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Knowing ORO*MU


The groups formed by ORO*MI International are eight, all free :

One Basic called "Students Of The World". This is the basic level. The door opened to
ORO*MU. Anyone can subscribe, whether or not Initiated.
Three Intermediate "Disciples On The Path I, II, III". This level requires the basic level
"Students Of The World" and the ceremony of Initiation.
Four Advanced' disciples In The Temple I, II, III and IV. This level requires the Intermediate
courses "Disciples On The Path" and the ceremony of Initiation.
The lessons are attached in the body of the message and as a PDF separate file. You can either
print them. It is recommended to download this software from

1. Introduction, Welcome To ORO*MU
2. Introduction, Knowing ORO*MU
3. Introduction, Symbol Of ORO*MU And Cosmic Altar
4. Book: "The Divine Laws" : Law 0
5. Book: " The Divine Laws" : Law No. 1
6. Book: "The Human Health" : Spiritual Bases To Reach Health
7. Book: " The Divine Laws" Law No, 2
8. Book: " The Human Health" Creative Imagination And Visualization
9. Book: " The Divine Laws" Law No.3
10. Book: " The Human Health" : The Auric Field
11. Book: " The Divine Laws" : Law No. 4
12. Book: "The Human Health" : Emanation Of Energies And Transference Techniques
13. Book; "The Divine Laws " Law No. 5
14. Book: "The Human Health " The Pranic Altar And The Four Elements
15. Book: "The Divine Law " Law No, 6
16. Book: "The Ten Principles Of Happiness:" Introduction
17. Book: "The Divine Laws " Law No. 7
18. Book: "The Ten Principles of Happiness" : Search For Happiness
19. Book: " The Divine Laws" Law No. 8
20. Book: " The Ten Principles O Happiness " : First Principle
21. Book: " The Divine Laws " Law No. 9
22. Book: "The Ten Principles Of Happiness " Second Principle
23. Book: "The Divine Laws " Law No. 10

24. Book: "The Ten Principles Of Happiness" Third Principle

25. Book: "The Ten Principles Of Happiness " Fourth Principle
26. Book: "The Ten Principles Of Happiness " Fifth Principle
27. Book: " The Ten Principles Of Happiness " Sixth Principle
28.Book: "The Ten Principles Of Happiness " Seventh Principle
29.Book: The ten Principles Of Happiness " Eight Principle
30.Book: " The Ten Principles Of Happiness " Ninth Principle
31.Book: " The Ten Principles Of Happiness " Tenth Principle
32.Book: "Ecology Of The Human Relations " The Free Will And The Family "
33Book: Ecology Of The Human Relations " The Psychological FIELD "
34.Book: " Ecology Of Human Relations " The Energy Field "
35.Book: " Ecology Of The Human Relations " Happiness And Responsibility "
36.Book: Ecology Of Human Relations "Principle For the Accumulation Of Field Energy"
37.Book: 'Ecology Of The Human Relations " 2 Principle To Accumulate Energy " I
38.Book: "Ecology Of The Human Relations " 2 Principle To Accumulate Energy " II
39.Book: "Ecology Of The Human Relations " 3 Principle To Accumulate Energy "
40.Book: "Ecology Of Human Relations " The Knowledge Of Yourself "
41.Book. "In Search For Peace " Introduction To The Book " In Search For Peace"
42.Book: " In Search For Peace " Development Of The Brain, Conscience and Personality
43.Book: " In Search For Peace "Learning Of Infancy "
44.Book: "In Search For Peace " Integrity And Human Needs "
45 Preparing For Initiation: The Sacred 40
46.Preparing For Initiation : Information For The Initiation On June 24
47.Book: "In Search For Peace" Human Relations: The Parasite Relation
48.Book: " In Search For Peace" The Symbiotic Relation and The Commensal Relation
49.Book: "In Search For Peace " Types Of Persons And Attitudes
50.Book: "In Search For Peace " Psychology Of Conflict


ORO*MU is the Institution that makes possible the mission of the Initiated. This is the tree
that shelters everyone in times of tempest.
Our beloved ORO*MU is now being brought to manifestation in an ethereal spiritual field
around the whole world. It is generating a maximum amount of love and enlightenment, harboring
in it the knowledge that the Father has conceded us. Honouring and respecting this Institution of
ORO*MU, empowers us as representatives of these teachings that the Father has conferred his
disciples throughout the world, an accredited letter of presentation full of knowledge coming from
the Cosmos.
The Solar Father has granted the disciples in ORO*MU the seeds of Knowledge generated
into a School forming a brotherhood that vibrates with the same love and energy, identifying each
disciple with the philosophy and the line followed by each one performing their duty. This means
that no one will take notice of the activities of another brother, realizing that he has a mission to be



The teachings are exposed in terms of concepts and ideas. Concepts are enhanced by a series
of conducts and examples designed in a practical manner by a group of persons. The students are
encouraged to reflect in attitudes as well as desire of serving, making real the practice of the
teachings and preaching this philosophy as a system of living.


1. HARMONY: To realize by all possible means that the harmony within human matters
dwell on Earth with the purpose of escalating the
evolution on the path.
II. DIFFUSION : To make use of all tools in order to spread philosophical teachings and
cultural themes linked to the acquired knowledge on how the Laws of Nature operate.
III. SERVICE : To be involved in the contribution of reeducating humanity through service.
Each brother in ORO*MU must realize clearly in his life, that he will develop an effort to
contribute to the benefit of humanity in any specific area.
IV. DEVELOPMENT: To carry out the great Master Plan divided in four phases:
a- Clean the psychic atmosphere in the whole planet.
b- Fortifying the bonds of union and communication between human beings and Shamballa.
c- Establish a life unit that responds diligently to the Will of the Father.
d- Establish the Kingdom of God on Earth.


The ORO*MU family has been in the ethereal planes from immemorial times. The complete
name for ORO*MU is: Order of the Multiple Rose. In the year 1971, it manifested materially in a
local office, in Monterrey, New Mexico.
Francisco Ovalle Lucio, a public accountant, was the founder who, together with three friends
involved in the initiative of forming ORO*MU under the guidance of the Solar Logos, or Father Eli
and the Spiritual Masters who telepathically imparted messages canalized by Francisco Ovalle.
The name of the first group formed was "INNOMINATED". This group worked seven days a
week opening more groups.
They continued the work of instruction until the year 1980, when Francisco Ovalle passed
Then, the guides And Spiritual Masters designated to Juan Francisco Bautista Trevino and
Jesus Alonso González, to continue this mission.
The actual director of ORO*MU is Jesus Alonso González.
The School has physical groups in various countries, also counting with virtual places like this



The actual address of the first center of Studies is 1107 Ote. Allende. Barrio Antiguo en
Monterrey, Nuevo León, México C.P. 64000 Tel. (52-81) 83-43-41-57


The complete name of ORO*MU is "Order of The Multiple Rose A. C.", (In Spanish:
OROMU, A.C. the meaning is “Orden de la ROsa MUltiple, A.C”.
Its initial motto was: "Center Of Psychic Philosophical Studies". Let us learn about each
word on this name and, also, about the meaning of the motto.
Why a Rose in the name? Because a Rose is a real flower with colour, perfume, beauty that
develops on the Earth plane, and is a part of the material world.
Who would you share this Rose with? You will share it with the material man, who is also a
plant that develops on Earth, with a colour, perfume, even beauty. This human being blooms and
produces exquisite flowers; three great Roses, three great Virtues: Love, Justice and Truth.
Therefore, what does the name "ORDER OF THE MULTIPLE ROSE A. C. mean? It means
Order, Path, Justice, Love, Truth and Life. All these will be the blooming of the Human Being
when he reaches a scale of perfection.
What does the principal objective of Psychic and Philosophical Studies mean? It means the
studies that come from God.
Who is God? What is the meaning of the word "psyches"? It means the immortal essence of in
each being, in harmony with the Universal Creation, in order to reach a plane of perfection.


OROMU is a living being, virtual, physical, energetic, and spiritually speaking.

What is OroMu, A.C.?
Its esoteric meaning is Oro of the Universal Mind Cosmic Altar.
What is ORO (=gold)? It is the material condensation of spiritual energy, that energy which
makes us reach higher planes, then ORO is able to take your hand and guide you forward. Where?
To MU.
What is MU? MU means Universal Mind, nor planetary or solar, but universal, belonging to
the Universe, where suns and stars are born and then transform themselves sending their energies to
the Cosmic Altars present everywhere, for the feeding of that star or that place.
What is an A.C.? A.C. stands for Cosmic Altar; it is that point or vortex which is receiving
the energy from the Cosmos, the stars, the galaxies. Some of these points or anthens are made of
stone, and are the so-called natural altars, but there are other ones, especially important for this
moment: the Human Cosmic altars, which are those human beings who are consciouslly receiving
the energy in their minds, coming from close and far points of the Cosmos.
Among them are the serious Disciples of the Light who take the moment of meditation as one
of the most important moments of the day, because it is then when they trascend matter and they



become suns irradiating from Earth.

So, summarizing about what is OroMu AC, we have that each one of the Initiates in OroMu
conform OROMU, we are and have as groupal mission to Connect with the Universal Mind by
means of the Universal Laws in order to become the radiants of a great altar pointing to Cosmos.
All the Initiates form the Cosmic Altar the Universal Oro Mind.
OroMu also means Oro of the World, that Oro which enriches everyone who possesses it


The trilogy of Ascended Masters responsible for ORO*MU:


CHRIST: Master and Instructor of Humanity, directs all social activities worldwide: bazaars,
assisting, prayers and calls for Humanity.
AMAJUR: Master of Spiritual Development, directs the practices on instruction, molding the
way of thinking and acting to reach the psychological freedom and the awakening of spiritual
powers. He is the instructor of Mexico
FRANOLU: Master Instructor of America, directs all the spiritual groups of America and is
responsible for the instructions of ORO*MU.
Outside from these particular responsibilities each Master have with different groups and
organizations, the triangle of the three Masters direct the development of ORO*MU. Throughout
the world, no matter the language or the country, the Flower of ORO*MU blooms.
This means that any school, no matter the country or the language spoken, will be guided by
these three Spiritual Beings: Christ, Amajur and Franolu.




These Laws are the vertebral column of teachings in the Order of ORO*MU, shining through
TIMES. By "TIMES" we mean the heartbeat of God, and if the Divine Laws are a product of the
Universal Mind, then it means that these Laws are part of the heartbeat of God and these will
Divine Laws operate in a perfect, harmonious way. All these Laws are done in a plane of
happiness for all the beings of creation.
Only the human being with a superior intelligence has been given the marvellous power to
manage from the simplest Law to the most complicated Superior System.
The human being on Earth is managing the free will, which is the Principle of the Law of
Cause and Effect. By managing this Law, he is making use of a power God has conferred him.
Using this Law in a positive way allows the human being to acquire happiness: this is the
Divine Purpose. If this Law is used in a negative way, the effect will be suffering, disharmony,
sadness, morally and materially.
The message received today is of harmonic management. When used as it is indicated by the
message, will change life from a negative to a positive sense, that is, from an evil path to a path of
The more you dedicate to the practice of understanding this teaching gives you, the sooner
you will acquire the compensation of the Law and, little by little, you will realize the key to
knowledge that will bring to you peace and happiness.


What is A Father Over the Earth?

An earthly father is considered a human being capable of procreation in union to his wife and
partner: the woman God intended for him on Earth.
There are millions and millions of fathers and they are part of humanity as there are millions
and millions of suns which are fathers of sidereal families and all of them are part of the Universal
What is "Solar Father"?
By Father it must be understood the Sun that directs each solar system and this sun is the
Solar Father, directing a Solar Family. Since there are millions of suns, each sun is the Solar Father
of each system, therefore, the father of a cosmic family.
The Meaning of Eli:



E = Eternity, L = Logos I = Infinite

“E” represents three harmonies: harmony in matter, harmony in soul, and harmony in spirit.
“L” represents rectitude, the one which accomplishes his mission.
“I” represents integrity.
Once the atom of Father Eli dwells in my heart, what will I do to activate myself? Vibrations
and elevations.
- What will I receive? Answers to all my worries and concerns.
- How many times should I invoke Father Eli? As many times needed, in multiples of three,
six, nine... following the laws of harmony.
- What will be awakened inside me? The faculty of psychography, that is: matter writes what
the spirit dictates.

Who is God?
God is the Creator of millions and millions of suns that exist in the Universal Creation and for
this reason only God as Absolute Creator has the privilege of being called Creator because from
Him the millions of solar systems have emanated, sparkles of the life of the Creative Mind
corresponding to the Absolute God.
Every solar system forms a cosmic family and the father of each cosmic family, is the Sun,
the Ruler of the planets integrating the Solar System. God is the Great Rector, the Great Ruler of all
Creations composed of millions and millions of solar systems and millions of cosmic families. In
other words, Father Eli is the Sun that illuminates us day by day and is called Father Eli by His
request. In all cultures, the sun is the force that impulses the physical life of all forms over Earth.
As an interesting note, the sun was part of Christian prayers up to the fourth century where he was
invoked in the following way: The Sun, our Lord. Then the Christian or catholic church of the
Middle ages changed the phrase and remained: God, our Father.
A word of wisdom:
The Father is the sun of our solar system, called Father Eli.
May the blessings of Father Eli be spread in all and everyone of you.