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What's new in Hide Folders 2009 Legend: + Added feature * Improved/changed feature - Bug fixed (we hope) -------------------------Hide

Folders 2009 3.1 * Removed Hide from Task manager option for compatibility with different antivir uses - Hide tray icon at startup is now independent on Run at Windows startup - Some command line parameters work incorrectly. Fixed. - Other minor bugs fixed Hide Folders 2009 3.0 + + + + + New file system protection module New protection method (read-only) Wildcards support Trusted processes support Visual styles

===================================================== Hide Folders XP 2.9.8 * Password store method changed - Some minor bugs fixed Hide Folders XP 2.9.5 - Some minor bugs fixed Hide Folders XP 2.9.2 * Improved compatibility with large font settings (120 DPI) * Improved user interface compatibility with Windows Vista Hide Folders XP 2.9 *Windows Vista x64 support added Hide Folders XP 2.8.7 + New option "Enable protection when the system Stands By/Hibernates" added - Fixed a bug with quit action in tray module - Some minor bugs fixed Hide Folders XP 2.8 This version is redesigned to be compatible with Windows Vista.

6 + d + + You can now Drag passwords from password managers into Hide Folders XP passwor prompt Hide "Hide Folders XP" process feature added Disable protection when Hide Folders XP popups option added Trojan False Positive issue fixed Hide Folders XP 2.3 + + + Automatic and manual update search features added Bug reporting feature added New options added Some minor bugs fixed .5 .5 + Password hint added * Demo password for trial version added .Some minor bugs fixed Hide Folders XP 2.Windows Explorer sometimes displayed a hidden folder in the tree .fixed Hide Folders XP 2.Hide Folders XP startup module.exe .4 + Now Hide Folders XP works with Windows XP x64 and Windows Server 2003 x64 edit ions + You can hide folders automatically when the computer is idle .Virus in DLL False Positive issue fixed .7 + + * Import/Export commands for protected items list added Additional shell commands to lock and hide folders Language support fixed (new texts added) Fixed Hide Folders XP shell integration Fixed compatibility issues between Hide Folders XP driver and some third party software Hide Folders XP 2.exe .There are 2 executable files are in the Hide Folders XP application folder: HFXP. Startup module doesn't require administrative privileges and would not display U AC warning on Vista.Some minor bugs fixed Hide Folders XP 2.5 + Now Hide Folders XP works with Windows Vista Beta 2 * Language files updated Hide Folders XP 2. HFXPCP.4. Hide Folders XP 2.Hide Folders XP control panel.6.

5 + Added command line options. Hide & Lock) It is possible to leave files and folders unprotected after quit Now Hide Folders XP can be integrated into Windows Explorer's context menu Improved behavior when adding a shortcut to a file object Several user interface improvements Hide Folders XP 1..6 * Added "Fix "My Documents" etc.3 + + + + * * Added an option to hide folders automatically when a screen saver starts You can open folder instantly by double clicking on it in the folder list Startup options group added "Strict" password policy implemented Some user interface improvements Window captions are added to the language files Fixed an incompatibility with some registry cleaners Some minor bugs fixed.exe /? to read info * Some improvements in the hiding engine . Hide Folders XP 2.Some minor bugs fixed Hide Folders XP 1." command in Tools submenu + Added option that removes Hide Folders XP from the list of the program you use most often.Fixed some problems with clearing Recents and Recycle Bin Hide Folders XP 1.Fixed a conflict between Hide Folders XP and some third-party software. Lock..Some minor bugs fixed Hide Folders XP 1.2 + New wipe tracks options added * Improved user interface Hide Folders XP 2.Serious bug fixed (Ins hotkey in password window disabled) . run hfxp.4 + Added program tips + New language files added . . .1 * Improved user interface .0 + + + + + + + * * New hide engine has been totally rewritten Now Hide Folders XP can hide (not lock) itself Now Hide Folders XP can protect separate files as well as folders It is possible to add unlimited number of files and folders to the list New modes of files and folders protection (Hide.Hide Folders XP 2.

2 * Internal structure optimized .Hide Folders XP 1.first public release .1 + + + + + * * Clear Recycle Bin items originally located in hidden folders option added Hide folders in Windows safe mode option added Hide uninstall information option added Now it is possible to minimize Hide Folders XP to tray at startup Hot keys support added Folders named with national language symbols also can be hidden New user interface languages support added Fixed serious security flaw with Hide Folders XP password protection If one of the folder was off-line Hide Folders XP could work incorrectly Hide Folders XP 1.Minor bugs fixed Hide Folders XP 1.0 .