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EXTERIOR S S: through sweating; Treats wind-cold w/chills, mild fever, body

COLD Warm, acrid LU aches
BAI ZHI Warm, acrid, LU, ST, SP ▪ Disperses Wind Cold: exterior wind cold invasion causing
(Angelica root) aromatic yangming HA**
▪ Drains Damp, Opens Orifices: nasal congestion with yangming
▪ Drain Damp, Stops Leukorrhea
CAN ER ZI Warm, acrid, LU ▪ Dispels Wind-Damp, Opens Nasal Passages: sinusitis with
(Xanthium fruit) sweet, bitter thick viscous discharge
▪ Dispels Wind-Damp: wind-damp bi or wind damp itching in skin
**contraindicated in pork
CHONG BAI Warm, acrid LU, ST ▪ Releases exterior, Promotes Sweating: esp. very early stage
(Scallions) wind-cold disease
▪ Dispels Cold, Unblocks Yang: abd. pain, distension, nasal
congestion from cold block
▪ Resolves Toxic Sores, Dispels Clumps: treat sores and abcesses
FANG FENG Warm, acrid, SP, LIV, UB ▪ Expels ALL Types Wind: exterior wind, wind bi, tremors hands and
(Ledebouriella sweet feet
root) ▪ Expels Intestinal Wind: abdominal pain, tenesmus, painful
diarrhea with blood
GAO BEN Warm, acrid, UB, GV ▪ Dispels Wind-Cold in Greater Yang: treat vertex headaches
(Chinese lovage aromatic (ascending nature)
root) ▪ Unblocks Painful Bi: wind-cold bi esp. in lower back
GUI ZHI Warm, acrid, LU, HT, UB ▪ Releases Muscle Layer: harmonize Ying and Wei Qi to squeeze
(Cinnamon Twig) sweet out cold pathogen
▪ Warms Channels, Moves Blood: wind cold bi, cold amenorrhea,
▪ Warms Yang, Transforms Water: edema or palpations from yang
JING JIE Warm, acrid, LU, LIV ▪ Releases Exterior, Dispels Wind: exterior pathogenic wind cold
(Schizopeta bud) aromatic or wind heat
▪ Vents Rashes, Stops Itch: early stage measles or itchy skin
▪ Stops bleeding: charred form to stop bleeding
MA HUANG Warm, acrid, LU, UB ▪ Induces Sweating, Releases Exterior: wind-cold pathogenic
(Ephedra stem) bitter invasion
▪ Disperses LU Qi, Calm Wheeze: cough, wheeze from wind cold
▪ Promotes Urination, Reduces Edema
QIANG HUO Warm, acrid, KID, UB ▪ Releases Exterior: externally contracted wind cold
(Notopterygium bitter, aromatic ▪ Unblocks Painful Bi: treat damp-bi pain nape and upper limbs
root) (lightweight)
▪ Guides Qi to Greater Yang and Du Vessels: as envoy for other
SHENG JIANG Warm, acrid LU, SP, ST ▪ Releases Exterior Cold
(Ginger rhizome) ▪ Warms Lungs, Stops Cough: from wind-cold or chronic lung
disorder with phlegm
▪ Warm Middle, Stop Vomiting: esp. cold in stomach with vomiting
▪ Moderates toxicity of other herbs
XIANG RU Warm, acrid, LU, ST ▪ Releases Exterior, Induces Sweat: esp. wind-cold during
(Aromatic madder) aromatic summer with damp
▪ Promotes urination, Reduces Swelling: edema, dysuria asso.
w/exterior pathogen
XIN YI HUA Warm, acrid LU, ST ▪ Dispels Wind-Cold, Opens Nasal Passages: nasal congestion,
(Magnolia flower) sinus headaches**
ZI SU YE Warm, acrid, LU, SP ▪ Dispels Wind- Cold: exterior wind cold invasion
(Perilla leaf) aromatic ▪ Regulates Qi, Harmonizes Middle: SP/ST Qi stagnation
▪ Calms Restless Fetus
▪ Resolves Seafood Poisioning
RELEASE PROPERTIE ORGAN: ACTION/INDICATIONS: herbs release pathogen expel through
EXTERIOR S LU sweating; Treats wind-heat invasion, some vent rashes,
HEAT Cool, acrid treat eye problems
BO HE Cool, acid, LU, LIV ▪ Disperses Wind-Heat in Head, Eye and Throat: fever, cough,
(Peppermint) aromatic sore throat, red eyes
▪ Relieves LIV Qi stagnation: chest distension, irritable
▪ Expels turbid filth: summerheat gastric pain, vomiting, diarrhea
w/greasy yellow coat
▪ Vents rashes: makes early stage rashes come to surface to speed
CHAI HU Cool, acrid, PC, SJ, LIV, ▪ Resolves Shaoyang (Lesser Yang): alternating chills and fever
(Thorowax root) bitter GB ▪ Relieves LIV Qi stagnation
▪ Raises Yang Qi: prolapse, hemorrhoids, discharge, bleeding
CHAN TUI Cold, sweet, LU, LIV ▪ Dispels Wind, Clears Heat: wind-heat invasion with sore throat
(Cicadae salty and loss of voice
Perostracum) ▪ Clears Eyes, Removes Superficial Obstruction
▪ Extinguish Wind, Stops Spasms: childhood convulsions and
spasms, night terrrors
DAN DOU CHI Cool, sweet, LU, ST ▪ Releases Exterior: best treat exterior disorders with underlying yin
(Soybeans) bitter deficiency
▪ Stops Irritability: following a febrile disease
FU PING Cold, acid LU, UB ▪ Release Exterior, Strong Diaphoretic: wind-heat without
(Duck weed) sweating
▪ Promotes urination, Reduce Swelling: hot, superficial yang
▪ Vents rashes and stops itching: has been used as a mosquito
GE GEN Cool, acid, SP, ST ▪ Releases Muscle Layer: pathogen in muscle layer w/fever,
(Kudzu root) sweet headache, stiff neck
▪ Generates fluids, Stop Thirst: thirst from exterior heat or wasting
and thirsting
▪ Raises Yang, Stops diarrhea: exterior disease causing dysentery
or SP Qi deficiency
JU HUA Cold, bitter, LU, LIV ▪ Dispels Wind-Heat: wind-heat invasion with Sang Ye
(Chrysanthem sweet ▪ Calms LIV, Clears Eyes: treat red painful dry eyes from LIV yang
flower) rising**
▪ Calms LIV, Stops Wind: dizziness, headache, deafness from LIV
yang rising
**drink as tea everyday to facilitate Qi/Bl, lighten body, prevent aging
MAN JING ZI Bitter, sweet, LU, LIV, ST ▪ Dispels Wind-Heat in Head and Eyes: wind-heat headache, red,
(Vitex fruit) neutral swollen, tearing eyes
▪ Drains Wind-Damp Bi: esp. in limbs used with other herbs
MU ZEI Bitter, sweet, LU, LIV, GB ▪ Disperses Wind-Heat from Eyes: red, painful swelling eyes from
(Shave grass) neutral wind-heat
▪ Clears Heat, Stops Bleeding: stop bleeding hemorrhoid with other
NIU BANG ZI Cool, acid, LU, ST ▪ Benefits Throat: best treatment for sore throat**
(Great bordock bitter ▪ Moistens intestines: constipation from heat dries stool
fruit) ▪ Works as Envoy for other herbs
SANG YE Cold, bitter, LU, LIV ▪ Disperses, Scatters Wind-Heat: wind-heat invasion
(White mulberry sweet ▪ Clams LIV, Clears Eyes: LIV yang rising causing red, sore painful
leaf) dry eyes, floaters
▪ Moistens LU: dry cough or expectoration of thick yellow sputum
▪ Cools Blood, Stops Bleeding: mild vomiting of blood
SHENG MA Cold, acid, LU, LI, SP, ST ▪ Release Exterior: headache from exterior wind
(Black cohosh) sweet ▪ Raises Yang: sp qi deficiency causing SOB, fatigue, prolapse
▪ Clears Heat Toxins Upper Body: sore teeth, sore gums, canker

CLEAR HEAT, PROPERTIE ORGAN INDICATIONS/ACTIONS: treats heat injuring the nutritive
COOL BLOOD S: level, function to nourish yin & blood, cools heat from deficiency &
Cold, bitter, clears nutritive level
MU DAN PI Cold, bitter, HT, LIV, KD ▪ Clears Ying Level Heat: high fever ,thirst, hemorrhages,
(Peony Tree Cortex) Acrid frequent profuse menses
▪ Clears Deficiency Heat: esp. steaming bone disorder following
warm disease
▪ Moves Blood, Dispels Stasis: amenorrhea, abdominal masses,
▪ Clears Ascending LIV Fire: headache, eye pain, flank pain,
▪ Drains Pus, Reduces swelling when used topically firm non-
draining sores
SHENG DI Cold, bitter, HT, LIV, KD ▪ Clears Ying Level Heat: high fever ,thirst, hemorrhages, scarlet
HUANG sweet tongue
▪ Nourish Yin, Generate Fluids: heat injures fluids causing dry
(Chinese Foxglove)
mouth, constipation
SHUI NIU JIAO cool, salty HT, LIV, ST ▪ Clears Ying Level Heat: high fever ,thirst, hemorrhages, scarlet
(Water Buffalo Horn) tongue
▪ Stops Tremors: heat at ying level causing convulsions, seizures
XUAN SHEN Cold, bitter, LU, ST, KD ▪ Clears Ying Level Heat: high fever ,thirst, hemorrhages, scarlet
(Ningpo Figwort) salty, sweet tongue
▪ Nourish Yin: sequelae of warm disease causing constipation,
▪ Softens Hardness, Dispels Lumps: severe throat pain/swelling
ZI CAO Cold, sweet HT, LIV ▪ Vents Fire toxins in Skin: measles, chicken pox, very dark
(Groomswell Root) purple rashes
▪ Clears Damp-Heat in Skin: damp sores or vaginal discharge
▪ Promotes Urine, Unblocks Intestines (mild constipation from
DRIES DAMP : burning diarrhea, UB: dysuria, hematauria, LIV: hepatitis, jaundice,
cold, bitter CI SP/ST deficiency
HUANG BAI Cold, bitter KD, UB ▪ Drains Damp-Heat Lower Burners: thick yellow discharge, foul
(Phelloderdri Cortex) diarrhea, hot leg qi
▪ Drains KD fire from Deficiency: streaming bone, night sweats,
▪ Drains Fire Toxins: damp sores on skin
**Often combined with Huang Qin and Huang Bai for Damp-Heat
HUANG LAIN Cold, bitter HT, LIV, ST, LI ▪ Drains Damp-Heat Middle Burners: burning epi pain, bad
(Coptidis Rhizoma) **very drying breath, reflux, nausea
▪ Clears Heat, Stops MJ Bleeding: vomiting blood, blood stool or
▪ Drains HT/ST Fire Toxins: high fever, irritable, delirium, rapid full
HUANG QI Cold, bitter LU, ST, GB, LI ▪ Drains Damp-Heat Upper Burners: fever, thirst, cough with
(Scuttelariae Radix) thick yellow sputum
aka: Skullcap Root ▪ Clears Heat, Stops UJ Bleeding: vomiting blood, nosebleeds,
coughing blood
▪ Calms restless fetus: restless, kicking fetus from heat
▪ Calms LIV Yang Rising: headache, irritable, red eyes, flushed
face, bitter taste
LONG DONG Cold, bitter GB, LIV, ST ▪ Drains LIV/GB Damp-Heat: red swollen ears, deafness, jaundice,
SHO painful genitals
▪ Drains, Pacifies LIV Fire: HA, red eyes (flaring up); spasms,
convulsion (LIV wind)
KU SHEN Cold, bitter HT, LIV, ST, ▪ Best Damp-Heat in Lower Burners: jaundice, dysentery,
(Sophorae Radix) SI, LI, UB vaginal dc, sores
Aka: Sophoria Root ▪ Kills Parasites, Stop Itch: damp sores with chronic itching or
vaginal discharge
▪ Promotes Urination: damp-heat SI, UTI or hot edema
QIN PI Cold, bitter, LIV, GB, ST, LI ▪ Clears Damp-Heat, Stops Diarrhea: esp. diarrhea w/blood
(Fraxini Cortex) astringent (dysentery)
Aka: Korean Ash ▪ Drains LIV fire, Clears Eyes: red, painful swollen eyes, as
Bark eyedrop
▪ Dispels Wind-Damp Bi: esp. hot type painful obstruction
▪ Calms Wheeze, Cough from LU heat (relationship w/LI)

CLEARS FIRE PROPERTIE ORGAN INDICATIONS: interior heat- fever without chills, dry mouth, thirst,
S irritability ,scanty dark urine, yellow coat, constipation or diarrhea,
abdominal distension
DAN ZHU YE Cold, bland, ST, HT, SI ▪ Clears HT/ST Heat ,Stops Irritability: irritable, thirst, mouth ulcers,
(Bamboo Leaf) sweet swollen gums
▪ Promote Urination, Clears Damp-Heat: scanty painful urination; esp.
if heat in SI

GU JING CAO Neutral, sweet LV, ST ▪ Clears Wind-Heat from Eyes: red, swollen eyes, tearing, visual
(Eriosaculi Flos) obstruction ▪ Clears Wind-Heat
from Head: headache, toothache, sore throat

JUE MING ZI Cold, biiter, LIV, LI, KD ▪ Clears LIV Heat affecting Eyes: treats all eye problems caused by
(Cassiae Semen) sweet, salty heat** ▪ Calms Liver, Anchors Yang:
headaches, dizziness
▪ Moistens the Intestines: treat dry constipation

LIAN ZI XIN Cold, bitter HT, PC ▪ Clears HT/PC fire: heat pathogen invading PC causing mental
(Nelumbinis confusion, delirium
plumula) ▪ Stops Bleeding, Binds the Essence: vomiting blood, spermatorrhea as

LU GEN Cold, sweet LU, ST ▪ Clears LU/ST Heat, Generates Fluids: upward surge rebellious Qi
(Reed Rhizome) causing thirst ▪ Promotes Urination: dark, scanty
urine or bloody urine esp. with irritability and thirst
▪ Vents Rashes: encourages expression of rashes

MI MENG HUA Cold, sweet LV ▪ Clears LIV, Improves Vision: used LIV Yin/Blood deficiency injured by
(Buddlejae Flos) heat causing red, swollen painful eyes, blurry vision,
obstruction, gradual loss of vision, floaters, tearing

QING XIANG ZI Cold, sweet LV ▪ Clears Wind-Heat, Improve Vision: wind-heat invasion red, swollen
(Celosiae Semen) eyes
▪ Drains LIV Fire, Improves Vision: painful, red, swollen eyes, blurry

SHI GAO Cold, acrid, LU, ST ▪ Clears LU/ST Heat at the Qi level: treat Yang Ming stage febrile
(Gypsum Fibrosum) sweet disease (4 Bigs) ▪ Clears Stomach Fire #1: big
appetite, ulcers, bleeding gums and toothache
▪ Clears Lung Heat: cough, wheeze with thick viscous yellow sputum
▪ Burns, Abscesses, and Eczema, apply topically as a powder

XIA KU CAO Cold, acrid, LV, GB ▪ Clears LIV Fire, Brightens Eyes: red, painful eyes (LIV fire); eye pain
(Purella Spika) bitter at night (LIV yin def) ▪ Eliminates Nodules: when
phlegm is thickened by heat causing scrofula, lipomas, goiter

YE MING SHA Cold, acrid LV ▪ Clears LIV Heat, Improves Vision: night blindness, cataracts, visual
(Bat Feces) obstructions ▪
Dispels Blood Stasis and Accumilations: trauma or childhood
accumulation disorders

ZHI MU Cold, bitter, LU, ST, KID ▪ Clears LU/ST Heat: high fever, irritability, thirst, cough thick yellow
(Anemarrhena sweet sputum
Rhizome) ▪ Nourishes Yin, Moistens Dryness: treat LU/KD Yin deficiency
▪ Generates Fluids: treat ST heat with oral ulcers, inflammation gums

ZHI ZI Cold, bitter LU, ST, HT, ▪ Drains HT/LIV Fire, Stop Irritability: fever, irritable, restless,
(Gardeniae fructus) LV, SJ insomnia, delirium
aka Gardina fruit ▪ Drains Damp-Heat Toxins: in all burners; UJ: nose, eyes; MJ: jaundice;
LJ: UTI ▪ Cools Blood, Stops Bleeding when charred,
nosebleed, vomiting blood, blood stool or urine ▪ Reduces
Swelling, Blood Stasis: esp. from trauma when applied topically
CLEAR HEAT, PROPERTIE ORGAN ACTION/INDICATIONS : Toxin is infectious disease makes person
DRAIN S: sick, ex) sores, mastitis, appendicitis, dysentery,
TOXICITY Cool, bitter viral infections, encepalitis

BAI HUA SHE Cold, bitter, LIV, ST, SI, ▪ Strongly Resolve Fire Toxins, Reduces Abscesses: intestinal
CAO sweet LI abscesses, ulcers, sores
▪ Clears Damp-Heat, Promotes Urination: hot painful urine, jaundice
BAI JIANG Cold, bitter, LIV, ST, LI ▪ Clears Fire Toxins, Expels Pus: internal abscesses, external toxic sores
CAO acrid ▪ Dispels Blood Stasis, Stops Pain: heat induced stasis, esp. abdomen,
chest, post-partum
(Patriniae Herba)
BAI TOU Cold, bitter ST, LI ▪ Clear Damp-Heat Toxins in Stomach: primary as enema for dysentary
BAI XIAN PI Cold, bitter SP, ST ▪ Clears Damp-Heat Toxin, Stops Itching: vaginal itching and discharge
(Dictamnus Root ▪ Expels Wind, Dries Damp: wind-heat or damp-heat sores, boils or
Bark) rashes
BAN LAN Cold, bitter LU, HT, ST ▪ Clears Heat Toxin, Benefits Throat: wind-heat or toxins causing
GEN swollen sore throat
BAN ZHI LIAN Cool, bitter, LU, LIV, ST ▪ Clears Heat Toxins, Reduces Swelling: carbuncles, boils, sores,
(Barbat Skullcap) acrid trauma
▪ Promotes Urination, Reduce Edema: edema, ascites, cirrhosis
▪ Dispel Blood Stasis, Stop Bleeding: trauma, vomiting blood,
nosebleeds, bloody urine
CHUAN XIN Cold, bitter LU, ST, SI, LI ▪ Clears Heat Toxins: toxic heat LU, throat, urinary tract, skin sores and
LIAN ulcers, snakebites
▪ Dispels Damp, Stops Diarrhea: diarrhea, painful urinary dirbble from
DA QING YE Cold, bitter, LU, HT, ST ▪ Resolve Heat Toxins: treat severe contagious diseases,
(Indigo) salty esp. in the thorat
▪ Cools Blood, Dissipates Macules: macules from heat in blood
JIN YIN HUA Cold, sweet LU, LI, ST ▪ Resolve Heat Toxin: hot painful sores and swellings, esp. breast, throat
(Honeysuckle) and eyes
▪ Expel Exterior Wind-Heat: wind-heat invasion w/fever, chills,
sore throat
▪ Clear Lower Jaio Damp-Heat: dysentery, Lin
LIAN QIAO Cold, bitter, LU, HT, GB ▪ Resolves Heat Toxins, Reduces Abscesses and Clumps: toxic
(Forsythiae Fruit) acrid sores and abscesses
▪ Expels Exterior Wind-Heat: fever, chills, sore
LOU LU Bitter, cold, ST, LI ▪ Clears Heat Toxins in Breast: sore, swollen tender breast
(Rhaponticum salty ▪ Descends Milk: encourages lactation when there is heat; NOT insuff.
root) Lactation dt deficiency
MA BO Cold, bitter LU ▪ Clears Heat Toxins from LU and Throat: toxic swelling (tonsillitis), loss
(Puffball Fruiting of voice (laryngitis)
body) ▪ Stops Bleeding: esp. from the mouth, lips or bleeding gums from
MA CHI XIAN Cold, sour, LIV, LI ▪ Resolves Fire Toxins, Cools Blood, Stops Bleeding: bloody hot
(Purslane) slippery diarrhea or urination
▪ Clears Damp-Heat Sores
▪ Treats Snake bites, Wasp Stings
PU GONG Cold, bitter, LIV, ST ▪ Reduces Abscesses, Dissipates Nodules: internally or externally esp.
YING sweet if hard and firm
▪ Calm LIV to Clear Eyes: red, swollen eyes
▪ Clears LIV Damp-Heat: jaundice, painful urinary dribble
QING DAI Cold, salty LU, LIV, ST ▪ Clears Heat Toxins, Reduces Maculae: heat in blood causing maculae,
(Indigo) nosebleeds
▪ Dispel Summerheat stirring LIV Wind: red eyes, sore throat,
▪ Drains LIV Fire Attacking LU: cough, chest pain, red eyes
REN DONG Cold, sweet LU, LI, ST ▪ Resolves Heat Toxins: various sores
TENG ▪ Dispels Wind-Damp from Sinews: wind-damp hot bi syndrome
▪ Cools Blood: used in combination for early menses and mastitis

SHAN DOU Cold, bitter LU, LI ▪ Clears Heat Toxins from Throat: swollen painful throat, as a gargle
GEN ▪ Disperses Heat Toxic Swellings: lung abscesses, throat/lung cancer
(hold in mouth, swallow juice)
(Bushy Sophora)
SHE GAN Cold, bitter LU ▪ Clears Fire Toxins from Throat: swollen, painful throat, obstructions
(Belamcanda ▪ Transforms LU Phlegm Heat: treat cough and wheeze from phlegm
Rhizoma) obstruction, widely used
SHI SHANG Bitter, cold, LIV ▪ Clears Heat Toxins in LU and Throat: cough, sore swollen throat
BAI sweet, acrid, ▪ Clears LIV Damp-Heat: Jaundice, ascites caused cirrohsis
TU FU LNIG Neutral, sweet, LIV, ST ▪ Resolves Damp Toxins: joint pain, turbid urination, jaundice
(Smooth bland ▪ Clears Damp-Heat from Skin: recurrent ulcers and hot skin lesions
TU NIU XI Bitter, sour, LIV, KD ▪ Drains Fire Toxins from Throat: sore, swollen throat, esp. diptheria
(Achyranthis Root) neutral ▪ Clears Heat Toxins from Skin: abscess or sores
▪ Invigorates Blood, Dispels Stasis: esp. GYN, dysmenorrheal,
▪ Treats Painful Urinary Dribble (enters KD)
YA DAN ZI Cold, bitter, LIV, LI ▪ Treats Dysentery: esp. chronic cold stagnation that wax and wanes
(Brucea fruit) toxic ▪ Treats Intermitted Fever and Chills: malaria
▪ Topically for Corns and warts topically, Recently for Colon and
Breast CA
YE JU HUA Cold, LU, LIV ▪ Clears Fire Toxins in Skin: carbuncles, furuncles, sores, sore tho
(Wils bitter,acrid ▪ Treats Wind Fire (excessive wind heat) causing red eyes and sore throat
YU XING CAO Cool, acrid LU, LI ▪ Clears Heat Toxins, Reduces Abscesses: LU abcesses w/ cough,
(Houttuynia) yellow, thick green sputum
▪ Drains Damp-Heat, Promotes Urination: damp-heat diarrhea or
ZI HUA DI Cold, bitter, LU, LIV ▪ Clears Heat Toxins: esp. red swollen eyes, throat, mumps, snake bites
DING acrid ▪ Treats Hot Sores, especially on head and back

CLEAR PROPERIE ORGAN ACTION/INDICATIONS : clear summerheat –severe heat and damp
HE YE Bitter, sweet, HT, SP, ▪ Clears Summerheat: fever, irrtabillty, excess sweating, scanty urine,
(Lotus Leaf) neutral LIV diarrhea
▪ Raises SP Clear Yang, Stop Diarrhea: summerheat invasion causing
SP Qi Deficiency
LU DOU Cold, sweet HT, ST ▪ Clears Summerheat: esp. with thirst (made into tea to prevent
Aka: Mung Bean summerheat in summer)
▪ Clears Heat Toxins: sores and swellings (made into powder and drank as
a tea)
▪ Antidote for Aconite Poisoning

CLEAR PROPERTIE ORGAN ACTION/INDICATIONS: enter the yin to treat KID/LIV Yin deficiency
DEFICIENCY S leading to deficiency heat with s/s: streaming bone, tidal fever, 5 palm heat,
HEAT night sweats
BAI WEI Cold, bitter, LU, ST, KID ▪ Clear Ying or Xue Heat: summertime fever, post-partum fever, lingering
(Cynanchi Root) salty fever after disease
▪ Cools Blood, Promotes urination: hot bloody painful urine esp. before
or after giving birth
DI GU PI Cold, sweet, LU, LIV, KID ▪ Clear KID Fire, Reduces Steaming Bone: heat in bones, night sweats,
(Wolfberry) bland low fever
▪ Clears LU Heat: cough, wheeze
HU HUANG Cold, bitter ST, LIV, LI ▪ Clears Yin Deficiency Heat
LIAN ▪ Drains Damp-Heat: dysentery disorders and damp sores
▪ Reduced Childhood Nutritional Impairment: esp. with distension,
fevers and dysentary
QING HAO Cold, bitter LIV, GB, KID ▪ Clears Summerheat: esp. low fever, headache, dizziness, chest
(Wormswood) oppression
▪ Clears Deficiency Fever: esp. steaming bone disorders w/out sweating
▪ Cools Blood, Stops bleeding: purpura, epistaxis from heat in blood
▪ Malarial disorders: alternating fever and chills
YIN CHAI HU Slightly cold, ST, LIV ▪ Recedes Yin Deficiency Fever: any yin deficiency fever, streaming bone
(Stellaria root) sweet ▪ Reduces Childhood Nutritional Impairment: fever, thirst, irritability dt
heat accumilation

SPIRIT HT-houses irritability, insomnia, anxiety, insanity by anchoring the spirit or
shen nourishing the heart
LIV-houses ▪ anchoring herbs are heavy and cold so should combo with herbs
hun nourish SP/ST
▪ Minerals and shells with a function related to weight and density to calm spirit descend yang, decend rebellious LU Qi
and ST Qi
▪ Caution: minerals can injure ST Qi causing indigestion and loss of appetite  Combine w/herb tonify SP/ST, only take
for short time
HU PO Neutral, sweet HT, LIV, UB ▪ Stops Tremors and Palpitations: palpitations, childhood seizures,
(Amber) easily frightened
▪ Invigorates Blood, Dispels Stasis, Unblocks Menses:
amenorrhea w/palpable masses
▪ Promotes Urination, Unblocks Painful Urine: urine retention or
dribble w/blood
▪ Promotes healing, Reduces swellings (topically)
ZHEN ZHU Cold, sweet, salty HT, LIV ▪ Settle Tremors and Palpitations:
(Pearl) ▪ Eliminate Superficial Visual Obstructions: blurry vision from
▪ Promotes Healing, Generates Flesh (topically)
▪ Clears Dark discolorations of Skin, commonly used in skin
LONG GU Neutral, sweet, HT, LIV, KID ▪ Settle Anxiety: restless, insomnia, palpitations, anxiety, seziures
(Dragon bone) astringent ▪ Anchors Floating Yang: irritability, dizziness, blurry vision, easily
▪ Prevents Leakage of Fluids: spermatorrhea, sweats, vaginal dc,
uterine bleeding
MU LI Cool, salty, LIV, KID ▪ Heavily Calms Spirit: palpitations, anxiety, restlessness, insomnia
(Oyster shell) astringent ▪ Anchors Floating Yang: irritability, dizziness, blurry vision, easily
**don’t need for angered
Melinda’s test ▪ Prevents Leakage of Fluids: spermatorrhea, sweats, vaginal dc,
uterine bleeding
▪ Soften Hardness and Dissipates Nodules: all types lumps, esp.
lumps in neck
▪ Absorbs Acidity, Stops Pain: stomach pain with sour taste
ZHEN ZHU Cold, sweet, salty HT, LIV ▪ Settle Tremors and Palpitations:
(Pearl) ▪ Eliminate Superficial Visual Obstructions: blurry vision from
▪ Promotes Healing, Generates Flesh (topically)
▪ Clears Dark Discolorations of Skin, commonly used in skin
▪ Plants with sweet, moist properties that Nourish HT, LIV, Tonify Blood and Yin to calm the spirit treat general malaise,
palpitations, irrit., insomnia
▪ Sour –contracts to treat expansion of spirit with s/s excessive laughter, hyperactivity, mania
▪ Acrid –spreads to treat contraction of spirit with s/s constraint, depression
SUAN ZAO Neutral, sweet, HT, SP, LIV, ▪ Nourishes HT Yin, LIV Blood: irritability, insomnia, palpitations
REN sour GB with anxiety
▪ Prevents Abnormal Sweating: spontaneous sweating, night
(Sour Jujube seed)
**Widely used in formulas to treat shen disorder from HT/LIV blood deficiency
YUAN ZHI Warm, acrid, LU, HT ▪ Quiets Heart: insomina, palp. w/anxiety, restless, pent-up emotions
(Polygala root) bitter ▪ Establish HT/KID Disharmony
▪ Expels HT Phlegm: angina, mania, seizures
▪ Expels LU Phlegm: copious sputum difficult to expectorate
▪ Reduces Abscesses, Dissipates Swellings: boils, sores, breast
BAI ZI REN Neutral, sweet HT, KID, LI ▪ Nourishes HT: irritability, insomnia, forgetful, palpitations
(Biota seed) w/anxiety (HT Yin/Bld def)
▪ Moistens Intestines: constipation in elderly and post-partum from
blood def.
▪ Treats Night Sweats: from yin deficiency
HE HUAN PI Neutral, sweet HT, LIV ▪ Relieves Constraint: bad temper, depression, insomnia,
(Silktree bark) irritability, poor memory
▪ Harmonizes Blood, Stops Pain, Reconnects Sinews/Bones:
pain, swelling trauma
▪ Reduces Abscesses, Dispel Swelling: external, internal pain and

OPEN PROPERTIES: ORGAN ACTIONS/INDICATIONS: strongly dispersing pathogens causing

ORFICES aromatic phlegm to envelop the heart or close the orifices
causing hot or cold closed dos
BING PIAN Cold, acrid, bitter LU, HT, SP ▪ Opens Orifices, Clears Mind: PC heat w/LOC, fainting, stroke,
(Borneol-menthol) closed dos
▪ Clears Toxic Heat: topically for sore throat, mouth sores, skin
sores, boils, sore eyes
▪ Stops Pain and Itching: toxic itchy swelling and accumulations
SHE XIANG Warm, acrid, HT, LIV, SP ▪ Strongly Opens ALL orifices: PC heat w/LOC, delirium, irrational
(Deer musk aromatic **all 12 speech, closed dos
**very intensely channels ▪ Moves Blood, Dispel Clumps: boils, masses, traumatic injury
piercing aromatic causing blocked meridian
prop. ▪ Stops Pain: chest bi pain, pain from trauma (topically over UB15 for
▪ Dispels Dead Fetus: facilitates downward passage of dead fetus or
**chief herb for LOC, wind-stroke, phlegm collapse and high fever, trauma
medicine, etc.

SHI CHANG Warm-gently, HT, ST ▪ Opens Orifices, Calms Mind: coma, seizures= cold closed dos,
PU acrid, autism
bitter, aromatic ▪ Expels Phlegm Blocking Ascent Clear Yang: dizziness, deaf, poor
(Sweet Flag
memory, dull senses
▪ Harmonize SP: distension, abdominal pain from retained damp in
▪ Expel Wind, Cold, Damp: cold wind damp bi, joint pain, arthritis
▪ Reduces Swellings: scabies, boils, eczema
SU HE XIANG Warm, acrid, HT, SP ▪ Opens Orifices, Expels Phlegm: cold closed dos, wind stroke,
(Styrax-Liquid sweet, aromatic COMBO: She heart attack w/phlegm
Amber) ▪ Stops Pain and Constraint: abdominal or chest pain (angina)


DRAINING, S: ST, LI clearing properties, best to treats interior heat causing
PURGATIVES Cold, bitter constipation; CI: pregnancy, SP/ST deficiency
DA HUANG Cold, bitter ST, LI, HT, LIV ▪ Drains Heat, Purges Accumulations: constipation from heat
(Rhubarb root) ▪ Drains Fire: high fever, sore throat, red swollen eyes asso. with
▪ Clears Damp-Heat, Promotes Urination: edema, jaundice,
painful urine/diarrhea
▪ Dispel Blood Stasis: amenorrhea, fixed abdominal masses,
FAN XIE YE Cold, bitter, LI ▪ Drains Down, Guides out Stagnation: acute or chonic
(Senna) sweet constipation dt heat
LU HUI Cold, bitter ST, LI, LIV ▪ Drains Fire, Purges Accumulations: constipation from heat
(Aloe leaf juice) with LIV/HT Fire
▪ Cools Liver: irritability, dizziness, headache, tinnitus with
▪ Kills parasites, Strengthen ST: childhood impairment esp. with
MANG XIAO Very cold, bitter, ST, LI ▪ Moistens Dryness, Purges Accumulations: constipation from
(Glauber’s Salt) acrid, salt heat
▪ Clears Heat, Reduces Swelling: red, swollen eyes, ulcers
mouth, throat, mastitis


DRAINING, S: SP, LI intestines, best for debilitated and elderly patients constipation; CI:
MOIST neutral, sweet pregnancy, SP/ST deficiency
HUO MA REN Neutral, sweet SP, ST, LI ▪ Moistens intestines, Nourish Yin: constipation from blood/yin
(Cannabis/Hemp def.
YU LI REN Neutral, sweet, SP, SI, LI ▪ Moistens intestine: constipation from Qi stagnation in intestines
(Bush Cherry Pit) acid, bitter ▪ Promotes Urine, Reduce Edema: leg qi or edema with dysuria
and constipation

DOWN PROPERTIE ORGAN ACTIONS/INDICATIONS: strong, harsh drive out excess

DRAINING, S: water to treats severe constipation dt stagnated fluids, Caution:
HARSH **very harsh causes explosive diarrhea, pregnancy
BA DOU Hot, acrid, LU, ST, LI ▪ Drives Out Water: esp. ascites from late stage schistosomiatisis
(Croton Seed) toxic ▪ Expel Phlegm in the Throat: dypena, wheeze, chest distension
▪ Healing of Abscesses and Ulcers
GAN SUI Cold, bitter, LU, LI, KID ▪ Drains and Expels Water: fluid chest and abdomen, general
(Kansui Root) sweet, toxic edema
▪ Drives Out Phlegm: wind-phlegm seziures or withdraw mania
JING DA JI (Da Ji) Cold, bitter, SP, LI, KID ▪ Drains and Expels Water: : fluid chest and abdomen, general
(Japanese Thistle) acrid, toxic edema
▪ Reduces Swelling and Nodules: red, swollen painful sores
YUAN HUA Warm, bitter, LU, LI, KID ▪ Drains and Expels Water: : fluid chest and abdomen, general
(Genkwa flower) acrid, toxic edema
▪ Dispels Phlegm, Stop Cough: chronic bronchitis taken alone
with sugar
▪ Kills parasites


DAMPNESS warm, acrid, (SP/ST) strengthen SP/ST to treat distention, nausea, reflux, loose stool,
aromatic anorexia, lassitude
**Caution: very drying, can easily exhaust Qi and injure the yin
BAI DOU KOU Warm, acrid, SP, ST, LU ▪ Moves Qi, Transforms Damp: chest, epigastric or abdomen
(Round Cardamom) aromatic distention
▪ Warms and Strengthen ST to Descend Rebellion: all types
vomiting from cold
CANG ZHU Warm, acrid, SP, ST ▪ Strongly Dries Damp, Strengthens Spleen: damp obstructing
(Black Rhizome) bitter, t/t of spleen
aromatic ▪ Dispels Exterior Wind-Damp: fever, chills, headache, nasal
▪ Clears Lower Jaio Damp: damp heat pouring down leg qi,
vaginal discharge
▪ Improves Vision: night blindness, decrease vision with rough
sensation in eyes
CAO DOU KOU Warm, acrid, SP, ST ▪ Warms Middle, Dries Damp: SP/ST cold damp with diarrhea,
(Katsumada Seed) aromatic vomiting
▪ Warms Middle, Stops Vomiting
CAO GUO Warm, acrid, SP, ST ▪ Warms Middle, Strongly Dries Damp: SP/ST cold damp with
(Tasaoko Fruit) aromatic diarrhea, vomiiting
▪ Dissolves Stagnation: indigestion from meat stagnation, local
▪ Treats Malaria: alternating fevers and chills esp. dt cold-damp
HOU PO Warm, bitter, SP, ST ▪ Moves Qi, Transforms Damp: best herb for distention dt Qi
(Magnolia Bark) spicy, stagnation**
aromatic ▪ Dries SP Damp, Transforms Phlegm: distention, fullness,
nausea, diarrhea
▪ Descends LU Qi, Transforms Phlegm: cough, wheeze dt
phlegm clogging lungs
HUO XIANG Warm, spicy SP, ST, LU ▪ Transform Damp, Dispels Summerheat: middle damp or
(Patchouli) summerheat damp
▪ Harmonize Middle, Stop Vomiting: n/v dt damp obstructing
▪ Treat Dermatosis: affecting hands and feet
PEI LIAN Neutral, spicy SP, ST ▪ Transform Damp, Dispels Summerheat: middle damp or
(Eupatorium) summerheat damp
▪ Awaken SP, Regulates Middle: damp obstructing middle
▪ Dispels Turbid Filth, Unbinds ST: damp increasingly thickens
to binding ST Qi
SHA REN Warm, acrid, SP, ST ▪ Moves Qi, Transforms Damp: distention in epigastric and
(Cardamom) aromatic abdomen
▪ Warms Middle, Stops Diarrhea: diarrhea dt cold
▪ Calms fetus

DRAINS PROPERTIES ORGAN ACTION/INDICATIONS: All herbs drain damp to treats edema
DAMPNESS neutral, swt, SI, UB below waist by promoting water metabolism by increasing
bland urination (diuretics).
Caution: yin deficiency or lack fluids
1) Drain Damp, Reduce Edema, (neutral, sweet, bland) used for difficult urination, diarrhea, phlegm retention
and fluid retention
CHI XIAO DOU Neutral, sour, HT, SI ▪ Drains Damp, Promotes Urination: ascites, leg qi edema (can
(Adzuki Beans) sweet be eaten as food)
▪ Resolves Damp-Heat Jaundice: for mild cases
▪ Resolves Fire Toxins and Swelling in Skin: sores, carbuncles
and furuncles (boils)
DONG GUA PI Slightly cold, LU, SI ▪ Drains Damp, Promotes Urination: esp. for edema from damp-
(Winter Melon Rind) bland, sweet heat
DONG GUA Cold, sweet LU, ST, SI, LI ▪ Drains Damp, Promotes Urination: diarrhea, vaginal
discharge, edema
ZI/REN ▪ Clears LU Heat, Expels Phlegm: expectoration thick yellow
(Winter Melon Seed) sputum
FU LING Neutral, bland, s LU, HT, SP, ▪ Drains Damp, Promotes Urination: dysuria, scanty urine,
(Psoria) weet KID diarrhea, edema
▪ Strengthens SP, Harmonizes Middle: SP Qi deficiency with
▪ Quiets HT, Calms Mind: palpitations, insomnia, forgetfulness
YI YI REN Slightly cold, LU, SP, ST ▪ Drains Damp, Promotes Urination: dysuria, scanty urine,
(Job’s Tears) bland, sweet diarrhea, edema
▪ Clears ALL Damp-Heat: damp-heat at any level with greasy
tongue and diarrhea** ▪ Strengthen SP, Stop Diarrhea: damp
diarrhea from Sp Qi deficiency
▪ Expels Damp Painful Bi: esp. for increasing joint mobility and
reducing spasms
· Clears Heat, Expels Pus: soft, pus-filled boils, lung and intestinal
ZE XIE Cool, bland, KID, UB ▪ Drains Damp, Promote Urination: dysuria, scanty urine,
(Water Plantain) sweet diarrhea, edema
▪ Drains Lower Jaio Damp-Heat: treat spermatorrhea disturbing
KID Ministerial Fire
ZHU LING Slight cool, SP, KID, UB ▪ Drains Damp, Promotes Urination: dysuria, scanty urine,
(Polyporus) bland, sweet diarrhea, edema
**can be used alone for painful urinary dribble during pregnancy
2) Promote Urination, Remove Strangury (Painful Urinary Dribble/Lin Syndrome) black urine, stranguary
from heat, stone with blood, turbity
(CHUAN) MU Cold, bitter, HT, SI, UB ▪ Clears Damp-Heat, Promotes Urination: painful urinary
TONG bland dribble
▪ Drains HT Heat via SI: irritable, scanty urine, sores mouth and
(Akebiae Caulis)
▪ Promotes Lactation
BI XIE Neutral, bitter ST, LIV, UB ▪ Separate Pure from Turbid, Promotes Urination: cloudy
(Tokoro) painful urinary dribble
▪ Expels Wind-Damp, Relax Sinews: wind-damp or damp-heat
BIAN XU Cold, bitter UB ▪ Clear Damp-Heat, Promotes Urination: painful urinary
(Knotgrass or dribble
Knotweed) ▪ Kills parasites, Stops itching: tinea, intestinal parasites,
tapeworms, hookworms
CHE QIAN ZI Cold, sweet LU, LIV, KID, ▪ Clears Damp-Heat, Promotes Urination: painful urinary
(Plantago seeds) UB dribble, edema
▪ Stops Diarrhea: damp-heat or summerheat diarrhea
▪ Clears Eyes: eye disorders dt LIV/KID deficiency or heat LIV
▪ Expels Phlegm, Stops Cough: cough with yellow copious
DI FI ZI Cold, bitter, KID, UB ▪ Clear Damp-Heat, Promotes Urination: painful urinary
(Kochia Fruit) sweet dribble
▪ Expels Damp, Stops Itch: topically damp skin sores with
intense itching
DONG KUI GUO Cold, sweet SI, LI, UB ▪ Clears Damp-Heat, Promotes Urination: hot, bloody or stone
(Mallow Fruit) urinary dribble
▪ Moistens intestines: adjunctive herb constipation from fluid
▪ Promote Lactation
HAI JIN SHA Cold, bland, SI, UB ▪ Clear Damp-Heat, Promotes Urination: painful urinary
(Lygodium Spore) sweet dribble, esp. with stones
▪ Reduces Edema, Decrease Jaundice: spleen damp edema or
damp-heat jaundice
HUA SHI Cold, bland, ST, UB ▪ Clears Damp-Heat, Promote Urination: any do with painful
(Talcum) sweet urinary dribble**
▪ Dispels Summerheat: summertime fever, heaviness,
irrritabilty, thirst
▪ Resolves Damp Sores: eczema, damp sores
QU MAI Cold, bitter HT, SI, UB ▪ Clears Damp-Heat, Promotes Urination: painful urinary
(Dianthus Herba) dribble, esp. with blood
▪ Breaks Blood Stasis: axillary herb for amenorrhea
SHI WEI Cold, bitter, LU, UB ▪ Clear Damp-Heat, Promotes Urination: bloody or stone
(Pyrrosia Leaf) sweet painful urinary dribble
▪ Clears LU, Stop Cough: cough and wheeze from lung heat
▪ Cools Blood, Stops Bleeding: esp. bloody urine, cough blood
dt chaotic hot blood
TONG CAO Slightly cold, LU, ST ▪ Clear Damp-Heat, Promotes Urination: painful urinary
(Rice Paper Plant bland, sweet dribble
Pith) ▪ Promotes Lactation
3) Drain Damp, Eliminate Jaundice (bitter and cold, enters spleen, stomach, liver, gallbladder) jaundice,
eczema, sores and carbuncles
JIN QIAN CAO Slightly cold, LIV, GB, KID, ▪ Clears LIV/GB Damp-Heat: jaundice, red swollen eyes,
(Lysimachia Herb) salty, sweet UB gallstones
▪ Expels Urinary or Gallstones, used alone in large doses as a
▪ Reduces Toxic Swellings: snakebites, abscesses, trauma
YIN CHEN Slightly cold, SP, ST, LIV, ▪ Clears LIV/GB Damp-Heat or Cold-Heat: best herb to treat
(Wormwood) bitter GB jaundice***
▪ Resolves Damp Sores: esp. lower body as a wash


DAMP Aromatic, Warm from muscles, sinews, joints and bones to treats bi syndrome and
unblocks the channels.
Caution: very drying nature can injure yin and blood, becareful Yin/Blood
CAN SHA Warm, acrid, sweet SP, ST, LIV ▪ Expels Wind-Damp: wind-damp bi, wind-damp itchy rashes
(Silkworm Feces) ▪ Transforms Turbid Damp in ST: vomiting, diarrhea, cramps,
spasms calf
CHOU WU Cool, bitter, acrid, LIV ▪ Expel Wind-Damp: wind-damp bi esp. trunk or extremities,
TONG sweet hemiplegia
▪ Calms LIV Yang: headache, dizziness, HTN dt ascending LIV
(Clerodendron Leaf)
CHUAN SHAN Neutral, bitter, LU, LIV ▪ Dispel Wind-Damp: esp. hot bi w/skin numbness and lack
LONG toxic flexion and extension
▪ Moves Blood, Unblocks Collaterals: treat blood stasis from
(Japanese Dioscoria)
▪ Transforms Phlegm, Stop Cough
DU HUO Warm , bitter, acrid KID, UB ▪ Expel Wind-Damp, Stops Pain: wind-cold damp bi, esp. lower
(Angelica Root) back and legs
▪ Releases Exterior Wind-Cold Damp: lesser yinstage
HAN FANG JI Acrid, bitter, cold UB, SP, KID, ▪ Expel Wind-Damp, Stops Pain: wind-damp heat in collateral
(Stephania Root) LU w/fever, hot joints
▪ Promote Urination, Reduces Edema: esp. lower leg edema,
damp leg qi, ascites
HAI FENG TENG Warm, bitter, acid LIV ▪ Expels Wind-Damp, Unblocks Collaterals: wind-cold damp bi
HAI TONG PI Neutral, bitter, SP, LIV, KID ▪ Expel Wind-Damp, Unblocks Collaterals: wind- damp bi, esp.
(Erythrina Bark) acrid lower back
▪ Promotes Urination, Reduces Edema: damp superficial
▪ Gargle for toothache and dental caries
KUAN JIN TENG Cold, bitter LIV ▪ Dispels Wind-Damp, Relaxes Sinews: hot bi with cramping
(Chinese Tinospora and stiffness
Stem) ▪ Unblocks Channels, Relaxes sinews: swelling, heat and pain
from trauma
LAO GUAN CAO Neutral, bitter, SP, LIV, KID ▪ Dispel Wind-Damp by Dredging, Unblocking Collaterals:
(Crane’s Bill) acrid severe bi pain**
▪ Resolves Heat Toxins, Generates Flesh: sore, abscesses, burns,
LIANG MIAN Warm, bit, acrid, ST, LIV ▪ Dispels Wind-Damp, Stops Pain, used alone for generalized
ZHEN toxic pain

LUO SHI TENG Cold, bitter LIV ▪ Dispels Wind-Damp, Unblocks Collaterals: hot wind-damp
(Star Jasmine Stem) with spasms
▪ Cools Blood, Reduces Swellings: treat hot painful sores,
painful throat obs.
MU GUA Warm, sour SP, LIV ▪ Relaxes Tendons, Unblocks Collaterals
(Papaya or Quince **no in book ▪ Dispels Damp, Harmonizes ST
QI SHE Warm, salty, LIV ▪ Powerfully Dispels Wind-Damp, Unblocks Channel: esp. for
(Agkistrodon) sweet, toxic stubborn bi cases ▪ Dispels Wind in Sinews, Settles
Jitteriness: ANY kind spasms, tremors, seizures
▪ Dispels Wind in Skin: dermatosis, skin numbness, any kind of
QIAN NIAN JIAN Warm, bitter, acid LIV, KID ▪ Expel Wind-Damp: pain, spasms and numb superficially
(Homalomena (sinews) or deep (bones)
Rhizome) ▪ Tonify LIV/KID, Strengthen Sinews/Bones: weak softened
bones in elderly
QIN JIAO Slightly cold, bitter, ST, LIV, GB ▪ Expels Wind-Damp, Relaxes Sinews: hot wind-damp bi with
(Gentiana acrid cramping
Macrophylla) ▪ Clears Deficiency Heat: afternoon fever, steaming bone
▪ Resolves Jaundice: esp. acute cases in infants
▪ Moistens Intestines: dry constipation (used counteract dryness
other herb)
QING FENG Neutral, bitter, SP, LIV ▪ Dispels Wind-Damp, Stop Pain, used alone
TENG acrid

SANG JI SHENG Neutral, bitter, LIV, KID ▪ Expels Wind-Damp: wind-damp bi

(Mistletoe) sweet ▪ Tonify LIV/KID, Strengthen Sinews/Bones: sore LB/knees dt
Yin deficiency
▪ Nourish Blood, Benefits Skin: dry, scaly skin dt blood
▪ Calm Restless Fetus
SANG ZHI Neutral, bitter LIV ▪ Expel Wind-Damp, Benefits Joints: wind-damp bi with spasms
(Mulberry Twig) esp. upper extrem.
▪ Reduces Edema: esp. good for edema with joint pain
SHE TUI neutral, salty, LIV ▪ Dispels Wind-Damp, Stops Spasms: wind skin lesion and
(Snake Skin Slough) sweet childhood seizures
▪ Removes Visual Obstructions: pterygium or cornea disorders
SHEN JIN CAO Warm, bitter, acrid SP, LIV, KID ▪ Expel Wind-Damp: esp. problems flexing and extending
(Ground Pine) ▪ Relaxes Sinews, Invigorates Channel: swellings, pain dt
trauma, blood stasis
SONG JIE Warm, bitter LIV ▪ Dispels Wind-Damp, Stops Pain: esp. when damp and/or cold
WE LING XIAN Warm, salty, acrid UB ▪ Expels Wind-Damp, Moves Qi, Stops Pain: esp. wind bi
(Clematis Root) ▪ Softens Fish Bones: treat fish bones stuck in throat
WU JIA PI Warm, bitter, acrid KID, LIV ▪ Expels Wind-Damp: chronic wind-damp bi elderly
(Eleutherococcus ▪ Tonify LIV/KID, Strengthen Sinews/Bones: chronic def. leads
Root) soft/weak bones
XI XIAN CAO Cold, bitter LIV, KID ▪ Expel Wind-Damp, Unblocks Collaterals: wind-damp bi joints
(Siegesbeckia) with spasms
▪ Calms LIV Yang: headache, dizziness, HTN dt ascending LIV
XIANG JIA PI Warm, bitter, acrid, HT, LIV, KID ▪ Dispels Wind-Damp, Strengthen Sinews/Bone: bi with joint
(Chinese Silk Vine toxic spasms and pain
Bark) ▪ Promotes Urination, Reduce Edema
XU CHANG Warm ,acrid ST, LIV ▪ Dispels Wind-Damp, Moves Blood, Stops Pain: wind-damp
QING bi and trauma
▪ Resolves Toxicity, Stops Itching, used alone itching of skin
(Paniculate Swallow-

Warm Herbs that Transform Cold Phlegm-

▪ Action warming lung, expel cold, dry damp, transforms phlegm, reduce swelling and alleviate pain used to treat cold or
damp phlegm
BAI FU ZI Warm, acrid, SP, ST, LIV ▪ Expel wind-phlegm, relieves spasms and stops pain
Sweet, toxic ▪ Detoxify and dispels mass
BAI JIE ZI Warm, acrid LU ▪ Warm lung and resolve phlegm
▪ Promote Qi movement
▪ Subsides swellings and disperse masses
BAI QIAN Slightly warm, LU ▪ Expels phlegm and descends lung Qi
acrid, bitter
CHUAN BEI MU Slightly cold, bitter, LU, HT ▪ Transform phlegm, Clear heat
sweet ▪ Moisten lung, Stop cough –good chronic cough with scanty
blood streak sp.
▪ Dissipates nodules, Relieves toxins –treat phlegm fire nodules,
DAN NAN XING Cold, liver HT, LIV ▪ Clears heat resolves phlegm
*powder tian nan ▪ Expels wind, relieves spasms
JIE GENG Neutral, acrid, LU ▪ Resolves phlegm
bitter ▪ Disperse lung Qi, Benefits the throat
▪ Relieves abscesses, Promoting discharge of pus
**serves as an envoy to guide other herb to throat
TIAN NAN XING Warm, acrid, LU, LIV, SP ▪ Dry dampness and transforms phlegm
bitter, toxic** ▪ Expel wind and relieves spasms
▪ Subsides masses and reduces swelling
XUAN FU HUA Slight warm, acrid, LU, SP, ST, LIV ▪ Descends Qi and stops vomiting
bitter, salty ▪ Transforms phlegm and stops cough

Cool Herbs that Transform Heat Phlegm -cold or cool, clear heat and transform phlegm; some are moist;
some salty to soften hardness
heat phlegm, dry phlegm with cough, wheeze and sticky yellow sputum, CI: cold and damp phlegm syndromes
BAN XIA MU Warm, acrid, LU, SP, ST ▪ Dry damp, Resolves phlegm
toxic ▪ Descends rebellious Qi, to stop vomiting
· Dispels nodules, Reduces distension
CHUAN BEI MU Slightly cold, bitter, LU, HT ▪ Clears heat and transforms phlegm
sweet ▪ Moistens lung and stops chronic cough
▪ Dissipated masses and reduces swellings
GUA LOU Cold, sweet LU, ST, LI ▪ Moistens lungs, Clear lung phlegm heat
▪ Moistens dryness to smooth large intestines
▪ Reduces swellings
HAI GE KE Cold, salty, bitter LU, ST ▪ Clear lung and transforms phlegm
(clam shell) ▪ Softens hardness and reduces masses
HAI ZAO Cold, bitter, salty LIV, KID, LU, SP ▪ Resolves phlegm and softens hard masses
(seaweed) ▪ Drain water and reduces edema
KUN BU Cold, salty LIV, KID, ST ▪ Resolves phlegm, softens hard masses
▪ Reduces swellings (scrofula, goiter)
PANG DA HAI Cold, sweet LU, LI ▪ Clears lung heat
**know properties · Moisten Lungs, Benefits the throat –loss of voice is from
phlegm heat in LU
▪ Moisten large intestines to promote defecation
QIAN HU Slightly cold, bitter, LU ▪ Descends qi and transforms phlegm
acrid ▪ Expels wind heat
ZHE BEI MU Cold, bitter LU, HT ▪ Clear heat and transform phlegm
▪ Dissipates masses and reduces abscesses
ZHU LI Cold, sweet LU, ST, HT ▪ Clears heat, Breaks phlegm
(juice of bamboo) ▪ Stops cough
ZHU RU Slightly cold, sweet LU, ST, GB ▪ Clear heat and transform phlegm
(bamboo) ▪ Reduce vexation and stop vomiting


STAGNATION warm, neutral, sw SP, ST Relieves food stagnation, Stimulates appetite, Harmonizes middle jaio
GU YA Neutral, sweet SP, ST ▪ Reduces food stagnation from too much STARCHY food***
(Grain/rice sprouts) ▪ Tonify SP Qi to stimulate appetite (treat dyspepsia w/SP Qi deficiency)
JI NEI JIN Neutral, sweet SP, ST, SI, ▪ Strongly reduces food stagnation***
(Gizzard lining) UB ▪ Tonify SP/ST in food retention and childhood malnutrition w/
protruding abd
▪ Stabilizes essence to relieve enuresis from KID yang deficiency
▪ Dissolves UB/GB stones
LAI FU ZI Neutral, acrid, SP, ST, LU ▪ Reduces food stagnation causing bloating abdomen from ANY
(Radish seed) harsh, sweet food***
▪ Unblocks and regulates Qi to relieve Qi stagnation
▪ Relieves cough and dissolves phlegm (treat thin phlegm in lungs)
MAI YA Neutral, sweet SP, ST, LIV ▪ Reduces food stagnation from too much STARCHY food***
(Barley sprouts) ▪ Stops lactation
▪ Sooths liver, Regulates Qi (treat LIV Qi stagnation, LIV invading SP/ST)
SHAN ZHA Sl.warm, sour, SP, ST, LIV ▪ Reduces food stagnation from too much MEAT***
(Hawthorn fruit) sweet ▪ Invigorates blood, dissolves blood stasis
SHEN QU Warm, acrid, SP, ST ▪ Reduces food stagnation from too much ANY food***
(Medicated leaven) sweet ▪ Relieves side effects from minerals, i.e. Fe2O3 (ferrous oxide) causing


CHEN PI/JU PI Warm, acrid, LU, SP, ST ▪ Regulates SP/ST Qi, Harmonizes middle jiao
(Ages Tangerine bitter, aromatic ▪ Relieves diaphragm due to SP/ST Qi stag/rebellion (distension, bloat,
Peel) n/v, belching)
▪ Dry damp, transforms cold-damp or damp-phlegm in lungs (cough
w/viscous sputum)
CHEN XIANG Warm, acrid, SP, ST, KID ▪ Regulates Qi, directs cold SP/ST downward (n/v, hiccups, vomiting)
(Eaglewood) bitter ▪ Relieves pain from cold stagnated in lower jaio
▪ Tonify KID, aids KID grasping LU Qi (retained phlegm causing asthma)
CHUAN LIAN ZI Cold, bitter, ST, SI, LIV, ▪ Regulates Qi, Stops paim
(China Berry Fruit) Sl. toxic UB ▪ Clears heat from LIV Qi stagnation  LIV fire invading SP/ST or GB
▪ Kills parasites
FO SHOU Warm, acrid, LU, SP, ST, ▪ Sooths and regulates LIV Qi
(Buddha’s Hand) bitter, mild LIV ▪ Harmonizes middle jaio, dries damp SP/ST
▪ Dissolves accumulation LU phlegm (copious phlegm w/chronic cough)
MU XIANG Warm, acrid, SP, ST, GB, LI ▪ Regulates SP/ST Qi, Harmonizes middle jaio
(Costa Root) bitter · Stops pain from LIV invading SP
▪ Treats damp stagnation in LI (tenesmus, pain, diarrhea)
▪ Promotes movement LIV/GB Qi from stagnation (hypochondriac, flank
QING PI Warm, acrid, ST, LIV, GB ▪ Sooths LIV Qi, Breaks stagnation such as cold hernias
(Green Tangerine bitter, Harsh ▪ Dissolves food stagnation
SHI DI Neutral, acrid, ST ▪ Directs rebellious ST Qi downward
(Persimmon) Bitter ▪ Stops hiccups, vomiting, belching from heat or cold patterns
TAN XIANG Warm, acrid, LU, SP, ST ▪ Moves Qi to relieve stagnated Qi/Bd from def. cold (chest bi= angina,
(Fragrant Aromatic CAD)
Sandlewood) ▪ Moves and regulates Qi, relieves pain
▪ Harmonizes cold stagnation in middle jaio (pain, vomiting watery fluid)
WU YAO Warm, acrid LU, SP, KID, ▪ Promotes Qi movement
(Lindera Root) UB ▪ Relieves pain from cold in abdomen and liver channel
▪ Warms KID, dispels cold treat KID yang def, UB deficiency (prolaspe,
XIANG FU Neutral, acrid, LIV, SJ ▪ Releases constraint of LIV Qi, Disperses Qi stagnation
(Rhizoma Cyprus) sl. bitter, sl. ▪ Harmonizes LIV/SP Disharmony (chronic gastritis, ulcers, hepatitis,
sweet cholecystitis, stones)
▪ Regulates menses, dissolves breast fibroids
XIE BAI Warm, acrid, LU, ST, LI ▪ Unblocks chest bi pain from blood obstructing HT channel
(Chinese chives) Bitter ▪Unblocks ST/LU yang Qi to promote Qi flow
▪ Disperses cold LU phlegm from retained cold-phlegm (wheezing,
▪ Directs Qi downward, reducing damp-heat stagnated in LI (dysentery,
bloat, diarrhea)
ZHI SHI Sl. cold, acrid, SP, ST, LI ▪ Unblocks SP/ST Qi stagnation
(Immature Bitter Bitter ▪ Relieves food retention
Orange) ▪ Unblocks bowels to release excess damp heat causing constipation
▪ Dissolves retained phlegm in lung and chest, relieving chest bi pain


AI YE Warm, acrid, SP, LIV, KID ▪ Stops bleeding: chronic menstrual bleeding from cold, infertility d/t cold in
(Mugwort/Moxa) bitter (3 yin womb
channels) ▪ Warms womb, Quiets fetus: restless fetus, LAP, vaginal bleeding
threating abortion
▪ Dispels cold, Alleviates pain: esp. cold menstrual pain, profuse dilute
▪ Eliminates damp, Stops itching: eczema, recently calm wheeze
and cough
**excellent GYN herbs for lower burner yang cold and warm channel,
move qi/blood
BAI JI Sl. cold, acrid, LU, LIV, ST ▪ Stops LU/ST bleeding ***strongest to stop bleeding
(Bletilla Rhizome) bitter, sweet ▪ Stops bleeding from trauma
▪ Promotes healing of sores, esp. none healing sores, chapped, dry
BAI MAO GEN Cold, sweet LU, ST, SI, ▪ Cools blood and stops bleeding
(Wooly Grass) UB ▪ Clears heat and promotes urination: treats painful heamturia
▪ Clears LU/ST heat: nausea, thirst (ST heat), wheezing (LU heat)
CE BAI YE Sl. cold, acrid, LIV, LU, HT, ▪ Cools blood to strongly stop bleeding
(Biota Tress) bitter LI ▪ Stops cough: yellow phlegm heat/blood streaked sputum
▪ Stops itching: used topically for alopecia or dandruff
▪ Heals burns, as a powder
DA JI Cool, sl. bitter, LIV, HT, SP ▪ Cools blood to stops bleeding: best treat hemataemesis,
(Big Japanese sweet hemoptysis
Thistle) ▪ Promotes healing, reduces swellings: treat carbuncles and
furuncles (boils)
▪ Benefits the gallbladder: jaundice, hepatitis, hypertension
DI YU Sl. cold, bitter, LIV, ST, LI ▪ Cools blood and stop bleeding: best lower jaio damp heat
(Bloodwort Root) sour ▪ Promotes healing, reduces swellings: sores, ulcers, burns,
eczema, burns, boils
HUAI HUA MI Sl. cold, bitter LIV, LI ▪ Cools blood to stops bleeding: best LI damp heat, esp.
(Pagoda Flower Bud) hemmroids
▪ Clears liver heat, Brightens eyes: treat red eyes, dizzy, bleeding
gums, HTN
PU HUANG Neutral, acrid, PC, LIV ▪ Stops bleeding: external from trauma or internal nose, mouth, intestines
(Cattail Pollen) pungent, sweet (LIV, HT, SP) or uterus
**astringent ▪ Invigorates blood, dispels stasis: chest pain (PC), menstrual pain
(LIV), trauma
▪ Promote urination: hot, painful, bloody urination
QIAN CAO GEN Cold, bitter HT, LIV ▪ Cools blood, stops bleeding: any bleeding chaotic movement hot
(Madder Root) **astringent blood, hematuria
▪ Invigorates blood, Dispels stasis: chest/flank pain, trauma
SAN QI Warm, sl. bitter, ST, LIV, LI ▪ Stops bleeding w/out causing stasis: internal or external
(Pseudo Ginseng sweet bleeding**very powerful
Root) ▪ Invigorates blood, Dispels stasis: chest pain angina
▪ Reduce swelling, alleviate pain: trauma, boils
XIAN HE CAO Neutral, acrid, LIV, LU, SP ▪ Strongly stops bleeding: used any type of bleeding
(Immortal Crane bitter (cold/heat/excess/deficiency)
Herb) ▪ Stops chronic diarrhea: to relieves dysentery
▪ Kills parasites: expels tapeworms or trichomonas (yellow foamy foul
XIAO JI Cool, sweet LIV, HT, SP ▪ Cools blood to stops bleeding: best treats hematauria
(Little Japanese **function weaker than Da Ji
XUE YU TAN Neutral, acrid, HT, ST, LIV, ▪ Stops bleeding w/clots: esp. uterine bleeding w/ clots or nosebleeds
(Charred Human bitter KID ▪ Promotes urination: painful urine, esp. with blood in urine from KID yin
Hair) deficiency
▪ Generates flesh, Resolves sores: ulcered sores, or slow healing sores
ZONG LU Neutral, acrid, LU, SP, LIV, ▪ Stops bleeding w/out clots: hemoptysis, hematachezia, excess menses
TAN/PI bitter LI w/out clots
(Windmill Palm Tree)


BLOOD S: LIV trauma masses,
Dark purple bleeding with clots, dark purple spots skin, mucus
warm, acrid,
membranes, tongue
CHUAN SHAN Neutral, bitter, KID, LIV ▪ Invigorates blood, Unblocks menses
sweet ▪ Expels wind, Drains damp: lower back wind damp bi, atrophy
spasm LE, urine dribble
(Cyanthula root)
CHUAN warm, acrid PC, LIV, GB ▪ Invigorates blood, Promotes movement of Qi: esp. GYN disorders
▪ Expels wind and stops pain: chest, flank, hypochrondria, pelvis,
wind-cold HA
(Lovage Root)
DAN SHEN sl. cold, bitter HT, PC, LIV ▪ Invigorates blood, Dispels blood stasis: treat blood stasis
(Salvia Root) anywhere body**esp. GYN
▪ Nourish HT, Clears heat, Sooths irritability: esp. restless,
irritable, palpitation, insomnia
▪ Cools blood to reduce abscesses: adj. treat sores or early breast
E ZHU warm, acrid, LIV, SP ▪ Breaks blood stasis, Promotes movement of Qi: abd/epigastric
(Curcuma bitter masses
Rhizome) ▪ Dissolves accumulation, Alleviates pain: pain distension, fullness
d/t food stagnation
FAN HONG Cold, sweet HT, LIV ▪ Invigorates blood, Dispels stasis, Unblocks menses
▪ Cools blood to resolves toxicity: maculopapular rash with high
HONG HUA Warm, acrid HT, LIV ▪ Invigorates blood, Dispels stasis, Unblocks menses
JI XUE TENG warm, bitter, HT, LIV, SP ▪ Promotes movement and tonify blood: blood def. patterns with
(Spatholobus sweet abd. pain
Root) ▪ Relaxes sinews: back or knee pain, paralysis or numbness d/t blood
def. in elderly
JIANG HUANG warm, acrid, LIV, SP, ST ▪ Invigorates blood, Unblocks menses: chest or abd pain from cold
(Turmeric) bitter ▪ Promotes movement of Qi, Stops pain: epigastric or abd pain
from stagnated qi
▪ Expels wind, Promote movement of blood: wind damp bi, esp. in
LIU JI NU Warm, bitter HT, SP ▪ Dispels blood stasis, Alleviates pain: stasis dt falls, fractures,
(Anomalous) contusions, strains
▪ Reduces food stagnation
MO YAO neutral, bitter HT, LIV, SP ▪ Invigorates blood, Dispels blood stasis: pain, swelling,
(Myrrh) inflammation d/t trauma
▪ Reduces swellings to stop pain, Promotes healing: chronic non-
healing sores
NIU XI Neutral, bitter, KID, LIV ▪ Invigorates blood, Dispels stasis
(Acryranthis Root) sour ▪ Tonify LIV/KID to strengthen sinews/bones: LBP, knee pain dt
LIV/KID def.
▪ Induces downward move blood and fire: chaotic movement blood
UJ or LIV yang rising
▪ Clears damp-heat lower jaio: damp bi knees/back, urine dribble
w/stones and LPB
RU XIANG warm, acrid, HT, LIV, SP ▪ Invigorates blood, Promotes movement Qi: chest, epigastric, abd
(Frankincense) bitter pain
▪ Reduces swellings to stop pain, generates flesh: traumatic
painful injuries, boils, ulcers ▪ Relaxes sinews: wind-
damp bi with rigidity and spasms
SAN LENG neutral, acrid, LIV, SP ▪ Forcefully breaks blood stasis, Promotes movement Qi:
(Burr Reed bitter amenorrhea d/t stasis
Rhizome) ▪ Dissolves accumulation, Alleviates pain: severe abd
pain/distension d/t food stag.
SHUI ZHI Neutral, bitter, UB, LIV ▪ Breaks up and drives out blood stasis: amenorrhea w/masses
(Leech) Salty, toxic ▪ Reduces fixed masses: abdominal or uterine masses
SU MU Neutral, acrid, HT, SP, LIV ▪ Invigorates blood, Alleviates pain and swelling: pain, swelling
(Sappan Wood) Salty, sweet from trauma
▪ Stops bleeding: excess post-partum bleeding w/dizziness, vertigo,
TAO REN Neutral, bitter, LU, HT, LI, ▪ Breaks blood stasis: lung/abdominal abscess with fixed abdominal
(Peach Kernal) sweet LIV mass
▪ Moistens Intestines to unblock bowels: constipation
WANG BU Neutral, bitter ST, LIV ▪ Promotes movement of blood, Invigorates Channel: promotes
XING lactation
▪ Reduces swelling: painful swollen breast or testes
(Vaccaria Seeds)
XUE JIE Neutral, salty, HT, LIV ▪ Dispel blood stasis, Alleviate pain: stasis dt falls, fractures,
(Dragons Blood) Sweet contusions, sprains
▪ Stop bleeding: external bleeding injuries, internal upper GI bleeding
YAN HU SUO warm, acrid, HT, LIV, ST ▪ Invigorates blood, Promotes movement Qi: used all types pain
(Corydalis) bitter (aspirin herb**)
▪ Alleviates pain: esp. epigastric pain, dysmenorrhea; **main herb
treat any type of pain
YI MU CAO sl. cold, acrid, HT, LIV, UB ▪ Invigorates blood, Dispels stasis: all types of OB/GYN disorders
(Chinese bitter ▪ Promotes urination, Reduces swelling: acute edema, esp. if also
Motherwort) have blood in urine
YU JIN cold, acrid, bitter HT, LIV, LU ▪ Invigorates blood, Promotes movement Qi: chronic sores,
(Curcuma Tuber) traumatic injuries
▪ Stops pain, Resolves constraints: esp. LIV Qi stagnation with heat
▪ Clears heat, Cools blood: reckless bleeding, nosebleed with onset
on menses
▪ Clears heart, Opens Orifices: hot phlegm obstructing HT
w/anxiety, agitation, delirium
▪ Sooths LIV/GB: treat jaundice
ZE LAN Warm, acrid, SP, LIV ▪ Invigorates blood, Dispels stasis
(Bugleweed) bitter ▪ Promotes urination: post-partum edema, urine dribble, facial edema

WARM AND PROPERTIES ORGAN: ACTION/INDICATIONS: disperse interior cold and stimulate
EXPEL COLD : SP, ST yang qi
Acrid, bitter, **caution: injure fluids, in cases heat, blood loss, yin deficiency,
warm weak patients
DING XIANG Warm, acrid SP, ST, KID ▪ Warms middle, Directs rebellious Qi downward: abd. pain,
(Clove) vomiting, hiccups
▪ Warms KID Yang: impotence, clear vaginal d/c with weak legs
(womb cold)
FU ZI hot, acrid, toxic HT, SP, KID ▪ Revives yang, Rescues rebellion: following severe vomiting,
(Aconite) (pure yang) (3 burners) diarrhea, sweating
▪ Warm fire , Assists yang: HT, SP or KID Yang def. **esp. with
interior cold
▪ Warm the channel, Disperse cold to stop pain: wind-cold bi,
cold blocking organs
**greats anytime yang need to be activated or mobilized
GAN JIANG hot, acrid LU, HT, SP, ▪ Rescues yang, Expels interior cold
(Ginger) ST ▪ Warms middle, Expels cold: excess cold SP/ST or yang qi
▪ Warm lung, Transforms thin mucosa: lung cold with thin,
watery white sputum
▪ Warms channel, Stops bleeding: pale, chronic bleeding, esp.
GAO LIANG Hot, acrid SP, ST ▪ Warms middle, Stops pain: abd pain, vomiting, hiccups,
JIANG diarrhea
HUA JIAO Hoy, acrid, toxic SP, ST, KID ▪ Warms middle, Disperses cold, Stops pain: abd pain,
(Sichuan Pepper) vomiting, diarrhea
▪ Kills parasites causing abdominal pain
ROU GUI hot, acrid, sweet HT, LIV, SP, ▪ Warms KID Yang: cold, weak back/knees, impotence, polyuria,
(Cinnamon) KID nocturia
▪ Warms SP Yang: loss appetite, diarrhea w/undigested food
▪ Warms HT Yang: chest pain with slow pulse
▪ Disperses deep cold, Warms and unblocks channels, Stops
cold in LIV channel causing dys/amenorrhea, cold damp bi, yin sores
w clear fluid
▪ Leads fire back to source: flushed face, wheeze, severe sweat,
cold limbs
▪ Encourages generation of Qi/Blood: treat chronic qi/bld
WU ZHU YU hot, acrid, bitter, LIV, SP, ST ▪ Warm middle, Disperse cold, Promotes movement Qi,
(Evodia Fruit) toxic Stops Pain:
LIV/ST cold HA, epigastric pain, nausea**, drooling, hernia, reduce
▪ Redirects rebellion down, Stops vomiting
▪ Warms SP, Stops diarrhea: cold diarrhea d/t SP def.
▪ Expels cold damp: cold damp leg qi
▪ Leads fire down: tongue ulcers, powder placed in middle sole of
**best warming LIV/ST to stop nausea, vomiting and diarrhea
XIAO HUI Warm, acrid LIV, SP, ST, ▪ Disperse cold, Warms LIV/KID, Stops pain: lower burner cold,
LIV hernia**
▪ Regulates Qi, Harmonizes ST: treat ST cold with pain, indigest,
vomit, lack appetite
sweet, SP, LU involved in extraction of Qi from food and air and transforming qi in the
BAI ZHU Warm, bitter, SP, ST ▪ Strengthen SP/ST Qi, Dries Damp: treat Sp Qi deficiency with
(Atractylodes sweet damp obstructing
Rhizoma) ▪ Promotes water metabolism: treat edema, damp bi obstruction
▪ Stabilzes exterior, Stops sweating: treat spontaneous sweating
▪ Calms fetus
DA ZAO Warm, sweet SP, ST ▪ Strengthen SP Qi: treat SP Qi deficiency
(Chinese Date) ▪ Nourishes blood, Calms spirit: treat irritability, emotionally labile
d/t restless organ
▪ Moderates toxicities of other herbs
DANG SHEN Neutral, sweet LU, SP ▪ Strengthen SP Qi: treat SP Qi deficiency
(Codonopsis Root) ▪ Strengthen LU Qi: treat LU Qi deficiency with chronic cough or
copious sputum
GAN CAO Neutral, sweet LU, HT, SP, ▪ Stregnthens SP Qi: treat SP Qi deficiency with palpitations or
(Licorice Root) ST irregular pulse
**all ▪ Moistens lungs, Stops cough: treat heat or cold causing
12channel unproductive cough
▪ Moderates spasms, Stops pain: painful abdomen or leg spasms
▪ Clears heat, Resolves fire toxins: treat boils, sore throat
(unprepared form)
▪ Moderates toxicities of other herbs
HUANG JING Neutral, sweet LU, SP, KID ▪ Strengthens SP Qi and Yin: treat SP Qi/Yin deficiency
(Polygonatum ▪ Enriches Yin, Moistens lungs: treat all types dry cough d/t qi and
Rhizoma) yin deficiency
▪ Treats exhausted KID essence: LBP, weak knees, lightheaded, DM
HUANG QI Warm, sweet LU, SP ▪ Strengthei and Blood: treat post-partum fever, uterine bleeding
(Astragalus Root) **strongly ▪ Strengthen SP Qi, Raises Yang: treat prolaspe, bearing down
ascending sensation
▪ Stabilizes exterior, Stops sweating: treat def. w/spontaneous
▪ Promotes urination, Reduces edema
▪ Promotes discharge of pus, Generates flesh: treat chronic ulcers
and sores
REN SHEN Warm, bitter, LU, SP ▪ Powerfully tonify primordial Qi of yin organs: collapse of qi
(Ginseng) sweet w/minute pulse
▪ Strengthen SP/ST Qi: treat SP/ST Qi deficiency
▪ Strengthen LU Qi: treat LU Qi deficiency
▪ Generates fluids, Stops thirst: treat DM, fever injuring fluids,
profuse sweating
▪ Benefits HT Qi, Calms spirit: palpitations w/anxiety, insomnia,
SHAN YAO Neutral, sweet LU, SP, KID ▪ Strengthen SP/ST Qi and Yin: treat SP Qi/Yin deficiency
(Chinese Yam) ▪ Strengthen LU Qi and Yin: treat chronic cough or wheeze
▪ Strengthen KID, Secures essence: treat DM, spermatorrhea,
polyuria, vaginal d/c
TAI ZI SHEN Neutral, bitter, LU, SP ▪ Strengthen SP Qi: treat SP Qi deficiency
(Pseudostellaria sweet ▪ Generates fluids: treat thirst from severe febrile disease or
Root) summerheat

TONIFY PROPERTIES ORGAN: ACTIONS/INDICATIONS: treat blood def, often combined herbs
BLOOD : HT, SP, LIV tonify yin and/or qi. Herbs cloying so can cause indigestion
sweet  combine with stomach strengthening herb
BAI SHAO Cold, bitter, sour SP, LIV ▪ Nourish blood, Regulates menses: treat irregular menses
(White Peony Root) ▪ Calms LIV Yang rising, Stops pain: treat flank/chest/abd pain from
stagnate LIV Qi
▪ Preserves yin, Adjusts nutritive and protective levels
DANG GUI warm, acrid, HT, SP, LIV ▪ Tonify blood, Regulate menses: treat bld def w/irregular menses,
(Angelica Root) sweet dys/amenorrhea
▪ Invigorates blood, Disperses cold: stop pain dt blood stasis from
▪ Moistens intestines and unblocks bowels: treat constipation
w/bld def.
▪ Reduces swelling, Expels pus, Generates flesh, Stops pain:
treat sores, abscesses
▪ Treats cough, very weak in this function
E JAIO Neutral, sweet LU, LIV, KID ▪ Tonify blood: treat bld def, used stand alone melted in white rice
(Donkey Hide ▪ Nourish blood, Stops bleeding: treat any bleeding esp. blood in
Gelatin) stool, excessive menses
▪ Nourish and moisten yin: treat yin def. in aftermath of fever
GOU QI ZI Neutral, sweet LU, LIV, KID ▪ Tonify LIV/KID: treat LIV/KID yin and blood deficiency
(Wolfberry) ▪ Benefits essence, Brightens eyes: treat dizziness, blurry or
decrease vision
▪ Nourishes yin, Moistens lungs: treat consumptive cough and DM
LONG YAN Warm, sweet HT, SP ▪ Tonify HT/SP, Nourish blood, Calm spirit: treat HT/SP def. asso.
ROU pensive or overwor
SANG SHEN Cold, sweet HT, LIV, KID ▪ Tonify blood, Nourish yin: treat dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia, dry
(mulberry Fruit) mouth, thirst
▪ Moistens Intestines: treat constipation from blood def.
SHU DI Warm, sweet HT, LIV, KID ▪ Tonify blood: treat bld def. w/irregular menses and no signs of stasis
HUANG ▪ Nourish yin: treat LIV/KID yin def.
▪ Nourish blood, Tonify essence: treat delayed growth, premature
(Chinese Foxglove)
aging, graying hair
▪ Treats diabetes: esp. lower burner wasting and thirsting
ZHI HE SHOU Warm, bitter, LIV, KID ▪ Tonify LIV/KID, Nourish blood, Augment essence: treat LIV/KID
WU astringent, sweet yin or blood deficiency
▪ Expels wind in skin by nourishing blood: treat eczema from blood
(Fleece Flower

YANG Warm, salty, LS KID,
sweet LIV, KID There herbs are warm, drying so can injure yin  use caution in yin
deficiency and fire
BA JI TIAN warm, acrid, KID ▪ Tonify KID Yang, not overly drying
(Morinda Root) sweet ▪ Strengthens sinews and bones, Expel wind cold damp
**moist, soft nature
BU GU ZHI Very warm, SP, KID ▪ Tonify KID Yang, Secures essence:
(Psoralea Fruit) acrid, bitter, ▪ Warms SP Yang, Stops diarrhea
DONG CHONG Warm, sweet LU, KID ▪ Tonify KID Yang
XIA re ▪ Tonify LU Yin, Stops bleeding: chronic def. cough, cough blood
streaked sputum
DU ZHONG Warm, acrid, LIV, KID ▪Tonify LIV/KID Yang
(Eucommia Bark) sweet ▪ Strengthen sinew and bones, aids flow qi/blood: treat weakness
of tendons/bones
▪ Calms fetus
GE JIE Neutral, salty LU, KID ▪ Tonify KID Yang, Secures essence
(Gecko) ▪ Tonify LU Qi, **relieves wheeze/cough by increasing KID ability grasp
GOU JI Warm, bitter, LIV, KID ▪ Tonify LIV/KID: treat wind cold damp with underlying LIV/KID
(Chain Fern) sweet deficiency
▪ Strengthen sinews and bone, Expel wind cold damp in LP and
GU SUI BU Warm, bitter LIV, KID ▪ Tonify KID Yang: best for tinnitus, deafness, teeth loss
(Drynaria Rhizoma) ▪ Reconnects sinews and bone: treat ligment injuries or simple
▪ Stimulates growth hair
HAI LONG Warm, salty, KID ▪Tonify KID Yang: impotence and lack of energy in elderly
(Pipe-Fish) sweet ▪ Reduce swelling, Dissipates nodules: treat scrofula
HAI MA Warm, salty, LIV, KID ▪ Tonify KID Yang: impotence and lack of energy in elderly
(Sea Hoarse) sweet ▪ Invigorate blood, relieves stasis: bleeding and pain, delayed labor,
boils, abd masses
HAI SHEN Warm, salty HT, KID ▪ Tonify KID Yang, Secures essence: impotence, nocturnal emissions,
(Sea urine frequency
Cucumber/Slug) ▪ Moistens Intestines
HU TAO REN Warm, sweet LU, LI, KID ▪ Tonify KID Yang, Strengthen lower back and knees
(walnut) **oily, moist nature ▪ Strengthen sinews and bones
▪ Tonify LU Qi: chronic cough worse with exertion dt KID not grasping Qi
▪ Moistens intestines
LU JIAO Warm, salty LIV, KID ▪ Tonify KID Yang: **can substitute for Lu Rong
(Deer Antler Slices) **cloying ▪ Invigorates blood, Reduces swellings: blood stasis in LB, breast
abscess, toxic sores
LU JAIO JAIO Warm, sweet, LIV, KID ▪ Tonify KID Yang, Secures essence
salty ▪ Stops uterine bleeding: **stops all types bleeding
LU JIAO Warm, salty LIV, KID ▪ Tonify KID Yang, Secures essence
**cloying ▪ Tonify blood, Stops bleeding: treat essence deficiency w/uterine
(Deer Antler bleeding
LU RONG Warm, salty, LIV, KID ▪ Tonify KID Yang, Secures essence: esp. children physical/mental
(Deer Antler sweet developmental do’s
Velvet) **strongest lu tonic ▪ Strength sinews and bones: growth delays, skeletal deformities,
**cloying non-healing fractures
▪ Warms Du, Ren, Chong, Dai Mai, Augments Marrow: uterine
bleed, infertility dt cold
▪ Nourish Qi and Blood: chronic non-healing yin sores, non-healing
ROU CONG Warm, salty, LI, KID ▪ Tonify KID Yang, Secures essence: esp. infertility dt cold
RONG sweet ▪ Moisten Intestines
**moist, oily nature
SHA YUAN ZI Warm, sweet LIV, KID ▪ Tonify KID Yang, Secures essence, **better than Tu Si Zi
(Astragalus Seed) ▪ Nourish LIV, Improve vision
TU SI ZI Neutral, acrid, LIV, KID ▪Tonify KID Yang, Secures essence and urine
(Chinese Dodder sweet ▪ Nourish LIV/KID Yin, Improves vision,**better than Sha Yuan Zi
Seed) **tonify yin and ▪ Benefits SP, Stops diarrhea
yang without being ▪ Calm fetus
XIAN MAO Hot, acrid, toxic KID ▪ Tonify KID Yang
(Curculigo) (**harsh, drying) ▪ Expels wind cold damp: esp. cold abdominal pain or low back pain
XU DUAN Warm, acrid, LIV, KID ▪ Tonify LIV/KID Yang
(Japanese Teasel bitter, sweet ▪ Reconnects sinews and bones, moves blood, stops pain: LB/knee
Root) pain from trauma
▪ Calm fetus, Stops leakage: restless fetus, uterine bleeding or
YANG QI SHI Warm, salty KID ▪ Tonify KID Yang
▪ Warms womb and lower burner: impotence, spermat., infertility,
bleeding dt cold
YI ZHI REN Warm, acrid, SP, KID ▪ Tonify KID Yang, Secures essence and urine
(Black Cardamon) **astringent ▪ Warms SP Yang, Stops diarrhea, Controls salivation
YIN YANG Warm, acrid, LIV, KID ▪ Tonify KID Yang
HUO sweet ▪ Dispel wind cold damp: spasms, cramps, numbness or hemiplegia
**very drying nature following windstroke
ZI HE CHE Warm, salty, LU, LIV, KID ▪ Tonify LIV/KID Yang, Augment essence, **very powerful tonify yin,
(Human Placenta) sweet yang, qi, blood
▪ Tonify LU Qi: esp. wheezing used between attacks or chronic cough
▪ Augments Qi and Blood: emaciation, pallor, streaming bone after
fever or major illness

TONIFY YIN PROPERTIES CHANNEL ACTIONS/INDICATION: Tonify yin, nourish, enrich and moisten
: S: the body.
cold, sweet, LU, ST, LIV, **don’t use with SP/ST deficiency, obstructive damp/phlegm,
moist KID distension or diarrhea
BAI HE Cold, bitter, LU, HT ▪ Nourish LU, Clears heat, Stops cough: esp. chronic cough
(Lily Bulb) sweet ▪ Clears HT, Calms spirit: low fever, insomnia, restless, irritable,
BIE JIA Cold, salty SP, LIV ▪ Strongly Nourish Yin: steaming bone, consumption with night
(Chinese Turtle) **heavy sweats
▪ Heavily Anchors Yang: vertigo, dizziness, tinnitus, face spasms,
limb tremors
▪ Invigorates blood, Promotes menses: blood stasis chest/flank
with pain and amenorr.
▪ Dissipates nodules: malaria with palpable masses
▪ Unblocks and aids in function blood vessels: good in children
w/issue of clumping
GUI BAN Cold, salty, sweet HT, LIV, KID ▪ Strongly Nourish Yin: steaming bone, consumption w/night sweats
**pure yin
(Fresh Water Turtle) ▪ Anchors Yang: vertigo, dizziness, tinnitus, face spasms, limb tremors
▪ Nourish KID Yin, Strengthens bones: failure fontanels to close,
skeletal deformities
▪ Stabilize Ren and Chong: red/white vaginal discharge ,
▪ Cools blood, Stops uterine bleeding: excess menses from chaotic
hot blood
▪ Nourish HT Blood: anxiety, insomnia, forgetfulness
▪ Treat non-healing sores and ulcers
HAN LIAN Cold, sour, sweet LIV, KID ▪ Nourish LIV/KID Yin: dizziness, vertigo, blurry vision, grey hair,
CAO (not in book) weak LB/legs
▪ Cools blood, Stops bleeding: all types reckless bleeding from heat
LUO HAN GAO Cool, sweet LU, SP, LI ▪ Nourish LU, Clears heat, Stops cough: dry cough w/blood
(Momordia Fruit) (not in book) streaked sputum
▪ Generates fluids to stop thirst: from summerheat; eat often in
summer time
▪ Moistens intestines
MAI MEN cold, bitter, LU, HT, ST ▪ Nourish LU Yin: hacking dry cough or cough w/thick sputum hard
DONG sweet expectorate
▪ Nourish ST Yin, Generates fluids: dry mouth
(Opiopogon Tuber)
▪ Clears HT, Eliminates irritability : irritability from yin deficiency
▪ Moistens Intestines: constipation, dry mouth, irritability
NU ZHEN ZI Cool, bitter, LIV, KID ▪ Nourish LIV/KID Yin: dizziness, floaters, sore LB, premature
(Privet Fruit) sweet graying, tinnitus
▪ Clears heat from deficiency: internal heat from yin deficiency
▪ Improves vision: decrease vision
**best herb for LIV/KID Yin deficiency
SANG JI SHEN Neutral, bitter LIV, KID ▪ Tonify LIV/KID Yin
(Mulberry (not in book) ▪ Nourish sinews and bone, Expel wind-damp: elderly with chronic
Mistletoe) LB/knee pain
▪ Nourish blood: dry scaly skin
▪ Calms fetus
SHA SHEN cold, bitter, LU, ST ▪ Nourish LU Yin, Clears LU heat: dry mouth, thirst, dry cough
(Adenophorae sweet ▪ Nourish ST Yin, Generates fluids: dry mouth, thirst, irritability
Root) **heavy, greasy

SHI HU cold, salty, bland, ST, KID ▪ Nourish KID Yin, Clears Def. heat: low grade fever, dry throat,
(Dendrobium) sweet red tongue no coat
▪ Nourish ST Yin, Generates fluids: dry mouth, severe thirst,
intractable fever ▪ Augments essence,
Brightens vision: decrease vision, dizziness, weak LB/legs
**best herb nourish ST yin, expel deficiency heat, treat injury to fluids
after fever
TIAN MEN very cold, bitter, LU, KID ▪ Nourish LU Yin, Clears LU heat: dry mouth, dry cough w/blood
DONG sweet streaked sputum
▪ Nourish KID Yin: wasting and thirsting in all 3 jaios, consumptive
(Asparagus Tuber)
▪ Generates fluids: constipation from dryness
XI YANG SHEN cold, bitter, LU, HT, KID ▪ Nourish LU Qi/Yin, Clears LU fire: chronic wheeze, cough w/blood
(American sweet streamed fluids
Ginseng) ▪ Nourish Qi/Yin, Generates fluids: post-fever w/weakness,
irritability, thirst
YU ZHU Cold, sweet LU, ST ▪ Nourish LU/ST Yin: cough, dry throat, irritable, thirst
(Scented Solomon ▪ Moistens dryness: steaming bone, wasting and thirst w/intense
Root) hunger and constip.
▪ Extinguishes wind: dizziness d/t internal wind, external wind-heat
▪ Moistens sinews: pain, spasms from insufficient fluids
STABLIZE & PROPERTIES CHANNE ACTIONS/INDICATION: discharge of substances or prolapses
BIND: : LS caused by old age, chronic disease, weak primal qi or improper use
sour, astringent purgative or dispersing herbs
“keeps fluids in”
**only treat manifestions, must be combined to treat root of do (usually
**CI exterior disorder not resolved, dampness or heat

BAI GUO neutral, sweet, LU, KID ▪ Stops wheeze: chronic cough with wheeze and copious sputum
(Ginkgo Biloba) bitter, astringent, ▪ Stops discharge and leakage, Dispels damp: vaginal discharge,
TOXIC turbid urination
CHI SHI ZHI warm, salty, SP, ST, LI ▪ Stops diarrhea: chronic diarrhea w/undigest food dt cold, dysentery
(Hallosite) sweet, astringent w/bld and mucous
▪ Stops bleeding: uterine bleeding, excess menses, bloody stool,
trauma bleeding (topically)
▪ Heals wounds: topically for non-healing ulcers, weeping damp sores,
prolaspe rectum
FU PEN ZI neutral, sweet, LIV, KID ▪ Secures essence, Contains urine: frequency, enuresis, impotence,
(Chinese astringent wet dreams
Raspberry) ▪ Improves vision: poor vision w/sore LB and knees dt LIV/KID
FU XIAO MAI cool, salty, sweet HT ▪ Stops sweating: night sweats, spontaneous sweating, sweaty palm
(conserves the HT)
HAI PIAO warm, salty, ST, LIV, KID ▪ Stops bleeding: all types of bleeding, esp. from deficiency
XIAO astringent ▪ Secures essence: nocturnal emissions, pre-ejaculation, esp. vaginal
(Cuttlefish Bone)
▪ Controls acidity, Stops pain: epigastric pain, acid regurg., diarrhea
w/naval pain
▪ Heals wounds, Dispels Damp: chronic non-healing skin ulcers,
damp rashes
HE ZI neutral, bitter, LU, ST, LI ▪ Stops cough, Benefits throat: chronic cough/wheeze with aphasia
(Myrobalan Fruit) sour, astringent ▪ Stops diarrhea: chronic diarrhea, dysentery
JIN YING ZI neutral, sour, KID, UB, LI ▪ Secures essence, Contains urine: spermatorrhea, vaginal
(Cherokee astringent discharge, incontinence
Rosehips) ▪ Stops diarrhea: chronic diarrhea, dysentary
LIAN XU neutral, sweet, HT, LIV, KID ▪ Secures essence: wet dreams, spermatorrhea, premature ejacul.
(Lotus Stamen) astringent (thin watery semen)
▪ Stops bleeding: very mild effect use with other herbs
LIAN ZI neutral, sweet, HT, SP, KID ▪ Tonify KID, Stabilizes essence: pre-mature ejaculation,
(Lotus Seed) astringent spermatorrhea
▪ Tonify SP, Stops diarrhea: chronic diarrhea, loose appetite dt SP
▪ Calm Spirit: palpitations, anxiety, irritability, imsomina dt HT/KID
MAN HUANG neutral, sweet LU ▪ Stops sweating: night sweats, spontaneous sweats, post-partum
GEN sweating
QIAN SHI neutral, sweet, SP, KID ▪ Tonify SP, Stops diarrhea: chronic diarrhea dt SP Qi deficiency –esp.
(Euryale Seeds) astringent in children
▪ Secures essence: natural emissions, premature ejacul.,
spermatorrhea, incontinence
▪ Stops discharge, Dispels damp: vaginal discharge dt SP/KID
deficiency or damp-heat
ROU DOU KOU warm, spicy/acrid SP, ST, LI ▪ Stops diarrhea: chronic diarrhea or daybreak diarrhea dt SP/KID
(Nutmeg Seed) disharmony
▪ Warms middle, Moves Qi, Stop pain: abdominal pain and
distension from SP/ST cold
SANG PIAN neutral, salty, LIV, KID ▪ Tonify KID, Secures essence: nocturnal emissions w/out dreams,
XIAO sweet impotence
▪ Contains urine: dribbling, frequency, esp. enuresis in children***
(Mantis Egg Case)
SHAN ZHU YU Sl. warm, sour LIV, KID ▪ Tonify LIV/KID: lightheadness, dizziness, sore LB/knees, impotence
(Cherry Fruit) ▪ Secures essence: frequency, incontinence, spermatorrhea, excess
▪ Stops sweating, Treats Collapse: excess sweating esp. w/yang and
qi collapse (shock)
▪ Stops uterine bleeding
SHI LIU PI warm, sour, ST, LI ▪ Stops diarrhea: chronic diarrhea dt cold, dysentery, rectal prolapse
(Pomegranate TOXIC, astringent ▪ Kills parasites
WU BEI ZI cold, sour, salty LU, LI, KID▪ Stops cough: chronic cough dt LU deficiency
(Gallnut) ▪ Stop diarrhea: chornic diarrhea, dysentery, blood in stool, rectal
▪ Secures and Restrains: for any type of leakage******
▪ Reduces swelling, Resolves toxicity: topically for damp sores, scar
WU MEI Warm, sour, LU, SP, LIV, ▪ Stops cough: chronic cough dt LU Qi deficiency
(Mume Fruit) astringent LI ▪ Stops diarrhea: chronic diarrhea, dysentery or blood in the stool
▪ Stops bleeding: used in charred form for anus, uterine or vaginal
▪ Stops thirst, Generates fluids: thirst from yin deficiency or wasting
and thirsting
▪ Expels round worm, Stops pain: abdominal pain w/vomiting of
WU WEI ZI warm, sour, LU, HT, KID ▪ Stops cough: chronic cough/wheeze dt LU Qi deficiency
(Schisandra Fruit) sweet ▪ Secures essence: nocturnal emissions, spermatorrhea, vaginal dc,
▪ Stops diarrhea: daybreak diarrhea from SP/KID deficiency
▪ Stops sweating, Generates fluids: excess sweating w/thirst or dry
▪ Calms spirit: irritability, palpitations, d-d sleep, insomnia dt HT/KID
YIN GOU YE Neutral, bitter, LU ▪ Stops wheeze
sweet, astringent ▪ Relieves chest oppression and pain
YING SU KE neutral, sour, LU, KID, LI ▪ Stops Cough: chronic cough dt LU Qi deficiency or KID not grasping
(Opium Poppy astringent, TOXIC the Qi
Husk) ▪ Stabilize lower burner: spermatorrhea, seminal emissions, vaginal
discharge, polyuria
▪ Stops pain: treat all types of pain***esp. abdominal, sinews and
YU YU LIANG neutral, sweet, ST, LI ▪ Stop diarrhea: esp. to point of incontinence
(Limonite) astringent, ▪ Controls bleeding: chronic vaginal discharge or uterine bleeding

CALM THE PROPERTIES: ORGAN ACTION/INDICATIONS: treat disturbed spirit with s/s: of
SPIRIT Neutral, sweet HT, LIV irritability, insomnia, palpitations with anxiety, insanity caused by jing
or overwork leads HT/LIV def.
**these herbs treat symptoms, always combine with herb treat underlying
cause (root)
▪ Minerals and shells with a function related to weight and density to calm spirit, descend rising LV yang, descend
rebellious LU Qi and ST Qi
▪ Caution: minerals can injure ST Qi causing indigestion and loss of appetite  Combine w/herb nourish SP/ST, only take
for short time
HU PO Neutral, sweet HT, LIV, UB ▪ Stops palpitations: palpitations with anxiety, excess dreams,
(Amber) **enters blood insomnia, forgetfulness
level (drain) · Stops tremors: seizures from disturbed spirit and childhood
▪ Dispels blood stasis, Unblocks menses: amenorrhea or pain
w/palpable masses
▪ Unblocks painful urinary dribble: urine retention or dribble esp.
with blood
▪ Promotes healing, Reduces swellings: topically for ulcers,
swelling scrotum/vulva
LONG GU Neutral, sweet, HT, LIV, KID ▪ Settle anxiety: restless, insomnia w/d-d sleep, palpitations,
(Dragon bone) astringent anxiety
▪ Anchors floating yang: irritability, dizziness, blurry vision, bad
temper, seizures
▪ Prevents leakage of fluids (Stabilize Dai Mai): sweat,
discharges, uterine bleeding
NOURISH HEART, CALMS SPIRIT : **mild tonifying herbs with few side effect
▪ Plants with sweet, moist properties that Nourish HT/LIV, Tonify Blood, Tonify Yin to calm the spirit with s/s of malaise,
palp., irritability, insomnia
▪ Sour –contracts to treat expansion of spirit with s/s excessive laughter, hyperactivity, mania
▪ Acrid –spreads and disperses to treat contraction of spirit with s/s constraint, depression
BAI ZI REN Neutral, sweet HT, KID, LI ▪ Nourishes HT Yin/Blood: irritability, insomnia, forgetful,
(Biota seed) **very gentle, moist palpitations, night terrors
▪ Moistens intestines: constipation in elderly and post-partum from
yin/blood def.
▪ Treats night sweats: from yin deficiency
HE HUAN PI Neutral, sweet HT, LIV ▪ Relieves LIV Qi constraint: bad temper, depression, insomnia,
(Silktree bark) irritability, poor mem.
▪ Harm. blood, Stops pain, Reconnects sinews/bones: pain from
trauma or fractures
▪ Reduces abscesses, Dispel swelling: external, internal abscess,
esp. LU abscesses
SUAN ZAO Neutral, sweet, HT, SP, LIV, ▪ Nourishes HT Yin/LIV Blood: irritability, insomnia, palpitations w/
REN sour GB anxiety
▪ Prevents abnormal sweating: spontaneous sweat, night sweats
(Sour Jujube seed)
▪ Generates fluids: thirst from yin deficiency (sour)
YUAN ZHI Warm, acrid, LU, HT ▪ Nourish HT Qi/Yang: insomnia, palp. w/anxiety, restless dt
(Polygala root) bitter COMBO: constrained emotions
**disseminates, drains, ▪ Establish HT/KID Disharmony: frees HT Qi, guides KID Qi up to
unblocks, thusts
outward, assist free
communicate w/HT
movement Qi ▪ Expels HT phlegm, Clear orifices: shen disturbance, epilepsy,
catatonia, stupor
▪ Expels LU phlegm, Stop cough: copious sputum difficult to
▪ Reduces abscesses, Dispels swelling: boils, sores, swollen
painful breast

OPEN PROPERTIES: ORGAN ACTIONS/INDICATIONS: pathogenic influences causing phlegm

ORFICES Aromatic, acrid to envelop the heart or close the orifices causes spirit to be locked up
leads delirium, coma
▪ Closed disorders –pathogen invades orifices causing the spirit to be “locked-up” or “closed”
1) Hot Closed do –warm pathogen enters nutritive level; s/s: delirium, irritability, convulsion, red face, heavy
breathing (meningitis, infection)
2) Cold Closed do –cold pathogen enters nutritive level; s/s: ashen, blue face, sudden collapse, foaming of mouth
(strokes, poisonings)
▪ Caution: -aromatic herbs are scattering and can injures source Qi; use for short time, Treat manifestations not root of
disease so combine
-do not use aromatic herbs to treat abandoned patterns –LOC from deficiency, **always as a pill/powder
except She Xiang Pu
BING PIAN Cold, acrid, bitter LU, HT, SP ▪ Opens orifices, Restore LOC: PC heat invades PC w/LOC or
(Borneol-menthol) summerheat stroke LOC
▪ Clears toxic heat, Drains fire: topically for ulcers mouth, tongue,
throat, deafness
▪ Clears eyes, Removes superficial obstruction: red, swollen,
tearing eyes (conjtivis)
▪ Stops pain and itching: sores, boils, skin disease, sore throat,
canker sores, toothache
SHE XIANG Warm, acrid, HT, LIV, SP ▪ Vigorously opens orifices, Restore LOC: heat invades PC
(Deer musk aromatic w/delirium, epilepsy, LOC
secretions) **very intensely ▪ Moves blood, Dispel clumps: boils, hematomas, insect bites, fixed
piercing aromatic palpable masses
prop ▪ Stops pain: pain from trauma, chest bi pain (topically over UB15 for
▪ Dispels dead fetus: facilitates downward passage of dead fetus or
SHI CHANG Warm-gently, acrid, HT, ST ▪ Opens orifices, Expels phlegm: coma, seizures dt phlegm-damp
PU bitter, aromatic obstructing HT
▪ Expels phlegm blocking ascent yang: dizziness, deaf, poor
(Sweet Flag
memory, blunted affect
▪ Harmonize SP, Promotes digestion: chest/abd distension,
stomachache dt cold damp
▪ Expel wind cold damp: topically for cold wind damp bi, joint pain,
▪ Reduces swellings: topically for scabies
SU HE XIANG Warm, acrid, HT, SP ▪ Opens orifice, Expels turbid filth: wind stroke collapse, coma,
(Styrax-Liquid sweet, aromatic seizures dt cold phlegm
Amber) ▪ Opens constraint, Stops pain: abdominal or chest bi pain from
cold phlegm

STOPS WIND/ PROPERTIES ORGAN: ACTIONS/INDICATION: interior wind from pathogenic changes of
STOP : LIV, KID LIV or KID such as LIV/KID Yin deficiency, LIV yang rising,
TREMORS cold or warm, Blood deficiency, High fevers
BAI JIANG Neutral, acrid, LU, LIV ▪ Stops Spasm, Convulsions: childhood convulsion, facial paralysis
CAN salty ▪ Dispels Wind-Heat, Stop Pain: HA, toothache, red eyes, sore
**drying nature to swollen throat**, aphasia
(Silkworm) transform phlegm,
▪ Stops Itch: itchy skin lesion dt wind-heat or LIV wind
▪ Transforms Phlegm, Softens Hard Masses: scrofula and other
phlegm-heat nodules
**externally for mastitis, burn it hold fingers in smoke to thicken soft, brittle
finger nails
BAI/CI JI LI Neutral, acrid, LIV ▪ Calms LIV, Anchors Yang: HA, vertigo, dizziness
(Caltrop Fruit) bitter ▪ Smooth LIV Qi, Dispels Clumps: flank distension, irregular menses,
**light weight difficult lactation
▪ Dispels Wind-Heat, Improves Vision: red, swollen painful eyes,
excess tearing
▪Dispels Wind, Stops Itch: any skin lesions with intense itching i.e.
DAI ZHE SHI Cold, bitter LIV, HT, PC ▪ Clears LIV fire, Subdues Yang: rising LIV fire/yang with dizziness,
(Hematite) **heavy tinnitus, deafness
▪ Strongly Descends Rebellious Qi: belching, vomiting, hiccups,
wheeze (LIV fire attacking)
▪ Cools blood, Stops bleeding: vomiting blood, nose bleeds
DI LONG Cold, salty LIV, LU, SP, ▪ Stops Spasms, Convulsions: high fever causing delrium, incoherent
**downward directing UB speech, convulsions
(Earthworm) nature –move and
▪ Clear heat, Unblocks channels: cold or heat damp bi, hemiplegia,
painful urination
▪ Stops wheeze: esp. lung heat
GOU TENG Cold, sweet LIV, PC ▪ Stops Spasms: liver heat stirring wind causing tremors, childhood
**light, clearing, **PC governs seizures, eclampsia
(Uncaria Vine) draining nature good fire
exterior wind
▪ Drains LIV heat, Subdues Yang: rising LIV fire/yang with HA, red
eyes, dizziness, HTN
▪ Releases Exterior: wind-heat invasion w/ fever, child, red eyes, sore
throat, HA
LING YANG Cold, salty LIV, HT ▪ Stops Spasms, Convulsions: childhood convulsions from high
JIAO fevers
▪ Anchors LIV Yang: dizziness, vertigo, irritability, splitting HA, HTN
(Antelope Horn)
▪ Improves Vision: red, swollen eyes, photophobia
▪ Drains heat, Resolves fire toxins: warm heat pathogens causing
high fever, mania, LOC
▪ Clears Damp-Heat: wind-damp heat bi
LOU BU MA Cool, bitter, LIV ▪ Clear LIV heat, Subdues Yang: rising LIV fire/yang with HA, red
(Dogbane Leaf) sweet eyes, dizziness, HTN
▪ Nourish HT, Calm Spirit: insomnia, palpitation, generalizes
▪ Promotes urination: edema, dysuria with heat
**usually taken daily in tea to clear heat, prevent dizziness, lower BP, reduce
QUAN XIE Neutral, acrid, LIV ▪ Stops Tremors, Convulsions: spasms hands and feet, twitching,
Salty, toxic COMBO: tics, torticollis
(Scorpion) Gou Teng
**nature piercing, ▪ Unblocks Collaterals, Stop Pain: stubborn HA and Bi syndrome
▪ Resolves Fire Toxins, Dissipates Nodules: topically toxic sores,
swelling ,scrofula
SHI JUE MING Cold, salty LIV, KID ▪ Clear LIV heat, Subdues Yang: rising LIV fire/yang with HA, red
COMBO: eyes, dizziness, HTN
(Haliotidae) Jue Ming Zi
▪ Improves Vision, Recedes Visual Obstructions, pterygium, red,
swollen eyes
▪ Increases Gastric Acidity and topically for bleeding
**Also Nourishes LIV Yin to treat not only the branch but the root of LIV yang
TIAN MA Neutral, sweet LIV ▪ Stops Spasms, Tremors: all types internal stirring LIV wind from hot
**moist COMBO: Gou or cold
(Gastrodia Teng
Rhizoma) ▪ Stops Pain: headache, dizziness, migraines from wind-phlegm or
▪ Disperses Painful Bi: wind-damp bi of LB or extremities
WU GONG Warm, acrid, LIV ▪ Stops Spasms, Convulsions: childhood convulsions, ridgid spasms,
toxic COMBO: lockjaw, seizures
(Centipede) Quan Xie, Bai
**traveling, piercing ▪ Unblocks Collaterals, Stops Pain: stubborn HA and Bi syndrome
▪ Resolves Toxins, Dissipates Nodules: sores, carbuncles, scrofula,
snake bites
MU LI Cool, salty, LIV, KID ▪ Heavily Calms Spirit: palpitations, anxiety, restlessness, insomnia
(Oyster Shell) Astringent ▪ Benefits Yin, Anchors Yang: irritability, dizziness, tinnitus, blurry
**heavy vision, red face
▪ Prevents Leakage Fluids: all types sweating, discharges, uterine
▪ Softens Hardness: scrofula, goiter
▪ Absorbs Acidity, Stops Pain: severe stomach pain with sour taste
ZHEN ZHU MU Cold, salty, sweet LIV, HT ▪ Drains LIV fire, Anchors Yang: HA, dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia
**heavy ▪ Improves Vision: red eyes, photophobia, superficial obstructions
(Mother of Pearl)
▪ Calms Spirit, Sedates Fright: palpitations, anxiety, insomnia
▪ Stops Bleeding: esp. in upper jaio
ZI BEI CHI Neutral, salty LIV, SP ▪ Calms LIV Yang, Sedates Fright: dizziness, palpitations, insomnia,
(Cowery Shell) night terrors
▪ Improves Vision, Brightens Eyes: red, swollen eyes with superficial
JUE MING ZI Cold, bitter, LIV, LI, KID ▪ Improves Vision: red, painful eyes dt wind-heat, night blindness,
(Cassia Seeds) salty, gradual loss of vision
Sweet **moist. ▪ Calm LIV, Anchors Yang: HA, dizziness
raise and directs ▪ Lowers blood pressure, Prevents arthrosclerosis