CSAT Paper -II
UPSC Civil Services Examination
A very comprehensive book for Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT), as per the syllabus prescribed by the Union Public Service Commission. This book has five sections, that is, Basic Numeracy, General Mental Ability, Logical Reasoning & Analytical Ability, Data Interpretation and Decision Making & Problem Solving. Each chapter contains Theoretical aspect at the very beginning followed by Solved Examples & Practice Exercises.



Covers almost all kinds of questions expected in CSAT. Various types of shortcuts, tricks and techniques to save precious time. Vedic maths and various common observations for scientific learning. 25-30 chapters which cover almost all aspects of Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, Data Interpretation etc. Lucid language which makes problem solving a very enjoyable affair for candidates of various backgrounds.

Civil Services Aptitude Test





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Kalu Sarai. 011-32059862 . MADE EASY Corporate Office: 44-A/1. New Delhi-110016 Website: Phone: 011-26560862.madeeasypublications.R.S.UPSC Theory and Problems Explanations Civil Services Aptitude Test Solved Examples & Practice Exercises with Detailed Solutions by NEM SINGH I.

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throughout the preparation of the book.This book is dedicated to my parents. Finally. for their showering blessings. . for the continuous support and encouragement. I would like to thank my wife.

my endeavor is to provide best possible guidance to all future aspirants. taking Mathematics as optional subject also helped me sharpen the ideas and arguments developed here. IPS. I would like to acknowledge the encouragement and useful guidance provided by my seniors and colleagues serving in IAS. Each chapter contains Theoretical aspect at the very beginning followed by Solved Examples & Practice Exercises. As an aspirant preparing for Civil Services Examination she encouraged me throughout the preparation and provided feedback from a recent student’s perspective. NEM SINGH (Indian Revenue Service) . Preparation for Civil Services Examination. who have been showering their blessings. my family members particularly my wife Preeti has been a biggest supporter as well as constructive critique of this book. My first-hand experience as a faculty member imparting guidance to the students has been a great source of inspiration and helped me immensely in writing this book. I offer my deep sense of gratitude to my Teachers of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya and Professors of NIT Raipur for their blessings and guidance. Basic Numeracy. Logical Reasoning & Analytical Ability. Competition level in this exam is very high but the success ratio is least. General Mental Ability. B. & Mr. Singh have been a constant source of support and encouragement. IRS and other Services. that is. Dalbir Negi for bringing out this book at the earliest in the hands of readers. initially as an aspirant and later on as a Civil Servant. This book has five sections. My special thanks to the MADE EASY team especially Mr. With some experience in this field. This comprehensive volume would enable the readers to acquire complete and detailed understanding of various aspect of syllabus prescribed by the UPSC. My publisher Mrs. Data Interpretation and Decision Making & Problem Solving. Civil Services Examination is considered to be amongst the toughest exam in India.PREFACE I have immense pleasure in placing this book CSAT Paper-II before the aspirants of the UPSC Examinations. Suggestions and constructive comments from the readers for improvement of this book are welcome. Vinod Kumar and Mr. Finally. IFS. I am grateful to my parents.

Indices & Logarithms Progression 189 179 Permutations & Combinations 207 Probability 227 Geometry 247 Section C 13. Average 41 53 67 85 99 113 Ratio & Proportion Percentage Profit & Loss Simple Interest & Compound Interest Time & Work Time. 4. 5. 6. Speed & Distance 133 Clocks and Calendar 161 Surds. 7. 3. (Numbers and their Relations. 12. (Class X level) Number System 11 Section B General Mental Ability 1. 9. Logical Reasoning & Analytical Ability 1. 10. 8. 8. 6. Section A Basic Numeracy 1. 4. Blood Relations 285 297 317 347 Coding & Decoding Cubes and Dices 303 Direction Sense Test Miscellaneous Puzzles 327 Logical Venn Diagram Analytical Reasoning 353 Logic 379 . 2. 7. Orders of Magnitude etc. 2. 3. 11. 5.

Graphs. Graphs (Charts. 4. 3. Problem Solving 443 Decision Making 465 Section . (Class X level 387 399 421 Tables 393 Bar Diagrams Pie-charts 409 Data Sufficiency Decision Making and Problem Solving 1. 5. Data Sufficiency etc. Tables. 2. 2.Section D E Data Interpretation 1.

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