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9th Pipeline Technology Pipeline Technology Conference Conference 2010
12-14 May 2014 Estrel Berlin, Berlin, Germany



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Please take a closer look at the following pages and get involved now . Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) Arthur Braga. new construction methods. the Pipeline Technology Conference (ptc). Pipeline Joint Venture Management. aDVISORY cOMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Dr. Joachim Müller-Kirchenbauer. Infracor Dr. Vice President . EITEP . Saudi Aramco Tobias Walk. and an insight into new operation & maintenance. Thyssengas MuhammadAli Trabulsi. Director Conferences. Oil Engineer . Hans-Georg Hillenbrand. Senior Marketing Manager. Managing Director Technical Services. TU Clausthal Hermann Rosen. Div.Euro Institute for Information and Technology Transfer www.. Head of Dept. Klaus Ritter Pipeline Technology Conference Chairman President of EITEP Conference Management Dennis Fandrich. ILF Consulting Engineers Dr. Andreas Helget. Technology Planner. Dr. Charterford House Juan Arzuaga. Eng. PRCI . Europipe Dr. Herrenknecht Ricardo Dias de Souza. Director. will take place for the 9th time. “Onshore Pipeline Construction” and “Offshore Pipeline Construction”. Mech. Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung / Secretary General EPRG Dr. President. Executive Secretary. ONTRAS-VNG Gastransport MEmBErs Waleed Al-Shuaib. Mark David Iden. Automation & Telecom/ITSystems. Michael Neiser. Managing Director / Technical Expert. Member of the Executive Board / BU Utility Tunnelling .send in your presentation suggestion and book your place at the accompanying exhibition. BP Europa SE Jörg Himmerich. eni gas & power Reinhold Krumnack. Manager of Network Operations. Pipelines.-ges. President. in-line inspection and integrity management field studies and technologies. Siemens Maximilian Hofmann. Europe’s leading conference on new pipeline technologies. rehabilitation. Authorized Inspector. Head of Div. GASCADE Gastransport 9th Pipeline Technology Conference Conference & Exhibition Uwe Breig. Dr. Director Sales. Head of Sales & Marketing. former General Manager Pipelines. Gerhard . Special Advisor to the President of the Board. Open Grid Europe Cliff Johnson.German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas & Water Frank Rathlev. Besides an overview on international key projects. the main focus of the Pipeline Technology Conference (ptc) is on latest technologies and new developments in the international pipeline industry. EITEP .-Ing. Business Solutions Line Head for Pipelines. GEOMAGIC Dr.pipeline-conference. CTDUT . ROSEN Group Dirk Jedziny. Veenker Ing. ptc 2014 will provide special focus sessions on “Pipeline Safety”. Head of Dept. GE Oil & Gas Jens Focke. Since 2006. IPLOCA Manfred Bast. TÜV SÜD Industrie Service Andreas Haskamp. Klaus Ritter. TÜV NORD Systems Carlo Maria Spinelli.INtRODUctiON From 12-14 May 2014. Managing Director. Managing Director.Pipeline Research Council International Prof. Gas Supply. Managing Director. Head. Thomas Hüwener. Director Instrumentation. Head of Strategic Business Segment Infrastructure.Senior Advisor.Head of Cluster Ruhr North. President. DVGW . MAX STREICHER Filippo Cinelli.Euro Institute for Information and Technology Transfer Uwe Ringel. Petrobras / Transpetro Dr. Manager Support Services Group (S&EK).Pipeline Technology Center Hans-Joachim de la Camp. The practical nature of ptc was always based on the cooperation with our technical and scientific supporters and on a top-class international advisory committee.

com 9th Pipeline Technology Conference Conference & Exhibition . hot.pipeline-conference.CONfeReNce TOpics Planning and Construction Onshore and Offshore Planning and Design Route Analysis and Selection Onshore and Offshore Construction Construction Machinery Pipeline Components Line Pipe Materials Welding Technologies Trenchless Technologies Logistics / Pipe Tracking Pipeline Protection / Corrosion Control Pipeline Coating Compressor and Pump Stations Safety Energy Recovery Cyber Security LNG versus Pipeline Standards and Regulations Environmental Risks Public Perception Carbon Dioxide Transport (CCS) Feeder Pipelines (Upstream) Climate Challenges (cold. humid) Geohazards / Natural Disasters Smart Grids / Smart Metering Rotating Equipment Feed-in of Biogas Unbundling Product Pipelines World Pipeline Outlook The Pipeline Technology Conference is officially opened with the World Pipeline Outlook. Special Issues Operation and Maintenance Onshore and Offshore Asset Management Pipeline and Facilities Integrity SCADA Systems Monitoring / Surveillance Control and Dispatching Inspection and Leak Detection Rehabilitation of Aging Pipelines Repair Works Life Cycle Extension Strategies Third Party Impact GIS / Database Development Management Systems www. This plenary session focuses on political issues and new pipeline projects worldwide for the present and future security of energy supply.

pipeline-conference. Speakers from the private industry are requested to register as normal delegate. 300 words) describing the main ideas of their paper together with the presenter’s CV (max.pipeline-conference. 14 May 2014 Technical Session 7 Technical Session 8 Technical Session 9 Post Conference Workshops (free for all ptc delegates) * Thursday. 200 words). PReLimiNaRy Time ScHeDULe Sunday.SpeaKiNg OppORtUNities Interested speakers are invited to submit an abstract ( ns? Con tact Mr. 11 May 2014 Advisory Committee Meeting (invited members only) (or you could use our online form at www. Abstracts should not focus on company presentation but on technical/managerial classifications. R&D. 2 22 www. Dennis Fandric h on +49 5 11 9099 Friday. Joint presentations between pipeline operators and technology providers are highly welcome. 13 May 2014 Technical Session 1 Technical Session 4 Technical Session 2 Technical Session 5 Technical Session 3 Technical Session 6 Conference language: English. All abstracts and papers will also be published in the our online abstract database at www. 15 May 2014 Seminars (additional registration required) Questio Please sen Email: p d your abstra ct to: tc@eite p. All other confirmed speakers attend free-of-charge. 12 May 2014 Opening 9th Pipeline Technology Conference Conference & Exhibition ptc conference new technologies or recent case studies. All required data should be submitted to: ptc exhibition Each speaker gets a presentation time of 20 16 May 2014 Seminars (additional registration required) *) Including opportunities for sponsors and exhibitors to hold customer workshops. The presented papers will be published in the conference proceedings and distributed to the conference attendees. Plenary Session “World Pipeline Outlook” Get together within the exhibition (sponsored by ROSEN Group) . • • • Deadline for abstract submission: 30 November 2013 Notification of abstract acceptance: 15 January 2013 Final conference paper due: 31 March 2014 Dinner Invitation (sponsored by NDT Systems & Services) Wednesday.

www.AccOmpaNyiNg EXHibitiON The Pipeline Technology Conference brings together decision makers from all over the world. Exhibitors are encouraged to make use of the available speaking opportunities and to send in an abstract (final placement in the program is subject to review by the advisory committee). Joint presentations between pipeline operators and technology providers are highly welcome. first serve). Due to limited exhibition space it is advisable to book at an early stage (first come. It is an excellent opportunity for promoting your services and products to the pipeline industry and to develop potential customers.pipeline-conference.this guarantees highly interested and influential potential customers “right in front of your door”. We provide a limited number of company presentation packages for the 3-days ptc 2014 exhibition with an equipped booth and additional marketing measures: • • • • • • Fully equipped standard booth within conference / catering area 1/4 page advertisement within conference proceedings 3 free-of-charge conference registrations Logo + link + profile on conference website Logo + link + profile in conference program Opportunity to publish company news in ptc newsletter and on ptc website (subject to availability) All conference participants will have their coffee and lunch breaks directly within the exhibition .com 9th Pipeline Technology Conference Conference & Exhibition .

7. Fees are payable after receipt of .de Questions? Contact Ms. 3. 3.pipeline-conference. 16. 3 free-of-charge conference registrations.400 € + VAT 36 sqm.900 € + VAT 12 sqm. Germany Exhibition Stand Booking Form Please return form to: Fax +49 511 90992 69. first serve) Due to space limitations in the exhibition hall this offer is subject to availability. 1/4 page advertisement within conference proceedings. logo + link + profile in conference program Please choose your preferred stand number(s): ________________ (first come. 8. 2 chairs. power supply. VAT No.9tH pipeLiNe tecHNOLOgy cONfeReNce 2014 12-14 May 2014.400 € + VAT 18 sqm. logo + link + profile on conference website. wastepaper basket.900 € (for 6 sqm) + 2. 11. Dennis Fandrich on +49 511 90992 22 EXhiBitOr Company 9th Pipeline Technology Conference Conference & Exhibition Title / First Name / Last Name of Representative Position Address Postcode / City Country Phone / Fax Email EqUippEd standard BOOth 6 sqm.500 € (per additional 6 sqm unit) + VAT included services: 1 table. Berlin. Email: ptc@eitep.900 € + VAT 24 sqm. Estrel Berlin.400 € + VAT ____ sqm. (if applicable): ______________________ Signature Date www. Exhibition bookings are not considered CONFIRMED until payment is received.

Plenary Session / Technical Track 1 Technical Tracks 2+3 (upstairs) sold booth reserved for sponsors Hotel / Registration latest version of the floor plan is available at 9th Pipeline Technology Conference Conference & Exhibition www.

website. For over 30 years. marine. etc. rail wheels and water distribution systems.3 m / 24. professional project management teams. Get your exhibition stand in a preferred location within the catering/exhibition area. France and USA (BSPC / BSPM). metal loss and crack detection.roseninspection. Founded by Hermann Rosen in Germany in 1981. Demonstrate your organization’s commitment to latest technology in the pipeline sector. Today.) • Inspection of utility assets such as telecommunication towers. (O. etc) from the day of registration.ndt-global. ROSEN also has the expertise and equipment to inspect utility assets such as telecommunication towers. E-mail: ptc@eitep. integrity. highly trained crews and data analysts ensure high quality services. wind turbines. processing plants. A network of worldwide operating units. intelligent plastic solutions.pipeline-conference. geometry inspection. onshore / offshore.000 people. Dennis PLatiNUm spONsOR ROSEN is a leading privately owned company serving the oil and gas industry with inspection. lengths up to 18. in all future marketing measures for ptc 2014. Tel +49 511 90992-22. The ROSEN Group operates in more than 100 countries and employs over 2. • • • ber 2011. Each sponsor will be included. and rehabilitation products and services.D. rail wheels and sea-going vessels • Inspection of fresh water systems • Standard and customized solutions for a wide range of engineering industries (security devices. www. . ROSEN has provided the industry with advanced inspection and integrity solutions to ensure safe and economical operation of a wide range of assets and For further information please contact: Mr.SpONsORsHip OppORtUNities Increase worldwide awareness for your organization’s products and services and be recognized as a key supporter of Pipeline Technology Conference. transmission towers. www. accessories and spare parts • Pipeline rehabilitation services • Cleaning of tanks • Plant & terminal inspection (tanks and other structures in refineries. 9th Pipeline Technology Conference Conference & Exhibition Your benefits as sponsor of Pipeline Technology Conference: • Become part of all future marketing activities with your company logo displayed in prominent position (brochures. transportation and GOLDeN spONsORs NDT Systems & Services with its business unit NDT Services offers global pipeline services: pipeline preparation and cleaning. Get up to 12 free conference tickets for you and your business partners. wind turbines. The Pipeline Technology Conference 2014 provides a range of three different sponsorship packages. pipe coating) • Integrity management services and software solutions. 20“ to 60“. ROSEN not only serves the oil and gas industry but also provides a wide range of sophisticated and innovative products and system solutions to engineering industries such as aerospace. The annual output is in excess of one million tonnes or around 3000 kilometers on sites in Germany. In Septem- EUROPIPE is the world´s leading supplier of SAWL / SAWH steel pipe for gas. advertisements. Products & Services: • Pipeline cleaning and inspection services • Pipeline cleaning tools. from the date of booking. ROSEN celebrated its 30th anniversary. integrity assessment and fitness-for-purpose analysis.4 m). ROSEN has been headquartered in Switzerland since 2000. banners. transmission towers. mapping. tank farms.and oil pipelines.

pipeline-conference. The experts and technology consultants are dedicated partners in their clients’ processes. offering comprehensive industry expertise throughout the entire value chain. Its safety is ensured by experienced TÜV SÜD experts in order to minimize risks for the environment and the companies that use it.800 km or 1. www. water & environment and transport & structures. www. www. fully private owned engineering and consulting company with more than 40 years of experience and ranks among the world’s top engineering companies in its core areas of expertise .europipe. subsea and shutdown services to the global oil. Its aim is to provide affordable state of technology products that are easy to handle and absolutely reliable in their performance for the sales market as well as for service offers. The Herrenknecht product range includes tailor-made machines for transport tunnels (Traffic Tunnelling) and supply and disposal tunnels (Utility Tunnelling).com 9th Pipeline Technology Conference Conference & Exhibition EUROPIPE is the major pipe supplier for ultra-large projects e. ILF provides SiLveR spONsORs GOTTSBERG Leak Detection GmbH&Co.ILF Consulting Engineers is a 100% independent. www.000 tons (Project quantity 880 km) Range of competence of the EUROPIPE Group: • High-strength pipe: X 80 to X 100 • HIC-resistant pipe: all grades up to X 70 • Collapse-resistant pipe: optimisation of geometry and grade.000 meters (Herrenknecht Vertical) as well as a wide range of HDD STATS Group is a specialist engineering company and service provider that operates predominantly in the arena of piping and pipeline integrity and maintenance. Baltic Sea: EUROPIPE quantity 1.statsgroup. gas and petrochemical Herrenknecht is a technology and market leader in the area of mechanized tunnelling systems. Nord Stream Pipeline I + II. full-scope services for major industrial and infrastructure projects and combines world class consulting expertise and a broad international background with project-specific know-how and an in-depth understanding of local requirements due to a stable.10 to 19 meters. The global pipeline network grows by a further 10.g. Herrenknecht delivers cuttingedge tunnel boring machines for all ground conditions and in all diameters – ranging from 0.200 km) Ichthys. As the only company worldwide. Australia: EUROPIPE quantity 540 km or 410.ilf.6 M tons (Project quantity 2x 1.oil & gas. energy & climate protection.000 kilometers every www. Our experts help you recognise and eliminate weaknesses in good time. With its specialists GOTTSBERG Leak Detection can look back at nearly 40 years of experience in the field of pipeline integrity.KG is a family owned developer and manufacturer of one of the technical leading products in the market of ultrasonic leak detection pigs for pipelines. www. The company also produces state-of-the-art deep drilling rigs that drill down to depths of 8. www.herrenknecht. longestablished presence in its markets. Thanks to the development of modern test methods. pipelines can be tested without having to interrupt their operation. We supply a comprehensive range of products and services which enable .com TÜV SÜD is an international leading technical service organization.leak-detection. intervention.tuev-sued.

Estrel Berlin. In case of later cancellation or failure to attend the entire attendance fee will be payable.9tH pipeLiNe tecHNOLOgy cONfeReNce 2014 12-14 May 2014. The registered delegate may nominate a substitute at no additional cost. Registrations can be cancelled (in writing only) at a service charge of 30 Euro up to 6 weeks before the event. The organisers reserve the right to amend the program of events if necessary. tickets for get-together and dinner invitation Conference language: English Entry conditions: Payment has to be made before the conference. beverages.pipeline-conference. 2013 620 Euro + VAT 60 Euro + VAT after 31 Dec. Berlin. www.pipeline-conference. 2013 680 Euro + VAT PaYmEnt MEthOd x By bank transfer after receipt of invoice I will take part at the dinner invitation on 13 May 2014 (included in the registration fee) Group packages available on request Participation fee includes: entrance to conference and exhibition. Dennis Fandrich on +49 511 90992 20 PartiCipant Company 9th Pipeline Technology Conference Conference & Exhibition Title / First Name / Last Name Position Address Postcode / City Country Phone / Fax Email Registration Fee Regular Students yes no until 31 Dec. Signature Date For credit card Questions? Contact Mr. or use our online registration www. Email: . Germany Participant Registration Form Please return form to: Fax +49 511 90992 69. printed proceedings. please use our online registration form at www.

Please contact the hotel directly and make your own reservation as soon as possible with reference to “ptc 2014”. North For further information: www.pipeline-conference. NDT Systems & Services.eitep. ONTRAS Page 11: Estrel Berlin CONfeReNce LaNgUage English www.00 Euro Double Room: Sijo Kavungal Joseph • Phone: +973 38385510 • sijo@exposurearabia.03.estrel. pictURe cReDits Cover: Exhibition Hall & Conference Rooms Conference Hotel VeNUe The Pipeline Technology Conference takes place at ESTREL BERLIN • Convention Center • Sonnenallee 225 • 12057 Berlin • Germany • www.exposurearabia.INfORmatiON ORgaNiZeR EITEP . South Asia Exposure Media WLL • Office 31 • Dream Bldg • Adliya 327 • A limited contingent of rooms is reserved until 12. 79503 • Bahrain • www.Euro Insitiute for Information and Technology Transfer • Am Listholze 82 • 30177 Hannover • Germany • Dennis Fandrich • Phone: +49 511 -90992-22 • • Phone: +49 30 6831 0 • 9th Pipeline Technology Conference Conference & Exhibition RegiONaL PaRtNeR Middle .00 Euro * including breakfast and free wi-fi AccOmmODatiON The official ptc hotel is: ESTREL BERLIN • Sonnenallee 225 • 12057 Berlin • Germany • Room rates per night * Single Room: 146.estrel.

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