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The Benefits of Organically Complexed Trace Minerals

The human body requires both major and trace minerals to achieve optimum health. Trace minerals are required in very small amounts—generally less than 100 milligrams per day--but they are vital micronutrients essential to good health. The key trace elements include iron, iodine, cobalt, chromium, copper, zinc, manganese, selenium and molybdenum. These trace elements are nature s catalysts, enabling the !ork o" enzymes, !hich generate all metabolic processes necessary "or li"e. #" the goal is to achieve optimum health !ith the aid o" dietary supplements, it is important to choose organic trace minerals that are organic in the true scienti"ic sense o" the !ord. $%rganic& re"ers to materials that contain living carbon 'not synthetic carbonate(. )cientists believe "ulvic acid bridges the gap bet!een inert trace minerals and living 100* organically comple+ed 'carbon-based( trace minerals, poly-electrolytes, and metalo-enzymes. ,ulvic acid, the end product o" nature-s decomposition process, is proven to have numerous unique capabilities "or intra-cellular deto+i"ication. #t consists o" 100* organically comple+ed and ultra-tiny molecules !hich easily penetrate human tissues and cells. )cientists believe "ulvic acid bridges the gap bet!een inert trace minerals and living, 100* organically comple+ed 'carbon-based( trace minerals, poly-electrolytes, and metalo-enzymes. .rucker /abs has success"ully developed #ntra01//, a supplement that harnesses innovative cell technology and organically comple+ed trace minerals. #ntra01//, available through /i"e 1nthusiast 'http233!!!.li" !orks by surrounding inorganic substances—or to+ins—!ith a living carbon, then breaking them into tiny, organically comple+ed molecules that are more easily removed "rom the system. The same cellular process !orks to transport 100* organically microcomple+ed trace minerals into the system more e""ectively, through the small intestine, !here most nutrition is absorbed. Through this process, vital trace minerals are linked to a protein or other organic carrier, assuring that the mineral has the best chance o" being absorbed via digestive path!ays. #t s less likely to get tied up 'comple+ed( !ith other substances !hich pass through undigested.

0onsider the consequences o" inadequate trace minerals in the diet. %ne o" the most important is iodine. #t is required "or the biosynthesis o" thyro+ine—an essential thyroid hormone—and "or the health o" other organs including the stomach, breast, salivary glands, thymus and more. 4s a result, !e need larger quantities o" it than many other trace minerals. #odine supplements are recommended to avoid a de"iciency in the diet, !hich can lead to a variety o" signi"icant health issues. The thyroid !ill be unable to make thyroid hormone, causing it to enlarge, !hich results in a condition kno!n as goiter. #odine de"iciency is the leading preventable cause o" intellectual disabilities, a""ecting about t!o billion people per year.1 5inc, another vital trace element, has been described as an essential mineral o" 6e+ceptional biologic and public health importance6.7 5inc de"iciency a""ects about t!o billion people in the developing !orld and is associated !ith many diseases. #n children it can inhibit gro!th, increase susceptibility to in"ections, and lead to diarrhea !hich in turn contributes to the death o" about 800,000 children !orld!ide per year. 1+cess consumption o" zinc carries its o!n set o" risks and should also be avoided. %ysters, lobster and red meats, especially bee", lamb and liver, have some o" the highest concentrations o" zinc "ound in "oods. 9hen there is adequate zinc in the soil, the "ood plants that contain the most zinc are !heat, some seeds, beans and nuts. Throughout the developed and developing !orld, soils have become de"icient in many important trace elements, leading to nutritional short"alls in many important "oods. 4 complete, balanced diet is essential as the "oundation "or good nutrition, but supplements play an important role in replacing those missing trace elements that are the key to robust, healthy living. /i"e 1nthusiast recommends a choice o" several e""ective multi-vitamins and supplements that o""er a complete blend o" trace minerals. They specialize in natural health solutions to reverse chronic degenerative conditions and the sources o" aging and pain. )ources2 1. :c;eil, .onald <. =r '700>-17-1>(, 6#n ?aising the 9orld s #.@., the )ecret s in the )alt6. New York Times. 7. Aambidge, B. :. and Brebs, ;. ,. '700C(. 65inc .e"iciency2 4 )pecial 0hallenge6. J. Nutrition, 1DC'E(21101FG.