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GAMALIEL ASIS CORDOBA Commissioner National Telecommunications Commission

Technology has become the centerpiece of people’s lives. .

“Sustaining Sustaining Professional Excellence for Information and Communications Technology Development” .

NTC Regulations on Technology-Driven Industries .

Memorandum Circular (MC) No. 01-01-2009 Guidelines for the Licensing of Shipborne Long Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) Equipment .mandates owners and operators of ships to adopt the newest available technology to safeguard lives and properties .

Developmental Mandatory installation of NAVTEX receiver to certain categories of Philippine registered vessels engaged in the coastwise trade .

MC 02-04-2009 Implementing p g Guidelines on Developing p g Reference Access Offers (RAO’s) . .rationalize RAO’s by competing operators with an end view that suppliers and those availing its services will be equally protected.

MC 03-06-2009 Service Performance Standards for Cellular Mobile Telephone Service .ensures avoidance of possible degradation in the quality of mobile telephone services given the highly competitive market play among the players in the industry .

prevented cellphone jammers from interfering with the transmission of election results .Memorandum Order (MO) 001-02-2010 Prohibition of Cellular Phone Jamming g Devices .

.Developmental Guidelines on the Provision of Contents. Applications and Electronic Games . .contain important provisions protecting the interests of stakeholders in electronic gaming keeping in mind what is also beneficial to the government and the general public . Information.

Developmental Re-allocation of Wireless Local Loop Frequency Bands to Broadband Wireless Access Guidelines on Access Charge between Mobile Network Service Providers and Content and/or Information Providers Rules on the Assignment of the Remaining Allocated 3G Radio Frequency Band .

MC 02-06-2010 Standard for Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) Broadcast Service . -NTC NTC given a go go-signal signal by the Commission on Information and Communications Technology (CICT) to convene a Technical Working Group (TWG) for the purpose of drafting the Implementing Rules and Regulation (IRR) for DTV TWG will be composed of members from the broadcast industry and stakeholders such as the government. . suppliers and consumers.adopting the ISDB-T platform of Japan.

aims to provide all possible mechanisms to protect our children from the proliferation of cyber crimes .Developmental Guidelines to Protect Children from Child Pornography .

NTC Regulatory Tasks Shipping Equipment Technology Information Communications Technology Electronic Gaming g Broadband Mobile Phones Frequency Digital TV and Radio Consumer Protection .

Partners in our country’s growth. NTC and d IECEP .

IECEP! .O to On t the th next t 60 years.