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Name: Mark : No.

of points: /100p

Date: 29th November 2013 Class: 8 th

!" #$#!%

Can 'o( )is*over the +or)s b' rea)in, their )efinition- . 10x1p=10p/
a. o a**ompan' a 'o(n, +oman .pero*hane/..

b. !0tremel' e0*itin, .,aen,i,n/.. *. 1on,2term s(**ess .(nra'a+ *(ss*es/ ). o la(n*h3 to be*ome ver' s(**essf(l .*orekt/..

e. $ hi,h la(,h3 espe*iall' a sill' or nervo(s one .,,el,i/ f. o take *ontrol of .4(er*on/

,. $ +ritten a,reement +ith responsabilities .ntr*o*ta/. h. $ plan of a*tivities an) +hen the' +ill happen .)(he*sle/ i. "omeone +ho looks +ell in photos .nto,epho*i/

5. $ short performan*e3 provin, +hat 'o( *an )o in a *on*ert/pla' .tia)(noi/ .............


Mat*h ea*h phrasal verb +ith its e0planation an) *omplete the senten*es +ith the missin, preposition .12X1P=12P/

1. 2. 3. 6. 7. 8.

Phrasal verb ,ive a+a' ,ive in ,ive (p ,ive off ,ive ba*k ,ive o(t 1222222922222222932222229

a. b. *. ). e. f.

Explanation to stop )oin, to ret(rn to )istrib(te to s(rren)er to )onate 6222222972222222982222229

1. :erem' +ill ,ive ;;;;; smokin, be*a(se it is (nhealth'. 2. he tea*her ,ave ;;;;;;; the test papers to the st()ents.

3. he store is ,ivin, ;;;;;;; <70 to the 100 th *(stomer. 6. #lease take the ,arba,e o(tsi)e. &t is ,ivin, ;;;;;; a ba) smell. 7. Can 'o( len) me <10- & +ill ,ive it ;;;;; to 'o( tomorro+. 8. $nna ,ave ;;;;; to Ma0 after he aske) her for a )ate for the 10 th time. )inner to,ether toni,ht. he' +ill have

&&&. Choose the *orre*t option .10X1P=10P/

1. =hen $nne opened/had opened the )oor3 she reali>e) that somebo)' broke/had broken into. 2. M' *o(sin promised/had promised me to brin, me a so(venir from ?ran*e last month. 3. @' the time :(lia left/had left the shop3 she spent/had spent all her mone' on *lothes. 6. & )i)nAt +ant to see that film be*a(se & saw/had seen it t+i*e. 7. #hilip tidied/had tidied his be)room before he left/had left for +ork. 9. $lfre) had worked/worked in a bank for five 'ears before he +as sent to %ome. 10. he 5(),e sai) that she +as ,(ilt' be*a(se she took/had taken the mone' for her.

IV. Fill in with the orre t preposition! with" at" for" on" in" of #1X10P=10P$ 1. M' sister is ,oo) ;;;;;; ,eo,raph'. 2. &Am fon) ;;;;;;; *lassi*al m(si*. 3. M' brother is an,r' ;;;;;;; me3 be*a(se & have spoilt his )is*. 6. Bate is responsible ;;;;;;; the flo+ers in o(r *lassroom. 7. $n)re+ is keen ;;;;;;;; basketball. 8. he st()ents +ere bore) ;;;;;;; the tea*herAs le*t(re. C. =e are intereste) ;;;;;;; the 18th *ent(r' poetr'. 8. @ill +as *apable ;;;;;;; )oin, that 5ob himself. 9. @en is fe) (p ;;;;;;; this a+f(l rain' +eather. 10. $re 'o( afrai) ;;;;;;;; snakes3 Bate-

V. %omplete the hart #20x1p=20p$

Verb to sho k

&d'e tive with (in)


&d'e tive with (ed sho ked ama,ed fri)htened




to ex ite

ex itin) worr-in) pleasin) thrillin)

to please to s+rprise to interest to am+se

s+rprised thrilled interested


VI. %omplete the senten es with the orre t f+t+re form ( be )oin) to #/x0p=11p$

1. hat ,irl hasnAt st()ie) for her e0ams. "he isnAt prepare). "heAs makin, a lot of mistakes. "he .. 1 .fail/.

2. & )onAt kno+ +hat time m' nei,hbo(r has to ,et to his offi*e b(t & think he ..2 .probabl' 2not ,et/ there on time.

3. & havenAt pra*tise) eno(,h for the alent "ho+ b(t &.... 3 .sin,/ m'
son, a,ain no+. M' frien)s ..6 .be/ pro() of me . & . 7 .+in/ the first pri>e.

4. .. 8 .'o(2 help/ me )o sit2(ps&Am too tire).

220p. ex(offi io