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Internal Guide: Mr. Rachit Jain (Assistant Proffessor) (Department of management studies GRD IMT, Dehradun(UK

Submitted by: Seema Sharma Rollno.:120490500045 Batch: : 2012-14 GRD IMT, Dehradun(UK)

I am pleased to record my gratitude and sincere thanks to my guide Dr. Vishal GuptaDirector of GURU RAM DAS INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT &TECHNOLOGY (GRD IMT) for his sincere guidance and valuable assistance for completing this report. I do hereby thanks GOD for vesting this opportunity and thanks HALONIX LTD. For providing this for me and for everything I have learned in the complete tenure of my training. My endeavor stands incomplete without dedicating my gratitude to a few people who have contributed a lot towards the successful completion of my project work. I would like thanks all the employees for their kindness and invaluable support they provide me throughout my training. I present my heartiest regards and wishes to my training in charge Mr. JitendraDas &NehaChuhan (HR) for showing his kind involvement in my training programme. I am immensely thankful to MR. Raghevendra swami (HOD of MBA) and MR. Rachitjain, Project Guide,of Guru Ram Das Institute of Management & Technology and all the faculty members for their co-ordination at all the time. I am also indebted to my parents and friends for their support for completing this project successfully.



I hereby declare that the project entitled STUDY OF RECRUITMENT PROCESS IN HALONIX LIMITED is submitted to GURU RAM DAS INSTITUTE Of MANAGEMENT &TECHNOLOGY (GRD IMT) DEHRADUN (UK) as a project report of Summer Internship Program in course of Master of business Administration (MBA) 2012-14 and thus work has not been submitted for the award of any other degree or diploma of any other university or organization. I further affirm that the content of this project will not be released to any or shall be published in any form without the prior approval of my guide and the original organization where the project was undertaken.




I have the pleasure in certifying that Miss Seema Sharma, is bonafide student of 3rd Semester of the Masters Degree in Business Administration of GRD IMT, Dehradun under University Roll No. 120490500045

He has completed his project work entitled STUDY OF RECRUITMENT PROCESS IN HALONIX LIMITED under my guidance.

I certify that this is his original effort & has not been copied from any other source.This project has not been submitted in any other university for the purpose of award of any Degree. This project fulfils the curriculum prescribed by Uttarakhand Technical University, Dehradun, for the said course. I recommend this project for evaluation and consideration for the award of degree to the student.


Guide by :- Mr. Rachit Jain (Assistant Professor) (Department of Management studies) GRD IMT, Dehradun (UK)

Date :-

An important aspect of a growing industry is the maximum utilization of its employees. For this purpose most of the company people hire MBAs in Human Resource. Other than that the key skills which are expected from the employees can either be obtained by hiring an already experienced employee or to hire employee with the capabilities to learn the things which are required to successfully complete the various tasks in a company. The first option puts a lot of pressure onto a company as the company has to shed a lot of money to attract the experienced ones, however, the second option is both cheaper and effective in long term. Thats why, our project deals with this particular aspect of training the employees from time to time and actually improving their contribution to the company. The sheer challenges of working in such big organization and to meet the stipulated deadliness exposed me to the real corporate world. I found my work and project both interesting and challenging.


Recruitment is a very important part of the organization. The recruitment process should be done with great care as human resource is the one which makes a company successful. Without the good recruitment policy the organization cannot do well in any case. Recruitment is actually to attract the people for the job. First the company needs to decide the various competency norms of the various level employees in the various departments. Then the various methods of the recruitment are considered and their cost analysis is also done. After the recruitment process is complete the objectives and the process of the recruitment is evaluated. As the project is regarding the recruitment policy of the Halonixpvt. Ltd, It involves the various procedures used for the recruitment of the candidates. Here the recruitment of the worker level is done by the walk-ins and the employee referrals. The recruitment for the operators is done by campus recruitment of the various ITIs in the HP. At supervisory level they recruit the candidates by walk-ins. In this they give preference to the candidates who were into the air conditioners manufacturing company. For the middle level employees they use walk-ins, employee referrals etc. For the recruitment of the Purchase Department people, they prefer the people with MBA and for the post graduate and ICWA. The recruitment of the officer and the assistant level employees is done by the employee referrals, walk-ins and online recruitment. For the managerial level employees they are going for the employee referrals and

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