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Communication Style in China: a good and strong system of communication plays a significant role in management decision making the

process of decision making in multinational ventures and businesses. With the help of good communication process, upper level hierarchy can work conveniently on decreasing the labor turnover rate, this communication process needs strong language and greater awareness of culture in order to understand the employees and their work progress. Major businesses being carried on in china are considered as an having distance is much higher so it means they have a good hierarchical patter and employees receive the top level the orders from their management in order to complete this thing in irritation.

Saving face is a new concept which plays pivotal role among Chinese workers as the workers try their best to save themselves and others..Therfore, criticism is appreciated in methods it gives benefit to various values and associated work. With the passage of time and improved foreign investments into the china so the mangers who are foreigners has also tremendous growth, this means new styles of management came up and few may be.not aligned with the work traditions and systems of china. A Chinese personnel Management practices focuses on the strict control (Child, 1994). clearly shows which means that managers will face and interact with barriers and conflicts with the certain types of behavior; they create relationships in order to exchange various favors and maintain peace. Chinese managers use and try to spend quality time getting in touch with the sub-ordinates and superiors, as they prefer informal methods of informal communication, but they heavily rely on the building personal relationships. Therefore, utilizing retaining strategies of western world cannot be practiced in china as it is not a good idea as it is looks so there are

So the commonly used methods of retention include prosperous and strong management which offers T&D opportunities. There are certain methods which have higher importance but very low usage includes planning of career related services. retaining employee must be business related objectives and should arrange specialized retention plans. more attention provided to specialized activities especially when the company is making retention strategies. There are various number of strategies are used by the organizations main aim is to encourage retention of employees. So. whereas activities related to team building are more used. companies also find out the reason behind the increased turnover rate of employees more often. situations and workers expectations which are related to selecting the suitable path to improve retention.concerns regarding careers and equal employees treatment is not the only element require in the strong system but requires huge level of commitment among supervisors and sub-ordinates to make sure their loyalty. Employees are leaving organization just because of this important reason. the HR professional gives high importance to relate to performance pay and focus on improving and enhancing benefits and compensation but these monetary rewards and incentives are not guaranteed to bring good results. Usually. lack of employee development. Since many years. Strategies should be made which have higher and positive impact. either employees are not satisfied. as the turnover rate is increasing and hence became very important critical matter to solve. improved concern has been spent onto making number of strategies retaining employees. additional improvement Each and every organization should look at unusual. . the plans of retention are less used. Moreover. and how dissatisfaction and unhappiness is causing more Leave and absenteeism.

but once the employee is satisfied with the salary.As far as retention of employees is concerned.. The main objective is to welcome the new employee with the new expectations meet what they actually thought about it and should be satisfied with their standards. Simple answer if employers offer them good package very less employees will leave or no one leaves but if employers offer them not suitable package there are more chances majority will quit.dissatisfied employees to quit the job. al. stop it would not help in stopping. There are number of organizations who focuses solely on the good packages system so the employee will not even think to leave. Job satisfaction is related to pay levels but not the only reason. At workplace. salary is considered as a hygiene factor and not a motivator and can prove to be a cause of unhappiness. Managing expectation is also important factor (Torrington et. 2005). al. 2005). the findings of this research validate that the main aim of organizations is to find out why employees are leaving and how they would be retained here.. The answer is an improved package should be given to employees so that they cannot quit this jobs may be giving them more fringe benefits to retain them. Therefore.however. The most effective strategy is to increase the compensation level of employees in this way turnover rate may fall down (Torrington et. Employees may have other reasons to quit the job because the company might not be paying them according to their capabilities. casual increases are less impactful. It shows the benefit of employers and make sure that workers get to know about the job and duties before listening to. Less salary and package is not the only reason behind the employees leaving besides that there are also other reason which forces an employee to quit job. or it may bring a huge .

especially giving leave to the women who are pregnant as a handy retention tool. It consist of two different things that is the link between training programs and the turnover rate of employees. it is significant to not mislead and cheat the expected employees about their duties and responsibilities they will fulfill in an enterprise.. 2005). Family reasons are also considered as important factor behind employee's leaving their job. . 2005). Human resource practices emphasized on giving employees a little bit freedom in the timing system. as it would be benefited for the organizations. Training gives an employee a pleasure and they feel as a strong bong with theorganization if their needs are satisfied they will pursue their career in a current organization. Some people believe money wasting on the training and development must be restricted it should be spent somewhere else. induction process is able to provide platform where the information of the company can easily be transformed. all are related to employees and to make them prepare to work efficiently.level of dissatisfaction. There are different purposes of induction. T&D is considered as an very useful approach according to the (Torrington et. The argument over here is that training opportunities helps them a lot and employees will be more committed to an organization in this way they will not quit the job but would have left it if there are no training opportunities. al. Moreover. greater the induction process related with the ensuring new employees will not leave (Torrington et.. Whereas. this might help new candidates to adapt according to their the workplace. Moreover. al. From the last few years. so there are chances new comers will leave early if their expectations doesn't meet.

Labor turnover rates among labours are high in the China and in other developed western countries nations.the extreme expensive training include long duration courses like MBA. 4: Conclusions and Recommendations Conclusions There is huge increment in competition level and changes are made it emphasized organizations to evaluate the importance of each employee perceive in the relation to the company. managers show a clear intent that their employee's contribution is very important to enhance their skills if they remain here. The entire organization gets affected . loyalty is done and over once evidenced are shown. No Funds will be given if employees decide to leave even after getting such incentive (Torrington et. To finance these courses.. 2005). or various accountancy programs. Organizations which are quick to respond and adapt to the ever changing nature of the business continuously believes in innovation and improvement. employee retention is a problem has an huge impact even beyond the limits managers and sub an organization never wants its talented and potential employees will leave. Enhance retentions include flexible rewards with the help of specific programs. . Therefore. and the decreasing rate of knowledge along with capital. various processes and products that are convenient to purchase. . al. decreased level of productivity. good induction. and efficient management practices along with training opportunities and familyfriendly initiatives. These rates just do not relate . In the complete workplace. related especially to the latest technologies. but also customers are less satisfied.

so companies rely heavily on the retention plans. Managers should be able to understand employees’ needs and wants and objectives of their subordinates and then along with the objectives of their workers and after that make the impactful motivational strategies which can be used to strategies related to motivation and make sure that a balance is reached between is . A friendly environment in an organization enhances the level of trust and continuous activities of learning with little bit of fun needed to keep the motivation level strengthen. Management should include employees in the decision-making process. it is the main task of HR Professionals is to find out the reasons of turnover from all the management areas working in the organization. the more the chances of satisfaction greater the satisfaction level and participation being reached within the workforce due to the allowing them participating in organization. So HR professional requires an comprehensive and efficient approach. The more management with the problems related to work or have some personal issues. The surveys related t attitude and exit interviews gives clear idea to the employers knowing the various reasons behind turnover of labour . Managers should understand the needs. especially those decisions of employees and especially include those employees who possess a talent. If management gives their employees a value then it helps the organization in the longer term and it is in the best interest of the enterprise. Organizations needs to make sure that the company has a good two way communication process removing their concerns – whether the concerns of employees either it is concerned to work or of a more personal nature.There are many reasons why employees quit jobs voluntarily.

inadequate things will cause increase in the labor turnover rates.achieved among the individual needs and the organization's requirements. . specifically for parent organizations wanting to enter into the local segment of the market. motivation. It is HR challenges with assessment of country like China. culture and other areas like selection and recruitment. as they are a part of upper level management. compensation and performance appraisals etc. Suitable compensation should be given and benefits and rewards should be given to them. Recruitment and hiring process shows an organization wants to retain top employees. higher level of attention should be given to the needs and train the line managers according to that.goals and the requirements of the organization. T&D. Therefore. Rewards and fringe benefits are identified as the useful tools in encouraging talented individual to stay in this organization. Giving applause on accomplishments and other activities on various achievements gives motivation to staff and also it will help in creating a might help to create a friendly and peaceful environment that will give the worker work environment which will provide the workers satisfaction and they feel as a member of a large team. A leadership can show the employees interest. suitable retention plans should be made which have a impact in all areas of management include. problems should be solved by the managers. Organization main objective is to match the employee's abilities and capacity with the nature of work required by the organizations so it has great importance with these procedures. rather than a part of a team and not just a daily wage earner.

it is essential to analyze a the skill set of a candidate along with his level of expectations which they expect from the company along with their responsibilities in the enterprise. Hiring according to merit will give them pleasure. related to right skills to progress. Management should make sure that consistent follow-ups are required .Recommendations: With the reference to question is discussed in this topic discussion. Underestimating Employees: . Leadership Skills Improvement: It is good thing to related management with the worker that should be effective and efficient. Retention Examination: organization can decrease the unhappiness by opting for third party to conduct the exit interviews which are not in the personnel records. there are some recommendations to cope with challenges of labor retention: Selection of Qualified Professionals Organization should hire talented individuals who are here to stay for longer period of time. Differences and issues should be carefully handled and in authentic manner rather than making them as a general practice of an organization.with present employees there are so many methods that can be used which will help to understand the pattern of workforce in difficult situations. Moreover.

The most costly and chaos situations is considered with the key mangers. the best strategy of retention is which is suitable for each organization's needs and the demands of employees. . Having more special programs associated with retention include services related to career planning which allows flexible approach to this issue. they also take the ongoing trends into consideration.. So the organization completely focuses on the retaining such members with the organization. · Focusing Retention Strategies the expectations of employees should be took into consideration by the enterprises. Include the opportunities of advancement Satisfying employees is not just related to the pay system. There should be a balance in the demands of employees and same is the case in the supply procedure in order to avoid the increased turnover rates of employees Whatever situation . Organization must take into consideration and analyze investment activities by taking measure which are cheap. Therefore. Other organizations more often watch the productivity of the mangers of other organizations and their employee's performance took into consideration. but also consider valuable and fringe incentives which affects the satisfaction level of the employees in an organization. establishments must take such steps into consideration. Effective Management Methods: Frequency doesn't always tells you true worth but various levels retention include. · Compensation: Organizations focus mostly on retention of employees by using its resources.

because positive perception is created with the help of performance appraisals. so they deserve a respect because of Chinese mode of communication but also in. it becomes difficult for organization to create culture within such boundaries and follow more accepted standards according to the culture and various working systems. Whereas the new generation wants modern values at the work place. hence. The criticism should be avoided to bring improvement instead and use inspirational speeches. Motivational communication should be done in a positive way by the mangers.organizations are facing should make proper strategiesto avoid turnover rates. rather then opting a general approach to every issue. The significant importance of interpersonal relations play a pivotal role not only in Chinese culture. To make sure that best T&D opportunities must be given because it increases the confidence of employees and they will feel as an important part of the company they will feel as the family member. Their daily routine. Chinese working system believes in the long term sustainability according to their culture and traditions. the awareness related to culture. . Foreign managers required establishing. traditional system is mostly followed in majority of the Chinese businesses.