rifles rather than 3.Allied M8 Armored Car Armor upgrade Munitions cost reduced by 25. M8 Armored Car: .Axis `Leutnant' Build Time increased to 60 from 30.Allied BAR Rifle damage increased by 40%.Allied War Machine Command Point Cost reduced by 1 . and Machine Gun Nests now ha ve the appropriate target type while building.Allied Observation Posts. . Recoilless Rifle. now set to 45 seconds Axis Officer: .Panzerschreck Damage vs. .Fixed an issue where the Stug's main gun Area-of-Effect was too effective agains .Armoured Fury Branch changed to: Raid to Allied War Machine to Calliope. . Construction Changes: .Allied M8 Armored Car's accuracy penalties vs. .Panzerfaust accuracy against infantry targets has been reduced as intended.Bazooka damage vs. . Panzerschreck) are slightly more accurate when firing at moving light targets. the Axis Armored Car (Puma) have been removed. Smoke Changes: .Sherman Calliope Command Point Cost reduced by 1 Infantry AT weapon changes (Allies and Axis): .Axis `Leutnant' Manpower cost decreased to 260 from 340 .Projectiles will no longer pass directly through Sherman's on registered ªMissesº ± th ey will now behave like all other tanks and those hits will be registered as a n on-penetrated ªdeflectionº. base buildings lowered by 25%. Wh ile there is still a chance to directly hit and kill targets like snipers.All Infantry Anti-Tank weaponry (Bazooka. Allied BAR Rifl emen squads will now be able to pick-up MG42 and Panzerschreck items . .Allied Bazookas and Recoilless Rifles now deal slightly more damage to Light V ehicles . M26 Pershing Heavy Tank: .Axis Volksgrenadiers can now utilize the same build menu as the Grenadiers ± thi s allows them to construct Barbed Wire and Sand Bags.

Fixed a bug pertaining to unranked matches counting as Ranked matches. . This was a n attribute data error. Now all unfinished defensive structures take much more damage from all weapons.All Mortars now have a chance to deal Mobility Damage if they hit Light Vehicl es. .Axis Armoured Car Puma 50mm Cannon upgrade now requires Escalate to Battle Pha se upgrade.relicrank. heavy . and garrison cover types. Gameplay . infantry.Light and Medium Vehicles can no longer crush Axis Tank Traps. .Axis Armoured Car Puma 50mm Upgrade accuracy reduced vs.Axis Nebelwerfer Rocket Suppression area of effect increased. regardless of the Flak 88's health. .New performance and lag indicators have been added to the Online UI.Improved Sherman Crocodile damage against infantry units not in cover .Axis StuH 42 now effectively kills infantry as was originally intended .Axis Flak 88's are more resilient to . .Allied Howitzer Gun Barrage is less accurate when firing into the Fog of War.Axis Flak 88's and Nebelwerfers can now be re-manned by 2-man Pioneer squads. . General Vehicle Changes (Allies and Axis): .t infantry squads.Axis Nebelwerfer will deal a reduced amount of damage to units in light.Increased Axis Infantry passive health regeneration bonus received from their first level of veterancy by 40%.Axis Motorcycles damage vs. .Panzer IV accuracy while moving set to the same value as other tanks.Axis Assault ability will now break pinning/suppression and prevent pinning/su ppression while the ability is active. Also.Allied HMG Armor Piercing Rounds ability price reduced from 50 to 35 munitions . .Fixed issue where unfinished defensive structures had 100% health. . and satchel cha rges (the crew manning them is not). Direct hits and near m isses will still damage infantry units.Light Vehicles can no longer be blocked by Allied Barbed Wire and Sand Bags .Allied and Axis Snipers can once again kill each other with single registered hits.Both Ranked and Custom games now support random starting locations.Fixed bug where the Axis Halftrack Flammenwerfer upgrade cost fuel. . . It is inten ded as an anti-armor upgrade. General Heavy Weapon Team Changes (Allies and Axis): . bunker.Axis Nebelwerfer Rocket area of effect damaged reduced.Fixed bug where Allied AT Guns could destroy Axis Flak 88s in a single registere d hit. . . . . .Allied 57mm Anti-Tank gun firing cone has been increased by 20 degrees to matc h Axis 50mm Anti-Tank gun.Axis Nebelwerfer Manpower cost has been reduced by 20 .All Anti-Tank guns are now more accurate when firing at moving and stationary Light Vehicles.4 11/21/2006 General Fixes . .A new loading screen has been added which incorporates player names. . . . units in light or heavy cover has been slightly re duced . .Axis Goliaths now destroy Tank Traps in a single explosion. off-map attacks.The in-game server status URL now points to http://www. ranks and loading bars. v1. .

Campaign . General Fixes .v1. . . .Allied and Axis HQs can no longer be deleted by the player.Fix for Allied Engineers becoming trapped when building barbed wire close to s andbags or other obstacles. . .3 10/24/2006 NEW FEATURES .M02: Fixed several instances of having the wrong named character's picture att ached to subtitled text. and as the cinematic is about to begin. .M02: Game no longer incorrectly instructs the player to reinforce the squad.M10: Fixed the lack of audio for subtitled text. capturing the sound and fury of war from the c ombatants' perspective.M04: Fixed a Fatal Scar Error that occurred when the church is taken back by t he enemy forces. .M10: Game no longer incorrectly instructs the player to convert a building out side controlled territory .Removal of ghost bug that could leave duplicates upon reload of a saved game. .The playback controls for viewing a recorded game have their graphics fixed.Improved SLI performance on Nvidia systems using the latest drivers.BugReport has more space on the success dialog to show Cyrillic text. . . .30260 is now listed as the correct port to leave unblocked. To compliment this.Veterancy speech samples are now triggered correctly. .M05: Convoy will no longer exit the map using an unsecured road after you comp lete the final objective . . . .Axis Halftracks and Allied halftracks will now carry a maximum of 3 squads tot al opposed to 4.New and improved Game Replay functionality allows players to view the game fro m a selected player's perspective in slow motion or fast forward.Fixed the bug where capturing an enemy weapon resulted in it having enemy unit occlusion.M08: Fixed critical error after countdown reaches 0 after holding the city cen tre point . . . In addition the game UI can now be minimized to reveal a larger viewing space of the action goin g on in the replay.Replay your battles as the game automatically switches between cinematic camera angles. which prevents them from completing orders.Cinematic Mode camera .Fixed the problem where mouse-clicking on a unit onscreen under heavy loads of ten does not result in the unit being selected.The vehicle repair icon now shows up offscreen. .M10: The ''Select HQ'' Button now properly selects the forward HQ . . previously one player would s tart with ownership of a sector.Axis Blitzkrieg ability now displays appropriate icon over Axis Anti-Tank Gun.New multiplayer map: 6P_Seine River Docks . just as the timer ends. a new Cinematic Mode allows players to s it back and enjoy the show.Medal text is now visible (Korean) .Players will no longer lose munitions income from creating an Axis Sniper.M11: Briefing fixed subtitle timing issue Gameplay .Reinforce radius has been fixed on certain buildings.Improved load times by fixing pathfinding regens.IME support for Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Windows Vista IMPROVEMENTS .All sectors default to neutral on Map Montherme. . .Far East characters will not clip when listed in a multi-line text box. .

Fixed the bug where Annihilation games would end before players could see the enemy's HQ collapsing. . .Players should now hear an audio prompt when sending a chat message to an ally or enemy.Axis Flammenwerfer Halftrack will now successfully upgrade when pioneers are l oaded inside.Users with slower computers will see each other properly in the game lobby. . . this was fixed an d they now operate as intended. Spanish. units garrisoned within ambient buil dings reduced. .Axis Ostwind's damage to player-buildings has been reduced (35-40% reduction) . . . Performance .Axis Armoured Car cost increased by 10 fuel. .Fixed a crash relating to players logging out of Relic Online during the count down to game launch.Allied Sherman main gun Area of Effect damage slightly lowered. .Axis Ostwind has more frequent reloads. . this ha s been reduced to the standard radius for infantry units.Allied Engineer Demolitions ability will now destroy an Axis Security Post in one detonation as intended.Fixed the Allied Bazooka's unnecessary accuracy penalty vs.Allied Rangers were detecting camouflaged units at a very high radius. . will be less effective vs units in cov er or in buildings. German and Italian. . . BALANCE CHANGES . .Allied Engineers had a 1% chance to instantly kill a target.Performance measurements now include loading time.Axis Stug build time increased by 10 seconds. Online . . Music or Speech play if you ALT-TAB from the MP lobby and ALTTAB back after the game has loaded. .Fix for cut-off and split text in the Online Lobby when viewing 1920x1200 wide screen in Polish.Fixed the issue of split or cut-off text when viewing the Play Now screen in t he Online Lobby on 1920x1200 (widescreen) .UI now properly filtering out old replays from previous versions of the game. .The scrollbar for the player list now resets properly to the top position when switching between chat channels in the online lobby . . .Most Wins list and top 15 players list display properly in the Leaderboard 1v1 bracket. .Sniper "Make Casualty" or "Hit but not killed" criticals no longer kill their target.Fix for the computer AI constantly cancelling construction and rebuilding a st ructure when destroying the building and staying in the area in any game. Czech. .Axis Salvage ability is no longer giving inappropriate returns for the Axis Ha lftracks and Stug.Weapon capture squads can now reinforce to full squad size. The result of this is that Snipers will no longer one-shot-kill other Sn ipers if they have full health.Tuned projectile launcher location for Axis Pak 38 so it now shoots from the c orrect gun height. . . the Axis Stug and Pa nzer IV.. .Fix for no SFX.Allied Airborne Satchel charges strengthened against buildings and bunkers.Players looking for Ranked Games are no longer displayed as "0" on the News ta b.Axis Panther tuning moderate speed and rotation rate increases (bringing mobil ity a bit closer to the Allied Sherman). .Fortify the Perimeter Commander Tree item in the Defensive Doctrine has had a 1 Commander Point reduction.Allied Sherman main gun effectiveness vs.

Added the MovieMaker tool..sga file) is an archive that contain all the files needed f or a scenario allowing for easy map sharing. .Scenario pack support .Allies Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) is significantly less effective on the m ove. . . . v1.Supports export of scenario packs by selecting Export Scenario in the File men u.For the Fatherland ability cost has been reduced by 40%.2 9/12/2006 Connectivity fixes SLI performance fix Allied HMG exploit fix Axis wreck exploit fix Various crash fixes 8/25/2006 v1.Axis Flak 88 Commander Tree item in the Defensive Doctrine has had a 1 Command er Point increase. .All vehicle main guns effectiveness vs.Burning building crash fix . infantry in cover reduced.Multithreaded lens-flare destruction fix . MOD SUPPORT . .Added the Worldbuilder tool.A scenario pack (*.1 . .Sherman Calliope Main Turret reload time is 50% slower than the standard Sherm an.