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Setting: Inquisitorial Blackship.

Context: Eldar and Dark Eldar forces have made a strike for the Inquisitor, hoping to take him while he is wounded, and before he is able to join up with the Imperial forces now starting to arrive at Aleghri Quintus. Elite strike forces from the DE fleet have been mobilised under orders from Kelsar Dralketh, while Augliss has dispatched a force of space-capable skimmers from the Eldar army based on the planet. The Warband: Inquisitor deploys with his warband within 6 inches of the centre of the table. Inquisitor is wounded but close to recovery. At the start of the battle he has 1 wound and can take no actions other than to move with the warband. Reserve rolls are made for the Inquisitor from turn 2 onwards. If the reserve roll is passed, the inquisitor becomes fully active and is restored to 2 wounds. The Inquisitor and warband are aiming to exit from one of the short table edges (towards an escape shuttle). After Eldar and DE forces have deployed, but before the first turn stars, the exit direction is randomly determined. The warband has a turn after the Eldar and DE turns. Their default movement is to move as fast as possible by the shortest possible route (avoiding dead ends etc.) towards their designated short table edge. The other caveat for the warband is that they will never voluntarily move backwards (towards the centre of the table), even to engage enemies. If the warband is within 12 inches of enemies at the end of its movement phase, it will shoot at them (randomise if there are multiple targets). If it is within 6 inches of an enemy unit at the end of the movement phase, it will assault them on a 4+ (randomise if there are multiple targets), or otherwise shoot at them. If an enemy unit within 6 inches at the end of the movement phase lies directly between the warband and the table edge they are heading for, they will automatically be assaulted (randomise if there are multiple targets). The exception to these rules is if the warband has a chance to exit the table that turn in their shooting phase (i.e. they have an unobstructed route of 6 inches or less), in which case they will ignore the enemy and run. If there are no enemies within 12 inches at the end of the warbands movement phase, they will run towards the designated table edge. The Inquisitor and warband are Fearless. Deployment: Eldar and DE forces deploy along the long table edges, within 12 inches of the board edge. Randomise for who gets to pick table edge, this army must then deploy first and gets the first turn, unless the enemy steals the initiative on a roll of a 6. Any units may be held in reserve and enter from the long table edges. Victory Conditions: If the Inquisitor exits the table, the game is a draw. If he is alive at the end of the game, he counts as an objective, which can be claimed by any non-vehicle unit. If the inquisitor is killed, leave his body on the table he might not be dead! From now on, the warband will attempt to carry the body with them off the battlefield. They move as before, but always count as being in difficult terrain. At the end of the battle, on a roll of 4+ the inquisitor is still alive and counts as an objective. If he is dead, the game is a draw (though you have a moral victory if you claim the corpse!). If one army is wiped out, they automatically lose, even if the inquisitor dies or exits the table, as the other side can now claim the blackship. Game length: Variable. Roll for the game to end from turn 5. Turn 5 = 3+ another turn, turn 6 = 4+ another turn, turn 7 = game ends.