14 days of “Psycho Spiritual Revolution” will permanently change your material lives!

Only once in a year a great celebration takes place in the Pitra loka (ancestral world) and only for 2 weeks. It is called the “Mahalaya fortnight/ Amavasya”. It commences on the 5th of September, right after the full moon day and ends on the Mahalaya New Moon day, which is on the 18th of September. This two week’s period will prove the most important period to appreciate your departed ancestors.

The secret of overcoming your everyday problems this Mahalaya Amavasya!
Spiritually proven, there are two reasons for all of our everyday problems. One is said to be caused by the planets, the other by the departed spirits of our ancestors. Our role is that we should constantly pray to the departed ancestors to live a peaceful life.

Just as there is biological lineage of transference of DNA along the family line, there is also a spirit lineage. Your departed ancestors can help solve all our problems during this event.

They live in the world of the Pitras loka. Lord Vishnu in his aspect of Surya, the Sun God, is the King of these Pitras. It is believed that 64 Generations of your dead ancestors can help solve your issues related to money, relationship; health etc., quite easily, if only you know how to communicate and reconnect with them.

What Everybody Ought To Know -- About How to Attain Ancestral Blessings:
To attain incredible blessings you can perform Tarpan during any of these fourteen days, depending on the area that you perceive is the weakest for you. For instance, if your finances are not in good shape, then performing Tarpan on the first day of the Mahalaya Fortnight will bring you special blessings. For the best results, you could

perform Tarpan on all the 14 days, to ensure that you get a facelift to all the aspects of your life!

Even great siddhas like Agastiya, Maha Rishis like Vasistha, Avatars like Lord Krishna and Rama during their existence on the earth plane appreciated their ancestor’s spirits through the Tarpan ritual (Tarpanam in Sanskrit).

Tarpan means giving special offerings to the departed spirits, especially on the new moon days. Often the offerings consist of black sesame seeds, cooked rice, and water. Sesame seeds particularly, are the food of the spirits. You should know that on the new moon day, the departed spirits visit the earth plane and stay with their biological relatives from dawn to dusk! Fasting during the new moon day will alert your consciousness to be in communion with their spirits.

Astroved can help fix your problems:
The sacred ritual of Mahalaya Paksha for 15 days will be performed at Kerala. Our trained and sanctified priests will ensure that the ancestral souls get appeased to bless you! The final new moon ritual will be performed at Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu, which is called as 'Parihara Sthala'/ ‘Remedial Vortex’.

Significance of donating food and clothing on Mahalaya Amavasya:
The easiest way to access to God’s grace is by feeding a famished human being starving for food, and donating clothes to him. Donating food is considered to be the greatest charity among all the charities.

It is believed that the person who donates food would attain an elevated status in life! There is an interesting legend highlighting the importance of donating food. In the great epic Mahabharata, Karna was a great philanthropist and he never said “No” to anyone who approached him for help. He had donated huge wealth and had done all kinds of

charity except for donating food. It is a belief that once a soul reaches the heaven, the soul would not feel hungry.

However, on the reverse, when Karna’s soul reached heaven after his death, his soul was feeling hungry. He then realized that though he had done all kinds of charities, he did not do feeding/ Annadhan. Hence, Annadhan was declared highest among all the charities. Donating food on the Ammavsya day is considered to be the most important ritual!