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uestlaij matnmtg, gjetember 15. 1891.

vengeful Indian Wood might glitter In her basking'ln the warmth or sunsnlne and a first Floor ltlanfet. eyes. A sudden word or meeting fond woman's love. The bearskin portier Blanks of every description can be found would send the rich, red torrent coursing of that humble hut fell like a wall of dark- in the business office of the Eacle first Aug. 17, 1889. through her veins, tingeiag the clear, ness when thejaithful girl briefly left him. floor, in quantities to suit. Call at the highest of all in Leavening Power. U, S. Gov't tf healthy skin, from the ovai chin to tha in his convalescence, to seek for game or counter. delicate little ears, with a crimsuu glow. State Association Teachers, Topeka, Kan. some luxury to tempt his palate to restorShe had read and heard or" iove, and hit ing Etrength. He had read the secret in For the above the Santa Fe route offers excursion tickets at one fare for the round young heart yearned for the perfect blisa her beautiful' eyes, ..nd b,s own heart aMi trip. Tickets on sale Dec. 28 and 29, limanattaiuaolo a dream of sweet happiness gone out to her in return. ited for return trip up to and including Then came the weeks of feeble effort to Jan. 2, 1692. Two morning trains, leaving in the companionship of such & hero as her girlish fancy pictured, by whose side she walk with the crude crutches she obtained Wichita at S:05 and 10:25, also evening would ride like the wind on sunny days, a for him. The solicitous aid of her pliant, train at 9. Specinl chair cars will be progoing and returning for the memtrusty heaix to nestle close to when the graceful form guided his wavering steps. vided -- AT bers of the association their friends. THE- Btormciouas obscured the midnight moon. Seated upon the shore of that rippling Call at 15S North Main and street or Douglas From out the old Russian and Spanish river he at last told her all she had longed avenu e station. W. D. Murdock, D. "P. A. histories of the settlement and the tales of to know. He was unmarried; he had 231Ct never before known a woman's love. Bewondrous worlds beyond the broad seas Bring your father, mother, brother, sis told her at the knee of a father whose neath the glorious light of the harvest ter and have their pictures taken at the memory she worshiped more than her moon he told her tales of far off lands, best gallery in Wichita. Baldwin & Son, patron saint ber glowing imagination where the people of his race lived in power, 118 East Douglas. 4 tf had created an ideal lover who would refinement and luxury. He was a man of found and he a education rank, social and 1892, some day seek her. Would he ever find Rock Island calendars for the year 1S32 her there there, among those human pleasure in picturing to this bright, eager contrasting scenes of intellect vividly for distribution free the at the city ticket AMUSEMENTS. THE VALLEY OF SLEEP. brutes, those deb.ised Indians, the stram office, 100 corner Main aud Douglas. Call of whose dark blood in her veins she ab- highest civilization. visget one 'they and before are all gone. The fear came to her that he, who knew It iii3 in the west when tto sun goes down. horred? W. H. WiSHART, Cradled by shining mountains of sold. Time was tellingupon her mother, whose so much, who must be so loved in that City Ticket and P.ss. Act, And its gaudy forests are never brown, intellect never equaled the girl's. The in- other and brighter world, could never oa d"tf Wichita, Kan. Its meadow6 gleam with a wealth untold, content with life in that wild country, dolence Spanish blood of the and Indian Watered by crimson rivers of light, recompense love. her of only with poor prego, When you fhe take the Frisco line to St. asserted its authority with the parent, who Those shining pools now a mystery keep-Fi- rst thought mostly of her comfort, her grow- Ah, how did he anjwer her how has man Louis and the east for the reason that it is we must hope, then love, then woej- only Wichita line running two tolid ing ailments and her church. The girl ever answered the confiding love of wom- the Morn cannot prize the pleasure deep trains daily without chauge of any class to Of the beautiful distant valley of sleep. had no other companions than her horses an? She was only too willing to believe he St. Louis morning have 300 Guitars in stock and night, and it is the and her dogs, and when she took her gun uttered the truth in the protestations of only line having palace reclining chair and SAM At midday its streets look long and bright. undying love he made. He would take her Pullman sleeping cars in morning nnd and have reduced the price ono-thipleasure fransimply in hand, their was The shade of peace but a sigh awakes. tic. Daily, when weather permitted, she far away from the hateful, debasing assonight trains. Always on time and sure of for the Holidays, also the For rest to gain in the morrow's fight. OP GEORGIA. rode forth to the chase, the great Russian ciations that surrounded her. Her bright making eastern connections at St. Louis same on Violins, Banjos and ManThe will and strength that victory takes. depot. the master situation, quickly mind would union 24tf Bathed in the calm effulgent light. eetU'rs and hounds bounding along by her dolins. This will give you a The hush of the summer sweet rest ma? sine, wild with excitement, but obedient to while her rare beauty would make her the Church cynosure of all society. keep THE GREAT ROCK ISLAND RAIIiWAT. chance to get a fine Christmas every glance. her First we must climb ambition's steep-No- on The maturing of their affection was not At last the day came when brave Pancha '1802" New Year's Greeting. "1892." To present for a little money. Piancannot prize the silence deep met her fate. Going out at sunrise one unobserved by the Indians of the rancheria. the Scnool Teachers of the City of WichOf the beautiful hazy valley ot sleep. os and Organs at jobbers rates Weduesday Evening, morning she found the trail of a horse and With all her proud reserve, there were ita and Sedcwlei County. ! The shadows of eve stretch far and wide. man, and tracked it through a deep canyon chiefs among them who would have dared 'till January 1st, 1892. What is a dozen deaths to gain her for a wife. And life bereft of its old desire December 16, '91. Follows that led to the sea. The unshod feet of They It affords the Rock Island officials much finer for a present than a fine Pihad nothing but hatred for the hand- pleasure the wake of a purple tide proved him a mustang, but the animal closing tho of the past year to the at Lit by a sun's innocuous fire. shapely footprints of the man's boots some paleface who had won the love of thank you, one and all; for your kiud and ano or Organ. Benefit Emporia Ave. 31. E. Church. Now Come to the store when fthe ways are passed and to liberal patronage and hope to be favored showed him to he one of the numerous their beautiful queen. paddle waters deep. we would Fain these all and save commissions and flew year a Weeks months had a with into liberal patronage during as the young Americans then pouring into the Too tired to labor or love or weep; We are pleased to tell j ou traveling men's expenses and country by tens of thousands, attracted by gone by and Btill the white man lingered coming vear.Teachers' Eve would eternal slumber keep State meeting tolie for In the beautiful silent valley of sleep. the discovery of gold. Why was he walk- by the side of the lovely Indian girl. They that held at Topeka. Kan., Dec. 29 to 31, '91 the where you can select from the Reserved Seats $1.00. For sale at the Grace O'Boyle in Now Orleans ing? His animal was either packed with rode, hunted, read and swam together. railroed falre will be one fare for the round Wichita Booh. Store. You crat. the toot? and provisions of a miner, or he They lived outdoors through the mild trip. Tickets on sale Dec. 8 and 29, '91 largsst stock in the west. the fresh, burstingspring, and then, limited for return trip up to and including will save at least 25 per cent. was a hunter, his horse bearing the game plains were hills clad In a Jan. 2nd 192. In anticipation of a large when the and LEGEND OF SQUAW BOOK. he had shot. Allowing the dogs to scent fragrant KEAL ESTATE. Don't forget this is speoial for garb of endless flowers, their attendance from this Ideality the Rock the trail, Pancha rode on at a quickened young earthly love Island company has arranged to place at this month only. and were dreams life of Co.) by Deam the Abstract (Furnished pace, her curiosity excited by the fresh this point sufficient number of their The records in the register of deeds office That turbulent winter stream, the Rus- tracks. In a few moments the two hounds ended. Among the bucks of the tribe who per- handsome and comfortable reclining chair show the following buyers of real estate: sian river, not many miles above the beau paused, and, baying their most dismal sistently showed cars the for accommodation and comfort his admiration of Pancha, Hew Ensland Loan and Trust Co tiful town of Cloverdale, makes a sharp note, dashed on ahead. It was a signal was a thriving half breed Indian, called of the teachere and their friends who favor cou102G 1028 Carlos Bitting ave 's was speaking near, and to the Rp'ck Island with their pntronage. that the chase 201 angle around an immense rock that stands 12th add shf d 129 North Main Street. her horse the girl kept close behind the Concho. Like Pancha, he had some Rus- We will spare no pains to make this a trip 2700 28 qr 4w IS nw Sander endwd promontory precipitous A a . abruptly sian blood in hisveins, but the Indian long to be remembered by all who accept J dogs. "W Y Goodrich 44 ave A Valley Center predominated, and his dark, pit this invitation to.come and go with us, ing a mountain spur a sheer five hundred , At a turn in the trail a hundred yards greatly 48 d feet above the deep, dark, summer sleeping beyond, they almost leaped upon the pros- marked, brutal face was the only one that "Wishing yon all a Merry Xmas and a The Alliance Trust Co e 23 ft 3 all 4 a fear withiu her. He had once Happy Xew Year." Office City Ticket 1 pool; at its base rises perpendicular the blk B Hunter's add wd trate form of a man lyihg at full length aroused Agent 100 Corner Main street. S H Gilbert president 14 blk 2 Mount; upon the ground just at the edge of a cas- openly threatened to kill Henderson, and clean, overhanging face of the precipice. Sxo. Sebastian. First of all is to know what to possible do to as ever was as after, often Hope wd it 125 Some resistless G. T. & P. A., Chicago, Ills. convulsion of nature has cade of Russian rivdr and directly opposite so, 33 P AIcNair 10 J 1 Douglas ave Minsavby close when she his side kept the to make a satisfactory purohase . VYISHART, Ulty T. & P. A., cliff of Squaw Rock. Down .towering H. off torn the west the spur, end of the like a 53 neapolis add bhfd... T age was at home. dl5ot Christmas Geo L Blood serirseqrlG 28 lewd.. 1000 cyclopean effort to dam the foaming floods in the rocky river bottom among the masgift Before purchasBut there came a time when her step of winter that swirl and roar through the sive bowlders, lay his still struggling horse. G L Blood n 6 acres nw qr sv qr bw invite you to see The animal and man had slipped upon the was made heavier by love's lingerings, and Winter Tourist Kates via The Santa. .FqRonte. ing a present 300 barricade of fallen fragments below. qr 21 28 lewd The Sauta Fe route have placed on sale and examine my goods. Joseph Peltzer se qr 15 20 3w wd 4000 Squaw Rock standing like a massive, narrow path. The saddle, with the car- the duty of supply from field and stream have tickets upon following Tourist to Winter entirely the and alone feu Henderson. spired cathedral at this elbow of the wild cass of a slain deer lashed to it, had turned, points: Austin. Coraus Christi. EI Paao. the latest and finest traveling Notice. departures accompanied always were His with the uneven foothold prevented The annual meeting of the stockholders of river is a landmark seen for miles from and by her last look of love, her last caution 'Galveston. Houston. Lttmvassas. Rock- - goods that are in the market the Wichita National bank, will be held at its the road which follows the winding water- the fallen horse from rising. From a deep against an ambushed foe. uori, nan aoiiomo, xexas, jjemmg, ljaKeg hanking house, Tuesday, January 12, 1892, at 4 course. Upon a turret-lik- e formation that cut in the man's head the blood was still A.as truces, Oliver vjuy ana Aligator, mauve and grain At length the twilight of a weary day vaiiey,Xew o'clock p. m., for tho olection of directors tor surmounts it, a tree has grown and blown trickling. He was insensible, and pale as Mexico. Transit limit of 30 the ensuing year, and to transact such other into a shape absence fudied leather marked into valises, satchels and cabin his a that days in each direction,rwith final of limit that adds to the superstition death itself. business as may regularly coino beforo them. priledges will be bags, fitted andplain ; 100 variety To spring from her horse, tear open the nereal blackness in the western sk, and Juuetl, 1S92. Stop-ove- r with which the few Mendocino Indians C. A. Walker, Cashier. withi the limits tu each direcnow remaining view it. From a distance man's vest, and place her hand upon his still her love, the husband of her heart and allowed returned not. Then she dispatched, tion. For additional information apply at of the latest styles of toilet sets Notice is hereby given that the annual meot-In- g it completely assumes the appearance of a heart was but the act of a moment with soul, Union office, 168 North Main, or ticket of the stockholders of tho Citizens of promises no stinted reward, all of with and collar and cuff boxes, all Bank of Wichita, Kansas, will be held gigantic human figure that of an Indian Pancha. He had only swooned, and before the Indians she coull command. Their Dopglas avenue station p. Murdoch, D. P. A. atiuoomoe or me bank at 6 o clock p. m., squaw, with a pupoose upon her back, sit the girl could return wiib. water from tho pine burr W. , ttotf kinds of work stands and baskets, every on and trail torchablaed Tuesday, January S, 1803, for tho purpose of ting at the edge of the lofty turret. The river, he recovered and opened his eyes. eleamed UDon the stream. Then the In electing directors for the ensuing year and ForvKansas City, St. Louis and nil points, ladies' and gents' pocketbooks transacting any other business that may prop- Mendocino and Lake Indians say the spirit Still dazed and stupid from the brain con- dian death cry rang oat in deadly echoes I eftqt take the Missouri Pacific railway. and card casep. erly come before said meeting. of the squaw, who found there a tragic cussion he was unable to speak or recogTrunks -- from against the mountain side. "He was The shortest line to St. Louis by 48 miles. Author Faulkner, Sec'y. death, haunts the cliff, where the rock3 nize the condition he was in. No change dT cars of uny kind' between gl.75 to 50. Wholesale and reWichita, Kan., Dec. 5, 16W. dead!" found but Upon she hurls down at wtiite men passing after attempting, with.her help, to rise, Slowly they bore his body to her hut, Wichita and St. .Louis. Onlv Jifty hours tail toy trunks at 50 cents. "Wanted. tWfcb it and New l'ork 'City yia sundown are frequently heard falling. she found one of his ankles was broken. without"a word retired, Indianlike, in between To rent 35 or 40 acres improved rich land he Missouri' Pacific railway, juy ticket From an intelligent and educated Indian Inducing him to lie down again, she de- and grim When bearskin WICBflTA TETOK FACTORY, silence. had the flice 1U0 Noitli Main Ktrwt. 101 tf close to Wichita; prefer house and barn half breed woman, living at a rancheria near scended the rough river bank, where she at the entrance of the hut and she du same; must be cheap. Address H. D., Echo Station, were gleaned in fragments quickly freed his horse so that it could fallen 2o West Douglas Avenue. was alone with her beloved dead, she threw Metropole hotel, Wichita, Kan. 24 2c Are Von uoiua 10 H aslujitfiin Territory? the incidents woven, into the following rise. Finding the animal uninjured, she herself body upon her eiuij:iutiiig in uncontrollable tha to Parties uorthwe& Buy you holiday Goods now, Baldwin & Son, photographers, for fine story: Away back in the In ties, when the replaced the saddle, and Slaving the game grief. Deeply buried in his heart was the will find it to their interest by culling a and avoid the coming rush of the photo's. Call and get the "Aristo," the coast range was thickly settled with In- led the beast up the bank to his master's keen flinf. arrowhead of the foe who had the Rock Itlund ticket office for iuforma dians, a great powwow was held at tha side. Then, after binding hjs head with a finest finished pictures on earth. 4 tf tiop regarding rates, routes and'accommo last week, when you cannot get his death. The shaft was feathered dations death and burial of a squaw of the tribe, strip of underclothing, she treated the sworn via this line. Do not not be de the plume of a crow the sign of Ceiled by Bxentu of.other lines as to this what you want as they will bo who had long exercised, through her supe- broken bone with wet leaves and bark as with the hated half hreed. route. Ion ase Invited to cullut the office It A HNS A. NEVTCOMD, rior knowledge and unusual beauty, ex- a splint to steady it, cutting strips from Concho, night picked over by that time. Como pledge the of love fol her That convinced be as to the superiority of and 407 EastiDouRlas Avenue. Richland Block. traordinary influences over all of the coast his saddle blanket to tie the appliance seHenderson, his son, was born unto her the, Great Rock IfcUpd route over all early as we have our emmenso We anj'in tho music business. If you Indians. While very young she had at- curely on. anticipating life through her agony at the others. By (patronizing this Hue jo'ueau tvant a piano, organ or anything in the tracted the attention of a Russian officer stock of men's and boy's clothing injured lay American Meanwhile the of the choice "'four different routes tnusic line you ahould call and see us; we at Fort Ross, who had bought and educat- quietly staring at her with vacant eyes. death of that murdered and yet unburied .bnvo 'west of Denver. For speed, safety and mens1 and boys Over coats and s goods and we guaronly handle father. comfort the Rock Island leads the proces him she had one daughter, For fully'an hour she sat by his side bathantee lowest prices. We have been doing ed her. By Pancha permitted none but her now old sion. furnishing goods; smoking jackW. H. WjfiHAHT, Ticket Agent. J'tCtBsUHBSSSSSSSH JU&!!L tjrf ing the wounds wtyh water. Then gradubusiness for the past twelve years iu Wich- Panchlta .1 bright and beautiful blond and nearly helpless mother and an Indian Office 1C0 East Douglas nvenue, ceorne ets, hats and all other holiday ita under the firm name of Barns & Son; her only child, with whom she returned to ally the light of intelligence returned, and girl dC9-tto enter the hut for two days after tho Muln street; f (we own our store ;md pay no Tent; with her people when the officer suddenly died he weakly asked where he was and what now on display and open of Henderson and the birth of his death goods, low expanses we are able to muka the at the Russian settlement upon tho coast. the matter might be. Go eafct via the "New Short line, Mis son. Her will was law among her people, frourl closest prices. Wo are sole agents for the As straight and pliant as for inspection, don't buy until Pacific "Pleasant Bill route.' She bade him drink some water, and and all was mountain Bradbury Hpqning and Rodger Bros, pi- pines Panchita sprang up her the mute around mourned Through sleeping and chair cars without into graceful soothingly said she was going to take hxm you have seen them. anos, Lehr & Co.'s and Newman Bros.' maidenhood. From 5Sd tf her handsome half where he would be cared for, as he had dead, beside whom she sat in darkness and chuflge Wichita to St. Louis. orcans also Standard sewiug machine. silence. in Given away with each purchaeo All sold on easy terms. Old instruments breed mother, whose father was a distin- been hurt by a fall. City Hap. Once only her deep grief broken in guished Mexican political exile, she inherSlowly all came back to him, as ha rec- upon when was or machines taken in exchange. d22 tf. 25 dollars a handsome paintof lithograph map A of handsome confessed the the assassin was city ited great liquid Spanish eyes of darkest ognized his own horse tied near; and then, s howing all the streets and location th size 28-8- 2 Notice with an elegant ing, hue, contrasting vividly with clear, white again turning his wondering eyes upon tha brought to her for sentence. She refused P ublic buildmtfB, etc, lor sale atofthl All persons indopted to Kaufman & skin and deep red hair that hung in luxu- girl's face, he asked her who she was and to look upon him or name the measure of Office. This only until lasts frame. Uoher must call and settle on or before riant rippling masses about her shapely his punishment, so the Indians hanged whither she wished to take him. She told him to the tree from which the 15th of'Dccember, unhe slew 25 his th. Dec Above shoulders. the ordinary poor Indian girl, and standard him that she was a Blank chatters and all kind of legal difl tf Kaufman & Koher. of women of her race, she seemed a very could offer him only the hospitality of the offending victim. by Upon the roandlng bank of the river, at blanks for sale The goddess among them, and they looked up hut where she lived with her mother. Wichita Eagle, cliff, she bade great enrye opposite the its Xmas photo's at Baldwin & Son's gal- to and revered her as such. From her faWichita, Kansas. dTltf The sun was well nigh at meridian be- them.dig a grave to bnry her love. There lery, 118 East Douglas. "Aristo" is the ther came tho haughty imperiousness of fore the man had recovered strength IB a change of time latest and best. 4 tf no Jnly On were wild no after lamentations, and tears the Russian character, as did the blond enough to get upon his horse, even with will become effective between Wichita strain and altitude of figure. No Iudian the girl's aid. Swinging his gun to tho from her. With rigid features, eyes that andfNe'v idvlco to Mothers. York, so that a passenger leaving ONE-PRICLOTHIERS, chief, save one, had ever dared to ask her horn of his Spanish saddle for be was still had a far off look, a voice unshaken by her Wichita ou the Missouri Pacific railway Mrs. Window's Soothing Syrup should bursting pile saw great heart, them she the be wife. a to A reckless brave was Mendo- tco weak to hold the heavy rifle the girl rooks upon his lonely grave. can reach New York in 49 hours and 15 always be used for children teething. It 22G, E? 228, Cor. Lawrence. Donglaa. The train leaves Wichita daily root lies the child, softens the gums, alluys cino Juan, and when she bado him begone sprang upon her pony and led the way That night she disappeared, but they minutes. 5 all pain, cures wind colic, and is the best he swore lie would steal her before another through the dense undergrowth of cotton-woo- d at 12:35 p.m., arriving in New York at 2:30 who at break of day had sought her saw p. m. the second day following. Only one jemedy for diarrhoea. a moon. On the dark night he attempted it and willow. PL'RDY rays is necessary, JORDAK, is of rising upon which sun first cars the change Dn. fall made bottle. "TJsed by millions of mothers. the of SpaBsb & sho buried a knife in his heart, and the The sun was sinking in the wide western in the St. Louis Union depot. This is dC4 tl v4li tf riderless steed dashed away alone to the ocean, when, in tho twilight, Pancha the figure of a woman seated upon the several hours quicker time than can be great pinnacle overhanging precipitous the wild home she spurned. guided the wounded stranger to her grave. She was crooning over the made by any other line out of Wichita. From Mrs. Stevens' letter to Mrs. Hays: chief's PEABL 0PEBA GLASSES an unhappy lot. Brought up mother's hut. Its interior was divided by rock and free in chair cars. Pullman sleeps "Get a tuner to tuno my piano to Hers was swaying to and fro upon the very Seats child, age ing cars if desired. the of twelve years among whites, a canvas curtain, and in the outer division edge of for the concert on its arrival at Wichita, As the sun rose that wild chasm. $5.00 UP. E. K BLECKLET, P. & T. A. is in very bad shape. Sumo old fossil it was even harder for the daughter than he was speedily made as comfortable as the above the edge of the horizon in all it3 it 120 North Main street f for the mother to return to the almost ani- painful nature of his wounds would admit. hns tampered with the hammers. .IsBKrSgryfSsMBBBBBL, glory gilded greeted woman the with it tho Xealy Stevens. mal Indian life. They lived alone, these Her softest robes and furs were his couch, French tallies in Thermometers. Then Something New Through Cars llaMrtea Su Miss .Nealy Stevens requested me to say two the dignihed and silent mother and and with deft hands she bathed the injuries wild death chant of her people. above the murmuring stir of awakening to Mr. T. G. Lane that she was very much tho haughty, young 1'aul and Kansas Cltj. pleased with the way he tuned and regu- covered hut at the beauty in their skin with cold spring water. Soon the Indian nature, the soothing, happy sound of Ufa SeU on Sight. outskirts of sent arrived and bone had for old setter the she j renewed, rang out the Indian death yell lated her piano, as it was in verv bad contraffic between above cities ba The Look: at our .Elegant Display of dition when it reached Wichita." Kespect-u"j- rancheria on the Russian river mound. adjusted the bone, which was broken just once again as the woman leaped from that so increased that the Great Rock Inland Spectacles, Uyo Glasses. From an Indian standpoint they were above the ankle. route has instituted a new order of th'Incs. Mks. D.Hays. . dizzy height with her child in her arms. Air, Iino is the tuner iu the employ of very wealthy, for they had horses, dogs, Telescoped. Ma.xic Lanterns. and has put on their trains, a through car That night the wounded man became Dr. J. C. Tucker in Argonaut. Thomas Shaw. JsHI;'flf3'-!ij3Ci'raMKl.!- f blankets and many comforts unpossessed delirious from the injury to his head. For between these points. The cars rtm on j d3tf Microscopes. Plioto Outfits. J. this service are Pdllman combination by their Indian neighbors. The fierce dogs two weeks, raving in a brain fever, his Opera Glasd era. Hold Couldn't Understand. chair car and sleeper, and are the embodil'Jno Playing Cards jealously guarded the women and their youth aud strength straggled for the life Field Glasaea. Flush Bags. ment of comfort. The price charged for ' " "How little we realize our daily Send ten (10) cents in stamps or coin to home, which few cared to approach after that grim death sought to WTest away. He little compared Lorgnetteu. Compares. .lohu Sebastian, Gen'l Tkt. and Pass. Ag't dark. said a young matron who is rather this especial service is but of the ever vigilant totally unconscious was givpn. with the accommodation Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Rv Diamonds. Watches, Jewelry, Pancha as she was called when no girl, who, ;ven lor a lew noure or necessary more thoughtful than the rest of her set bee that your tickets read via the Albert Chicago, 111 , for a pack of tho latest' Eeveral ot whom were lunching together at Lea route (C, B, I. & P.; B. C. B-- &: N.. riuoothest. slicket playing cards you ever longer little possessed the only firearm in rest, reluctantly yielded to her mother the Delmonico's. "When we have plenty o And M. fc ft. L. By'). Maps and haw. Just tho thing for high five parties the village, her father's shotgun. With place of watcher byliis side. water, we simply take it as a matter of sent on application. For a 50c postal note will send you five only a wolfskin cinched upon the back of At last the fever crisis was past, the conrse, but just fnncy the misery it would John bhuAbTiAV. packs. her favorite horse she would ride astride struggle was over, and the weak and weary Gen'l Tkt &: Pass. Ag. Wm. KAS8ELL, Manager. all day, like a very Centaur, hunting and sufferer lay still, but conscious. His re- cause if the water supply gave out. Onlv E. J Manager. .Tom.. Gen'l St people in the tene142 North Main Street, Ten good fresh cows for sale cheap, or to carrying home at night tho deer, and often covery was now a matter of time and care think of all those poor Chicago. offices: General "Sliat bouses. amL'fortune for them trade for fat ones. Inquire of Vandiver & bear, secured by her unerring aim. Their only. He would have expressed his grati- ment S r 'J s ad Grimes at stock yards. Qolck and Comfortable Trip. 23 st hut was covered both outside and in with tude, but Pancha smilingly placed her if the water snpply should become inadeerM'4'r kid liftMtMttJinurt i3ti"xy. quate." Two new trains have been added to the the skins of wild auimals, while the bark hand against his lips and bade him not to Um r ttte JlCrTCK isrrf ttfcal IrcV fncle Sam's Farms. "I should thlnfc they would drink vichy. already excellent connections east that the covered floor was thick with the softest calK. rttrmtnt-rttom &it It will soou be too late to obtain one of furs. Pancha's lithe, Great Bock Island route hai been offering AHtncti . HrptuyzLz. pjtxr, ritrsx, am graceful form was The invalid was a tall, well built and lisped a fair convive quit seriously. Th TTncle Sam's farms. to its patrons. Oklahoma offers ILrst speaker JoGked rather astonished. kd !riT5l!r mt1 4 almost the last chance for the farmer in- generally set off to the best advantage well appearing American of about twentyThe Lake Sboiv and Michigan Sonthern "Really, Ehs," ie said your remark cter tMs(' tn tWnntiVLy A4d cut, pg vr vader to get a homo cheaply. Land that when, iu buckskin dress of open shirt, ax years. His features were regular, and ha? put on a new train, leaving Chicago do pendant for that of tfea dally is located in a pleasant climate, and that short skirt and leggings, she sprang,gnn in tn their entire repose and extreme pallor j 3aJd 1030 a. m., and the Fort Wayne at T Ufrc Wfr told when tf that th Pen nsylvunla hut), one at JO 4T r. m. isEroaxf tft will profitably produce corn, cotton, wheat hand, upon the back of her obedient sted. resembled a Greek face chiseled in white Frenchwomaa who, pud fruit, is worth looking at and work-ju- g 4UAK44, twMtt, oktr, lui By some arrangement made by the dying marble. Great gray eyes, short, brown populace Wftre clamoring around the bak These are daily trains, scheduled on lajwst tor 1" for. shops there ewv3r end ne ers' bread, that wot time, and arrived at New York city Russian officer at Fort Ross the mother hair, beard and mustache, added to the (1TM ri'rf is. trir Uilf.T to tiitf ars. Write to G. T. Nicholson, G. P. & A aud daughter received each month a small pathetic look the bandage across his bread, excused. 'Why don't they gira next afternoon at 2 o'clock, and via iLe UlS&r&t 3r.ti lla -Topeka, Kansas, and request a freeTconv Jjfjt&Amc Boston or T mentioned aad first "Well, er. why th cake passeBjera s.;" them recb dmnt money, of unquesor its equivalent in goods, wounded forehead gave. He was of handsome folder, just issued, giviulr sum two nonrs later. their Yojfc cwtmation placidly. theyh" Eifce scl9 Iew sc or J helpewrwi r the yr.Kji the commissary's maa. and from a handsome fret store. But there tionably iu w The f&3t vestibnled express from Denver, . Juil information relative to "Beautiful the daughter warraal I Ll would seldom go, for she ill less, appealing look that ever sought her Triuune. Oklahoma," and containing the latent acwn imir cTm tt SotWTr Colorado Springs and Poeblo, Ti fcotn r Uf -- . Prtrat c4 amiw pi CSV of open curate map of that country. her heart brooked the fnM eyes the fct. admiration broke City belonging and had and tvuder r.iu seals advances Kansas trained "William to bat A arrirtsai 23tf mr,LA made to her by the white men of the set- forever. vr t, Hester, of SpnngHill.Pa., conveys mes- Chicago it .'"O . m., daily, and the ix. pitl UiUs Ut V7T (ft ETU from Omaha and the l.oulsand Return. Cheap txnjvj. ivm-rt tlement. She wonld not be an Indian's ex.ic 7iruz4 And this was her herof Her own heart sages like a earner pigeon. Its speed, is &" wlCLiMii ormlL&. !, rr i'4(t4 On Nov. 2S and 29 we will sell tickets to squaw, nor less than a white man's wife. nnd already asked and answered that Iowa main llau arrive at Chicago at f j jUI turn. et vr J very great more than two miles a 5:05 a. m., dall EL Louis at the rate of $17.50 for.the rouud JOBS SkbastiaK iSMm&k: to c She lived for her mother, her horses and nu est ion. Be he whom he may, he held rrKiftmct w iV Gtfetta trip, good returning until Dec. 2 '31 and Ticket Agent. Psengcr wtta, General aelK'ar ?. XlM It recentlT flew a mile in 27f her dogs. Her gun and knife were ever ner future happiness in the nollow of his ei woafaUi rT Br. If irzi JOHK, ifaaager. ST. General E. E. Bleckley. P. &. t. . E. seconus. u- -. v,oW i I. i .&. una wv- - cj.if JTUUt tj .XT.Uii;U.A, 1 Missouri Pacific Ry., 120 X. Mam. dStf near, and all took warning from the fate JittlU. Uttzj X4 itHnm. r of the brave she slew in self defense. Claim. Working Mruggled hard to subdue t least, hold in Bloat. Jlavo best of accorsrBlUn fnrp Attention slr Knlsltt:" Unusually intelligent and precocious, JttaMtat reserve the untamed impulses that wild-t- f Blank, of fcll kinds nted In real estate "Yes, darling," she said softly. "J wan: tlenta from a dtet&ner- iu tktt trtm, 1 brunch ,m Meeptng Oars Kansas city to Hot Pancha taught to read and write at the boUdlaf. cnauiuu rushed her onward to bcr fate. She so much for you to see ms in my new seal- transactions, court proceeding, justice WRITE POR A CATALOGUE. &H and fwr be descriptions, can kinds blanks, CKtJJTM'. Spring. settlement had eagerly devoured every realized how little she knotvof him, how skin cloak." fir- -t C&or.ic the busm 13S md en pcrcbn&cd Jrtlxn, tfct ItirJy orll Commencing Nov. 15 the Missouri Pa- book obtainable, m both Russian and .'jrtle she might ever be tn this hasdsorae Dr. "That will be a creat pieascre," he . otnee. cific Bull way company will resume its, Spanisu. She understood, ix ifarket Street, n tefcila K but spoke only man of a race that scorned her own in "Tell me, de.tr, vras it made to through sleeping car service between Kun-s necessary, the Indian dialect, which wedlock. Then camo a flood of rcklet -200,000 sold City and Hot Springs. Arkansas, "The when Wniil a Kx4 Pat a HIau despised as much as she did the race. madness, bora of her life statiou. Whj Of coarse." she replied. "Why do yoa uorldsisanitariuin and Resort," leaiuic she wittz a herd ju dti:cte cf Merchants, School Teachers old As mmi C a. to as Xu.& Kansas City via the "Wagoner Route" Even of English she had acquired enough r ask' Cair as a war3:eon,eaM:nsaa.JSian6aCia3 tiirongh the beautiful ludwii Territory iu childhood to speak of rise ordinary oot anything with the mac she lcred 8sm.v 1 awered fsivlr tartar avenue Bookkeepers, Clerks, Sten FAJUJS SALE. La and tfce dreg store told clerk nd Arkansas valley via Coffeyville. thmgs of the dav. There was really noth-irather than the lonely, yearning, repulsive with one of her twenty-fivcent carls), i ographers, Gibsoa, Van Uureu. Ft, Smith 11 ty "ive in the straight, clean cut, delicate life she led among these Indians? She felt thought, perhaps, there might b? esoaph waatd a bottle of hair restorer. iu Bargains property and Little Rock. For ticket, descriptive teatnrts tbat betrayed her Indian origin "What kisd of hir restore do you pre- - j much this man had entered into her left over to make me cap." Cloak Ee Hoii-e- s u let. id lllustratfd pamphlet, and further in- unless it were their immobility in the how Terv We, and knew that withou: him it view. W Hi OUT A' SIIJ.LVI1, formation call on or address compauv's presence ot I reckon 111 have to Uke & bottle of red otuere than her mother. Her i would never be the same again. P. MCRDOCK. agents or H. C. Towuseiid, 107 X. MmIu U G. P. Agu, Su cold Phon 520. reatarer. That wm the color H hair Week after week Archie Henderson lay j command of expression and voice was XlOUl, ITanaser. never broken even thoasa her wild, io the luxury of invrJidiMn and idleness. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. j to be whea I wa a boy.' Texaa Stftlsgi





Every little girl








iting our store rooriis Saturday we will MAN sent a Santa Claus


To every little boy

First Presbyterian


we present a pair of Rattle Bones. To every lady we present an envelope filled with Sachet Powder, all given free




Saturday Dee 19




Holiday Presents.

along your coupons, last day pons will be issued for Typewriters will be Friday, Dec. iSth.



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60-- C












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$15 and $20.






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all it the )2l endorsement E.













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