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TV Comics Reviews Wikis & Cheats Upcoming News Videos Boards MORE + Game Highlights Wiki Guide Review Videos Images All Articles Silent Hill: Homecoming - Walkthrough/guide _______________________________________________________________________________ _____ _ _ / ____| ___ _ _____ _ _ _____ | | | | ___ _ _ | (___ |_ _| | | ____| \ | |_ _| | |__| ||_ _| | | | \___ \ | || | | _| | \| | | | | __ | | || | | | ____) | | || |___| |___| |\ | | | | | | | | || |___| |___ |_____/ |___|_____|_____|_| \_| |_| |_| |_||___|_____|_____| _ _ ___ __ __ _____ ____ ___ __ __ ___ _ _ ____ | | | | / _ \ | \/ || ____| / ___| / _ \ | \/ ||_ _|| \ | | / ___| | |_| || | | || |\/| || _| | | | | | || |\/| | | | | \| || | _ | _ || |_| || | | || |___ | |___ | |_| || | | | | | | |\ || |_| | |_| |_| \___/ |_| |_||_____| \____| \___/ |_| |_||___||_| \_| \____| (Covers Xbox 360 release) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Silent Hill: Homecoming FAQ/Walkthrough ---------------------Version 1.3 Last updated: 01/26/09 -----------------------Authored by: Berserker Email: berserker_kev(at) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Homepage: -------- This document Copyright 2008 - 2009 Kevin Hall (Berserker) ---------- Silent Hill: Homecoming Copyright 2008 Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. -_______________________________________________________________________________ /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ------------------------------------------------------------------------------TABLE OF CONTENTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------Section I: Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [IN00]

Section II: Basics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [BS00] Section III: Walkthrough . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [WT00] Alchemilla Hospital . . . . . . Streets of Shepherd's Glen . . . Rose Heights Cemetery . . . . . Grand Hotel . . . . . . . . . . Police Station . . . . . . . . . Sewers of Shepherd's Glen . . . Dr. Fitch's Office/Hell Descent Town Hall . . . . . . . . . . . Shepherd House . . . . . . . . . Streets of Silent Hill . . . . . Overlook Penitentiary . . . . . Otherworld Church . . . . . . . Lair . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [WT01] [WT02] [WT03] [WT04] [WT05] [WT06] [WT07] [WT08] [WT09] [WT10] [WT11] [WT12] [WT13]

Section IV: Enemies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [EN00] Section V: Lists . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [LI00] Puzzle List . . . . Save Point List . . Weapon List . . . . Serum List . . . . . Photo List . . . . . Child's Drawing List . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [LI01] [LI02] [LI03] [LI04] [LI05] [LI06]

Section VI: Extras . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [EX00] Section VII: Everything Else . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [EE00] - Copyright . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CO00] - Special Thanks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ST00] - Version History . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [VH00] - Contact Info . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CI00] - About Me . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [AM00] - Donations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [DO00] - Cheat Happens Featured Guides . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CH00] _______________________________________________________________________________ /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// [IN00] ____ / __/ I L E N T H I L L ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ _\ \ ++ INTRO ++ /___/ ection I ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ H Ø M E C Ø M I N G =============================================================================== Welcome to my Silent Hill Homecoming guide, fellow survival horror fan. - Berserker =============================================================================== W H E R E ' S M Y S Q U A D? D I D T H E Y M A K E I T?

Sounds of sirens and explosions fill his mind as he is pulled through a dark hallway by a hospital team. Scenes of death are all around him as he is taken toward a room then suddenly... silence. He struggles to break free from his

hospital straps as he hears the sounds of slaughter in the hall outside of his room. After freeing himself, his brother Joshua comes into view behind a gate in a hallway further down the outside corridor. He opens the gate to meet up with his little brother but Josh runs from him. He follows him but Josh continues to keep away from his older brother. The surrounding hospital enters a hellish state and horrifying creatures begin to appear as he attempts to catch up to his little brother. During one final attempt to meet up with Josh, he is overcome by a sudden sense of guilt as Josh stares at him as if frightened while backing away then fleeing from him. A calm lapping of water from a room near the end of the hall only intensifies this sudden feeling of guilt as he walks toward the elevator around the corner and takes it to the basement. Shortly after the elevator stops, a big knife suddenly plunges through the elevator door on a course directly toward his neck thenO N L Y A N O T H E R N I G H T M A R E . . .

Alex Shepherd awakens in the passenger's seat of a truck shortly before the trucker drops him off in his hometown of Shepherd's Glen. Alex has finally returned home from the service. The constant troubling nightmares involving his younger brother have caused him to return to his hometown to check on his family. The once lively Shepherd's Glen is now deserted and a heavy fog has enshrouded the town through which mysterious figures can be seen. Waiting for him at home is a near empty house. His catatonic mother can only speak in short sentences as she tells him about the disappearance of his brother, Josh, and Alex's father. "I miss your brother, Alex..." E V E R Y O N E ' S G O N E.

And that is where our story begins as we take on the role of Alex Shepherd as he sets out to learn exactly what went wrong with his hometown of Shepherd's Glen and find his little brother, Josh. Alex tells his mother... I ' L L F I N D H I M.

Welcome, dear reader, to another installment of Silent Hill and another guide to a survival horror by yours truly. The walkthrough portion provides a complete step-by-step guide to the full game of Silent Hill Homecoming and lists out all the extra items that can be obtained throughout your journey. Spoilers are kept to a minimum as much as possible. Be sure to check out the list section which contains a full list of all collectibles and a few extra listings to help you out in the main game. This guide focuses on giving you tons of detailed information that will make your trip to Shepherd's Glen a pleasant one. After all... T H E R E ' S -- Extra Info + Any updates made to this guide will be listed in this post on my blog: + The latest version of this guide can always be found at GameFAQs and IGN FAQs: GameFAQs - IGN - + If you want an extra take on strategies and want to view a most brilliant Trivia section for some extra story details then visit sophialeigh's Silent N O P L A C E L I K E H O M E.

com/console/ps3/file/942059/54329 _______________________________________________________________________________ /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// [BS00] ____ / __/ I L E N T H I L L ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ _\ \ ++ BASICS ++ /___/ ection II ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ H Ø M E C Ø M I N G This section covers the basic elements of gameplay with this new.gamefaqs. entry in the Silent Hill series. more actionoriented. it is best to make a least two save files! ******* JOURNAL ******* The Journal menu can be accessed through the pause menu by pressing start.Hill Homecoming guide on GameFAQs: http://www. =============================================================================== ******** CONTROLS ******** -. Clues.Xbox 360 A X Y B LT LB RT RB Left Analog Left Analog (push) [LS] Right Analog Right Analog (push) [RS] Start Back D-pad Up D-pad Down D-pad Left D-pad Right A (double tap) (D-pad = Directional pad) ****** SAVING ****** Find glowing red circle designs with three smaller circles in the middle along walls and examine them in order to save your game. Don't always keep one save file. tutorials. pictures and child's drawings found throughout the game will Fast Attack/Interact/Use/Open door Strong Attack/Reload/Display Objective on Map Pull up Map Dodge/Roll Combat Stance Inventory Wheel menu Fire Weapon (in combat stance) Weapon Wheel menu Move Alex N/A Move Camera/Look around in first person view First Person View/Zoom in When Map is Displayed Display pause menu N/A Turn on/off Flashlight N/A Switch Current Weapon Switch Current Weapon Burst through door .

Weapons may be cycled through during gameplay by tapping either to the right or left on the D-pad. a notebook icon will appear on the upper right hand portion of the screen whenever an objective is updated or a new objective is added. A Health Drink and First Aid Kit can be used by tapping the X and Y buttons respectively once they have been obtained. You can also press and hold the LB button to view the wheel then let go to make it disappear. *************** INVENTORY WHEEL *************** Tap the LB button to bring up the inventory wheel. Press the B button to cancel the menu and tap RS to inspect a weapon. This will greatly help out in locating certain areas that have already been passed. Use the left thumbstick to highlight various important items then tap the A button to use the currently selected item or exit the screen and the highlighted item will be automatically used. *** MAP *** If the map of the current area has been obtained. Much like with journal info. ************ WEAPON WHEEL ************ Tap the RB button to bring up the weapon wheel. Push in on the right stick (RS) to zoom in on the map and use the right stick to navigate the map. A notebook icon will appear on the upper right hand portion of the screen whenever extra information is added to the journal. ******************** FLASHLIGHT AND RADIO ******************** . then it can be viewed by tapping the Y button during gameplay. Press the B button to cancel the menu and tap RS to inspect an item. It is very important to inspect everything so that Alex makes note of it on the map. Scribbles denote an impassable door or section while keys and other various symbols showcase important doors and areas. Use the left thumbstick to highlight various weapons then tap the A button to equip the currently selected weapon or exit the screen and the highlighted weapon will be automatically equipped. The flashlight can also be turned on during gameplay by tapping D-pad (Directional Pad) down. You can also press and hold the RB button to view the wheel then let go to make it disappear. The map will be updated based on what Alex has found in a room or if a room is locked or impassable. The flashlight and radio can be turned on by tapping the X and Y button respectively once they have been obtained. ********** OBJECTIVES ********** Objectives may be viewed by pulling up the map with the Y button and tapping the X recorded or added to the Journal as they are found.

****** HEALTH ****** Alex's life bar is displayed as the red gauge on the left side of the screen. so be sure to watch for these commands while standing next to objects. Here's a chart to show the effectiveness of each health item on Alex's health bar: o----------------------------------o | HEALING ITEM | HEALTH REPLENISH | |==================================| | Health Drink | Slight | | First Aid Kit | Moderate | | Serum | Full + Extend | o----------------------------------o TIP: If you save your game with a limping (low health) Alex and get killed off then reload the prior save with low health. so if it is suddenly dark for you. The radio should stay on at all times. open the Inventory Wheel menu and tap the X button to use a Health Drink or the Y button to use a First Aid Kit if Alex has any at that time and this will heal his life gauge. Order members are the only enemies that the radio will not pick up since they are living human beings. ************************* ENVIRONMENTAL INTERACTION ************************* Press the A button near an object to interact with it or view a description of the object if one is available. such as "Examine". so always keep the light off when they are in the area. then make sure that Alex's flashlight is on. so this can be used to tell when an enemy is in the area. There is no reason to turn it off. "Investigate". Nurses are the main enemies that react to light. It is very important to interact with just about every object around the environment. A serum will fully restore all of Alex's health gauge as well as increase it a bit. damage will be sustained depending on the enemy attack that hit him. This gauge can be extended by collecting and using any of the 8 serum items found in the game.Turn on the flashlight by pressing up on the D-pad or by entering the Weapon Wheel menu and tapping X. Turn on the Radio by entering the Weapon menu and tapping the Y button. ************* OPENING DOORS . The flashlight will allow Alex to see in dark areas but it will also catch the attention of enemies. Alex will have a bit of his health restored when he starts and he will not be limping anymore. Sometimes different commands will appear while standing next to an object. To heal Alex. "Use" among many others. This can help you to save some valuable health items. Other enemies are slightly phased by light from a distance. but they are not near as reactive as a Nurse Note: Alex turns his flashlight off automatically following some cutscenes. Nearby enemies will cause the radio to produce a static noise. Whenever Alex is hit.

******************** BUTTON TAP SEQUENCES ******************** Every now and then. As usual. ****** COMBAT ****** ===================== Combat Stance/Lock-on ===================== While a weapon is equipped. a player can now take control of the way a conversation will play out by choosing between choices that appear on the screen during some cutscenes.************* Tap the A button while standing near a door to quietly open it. *************** USING KEY ITEMS *************** After inspecting some areas. so prepare to mash whatever button is displayed to finish the sequence successfully. The choices may be chosen by pressing the button icon that appears next to the choice. Alex will enter a short cutscene where a button must be tapped in order to continue or escape from an on-screen attack. Alex's flashlight will highlight the closest enemy. To use an item on an object hold the LB button to bring up the inventory wheel then highlight the object to be used and tap the A button to use it. hold the LT button to assume a combat stance and lock-on to the closest enemy. ======= Weapons ======= Hold down or press RB to bring up the Weapon Wheel menu then choose a weapon to equip by moving the left stick to highlight a weapon then select it with the A button. To switch targets. This is usually the case for locked doors. A random onscreen button will appear. Usually the conversations that affect the story are fairly obvious. some doors can only be opened with a key. . button icons will appear on the bottom of the screen to denote that a key item may be used in that area. Doors can be opened by prying with a steel pipe at time and there are sometimes other obstacles such as boards in the way of a door that Alex will need to hack through in order to open one. ************* DIALOGUE MENU ************* As a brand new feature in Silent Hill. tap the right stick in the direction of the desired enemy to be targeted. Some of these choices will affect the ending to the game but most of them simply allow the player to experience extra dialogue. Double tap the A button while standing near a door to burst through it.

Time the dodge press to the moment right before an enemy attack connects to make Alex perform a dodging animation that may position him behind or to the side of an enemy. X to reload. A direction does not have to be held most of the time in order to dodge enemy attacks. he can only roll to the side. rolls can be used to move away from an enemy for a good distance to fire. and A to perform a melee attacks with the gun. Strong attacks are slower than fast attacks and can only be used to end a combination of fast attacks when performed in a combo. Ferals and Siams as well. can be performed after a single A button tap. =========== Combination =========== As already mentioned above. Counter attacks can be performed out of any dodge. Fast attacks are very quick and a combination of fast attacks. to the right or to the left to dodge in the corresponding direction. These attacks do more damage but they also leave Alex open to other attacks after they are performed thanks to the long startup and ending animations. Press the X or A button right after a dodge while a melee weapon is equipped to perform a counter attack with your melee weapon. ======= Gunplay ======= While a gun is equipped. Fast attacks will not stun enemies or knock them down like a strong attack will. enter combat stance and press RT to fire. =============== Evasive Rolling =============== . Guns are most important for hitting Smog enemies but they can work well for other enemies such as Schisms. Dodges are best used while in combat stance with a melee weapon equipped. maybe leading into a strong attack. backward.============ Fast Attacks ============ Tap the A button while a weapon is equipped and while in combat stance to perform a fast attack. ============== Strong Attacks ============== Tap the X button while a weapon is equipped and while in combat stance to perform a strong attack. giving him the advantage for a follow-up attack. Always remember to stand at a distance from the enemy while using a gun. ======= Dodging ======= Press the B button to perform a dodge. Still. All strong attacks may be charged except for when they are performed as a counter hit from a dodge or roll. Alex cannot dodge to the side while a gun is equipped. You can also press forward. fast attacks can be combined into combo attacks and strong attacks can be used to end a combination of fast attacks.

A. so rolls come in handy for quickly distancing Alex from his foes. ========= Finishers ========= Once an enemy has been dazed through constant strong attacks or counter attacks with a melee weapon. especially when shooting an enemy. . Some grapple will automatically kill Alex if they are not escaped from. but they can still be smashed up a bit with normal attacks. Try not escaping from a Schism grapple to see what I refer to . Using the charged X slash in the middle of a combo usually works well for knocking down enemies the sudden charge in between slashes confuses them and they usually allow it to hit them. Even though they are not guaranteed. Alex will travel a further distance away from the enemy with a roll when compared to a dodge. ============================ Quick Recover from Knockdown ============================ Press the B button as soon as Alex hits the ground when falling from an enemy attack to recover immediately. Time your button press to the appearance of the dust below Alex when he lands. It is the quickest weapon and has an extremely fantastic A. a counter attack may be performed by tapping the X or A button while holding LT right after a roll. Finishers differ in animation depending on the current melee weapon that is equipped. Rolling is much like dodging but a roll is not always guaranteed to evade an enemy attack. A. A charged X slash is good for knocking down normal enemies as well. ================== Melee Combat Moves ================== The following is a list of all the moves associated with each weapon in the game. Just like with the dodge. walk up to it and press the X button with a melee weapon equipped to perform a finisher. Smog enemies are some of the toughest since guns work better against them. ========= Grappling ========= If an enemy ever grapples Alex with an attack. ([ ] = press and hold button) -----------------------------Combat Knife/Ceremonial Dagger -----------------------------The knife or dagger is really the best melee weapon in the's not pretty. quickly mash the button that appears on the screen to escape from the grapple.Press in any direction then tap the B button to perform an evasive roll. X combination that leaves enemies little time to retaliate with an attack of their own. Alex can be knocked out of rolls unlike a successful dodge right before an enemy attack. Lurkers and Swarms do not have finisher sequences. Some enemies are much harder to get into this dazed state than others.

Downward slash to right | \ A .Forward Stab --> Combination Attacks A .Swing to left Left .Upward swing -------------------Fire Axe/Pulaski Axe -------------------- .Slash to left____ | \ A .Upward slash | [X] .Swing to left___ | \ A .Overhead swing --> Counter Attacks (all performed out of a roll or dodge) Dodge Dodge Dodge Dodge Back .Swing to left [X] . Its charged X swing is very useful for normal enemies both while they are standing or grounded.Downward slash [X] .Spinning slash to right --> Counter Attacks (all performed out of a roll or dodge) Dodge Dodge Dodge Dodge Back .Slash to right Forward .Quick Overhead swing Right .Upward swing to right | [X] .Slash to right___ [X] .--> Normal Attacks A . --> Normal Attacks A .Swing to right [X] .Swing to right Forward .Slash to left Left .Upward slash -----------------Steel Pipe/Crowbar -----------------The pipe or crowbar has an average recovery and damage rate.Homerun swing to left --> Combination attacks A .Overhead slash Right .Slash to left [X] .

--> Normal Attacks A .Swing to right --> Counter Attacks (all performed out of a roll or dodge) Dodge Dodge Dodge Dodge Back .Swing to left Left .Chop to right | [X] .Overhead chop --> Combination Attacks A .Swing to left | A .Forward saw step (must be charged) --> Combination Attacks A .Quick overhead swing Right .Chop to right Forward . This move can kill many normal enemies instantly.Jumping overhead chop --> Counter Attacks (all performed out of a roll or dodge) Dodge Dodge Dodge Dodge Back .Chop to left [X] .Quick overhead chop Right .Chop to right [X] .The axe weapon is the slowest normal weapon but it packs some big power. Charge the X button when standing near an enemy for an incredibly pleasing stab forward with the saw.Chop to left Left .Swing to right Forward . 23 Handgun/'Chrome Hammer' Pistol ------------------------------------- .Swing to left [X] . --> Normal Attacks A . The X swing is very powerful but it leaves Alex open to attack both during and after the swing.Upward swing ------------------------------------Mk.Chop to left___ | \ A .Upward chop ---------------------------Circular Saw (secret weapon) ---------------------------The saw is a very slow yet a extremely powerful weapon and it has an instant kill move.

Overhead swing/Pistol whip --> Capacity and Pickups Mk. 4/8 (hard) | Max Ammo: 5/0 (normal). but it fires more rapidly and it works better from a distance. 7 (hard) --------------------------Shotgun/'Bluesteel' Shotgun --------------------------As expected.Handle Ram or Handle Swing to left --> Capacity and Pickups M 14 Assault Rifle Police Marksman Rifle -------------------------------------------------------------------------Max Ammo: 5/10 (normal). 3 (hard) | Ammo Pickup: 5 (normal). the shotgun packs quite a punch from close range but it can be hard to find ammo for this weapon. 3/6 (hard) | Max Ammo: 5/10. 5 (hard) | Ammo Pickup: 12 (normal). Distant Nurses are sometimes good to use it on as well. --> Melee Attack A . (normal) 4/8 (hard) Ammo Pickup: 4 (normal). It is best to save ammunition for Schisms or bosses instead of using this on other enemies.Handle Ram or Handle Swing to left --> Capacity and Pickups 12 Gauge Shotgun Bluesteel Shotgun --------------------------------------------------------------------------Max Ammo: 4/18 (normal). It doesn't deal as much damage as the shotgun. 5/10 (hard) | Max Ammo: 12/24 (normal). 4/0 (hard) Ammo Pickup: 5 (normal). 4(hard) --------------------------------------M14 Assault Rifle/Police Marksman Rifle --------------------------------------The rifle takes some good damage from both close and long range. 23 Handgun Chrome Hammer Pistol ----------------------------------------------------------------------------Max Ammo: 9/18 (normal). 4 (hard) ---------------------------Laser Pistol (secret weapon) ---------------------------- . This weapon works really well for Siams since it will damage them faster than a handgun and it will make them pause after each hit unlike the shotgun. --> Melee Attack A . The ammo capacity is probably its best aspect.The handgun is not very powerful but it is the best ranged firearm that Alex can get early in the game. This weapon works best for Smog enemies and distant Ferals. 4 (hard) | Ammo Pickup: 5 (normal). 7/14 (hard) Ammo Pickup: 9 (normal). --> Melee Attack A .

Key items and weapons will be surrounded with "++".Some rooms will have "(OW)" beside them which stands for Otherworld . Needlers can block the laser blast just like any other gun blasts though. Be sure to spam the hell out of them with the infinite ammo that this weapon comes with and. normal items will be surrounded with "--". Files may not be collected in this installment of Silent Hill.Boss sections have boss attacks listed. Here's a few other things you should know about this walkthrough: .If it moves then shoot it with a few blasts from this alien weapon and it will become motionless soon. photos and child's drawings throughout the various areas along the way.. It defeats bosses with only a few hits. Read the description of the boss attack to learn the animation and then read the boss strategy to figure out how to avoid it. . --> Melee Attack A . oo/oo (hard) Ammo Pickup: N/A * oo = infinite _______________________________________________________________________________ /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// [WT00] ____ / __/ I L E N T H I L L ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ _\ \ ++ WALKTHROUGH ++ /___/ ection III ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ H Ø M E C Ø M I N G This section is jam-packed with everything you will need to survive this nightmare and collect all the serums. =============================================================================== [WT01] ___________________________ _ ALCHEMILLA HOSPITAL _ ___________________________ Objective: [ ] Escape from the hospital. . let's just see how long they can continue to block with those blade arms. .. Alex will be in Otherworld while in that particular room. save points will be surrounded with "!!" and all file locations are other words. This weapon nearly knocks any normal enemy down with the first blast then Alex can continues to pump laser blasts into that enemy while it is grounded. == Operation Theatre == What in god's name is attacking the doctor in the hallway outside! GOT TO GET FREE! Tap the A button to struggle out of the straps. guaranteed.Overhead swing/Pistol whip --> Capacity and Pickups Laser Pistol -------------------------------------Max Ammo: oo/oo (normal). well.

room 201 is jammed. RS zooms in and out of the map and B cancels the map screen. We'll have to return to Josh later. So. he can bust right through the door with a ram by double tapping the A button when the icon is showcased. our young war veteran doesn't have to simply open the door with the slight tap of the A button when the button icon appears. It seems the numbers "624" are scratched onto the bottom of the x-ray. == Operating Room == Would you look at that blood trail just begging to be followed? Open the door that it leads to. Collect the map then open the door to the left of it.Note: You can stay in the straps for as long as you like and nothing will happen. Examine the ATTENTION STAFF note along the right counter as you walk over to the ++MAP OF THE HOSPITAL++ on the bulletin board in the back of the room. You can also press and hold the RB and cycle through your menu then simply let go of the RB button when you're done . what is our main character's name? His name is Alex Shepherd. Walk over to the gate. Examine the MISSING PATIENT'S BULLETIN on the right bulletin board. Directly ahead are two doors. Alex doesn't have the correct combination for the keypad to the right of the gate just yet. Take a moment to look around the room and get the feel of the controls. X displays your objective while the map is up. I know your simply dying to examine that bloody sink. == Room 203 == Examine the middle baby incubator.this is my preferred method. Bingo! Enter Room 203. room 202 is blocked. He's got a bit of Meester Scott Kennedy flare there. Hop into the Room 204. == Hallway Outside Operating Room == To your left is a gate with some sort of shadowy figure behind it lying on the ground. Room 203 has a baby cry coming from inside. Tap the A button to interact with the environment. Press the B button to cancel the menu. It seems that the figure is actually Josh. In Silent Hill Homecoming. Y opens your map screen. It seems a child left its burnt doll inside. Alex's little brother. The baby cry will stop after examining the doll. . Tap the X button while the menu is up to turn on your flashlight. so enter the door next to the keypad .the other door is locked. You might want to take a look at the DOCTOR'S MEMO to the left of the double doors before exiting out into the hallway. The left analog moves the main character while the right analog moves your camera. A tutorial dealing with your weapon menu will appear. Walk over to the hole in the wall to get a "Hop Over" command.from the counter and examine the PAGE FROM AN INCIDENT REPORT right beside it. Pick up the --HEALTH DRINK-. == Hallway South of Nurse Center == Let's see. == Nurse Center == Examine the board full of x-ray's and take note of the middle x-ray. oh no. Tap the RB button to pull up the weapon menu.

== Room 204 == Examine the BASIC WEAPON COMBAT note on the middle table. Examining this will add the MANUAL to your journal. Walk over to the flickering x-ray board on the south side of the room and examine the x-ray on it. Pick up the ++X-RAY FILM++ from the board. In order to leave, you'll need to hop back through the opening in the wall then exit room 203 and step back out into the hall. == Hallway South of Nurse Center == Run back to the Nurse Center and step back inside. It seems that Josh is still right outside the room... drawing. Walk over to the x-ray board and pull up your inventory menu by tapping LB. Use the left analog to select the X-ray Film that you got from Room 204 then press A to place it up on the board. The number sequence "624872" is now shown on the two x-rays. This number will also be added to your journal under "Clues" as will all clues and hidden codes throughout the rest of the game. Step back out into the Hallway Outside of Operating Room. == Hallway Outside of Operating Room == ++ KEYPAD PUZZLE 1 ++ Walk over to the key panel and enter the following code: ** 624872 ** The door will unlock. Oh, don't worry Alex, it's just your creepy little brother... open the door already! Well, that didn't go so well... the little bastard. Walk over to the drawing on the floor and collect the --CHILD'S DRAWING (1/18)--. This will be added to the "Drawings" section of Alex's journal. Objective Update: [ ] Follow Joshua Now let's talk about opening doors. The only door that can be opened is the door to the Male's Restroom that Josh slipped off into. Open the door and enter the Men's Restroom. == Men's Restroom == Josh will run away from Alex once again when Alex enter this room. Walk over to the mirror and touch the mirror to go to Otherworl... uh, wrong game there, Travis. Anyway, you'll notice a strange crumbling noise once Alex steps into the restroom. Open the first stall for a gruesome sight. Stall 2 seems to be empty. Open the door on the opposite enter of the room while continuing to follow little bro. == Storage == Directly ahead of Alex is one of the game's many save points. The red circle with the three smaller red circles will always be your save point for Silent Hill Homecoming. Examine the !!SAVE POINT!! and save your game. Make sure that you keep multiple saves throughout this game just in case. It seems that

Josh crept off to the Women's Restroom. How amusing. Open the door to the restroom on the other side of the storage room. == Women's Restroom == Alright, let's check the stalls. Stall 1 is locked. Stall 2 has nothing in it. Stall 3 has nothing in it either. Oh, well. Take the ++COMBAT KNIFE++ stuck in the middle of the mirror above the sinks. A cutscene will play directly after Alex takes the knife. == Women's Restroom == Oho, real-time Otherworld changes, how nice! Oh yeah, here comes the creepy movie Nurse also! Before I get into the specifics of attacking her, there is one thing that you should see for yourself. Turn off your flashlight and run past the Nurse. Keep moving from one side of the room to the other and eventually she will stop and stand still if you don't run or turn on your light. Nurses can only track Alex based on sound and light. Always remember to turn the light off when you see a Nurse in a room and you just might be able to get the drop on her or completely avoid her. Even a Nurse that has spotted Alex can be fooled into stopping if you stay away from her long enough. Hold the LT button to target the nurse as she steps toward Alex then tap the X button for a strong attack or the A button for a light attack. The combo A, A, A is as far as the light attacks can go in terms of combination. You can insert an X attack into the combo to end a light attack combination - this can be used for a four hit A, A, A, X combo. Strong attacks can be charged for greater damage at any time, even during a combo. Alex can also dodge to the side or duck while holding LT by pressing to either side along with B or simply tapping B. This will allow him to escape from enemy attacks. While not holding LT, Alex can roll in whatever direction you are holding. Combo A, A, A, X seems to work very well for a Nurse, so spam her with the combo to knock her out. If you play around with the fact that she does not respond to light or sound, you can easily sneak up to her and perform a charged heavy attack to knock her down then you can stab her while she lies on the ground. A finishing move can be performed when an enemy is stunned - a Nurse will fall to her knees at that time. Simply rush up to the stunned enemy then hold the LT button and tap X to finish off the enemy with a finishing blow. Don't worry too much about learning to dodge the Nurse's attacks yet - you don't really need to learn how to dodge a Nurse's attacks in order to fight her. Defeat her to bag your first achievement. ----Achievement unlocked: -> Alchemilla's Finest (10G) Defeated 1 Nurse ----Walk over to the stall that the Nurse moved out of and choose to "Squeeze Through" the narrow hole in the back of the stall when the command appears. == Men's Restroom (OW) == I hope that is just a tree root around the wall up ahead. Open the door to the closest stall to find another tree root. Collect the --FIRST AID KIT-- hanging

on the wall to the left of the west door. Exit the room and step out into the hall. == Hallway Outside Restrooms (OW) == The only open door is the door to the south staircase, so open it and continue to the stairs. == South Staircase (OW) == Ah, the damn out of control wheelchairs! Examine the PATIENT NOTE on the window. The staircase to the first floor is sealed off by those horrid looking roots, so let us continue to floor three. It's amazing how disturbing a simple fan can look in Otherworld. Static will begin to sound from Alex's radio as he reaches the top. Turn off your flashlight via the RB menu then walk over to the glass window and choose to "Break" it then "Hop Over" into the next room. TIP: If you use LT to target before hopping into the Day Room then you can see where one of your attackers is positioned. == Day Room (OW) == Be sure to enter this room with your light turned off! A Nurse is mesmerized by the light that the TV is giving off up ahead, so walk up to her and attack from behind. Perform a charged X press to knock her down then run toward her and stab her with X taps while she is on the floor. If she ever leans over then move up to her and press the X button while targeting her to deliver a finishing blow. Another Nurse will join in on the fight (she is standing near the dark wall to the right of the TV), so try to finish off the first Nurse fast. There is a mutilated body over on the sofa - nothing that uncommon in Otherworld though. Yawn. Walk over to the narrow section of the wall that stands out from the rest and tap the A button when the "Cut" command appears. Alex will drive his blade into the skin wall, so help him out by tapping the A button to slice downward and create an opening to room 203. Choose to "Squeeze Through" to the next room. == Room 303 (OW) == A !!SAVE POINT!! is directly ahead, so save your game. Examine the NOTE on the bed. Open the door to the right and step out into the Hallway South of Linen Room. == Hallway South of Linen Room (OW) == The door on the west side of the hall is locked. Move down the east side of the hall. A strange crackling noise can be heard as Alex makes his way to the hospital bed in the middle of the hall. Prepare for a cutscene. Sit down whatever it may be that you are eating since a Swarm of bugs will be right in front of Alex as the cutscene ends. In order to defeat the Swarm, you can equip the knife then hold LT and tap the A button to stomp them while they are on the ground or you can wait for them to fly in front of Alex then hit them with the combat knife or lastly you can wait until one of them latches onto Alex then tap the B button to make Alex grab it. Once Alex grabs one of them, a button icon will appear - either A, X or B. Tap the corresponding button to have Alex toss the bug to the floor and kill it. You will get an achievement after defeating this Swarm.

Move along the right side of the walkway then turn off your flashlight and choose to "Drop Down" once Alex reaches the portion without railing at the end. == Hallway Outside Operating Room (OW) == Run to the south side of the hallway. Be careful about moving around too much while the Nurses are still in the room since the slightest bump against an object will make move toward that direction. Take the --PHOTO (1/11)-. you can see Nurses lying in ambush below around the middle bed.from the shelf off to the left. Remember that you can lure them around the room and make them stop if Alex stands still with the light off.----Achievement unlocked: -> Creeper Reaper (10G) Defeated 1 Swarm ----Open the door to the Linen Room. ----Achievement unlocked: -> Sightseeing (10G) Found 1 Photo ----== Operation Theatre Balcony (OW) == Examine the PATIENT'S CHART on the shelf to the right while moving along the top floor. Note: If you look off the side without railing.from the hospital gurney at the south end of the hall. Open the door at the north end of the hall. Run to the far end of the balcony then step down the stairs to the right since the iron lung and other objects will block Alex's way. The static on the radio will give you an idea or what is near the operating table. Turn to the east side of the room then cut the skin wall with Alex's combat knife and squeeze through the opening. be sure to use a charged strong attack to start things off. Should you choose to fight the Nurses. == Linen Room (OW) == Pick up the --HEALTH DRINK-. == East Staircase (OW) == The sound of steam spewing from nearby pipes will flood the room as Alex steps . Collecting this will give you an achievement.the table has a half of a patient on it. == Operation Theatre (OW) == Be sure that Alex has his flashlight off at this point. There is nothing else in here. Turn around to see a Nurse standing near it. There are a total of three Nurses around the east side of the operating table . Examine the double doors to the Operating Room to find that they are chained shut. despite the dead body. so exit out to the Hallway Outside Operating Room.

....How did you get here? [to 2] X ..... Move up the stairs. .. Open the door to the left of the gate after the cutscene. it sounds a lot like someone dragging a giant blade..I don't think I can help you......from the shelf across from the door then save your game at the !!SAVE POINT!! on the x-ray board against the right wall....--> Choice Set 1 D E C I S I O N S . so be sure to pick it up... Open either door and step inside.. Use the left analog to select the Operating Room Key then tap A to use it on the chain and unlock the doors..I want to help you..on the wall. == Nurse Center (OW) == Take the --HEALTH DRINK-. == Hallway Outside Operating Room (OW) == A cutscene will play. Open the door to the hallway. == Hallway South of Nurse Center (OW) == The only door that can be opened is the door to Room 203...Are you afraid? [to 2] --> Choice Set 2 Y ..... Examine the MISSING PATIENT BULLETIN along the left side of the controls by the window.. Take the ++OPERATING THEATRE KEY++ from his hand... [END CONVERSATION] .. This conversations also doesn't affect the ending either... Approach the body on the gurney at the top of the stairs then examine it.- Y .Objective Update: [ ] Find Joshua's Toy It doesn't matter how Alex responds to Josh since you'll have to perform the same task . thank god........ Move back down the stairs then squeeze back through the wall again... Step out into the hallway via the door on the south side.into this area. These type of cutscenes give you control over the cutscene dialogue.... [ENDS CONVERSATION] X . but it isn't him... == Operating Room (OW) == Examine the ELECTROSHOCK NOTE on the counter along the right side of the room. so you know what to do.. The other half of the patient from the Operating Theatre is on the gurney........... . Directly across from the skin wall that Alex squeezes through is another --CHILD'S DRAWING (2/18)-.find him his bunny... == Operating Theatre (OW) == Approach the chained doors to the Operating Room and press the LB button when the icon appears... At first..

. Pick up the --CHILD'S DRAWING (3/18)-. A cutscene will play. especially if you're playing on hard mode. Sounds of a metal object being dragged across the metal floor can be heard coming from Room 206. The door to Room 206 will shut as soon as Alex walks up to it. == Hallway Outside Operating Room (OW) == Walk over to the gate where Josh is and open the inventory menu then select the Robbie Toy and attempt to give it to him by tapping A.the map is VERY important in these town areas. welcome to Shepherd's Glen! You'll be treated to a foggy town that appears very similar to the streets of Silent Hill after the cutscene where Alex arrives in his hometown. Just what the hell is in there anyway? No matter.== Room 203 (OW) == A cutscene will play as Alex steps into the room. All plugs aside.. Move over to the Room 206 door and take the --CHILD'S DRAWING (5/18)-. == Hallway South of Nurse Center (OW) == Return to the Hallway Outside Operating Room by going through the east end of the Nurse Center. This is the only area of the game where Alex's health recovers between areas. Save your game along the way. . Something else beyond that hole in the glass likes Robbie the rabbit also! Walk toward the bloody mirror and examine it. the door is locked. do not heal. one of my favorites. so just continue down the hall. [WT02] ________________________ _ STREETS OF SHEPHERD'S GLEN _ _______________________ If you didn't recognize the trucker in the cutscene then that was Travis Grady.and if you get stuck then you could always look up Berserker's walkthrough for Origins. During the transition to the next area. Reach inside. The sound of lapping water from a shore can be heard coming from Room 206. Objective Update: [ ] Return the toy to Joshua. so be prepared to squash them. Walk through the open gate after the cutscene and pick up the --CHILD'S DRAWING (4/18)--. Just like before. Approach the elevator up ahead then press the elevator call button on the left wall to trigger a cutscene. Most of the doors down the hall area are locked. Alex's life gauge will be fully recovered. The door to Room 206 is wide open however. If you don't know who Travis Grady is then go play Silent Hill Origins right now and learn of his story with the dreaded town. tap the Y button to bring up Alex's map . Note: If you are low in health.from the front of it. A Swarm will fly out of the back of the middle baby incubator in the room after snatching the Robbie toy away from the mirror. Keep tapping the button that appears to break free from the thing's grip and Alex will pry the ++ROBBIE TOY++ away from whatever is on the other side of the mirror.from off the wall on the right side of the mirror before leaving the room. . Fans of Silent Hill should know that all too well. so take advantage of it.

If you examine the back of the podium...- Y .. The HISTORY OF SHEPHERD'S GLEN book can be examined from the bookstand behind the podium... Examine the NEWSPAPER ARTICLE on the wall to the left as soon as Alex enters. . Fitch's building marked on your map. A "?" will be labeled on your map in that area. The fog is too thick and it will lead Alex right back to the same area..from off the counter to the left of the podium inside the middle room.. They will also refill his life bar to max. except there are only three paintings.. Serums will slightly boost Alex's health when used. == Judge Holloway's Office == Talk to Judge Holloway and you will enter another decision conversation. The families ancestors are all depicted on the paintings on the middle sidewalls of this room. isn't it? Notice how the tree roots in the courtyard of the church overlap the sidewalk much like the constant flesh-like tree roots spotted in the Alchemilla Hospital dream sequence . If you read over the History of Shepherd's Glen then you will note that the town had four founding families.. Open the first door down the left hall and step into the room... you can't. Move down the street to the east and a cutscene will play in front of the Town don't have a weapon to chop through the board just yet.If you try to go back the way the truck came then. Exit out into the right hallway.. ________________________________ _ TOWN HALL _ ________________________________ Move through the double doors directly ahead and take the --PHOTO (2/11)-.... Turn to the left and move down the hall. Make the most out of these Serums by using them when Alex is low in life! You will gain an achievement for finding this Serum. After the cutscene.--> Choice Set 1 D E C I S I O N S ..interesting. This will be used much.. much later. It's interesting how the road ends so suddenly like a road in Silent Hill. Open the doors to the Town Hall. Objective Update: [ ] I need to go home..? If you go through the left door in this room then you'll get to see a boarded up door in the north hall .. Find the door to the right after exiting out of the middle room and open it then enter that room...pickup. there is a keyhole in the cross insignia on the podium...Why is the town empty? [to 2A] .. you might want to walk to the south section of Craven Avenue.. ----Achievement unlocked: -> Kaufmann's Handiwork (10G) Found 1 Serum ----Exit the room and step back out into the hallway.. Walk to the back table on the left and examine the medical case to receive your first --SERUM (1/8)-. You can check the double doors to the building on the south side to get Dr.

...from off the shelf above the fireplace then save your game at the !!SAVE POINT!! on the wall across from the fireplace...Is my mom OK? [ENDS CONVERSATION] B ...Town anniversary? [to 2B] --> Choice Set 2A X .. There is a hole in the brick wall next to the garage door of the Shepherd House that can be ducked under to enter the park nearby. You'll find another interesting picture at the top of the stairs .Does she ask about me? [ENDS CONVERSATION] --> Choice Set 3B A ..What happened? [ENDS CONVERSATION] X ..why is Alex never in the photos? Enter the double door room off to ..... it will come to an abrupt end like the opposite end of the street further to the south.Was that when everything shut down? [to 3B] A ... It is kind of useless to go there now since you'll need to go there in just a few minutes after gaining an item inside of the house that will allow Alex access to an area behind it....How's Elle? [to 3A] --> Choice Set 2B X .... _____________________________ _ SHEPHERD HOUSE _ ______________________________ Objective Update [ ] Explore the house.......How's Elle [to 3A]? --> Choice Set 3A Y .. ________________________ _ STREETS OF SHEPHERD'S GLEN _ _______________________ Move to the north along Craven Avenue and head for the Shepherd House (Alex's House) as marked very obviously on his map.Exit the room after speaking with Judge Holloway and enter the room next to her room..Town anniversary? [to 2B] A . You might want to view the surrounding objects to read about Alex's thoughts on each one ... Exit the Town Hall and step back out into the street.. Further north along the outside road..X .Exit (this choice has slight dialogue) [ENDS CONVERSATION] ...some of them are quite interesting. Both doors on the bottom floor are locked and the living room doesn't have anything special inside. A cutscene will take over to the north and you will be placed right outside of the Shepherd House... like the picture without him in it. Pick up the --HEALTH DRINK-. Move up the stairs. Enter the Shepherd House through the front door.

though it is never acknowledged that he received it . If you've already played through the game one time and received the UFO ending and saved your game afterwards. Press the switch to make the bookshelf open to reveal hidden room. You'll get an achievement after finishing him off.from the counter off to the left inside. A. what a family this man has got. A cutscene will trigger as Alex begins to move down the stairs. Pick up the ++FLASHLIGHT++ from off the lower bed and a cutscene will play. X combo to bring an end to his days of lurking in the submerged portions of people's basement. ----Achievement unlocked: -> Lurk No More (10G) . so take out the knife and prepare to slash him with an A. Wow. You can't do anything with the light switch. Examine the LETTER FROM MOM TO DAD on the left desk. let's open the one on the left side of the hall. ----Achievement unlocked: -> Science Fiction (25G) Found Laser Pistol ----You can examine the BUG COLLECTION on the side of the wall. Oh. This will reveal a yellow switch on the right side of the shelf. Alex will receive the ++OLD REVOLVER++ after this cutscene. so move down the stairs of the basement. it is locked. Exit the room. Whenever you fight a Lurker. so you must go back downstairs. You'll receive an achievement for picking this up. A. The door on the side of this room is locked. As you can see. A puzzle will appear as you investigate it. it is best to run to the side of him and allow him to lunge and miss his lunge then simply run up to him and attack while he recovers.the right. The basement is flooded and a cutscene will play once Alex steps into the water at the bottom. Well get to that feisty door later. A Lurker will attack immediately after the cutscene.check your inventory to see it. Enter the restroom to the side of the bed and pick up the --CASETTE TAPE-. A creepy younger brother and a mother that wreaks of death. so exit the room and step back out into the hall. ++ BOOKCASE PUZZLE ++ Highlight the books with the right analog then use the left analog to slide all the books over to the left. Walk over to the door that swung shut earlier at the end of this hall. Take the ++MAP OF OUR HOUSE++ from off the wooden shelf inside. shall we? Objective Update: [ ] Investigate the basement. the hell with that door then. Let's check out the basement. then pick up the ++LASER PISTOL++ from off the trunk next to the beds. The slightly open the door down the hall will shut as Alex walks toward it. There is another photo on the right cabinet. Be sure to examine the bookshelf.

Walk back outside of the house and use the garage remote on the garage. ----Achievement unlocked: -> Rising Tension (25G) .. or am I? SPECIAL NOTE: Don't cut the sheet on the side of the wall yet! If you look through the cloth sheet along the wall across from the staircase with Alex's flashlight turned off. The door is locked. If this is your second playthrough then be sure to pick up the ++CIRCULAR SAW++ from the left table in the back of the garage. Find the thin sheet on the side of the wall then equip the knife and use the command to cut through while close to it. You'll have to get some gas from the garage and bring it back to the water pump in this basement. This is an image of Alex's father with his back turned. The nearby door to the backyard will not open as long as the basement is flooded and the safety latch for the door is somewhere below the door submerged in water. Keep in mind that you don't have to cut through the sheet right now if you want to . Walk to the back of the basement and pick up the ++GARAGE REMOTE++ from the top of the water pump in the back.. Objective Update: [ ] Drain the water in the basement. Tap the A button to pry it open. Objective Update: [ ] Find some gas to power the pump. Objective Update: [ ] Look for a way to fill the gas can. Up until now. Examine the door along the left wall for a cutscene. You'll have to cut the cloth sheet later in the story for sure though. if this is your first playthrough then this is your first glimpse of Alex's father. so simply leave this section of the basement. Push in on RS while standing near the sheet to see him more clearly. Pick up the ++STEEL PIPE++ from off the shelf in the garage then arm it and use it to pry open the door on the glowing cabinet at the end of the garage. If you cut through the sheet.Defeated 1 Lurker ----Watch out for the other Lurkers in the back of the basement! I'm only kidding. Pick up the ++EMPTY GAS CAN++ from inside.I mention cutting it in the walkthrough mainly for story purposes. A note is left up under the remote. You'll receive an achievement for collecting it. A Lurker will move out of the garage door as it opens so get ready to slash him. Examine the COMBAT TRAINING MANUAL off to the right of the garage. then the figure turns out to be a mannequin. you can see a figure on the other side of the sheet. Squeeze through the narrow opening. Exit the basement by going back up the stairs.

Open the door to continue. X combo. __________________________________ _ PARK _ ___________________________________ An eerie child phrase will come from the park off to the side.from the left side of the fence further ahead then examine the backpack against he back gate to obtain a --PHOTO (4/11)--. Duck up under the next hole in the brick wall further ahead. Move to the back of the flooded basement and use the Full Gas Can on the water pump.from inside.Found Circular Saw ----As you leave the garage. On the south end of the park there is slide with a --PHOTO (3/11)-. Walk down the alley after defeating him and use the Empty Gas Can on the side of the truck when the button icon appears to get some gas from the truck and receive the ++FULL GAS CAN++. They crawl out of the gutters. The Steel Pipe is really the best weapon to use against a Lurker since an X hit will easily smash its head. You can climb up the ladder in the middle of the alley. Walk over to the fence on the south end of the park and pry it open while your Steel Pipe is equipped. Walk back down into the basement. If you move further into the backyard. charge an X attack to immediately smash its head if the hit connects. A Lurker will attack from behind some trashcans in the alley off to the left. Take the --CHILD'S DRAWING (7/18)-.lying on the ground near it. The water pump will start after the cutscene.hidden below a plant. You might want to go back to the Town Hall and save. but if you do. you'll eventually hear some dog noises like a dog is running toward Alex. Oh dear. == Kitchen == Use the cassette tape on the tape player/answering machine on the left counter after stepping inside to listen to the tape. "Ring Around the Rosie". enter the back door on the porch and step back into the Shepherd House.hanging on the wall to the right. Pick up the --CHILD'S DRAWING (6/18)-. [WT03] . Go back to the Shepherd House and enter the house again. X combo from the steel pipe. Walk over to the door further ahead and open it. Open the refrigerator on the right side of the kitchen and collect the --HEALTH DRINK-. a Lurker will crawl through the hole along the side of the brick wall and attack. Walk over to the hole in the brick wall and choose to "Duck Under" it to reach the other side. == Backyard == A doghouse without a dog. Examine the NOTE TO ADAM on the small table to the left and you can also examine the sewing machine on the desk. Right after an A. A. A. Note: The child phrase that is heard when Alex first enters the Park is random. you'll run into Lurkers out on the street. check the very end of the first garden row to find a --HEALTH DRINK-. Exit the house via the back door then step out through the back gate of the backyard. but there is nothing there. It is always a different phrase from the children's song. Before stepping through the gate. On the right side of the backyard. Examine the door to the right and Alex will pull on the safety latch at the bottom of the door and unlock it. Defeat him with a A.

so move down the left path. Do so to trigger a cutscene. Search the rest of the town. Walk against the open gate ahead to push it open. A. You'll eventually exit to the East Garden.__________________________ _ ROSE HEIGHTS CEMETERY _ __________________________ Objective Update: [ ] Joshua isn't at home. Walk down the narrow tunnel to the west that leads to the Family Crypts North corridor. Use the A. Ferals can be finished immediately after a knockdown with a strong attack by approaching them and tapping X while locked on. == Family Crypts North == The gates along the side of this area are all padlocked. so move down the stairs to the left. [ ] Find someone who knows something about fixing guns. A Feral (dog) will attack after the cutscene. You sometimes need to dodge in between combos since the Feral's attacks are so fast. Wouldn't you know that the gate that leads to the Bartlett Mausoleum is locked! Pick up the --HEALTH DRINK-. Step onto the walkway behind the open gate. Step through the next doorway. Move through the doorway ahead. You can examine the coffins inside. The right path is cut off by a sudden hole. Stay in the middle and walk toward the ledge off to the side to get a "Climb Down" command. The sounds of a snarling dog can be heard as Alex continues ahead.from the middle bench under the metal gazebo. You'll get an achievement after finishing off the Feral. Ferals are easiest to defeat with the Combat Knife since Alex can hit them very quickly to counter just about any attack that they might do. you can . == East Garden == Alex will notice a man digging up graves behind the gates off to his left. Move over to the ledge that the creepy tree shadow rests against and use the command to climb upwards. [ ] Search the graveyard and nearby section of the town for information on Joshua's disappearance. ----Achievement unlocked: -> Eddie's Legacy (10G) Defeat 1 Feral ----Walk toward the damaged fountain up ahead and pick up the ++OLD STONE PLATE++ from the pedestal after reading the inscription. In the second portion of the corridor. == Old Crypts == Take the ++ROSE HEIGHTS CEMETARY MAP++ from the bench further ahead. Step into the hall ahead then step through the next crypt. A. X combo on it a few times to finish it off. The gate at the end is locked. You can examine the coffins in the next area as well.

== Founder's Garden == There is a --HEALTH DRINK-. Silence him with your combat knife A. == West Garden == Move up either set of stairs and you'll come upon an engraving at the top of each one. A. The engravings talks about the stone plate that Alex has. find your way down to the middle area .beside a family gravesite on the far north end of this garden. Squeeze through the narrow opening and step into the Family Crypts Mid. you can enter all the gates except for the second one to the right . Follow the path further south then jump into the second pit behind the gate to the left and duck under the opening.if you move around the left side. you can sneak up on him from behind him and clobber it with your trusty pipe (charge swing).open the first gate off to the right. May the bugs lead the way! Walk over to the right grate then choose to climb up to the next area. Knock it down with a charged swing from either weapon then immediately run to it and perform a finisher by tapping X while locked on and standing above it. The crypt directly across from the current one has a hole in its east wall (left as Alex enters). In the next corridor. Enter the crypt and duck under the wall to enter the crypt on the other side of it. == Family Crypts Mid == Enter the second crypt to the left and pick up the --HEALTH DRINK-. X combo. It's just like that other stupid dog.move down the stairs or step down through one of the portions without railing. All the crypts except for the first one to the left are open. A.this one is boarded up and you can't chop through the wooden boards yet with your current weapon. Enter the second crypt to the right and squeeze through the narrow opening in the wall. second gate off to the right and second gate off to the left. == Founder's Row == Move to the south. Walk through the second gate on the left and you'll notice a narrow opening in the wall ahead. Exit the crypt then push through the iron gate to the east. The two mausoleums are locked. so find the gate on the bottom north side of the garden then push it open. Either way. The Guardian that once was whole Reveals the way that is shut Two Halves on Twins Enshrined Forever Split in Waters Divine Once whole but now split in twain Opens the way for souls to leave Find the plates and release their pain . Once Alex walks up to the gate off to the left a Feral will attack from the section behind the tombs to the right. this one's got it comin' too! You can jump in the pit behind the first gate to the left but a grate blocks the small opening on both sides of it. There is a Feral chowing down on a body in the middle of the garden . The second gate off to the right has a !!SAVE POINT!! on the wall inside while the others only have coffins that can be examined.from off the floor.

It seems that Alex is not the only one killing animals in Shepherd's Glen today. It will unlock and open for Alex.D building via the middle path then turn left at the building entrance and pick up the --FIRST AID KIT-. and we just happen to have two circular plates halves that combine as one. You can talk to Elle after the cutscene. _________________________________ _ JUNKYARD _ ________________________________ == Outside Curtis' Shop == . so head west along Main Street. Another van blocks the alleyway behind the group of shops to the left side. Aha! Pull up the inventory menu while standing in front of the gate and place each circular plate half onto the gate.from off the ground at the end. More vehicles block the left side of police department courtyard. Alex will receive the ++WALKIE TALKIE++ after the cutscene. Move behind the missing person billboard and find the -CHILD'S DRAWING (8/18)-. They both seem to have half of a tree image on them. It said to combine its two halves to release its pain.G. The fog gets incredibly deep if you move too far to the south past the building off to the west much like the fog in the west on Main Street when Alex first entered Shepherd's Glen. Stay on the south portion of River View Road and move to the south. Take the path to the west and follow it to the bridge. but she doesn't say much. Say. so run back through the courtyard and continue to follow the Main Street to the west. A van will come into view soon. The graveyard on the west side of this area is unlocked.. but there is nothing inside. ________________________ _ STREETS OF SHEPHERD'S GLEN _ _______________________ The east side of the street to the west ends at a gap. Pick up the ++STRANGE STONE PIECE++ after reading the inscription on the pedestal of the fountain. The gate at the end is locked and it has a circular indention for something to be placed on.Once separate but now whole again. Walk along the path to the north. Run across the bridge then open the gate door past it to the left. Hmmm. this reminds me of that engraving that talked of a Guardian that was whole but split into. Walk toward the S. == Front Entrance == Move on ahead. The front of the police department building is locked.P. The walkie talkie is your radio for this game. The bridge that leads to the Bartlett Vineyards is destroyed and the street to the north ends at a gap. A cutscene will play as Alex approaches the woman posting up papers on the missing person billboard. up the stairs and enter the parking lot. If you move down the right side of the front of the building you'll find a dead Feral.hanging on the back side of it. == Parking Lot == Run to the east side of the Parking Lot to exit back out onto Main Street in Shepherd's Glen..

.What's with all the clocks? {to 3] --> Choice Set 3 Y ............Why? [ENDS CONVERSATION] X ... ..How's it going? [All choices must be used....... He was digging graves in the cemetery..... The pistol whip with the Mk 23 Handgun greatly amuses me ......You're Curtis? A . You can step into Curtis' Shop via the back entrance but there is nothing inside and the door in there is locked....Why are you still here? [to 2] --> Choice Set 2 Y ..that's one hell of a hit with the butt of a handgun! Too bad the hit is so weak though...... ..... You can examine the water tank directly ahead for some slight memories from Alex....Objective Update: [ ] Find Mayor Bartlett.--> Choice Set Y ..... Let's go over the basics of firearms... You can talk to Curtis once again for another interactive cutscene..... Move past the blue truck and you'll emerge on the other side of the Curtis' Shop next to the light..Hello? X ...- Y . Enter the small wooden shed then squeeze through the narrow opening inside.Alex will receive the ++MK 23 HANDGUN++ after the cutscene with Curtis... ... Enter the building by opening the front door...........You can look past the junk in the west to see the light in front of the door to Curtis' Shop.. No choice affects the choice setup] .... Duck under the opening to the north along the side of the wooden fence.. Alex will enter an interactive cutscene. Use LT to enter precision mode where you can walk while holding the weapon and use the right analog to aim.... Press RT to fire... Continue around the side of the building... All firearms have some sort of melee attack.D E C I S I O N S .--> Choice Set 1 D E C I S I O N S .........Can I have the shotgun? [to 2] X .............. Equip a firearm through the Weapon menu just like a melee weapon..Can you fix them? [ENDS CONVERSATION] ... You might want to save your game in the room behind him if you want to hear all choices. Move beyond the fences with gasoline barrels............ X to reload and A for a melee attack all while in precision mode.......

The Combat Knife pins it down too easily unlike the handgun. Save your game at the !!SAVE POINT!! on the wooden door before opening the door to the west room. There is some more --PISTOL AMMUNITION-. Walk through the doorway behind Curtis and pick up the ++JUNKYARD MAP++ from the nearby washing machine and the --HEALTH DRINK-. Alex will emerge in the back room that he could enter from the backyard earlier. ________________________ _ STREETS OF SHEPHERD'S GLEN _ _______________________ Run across the bridge and a cutscene will play at the end. Make a right onto Main Street and follow it back to the east. If you can shoot it twice in the lungs then it will die.from the left side of the building . The handgun can work well for a Feral if your aim is good. . Its weak point is its orange glowing lungs in its chest. The information will be added to the "Manual" section of Alex's journal.on the red stove. Go through the Front Entrance and step into the West Garden once again. A Feral will attack from the south as Alex steps toward the entrance gate. You'll receive an achievement after defeating it. You'll want to grab the --PISTOL AMMUNITION-. A Smog monster will attack directly after the cutscene.D) and pick up the --PISTOL AMMUNTION-. These things can be deadly from close range. A well-timed shot will knock it down during mid-lunge.from the behind the left side of billboard next to the police station entrance.from the damaged refrigerator. so be prepared to defeat him.from the wooden table behind Curtis as well.P. Take out the handgun and keep your distance from the Smog creature.G.Move behind Curtis and check the BASIC RANGED COMBAT manual.same place where you found a First Aid Kit earlier. so keep your distance. so take River View Road north. Wait for it to open its chest to shoot out poisonous gas then shoot it right in the lungs. Take Main Street all the way to the east and enter the parking lot of Rose Heights Cemetery once again. Move down the middle path that leads to the police station (S. Find the --PISTOL AMMUNITION-. ___________________________ _ ROSE HEIGHTS CEMETERY _ _________________________ == Parking Lot == A Feral is walking around in this area. I would still recommend using the Combat Knife for a safer disposal method. ----Achievement unlocked: -> Clear the Air (10G) Defeated 1 Smog ----You still can't go south. == West Garden == Move down either staircase behind the walls to the south and enter the Founders Garden. A Feral will attack in front of the police station. Tap the corresponding button that appears if Alex ever gets hit with its poison gas. Don't use your Steel Pipe or Combat Knife here. Exit the junkyard by stepping out the north entrance.

The directions below start with the default setup of the blocks on normal mode and walk you through the way to move each block.I dislike them greatly. Ready your gun and aim for the lungs then shoot the Smog past the iron gate.== Founders Garden == A Smog is loose in this area so prepare to blast him in the lungs with your handgun when he catches sight of Alex. == Family Crypts North == Step out of the crypt and go through the iron gate to the east. Hop into the pit on the far southeast side of the Founders Garden then duck under the opening to the left in the pit and climb up to the Founders Row area. The main goal is to slide the top piece with the pin downward four times. This one is not that bad though. Enter the crypt on the left and duck back up under the opening in the wall to the right. | |__| | 2) Move the two left long blocks up | _____ | 3) Move the small bottom block up . You'll emerge in the Family Crypts North once again. == East Garden == The Bartlett Mausoleum gate is now open! Run to the east and enter the Mausoleum courtyard. == Founders Row == Push through the gate. ++ SLIDING PUZZLE 1 ++ If you're like me then you probably gave the sliding puzzle an evil eye upon first glance . All you have to do is work the two long pieces over to one side then slide the top piece downward. == Family Crypts Mid == Step out of the crypt and out onto the path then follow it west. +----|__|-------+ | __ | 1) Move the top small block to the right. == Bartlett Mausoleum == Examine the coffin directly ahead. Enter the first crypt off to the left and save your game at the save point.up the stairs along the northeast side (near the railing). Push through the next iron gate and reenter the East Garden. The coffin has a sliding block puzzle on it that needs to be solved. Objective Update: [ ] Open the lock to the casket inside the Bartlett Mausoleum. There is some --PISTOL AMMUNITION-. Walk outside of the crypt then enter the second crypt on the right and squeeze through the opening in the north wall. Use the right analog to highlight each piece and use the left analog to move the chosen piece. Prepare to fight off the Feral as it busts through the gate further to the north. Open the door to the Bartlett Mausoleum. Really you could just go by the pictures. Squeeze through the opening in the wall near the Family Crypts Mid area.

. __________________________ _ STREETS OF SILENT HILL _ _________________________ Welcome to the place where all begins. the town of Silent Hill. You'll need to come back here once you find the key later . A Smog will move out from the corner of the alleyway.... Now we need to chase after Cheryl. | _ _ | || | | | | || | | | __ | ||_| |_||__|| +---------------+ A cutscene will trigger once the top block has been pulled down four spaces. If you keep moving down the left side of the street. you'll come to the entrance of the Grand Hotel entrance. Look over to the far left and find the gate that is locked. . Objective Update: [ ] Catch up to Joshua. The gate is to the side of the hotel further along the street. The entrance is boarded up and Josh is huddled on the floor of the hotel on the other side of the boards. Look to the right side of the street and find the alleyway next to the building with the snapped power lines in front of it. the side with the mutilated torso lying next to the truck. Turn around and follow the trail that extends below the street. small left block up leftmost right long block to left +----|__|-------+ | __ _____ | FINAL SOLUTION ||__| |_____| | | _____ | This is what you should come up with. I mean Josh. | _____ _ _ | ||_____| | || | | | __ | || | | ||__| |_||_| | +---------------+ +----|__|-------+ | _____ __ | | |_____| |__|| | _____ | | |_____| | | __ _ _ | | |__|| || | | | | || | | | |_||_| | +---------------+ 1) 2) 3) 4) Move Move Move Move the the the the top small block downwards two left long blocks to the right. You'll need to find some sort of weapon that will hack through these boards.||_____| | 4) Move the two right long blocks left.. Alex will gain the ++BROKEN WATCH++ item upon starting in Silent Hill.. You can backtrack a bit and check the famous road sign if you'd like. Follow the alley and climb down to the lower ledge at the end. Move the very top | |_____| | block downward four times to fully solve the puzzle. so take out your handgun and wait for him to expose his lungs then blast him. The street will end halfway down.keep this gate in mind. Duck under the truck and collect the ++FIRE AXE++ from the other side. About damn time Alex made his way here too.

The double doors are locked and the stairs are blocked off by rubble. What the hell is it with this kid? I say we give him a good spanking with a jagged wood piece once we finally catch up to him. Return to the Grand Hotel entrance and interact with the wooden board blockade to hack through it. Examine the power box on the right side of wall. [WT04] ________________________________ _ GRAND HOTEL _ ______________________________ == Front Lobby == Damn this hotel is dark. Connect the cables as follows. so let's go through the open elevator shaft.from the space in front of the left window. Move down the hall ahead then turn right at the dark corridor and walk down the glass case along the wall. B = Blue. Josh will run even deeper into the hotel (past the debris that blocks the stairway) as Alex steps into the lobby. Make another right and find the --HEALTH DRINK-. Y = Yellow. You might want to spend a little time getting used to its swings. A dark silhouette will be standing in the middle of the end of the corridor. Pick up the ++MAINTENANCE KEY++ from the large toolbox off to the right. so hop back across the gap in the elevator shaft. Examine the NOTE TO PAUL on the front counter then collect the ++GRAND HOTEL MAP++ from the mail boxes in the back of the counter and you might want to examine the GENERAL NOTICE further to the left on the back counter.Go ahead and equip the Fire Axe. ++ FUSE PUZZLE 1 ++ You need to rewire the cables so that the hotel can receive power. This can be done through a bit of trial and error. You can check the doors along the way down the hallway if you want but they all seem to be locked for now. Tap the A button to perform each chop. Use the action command to hop across the gap in the elevator shaft. The goal here is to reroute the power so that the lights on the left side of the power box all light up after pressing X to turn on the power. The door on the other side is jammed shut. This dark figure will run to the left as Alex calls out for Josh. A Smog will move down the hall toward the lobby so equip the gun and deal with him by shooting those glowing lungs as he takes a potshot at Alex. You need to leave the hotel via the front doors. The row of connectors at the bottom will light up when you press A once. __________________________ _ STREETS OF SILENT HILL _ _________________________ Another Smog will be standing out in the street to the right. Press the A button again to place the cord. W = White. Return to the main corridor. Open the double doors ahead. Use the left analog to select each cable connector on the top then press A to select the connector. G = Green . R = Red. so move the left analog and it will move the cord. Defeat him like all the others then walk over to the gate on the west side of the Grand Hotel. Go back the way you came and climb back up to the alleyway. Take the --HEALTH DRINK-. Use the Maintenance Key on the gate to unlock it.

buddy.from the right side of the elevator. however. Equip the and aim for its head then shoot to knock it off. ________________________________ _ GRAND HOTEL _ ______________________________ == Front Lobby == Hmmm. so let's go to floor 5! Arm your handgun. Now that the power to the hotel is on. Don't set that controller down just yet. still nearly dark as a dungeon up in here. Push the button on the right side of the elevator doorway to call it to the first floor. A Needler will cut through the elevator wall on the left side (right side facing the doors) and attack from that side of the elevator as the elevator stops.Y W R B \/ \/ /\ /\ W Y B R G | | G Here is a different diagram of the same puzzle that might help you better understand it just in case. Shoot it in its head and it will fall to its death. enter the Grand Hotel once again. Objective Update: [ ] Power has been restored. Alex can shoot them right through the grating if the cursor is red while aiming at one. ----Achievement unlocked: -> To The Point (10G) Defeated 1 Needler ----Note: You do not have to wait until the Needlers cut open the elevator frame along the sides. Walk over to the controls and interact with them. It seems that the fifth floor is your only option. . The elevator will continue upward and all will be well with the world once again. Y W R B G O O O O O O O O O O W Y B R G The five circles to the left side of the cables on the power box will all light up after connecting the cables correctly to route the power appropriately. If you don't have any shots left then use the Fire Axe but be warned that you will most likely get hit. There is absolutely little time to celebrate over your 10 gamerpoints. so I'm trying to get you familiar with it here. Step inside and pick up the --PISTOL AMMUNITION-. A cutscene will play as the elevator rises. A later fuse puzzle will displayed like the one below. because another Needler will cut through the metal and attack from the opposite side. It seems that you can really hit them anywhere on their body to knock them off but their weak point is the head. Run straight ahead and make your way back to the elevator. Use the elevator.

.How did you get here? [to 3] --> Choice Set 2 Y . Objective Update: [ ] There seems to be something behind the painting. .How did you get here? [to 3] --> Choice Set 3 Y . == Third Floor Hallway == Ok. Another Needler will appear on the right side in a bit followed another on the left side.. whatever floor it is. we are not taking anymore elevators.I want to help you.. Face the doorway and climb upwards to reach the. [ENDS CONVERSATION] D E C I S I O N S ..--> Choice Set 1 Y . Squeeze through the cut painting.. Duck under the opening in the wall to Alex's left to enter Room 302. It's the third floor actually... I don't care if Alex has to climb the building. Walk out into the hall... who cares at this point!? A cutscene will play. Shortly after the elevator stops...- . toward the door with the hole in it (Room 301) to trigger a cutscene. Equip the handgun and blast him to send him back down the shaft with his buddies.... [to 4] X .Who left you here? [to 3] X . Find a way to open it.. but really. Arm the Combat Knife and walk up to it then initiate the action command to cut the painting.Who are you? [to 2] X ...that is latched onto the door in front of Alex..... next time. You'll enter a room that is not even on the map . Period. The elevator will begin to descend a bit then it will stop and the elevator doors will open.. The door to Room 306 is locked and requires a key...typical Silent Hill tradition..I can't help you. Take the --PHOTO (5/11)-. == Room 302 == Save your game at the !!SAVE POINT!! on the wall.Well. Cut it to find out what. Objective Update: [ ] Room 306 has a unique lock. Turn toward the painting of the lady on the right wall and examine it. ok... not really. The door to the left is locked and rubble is blocking the way to the east side of the hall. a Needler will grab onto the back of the elevator and cut through the metal. A woman's humming can be heard from one of the surrounding rooms as Alex starts out on this floor.

.. == Room 307 == There is nothing in here. == Room 309 == Alex will look up toward the ceiling after entering. You can enter the restroom off to the east before stepping out into the hall if you want..... == Room 304 == There is a NOTE TO SAM that you can examine in the cabinet across from the bed. "405 scares me...--> Choice Set 4 X .... Move toward the cabinet in the middle of the debris ahead and examine it then climb up onto it and Alex will climb to the room above.. "I can't see my face. == Third Floor Hallway == In Room 308 you can find another LETTER TO SAM on the dresser and there is a message on the southeast wall of the room above the heater that will be added to your journal if it is examined.Objective Update: [ ] Find three memories for the lady in room 301... == Third Floor Hallway == Move beside the debris in the east and walk through the hole in the wall........ Maybe you will in 404. == Room 408 == Move through the hole in the wall in front of you to enter Room 406.. The person actually wants three photos. The female voice will tell Alex to bring it a few items (three small windows of better days) after choosing "I want to help" then it will go back to humming.... Enter Room 303 and you'll find a message on the left wall by the bed.. Exit the room.. The hallway to the north has collapsed." You need to get in Room 309 but the door is locked... [END CONVERSATION] ... Good god man. Creepy... I left my ducky in there... Enter Room 304 across the hall. . Take out the fire axe and hack through the boards then enter the room. so walk around the right (south) side of the hall and you'll find a boarded up hole on the east side of Room 309..I want to help you. what the hell is that noise!? Squeeze through the narrow opening in the wall ahead and duck under the opening to the left to enter Room 307.." The message will be added under "Clues" in your notebook after examining it..

Be sure to turn off your flashlight before you reach the midpoint of the hall. so go ahead and push it out of the way. If you move to the right side of the dresser on the left wall. A cutscene will play once Alex walks toward the rubble on the east side of the hall. you'll hear more creepy sounds that you have been hearing off and on since Alex was on the third floor. so move out into the hallway. The radio will sound off shortly before a Swarm attacks as Alex heads for the door. A Nurse will charge out of Room 402 and come toward you. Notice how the far east end of the hallway has a slight red glow to it. Duck under the hole in the wall behind the dresser. Take a look at the DELIVERY NOTICE on the shelf in between the two chairs to the left as you make your way down the hall. A face cannot be seen since the medicine cabinet door is wide open and not revealing the outer mirror. . == Room 404 == Hmmm. == Room 407 == There is nothing in either of the restroom in this room or the last room. Alex's radio will start to sound as you move further down the hall. The doors to Room 404 and 403 are locked. so let's go back to the female voice and give her one of her photos. Oh. He's here.== Room 406 == Examine the NOTE TO CAROL on the dresser then exit the room via the open doorway. == Fourth Floor Hallway == You can't do anything on the west side of the hall. As Alex move inside. Duck back into Room 402 the exit out into the hallway. you'll get a push command. but the restroom door is wide open! Move inside the restroom and take the ++ALCHEMILLA POSTCARD++ from the medicine cabinet. Wait in the middle of the hall and she will stop. == Room 405 == Walk through the hole in the east wall to get to Room 407. The sound is coming from Room 404. Enter Room 405. so be ready to stomp them or throw them to the ground. == Fourth Floor Hallway == The door across from Room 406 is jammed. "You can't wash it off" Room 401 is locked but Room 402 is wide open. Circle around her so that her backside faces Alex and perform a strong charged hit with your Fire Axe to damage her greatly then finish her with a few more hits. You can look through a hole on the side of the wall and see a message wrote on the wall of the restroom in Room 403. A Swarm will break through the door of Room 405 and attack right after the cutscene. The postcard in this room was hinted at by the words in Room 303. nothing.

The Needler from the cutscene will attack directly afterwards. Repeat this method to defeat it. == Room 408 (Restroom) == Pick up the --SERUM (2/8)-. there is no elevator frame to hide your little skinny ass this time. == Fourth Floor Hallway == Now. where did chrome dome sneak off to? Move over to the northeast portion of the hall to find some more boards blocking a hole in the wall. == Fifth Floor Hallway == A cutscene will play as Alex steps onto the second floor. so let's go up to the fifth floor. Jump across the gap in the floor and move through the doorway at the top. So long as you can dodge its attacks. The weak point of a Needler is its head and you can shoot at its head with a handgun but you have to have some really good accuracy to hit it in the head since it is constantly moving.from the small table. is there? The Needler is one of the first of enemies that you can't simply hack away at and expect to win. shooting at a Needler is risky since you are more open to its attacks without a melee weapon in your hand to dodge or block its attacks. If a Needler ever knocks Alex over. This is the hint strategy that the game points out for you but I don't really care for this method myself. Jump across the gap in the floor along the south side and collect the --HEALTH DRINK-. A Needler can be finished off easily with any melee weapon. so use that time to attack with a counter swing as the Needler recovers. otherwise it will most likely block the shot. The arm swing will fly right over Alex as he dodge. == Room 508 == . Alex! == East Staircase == Well. Exit the restroom after collecting the serum. A Swarm will attack from the other side of the boards. Alex can eat this thing for breakfast. If you ask me. Its head can be attacked from its front side and you won't need to dodge its attacks to do so. If you can manage to hit a Needler directly in the head with a melee weapon then it will die instantly however. be sure to get up quick since it may try to sink both claws into Alex while Alex is grounded. You need to wait for the Needler to lift one of its claws to attack then quickly shoot it in its head.from inside the small case on the sink. Hack through them. Watch for one of his front arm blades to move then quickly dodge.== Fourth Floor Hallway == Use the fire axe to hack through the boards to the left of the door to Room 408. You'll need to wait for him to attack then duck his attacks and hit it from the side preferably with a strong got lucky. Hop back across and check out the hallway ahead. Eventually the Needler will be stunned from constant attacks and that is when you can finish it off. Don't be surprised if it somehow suddenly dies with one hit . Enter Room 508. you won't get very far while trying to go down the stairs. Oho.

Find the hole in the wall along the side of Room 503 then duck under it. Reenter the hallway and hack through the boards that bar the doorway of Room 505. my boy. Chop through the boards covering the doorway of Room 504. Examine the hole (near the mattress) to see that Alex can climb into the room below. Take a look at the NOTE TO MR. If you look closely. . == Fifth Floor Hallway == Another Needler will attack from the west side of the hall as Alex reaches the mid portion of the hall.Stomp through the Swarm in the middle of the room then examine the NOTE TO JIM on the dresser. Duck his attacks and perform a charged swing with a melee weapon. == Room 507 == Pick up the ++LAKESIDE AMUSEMENT PARK POSTCARD++ from the bed directly ahead. JONES on the dresser before stepping back into Room 505 and back into the outside hallway. Exit the restroom via the open door and walk around the right side of the hole in the floor of Room 503. I guess it could also represent the guilt expressed on the writing of the photo. == Room 505 == Push the dresser aside by standing on the right side and using the action command then move through the hole in the wall to enter Room 507. == Room 403 == Walk into the restroom and examine the tub below the writing on the wall to retrieve the ++TOLUCA LAKE POSTCARD++. Walk to the right side of the dresser on the left side of the room to get a push command. Push it out of the way to reveal a --CHILD'S DRAWNING (9/18)--. == Fifth Floor Hallway == There is nothing that can be done down the west end of the hallway. Climb down once the command appears and Alex will drop to a shelf then hop down into the room below. you'll see Robbie the bunny on the postcard! Scope out the nearby restroom to find a --HEALTH DRINK-. Sounds like a plan to me there.from the left side of the bed. Alex will mention that he needs to get back to the woman beyond the hole in the door of Room 301 and give her memories back to her. The message above the tub sort of hinted at this postcard lying in the tub. Go back outside into the hallway. All the doors are locked are there are no items. == Room 504 == Pick up the --PISTOL AMMUNTION-. == Room 503 == Alex will step into the restroom.on the sink. guy. If you move down the walkway then a Needler will crawl out of the hole down the hall and attack Alex on his way back to the east.

. well. She will hand over the ++STRANGE KEY++ to Alex once all three of her memory items are handed over. A Smog is working its way toward this room. Gotta love the tension of reaching into a dark hole in a door. but still.. Sneak up behind them and plant an axe into their back or sneak past them while your flashlight is turned off. Time to whip out a melee weapon and send him back to. Use the Strange Key on the door to Room 306 to unlock it then open the door. enter Room 302 and save your game at the save point . Exit Room 503 by ducking under the hole in the restroom. == Room 309 == Well. Return to the door to Room 301 and use the "Reach In" action command. Enter Room 407 then move through the hold on the west side back into Room 405. == Third Floor Hallway == Take a detour through Room 307 to avoid the debris then duck under the hole on the west side and squeeze through the narrow opening in the hidden corridor to the west. wherever these things go when they die. Step out into the hall then enter Room 406.. Back up with your light still off and she will stop eventually. . == Fifth Floor Hallway == A Needler will attack from the hall to the right as Alex steps out into the hall through the hole in the restroom wall. == Room 405 == The Nurse in Room 406 will sometimes get cranky and move toward Room 405. something is certainly creating a ruckus in the outside hall. == Room 302 == Duck under the hole in the wall on the west wall of Room 302. She normally stand right inside the dark doorway to Room 406. so either wait for it to step in go outside and defeat it by shooting its lungs when it tries to attack. Climb down to the room below via the hole in the floor. Before moving toward Room 301. Step behind her then clobber her with your Fire Axe.she's not going to bite your hand off or anything. Objective Update: [ ] Use the key I got from the lady in room 301. == Fourth Floor Hallway == Turn off your flashlight as the radio begins to go off. == Room 406 == Step through the hole in the wall on the east side then enter Room 408. Another Needler will attack further down the hall to the east. There is a Nurse by the door to Room 407 and another Nurse inside of Room 407. Move down the stairs again and step onto the fourth floor.Go back to the shelf with the creepy barbed wire in the back of it and climb on top then climb back into Room 503..

just came through.from the first table off to the north. He has to look with some of the wall above them present for it to change to Nothing big... but interesting nonetheless.. shit! Not good. Be sure to save your game at the !!SAVE POINT!! on the east wall... Oh.What happened to Shepherd's Glen? [to 2B] --> Choice Set 2B D E C I S I O N S . The doors to the lobby cannot be opened. The door in front of him is now unlocked...What happened to Shepherd's Glen? [to 2B] --> Choice Set 2A Y ... the surroundings will turn darker and remain darker for this room.. Move toward him and speak with him for an interactive cutscene. I think it remedies itself after the police station area. Retrieve the --PISTOL AMMUNTION-. so open the double doors in the south. up and turns to up at the doors Otherworld.. If Alex backs all the way look at them then it will not change either. Move beyond the plants in the hallway and check the next set of double doors. Enter the hallway beyond the doors. and basically all of the area after the boss fight. ......Do you know me? [to 2A] X . Backtrack to.. the next room. so that's where you've been.. == Dining Room == Objective Update: [ ] Search the greenhouse... NOTE: If Alex doesn't turn to look back at the doors that he it will not change to Otherworld.Ah. now the door behind Alex is locked. They are locked. you little bastard! Hiding out in undiscovered rooms from your big brother! Jump across the hole and a cutscene will trigger as Alex leaps toward Josh. [to 3] X .. ..and --HEALTH DRINK-.--> Choice Set 1 Y ... WARNING (GAME BUG ALERT): If you move against or examine the doors that Alex just came through after or during the Otherworld change. == Greenhouse == Objective Update: [ ] Ask Mayor Bartlett what he is doing here. Well...Tell me about Joey. but it makes the journey through the police station extremely dark! Don't step too close to the door that Alex comes through once the Otherworld change occurs. Mayor Bartlett is up ahead. so open it and.. not good! The plane will switch to Otherworld in real time all around Alex...

... Objective Update: [ ] Catch up to Joshua. He will yell out in pain as he hits the dresser and that is your cue to attack the nearest flesh sac.. [to 3A] ......Sepulcher holds back either his right or left arm then swings his arm forward to punch.You didn't do enough! [ENDS CONVERSATION] --> Choice Set 3A Y ..... Each shelf can only take a certain amount of hits before it is destroyed however..Tell me about Joey........Y .. X to destroy the ever stand out in shelf and allow him again.Don't you want to do more? [to 3B] X .. Once the top half of the shelf has been destroyed then the next hit will destroy it and that attack will hit Alex if he is behind it...... Take out your handgun and shoot the closest one three times to destroy it while he is stunned..While too close.. Arm Swing .. Notice that the Broken Watch key item is used during the cutscene. His punches can be avoided by running to the side or locking onto to him then ..Sepulcher pounds the ground with both hands and debris falls from the ceiling close to Alex... [ ] Destroy Sepulcher.... Don't the open after the first combo however.. Sepulcher only has three attacks: Punch .. sac....Help me now! [ENDS CONVERSATION] --> Choice Set 3B Y .... Sometimes you have to hit it with two combos. Alex can hide behind each of the three dressers that are spread around the auditorium to avoid his physical attacks.Please... The damage will be reflected on the actual shelf to let you know about how much more it can take. Run back behind a to punch again then run back out and attack the flesh sacs A...... I need your help.... Sepulcher will swing his arm outward. ..The cutscene will play on after the choices have been made.... There are four flesh sacs hanging from the wall around the Greenhouse and you need to destroy each of the lower flesh sacs in order to weaken Sepulcher. Only reload while you run to the next shelf. You can also attack a sac with the Fire Axe.. Debris Rain ..Boss ....... After the cutscene. Use combo A.. Stand behind a dresser and wait for him to punch the dresser with his fist...... [ENDS CONVERSATION] X .Sepulcher If you keep moving to one side (either right or left) this boss cannot hit Alex. Alex will be face to face with the first boss of the game....

. so stun him again by dodging his attacks and hitting his arm.. ... Alex will wake up in a cell without any of his weapons.... He will crawl after Alex at that time and try to swing at him or smash him with his arms. Hit his arm with the Fire Axe while it is stuck and Sepulcher will fall to the ground face first......... Lock onto Sepulcher (hold LT) and wait for him to move an arm then dodge his attack by pressing B to avoid the attack..Sepulcher swings his arm downward at Alex in an attempt to stab him....He went home. you'll need to stay running or roll (B + direction) right when he pounds the ground..I don't know.... X combo. [WT05] ______________________________ _ POLICE STATION _ _____________________________ == Cell == Objective Update: [ ] Escape the jail cell.. Check both of the cell doors and eventually a cutscene will trigger....... Sepulcher will get his arm stuck in the metal floor.A cutscene will trigger after Sepulcher has been defeated...He's dead. [to 2] X .- . To avoid his debris rain. You'll have to watch out for the debris rain while hiding behind the shelves since the shelves won't protect Alex from this particular attack.--> Choice Set 1 Y ........pressing the B button to dodge the punch whenever his arm moves... Arm Swing .. [to 3] D E C I S I O N S ....Sepulcher swings his arm horizontally at Alex.... He will get back up.... Defeating Sepulcher will give you a secret achievement........ Sepulcher will fall from off the ceiling once all four of the lower flesh sacs have been destroyed. When you avoid the arm smash. Equip the Fire Axe and run up to his head then attack him with a A.. Don't ever get too close to Sepulcher or he will perform his arm swing.. The cutscene will lead into an interactive cutscene. [to 2] A . Arm Smash . which is very hard to dodge while standing still. my friend! ----Achievement unlocked: Six Feet Under (50G) Defeated Sepulcher. Deliver a finishing blow with the X button when the button icon appears to end the battle.. ----... A.

Open the door and step out into the hall where Wheeler went.from inside. == Hallway 2 == Follow Wheeler.He's dead. [to 4] A ..... Deputy Wheeler will eventually kill all the Schisms. == Storage == Save your game at the !!SAVE POINT!! on the wall up ahead. A cutscene will activate and several creatures (Schisms) will attack.--> Choice Set 2 A . Note: If Alex sticks around in the Main Hall. He will open up the door against the dark wall. He will be scared away from the double doors by a sudden rumbling and scream of a creature then he will unlock the door off to the right.. The Chief's Office door is near the end of the hall on the left side . [ENDS CONVERSATION] --> Choice Set 4 A ... A Schism will bust through the door of the first room to the right as Alex moves toward the door that leads to the Chief's Office... Wheeler tells Alex to run toward the Chief's Office at the end of the hall.... The Schisms can corner Alex in this room. == Hallway == Wheeler is off to Alex's right.A monster killed him. There is a POEM written on the wall on the back of Alex's cell..Objective Update: [ ] Follow Deputy Wheeler through the station..... so be prepared to tap a button represented on the button icon that appears if they grab him then run by them... Fitch. Follow him into the next room... Follow Wheeler into the main has a slight bit of light shining from underneath the door. Pick up the --PHOTO (6/11)-. Deputy Wheeler will open the cell door after Alex speaks of the creatures that killed Mayor Bartlett..A monster killed him.....You won't believe me. You'll be given control of a bare-handed Alex.. Walk up to Wheeler and he will explain that him and Alex need to meet up with Dr.It was an accident. [to 4] X ... [to 3] --> Choice Set 3 Y . .. [ENDS CONVERSATION] ....... == Main Hall == Objective Update: [ ] Retrieve my gear from my Dad's Office.

you need to learn their attacks and the proper timing to dodge them. Alex will receive the ++12 GAUGE SHOTGUN++ following the cutscene.this is why you have to approach a group of Schisms with relentless aggression and stomp one of them out very quickly so you can deal with the other one by itself. There is a boarded up door further ahead but you can't break it just yet.these are the most damaging. ----In order to fight a Schism properly. Three more Schisms will bust through a door to the side if you defeat both of the first two. Right when you enter the room. X attacks with the Fire Axe from up close work wonders on a single Schism. Hack through the boarded up doorway after the cutscene and run into the room ahead. Find the ++STATION MAP++ on the small shelf by the door . == Chief's Office == Objective Update: [ ] Escape the station and meet up with Elle. so try to stay close to one while fighting it. You'll get an achievement after the first Schism falls. There is absolutely nothing down the hallway where the second . and an uppercut head slash that you can dodge away from at close range. Turn on your flashlight and arm your fire axe. == Chief's Office Hallway == Move toward the boarded up doorway for a cutscene.== Chief's Office Hallway == The Schisms will not follow Alex into this room. Shoot him a second time while he is on the ground to kill him . A Schism has a slash that it will perform with its head. which I assume you don't.make sure to pick this up! Rush back out into the Chief's Office Hallway. The A. turn to the Schism that jumps through the glass then quickly run up to him with the shotgun armed and shoot him in the head. ----Achievement unlocked: -> Split Personality (10G) Defeated 1 can also pull out the handgun or simply hit him with the Fire Axe after the first shotgun blast to kill him and conserve shotgun ammo. Its long distance attacks are a head slash lunge and a grabbing lunge . an arm swing. In the next room a Schism will drop through the ceiling and another one will jump through the glass in the office to the right. This next room can get bad if you don't know how to deal with Schisms. A. just don't let them back off or they will perform a long distance attack. Find the second door on the left wall leading to the Chief's Office then open it and walk inside for a cutscene. X combo from the pipe can work well against them once a move of theirs has been dodged also. right? == Lobby == Schisms are hard to fight in any type of group since you don't have the chance to focus on their movement while another is nearby .

Walk over to the lever on the far wall and pull it." Look at the clock. Voila! Collect the --SHOTGUN AMMUNITION--. Take out the Fire Axe and defeat the last Schism with X swings from up close. All doors are locked along the way. Arm your shotgun and run up to the closest one then shoot it once to knock it down and blast it again with the shotgun or handgun while it lies on the ground. so move to the south down the hall. You could also use two shotgun blasts if you are afraid of getting hit. == Briefing Room == Two Schisms will attack in this room. Run toward him and hit him with constant X swings with the fire axe. Run through the open door next to the broken glass. You can also learn its attacks and dodge them then counter it with some counter attacks. Don't let it get too far of the fourth sink. Move toward the garage door then duck under it to trigger a cutscene.from the top of the file cabinet inside. "Only time will tell who has the will to live. Hop back through the window and enter the restroom through the door on the left side of the room (second door to the left) then collect the --HEALTH DRINK-. so enter "206" for the combination. . naturally.from inside. Pick up the --SHOTGUN AMMUNITION-. Duck under the hole in the wall off to the left at the end of the of three Schisms appear from. The combination is in this room! Recall the words on the wrinkled memo outside. Enter the office on the west side of the garage. so don't even bother fighting off the second Schism in the first group unless you enjoy the combat in this game that much. The exit doors are locked.from the file cabinet behind the desk. == Hallway to Garage == The two doors to the left are jammed. Three of them together are a major pain in the ass. but there is nothing inside except for a dead body in the second stall. so continue to the garage door and open it. This will make the garage door open. but you really need to know its attacks well to do this. Allow the second Schism to survive then hop through the opening of the broken window that one of Schisms broke through earlier and collect the --HEALTH DRINK-. ++ LOCKER PUZZLE ++ The metal cabinet off to the right is locked and needs a number combination to open it. == Garage == A Schism will knock away some metal barrels to the right as Alex enters the garage. --HEALTH DRINK-. The time is 2:06. There is another restroom on the opposite side of the room outside. Walk toward the boarded up doorway on the southeast side of the room and chop through the boards with your Fire Axe. Examine the WRINKLED MEMO on the black police car next to the small office for a clue to a puzzle inside of the office. The door along the right side is jammed to.and --PISTOL AMMO.

Walk over to the valve handle and rotate it . Walk to the other side of the raised area then step down into the knee deep water. . so this will help to delay its attacks. but getting to them is quite hard even with well-timed dodging. A Siam is super aggressive and just running around will not always guarantee that Alex will avoid its attacks. ----Achievement unlocked: -> Shades of James (20G) Defeated 1 Siam ----[WT06] __________________________ _ SHEPHERD'S GLEN SEWERS _ _________________________ == Gate 13 Area == Objective Update [ ] Keep Elle safe. The special part about using the handgun is that each shot will stagger it even while it attacks. My god. Elle will follow Alex for this journey through the sewers. It only takes three shotgun blasts or seven handgun blasts to kill a Siam so spam it with blasts from either weapon to finish it off quickly... Take out the shotgun and shoot it three times to finish it. == Gate 4 Area == Turn left at the debris down the waterway tunnel ahead then step up to the raised portion of the tunnel on the left. It's weak portion is the feminine legs on its back. Elle will move up under the gate then run over to the valve handle on the other side and rotate it just enough to Alex can duck under the gate.Objective Update: [ ] Rescue Elle. Alex will hold the gate open long enough for Elle to slip through. Jump off the current raised portion and down into the tunnel ahead. You can also use the handgun and shoot it 7 times to defeat it. I wonder what lurks in here. There is an area down the right tunnel further ahead that Alex can step up to but it only leads to a dead end with nothing.tap the A button while holding it. You'll get an achievement for beating it. We have a feisty one! This particular creature is called a Siam. [ ] Find a way out of the sewers. but using a melee weapon against one is incredibly hard. Don't try to run from a Siam since it will easily catch up with Alex and combo him with its attacks. Fighting it with just a firearm can sometimes be deadly since it is hard to dodge its attacks with only a roll and no dodge (like when Alex has a melee weapon equipped). Elle will call Alex's attention to a valve handle near a gate marked with the number 3. Hit it with two shots right at the beginning while it roars and you might even be able to sneak in the third and final shot.

Take out the fire axe and dodge his attacks then attack him from the side. Step back down to the waterway tunnel and follow it to the left. == Bilge Tank == Run through the knee deep water then climb the ladder at the other end. Move back up the waterway tunnel. Step up to the next tunnel off to the right at the end of the current one then follow it. Step up onto the left raised portion then take out your steel pipe and pry the gate open. The Fire Axe has a chance to kill a Lurker instantly with any swing .and other --PISTOL AMMO-. == Gate 8 Area == Elle will not be able to raise the gate from the other side but she tells Alex of another gate to the side that she could raise for him if he met her on the other side.remember you need to have lowered the water by rotating the valve handle in the last tunnel a few moments ago. Another Lurker will rise up from the water and attack once you pass the rusted bus to the right. Step off into the waterway that the Needler comes from once he is defeated. Climb up the next ladder then save your game at the save point around the left corner. Rotate the valve handle on the water pump off to the left to lower the water level in the pool further ahead. Life before. Elle will eventually get frightened as a Lurker moves out of the water up ahead. Turn left and climb back down the ladder and into the knee deep water below. you'll find some human remains among the wall debris. Pick up the ++SEWER MAP++ and the ++SHOTGUN AMMUNITION++. Exit the room and climb or drop down into the small pool below the ladder outside . Move further ahead and save your game at the !!SAVE POINT!! on the right wall around the left corner. == Gate 12 Area == . rotate the valve handle to raise the gate and let Elle under. A Needler probably heard the plans of the two because he will attack Alex on the way back up the waterway tunnel. we backtrack a X swing is a guaranteed head chop. well. The Lurkers in this area seem to run straight toward Elle at times. == Bilge Tank Area == There is a ladder to the left that can now be climbed down if Alex lowered the water level down the last tunnel but don't move down it just yet. Move to the south along the current waterway. Keep following the waterway to the end and you'll arrive at Gate 8. Turn left at the end of the tunnel then step up onto the raised area. So. Step up to the raised area along the left side and take the --HEALTH DRINK-from the indention along the side of the wall then step back down to the waterway.hmmm. If you look past the grating of the torn wall to the side. There is nothing down the waterway to the left in the next area. Step down into the next waterway tunnel and walk toward the light that is entering from the grating above.on the blue tank if needed. The area past Gate 9 has nothing special behind it so stepping under it is rather useless. Step off into the waterway next to Gate 12. == Gate 12 Area == Climb up to the next raised area. so turn her way if one of them suddenly disappears. Another Needler will step out from the waterway directly ahead. Walk to the far right and pick up the --PISTOL AMMO-. Enter the room past the save point and walk over to the dead body on the bed. so step down to the right waterway.

Duck under the gate. == Gate 8 Area == A Needler will race down the waterway up ahead shortly after the gate falls. Walk back through the doorway then drop to the waterway in the north. There is nothing in the areas along the west and north side of the waterway. Before dropping again.from the inside the big pipe on the back wall. I have a feeling as to what is going to happen here.from the right wall.and --SHOTGUN AMMO-. == Drop Area == WARNING (GAME BUG ALERT): If you venture further into enemies up ahead then come back and save your game at below then you will fall victim to one of Silent Hill bugs/glitches. no boss at least.Continue to of Gate 4. look off to the right and move through the doorway then save your game at the !!SAVE POINT!!. == Sluice Drain Area == Climb down the ladder off to the right. The water's fine! Or not. Step up to the raised area off to the left. Follow the corridor to the west and a Needler will attack.. so climb the ladder on the south wall. I was half right. Run all the Gate 4 and Elle will rotate the valve handle on the other side to Alex. The door to the left is sealed. they will fight him one on one. Defeat him then continue to the west and pick up the --PISTOL AMMO-. . next to a light. Step back down and follow the waterway to the northeast. what are you waiting for? Jump right in. == Main Drain Chamber == Find the valve handle in the north and rotate it so that Elle can move up under Gate 15. Elle will jump into the water and follow Alex eventually. There are only two Lurkers in the water. Well. Move into the Drop area. way back to open it for the south and go back to the area with the standing water in front A single Lurker will attack from the shallow water. It's really up to you how you want to fight them. Follow the waterway to the east then step up to the raised area on the right side in the middle of the waterway then pick up the --SHOTGUN AMMUNITION-. The Fire Axe still works well but I would recommend working them away from each other and only concentrating on one at a time. so kill off the first one near the middle then the last one near the end. Most of the time. Read on ahead if you're worried about the tunnel and defeat any the save point mentioned Homecomings many game this. Run to the far north and drop off the edge of the high platform. Elle will not be able to open the gate on the other side but she will head down the remainder of the tunnel. Turn around and move back into the Main Drain Chamber. Step across the metal bridge and Alex will reach the spillway that has a shallow pool in the middle. Venture back to the east and find the lever on the right wall. Continue to the Main Drain Chamber. while Alex is locked onto one. Step up onto the east side of the Spillway. Three Needlers will step out from the side walls. Well. then pull it to open the gate on the wall in the east.. A Needler will attack from near the end of the tunnel. You know the drill by now.

Continue to the north then climb the ladder. pump three shotgun blasts into it to finish it off. so don't keep fighting them if they surround Alex. X combo on them and focus on one at a time. so have your Combat Knife ready. This works for the Siam as well . Wait for it to step into view then shoot him 7 times to defeat it. The knife will kill them fast enough to where they won't be able to do much as a pair . Wheeler wants Alex to meet him at Dr. so you can't hide behind them. The front door to the Shepherd House is sealed off with barbed wire. Two Ferals will attack along the way to the south. Take this chance to go back to the Town Hall in the south. much like the bug deal with the Otherworld transition at the Grand will turn its back to Alex quite a bit while Alex stands inside of the area with the car.these type of enemies are hard to run from. then the Siam will appear if you die then reload your game. Move down the waterway beyond the gate. Chop through the boards on the north side of the Town Hall and open the door. A.Once the three Needlers fall. There is still a boarded up portion over a door that needs to be chopped down in there. Shortly afterward. To defeat him easily. One reader emailed and told me that Elle respawns at the save point and you'll have to reopen the gate. ________________________________ _ TOWN HALL _ ________________________________ A Smog might attack in the main hallway that stretches across the Town Hall. TIP: If you run all the way back down the tunnel that leads to the drain area and stand on top of the car in that area then the Needlers will not be able to hit Alex. then he will not appear when the game is continued and this will cause a game bug to where your brightness level will fall and the game will remain dark for the rest of the playthrough.sometimes he doesn't appear. Use the A. Alex will run across a blood trail along with Elle's radio and automatically examine the horrid site. you'll hear Elle scream. Go south on Craven Avenue and a cutscene will play. just run the best way you can even if Alex has to run from Ferals. If you fail to kill the Siam at that point. so prepare the handgun . Objective Update: [ ] Go to Doc Fitch's office. The Siam will ram right through the pillars in the room. so I wouldn't recommend running here. Enemies will now spawn randomly on the streets of Shepherd's Glen. so we can't go in there at the moment. Otherwise. A. They usually will not enter the area with the car and they will sometimes turn their back to Alex while attempting to get inside. ________________________ _ STREETS OF SHEPHERD'S GLEN _ _______________________ Alex will emerge near his house on Craven Avenue in Shepherd's Glen. Be sure to examine the . WARNING (GAME BUG ALERT): Do not try to go back and save your game while fighting the three Needlers. aim your handgun directly down the tunnel and watch for the cursor to turn red. Step back down into the waterway then continue to the north. a Siam will enter the room and attack from the tunnel that Alex and Elle just came from.from the floor up above. Fitch's Office. Be sure to step up onto the raised area hallway down the waterway and pick up the --PHOTO (7/11)-. The gate that Elle went through will fully open once the Siam is defeated.

from the wall behind the shelf. We're talking Ferals and Schisms here. Walk to the door and leave the room. There is a hidden secret in this room. Walk down the hall and find the door that used to be closed next to the reception. They will group up on Alex if you try to fight them and they will surely take some valuable health. Save your game in the room next to Judge Holloway's Office before leaving. _________________________ _ DR. == Scarlet's Room == Use the Small Key to unlock the case on top of the dresser and cutscene will play. Push the shelf aside and take the --CHILD'S DRAWING (10/18)-. FITCH. Be sure to check it.PORTRAIT OF ISAAC SHEPHERD on the table. == Examination Room == Collect the ++SMALL KEY++ from the bed off to the right and read the NOTE TO MR. Fitch's office. Don't even pay attention to the enemies along the way. == Scarlet's Room == Move over to the cabinet on the left side of the room and take the --PHOTO (8/11)--. FITCH'S OFFICE (OW) _ _________________________ == Scarlet's Room (OW) == . A trail of blood will become visible on the way to Dr. The door will not to the side of the reception counter and step behind the --HEALTH DRINK-. There is a light on at the end of the left hall that should help you see them. FITCH'S OFFICE _ ___________________________ == Reception == Move through the doorway the counter then pick up Examine the SOUTHEASTERN wall. Walk over to the left side of the shelf on the left wall to get a push command. A cutscene will play eventually. All the doors are locked except for the door at the very end on the right. Don't leave the room with the light on! There are five Nurses standing in the outside corridor to the left. == Front Reception == As you walk up to the door. Walk over to the medical case and examine it then take the --SERUM (3/8)--. so just run! Roll to the Dr. the radio will go off. The case on the dresser directly ahead is locked and requires a key. Open the door and enter the room. There is a fallen shelf by it. UNIVERSITY DEGREE next to the door against the right open so move down the dark corridor ahead. so enter the room.from the far left counter. Fitch's Office door if you have to. It is now wide open. Fitch's office which is to the west on Main Street. ________________________ _ STREETS OF SHEPHERD'S GLEN _ _______________________ You need to go toward Dr. Kill them in the dark. Exit the room then go back to the room down the hall on the right. Enter Dr. Exit the Town Hall and step back out into the streets. Fitch's office via the front door after the cutscene. [WT07] ____________________________ _ DR.

Walk down the right path that Josh came from and pick up the --CHILD'S DRAWING (11/18)-. Turn to the right once ahead will lead to another path then tap the A button the catwalks. a Swarm will attack. Hop across the to grab onto the other side. The fan that is below Alex up ahead is not on. When you drop. Hop across the gap at the bottom then move up the next set of stairs. Jump over to the bridge directly ahead.Objective update: [ ] Investigate the area. Pick up the --PISTOL AMMO-. Turn left and move down the hall. Go back and turn to the left then follow that staircase all the way down. The right path will lead to another dead end cliff. so be ready to stomp some bugs. The right path ends very quickly. Drop down through the fan. Move through the narrow corridor to the side of the room and climb down when prompted. Keep moving until you come to a split. Run back down the stairs and go the other way. Facing the bottom of the ladder. Turn left and follow the bridge then drop down when prompted. You'll eventually reach a point where you can drop to some stairs below a catwalk. so follow the left path. Hop over the fan. so you can drop down through this fan.from the table then move down the next corridor and drop to the catwalk below. Keep going straight when Alex is forced the stairs directly gap along the right ahead even when you get on to. so take . If you follow Josh down the stairs then you will arrive at a dead end cliff in the middle of the stairway and won't be able to go any further down the stairs. The path down cliff dead end. "Behind you" will be displayed on the screen and a Smog monster will appear behind Alex and attack. the left path will only lead to a jammed door. Drop down to the stairs since the catwalk will end momentarily. Climb down the ladder off to the left. Move up the new set of stairs in front of Alex then take the --HEALTH DRINK-from the table with the doll on it. Walk around the catwalk as it trails off to the left. Take the left path. so don't examine the doll. Defeat the Smog down the left path. _______________________________ _ HELL DESCENT _ ______________________________ Josh will appear off in the distance then he will run to the right as Alex gets close to him. Alex will pick up ++SCARLET'S DOLL++ after the cutscene.from the catwalk. You'll see Josh run by and move to the left but when Alex moves around the left corner a Smog will attack. Objective Update: [ ] Find Joshua. Move down the stairs to the right. Move ahead and you'll have a choice of two paths once again. turn to the right and hop into the open space in the wall. If you move down the corridor to the right and examine the doll at the end. When you reach the "Emergency and Ambulance Entrance" sign pointing to the right. Make when a left the path splits. Alex needs to tie a leash around that kid when he finally catches him. The entrance that Alex came through is now boarded up with boards that he cannot chop through. Turn around then find the catwalk tunnel to the right and move down that tunnel.

run back to the ladder and. From the area where you drop down. A Swarm will attack. You're now back in the area with the three fans outside of the tunnel but by pulling the switch on the other side. Go forward first then you'll have to backtrack to this area again. Some of the fans are on and some of them are off. The door to the side of the table is locked and can't be opened. Climb down the ladder. One of them is off. duck up under Fan 3 then duck up under Fan 2 and . Turn to the left and take out the Combat Knife then cut the skin wall and squeeze through it. the fan on the floor has stopped. squeeze through the pipes. Duck under the fan after it stops. Go back the way you came. The fan will start up once Alex is on the other side of it.from the floor near the fan. It will eventually stop and the bottom portion will be open just enough to pass through. so stomp them and throw them off if they attach to Alex. Hop over the lava pool ahead then move down the tunnel off to the right. The door ahead is jammed and will not open. Josh can be seen on the other side of the fan as Alex approaches it but Josh will quickly stand up and haul ass before Alex can give him a spanking with that new crowbar we just found. Take the other path this time and I will lead the way. Duck under the fan then move down the stairs ahead and drop down to the area below. bad body bag in a cage. Squeeze through the pipes along the right wall then duck under the fan directly ahead. Turn left and climb down the ladder.5 . Turn left and move toward the fan that is on. The first path to the right will only lead to a dead end with a fence blocking the end. Turn around and move toward the fan. Duck under the fan. Some more body bags in cages will be behind Alex as he steps off the ladder.2 On = 5 . Now Alex is back at the area where you dropped from earlier and were give a choice of paths. ++ FAN PUZZLE ++ You'll eventually enter an area with a bunch of fans with numbers in the middle of them. so step toward that particular fan and duck under it. Follow the path ahead then move down the tunnels. Run straight ahead then turn once you get to the fallen cages. ----Off = 3 .1 ----Left side = 3 . Continue directly ahead and make a left to follow the tunnel in that direction.6 .2 . Pull the lever on the right wall to turn the fan off.the right path and drop down to the area below that it leads to. Find the section without wall along the right side of the tunnel then drop down. Three fans will be at the end of the tunnel. Hop over the lava to land on the slender catwalk then move to the right and step down. Some cages are to Alex's right . Turn to the right.4 . there are two ways to go. bad! Sorry. so drop through it. Pick up the --CHILD'S DRAWING (12/18)-.holy of them has a body bag in it. Take the ++CROWBAR++ from the table.1 Right side = 4 .6 ----Before you do anything here. Duck under the fan. Find the lever on the wall then pull it to stop the fan. Climb the ladder again then step up to the tunnel up ahead and turn left then follow it to the lava pool and hop back over the pool.

6) Pull the "3|4" switch to make fan 4 turn off and fan 3 turn on. Make a right at the end and the area will light up and showcase a door directly ahead as all sound stops except for a slight buzzing.. Fitch as he kneels in the center of the room. Move down the dark tunnel.. 4) Pull the "4|5" switch to make fan 5 turn off and fan 4 turn on.. 2) Pull the "3|4" switch to make fan 4 turn off and fan 3 turn on. Save your game! Climb down the ladder across from the save point.. [to 2] the medical case on the table beyond Fan 2. Move past the ladder at the bottom and you'll find a !!SAVE POINT!! on the wall ahead. Josh will be in view as Alex climbs down the ladder then he will quickly run ahead of Alex.. Open the door. Step into the room with the giant overhead fan then move toward Dr.. so let's not disappoint. To give you a simple solution. Fitch will cut himself while Alex is away from him then he will stop and look up as Alex gets closer.. You need to pull the levers along the sides of the fans in a certain order. Follow the catwalk that he runs along... Something tells me that door is meant to be opened. Now fans 4. Such a waste of good suffering.take the --SERUM (4/8)-.--> Choice Set 1 D E C I S I O N S . give this man a puzzle box.... Note: Dr.. 5) Pull the "2|3" switch to make fan 3 turn off and fan 2 turn on. 3) Pull the "5|6" switch to make fan 6 turn off and fan 5 turn on... He will go back to cutting himself if Alex moves away from him again... he needs to explore some Hellraiser cenobite pleasures. Turn to the left after stepping through the fans and find the ladder at the end of the tunnel. The lights in each section of the tunnel will shut off in sequence and stay off.- Y . A cutscene will show the wall ahead as it breaks open to reveal a tunnel... Climb down the ladder.. here is the order that will turn off the fans on the right side: 4|5 3|4 5|6 4|5 2|3 3|4 Here is a more detailed explanation as to what exactly goes on during this process. .I can treat a wound. so Alex can duck under all the fans on the right side and make his way through them.. Speak with the good doctor for a interactive cutscene.. 1) Pull the "4|5" switch to make fan 5 turn off and make fan 4 turn on... 5 and 6 are turned off. Objective Update: [ ] Investigate the area..

X . you fool.. Once the first swipe is dodged.Give the doll to Dr. creating a spurt of blood as her hand hits the ground....... Scarlet will sometimes perform a single swipe instead of a double swipe... She's really fights just like a slightly bigger normal enemy in my view. You can use the Fire Axe but the Crowbar is a bit safer since the hit is faster.... so quickly hit either her right or left leg with a charged X attack from the Crowbar.... She has a two hit arm swipe attack where she will try to hit Alex with one of her arms then pause and then try to hit him with the other arm..Scarlet Arm Swipe .. When she . Do not go beyond a single charged strong attack since Alex will likely get hit if you try to add in an X swing. Scarlet is really not that much of a problem. Fitch... You have to rely on the dodge button........Fine......Boss .. Alex can't take cover anywhere during this battle. Objective Update [ ] Defeat Scarlet. [ENDS CONVERSATION] --> Choice Set 5 A .. The Combat Knife is useless against her thanks to her porcelain exterior.Scarlet leans an arm back and pounds the ground.... She can do this often at times..Give the doll to Dr.. .. Blood Eruption . [to 2] --> Choice Set 2 Y ... Fitch.. pause a bit and then dodge the second swipe. She is left wide open to an attack at that point...... This combo must be dodged one swipe right after the other...Scarlet will lean one of her arms back and swipe the ground in front of her with her long arm...Who listens? [to 4] Y .............What happened to Scarlet? [to 5] A ..What are you doing here? [to 3] --> Choice Set 3 X . It can be hard to understand how to hit her without getting hit yourself at first however. You really should prepare for a double swipe however to keep from getting hit period.... Fitch [ENDS CONVERSATION] . Sometimes she will stop with one hit but sometimes she will pause and perform another swipe going the other direction.It really doesn't matter what you choose for the conversation since the choices always remain the same for each set unless you end it early by giving the doll to Dr....What the hell does that mean? [to 4] --> Choice Set 4 Y .......

Scarlet jumps to the ceiling then waits. Double Slap . Oh. She will get up a few times after Alex knocks her down. but there is one move that she performs that is her downfall. She basically gives Alex an opportunity for a free charged hit every time that she yells while standing in place. Once she has taken enough damage while she has fallen over. Both attacks are very fast. so press the X button followed by the next button that appears to finish her off in a cutscene! SPECIAL NOTE: If you keep failing the tap sequence then don't tap the button so button so fast. A. but she is not finished just yet! She will now stand on her legs and hands and move toward Alex then try to slap him. Sometimes Alex will roll away from her though. so you'll have to dodge her attacks once again and hit her in the legs to make her fall again. She has a move where she will pound the ground with her fist and blood will fly up from the ground. Alex will roll behind her after dodging the ground pound and you can easily get in some hits after this move. she will fall within a few swings or one charged swing. When she falls. It can be dodged just like the swipe but it takes a slightly different timed button press when compared to the swipes. You must knock off the hard porcelain from both of her legs and continue to damage her legs until she falls. Press the button and Alex will roll away from this move and Scarlet will stun herself. Supposedly. If she lands on Alex then press the button that appears to break her grip. It's hard to tell this move from the normal swipe since Scarlet is so tall. the X button icon will appear while standing next to her. so you'll really just have to risk it and press the dodge button in hope to avoid this move. If you fail to respond to the .Scarlet holds both of her arms downward then quickly jumps in the air and lunges forward with both hand. if you tap the button too fast the sequence will not allow you to continue. This will damage her greatly and three of these finish her for good. Her far off lunge is easiest to dodge since she will give off more of warning by holding her arms down and jumping. A button prompt will appear slightly before she lands on Alex. It has come to my attention that this is why some gamers have a problem with this fight.Scarlet leans down slightly before she performs a quick slap forward with one of her arms while in close range. charge X combo or simply hit her with continuous charged X swings with the Crowbar. After suffering enough damage her hard porcelain shell will begin to fall off and her inner skin will be shown. She is hard to hit during this stage of the battle because she is constantly moving. Eventually.only performs a single hit. If you tap the button at the will roll out of the way of Scarlet's attack and you will her and deliver a heavy attack with the tap of the X appears. so be sure to charge a swing to hit her at that time. Making her fall a second or third time is not hard at all since her weak skin is already revealed. Ceiling Attack . Slap . If you can time it just right then you can actually hit her with a charged X swing right as she rises to knock her back down when she tries to get up. you might want to hit her with a counter attack or A swing since you'll likely hit her late while anticipating a second swipe. Read on below the moves. Watch for her to lean downward then dodge to avoid the attack. You have to button tapping at this time. perform an A. she will watch for a sudden B right time then Alex be able to run up to button when the icon type of attacks will jump to the wall and climb to the ceiling. You need to knock off all portions of porcelain on her upper half as well.

. There are your game at the save point in the northeast room....... ----.. If you choose to hit after an attack then you're going to have a tough time with this boss. Fitch's Office by stepping out the front door back into the streets of Shepherd's Glen...... This key goes in the slot of podium in the middle room of the Town Hall. They both lead the same way.. Simply run up to her and tap the X button and Alex will use the crowbar to stab her in the chest. Move down the stairs and pick up the --FIRST AID KIT-. [WT08] ________________________________ _ TOWN HALL _ ________________________________ You may want to save Killing the Smogs in constantly respawn and paintings of the == Founders Room == Walk behind the podium on the east end of the room and use the Founders Key when prompted to use an item. so it doesn't matter.. Head east on Main Street and enter the Town Hall through the front door.. . FITCH'S OFFICE _ ___________________________ == Scarlet's Room == Objective Update: [ ] Investigate the Town Hall. this building is really a waste of ammo since they your choice. Three Nurses are in the large room ahead.. Run and roll away from the monsters out on the streets. Leave Dr. You will receive an achievement after defeating her and a cutscene will play.. The middle portion of the floor will rise up to reveal a stairway below the Town Hall.... then the best time to hit her is after avoiding her ceiling grab.____________________________ _ DR..... If you want to make this battle easy. Turn off your flashlight and enter the narrow tunnel.ceiling attack with a button press then she will jump on Alex and you will have to fight her off by tapping the button that appears during the grab sequence.... Move down either tunnel along the right or left side...under the archway in the wall directly ahead. ----Achievement unlocked: -> Blood Donor (50G) Defeated Scarlet. == Basement == This room has a twisted tree root growing out of the ceiling. Enter the middle room with the large podium founding fathers..... Just keep your distance from her and let her jump to the ceiling then avoid the attack and hit her with a strong attack while she is stunned. Alex will receive the ++FOUNDERS KEY++ after the cutscene. so be ready to sneak up on them and beat them down with whatever melee weapon of your choosing.....

another --SHOTGUN AMMUNITION-. so go right.from inside. Alex will receive the ++CEREMONIAL DAGGER++ after the cutscene. Move to the west down Main Street and walk over to the Missing Persons billboard where Elle was posting up papers earlier. Alex will surface in one of the east mausoleum's in the Founders Garden of the Rose Heights Cemetery. Examine the cross on the right side of the room to trigger a cutscene.and --HEALTH DRINK-. believe it or not. Turn left and move forward then follow the tunnel to the right. __________________________ _ ROSE HEIGHTS CEMETERY _ __________________________ == Founders Garden == Objective Update: [ ] Traverse the Cemetery and enter the Shepherd House from the backyard. Two of them are to the sides of the tunnel that Alex uses to enter this area and the other two are on the opposite wall.altogether four ANCIENT BOOKS that can be read in this room. Since you're already here. Alex will enter a room with a desk off to the left with a typewriter on it.from off the left wall. You'll arrive at a four way split.from off the ground right near the fence to the Junkyard. Follow the next tunnel and the path will split. Keep moving straight ahead then take the second left. Enter the area beyond the door then make a right and follow that tunnel and then turn right again. so walk in between the two books and you'll get an "Unlock" command. There is a --PHOTO (9/11)-. The gate to the Junkyard is locked. Now. The door blends right in the wall. Use the Ceremonial Dagger to unlock the other mausoleum right across from the current one then step inside and open the medical case on the right coffin then take the --SERUM (5/8)-. Equip the Ceremonial Dagger and give the command to unlock the door. At the end of the next tunnel. If you want to get all of the photos in this game then you need to bit of backtracking to the east street outside of the Rose Heights Move out the north gate of the Founder's Garden and enter the West keep heading north to the Parking Lot and exit through the gate on side. there is a door with a slot to the side of it in between the two books directly across from the tunnel that Alex used to enter this area. do a little Cemetery. why not do some more backtracking? Run to the far south portion of River View Road and simply move by the Smogs along the way. Climb up the ladder on the side wall. Turn to the left while still standing near the top of the ladder and take the --CHILD'S DRAWING (13/18)-. Garden then the east _______________________ _ STREETS OF SHEPHERD'S GLEN _ ________________________ The only monster around here is a Smog in the far west. hell. Run across the bridge and pick up the --SHOTGUN AMMUNITION--. The right and straight paths are dead ends. so head back to the Founders . This dagger will take the place of the Combat Knife from now on. what in the world do we do next? Well. Equip the Ceremonial Dagger once again and unlock the door to the mausoleum with it.lying on the ground in front of the right side of the billboard. You need to go back to the backyard of the Shepherd House now.

__________________________ _ ROSE HEIGHTS CEMETERY _ __________________________ == Founders Garden == Move up the stairs on the south side of the garden then head to the west and drop down into the pit. Open the back gate. Take out the Ceremonial Dagger and fight them off with it. The opening Alex used before is blocked this time so duck under the opening on the north wall. so blast him with the handgun. A Smog will be to the right. Take the ++'CHROME HAMMER' PISTOL++ from the floor in between the coffins.from the ground on the north side. == Family Crypts North == After exiting the crypt.and --SHOTGUN AMMUNITION-. Backtrack and find the opening in the west wall then duck under can use the shotgun for a one hit kill while aiming for their lungs.Garden of the Cemetery where Alex exited from the mausoleum. Alex is once again behind his house. == Family Crypts Mid == Exit the crypt then move through the iron gate to the west. Run to the east side of this low area and climb up to the area above. == East Garden == The gate to the Bartlett Mausoleum is once again closed. == Founders Row == Climb up out of the pit then move through the gate. Move through the crypt at the end of the path and look through the crypt to the left to see a Smog coming toward Alex. as labeled on your map then move down the catwalk area and step out onto Barker Street. Defeat the Smog then move through the next crypt. Exit the crypt then move through the iron gate in the east. == Old Crypts == Go through the door of the crypt up ahead then move down the path of tombs. take out the Fire Axe and chop through the wooden boards that block the crypt directly ahead. Squeeze through the narrow hole in the wall in between the tombs on the west wall to get back into one of the crypts in the Family Crypts Mid Area. Two Ferals will attack as soon as Alex hits the ground near the fountain below. Enter the last crypt on the left and duck under the hole in the west wall then exit the next crypt. but Alex doesn't need to go that way anyway. This takes the place of the normal handgun. Two Smogs will attack on the other side. Push open the next iron gate in the east then step out to the East Garden. so blast their lungs with the handgun when they open up their chests to show their glowing lungs . Run through the Old Crypts area. Save your game at the save point in the first crypt to the left. [WT09] . Enter the last crypt on the right then squeeze through the narrow opening in the north wall. Drop off the side of the hill to the north. Run to the very end and collect the --FIRST AID KIT-.

Push the find a door. What a photo. the attic! up the --PHOTO creepy looking the stairs and shelf aside to Move up the stairs. This shotgun can hold 5 bullets at a time and Schisms fear it greatly since it will defeat them in one shot! Move over to the table directly ahead and pick up the ++ATTIC KEY++. you must highlight a piece with the right analog then move it in a direction with the left analog. Exit the room then squeeze back through the sheet. Axe and chop through the boards covering the door on the kitchen. so walk over to the cabinet on the left side of the room and pick up the ++'BLUESTEEL' SHOTGUN++. The B button will back you . Objective Update: [ ] Find a way into the attic. I've suffered through a few hours of block moving so you don't have to.. Walk over to the emblem on the desk in the middle of the room and choose to investigate it. Step inside of the attic room after the cutscene. Run up the stairs and step back into the front room of the house. Walk around the side of the house next to the doghouse then move down the stairs and reenter the basement by going down the stairs across from the doghouse and opening the door. Take out the Fire right side of the --FIRST AID KIT-doors are locked. Move up the stairs to the second floor. Open the back door. Walk past the sheet to the left and pick (10/11)-. Mom's still in the living room in her near death state. You'll have to solve a sliding puzzle on the desk in order to advance. always treating Alex like number 2. Walk around the left corner and approach the door to the attic at the end of the second floor hall. In order to move each piece. there is nothing in this first room except for an old flickering TV.from off the boxes covered with a sheet. Let's try door number 2 up ahead and to the left. Squeeze through the cut sheet on the left wall almost directly across from the basement stairs. Hmmm.. Damn you Alan Shepherd. Use the Attic Key on the door to unlock it then open the door. Walk over to the bookshelf almost directly across from stand on the left side of it to get a push command. All you to suffer through is the text explanation. ++ SLIDING PUZZLE 3 ++ Don't worry. Check out the CERTIFICATE OF RELEASE OR DISCHARGE FROM ACTIVE DUTY on the right desk. Open the door to trigger a cutscene. Open the door and step inside._____________________________ _ SHEPHERD HOUSE _ ______________________________ Objective Update: [ ] The basement door is locked. Take the from off the desk on the right side of the room. this sliding puzzle proves it. so let's leave her be. Ah. I wonder if I can open it? There's no place like home! Walk up the stairs and step onto the back porch. The other so exit the house. Good ole' dad left behind his shotgun. Equip the Ceremonial Dagger and use it to unlock the door behind the cut sheet. Open the door to enter the dining room.

then your puzzle should be arranged like the diagram in #2. each numbered item represents the way the puzzle should look after the lettered directions from the prior number has been followed.out of the puzzle. but it will not reset the puzzle. For the puzzle sequence below. So after you finish with #1. The insignia on the cloth is the same one that is on the puzzle. NOTE: If you mess up on this puzzle then leave the Shepherd House and the puzzle will reset back to its default setup! The object is to line up the insignia with the two swords on it. If you want to see the insignia then go into first person view and look at the red cloth above the desk. (#1) ___ _______ | 1 | | 2 | |---|-----------| | | 4 | | | 3 |-------| 5 | |___|_6_|_7_|___| |_8_| |___9___| | (#2) | ___ _______ ___ | | 1 | 2 | | | |---|-------| 5 | | | | 4 | | | | 3 |-------|---| | |___|___|_6_|_7_| | |_8_|___9___| | a) 2 left | a) 7 down b) 5 up | b) 6 right c) 7 right | c) 9 up d) 6 right | e) 9 left | | ---------------------------|-----------------------------| (#3) | (#4) ___ _______ ___ | ___ _______ ___ | 1 | 2 | | | | 1 | 2 | | |---|-------| 5 | | |---|-------| 5 | | | 4 | | | | | 4 | | | 3 |-------|---| | | 3 |-------|---| |___|___9___|_6_| | |___|_7_|___9___| |_8_| |_7_| | |_8_|_6_| | a) 7 left | a) 7 down b) 6 down | b) 9 left c) 9 right | c) 5 down d) 7 left | d) 3 down e) 7 up | e) 1 down f) 8 right | g) 8 right | (Complete Puzzle) _______ | 2 | ___|-------|___ |_1_| 4 | | | |-------| 5 | | 3 |___9___|___| |___|_7_|_8_|_6_| .

There is a !!SAVE POINT!! to the right of the mechanism with the valve handle on it. so save your game. but I have read that it sometimes doesn't and you are forced to restart. Let us now exit the attic and venture down the stairs then speak with Alex's mother in the downstairs living room. The plot thickens. Exit the Living Room. Sometimes after solving all of the puzzles. You might even want to keep the previous save outside of the house just in case.After solving the puzzle. A puzzle must be solved in four areas of the house to light up a number on the four corners of the . one of the emblems around the door will light up. This is one of the few glitches that I have ran into myself. These things will now die with a single shotgun blast from the shotgun if you collected the Bluesteel shotgun. the desk drawer will open up and you'll be able to view a ++LETTER FROM MY FATHER++. The puzzle will not be unsolvable but the solution to it will be a random time. _______________________ _ OTHERWORLD SHEPHERD HOUSE _ _________________________ MAJOR WARNING: This house is pure evil from a game bug/glitch point of view if you do something that wasn't intended for Alex to do. WARNING (GAME BUG ALERT 2): After solving the puzzle in the Shepherd comes out of the Kitchen. Objective Updated: [ ] Talk to Mom about Dad's letter. Some have suggested to place the hour hand to one number and then wind the minute hand around the clock to find the correct solution. A Schism attacked me here during my playthrough but not on my second so they're might be one in this room for you . Enter the Living Room where Mom was sitting before. Silent Hill's influence is more at work in this house then you and I will ever know. Alex will begin in the Otherworld version of his house after the cutscene. one of the emblems may turn dark once again. The front door will usually still open. The clock will have many possible solutions and there is basically no way that I can help you if that happens. WARNING (GAME BUG ALERT): If you solve any of the other puzzles in the Shepherd House BEFORE the clock puzzle then the solution for the clock puzzle might randomize. but it never has stopped me from completing the Shepherd House. Alex will also find a ++MAP OF SILENT HILL++. == Living Room (OW) == Take the ++ANGRY MASK++ from the stand on the cabinet. A cutscene will trigger on the way down the stairs. NOTE: Be sure to keep this save as a backup save (make two saves) for this extremely evil and glitchy house. == Front Room (OW) == The front door to the side cannot be opened just yet. my friend! Objective Update: [ ] Escape the house. so be sure to save your game right away in the Living Room.

" The words basically tell you what type of puzzles to expect in this house they all relate to Alex's family. so examine the clock on the right wall. The two puzzles in this room are associated with Alex and Josh. Enter Josh and Alex's Room. The correct time is the time that is displayed on all clocks around Shepherd's Glen and it is also the room number mentioned in the Patient Memo on the metal tray. The clock is the first part of the first puzzle that needs to be solved in this room and it is associated with Alex. Walk over to the tub and examine it to collect the ++STUFFED RABBIT++. WARNING (GAME BUG ALERT 4): If "206" did not work for you then you most likely fell victim to one of Silent Hill Homecoming's many game bugs/glitches. == Bedroom (OW) == WARNING (GAME BUG ALERT 3): If you have been previously glitched on another puzzle up to this point then the stuffed rabbit might not appear in the tub. but don't move toward the door to Josh and Alex's Room just yet. Collect the ++CLEAVER++ that is sticking in the top of the cabinet. == Josh and Alex's Room (OW) == To the immediate left. Certain portions of the Shepherd House can now be sealed off or opened by pulling the lever below the staircase across from the Living Room doors. SOLUTION: 2:06 What significance does 206 hold for Alex? That is showcased as the story of the game unfolds. ++ CLOCK PUZZLE ++ Moving the analog right and left will cycle between the two clock hands and moving the left analog up and down will allow you to position each clock hand. "To escape to the future. EXTRA INFO: I've have also received the following info for the PC version in an email from Ben that might be of interest to some readers: .. Move up the stairs. If this is the case. we'll save that room for later. Read the words wrote on the wall across from the lever if you want to. and if you paid attention to the very first cutscene of the game really well. For now. so you won't have to backtrack as much. you can examine the metal tray to read a PATIENT MEMO. Don't go through the door to the Kitchen just yet.door. you must know the past. Scroll back up to the beginning of this Otherworld Shepherd House section for the full details on this annoyance. A POEM is wrote across the wall to the left.. The poem on the wall mentions the ticking of a clock. The solution for the clock may randomize if any other puzzle is solved before it. then you caught a glimpse of this number. pull the lever on the wall two times to close the Kitchen door and open the door to Josh and Alex's Room upstairs. Take the ++INDIFFERENT MASK++ from the stand on the sink. Walk across the catwalk then hop over the gap to the left and enter the restroom. Open the double doors to the right. Hop back across to the bedroom entrance then exit the bedroom. then you'll have to reload from a previous save.

++ WINDOW PUZZLE ++ The windows on the side of the room will open. But the solution is you have to ignore this. Walk over to the window with the orange glow and examine it. it went to 6 hour on it own will. This puzzle is connected with Josh. All three of the knives found in the house must be placed here. == Basement (OW) == Move past the large wheel off to the right then go to the back corridor. I want the minute hand to go to 3. Duck under the hole in the wire by the door. A Lurker will move out from the hole in the left wall and attack near the turn. ++ KNIFE PUZZLE ++ Examine the table with the Schism head on it. This will open the door to the basement. Use the left analog to cycle between the knife holders and the Schism head. == Front Room (OW) == Walk over to the lever and pull it once. same for hour hand. it's only because there is some problem with the programming which made the clock hands go wrong. Squeeze through the room behind the wall. First I noticed that after finishing the other puzzles (Knifes. For exp. An item needs to be placed here. I hope that my solution for PC version will help you figure out the key for the other versions (if you can imagine what I've mentioned above). Squeeze through the pipe on the back left. Masks). Hit him upside the head with the crowbar. Since the Robbie toy (Stuffed rabbit) is most associated with Josh. the clock somehow goes wrong. then I moved the hour hand to 2 hour. I haven't played this game in PS3 or XBox360 version so I don't know the exact solution for those versions. The door that leads to the backyard is wired shut. it went to 25 minute instead. Medals. Trust me. Exit the room and return to the first floor. but then the windows opened =)) So we've misunderstood the answer to this puzzle. but it will go to 6 instead (which is 3 numbers away where I clicked). Equip the Ceremonial Dagger then move around the pipe to the right and cut through the skin wall. That was very difficult to control them as we wanted. place the place the Stuffed Rabbit on the window. I highlighted the minute hand and moved it to 6 minute. it is not random time. This will unlock a portion of the front door on the first floor and solve the puzzle for this portion of the house. Move through the nearby basement doorway then go down the stairs. one knife must be stuck through the Schism head. Anyhow. care to take a guess? Place them in this order: Butcher Knife <-. Take out the Ceremonial Dagger and cut the skin wall to the right and squeeze through it. Yes.tool board . Take the ++BOGEYMAN KNIFE++ from the hanging headless Schism. they won't go as I directed.This is how I did it. When I used my mouse to direct the clock hands. Pick up the ++BUTCHER KNIFE++ from the small room inside then collect the --CHILD'S DRAWING (14/18)--.

Above the front body.from the counter further ahead. A Swarm will attack from the hole near the counter on the south wall if Alex examines the hole. he makes no mention of his mother at all. Facing the door that you came through. this face she did wear" The front description describes a plain face since any of the other types of emotions could be a cause of pain and one can easily hide pain behind an expressionless face. == Front Room (OW) == Pull the lever on the wall once to open the door to the kitchen. the following message is written: "Behind this mask her heart was laid bare. one would assume that she kept this expression to herself. yet he doesn't remember seeing her this way. Another Swarm will enter the room from the hole on the north wall if Alex gets too close to it. Above the back body. A Swarm will attack from in the kitchen. If you examine the masks in the inventory menu then Alex will mention that all masks bear a resemblance to his mother however. This puzzle is associated with Alex's mother.there is one on each side. Defeat them then collect the ++FROWNING MASK++ from the stand on the counter off to the left.table with Schism head ----------------------a) Butcher Knife is placed on the top left rack b) Cleaver is placed on the middle right board c) Bogeyman Knife is stuck in the Schism head Placing the knives in the proper places will solve the puzzle for this portion of the house and light up a number on the front door! Return to the front room up the stairs. open the door to the left of it on the east wall. Walk over to the skinned bodies on the crosses . which doesn't really help you . This can really ruin the day if you placed them the wrong way and you might have to restart from a previous save. thus hidden. == Kitchen (OW) -If the Schism didn't attack Alex at the beginning of this Otherworld stage then it will immediately charge through the door and attack him now. You will receive an option to "Take" when Alex approaches the bodies but the masks will not appear in his inventory once they are taken. which means that the angry mask is not used for this puzzle.Cleaver _______________________ | Bogeyman Knife | <-. so equip the Bluesteel shotgun and blast it once to kill it. Since this side doesn't face forward it is not seen. Grab the --HEALTH DRINK-." Since Alex mentions that the frowning mask reminds him of his mother. the following message is written: "To hide her pain. ++ MASK PUZZLE ++ WARNING (GAME BUG ALERT 5): If you place the masks on the bodies then save your game and reload the game then the masks might be invisible while still on the bodies. When Alex first picks up the angry mask.

== Guest Room (OW) == Walk over to the metal cabinet and stand on the right side of it for a push command. Exit the room then step back into the Front Room. . Right after Alex takes this medal. ++ MEDAL PUZZLE ++ Examine the coat on the rack to the left. Move up the stairs and enter the Guest Room. Approach him cautiously then blast him with your shotgun. Solution: Place the Indifferent Mask on the front body and the Frowning Mask on the back body. This will light up one of the numbers on the front door as well as solve the main puzzle for this portion of the house! All doors back in the Kitchen are either jammed or locked. This will close the Kitchen door and open the door that leads to the Guest Room upstairs. Notice how the medal is in the shape of a metal pyramid. Duck under the next set of pipes nearby then hop over the other set further ahead. (thanks to Jessica) Enter the attic room off to the left and pick up the ++FALLEN STAR MEDAL++. Duck back under the pipes. Use the left analog to highlight each medal pin where the medals will go. == Front Room (OW) == Pull the lever on the wall once. look on the pipes to the right of it and duck under the opening in the pipes. == Attic (OW) == A Schism is hiding underneath the section of the ceiling to the right as Alex enters this area. Move to the left behind the pipes and pick up the ++SHOTGUN AMMUNITION++ and ++PISTOL AMMUNITION++. Find the narrow opening in between a metal piece and a fan that is to the left of the south wall fan and squeeze through it.out in solving this puzzle. Find the narrow opening in the north and squeeze through the pipes. just before you enter the door to where you line the medals up: there is an alcove on the left hand side. so take out the Crowbar and clobber him over the head with a charged strong swing from the back to wake him up then keep hitting him with an A. Take the ++HEART OF DARKNESS MEDAL++ from the floor below the metal cabinet. Walk over to the stand off to the right behind the pipes and collect the ++VILE ACTS MEDAL++. Haha. a Schism will attack from behind him. you'll get stuck there and won't be able to get out unless you stop the game and go back to your last saved point. Enter the Attic through the doorway to the side. If you go toward it and get too close. the one closest to the door. WARNING (GAME BUG ALERT 6): [From a reader] When you are in the Shepard House in the OW in the attic. so have the shotgun ready. Exit the area by squeezing back through the narrow opening. X combo to easily defeat him or you could just blast him once with the shotgun. A. A Schism will be lying on the floor on the other side. Facing the top of the staircase.

Duck under the wall to the left. The entire wooden dock structure is very unstable and creaks of the wooden boards can be heard as Alex moves up the steps. Alex will start on the shoreline of the S. == Front Room (OW) == You might want to save your game before exiting the house since the next save point in the game isn't exactly close by.H. Continue up the steps along the side of the dock. Backtrack all the way to the front room and move down the stairs. ___________________________ _ DARGENTO CEMETERY _ _____________________________ Move down the corridor ahead.If you check the medal case where the Fallen Star medal was obtained and look at the shapes in the case in first person view then match them up with each of the medals going across then you have your answer right there. Look at Alex's inventory and find those shapes then place them along the jacket in that order from left to right. Walk over to the front door and rotate the valve handle. right near Overlook Penitentiary. Dock == Objective Update: [ ] Find Elle. Many cutscenes will follow. An area on your map is now circled. Hop over to the platform with the ladder then climb the wooden ladder. The first medal from left to right was the Fallen Star for sure since it was already in the case. Place the medals as follows: Fallen Star . the second has a heart shape and the third has a triangle shape. [WT10] _________________________ _ STREETS OF SILENT HILL _ __________________________ == S.Heart of Darkness . STREETS OF SILENT HILL Alex will step out onto Sagan Street. Walk up the wooden steps to the north. You can check out the boats to the side but there is nothing in them.Vile Acts Placing the medals properly will solve the puzzle for this portion of the house! If you've been following the walkthrough for this area then all numbers on the front door downstairs should be lit up. Walk through the opening in the wall to the east and enter the Dargento Cemetery. Jump across to the rock platform off to the south then climb up to the wooden platform up above the rock. Docks. Objective Update: [ ] Search for a way into the prison. H. Turn to the left and pick up the ++SAPPHIRE++ . Move down the street to the west and a cutscene will trigger.

Enter the Janus Garden to the south. Go back through the hole in the wall that Alex just made. A.from the wall of the Bait Shop then save your game at the !!SAVE POINT!! on the wall to the side. If you are outnumbered.on the crate and the --CHILD'S DRAWING (15/18)-. Be sure to open the gate that leads to the Janus Garden on the west side of the area where you get the Garnet stone so that the gate will open the next time you enter from the north side of the garden. There is a chilling "Welcome to Silent Hill" sign off to the east. Exit the cemetery the same way that Alex entered. The gates around the cemetery cannot be open at the moment.they move out of the gutters along the sides of the street. turn to the north wall and look for a few holes in the wall then move against that wall until you get a "Breach" command. The front of the Penitentiary cannot be . A statue of Janus lies in the middle of the Janus Garden. Exit the Dargento Cemetery via the east entrance. Don't feel the need to fight them all. It will be marked on your map. _________________________ _ STREETS OF SILENT HILL _ __________________________ Head south down Sagan Street. so keep the crowbar handy. ___________________________ _ DARGENTO CEMETERY _ _____________________________ Walk through the entrance corridor then move to the west through the Sun Garden. Stop by the Bait Shop in the on the back and one on the front. Walk over to the concrete bench to the right past the wall and collect the ++GARNET++ stone from the bench. run! Lurkers are actually much easier now that they can be fully seen while they are on the street instead of in shallow water. Take the --PISTOL AMMO-. Head to the west and open the gate to reenter the Janus Garden. so continue to the west along Sagan Street. _________________________ _ STREETS OF SILENT HILL _ __________________________ Continue to the west on Sagan Street. Two circular indentions are on the statue . X combo to stun them then charge an X swing to bust their head while they are stunned. The fog is thick and some sections of the street smoke as if being badly burned. Walk to the south and examine the south gate to the Moon Garden to see that it can be opened with the right key. The Janus statue puzzle can still not be solved at the moment. Move across the boards that form a bridge across the gap in the road to the west. The streets ahead can have tons of respawning Lurkers . Run around them and wait for them to lunge then simply run up to them and hit them with an A. Nothing else can be done at the Bait Shop. == Janus Garden == A Smog will likely appear off to the east. Right when you come to the corridor that leads out of the Sun Garden and moves to the west. Equip the Fire Axe and use the command to tear open the wall. so get the handgun ready.stone from the concrete bench. A Smog will appear in the Sun Garden once Alex enters the corridor to the west. Enter Dargento Cemetery from the south entrance right after moving across the bridge. Walk over to the front of the Overlook Penitentiary to trigger a cutscene. You might run into a few Lurkers along the way. so there is nothing else to do in the cemetery for now. Find the hole in the gate on the east side of the shop and duck under the hole.

You can't open the door to the Toluca Water Lake Water and Power building so continue to the south. I know. A Lurker might crawl out from somewhere to join the Feral so defeat it fast. Go back to the west. look toward the Church on the west side of Wilson Street. but this will come in handy later. Exit the area. Alex will enter the western section of Silent Hill. ______________________________ _ BOILER ROOM _ ________________________________ Move down the stairs and through the doorway at the bottom. Move up the stairs in the west and open the door at the top of the stairs. Keep heading to the west then walk through the open gate in the middle portion of Alchemilla Hospital and find the medical case on the west bench that contains a --SERUM (6/8)--. There is a section of the fence missing near the Toluca Lake Water and Power building but you can't open the door on the building or find any item inside the area. Objective Update: [ ] Disable the electric prison gate. Watch for the Feral that will run at Alex once you make it to the car. A Feral is feasting on a corpse in the middle of the street to the north. == Basement Boiler Room == As Alex heads to the north. Stay on the south side of the street and pick up the --RIFLE AMMUNTION-. Run all the way to the south on Simmons Street and open the door to the Boiler Room.from the window ceil of the Boiler Room right before the west barricade. and you certainly know what to expect as we enter this next room. The church doors are locked. Watch out for Lurkers as usual and head west.from off the metal structure near the two boilers in the north. Run back to the east on Koontz Street then go north on Wilson Street. The gate is indeed electrified and it will fry your ass and send Alex flying back if you touch it. a Lurker will attack from near the middle of the room. so don't. Alex don't have the rifle yet. Alex will have to move through some knee deep shallow water. _________________________ _ STREETS OF SILENT HILL _ __________________________ Alex will exit the Boiler Room from the west side and step out into an alley. Run to the south and walk toward the gate labeled on the map to trigger a cutscene. Notice the . You won't find any items there. then your curiosity will get the best of you and you will want to touch the gate to see what will happen. so arm your Ceremonial Dagger then rush him and kill him while no other Lurkers are on the street to take him down safely. Collect the --HEALTH DRINK-. Move toward Alchemilla Hospital and run through the gates on the east side to find the ++BLOODSTONE++ on the east side platform below a fenced portion of the wall. so keep moving west. Go to the far north and find the Toluca Lake Offices. You have been warned curious reader. Enter the Basement Boiler Room in the west. Continue to the west along the current street. Walk out onto Koontz Street then head east. I know. Get the Crowbar or Fire Axe ready.opened. It's useless to head to the north on Simmons Street. Open the door along the fence in the west. For an interesting sight along the way. If you're like me.

sirens on the top portion of the church much like the sirens in the Silent Hill movie.from the right desk. == Office == There is a very well hidden ++TURQUOISE++ stone in the sink off to the right after entering this room . All the doors in the room cannot be opened. == Lower Landing == Use the key on the east door to unlock the door.Order members! Take out the shotgun or the Fire Axe and attack them as they rush at Alex from the south. == Break Room == Save your game at the !!SAVE POINT!! on the east wall of the Break Room. I'm sure to look for it since it is required to solve the puzzle in the cemetery. The doors along the way cannot be opened. Pick up the --PISTOL AMMUNITION-.from off the right set of shelves near the door. oh. Collect the --HEALTH DRINK-. Walk over to the large opening in the side of the wall on the west side of the office then jump over to the Break Room via the jump command. == Lower Landing == The door to the right requires a key. One will move down a ladder in the . wrong game. Move through the doorway to the west and continue down the corridor. == Office == Move back down the hall to the east and enter the Lower Landing again. Open it and then open the door down the stairs to gain entry to the Toluca Lake Water and Power building __________________ _ TOLUCA LAKE WATER AND POWER BUILDING _ ___________________ Objective Update == Power Room == [ ] Shut down the power generator. All three of the doors in the left hallway cannot be opened so open the door in the north portion of the reception area. Equip the Fire Axe and chop through the boards to the northeast then enter the Kitchen behind the doorway and pick up the ++TOLUCA LAKE WATER AND POWER KEY++ from off the counter to the right. Go ahead and examine it to label it on your map. It sure is loud in this room isn't it! Move around the corner and a new enemy will attack . Backtrack to the Break Room then hop back across to the Office.. __________________________ _ TOLUCA LAKE OFFICES _ ____________________________ == Reception == You might want to examine the OLD NEWSPAPER on the second left desk. Haha. Save your game at the typewrite. Christabella and her followers would be proud! Enter the Toluca Lake Offices by opening the door on the south side of the building..

Also. X swings work well with the dagger and A. It's really up to you how you want to fight them. Sometimes they don't see Alex when you first enter the area.west and the other will run at Alex from the east. The melee weapon that you use really doesn't matter much. ----Achievement unlocked: -> Out of Order (10G) Defeated 1 Order member ----Examine the DIAGRAM on the white board in the north. Defeating the first Order member will give you an achievement.they'll eventually spot Alex. X swings work well with the Crowbar. Pull up to the higher area near the part where some stairs used to be or the part without railing then run to the southeast portion of this room and pick up the --PISTOL AMMUNITION-. so you'll have to listen for their footsteps.and other --RIFLE AMMUNITION-. The worst part about these enemies is that they can dodge like Alex. A. They are much like fighting Alex himself since they have the same moves as him and can even dodge your attacks. A.pickup from the shelf outside of the Foreman's Office. but I'd recommend the Ceremonial Dagger or Crowbar. here is the order: B = Boiler A = Water feed C = Steam feed Once Valve C is rotated. This will tell you that you need to turn off the valves in a certain order starting with the one that controls the boilers. the radio will not tell you when they are around. so move over to the controls on the east side of the second floor and pull the lever on them to shut off the power and end the horrible racket in this room. A. Climb up either of the ladders. so use the shotgun to defeat the first Order member then use a melee weapon on the other. Their attacks aren't really aren't that hard to dodge since you can actually see warning signs before they swing. A = Water feed B = Boiler C = Steam feed Don't rotate the valve handle with the A above it on the west wall to turn off the water feed yet. so look up on the second floor . ++ VALVE PUZZLE ++ Valve B controls the boilers so run over to the side of the long turbine and rotate the valve to turn off the boilers. Like fighting Schisms its hard to fight them in groups. but usually continuing a combo once they dodge to the side will hit them as the stop. the green light on the main controls on the second floor will light up. Examine the NOTICE on the second floor wall outside of the Foreman's Office.from the shelf if the northwest wall near the turbine and grab the --PISTOL AMMUNITION-. The order can be found in a posted note on the second floor. A. Long story short. Pick up the --FIRST AID KIT-. Rotate Valve A on the first floor next then rotate Valve C. A cutscene will play once the power is shut . All of the valves have to be rotated in a certain order.

with how distant it is when it appears. you know what to look out for here. well most of the way. Travel to the north on Simmons Street then make your way to the gate of the Overlook Penitentiary. ______________________________ _ BOILER ROOM _ ________________________________ Well. Use the shotgun to take down at least one of them then deal with the other. If you want an extra item (an extra weapon . A Siam will bust right through the gate. This is your only chance to get this weapon.from off the garbage dumpster to the left of the two door on the west side of the building and pick up the ++PULASKI AXE++ from inside the back of the truck near the south side of this area. so you might have to climb down the ladder to fight him. Now you will run into Ferals and Schisms on the streets of Silent Hill. Two Order members will move up the ladder and attack . Objective Update: [ ] Return to the prison. I would highly advise you to wait on the second floor. Exit the building through the Reception area. Sometimes the Order member with the assault rifle will wait on the bottom floor and shoot at Alex. Now all is dark and fairly quiet. since some pitter patter of boots can be heard on the first floor. unless you are really that good at handling Ferals and Schisms together! I have checked this section over again and couldn't find any new items lying around.the assault rifle) from the Dargento Cemetery then return to the east side of Silent Hill via the door on the east side of Sagan Street right now. Once you enter the Penitentiary. so get it now. ++ STATUE/STONE PUZZLE ++ (Optional) Two of four stones that Alex has must be placed into the circular slots of the statue of Janus. Backtrack to the Break Room and save your game! The streets outside are no longer as friendly as they were. The east side of Silent Hill is still lit up and only has Lurker enemies roaming the streets. Make your way to the east door of the Boiler Room and run fast without getting into fights! There is no time for sight seeing this time. _________________________ _ STREETS OF SILENT HILL _ __________________________ The streets are now dark and other enemies have surfaced to take the place of the Lurkers. _________________________ _ STREETS OF SILENT HILL _ __________________________ No enemies will attack on these dark streets. Climb or drop down to the first floor then exit via door that Alex used to enter this room. Enter the Dargento Cemetery through the south entrance then run all the way back to Janus Garden. The highly expected Lurker will appear near the southeast end of the basement boiler of them has an assault rifle.down. Move down into the knee deep water then prepare to fight the Lurker and exit out to the streets again in the northeast. the handgun really works better. Enter the area beyond the gate and pick up the --HEALTH DRINK-. Notice that the statue has "XII" on the front of it and a "I" . so take out your shotgun or handgun and blast it to finish it . you are stuck there until completion of the Penitentiary.

Open the door around the opposite side of the reception. Let's see what's around the right corner. Move to the north around the west side of the Penitentiary building and open the entrance door in the north. Move forward past the reception counter for a cutscene. If you examine the stones that Alex has. they all have dates on them for the birth month that they represent. Pick up the health drink on top of the dumpster near the two locked doors and Pulaski Axe from the back of the truck if you haven't yet. You need the birthstone for December and January. The numbers on the statue refer to the correct month for each of the two stones that it needs. Objective Update: [ ] Find Wheeler. Go through the west gate of Penitentiary again. Defeat him then walk over to the mausoleum that he was standing near. stone in the back from the your map the front circular slot of the statue and place circular slot of the statue. Grab the ++M14 ASSAULT RIFLE++ from the crack. A !!SAVE POINT!! is on the wall to the left as Alex begins in the Penitentiary. Find the then go there and unlock the gate with the Moon A Smog will attack in the Moon Garden. Place the Turquoise the Garnet stone in KEY++ will fall out Moon Garden gate on Garden Key. There is a crack in the wall near a pool of blood and there is a weapon slightly visible under the crack in the wall of the mausoleum. . You'll get an achievement for picking this up. Unfortunately dear ole' dad didn't leave his son a copy of the Penitentiary map. [WT11] _________________________ _ OVERLOOK PENITENTIARY _ ___________________________ == Visitor Security == Objective Update: [ ] Find Elle. ----Achievement unlocked: -> Lock 'n' Load (25G) Found Rifle ----Return to the west side of Silent Hill and continue at the Penitentiary where I left off. It seems that Wheeler is in Cellblock B. torsos prison area the door to the outside with blood trails and meaty chunks aren't a good introductions to a in Silent Hill. so we'll have to find one to figure out where Cellblock B is. Walk back out of the office and move through the open gate. Open the office.on the back of it above each slot. Pull the lever on the wall inside the office to open gate. The ++MOON GARDEN opening on the right side of the statue. == Guard Room == Wow.

The lever on this side that opens the gate is broken so Alex is stuck in this area now. Make your way over to the gap in the catwalk and jump across the gap. Equip the Pulaski Axe and chop through the boards covering the nearby doorway. Move further down the hall back outside the room.from the shelf directly ahead. All of the open cells have several messages wrote across the walls inside . The lever to the right is broken. Open the door up ahead. You'll hear a variety of noises while moving across the top catwalk. damn. Move through the open gate then take the staircase down. Enter the first cell off to the left and examine the OLD NEWSPAPER. Open the door on the south side of the room and enter the storage room then pick up the --HEALTH DRINK-. == B Block (South) == Two figures can be seen up ahead as Alex walks down the hall. If you open the door to the west. == Cell Wing B (North) == . Reenter the big room and move up the can see them better in first person view (RS). so turn to the cracked glass on the left wall and give the command to break the glass. == Cell Wing B (East) == Pick up the --RIFLE AMMUNITION-.from the next to the last back counter. Examine the WORKER'S NOTE on the vehicle. I recommend using a gun on at least one of them so you can focus on defeating the other with a melee weapon. Well. Examine the row of monitors to see a familiar face. You can't use the door controls on the right side of the room. The gate up ahead leads to Cellblock B but it is sealed off. == Security Area == Turn to the right after moving through the doorway then open the double doors nearby and pick up the --PISTOL AMMO-. You can try to go for headshots to take more damage from them while they have their backs turned. Another gate bars your way around the left corner. you'll only be greeted with a fence that seals off the rest of B Block. Open the double doors on the west side. Pick up the ++PRISON MAP++ on the wall across from the bottom of the stairs. Walk inside and pick up the --FIRST AID KIT-. Open the door on the right. Examine the PRISONER NOTE near the middle of the the shelf near the shut gate. The staircase will take Alex to Cell Wing B. so pull the lever on the right wall in the current B Block area to open the north gate. They will notice Alex soon so prepare to defeat them. == Hallway in between B Block == The middle area is blocked so open the door to the north. Hop through the opening in the wall. Go back into the room you were in. No. it's not Wheeler and Elle. Pull the lever on the left to open the gate outside that goes to Cellblock B. Exit the room then step into the Cellblock B corridor.== Visitor Area == The gate will close behind Alex.from the shelf in the open hallway on the left and walk into the next to last cell on the right then examine the LETTER FROM A PRISONER on the bed. These are two Order members.

Move on ahead and open the door. but don't be so quick to follow.Right when Alex opens the door. Wheeler will unlock the gate to Block A in the north. so you might actually want to let him damage the Siam for the most part. Wheeler can really help out for this fight. It attacks Wheeler. so take out your most powerful gun and shoot at its back to quickly defeat it. == B Block Office == Do as Wheeler says and pull the lever. The tables have turned Mr. Find the PRISONER LETTER posted on the right wall of the last cell. Take the --HEALTH DRINK-. Follow Wheeler into B Block east. A Siam will attack directly after the cutscene.from the sink in the second cell (A6). Examine the kindly LETTER FROM A PRISONER on the bed in the first cell. so follow Wheeler up the stairs of the west staircase. two Order members will attack. Exit through the double . leaving its weak side open to Alex. Objective Update: [ ] Escort Wheeler to safety. Wheeler! Find the working lever on the east wall then pull it to open Wheeler's cell and trigger a cutscene.from the side of the damaged wall. Enter the Upper Guard Room and pick up the --CHILD'S DRAWING (16/18)-. Reenter the Cell Wing B North after fighting the Order members. == B Block (North) == Wheeler will lead the way. The Assault Rifle works incredibly well for a Siam since it will stagger it slightly after each shot. The door to the side will open and Wheeler will rush through it and unlock the gate to the east then enter the east portion of B Block. There is nothing in the cell to the left so duck under the wall to join up with Wheeler. Wheeler will punch in the code on the control panel on the west staircase after the Siam is defeated. The Siam attacks him as soon as it appears anyway. A slight cutscene will play in the office. Wheeler will contact Alex then unlock the gate for him. == B Block East == Follow Wheeler directly ahead to the east. The entrance doors have been sealed off by a fallen catwalk and the door to the supply closet is locked. Deputy Wheeler is locked inside of Cell B11. He will move into the big room with the staircase then step into the side office to the north. so hop across the gap in the catwalk to the east then move in front of the gate to A Block. so backtrack into the hall then take one of them down with a gun and fight the other with a melee weapon. == A Block (South) == Objective Update: [ ] Find Elle. Walk back out of the Upper Guard Room then hop over the large gap in the catwalks to the left to join up with Wheeler.

it's slightly amusing. == Corridor to A Block (West) == The bottom gate in the next room is sealed. == East Staircase == Move down the stairs and walk up to the gate at the bottom. Alex can destroy the walls along the side of each shower portion . Step back into A block to the south. separate from the current one. The cell that he comes from has a blood trail leading to it but there is nothing inside besides a hole in the wall where the Needler entered the cell. You might want to save this file to another slot and keep it there.doors to the north. Squeeze through the pipes along the wall that Alex just broke through. == Block A (South) == Wheeler will contact Alex again and mention that he found another route. Equip the Pulaski Axe and fight it off while you dodge its attacks. There is no need to play through the game multiple times to obtain all endings. ******************************************************************************* IMPORTANT: This is your last save point before the fist decision further ahead that will affect the ending that you receive. Equip the Pulaski Axe then walk over to the weak wall and knock it down with the breach command. Use the Pulaski Axe to defeat both of them. Move up the stairs. == Hallway Between A Block == Wheeler will contact Alex and tell him to wait a moment so he can get the gate open. A Needler will step out of the cell in the south and attack. == Cell Wing A == The door to the left side is jammed. == Shower Area == Walk through the open rooms and enter the shower room ahead. He will open the gate to the East Staircase then tell Alex to move down them. since you can always start from this section of the game to get the other endings if you load up this save later on. The gate to the shower area on the west side will open eventually. Wheeler will contact Alex then open the gate to the Cell Wing A. Wheeler will tell Alex to find another way to the rest of A Block. The radio will begin to go off once Alex enter the middle of the shower area and two Needlers will attack. Save your game at the !!SAVE POINT!! on the east wall at the top of the stairs. . Continue to the south of the shower room. Walk to the south of Cell Wing A and Wheeler will eventually contact Alex and mention that he is breaking up. == Boiler Room == Open the door to the north. A light will showcase a damaged portion of the wall with a few holes in it on the west wall. The gate will begin to open then it will short circuit.

Walk into the cell beside the Upper Guard Room. It's missing three wires and we have one.turn to the left and walk up to the sliding gate to the north. == Corridor To Cell Wing A (West) == The room to the left is completely blocked off. You need to go up to the second floor of Cell Wing A to reroute the power. Try to open the door at the end. Move up the staircase beside the cell that Alex had to duck under to reach the top portion of the room. Examine the radio then Alex will pick up the ++RADIO WIRE++ on top of it. Enter the office in the hall then examine the case of tools and Alex will take the ++SCRAP OF WIRE++. B = Blue. Jump across the gap to the south then enter the Upper Guard Room (with the damaged wall). Don't go through the door to the south again .******************************************************************************* Open the double doors to the north. Continue to the north then open the door at the end on the east side of the hall. Walk over to the fuse box in the back of the cell. Here is the solution: W = White. Alex will take the ++LOOSE WIRE++ from the headlight. so go back into Block A (West) and move over to the fuse box in the Upper Guard Room. R = Red W G Y B R O O O O O O O O O O R W G B Y . G = Green. Open the double doors to the east hallway. ++ FUSE PUZZLE 2 ++ Cycle through your inventory and place all three wires onto the fuse box Loose the shelf to the left after reaching the top of the stairs. Alex will contact Wheeler and tell him about the situation then Wheeler will mention that he should backtrack. If you go through the double doors in the east then Alex will run across a keypad that is not receiving power. Radio Wire. This puzzle is just like the power box puzzle outside of the Grand Hotel. Examine the front portion of the vehicle that has crashed into the cell door. == Cell Wing A (West) == Duck under the fallen catwalk to the left to enter the first cell on the left then squeeze through the narrow hole in the east wall of the cell. Reenter the hallway to the south and move down the stairs. so open the double doors to the north. == A Block (West) == Grab the --HEALTH DRINK-. The next two cells have nothing in them. It is jammed. Scrap of Wire. Squeeze back through the opening in the cell wall then duck back under the fallen catwalk to get out. Follow the corridor to the north. so we'll need to search for the other two. Y = Yellow. We now have all three wires. He will contact Wheeler about it.

... Cell A14 does not contain anything but Cell A12 has a PRISONER NOTE on the far wall inside with a number wrote on it: "110391"....... Pull the right lever to open Cell A14 and pull the left lever to open Cell A12.... X Choice ..... the first choice then you will get the Mercy achievement following the next cutscene.... [ENDS CONVERSATION] . [ENDS CONVERSATION] X . ----Achievement unlocked: -> Mercy (20G) . I'll do it. There are two working levers on the southwest wall outside of the Supply Closet..Ok..I'm sorry....===== *SPOILER for above cutscene* DECISION RESULTS Y Choice .Pull the second lever to the left once power has been restored... Simply drop down the middle portion without railing on the catwalk outside to reach the bottom floor again.. Alex will contact Wheeler as he walks further down the hall...from the shelf in the cell.... Pick up the --SERUM (7/8)-.. == Solitary Confinement == Move down the stairs then head to the southeast along the corridor.- Y .. I can't. The first two doors are sealed..Alex shoots his mother and ends her suffering before she dies a painful death. Run to east on the outside catwalk then face Cell A15 and jump over to it by using the jump command that appears while facing it.. Jump back across to the catwalk... . *END SPOILER for above cutscene* ===== If you choose..... so open it.--> Choice Set D E C I S I O N S .... ++ KEYPAD PUZZLE 2 ++ Open the double doors to the east then examine the keypad on the north wall... There is a person tied to a cross up ahead.Alex refuses to shoot his mother and she suffers a painful death as the device tears through her insides... The correct code is the number on the Prisoner Note from Cell A12. This will open Cell A15 in the northeast...... ** 110391 ** The door will unlock after entering the code above....... A cutscene will play as Alex walks toward the cross....

Middle Sign The man who devised it Does not want it The man who brought it Does not use it The man who used it Does not realize it .Left Sign I stand beside the holy man The monarch fear my wrath None may move the way I can Ever the crooked path . Save your game at the !!SAVE POINT!! on the nearby fence to the left. . Walk toward the pillar. ----Achievement unlocked: -> Compassion (20G) Alex could not end his mother's suffering. Leave the area and step outside. ++ RIDDLE PUZZLE ++ Read the three signs around the room. the rich acquire And all contended men desire .Alex ended his mother's suffering. ----_______________________ _ OVERLOOK PENITENTIARY (OW) _ ________________________ == Solitary Confinement (OW) == The surroundings will quickly change to Otherworld during the cutscene and Alex will begin in Otherworld once you take control of him again. Afterwards a Needler will fall from the ceiling and attack Alex. Open the double doors to the side then walk into the big room ahead.Right Sign What man loves more than life Fears more than death or mortal strife What poor men have. The ceiling behind Alex drips with blood as Alex makes his way back to the entrance of this area. A cutscene will trigger and a pillar will rise out of the middle portion of the room. ----If you choose the second choice then you will get the Compassion achievement following the next cutscene. If Alex reaches inside right now then you'll have to tap a button to make Alex pull his hand back as he is damaged. DO NOT reach inside when prompted. None of the doors around this area will open.

You can easily distract the Needlers with a melee weapon while Wheeler shoots them. A cutscene will trigger in the next room. A cutscene will play as two Needlers move out from the hole in the ceiling. == Outside Corridor (OW) == Move along the walkway with the electrical cables lying along the floor. Walk toward the hole in the middle of the room after the cutscene plays. Grab the --HEALTH DRINK-from the shelf to the right and the --FIRST AID KIT-. Walk through the doorway on the east side and step out into the next corridor ahead. Examine the dials and rotate them with the left analog. Step through the doorway at the end then go down the stairs.from the shelf on the left then save your game at the !!SAVE POINT!!. Alex can't turn the valve handle in the middle so keep moving to the northwest. A cutscene will play when Alex lands. but I'm going to save my game. Move to the east along the next corridor. Run back outside and rotate the valve handle on the east door to open it. == Boiler Room (OW) == Open the door to the north and move up the staircase ahead. If you turn to the east. Walk through the doorway at the end. Human screams can be heard as Alex and Wheeler continue to the east down the next corridor. reach inside of the pillar from the front side of the pillar along the east side. so find the narrow opening in the wall on the southwest side and squeeze through the opening. Step into the smaller corridor at the end then move into the room off to the left. so that the correct symbol is displayed on the top portion of each of them. This is your hole Alex.What Misers spend and the Wastrels save And each man carries to his grave The three signs all have riddles that give clues to the correct symbol on the dial on each of the sides of the pillars across from them. Won't you jump in? Jump into the hole. Alex will actually kill the worm in the middle of the pillar by reaching inside after the correct sequence is displayed on the side dials. Solution: Left = Knight (horse head) Middle = Coffin (with cross) Right = Nothing (empty space) Once the dials are all aligned properly. Neither of the doors will open in this area. == Shower Area (OW) == Objective Update: [ ] Find Elle. . Both Alex and Deputy Wheeler will face the south end of this room. I don't know about you. you'll be able to see a !!SAVE POINT!! glowing on the far wall.

Asphyxia Wow. Three Hit Combo ... Black Vomit . press the X button while the icon appears while standing near it to finish it off... If it grabs Alex with its lunge then it will hold him up. ----Achievement unlocked: -> Catch Your Breath (50G) .. It only does this move at the beginning of the battle usually. Grab . you'll need to learn this boss' attacks before you can fight it appropriately.. this boss will be finished after the first finishing blow unlike the rest up till now. you'll have to dodge each swing by tapping the dodge button right before each attack..Boss .. You'll gain an achievement after defeating Asphyxia. Make sure you hold either to the right or left while tapping the dodge button or Alex will get grabbed! A melee weapon works fine for attacking it but only attack it after dodging a swing or especially after dodging its lunge. so tap the corresponding button that appears to struggle free and hit it in the process. Surprisingly.== Gas Chamber (OW) == Objective Update: [ ] Defeat Asphyxia ... keep pressing the dodge button while holding to the right or left and Alex will eventually jump out of the way of the attack... Dodging is highly needed in this battle....... press the dodge button and Alex will dodge the swing and automatically dodge the tail. Pretty cool design for a boss. All of Asphyxia's attacks need some well timed button pressing in order to dodge them. I must say! Kind of like the last boss.Asphyxia swings its arms forward two times then ends the combo with an uppercut. Dodging its lunge and getting in the back of it for a few hits is the main key to winning this battle easily. As it punches three time in a row.....Asphyxia spits up black liquid then vomits forward a steam of black liquid in front of it. It does this move usually only at the beginning of the battle while you're in close range.... Once the button icon appears over its head.don't press a direction during this dodge or Alex will not dodge the move. When it leans back and prepares to lunge. When it pukes up black liquid quickly press the dodge button to make Alex roll backward . Punch and Tail Whip . Once it is stunned from hitting its tail.Asphyxia holds up her back tail and shakes it then swings its arm and then turns and whips its tail.. When it shakes its tail and swings its arm forward..Asphyxia leans back a bit then lunges forward with a grab. run to the front of it and perform a combo ending with a charged strong swing with the Pulaski Axe for some major damage.... Alex will land right behind it after dodging a lunge and will be able to hit its back tail and stun the creature..... This dodge really has to be timed like all the other dodges but sometimes simply tapping the dodge button while holding in one direction will allow Alex to dodge it as well.....

Walk over to the shattered glass that broke from Asphyxia's dying scream and hop through the glass.... doesn't it? Wait.. You can examine the NOTICE on the right wall of the next room. The only door up ahead is jammed. Open the next door.. move to the far left side of this area and pick up the --PISTOL AMMUNITION-.. It seems that Alex can use his Ceremonial Dagger here. Move directly toward the back of the FROM A HYMN on the right bench in the middle --SHOTGUN AMMUNITION-. This looks like something taken right out of horror movie. After Josh does the usual "I'll run. Find the valve handle along the far wall to the right of the gate up ahead and rotate it to make the gate to the left slide open.. Examine the pentagonal design of the wall in the middle directly to the south (the organ). ... Run along the catwalk then open the door to the northeast.. You will regain control of Alex in the same room where he finished Asphyxia after the cutscene....from the ground.on the floor behind the small building... pick up the --RIFLE to the right near off to the right as you move church and examine the FEW LINES of the church then find the the last bench.. A cutscene will play after the battle..... [WT12] ___________________________ _ OTHERWORLD CHURCH _ _____________________________ == Main Hall == Objective Update: [ ] Search the church for anything helpful... ____________________ _ OTHERWORLD STREETS OF SILENT HILL _ ____________________ Run toward Josh up ahead. The pentagon can be examined again.... the gate in the East Wing will open... you follow" type dash. Take the ++CHURCH MAP++ from the first bench ahead.and other --PISTOL AMMUNITION-.. The entrance to Alex's back is now suddenly sealed by barbed wire. Move past the opening where the gate was and make an immediate right then pick up the --HEALTH DRINK-. Along the right side of the stairs up ahead. With a horrid screech.. Run the way that Josh went. Objective Update: [ ] Find the pieces missing from the five prongs..Objective Update: [ ] Follow Joshua. so equip the dagger then use it on the pentagon.. It requires five plates to be set inside of each prong along the pentagon design.. so take out the handgun and aim for its glowing lungs when it attacks... A Smog will attack eventually.Defeated Asphyxia ----.. Continue ahead and shoot the Smog that attacks... Move up the stairs and open the doors to the church.

.... A reader emailed me about how the plates turn invisible yet they still remain in place after the person had placed the plates while continuing his exploration of the church. The option to "Take" will appear.- . The evil of Silent Hill knows no bounds! Walk toward the bowl (basin) next to the mirror off to the right after stepping past the gate and pick up the --PHOTO (11/11)--.. you run the risk of having one of them change into another plate for duplicate copies of the same plate! One reader emailed me about having two tree plates. . Walk over to the back of the right wall and rotate the valve handle on that wall. or before picking up any plates to avoid this possible glitch. Take the ++CHALICE PLATE++ from the top of the body in the pool of blood inside of the open caged area. Sounds of scampering bugs can be heard along the way into the East Wing....WARNING (GAME BUG ALERT): Do not try to place the plates on the pentagonal design early or they may become invisible while they remain in place... Walk over to the confession booth and examine it. Move up the stairs past the open gate to the west.. Obtaining all photos will extend the ending of the game with an extra scene after the closing credits. A Schism will attack along the way. Alex needs to find some way to move it. The Swarm inside of the caged area will attack Alex as soon as the valve handle is rotated. then this photo will be the last photo. There is someone inside! Save your game before talking with the person. Also. so take out your shotgun and blast it... View the EXCERPT FROM A PSALM on the table to the left. == East Wing == NOTE: You might want to go directly up the stairs right now and save your game then make a backup save (two saves) since this Church can be just as glitchy as the Otherworld version of the Shepherd House. will receive an achievement for gathering all of the photos! ----Achievement unlocked: -> Josh's Gallery (50G) Found ALL Photos ----The low cage (baptismal font) up ahead can be examined. Be sure to keep one save outside of the Church.. so get ready to squash some bugs. If you've been following this guide. Go to the East Wing. A !!SAVE POINT!! can be seen on the wall directly ahead.. you. my friend.. but they will not appear in Alex's inventory...... his kneeling man changed into a tree plate... WARNING (GAME BUG ALERT 2): If you save while Alex has multiple plates that can be found in the Church in his inventory. This particular conversation will help to decide what ending you will get.--> Choice Set 1 D E C I S I O N S . Run back toward the entrance then head east and duck under the benches on that side. Choose the talk command to enter an interactive cutscene...

.. ----Achievement Unlocked: -> Angela's Choice (20G) Alex does not forgive his father ----The man will also leave behind the ++KNEELING MAN PLATE++ in the confession booth as a gift no matter what is chosen.. so run all the way back down the stairs and enter the Main Hall once again..Sounds like you can change..Why should God care? [to 2B] --> Choice Set 2A Y .. == West Wing == Walk toward the statue up ahead. Run over toward the West Wing and duck up under the benches....You don't sound sorry.. Place the Unlit Candle in the candle holder.. Walk through the gate on the left (east) side of the room and move up the .... [ENDS CONVERSATION . There is a candle holder below the statue. [ENDS CONVERSATION .He Will.. then you will receive the Forgiveness achievement. Two Schisms will attack in the Main Hall..UNFORGIVEN] ...What did you do? [to 2A] X ... ----Achievement unlocked: -> Forgiveness (20G) Alex forgives his father ----If Alex does not forgive the man.. Move through the gate down the stairs.from the floor to the right... [ENDS CONVERSATION ... so have the shotgun ready. Enter the area past the open gate and pick up the --HEALTH DRINK-. so be sure to pick it up. The statue is holding an object.. Pick up the --PISTOL AMMUNITION-. Nothing else can be done here since the hallway to the west is blocked off by a hole in the floor with leaning boards around it.. Examine the unlit candle on the left table then Alex will take the ++UNLIT CANDLE++.FORGIVEN] X . then you will receive the Angela's Choice achievement.UNFORGIVEN] --> Choice Set 2B Y .. The statue's arms will separate and Alex will gain the ++CANDLE PLATE++. [ENDS CONVERSATION .If Alex forgives the man during the cutscene.Y ........FORGIVEN] X ...from off the floor on the left side of the statue.He Won't..

stairs. A small cutscene will play halfway up the stairs. Pick up the -HEALTH DRINK-- from the table off to the right as Alex reaches the top of the stairs. There is some --SHOTGUN AMMUNITION-- on the other side of the benches. The gate to the south cannot be opened. Examine the three paintings on the west wall. All of them may be cut with the Ceremonial Dagger. The painting of the woman has nothing behind it. A Swarm will attack Alex if you cut the picture of the dying tree. Cut the picture of the man being restrained by roots and take the ++TREE PLATE++ from behind the wall indention behind the painting. Once the Tree Plate has been taken, a Schism will bust through the gate to the south. Have your shotgun ready to blast him. Enter the hall beyond the gate and pick up the --RIFLE AMMUNTION-- from the floor to the right. Move down the hall to the east and look to the right to see a --FIRST AID KIT-- on the first desk. Walk over to the glass tiles against the south wall in between the desks then examine them to view the scene on the window glass. Have Alex's Assault Rifle equipped before grabbing the next plate. Take the ++SWORD PLATE++ from below the painting of the knight. Right after the Sword Plate has been taken, a cutscene will trigger. == Main Hall == Alex will be face to face against two Siams while in the south portion of the Main Hall after the cutscene. Take out the Assault Rifle (preferably) or the Shotgun. The Assault Rifle works incredibly well once you get to a distance away from them since each shot will make the targeted Siam pause as it moves toward Alex. With the Assault Rifle, you can easily defeat one of them right when they first rush Alex if you aim quick enough and fire fast enough. Make sure that you roll a bunch and distance Alex from the Siams before attempting to shoot them. This can be a very deadly battle if you allow them to pin Alex into a corner. ++ SLOT PUZZLE ++ The entrance to the north portion of the Main Hall is now sealed off, so Alex can't backtrack to the East or West Wing now. Turn your attention to the pentagon design on the north wall. You should have the following plates: Kneeling Man Plate Candle Plate Chalice Plate Tree Plate Sword Plate The Chalice Plate was obtained from the baptismal font which has a body inside and was bathed in blood, which resembles an offering or sacrifice. The Kneeling Man Plate was take from the person in the confession booth that confessed his sins to Alex to resemble penitence. The Candle Plate was taken from the statue whose expression was said to be full of sadness to resemble sorrow. The Tree Plate was obtained from the behind the paining of the man restrained to a tree while he had his eyes fixed on the woman in the first painting, which resembles desire. The Sword Plate was taken from below the image of a knight that was being stabbed in the back by an executioner, which resembles vengeance. Examine the pentagon design and place the plates onto the grooves as follows: Penitence = Kneeling Man Plate Vengeance = Sword Plate

Desire = Tree Plate Sorrow = Candle Plate Sacrifice = Chalice Plate Once the plates have all been placed into the slots correctly a cutscene will play as the organ wall folds away. Walk toward the person up ahead and a cutscene will play. Objective Update: [ ] Follow the monster. Alex will receive the ++SHEPHERD FAMILY RING++ after the cutscene. Move through the remains up ahead. Right after stepping to the other side of the wooden torture device, look to the left and pick up the --CHILD'S DRAWING (17/18)-- from the back of the crate under the torture device. Grab the -HEALTH DRINK-- from the floor to the right. The entrance doorway to the stairs will seal off as Alex gets on the staircase. Run down the stairs, Mr. Sunderland. Down and down and down and down and... Hey, there is a bottom! == Mine Tunnel == Objective Update: [ ] I have to find something that will protect me from the steam. Barbed wire will seal off the stairway as Alex steps into the this tunnel. Don't try to go through the steam that is spraying out of the pipes to the right or Alex will get badly damaged on his way through the steam. Turn left and move ahead until a desk comes into view. Examine the items on the desk. Alex will equip the ++MINING GEAR++ you examine it on the desk, so be sure to do so. There is nothing else on this side. Objective Update: [ ] Find out where the monster went. Run to the other side and move through the steam vapors. The steam will not damage Alex as long as he wears the mining suit. Move toward the metal elevator door up ahead then press the button on the beam to the right of the door. Many cutscenes will play after pressing the button. Don't sit down the controller during the cutscene while Alex is strapped in the chair since you will need to tap the buttons labeled on the screen rapidly in order to help Alex during the final two cutscenes. WARNING (GAME BUG ALERT): Do NOT skip any of these cutscenes or your game will freeze. A black screen will appear and stay there and you'll have to turn your console off to get it to play again. The game messes up because of the interactive cutscene that follows the normal cutscene. If you allow the cutscenes to play normally then you won't have a problem. Yeah, it sucks during a repeated runthrough but just bare with the lengthy cutscene and you'll avoid having to turn off your console. [WT13] _________________________________ _ LAIR _ ____________________________________ == Torture Room ==

Objective Update: [ ] Find Elle. Wow. A lot has happened! Turn around once Alex is free. Pick up the --FIRST AID KIT--, ++CEREMONIAL DAGGER++, --HEALTH DRINK-- and ++LAIR MAP++ from the counters behind Alex then save your game at the !!SAVE POINT!! on east wall. Be sure to turn on Alex's flashlight and arm the Ceremonial Dagger. Open the door to the north. == Hallway Outside Torture Room == Move down the corridor. The first door to the right is locked. The door down the right corridor past the bars is locked and requires a key. Continue to the north then head west along the hall. It's useless to open the door to the north that leads to the second hallway since you'll need a partner to help with rotating the valve handle and raising the gate at the east end of that hall. Open the door to Room 212. An Order member will see Alex and attack him, so step back out into the hall and defeat him with the Ceremonial Dagger. It's not that hard to take him down with just the dagger since he is alone after all. Enter Room 212. == Room 212 == Take the ++STEEL PIPE++ that is sticking through the chained police officer's corpse in middle of the room. Break the glass on the west wall. An Order member will attack from the other side of the glass, so allow him to step into Room 212 then defeat him. Step through the window area to enter Room 211. == Room 211 == Take the ++MK 23 HANDGUN++ from the counter up ahead then grab the ++SECTOR 3 KEY++ on the key rack to the right of the handgun. You might want to examine the THROUGH THE FOG book on the table next to the typewriter. Grab the -SHOTGUN AMMUNITION-- from the cabinet near the book. There is also a TORTURE LIST on the south wall to the left of the door. The dark corridor in the northeast only leads to a dead end. Open the door along the south wall and step back out into the hallway. == Hallway Outside of Torture Room == Alex will move out into the section behind the metal bars in the west portion of the hall. Look toward the left blue tank to the side of the door then check behind the metal crate beside that tank to find a --CHILD'S DRAWING (18/18)-in between the crate and the wall. The door to the south is locked. If you have been collecting all the Children's Drawing up till now then you will receive the Nursery Rhymes achievement. ----Achievement unlocked: -> Nursery Rhymes (50G) Found all the Children's Drawings ----Hop back into Room 212 by moving through the window in Room 211 then step into

. Use the push command to push the refrigerator out of the way then equip the Steel Pipe and pry the door to Room 321.. You don't even really have to use the dodge button that much to finish him off. Wait for him to attack again then simply attack him while he recovers. A.. Don't move down the hall that much while fighting the first Order member since another will attack near the corner..... == Room 321 == A cutscene will trigger. Take out the Steel Pipe and pry the door open..the outside the handgun other. Don't be afraid to charge an X slash to knock him down directly after an A.. If you ever knock him down with a charged X swing keep tapping X to stab him on the ground and he might not even be able to get up! You can actually pin him down to the ground with charged X swings. Duck under the barred gate further down the hall. If Alex takes too long then a cutscene will play and Elle will die and the game will be over...... His attacks with the saw are pretty damaging but he is very easy to hit as long as you watch for the saw blade. ... X combo..Curtis steps forward with the saw blade in front of him as it spins.. Just stand at a distance and wait for him to finish an attack then move in and attack him. The door to Room 301 is locked and requires a key. This next part is indeed timed....Curtis Curtis is really not too much of a boss at all. Saw Blade Thrust .. The gate will close behind Alex once he steps through. A. Step inside. A. ... Saw Blade Swing Combo .. Quickly climb over the gate to the east then move over to the right side of the refrigerator that blocks the door to Room 321.. You can sometimes simply spam with a constant A.... X combo. Run over toward Room 320 to trigger a cutscene. Use to defeat one of them then use the Ceremonial Dagger to defeat the back to the corridor leading to Sector 3 then duck under the bars Sector 3 Key to unlock the door behind the bars.. so get ready to defeat him.. Go figure. He only has two attacks. A.. A. It is best to hit him with the Ceremonial Dagger then step out from in front of him after a full A.. == Sector 3 Hallway == An Order member down the hall to the west will notice Alex...Boss . Two Order members will attack on the way down the hall. Walk over to the door that leads to the hallway and stand in front of it to hear a conversation on the other side.. The first room to the south is locked. Run and use the hall..Curtis swings the saw blade forward three times in a row. Objective Update: [ ] Save Elle. Alex will have to face off against Curtis.. == Sector 3 == An Order member will attack as soon as Alex enters. Elle will scream as Room 320 is reached.

. Stand near the door and allow them to step through but try to attack them as they move through the door and you might be able to keep one of them from entering...... Step toward the bars along the west side of the room to trigger a cutscene.. one of them will attack Elle. so run back to the north.. two Order members will attack from the next room. take the -HEALTH DRINK-...past the curtains in the cabinet off to the left in the north.... On the far left side of the room.... There is also a NOTE on a table behind the curtain to the right that can be examined along a PROPOGANDA on the desk near the window. so you can attack him while he attacks her and finish him quickly. If you have been collecting all of the Serums up till now then you will receive the Health Junkie achievement. Sometimes his slicing combo will get him too close for comfort also to where you will need to dodge to avoid getting hit. When Alex approaches the door at the end of the hall.Alex will finish him off with a death sequence just like an Order member....Objective Update: [ ] Find Joshua. == Sector 3 Hallway == The doors to the south are both locked.from the back of the last cabinet then open the medical case on the back table to find a --SERUM (8/8)--. Move down the hallway to the east.from the right counter. Luckily. step under the gate. Try to defeat the one with the Assault Rifle first.. Inspect the duffle bag on the table to the north to get ++ALL WEAPONS BACK++. Reenter Room 320 after the cutscene that follows then pick up the --HEALTH DRINK-.... Rotate the valve handle on the east wall... Exit the room and step back out into the hall. The dodge button only becomes important while in close range or if Curtis pins Alex to a wall.. ----Achievement unlocked: -> Health Junkie (50G) Found all Serums ----- . examine the EXPERIMENT MEMO.. While Elle holds the valve handle on the other side to keep the barred gate open for Alex. Reenter the Sector 3 room... You can also examine the DOCTRINE on the counter as well.. Elle will join up with Alex for now. One of them carries an Assault Rifle. In the dark corridor to the northeast... Finish him off with whatever weapon Alex is using . == Room 301 == On the desk to the left. . Elle will step under the barred gate while Alex holds it open.from inside the left cabinet. There is some more --PISTOL AMMUNITION-.and the --FIRST AID KIT-. step behind the cabinets and pick up the --PISTOL AMMUNITION-....A combo since he will rarely have time to attack... Reenter Room 321 and take the ++ROOM 301 KEY++ from the key rack on the southeast wall.. Walk over to the door for Room 301 and use the Room 301 Key to unlock the door then step inside.

== Sector 1 Hallway == An Order member will attack from the corridor to the right as Alex steps into his view. Step back into Room 301 the exit the room..... Break the glass on the right wall and step over into Room 112.... he's too far gone.....Break the glass window on the east side of the room then step over into the Room 302.. All the surrounding doors in the north are locked...from the shelf off to the right.. Defeat him then walk toward the barred gate at the end of the east hall. ... == Room 111 == Alex will be by himself once again...DON'T SAVE WHEELER] . Step toward the body strapped to the center chair... Move into the hallway outside of the torture room to the west via the door to the west. Rotate the valve handle on the right wall to the east then Elle will rotate the valve handle on the other side to allow Alex through the rest of the east hall. == Hallway Outside of Torture Room == Go back to the Torture Room in the south and save your game.. [END CUTSCENE .... The door to the east down the hall cannot be opened.......No... You greedy heartless bastard! Open the door to Room 111 to trigger a cutscene.SAVE WHEELER] X ..... Move past the hanging body bags and open the door to the south then exit the room...from the cabinet next to the dark corridor in the north...... ----Achievement unlocked: -> Now about those drinks (25G) Saved Wheeler ----If Alex doesn't give him a medkit then Wheeler dies... Duck under the barred gate like usual... A cutscene will play then a choice can be made afterwards..Give him a medkit.. The SET OF BYLAWS book on the right table can be examined.. [END CUTSCENE ....Giving him a medkit will give you an achievement and you will save Wheeler. Elle will not follow Alex into the Torture Room..- Y ......--> Choice Set 1 D E C I S I O N S . Enter the hallway to the north through the north door.. Examine the TORTURE LIST on the clipboard against the opposite wall. Take the --FIRST AID KIT-... Open the door to Room 113 then step inside. . == Room 113 == Pick up the ++POLICE MARKSMAN RIFLE++ off the left desk then grab the --SHOTGUN AMMUNITION-.

and Fitch are represented based on the symbols. Find the slits in the metal pieces on the column to the right of each tablet then use the Ceremonial Dagger on each slit to remove the covering from each tablet. Fitch's prescription pad.the set of mountains symbol on the lower left (Bartlett). The door to the east is locked and the door to the south is locked and requires you to solve the puzzle in this room in order to unlock it. The main hint as to how the symbols should be lined up is realized through the prescription pad on the ground. == Founding Family Chamber == Examine the PRESCRIPTION PAD on the floor. Holloway. Open the door to the east then step into the room.the symbol of air/wind on top (Holloway). ++ FLOOR INSIGNIA PUZZLE ++ From left to right. . so all of his symbols go on the lower right side of the floor ring. Since this is Dr. The familiar sounds of a shoreline that were last heard in the Otherworld Alchemilla Hospital can be heard as Alex moves to the east down the corridor. Bartlett. All the images must be lined up along the circle so that the three founding member.the curved lines by the triangle . == Save Room == Save your game at the !!SAVE POINT!! on the right wall. X turns the inner ring counterclockwise and A turns the outer ring clockwise.the cross with two triangles dangling from it on top .the eye on the lower right . The inner ring needs to showcase: . the tablets list the fate of the children as follows: Shepherd family = Water Fitch family = Knife Holloway family = Noose Bartlett family = Earth Examine the circular pedestal in the north portion of this room. All tablets mention the four founding families of Shepherd's Glen and they all read just about the same except for the fate of each child.the stick figure on the lower right (Fitch). . A ring is showcased on the puzzle along with several symbols. The outer ring needs to showcase: . one would assume that this circular portion represents him. All other doors except the door to the big room in the east are locked.== Sector 1 (East) == All side doors are locked to the east. There are four tablets on the walls around this room. Open the door at the very end of the corridor.

a cutscene will trigger as the lights in the room shutoff and a spotlight showcases the door to the south . Outer Circle: Rotate eight times. Once the puzzle on the door is connected properly then the door will open! Go back into the save room and save your game. == Sacrificial Chamber == o -|/ \ |(O)| .Everything should be showcased as follows: ___ /\|/\ | / \ ~~~ ~~ /`/\`\ // |/\ Quick Solution: From the moment that Alex first examines the pedestal rotate the rings in the following order: Inner Circle: Rotate two times. Once the rings are positioned properly. Another puzzle is revealed! ++ DOOR INSIGNIA PUZZLE ++ Tap left and right on the left analog to highlight each circle on the door then tap up and down to rotate the circle clockwise and counterclockwise respectively. Enter the room behind the puzzle door.Curved pitchfork | (o) <-.Water drop ~~~~~ Here is a simple explanation: Inner circle = Rotate clockwise or counterclockwise four times. Outer circle = Rotate clockwise three times.the door open up its front seal. Outer circle = curved pitchfork? Inner circle = water surface with water drop above it The two symbols appear to be something like this horrid diagram while on top of each other: 3-uu <-. (the symbol is on the bottom so either way will do). Investigate the seal on the door.

take out a melee weapon and attack the boss...... Black Spray . but you have to get to it's mid body in order to damage it.. .Amnion This boss is pretty creepy and you really don't want to get close to it. Its attack are extremely quick during this fight. The shotgun will damage it badly though. Two Leg Grab . When it jumps.... At that time.Amnion jumps into the air then lands on whatever is below it. In order to hit the boss....Walk toward the four altars up ahead and examine the carvings along the side of each altar. Instead of using a melee weapon.Amnion swings its right front left to the left then performs and overhead ground pound. Leg Swing and Overhead Swing ....... so melee combat can still be used.. Front Leg Smash .Boss . The boss' attacks are pretty easy to see coming so they aren't that hard to dodge.. you'll have to dodge its attacks then Alex will roll to the side and basically move up under the side legs of the boss.... .Amnion leans upward then sprays black liquid into the area in front of it. Two Hit Swing .. A cutscene will trigger after examining the Shepherd's Altar on the south side of the room.Amnion holds both front legs into the air then reaches forth or under its body to grab.Amnion swings one of its front legs one way then quickly swings it back the other way. All you really have to do is press the dodge button any time that the boss raises one of its front legs or when it jumps or moves in any way that is sudden.Amnion lifts both front legs into the air then hits the ground in front of it. Black Spray .. The boss will raise its front legs into the air during this portion of the battle..... Jump .... Once the boss has been hit enough times then the second stage of the boss battle will commence after the slight cutscene. but you'll be wide open to attack while close to it with the shotgun equipped. The only real way to get up to it to hit it with a melee weapon from close range is to move around it while it sprays black liquid in front of it. so you basically have to react as soon as the boss moves one its legs to attack if you choose to stay close to it..Amnion quickly lifts its front two legs into the air then lets them fall and leans its head forward to spray black liquid in front of it. Use combos swings and charged X swings to hit it.. It will eventually jump in an attempt to smash Alex. The grab can be avoided by tapping the dodge button to roll out from the under the boss as it attacks however. It will sometimes attack twice after raising a front leg so always be prepared for another swing if Alex doesn't roll to one of its sides. Getting close and shooting it with the shotgun will stagger it. you can also run a distance away from it and shoot it with the firearm. press the dodge button to roll out of the way of its falling attack. It can so easily grab Alex out from under its body though.....

...... Below is a list of all possible endings along with the way to obtain them.. The achievement will differ depending on the choices Alex has made throughout his journey. . Stay away from it while it plows its front legs into the ground or simply press the dodge button when it lifts both front legs into the air...... Run away from it and stand about mid distance from it. Approach the boss and deliver the finishing blow with the X button! You will receive an achievement after defeating Amnion. achievement...Haven't Left This Place Complete game on HARD difficulty... ----Achievement unlocked: -> Head Above Water (50G) Defeated Amnion ----. it will hunch over in a dazed state. I would recommend shooting it with the shotgun or rifle a few times in order to make it do this move. There is an overhead smash that it will start to perform once Alex has damaged it a bit during this second portion of the battle. If the game was beaten on Hard mode then you will receive The Old Gods.... It will get its front legs stuck in the floor..... barely able to stand......... Adam Shepherd (Alex's father). and Deputy Wheeler (not all endings are affected by him). It will eventually hold up both of its front legs to attack.. After it has sustained enough damage through a melee attack.. ----The actual ending will differ based on the choices that have been made throughout the interactive cutscenes dealing with Lillian Shepherd (Alex's mother).. (100G) ... ======== ENDING 1 ======== If Alex a) shoots his mother b) forgives his father c) does or does not save Wheeler The Happy ending will play.. it will struggle to get them out and give you a chance to damage it badly. You will receive an achievement directly after the save option following the actual ending cutscene to plays...The boss has one major flaw that will carry it to its grave however.. so run up to its body and shoot or hit it with a melee weapon.The ending cutscene will play after the boss battle. While its legs are in the floor... ----Achievement unlocked: -> The Old Gods...

The Smile! achievement will be unlocked. The In Water achievement will be unlocked. ----Achievement unlocked: -> Judgement (50G) Achieved Ending 3 ----Unlocks: Bogeyman Alex costume . The Judgement achievement will be unlocked. ----Achievement unlocked: -> In Water (50G) Achieved Ending 2 ----Unlocks: Order Soldier Alex ======== ENDING 3 ======== If Alex a) does not shoot his mother b) does not forgive his father c) does not save Wheeler The Bogeyman ending will play. ----Achievement unlocked: -> Smile! (50G) Achieved Ending 1 ----Unlocks: Big Rig Alex costume ======== ENDING 2 ======== If Alex a) shoots his mother b) does not forgive his father c) does or does not save Wheeler The Drowning ending will play.

the Circular Saw weapon will be waiting in the Garage of the Shepherd House on your next playthrough! --> SAVE THE GAME . . . The Intensive Care achievement will be unlocked. The Laser Pistol is found on the trunk by the bunk bed in Josh and Alex's Room in the Shepherd House. ============ CIRCULAR SAW ============ Regardless of whichever ending you receive. The No Dogs Allowed Achievement will be unlocked.======== ENDING 4 ======== If Alex a) does not shoot his mother b) forgives his father c) does or does not save Wheeler The Hospital ending will play. . ----Achievement unlocked: -> No Dogs Allowed (50G) Achieved Ending 5 ----Unlocks: Deputy Alex Unlocks: Laser Pistol on next playthrough. It starts out just like the Good ending. ----Achievement unlocked: -> Intensive Care (50G) Achieved Ending 4 ----Unlocks: ER Alex ======== ENDING 5 ======== If Alex a) does not shoot his mother b) does not forgive his father c) saves Wheeler The UFO ending will play.

especially . This time she has the appearance of the Silent Hill movie Nurse and is equipped with a scalpel. Nurses move in short sudden bursts as if they are having spasms while they walk. If Alex has his flashlight on or if Alex makes a lot of noise (runs or bumps into nearby objects) then a Nurse will attack him if it is in the area. Nurses' behavior will depend on two things. _______________________________________________________________________________ /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// [EN00] ____ / __/ I L E N T H I L L ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ _\ \ ++ ENEMIES ++ /___/ ection IV ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ H Ø M E C Ø M I N G This is a list of all normal enemies in the game along with descriptions. * This section is still missing a few bits of information at the moment. . strategies for beating them and a move list for each one. -. an additional cutscene will play. A L E X S H E P H E R D H A S C O M E H O M E A T L A S T . You MUST save your game or the outfit that was unlocked will not be displayed when you load a new game.BE SURE to save your game to a slot once prompted. but this particular game must be saved in order to have the outfit displayed on a new game. The ending credits will roll after you save your complete game. =============================================================================== ===== Nurse ===== Once again the famed Silent Hill nurse returns in another installment. . If Alex runs then suddenly starts walking. Alex can actually walk right against a Nurse without it attacking him no matter what side it is approached from as long as he does not run or turn on the flashlight.Weakness In Homecoming. The save may be overwritten once a new game is started. Nurses are very interesting to mess around with. ============== EXTRA CUTSCENE ============== After the ending credits. The Nurse will not attack or even move while it is motionless unless Alex runs or turns on the flashlight. A sound of a snapshot being taken can be heard as they walk sometimes. Nurses sometimes seem to have a slight bit of unpredictability to their movement at times however. the Nurse will move to the area where Alex last stopped running. If Alex does not turn on the flashlight or make any major noise then the Nurse will remain still and motionless and not attack Alex. if all 11 photos were obtained throughout the game.

In Hard mode the Nurses can be total beasts after the hospital nightmare.The Nurse holds both hands back behind its left side then attempts to plunge the scalpel forward into its victim.Finishers + Dazed Stance: When the Nurse falls to her knees Combat Knife/Ceremonial Dagger . Steel Pipe/Crowbar .one to the right then one to the left. Dodge timing: Dodge right when the Nurse holds both of its arms back.Alex grabs the back of the Nurse's head while she is kneeling then stabs the Nurse in the throat two times. Both swings must be dodged if Alex doesn't step behind the Nurse during the first swing.Alex swings the pipe directly into the Nurse's head while she is leaned over then stabs her with the pipe while she is on the ground.The Nurse holds up its right hand with the scalpel back and shouts then steps in with two swings .later in the game. They almost always attack in packs and attach themselves to their prey to bite. The second swing can be dodge just like the first but there is no need to dodge it if Alex dodges the first swing appropriately.The Nurse steps forward and slashes downward. Dodge timing: Dodge right before the slash. Dodge timing: Dodge right as the Nurse holds up its right hand and Alex will move to the back of the Nurse. Be sure to dodge out of the way if they ever start to constantly slash Travis.Attacks Scalpel Combo .Alex stands behind the Nurse then executes her by chopping off her head while she kneels. Overhead Swing .The Nurse quickly swings its right scalpel hand to the left then swings it back to the right. Fire Axe/Pulaski Axe . ===== Swarm ===== Think of a Swarm as a group of much bigger than normal roaches that need to be squashed. This is when they become more aggressive and will literally walk toward Alex with a constant two-hit slash at times. The handgun from long range or simply skipping them is the best approach for Hard mode. . Shouting Scalpel Combo . -. Scalpel Stab . It usually performs this while in close range after a two-hit scalpel combo. -. Dodge timing: The timing for a correct dodge for this move (where Alex moves behind her) is extremely tough since you must press the dodge button as soon as the Nurse holds her scalpel to the side. Nurses can be brutal by the time Alex reaches the Grand Hotel. Their two hit slash can tear through Alex extremely quick.

It will fall to the ground and be left open at that time. are some of the hardest to dodge since it gives such little its attacks and it seems to be unpredictable at times. since Alex is too wide open while a firearm is equipped and they usually only lunge from mid-distance. Try to squash them when they are all grouped together and Alex will step on multiple bugs at a time for a nice juicy explosion of bug bits.-. but this usually requires some well timed dodging. If you can afford to get in a charged X attack after a dodge then you might be able to finish the Feral off with a X slash while it is on the ground also. A. Knocking a Feral down with just about any melee weapon will almost guarantee you a finisher move if you run over to it and hold LT then tap X quick enough while it is still grounded. X combo to pin it down. A. It can attack right after the X slash (usually a bite attack). get in close range with the knife and slash at it with a full A.Weakness Swarms can be defeated easily in three ways: a) Hold LT to enter combat stance while a melee weapon is equipped then tap the A button to stomp them while they are near Alex b) When one of them flies in front of Alex. Most of the time you can completely pin a Feral down with a constant A. -.Feral quickly leans back and snaps its jaws upwards. A charged X attack will knock it down to where it can be hit with another charged X attack. so you may have to dodge right after the final button press. mash the B button to make Alex grab one then tap the button that appears on the screen to throw the captured bug to the ground and destroy it. Running as deadly as fighting it since it can easily keep up with at him from behind while he runs and actually catch him! . The Steel Pipe/Crowbar is sometimes useful against a Feral if you can manage to get in a charged X attack after a dodge or while surprising a Feral. -. X combo sequence with the knife.Weakness In order to fight a Feral.Attacks Bite . c) When they attach to Alex. tell you the truth. It enemy down and show no mercy while attacking it.Finishers N/A ===== Feral ===== The Feral's attacks warning for each of is best to pin this from it can be just Alex and even lunge -.Swarm jumps on its victim and bites it continuously. hit it with a melee weapon. A. -. A. I don't really like this method.Attacks Bite . The Feral can be shot out of lunge attack by shooting it with a gun while it dashes.

Later in the game. X combo to knock it down to the ground.The Feral will move to the side then suddenly face its prey right before it jumps with its mouth toward them. The Feral will not always follow up a side walk with a lunge however. Dodge Timing . Charge an X swing while above it at that time and Alex will smash its head. and stun it for a few seconds. so run around it and wait for it to perform a lunge then run up to it as it recovers from the lunge and attack. ether of the axe weapons will immediately kill it by chopping its head off with one X attack. Sometimes they still attack while their head is cut off after chopping it off with the axe though.Alex kneels down then sinks the knife into the side of the Feral's neck as he tears and cuts the creature's head off shortly before tossing it to the side.Dodge Timing: Dodge right as the Feral moves upward to bite. Sometimes it only moves forward and stop shortly before jumping. Lunging Takedown . This attack is extremely hard to get away from.Feral moves in from a distance then jumps and swings its paw. It has no legs and pulls itself with its arms. Lurkers are also found along the streets at times where they will crawl out from gutters to attack.Alex walks up to the fallen Feral then raises his axe and chops its head off while it lies on the ground. waiting for a victim to move near it so it can quickly emerge and attack. Steel Pipe/Crowbar . so prepare to dodge at times. face first. .Watch for the Feral to move to the side to know when it is about to perform this attack then press the dodge button as soon as it faces Alex since it will lunge shortly thereafter. -. Dodge Timing: This can be dodged right as the Feral jumps. Fire Axe/Pulaski Axe . An A attack will randomly perform an instant kill but an X attack is guaranteed. ====== Lurker ====== The Lurker is usually found in shallow water. usually when getting up from being knocked down. -. Jumping Paw Swing . Hit it with an A. Alex drives his pipe through the side of the creature's head twice then stomps its head shortly after pulling the pipe out.While the Feral is on the ground. A.Finishers + Dazed Stance: When a Feral is knocked to the ground and it is low in health Combat Knife/Ceremonial Dagger . There are times where it seems to lunge shortly after moving forward and stopping. The Steel Pipe/Crowbar melee weapon works the best for attacking a Lurker early in the game since you can easily get a full combo out on it without worrying about a counter hit. It's weak head will be in full view.Weakness It can be hard to dodge a Lurker's attack.

Attacks Claw Slice . While they are on the Streets pf Shepherd's Glen early in the game or the Streets of Silent Hill later in the game.Lurker slashes with one of its claw arms.These enemies are only hard at times because of the water environment that Alex will fight them in most of the time .Lurker . Lunge . covers their movement well. you can even see a Lurker well enough to dodge a claw slash. they are incredibly predictable since they can be seen in full view. At that time. Dodge Timing: Press the dodge button as soon as you see one of its arms move for the attack.