1. Organising a selection meeting 1.1. 1.2. 1.3. 1.4. 1.5. 1.6. Selection meetings are organised by the High Performance Director of the CMKS Executive Committee (hereinafter referred to as the “HPD”). The HPD either chairs the meeting or appoints a chairman. The selectors are not fixed and the positions are flexible. The HPD aims to invite people who are not in contention for selection and who can have a decent knowledge of the local league. A panel of 3-5 people is seen as the ideal size. The HPD advises the Executive Committee of the members of the selection committee prior to their meeting so that any alternates can be suggested in advance. Meetings are organised at the earliest appropriate time, no later than 8 weeks prior to an away trip and 4 weeks prior to a home game. The HPD is in charge of maintaining a player database, which is updated twice a year (March and October) and provided to the selection meeting in advance along with the procedure below. As part of the process of updating the database, the HPD organises contact with all clubs to request any additional names for consideration.

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Please avoid overloading the panel with members of one club if possible (e.g. 2 from Club X, 1 from Club Y and 0 from Club Z would be undesirable in general – however it is possible if justifiable).

2. Selection of Captain/Vice-Captain 2.1. The Captaincy of the National Team is reviewed every two years by the HPD unless exceptional circumstances arise. The captaincy was last reviewed in November 2012 and the following appointments made: Captain: Vojta Hasa Vice-Captain:Mikulas Stary 2.2. The Vice-Captain leads the side if the captain is unavailable. The National Team Manager is responsible for ensuring that, if captain or vice-captain is unavailable, other senior players are appointed to the role on a temporary basis and clearly announced in advance so that everyone is aware. The captain and vice-captain must be made aware that these roles do not ensure they are selected – if they suffer from poor form then other options may be sought.

3. Selection of the Czech National Team / Czech Lions 3.1. The HPD first considers the following: either the Captain is invited to the selection meeting and participates actively; or a separate discussion (e.g. by phone or email) is arranged ASAP after the selection meeting so that the captain is fully aware of the composition of the squad he is leading. At the end of the meeting, the selection panel should be able to clearly answer the majority of the questions in Section 3.3 below to the captain and to the Executive Committee, and externally e.g. to representatives of clubs if necessary.


From the experience of recent years, many local players can bat and bowl at a decent level. While this should be a benefit to the team in terms of flexibility, at times it has led to some confusion within the team, and the selection panel is asked to focus on certain players' primary skills when considering what they bring to the team, i.e. it should be clear to all who are “the bowlers” and who are “the batsmen” in the squad. The aim of the selection meeting is to announce a team of 11, plus a batting reserve and a bowling reserve (unless we are selecting for an upcoming tournament, where 15 might need to be necessary please arrange everything for tournaments as far in advance as possible). We of course know that drop-outs are likely, so the selectors should also (internally) have an idea of who is 'next' on the list of batting and bowling reserves, as well as a reserve four-year player. Some drop-outs are unavoidable (sick kid, business issues), so we cannot make all drop-outs a black mark, but the selectors are asked to consider the position of a talented player if he regularly drops out with weak excuses. It is not necessary to respond to all external questioning, only do so if appropriate, but likewise discussion with the cricket community is good publicity. If public comments on selection are made on social media, take care to emphasise positives rather than give negative reasoning.


Composition of the team     Who are the four-year players? Who is the wicket-keeper? Where can he / should he bat? Who are our best openers? And three of our other best batsmen? Who are our opening bowlers? And our third and fourth best option? Are these four options similar in style, and is that a benefit or a problem?

We are only allowed to use two 4-year players in the XI in an ICC tournament and we should stick to this as far as possible. There will be a wide pool to select from so this is a good place to start in considering the team (of course if the final XI is light on bowlers and we selected two batsmen here, it can be revisited). Please remember: it's not necessary to be clear on ALL points, but certainly most points should be clearly settled during the meeting. This might only lead to 8 or 9 clear names by this point, but others will have been discussed and it should be clear to see what elements of the team need further strengthening upon review. The last places may be where "good fielding" or "good team attitude" can help to secure the place, if they haven't already.

4. Selection of the Czech Eagles team 4.1. There will be four main categories of player to be considered for the Eagles team:  Czech nationals  other four-year players - these players should be eager to prove that they deserve one of the two places on the National Team  players who have been here for two or three years and seem likely to be in the four-year discussion in future  other seven-year players who qualify for the National Team
The Eagles team is a great opportunity to involve other players in the national team process and must be treated with the same respect as the Czech National Team/Czech Lions. In principle the team should be made up of four or five Czech players, and six or seven from the other categories. These distinctions are not intended to be restrictive and there is scope for flexibility but it should be justified. The process should be similar to that stated in Section 3 i.e. First consider which Czechs should be selected, and then consider the wicket-keeper, batsmen and bowlers. Given that this is the Czech Republic’s development squad, participation and performance in Czech Eagles training sessions will be taken into consideration during the team selection process.

5. Announcement of the team 5.1. The managers of the respective teams post the teams and inform the individuals. Teams are posted ASAP on Facebook and on the website along with a short description of the team and comment on any changes etc. This is immediately followed by emails/phone calls to individuals. In the event people make themselves unavailable, the appropriate reserve is added to the team, and a new reserve is announced.


Some dates will clearly be unavoidably busy with conflicting appointments, but we have tried getting everyone's answer prior to announcing the team previously and sadly it's a long and difficult process. People make themselves unavailable on a few occasions per match but hopefully the public announcements will make guys feel more responsible towards the team.