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Simply fill-in your RideShare information in the yellow highlighted areas and the total monthly fare will

automatically be calculated for you!

Rideshare Fare Change Calculator Number of Riders in your commute group Scheduled daily commute miles Commute days per month Vehicle Type Average gas cost Average fuel efficiency Estimated Fuel Cost Vehicle Cost Capital Metro Contribution Will commute travel outside of service area? Out of Service Area Fee Total Monthly Cost for the Group Total Monthly Cost per Rider FY2014 FY2015 (effective Feb 1, 2014) (effective Oct 1, 2014) 5 5 47 47 21 21 Crossover 7-passenger SUV Crossover 7-passenger SUV $ 3.30 $ 3.40 19 19 $ 171.43 $ 176.62 $ 725.00 $ 736.00 $ 600.00 $ 500.00 YES YES $ 50.00 $ 50.00 $ $ 346.43 $ 69.29 $ Instructions/Notes: Enter the number of riders in your commute group. Enter the number of commute miles you travel each day. The "average" month has 21 working days, excluding federal holidays Click on the highlighted cell and select the preferred vehicle type from the list This is higher than the price at the pump today, but allows for a conservative estimate of fuel costs This varies given the vehicle type you select This is the calculated fuel cost estimate for one month. This varies given the vehicle type you select This is the proposed contribution and is set by the Capital Metro Board of Directors Click on the highlighted cell and Select "yes" or "no". Out of service area fee is included in the cost estimate if "yes" is selected above.

462.62 This is the calculated total cost estimate for your entire group. 92.52 This is the calculated cost per rider if you decide to split the costs evenly.

Some of the details that go into the calculations:

Monthly Rideshare Vehicle Pricing FY2014 FY2015 Estimated MPG Crossover 7-passenger SUV $ 725.00 $ 736.00 19 Luxury 12-passenger van $ 950.00 $ 964.00 13 Luxury 8-passenger van $ 825.00 $ 837.00 13 Standard 12-passenger van $ 800.00 $ 812.00 13 Standard 8-passenger van $ 750.00 $ 761.00 13 Please note: There may be some delay in receiving luxury vans. A standard van may be provided temporarily while the luxury van is upgraded.

How does the cost of the vanpool compare with driving your car?
We love the online calculator provided by our friends at Commute Solutions! Here is an example comparison: Cost of a 50 mile commute with 5 riders: Cost of the same commute by yourself $412.50 per group, $82.50 per person $748.65

Use the calculator to estimate the cost of your commute:

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