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Carcassonne – Miner and Underminer


A Carcassonne Central variant by CARC_Zoner The mineral wealth around Carcassonne is being exploited, with mines appearing on the landscape. However, disputes flourish and city walls are under attack – even from below – while defenders struggle to counter the breaches!
Underminers/sappers attempt to undermine a city wall.

Extra Pieces

18 landscape tiles from the Carcassonne: The Tower expansion, redefined and divided into three equal sets of mining tiles, as follows: Mining Tiles (6)

Under Mining Tiles (6)

Counter Mining Tiles (6)

Each of the tiles shows a mine entrance (tower foundation).

Carcassonne © 2001-2011 Hans im Glück Verlags-GmbH

Mining Iron. regardless of the city segment the follower occupies. coal. road or cloister). or road). Lead was used for roofing. gutters and decorative objects. each representing one cartload of valuable mined ore (tower pieces). A follower placed on the mine entrance of an undermining tile will become an underminer (or sapper). and this tile can be added to a city already claimed by another player. field. if the city occupied by another player already contains a counter mining tile. 1. as needed. with the standard rules applying. 2. tunnels would be excavated to either access the fortifications or to destabilize and collapse the walls. If two partial cities merge. To become a miner. there are some restrictions on tile placement. Carcassonne © 2001-2011 Hans im Glück Verlags-GmbH . A counter mining tile can be played like any other city tile. The 30 cartload pieces are placed nearby for use during game play. Ownership of the city will then be automatically shared. the same rule applies. an under mining tile (city segment. and a counter mining tile (field or road). A secondary barrier could be built to attempt to seal off an undermined wall. zinc and lead were mined in medieval France. A follower claiming a city that contains a counter mining tile will act as a counter miner. Under mining Because stone walls could not be burned or effectively bombarded. Minecarts could be used to transport ore or the tools and materials needed for mining. depending on how followers are deployed (see below). If a player already occupies a city that has been “undermined. Place a tile The tiles are placed according to the original rules. When the city is scored. which is returned to its owner’s supply. an under mining tile may not be added to it.Carcassonne – Miner and Underminer 2 • 30 wooden pieces. The follower can otherwise be placed on any other feature on a mining tile (field. introducing a counter mining tile. However. a defender could enter the sapper tunnel to attack or could even undermine it to collapse it. points will be allocated according to existing rules (based on follower majority). Secondary defences surround the undermined wall. However. Deploy a follower After playing a mining tile. the follower must be placed on the mine entrance.” his or her placing a counter mining tile on that city expels the underminer/sapper. Counter mining By digging a counter mine. Additional Rules Preparation Shuffle the 18 mining tiles together with all other tiles. a player may choose to deploy a follower as a miner. This would undermine the defences.

the five-tile mining feature is completed.Carcassonne – Miner and Underminer 3 3. as follows: • • 1 cartload: Swap a drawn tile for another tile. 3 cartloads: Take another turn following the completion of your turn. the red player has completed two of the blue player’s cities and shares the points for each. Final Scoring At the end of the game. Scoring mining Scoring under/counter mining The red player places the mining tile and becomes a miner by putting his or her follower on the mine entrance. the player scores 5 points and earns 5 cartloads of ore from the supply. given the counter mining tile. incomplete mining features are allocated one point per tile. At the beginning of his or her turn. Wooden tokens representing three cartloads of ore. Incomplete cities are scored according to the original rules. 5 cartloads: Return one of your meeples from the playing area to your supply. The red player earns 5 points and 5 cartloads of ore (wooden tokens) to spend during subsequent turns. the player can spend the ore. but with underminers/sappers sharing city points as per the variant rules. In this situation. The underminer/sapper is returned to the player’s supply after scoring. Unspent cartloads of ore have no final value. Matching the number of tiles in the feature. as noted above. The red player places the under mining tile and becomes an underminer/sapper by putting his or her follower on the mine entrance. Once the final road tile is placed. Carcassonne © 2001-2011 Hans im Glück Verlags-GmbH . The red player would not have been able to put the under mining tile on the blue player’s city at the top left. but no cartloads of ore are earned. The miner is returned to the player. Scoring for the under mining and counter mining tiles is as noted above. • Miners gather valuable ore. Score The mining feature is completed when the mining tile is surrounded on all four of its sides. This is similar to the mechanic for scoring the cloisters.

com Carcassonne © 2001-2011 Hans im Glück Verlags-GmbH .carcassonnecentral. Matthew Harper (mjharper) for the Completely Annotated Rules (CAR) for Carcassonne. Gantry Rogue (Gantry) for creating the Carcassonne Central web site where this fan-made expansion was developed and hosted.medievalwarfare. Acknowledgements • • • • The Medieval Warfare web site (www.Carcassonne – Miner and Underminer 4 Version History 0. the primary source of historical information and some imagery featured in this document. Scott (Scott) for inspiring this terrific template.1─ First draft posted for comments. and Jonathan Warren (Joff) for making the original template upon which this one was ). www.