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2011-2015 China Security Services Industry Indepth Research and Investment Strategy Planning Report, 2011-2015 19 ! 12 2" !

t; !"# $%&'()* * + &',-./0102345 199 *1999 6*789 :;<:=() 2000 :>7?:><@ :=A()BCDEFGHI JK3LD?MNO PQ5()RSE *?N:=() D E * ?TU E,VW 2010 1 1 DU X?()RSEYZ[RS :=U\D ARSD&']^_Y :=A`*a` bDcd/Ye fghi: =j1j2klmno pqr\lm ]st5uv wxyzk{J|.}U~ #1Vs3 p k k 3f _|1|. k{J|.*U~ k }f6; ]snouv s kl{Juv r\}6u ka* fk o Since the #irst security service company esta$lished in She%ou, Shen&hen City in 'ecem$er, 19 !, it is a history o# 2" years #or China security service industry http())en*+ian&han*com)report)detail)95c0 ,1#1d5!$21*html-* In this period, security service industry has made great progress in the areas( security service corporations and troops are steadily/ security service is $roadened steadily/ security service level is improving steadily/ security service industry is more and more important #or social management, service economy development and $uilding harmonious society, etc* 0he 1eneral 2##ice o# CPC Central Committee and 1eneral State 2##ice issued documents .hich emphasi&ed the guidance and management o# pu$lic security organ to security corporations in 199 and 1999* 3nd in 2000, 4inistry o# Pu$lic Security issued Regulations of Ministry of Public Security Concerning the Management for Security Service Corporations * 5erea#ter, according to the industry development demand more regulations and standards special #or security service industry are made( Management Regulations Concerning the 1uns 6sing for Pro#essional 1uards and 7scorts, Interim Provisions of Security Escorts Corporation 4anagement and National Professional Standards for Security Man, etc* 8esides, the Regulations on Security Service Management came into e##ect on 1st 9anuary, 2010* 0he Regulations regulates the entry o# security service corporations and $ehaviors o# security men* 3ccording to the Regulations, social capital is allo.ed to set up a security service company* It lays the #oundation o# standardi&ation and scale #or industry development* 3long .ith the open o# security service industry, industry competition is #iercer than $e#ore* 0hus the domestic outstanding security service corporations pay more and more attention to the industry mar%et research, especially the in-depth research o# product consumers* :ith ;or.ard<s the long-term trac%ing and collecting mar%et data o# security service industry, .e roundly and accurately analy&e the structure system #or you #rom the vie. o# mastering the .hole industry* 0his report mainly analy&es the aspects( development environment o# security service industry/ development condition o# security service industry/ mar%et segmentation condition o# security service industry/ large-scale activities o# the security services mar%et/ operation condition o# ma=or competitors in security service industry and ris% condition o# security service industry* 4ean.hile, together .ith the comprehensive and detailed mar%et data .hich is accumulated #or years, ;or.ard helps you to grasp the mar%et and development trends o# security service industry, so as to .in advantages #rom competition>

*U~ uk;' ~-~-^ ]s6T 6* T* lm* 6 >lm* * l m6klm*uvk lm6,;PF n n-]s6 k{Jn o{J4$5 35@s FGuvg uvlm lm

4a=or characteristics o# this report are #or.ard-loo%ing and timeliness* 8ase on the #or.ard-loo%ing analysis o# massive research data, .e #urther analy&e the development scale and competitive landscape o# security service industry* 3long .ith the industry development route and our practical e?perience, .e analy&e and predict the #uture development prospect o# security service industry* 0his report .ith a high value #or security service corporations and investment corporations to accurately %no. the latest industry development trend, o$tain mar%et opportunities and determine an insight#ul operation strategy and development direction* 5ere, .e<d li%e to e?press our sincere gratitude to International In#ormation Institute, @ational 8ureau o# Statistics o# China, @ational Institute o# the 4inistry o# Commerce, @ational 0sing 5ua 6niversity Ai$rary, Institute o# 4ar%et 7conomy o# the State Council 'evelopment Research Center, and 8ei=ing Binghua ;or.ard 4ar%et Research Center, etc* 0han% you so much> @otice( all the mar%et data, especially the corporation list data in this report is only #or $usiness re#erence* Please don<t ta%e the data #or enterprise pu$licity* 0han% you> 2r ;or.ard shall not ta%e any responsi$ility #or any conse+uences> ;or.ard and Intelligence Co*, Atd* Industry Research Center Research 0eam o# Security Service Industry

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