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Implementation Regulations of Special Topics

Implementation methods of Special Topics" for Student of Department of Information Management: 1. Grouping method: 1. The course aims to test students on the integration of information management expertise and team cooperation capability. The students are required to attend in groups. 2. Each group be composed by six to seven students and must not cross-class grouping. Each class surplus personnel must be reported to irector of epartment of !nformation "anagement consents before they can be cross-class grouping. #. Each group needs follo$ the guidance and direction of full-time teachers of the epartment of !nformation "anagement. %t the same time& each group needs coordinate instructor to ma'e sure the relationship $ith instructor. (. )nless other$ise announced& instructor teacher should be the full-time teacher in epartment of !nformation "anagement. *. uring the pro+ect $or'& students can use study room but need follo$ the direction of instructor teacher. 2. Examination method: 1. This course examination $as divided t$o phases ,-pecial Topics proposal revie$. and ,-pecial Topics achievement revie$.. /evie$ times $ill announce on the examination of the previous $ee'. 2. The examination file includes frame$or' of research& structured analysis of system or ob+ect-oriented analysis of relevant documents. -tudents have to hand in the examination file to !nformation "anagement 0ffice in a $ee' prior& in order to& distribute the file to the teachers. #. Examination contents: a. -pecial Topics proposal revie$ : Graded items /ating content /esearch scope (56 /esearch purposes& functions and scope& practicality and creativity. ocumentation #56 /esearch and analysis of the correctness and documents presented 3resentation 3resentations& techniques& ans$er questions& typhoons& grooming #56 b. -pecial Topics achievement revie$: Graded items /ating content /esults sho$ *56 7unctional integrity& data accuracy& convenience for use& research value and team$or' situations ocumentation #56 3ro+ect $or' report file 3resentation 3resentations& techniques& ans$er questions& typhoons& grooming 256 1(2 3erformance assessment: a. Examine document: Every pro+ect $or's examine from 2 to # teachers. !f score results have 142 1inclusive2 above fail& then the group is determined to fail.

b. !ndividual scores: %fter qualification examination& the instructor teacher ta'es the reference to the score. !ndividual performance by the students of this course $ill give a total score. 3assing groups have to hand in complete documents and information. c. The final score $ill be compose of instructor teacher8s rating 956 and 156 for using of special classroom equipment and environmental maintenance. #. %fter qualify the final test& special topics group should get ready to hand in t$o sets documents one for the epartment office and anther for the instructor. ocuments as follo$s: 1. # copies of : data& they should include -ource :ode& system files& system installation and other information. 2. # copies of pro+ect $or' study& they should from analysis to demonstrate complete system functions $ritten information; one of the documents should submit to library archive; one of the filing by the department and one of the retained by the instructor. #. !ndividual report. 7or personal contribution to the pro+ect $or'& students can hand in their responsible and experience for this the report file of. Give them to instructor teacher. (. 3ro+ect $or' studies report $ritten format $ill be announced by the special topic8s annual committee. Every document and information must be approved by the teacher& instructor teacher and director sign then hand in before due date. Each group needs act in accordance $ith the regulations to the !nformation "anagement 0ffice announced. *. The regulation of special topics $as implemented after by the %cademic %ffairs approval& amendments thereto the same.