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Hermione had were le' pifig On every side broomsticks lnto'hands; by Kingsley' onto jrex black thestral already been helped *p " beside the niU"ff"g'id was standing rladf Fleur onto the other Uy motorbike, goggles on' beaming down at Harry' very sa-.,,, ,"id Hagrid, I cduld fit yeh in one handlll last time yeh was on it, H"'ry' he got into a little hlmiliated as Harry could not help but-feel Ron feet below everybody else: the sidecar. It placed hi* in a bumper him sitdng there like a child smirked at the sight of down by his feet rucksack and broomstick car. Harry stuffed his extremely between his knees' k was

"Ad the


and rammed


uncomfortable' said Hagrid' quite oblivious "Arthur's done a bit o' tinkeritt'"' senled himself astride 'nt :::tt"':ltl to Harry's di'""-fi";;' He ground' "It's got a and sank inches into the slighdy .r.rOtd .J*., idea"' oorffr Tha' one was my few tricks up its handlebats the speedat a purple button near

He pointed




Mr' \(easley' who was standing' was sure n'l O'oo*stick' "I'm'still not beside them, holdin, '1hat only to be used in emergencies"' advisable and it's tt'i"i"ty want "Everyone ready' please; I 'All right then," said Moody' whole point of the the same time or the us all to leave at exactly
said "Please be careful' Hagrid'"



furtive, goittybof "tl-upin

their brooms' EverYbodY mounted a and Harry saw Ron throw 'Holdtight now' Roir" said Tonks'' hands on either side
befoSe placinghis



Tr{r'SxvqN poTT..r,Rs


dragon, and the sidecar began to vibrate. 'Good luck, everyone,,, shouted Moody. .,See

dher waist' Hagrid kicked the motorbike into rife: It roared like

an hour at the Burrow. On the count of


you all in about One . . . two . . .


was a great roar from the motorbike, and Harryfelt the ddecar give a nasty lurch: He was rising through the air fast, his rres watering slightly hair whipped back offhis face. Around him were soaring upward too; the'long black tail of a thestral
past. His legs, jammed into the sidecar

hk rucksack, were already sore and starting to go numb. So great *ls his discomfort that he almost forgot ,J,rk. a Iast glimpse of nml'el four, Privet Drive; by the ti-. h. Iooked tc sidecar he could no longer tell which one orr., J. .ig. of it was. Higher and [Eher thev climbed into the sky _



And then, out ofnowhere, our of norhing, theywere surrounded. lasr thirry hooded figures,

,,rrp..rd.i in midair, formed a circle in the midst of which the Order members had risen,

1o-r, ablaze of green light on every side: Hagrid gave ayell over. Harry ror, sense of where they 1t::::lke,roile] c Srreetlights above him, yells around "r,y t l',, t.*rr .i;;;;;; ddecar
dpp.d from beneath his knees aa, HED\7IG!"
for dear life. Hedwig,s cage, the Firebolt, and his ruck_


broomstick spun ro earth, but he jusr managed to seize rsep of his rucksack and the top of the cage as the motorbike the right way up again. A secoqd,s ,eli.l[ then another ".rd





-\ rv
:ns his

burst of green light. The owl screeched and feil to the foor of the


The motorbike zoomed forward; Harry glimpsed hooded Death Eaters scattering as Hagrid blasted through their circle.


He var


But the owl lay motionless and pathetic as a roy on the foor of her cage. He could not take it in, and his terror for the orhers was
paramounr. He glanced over his shoulder and saw a mass of people movins, flares of green light, rwo pairs ofpeople on brooms soaring


::. his


as Ha,


into rhe disrance, but he could not tell who rhey were _ "Hagrid, we've got to go back, we ve got to go back!,,


he yelled


over the thunderous roar of the engine, pulling out his wand, ram_

ming Hedwigt cage onro rhe foor, refusing ro believe that she was dead. "Hagrid, TURN AROUND!" "My jobt ter ger you there safe, Harryl', bellowed Hagrid, and
he opened the throrrle.



STOPI" Harry shouted, but as he looked back again two iets of green light flew past his left ear: Four Death Eaters had
broken away from the circle and were pursuing them, aiming for Hagridt broad back. Hagrid swerved, bur the Death Earers were
keeping up with the bike; more curses shot after them, and Harry had to sink low into the sidecar to avoid them. \Triggling around
he cried, "stupefy!" and a red bolt of light shot from his own wand, cleaving a gap between the four pursuing Death Earers as they scat-






tered ro avoid it.

"Hold on, Harry, this'll do for'eml', roared Hagrid, and Harry looked up just in time ro see Hagrid slamming a rhick finger into
a green



button near the fuel gauge.








-{ q-all, a solid brick wall, erupred our of rhe exhausr pipe. Cran_
mg hrs neck, Harry saw it expand into being in midair. Three of the -*,.:-h Eaters swerved and avoided it, but the fourth was not so lucky:

:L oanished from view and then dropped rike a bourder from behind r. ::-' broomstick broken into pieces. one of his fellows slowed up to rs't -:im. but they and the airborne walr were swailowed by darkness


leaned low over the handlebars and sped up.

l'[are Killing Curses flew past Harryt head from the two re_ im:;--:ng Death Eaters'wands; theywere aiming for Hagrid. Harry :u:r.:'-rcied q'ith further Stunning Spells: Red and green collided in
lirqr,l'':- i-a a shower of multicolored sparks, and

Harry thought wildly


and the Muggles below who would have no idea what

uau r,-ppening

**'.x. but rhe Death Eaters were ready for it. Not only did they i.e-.e to avoid it, but the cornpanion who had slowed to save their
ffii-;roe3is*5 friend had caught up. He bloomed suddenly out of the nrjsorcss and now three of them were pursuing the motorbike, all

'i{=re *'e go again, Harry,hold onl,' yelled Hagrid, and he jabbed i rcond button. This time a grear net burst from the biket ex-

mmng curses after it. -lhis'll do it, Harry, hold


on tight!,,yelled Hagrid, and Harry hi-rn slam his whole hand onto the purpre button beside the

tEromerer. T-rh an unmistakable bellowing roar, dragon fire burst from the
r*i*Erqr. r+,hite-hot and blue, and the motorbike shot forward like a :m&r q-irh a sound of wrenching metal. Harry saw the Death Eat-

r-er'e out of sight to avoid the deadly trail of fame, and. at the mrr'ims felt the sidecar sway ominously: Its metal connections to 6f dle had splintered with the force of acceleration.

* SI


I{ AI, T I'R




thrown flat onto his all righ', Harry!" bellowed.fJagrid' now

steering now' and the sidecar back by the surge ofspeed; nobody was

slipstream' was starting to twist violently in the bike's

inside "I'm on it, Harry, don' worry!" Hagrid yelled' and from umbrella' his jacket pocket he pulled his flowery pink

"Hagrid! No! Let me!"

"REPARO!" by the impetus of bike completely: Harry sped forward' propelled to lose height the bike's fight, then the sidecar began the sidecar and shouted' In desperation Harry pointed his wand at

broke away from the There was a deafening bang and the sidecar

"Wingardium Leaiosa!" He had but a split but at least still airborne: The sidecar rose like a cork, unsteerable streaked second's relief, however' as more curses

were closing past him: The three Death Eaters


darkness' but "I'm comin', Harry!" Hagrid yelled from out of the sink again: Crouching Harry could feel the si&car beginning to

of the oncoming figures low as he could, he pointed at the middle

" and yelled, "IrnPedimenta!

the chest: For a moment The iinx hit the middle Death Eater in in midair as though he had hit the man was absurdly spread-eagled almost collided with him an invisible barrier: One of his fellows -

Then the sidecar began to fatl

the rim


earnest' and the remaining

that he had to duck below Death Eater shot a curse so close to Harry ofhis seat ofthe car, knocking out a tooth on the edge

"I'm comin', HarrY, I'm comin'!" and hoisted him A huge hand seized the back of Harry's robes his rucksackwith him out of the plummeting sidecar; Harry pulled himself himself onto the motorbike's seat and found
as he


+ 58





the re-<-ro-back with Hagrid. As they soared upward, away from :-c remaining Death Eaters, Harry spat blood out of his mouth'

"Confrirtgo!" m:irred his wand at the falling sidecar, and yelled, ne knew a dreadful' gut-wrenching pang for Hedwig as it exand fell ru_ced; the Death Earer nearest it was blasted offhis broom

:::r r:

sight; his companion fell back and vanished' -Harrv, I'm sorry, I'm sorry," moaned Hagrid, "I shouldn'ta tried
yeh ve got no roorrl ::pair it meself -". -lr-s not a problem, just keep fying!" Harry shouted back' as two Death Eaters emerged out of the darkness, drawing closer'


-t rhe curses came shooting across the intervening space again' -:i;:id swerved and zigzagged: Harry knew that Hagrid did not
inseJDi:- rrse the dragon-fire button again, with Harry seated so at their :L:-JT. Harry sent Stunning Spell after Stunning Spell back

jinx barely holding them off' He shot another blocking hood lc --:r-rn: The closest Death Eater swerved to avoid it and his
saw eirE=-i, and by the red light of his next Stunning Spell' Harry Stan mr i-.rangely blank face of Stanley Shunpike


I I i armus !

" lHarcY Yelled.

"liat s him, it's him, it's the real onel" .ie hooded Death Eater's shout reached Harry even above the pursuers ,'rm, -i=r of the motorbike's engine: Next moment, both

:;ilen back and disappeared from view'

'a^:rrr', what's happened?" bellowed Hagrid' "\7here've they *l i.-,n't know!"

"It's 3,:: Harry was afraid: The hooded Death Eater had shouted m:=i one!"; how had he known? He gazed around at the aPparimpry darkness and felt its menace. \7here were they?


** *





He clambered around on the seat to face forward and seized hold

agarn'\eis get out o\\ert' "Hagtid, do the dtqon-hte t\ing "Hold on tight, then, HarrYl" white-:--r screeching roar again and the
:C felt himself slipping backs'arc fire shot from the t*h**t' Harry flung backward upon :'-=' what little of the seat he had, Hagrid the handlebars barely maintaining his grip on
There was a deafening,

"I think

we've lost Ltn

H""y' I think

we've done

itl" r-;'::

Hagrid. Fear lapped But Harry was not convinced: surewould left and right for Pursuers hewas had still had they fallen back? One of them Thty had said it right real one'

at him as he lo''-':t:




" '-*'h1;:-;,: wand' ' ' '-It': ':'r after he had trie; ::

Disarm Stan"

made "\7e're nearly there' Harry' we ve nearly


it!" sho=-


-:r the lights down or Harry felt the bike drop a little' though stars' ground still seemed remote as like fire; as a Death E:: Then the scar on his forehead burned Harr; bike' two Killing Curses missed
appearedon either side of the by millimeters; cast from behind


flying like smoke on And then Harry saw him' Voldemort was to hold him' his snakethe wind' *itho"t broomstick or thestral

his white fingers raising his Iike face gieaming out of the blackness'


wand again the motorbike into a Hagrid let out a bellow of fear and steered Harry sent Stunning Spells vertical dive. Clinging on for dear life'



He fying at random i.r,o 'ht whirling night'

saw a body

fly past





him and knew he had hit one of them, but then he heard a bang
and saw sparks from the engine; the motorbike spiraled through the

air, completely out of control

Green jets of light shot past them again. Harry had no idea which ,i-ay was up, which down: His scar was still burning; he expected to

Jie at any second. A hooded figure on a broomstick was feet from irim, he saw it raise its arm


With a shout of fury Hagrid launched himself offthe bike at the Death Eater; to his horror, Harry saw both Hagrid and the Death Eater falling out of sight, their combined weight too much for the
Barely gripping the plummeting bike with his knees, Harry heard

-nbldemort scream, "Mine! "

Ir was over: He could not

':-, ,ola


or hear where Voldemort was; he

:.impsed another Death Eater swooping out of the way and heard,

-" -\s the pain from Harry's scar forced his eyes shut, his wand e-:ed of its own accord. He felt it drag his hand around like some magnet, saw a spurt of golden fire through his half-closed =3:r remaining Death -=.,ids, heard a crack and a scream of fury. The : r-er relled; Voldemort screamed, "Nal": Somehow, Harry found r-s =ose an inch from the dragon-fire button. He punched it with his -=:d-free hand and the bike shot more fames into the air, hurtling
r::ight toward the ground. -Hagrid!" Harry called, holding on to the bike for dear life. -lrgrid Accio Hagrid!'

lie motorbike sped up, sucked toward the earth. Face level with m -andiebars, Harry could see nothing but distant lights growing




r* *

was nothing he nearer and neater: He was going tc:trash and there it. Behind him came another scream' "Your warud'

could do about

Selwyn, giue me Your wand!" he stared He felt Vbldemort before he saw him' Looking sideways' was sure they would be the last thing he ever

into the red

eyes and

saw: Voldemort preparing to curse

him once and saw And then Voldemort vanished' Harry looked down He pulled hard Hagrid spread-eagled on the ground below him' for the brake' but the handlebars to avoid hitting him' groped
smashed into with an earsplitting, ground-trembling crash' he

muddy pond'