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Lubrication, Oil and Fluid Level Check 1 Chassis Lubrication 2 Cab Lubrication 3 Change Engine Oil and Filters

4 Check Oil Level in Manual Transmission Check Oil Level in !utomatic Transmission " Check Oil Level in #TO $#o%er Take&O''( ) Check Oil Level in *etarder + Check Oil Level in Trans'er Case , Check Oil Level in Front -rive !.le 1/ Check Oil Level in *ear -rive !.le 11 Check Oil Level in 01draulic !.le Li't 12 Check Oil Level in #o%er 2teering 13 Check Oil Level in 0ubs 'or Oil Lubricated 3heel 4earings 14 Check Oil Level in Cab Tilt #um5 $6' e7ui55ed( 1 Check Fluid Level in Clutch Fluid *eservoir 1" Check Coolant Free8e #rotection and Coolant Level $Check 2C! Level( 1) Check Fluid Levels in 3indshield 3i5er and 0eadlam5 3i5er *eservoirs

1+ Check !ir -r1er

Cab Checks 1, Check 3arning and Control Lam5s 2/ Check 'or Fault Codes in the 9ehicle Electronic Control :nit

21 Check 'or Fault Codes in the Engine Electronic Control :nit 22 Check 'or Fault Codes in the !42, anti&lock brakes 23 Check 'or Fault Codes in Transmission 24 Function Check o' #arking 0eater 2 Check *etarder Control 2" Check 2ealing on Main 4rake Circuit $2ervice( 2) Check ;ear 2hi't and Clutch #edal E.ternal Checks 2+ Function Check o' E.ternal Lam5s 2, Check Mirrors and *e<ectors 3/ Function Check o' 3i5ers and 3ashers 31 Check 4atter1 Mounting, Connections and Fluid

Levels 32 Check Fuel Tank, 0oses, #i5es, and Mounting 2tra5s 33 Check Fuel Tank 9entilation Filter 34 Check 3ater 2e5erator 'or Fuel 21stem 3 Check Tire 3ear Engine Com5artment Checks 3" Check !lternator Mounting and Electrical Connec& tions 3) Check -rive 4elts 3+ Check *adiator Fan, Fan 2hroud and Fan *ing %ith *ubber 2eal 3, Check *adiator, 0oses and #i5es 4/ Check Engine and Engine -riven #o%er Take&O'' 'or Leaks 41 Check Fuel #i5es and Lines 42 Check 'or E.haust Leakage 43 Check 6ntercooler #i5es and 0oses 44 Check !=C Com5ressor Mounting 4 Check !=C 0oses, Fittings, 2%itches, and 3ires Front 2us5ension, 2teering 21stem Checks

4" Check ;aiters=#lastic Covers and clearance 'or 4all >oints 4) Check 2ervo #um5 and 2teering ;ear 4+ Check 2teering 2ha't >oint, 0oses and #i5es 'or #o%er 2teering Checks 4eneath the 9ehicle 4, Check 2ealing on Front and -rive !.le / Check 2lack in Mechanical Linkage 'or Clutch 1 Check ;earbo., Trans'er Case, and #o%er Take& O'' 'or Leakage Checks 4eneath the 9ehicle 2 Check the Oil Cooler and Transmission 'or Leak&age 3 Check *etarder 'or Leakage 4 Check -rive 2ha't, :niversal >oints, 2liding >oints and 2u55ort 4earings Check 2ealing o' *ear !.le and 0ub *eduction ;ear " Check 4earing Clearance in #inion and *ear !.le 6n5ut 2ha't ) Check E.haust #i5e, 2ilencer, or #articulate Filter + Check 25rings and :&4olts , Check Central Lubrication 21stem "/ Check 2us5ension and !ir 25rings

"1 Check *ear 3heel 4earing Clearance "2 Check Front 3heel 4earing Clearance "3 Check 4rake Linings "4 Check 4rake C1linders, Levers and Forks " Check 4rake -isc and Cali5ers "" Check 4raker Levers, 2lack !d?usters, and 4rake -rums Test -riving ") Check !'ter 2tart "+ Check -uring Test -riving ", Check !'ter Test -riving )/ Finish