Republic of the Philippines SUPREME COURT Manila THIRD DIVISION SPS.

RAMON LEQUIN and VIRGINIA LEQUIN, Petitioners, G.R. No. 177710 Present$ C%RPIO, J#, Chairperson, CHICO N%&%RIO, VE'%SCO, (R#, N%CHUR%, an" PER%'T%, JJ# Pro)ul*ate"$ October +,, ,--. / DECISION VELASCO, JR., J.: T ! Ca"! This is an appeal un"er Rule 01 fro) the Decision 2+3 "ate" (ul4 ,-, ,--5 of the Court of %ppeals 6C%7 in C% 8#R# CV No# 9:1.1, ;hich "eclare" the Kasulatan ng Bilihang Tuluyan ng Lupa2,3 6Kasulatan7 !ali" as bet;een the parties, but re<uire" respon"ents to return the a)ount of PhP 1-,--- to petitioners# %lso assaile" is the March :-, ,--= C% Resolution 2:3 "en4in* petitioners> )otion for reconsi"eration# T ! #a$%" Petitioner Ra)on 'e<uin, husban" of petitioner Vir*inia 'e<uin, is the brother of respon"ent Salo)e '# Vi?con"e an" brother in la; of respon"ent Ra4)un"o Vi?con"e# @ith this consan*uine an" affinit4 relation, the instant case "e!elope" as follo;s$ In +..1, petitioners, resi"ents of Dia)on" Court, Ari/ton Ville Sub"i!ision, Ca)arin, Caloocan Cit4, bou*ht the subBect lot consistin* of +-,++1 s<uare )eters fro) one Carlito "e 'eon 6"e 'eon7# The sale ;as ne*otiate" b4 respon"ent Ra4)un"o Vi?con"e# The subBect lot is locate" near the Sto# Rosario to Ma*sa4sa4 roa" in %lia*a, Nue!a EciBa# %"Bacent thereto an" &o$a%!d 'n (!%)!!n % ! "*(+!$% &o% and % ! ,oad '" a d,'!d *- $ana& 6or sapang patay in the nati!e lan*ua*e7# In +..=, respon"ents represente" to petitioners that the4 ha" also bou*ht fro) Carlito "e 'eon a +,-+, s<uare )eter lot a"Bacent to petitioners> propert4 an" built a house thereon# %s later confir)e" b4 "e 'eon, ho;e!er, the +,-+, s<uare )eter lot clai)e" b4 respon"ents is part of the +-,++1 s<uare )eter lot petitioners bou*ht fro) hi)# Petitioners belie!e" the stor4 of respon"ents, since it ;as Ra4)un"o ;ho ne*otiate" the sale of their lot ;ith "e 'eon# @ith the consent of respon"ents, petitioners then constructe" their house on the 1-- s<uare )eter half portion of the



as the "rie" up canal or sapang patay an" that the petitioners built their house on. s<uare )eter lot clai)e" b4 respon" "ocCete" as Ci!il Case No# 0-5:# T ! R*&'n.the4 pai" to respon"ents.n the +.ho pai" respon"ents PhP 1-. for the "eclaration of the Debruar4 +.nership of sai" "rie" up canal or sapang patay# This pro)pte" petitioners to looC into the o.--. s<uare )eter lot clai)e" b4 respon"ents# Carlito "e 'eon tol" petitioners that .for the 1-. the trial court ren"ere" a Decision 213 in fa!or of petitioners# The "ecretal portion rea"s$ @HEREDORE.. s<uare )eter lot clai)e" b4 respon"ents reall4 belon*s to petitioners# Thus. .-+.-+.. the consi"eration of PhP +1. a)on* others. . .nership of the "rie" up canal an" the +.s<uare )eter portion e)bo"ie" in the Debruar4 NU'' an" VOIDG an" Or"erin* the "efen"ants$ 6a7 to return to the plaintiffs the a)ount of DIDTF THOUS%ND PESOS .s$ +# . petitioners consulte" a la.--. Aranch . on (ul4 )a"e to appear that respon"ents pai" PhP +1. belie!in* respon"ents> representation that the latter o.hose title the4 o..hat he ha" sol" to respon"ents . the return of PhP 1-. s<uare )eter portion of the subBect lot# In realit4. .for the purchase of the 1+.---#--G AI'IH%N . it .n an" to )aCe it appear that the4 are sellin* to respon"ents 1+.--. petitioners trie" to "e!elop the "rie" up canal locate" it .ith petitioners presentin* three .# Declarin* the E%SU'%T%N N8 TU'UF%N8 "ate" Debruar4 petitioners .here petitioners> house stoo" on a portion of the lot alle*e"l4 o.---Kasulatan . an" !arious "a)a*es# The case . . s<uare )eter lot# In (ul4 . Sum of Money and Damagesa*ainst respon"ents . as this .ith the Re*ional Trial Court 6RTC7. petitioners file" a Co)plaint 203 for Declaration of Nullity of Contract.-+. s<uare )eters of the lot# 8i!en this situation not pai" to petitioners# %ctuall4.9 in Cabanatuan Cit4.--.e" fro) the fore*oin*. s<uare )eter lot be se*re*ate" fro) the subBect lot .---#--G 6c7 To pa4 e/e)plar4 "a)a*es of near the roa"# Respon"ents> resi"ence is on the re)ainin* 1+. .H per annu) to co))ence fro) the "ate of the filin* of this caseG 6b7 To pa4 the plaintiffs )oral "a)a*es in the a)ount of Php1-.hich the4 ha!e pai" in the si)ulate" "ee" of sale plus an interest of +. after "ue trial on the )erits . !ie. Bu"*)ent is hereb4 ren"ere" in fa!or of the plaintiffs an" a*ainst the "efen"ants as follo.een their 1-s<uare )eter lot an" the public roa"# Respon"ents obBecte". s<uare )eters thereof# This sale .4er.itnesses an" respon"ents onl4 one . clai)in* o..-+.Kasulatan as null an" !oi" ab initio. o/ % ! RTC On (ul4 1.ho a"!ise" the) that the" b4 respon"ents. pra4in*.

petitioners . the C% rule" that the receipt spoCe for itself an". s<uare )eter portion to respon"ents# The C% !ie.-.ere the ones .ere the sellers# Such bein* the case.---# The RTC hel" that respon"ents .6"7 To pa4 attorne4>s fees in the a)ount of Php+-. ho. . s<uare )eter lot as alle*e" b4 petitioners# Moreo!er.. to the not pai" to the) an". s<uare )eters to respon"ents to be null an" !oi" "ue to$ 6+7 the !itiate" consent of petitioners in the e/ecution of the si)ulate" contract of saleG an" 6.hole +.ners the4 con!e4e" the 1+. . it ren"ere" the assaile" Decision *rantin* respon"ents> appeal an" "eclarin* as !ali" the Kasulatan# The fallo rea"s$ @HEREDORE.---#-. s<uare )eters of their propert4.hile petitioners ..ere the bu4ers an" petitioners 6spouses 'e<uin7 . Spouses Ra4)un"o Vi?con"e an" Salo)e 'e<uin Vi?con"e are hereb4 or"ere" to return to the plaintiffs the a)ount of P1-. i#e#. re<uire" respon"ents to return the a)ount to petitioners# To pa4 the costs of suit# . s<uare )eter portion the4 bou*ht fro) petitioners an" not the .--.petitioners pai" to respon"ents for the 1-. since it .ithout interest# SO ORDERED#2=3 In re!ersin* an" !acatin* the RTC Decision.--. the o.ners of the +. an" that it is characteri?e" b4 the fact that the apparent contract is not reall4 "esire" or inten"e" to pro"uce le*al effects or in an4 .as "ul4 notari?e" .ere *uilt4 of frau"ulent )isrepresentation# %**rie!e".e" petitioners> clai) that the4 e/ecute" the sale contract to )aCe it appear that respon"ents bou*ht the propert4 as )ere *ratuitous alle*ation# Aesi"es. there bein* no e!i"ence to sho.---#--G an" 6e7 SO ORDERED#253 The RTC foun" the Kasulatan alle*e"l4 con!e4in* 1+. the C% foun" no si)ulation in the contract of sale. the %ppeal is 8R%NTED# The Easulatan n* Ailihan* Tulu4an "ate" Debruar4 +. o/ % ! CA The appellate court !ie.ho pai" respon"ents PhP 1-.e!er. in fact.e" the case other. petitioners are.--5. s<uare )eter lot. Kasulatan# Rel4in* onManila Ban ing Corporation !" Sil!erio .as sho.n the +. s<uare )eter lot an" for .hen the parties "o not inten" at all to be boun" b4 it. the C% "is)isse" alle*ations of frau" an" )achinations a*ainst respon"ents to in"uce petitioners to e/ecute the sale contract.ere ostensibl4 con!e4in* to respon"ents 1+.hich petitioners sol" the) 1+.293 the appellate court pointe" out that an absolutel4 si)ulate" contract taCes place .ise# On (ul4 .-+.--. thus.n that .-+.a4 alter the Buri"ical situation of the parties# It rea" the sale contract 6Kasulatan7 as clear an" una)bi*uous.-+. s<uare )eter lot clai)e" b4 respon"ents. 4et the consi"eration of PhP +1.ith respon"ents clai)in* the 1+. an" as o. respon"ents appeale" the abo!e RTC Decision to the C%# T ! R*&'n.s<uare )eter portion of the +. the sale contract . the4 . for respon"ents 6spouses Vi?con"e7 . s<uare )eters thereof "oes not fall in the concept of frau"# %nent the PhP 1-.7 lacC of consi"eration.-+. pre)ises consi"ere".ere "efrau"e" an" )uch less the )achinations use" b4 respon"ents# It ratiocinate" that the alle*ation of respon"ents tellin* petitioners that the4 "eclare" !ali"# Ho.

@ITH %'' DUE RESPECT. ERRED IN DINDIN8 TH%T THERE @%S NO DR%UD ON THE P%RT OD THE RESPONDENT VI&CONDESG IV THE HONOR%A'E COURT OD %PPE%'S. inter alia. The petition is )eritorious# The issues boil "o. lacC of consi"eration in the contract of sale . @ITH %'' DUE RESPECT. in re!ersin* the "ecision of the trial court.3 T ! Co*.ho is the le*al o.s<uare )eter lot# @e fin" for petitioners# The trial court foun". ERRED IN NOT C'E%R'F ST%TIN8 IN THE %SS%I'ED DECISION %ND RESO'UTION THE D%CTS %ND '%@ ON @HICH THE S%ME @ERE A%SEDG II THE HONOR%A'E COURT OD %PPE%'S. ERRED IN NOT CONSIDERIN8 TH%T THE RESPONDENTS DID NOT H%VE THE DIN%NCI%' C%P%CITF TO PURCH%SE THE SUA(ECT '%ND DROM THE PETITIONERS#2.n to t.hile the appellate court. ERRED IN CONSIDERIN8 TH%T THE E%SU'%T%N N8 AI'IH%N8 TU'UF%N IS % V%'ID CONTR%CT OD S%'EG V THE HONOR%A'E COURT OD %PPE%'S.hether or not the Kasulatan co!erin* the 1+.o core <uestions$ . @ITH %'' DUE RESPECT. the recor"s to Bu"iciousl4 resol!e the petition# . petitioners . the C% "enie" petitioners> Motion for Reconsi"eration of the abo!e "ecision throu*h the assaile" resolution# Hence.On March :-.%0" R*&'n. the Court is i)pelle" to re!ie. @ITH %'' DUE RESPECT. @ITH %'' DUE RESPECT. ERRED IN NOT 8IVIN8 DUE CREDENCE TO THE DINDIN8S OD D%CTS OD THE TRI%' COURT %ND HO@ THE '%TTER %PPRECI%TED THE TESTIMONIES 8IVEN AF THE @ITNESSESG III THE HONOR%A'E COURT OD %PPE%'S.ner of the other 1-. )erel4 rule" that the contract of sale is not si)ulate"# @ith the contrar4 rulin*s of the courts a #uo. s<uare )eter lot is a !ali" contract of saleG an" . .--=.ent to this Court# T ! I""*!" I THE HONOR%A'E COURT OD %PPE%'S.

or )isinterprete" co*ent facts an" circu)stances . bein* the title hol"ers of the subBect propert4 . s<uare )eters of the subBect propert4 .hen its fin"in*s . petitioners respecte" respon"ents> clai)Iif not.hich both parties consente" to an" is no.ho .s<uare )eter portion# Dro) the abo!e consi"erations.hich "e 'eon sol" to petitioners# Ob!iousl4. such as .ith petitioners. the obBect of the instant action# Thus. .as "ul4 transferre" to petitioners> na)es# Respon" re sur!e4e" b4 petitionersIthat respon"ents also bou*ht a +. the respon"ents for the other 1-.ho a"!ise" an" propose" the solution of a contract of sale .e conclu"e that the appellate court>s fin"in* that there . an" respon"ents as bu4ers. respon"ents. the contract of sale .hen the appellate court ha" i*nore".++1 s<uare )eters fro) Carlito "e 'eon# The title of the subBect propert4 .++1 s<uare )eters .as ha". an" to iron out their suppose" respecti!e ri* a portion of the +-.--. an" it clearl4 sho. . "e 'eon>s testi)on4 in court confir)e" an" establishe" such facts# These .as further co)plicate" b4 the fact that both parties built their respecti!e houses on the +. s<uare )eters fro) "e 'eon# This "rie" up canal is a"Bacent to the subBect propert4 of petitioners an" is the lot or area bet. s<uare )eters of petitioners> propert4 an" the latter>s house built thereon. of the 1+. petitioners consulte" a notar4 public. as it .as not si)ulate". .as no frau" or frau"ulent )achinations e)plo4e" b4 respon"ents on petitioners is bereft of factual e!i"entiar4 support# @e sustain petitioners> contention that respon"ents e)plo4e" frau" an" . it bein* situate" near the public roa"# To resol!e the i)passe on respon"ents> clai) o!er +.=I. subBect )atter of the sale# Aut the C% )isappreciate" the e!i"ence "ul4 a""uce" "urin* the trial on the )erits# %s establishe" "urin* the trial.ere ostensibl4 sellin* to respon"ents 1+. rule" that the contract of sale .-+.hen subBect lot .hile at the sa)e ti)e pa4in* PhP 1-.hen its Bu"*)ent e/ecute" on Debruar4 +.ere totall4 "e!oi" of supportG or .hich.ere neither contro!erte" nor assaile" b4 respon"ents . ho.--. )a"e a clai) a*ainst petitioners in +..een the subBect propert4 an" the public roa" 6Sto# Rosario to Ma*sa4sa47# The affi"a!it or Sinumpaang Salaysay2++3 of "e 'eon attests to the fore*oin* facts# Moreo!er.. petitioners bou*ht the entire subBect propert4 consistin* of +-.It is true that this Court is not a trier of base" on a )isapprehension of facts#2+-3 %s )a4 be note".e" petitioners as in!ol!e" or an honest erroneous belief b4 respon"ents on their clai). s<uare )eter lot fro) "e 'eon# Un"eniabl4.ho "i" not present an4 counter!ailin* e!i"ence# Aefore this factual clarification .-+. the recor"s "o not sho.. bou*ht the "rie" up canal consistin* of "ul4 notari?e".e!er. to )aintain peace an" har)onious relationsIan" se*re*ate" the clai)e" portion# @hether ba" faith or ill .ill . on the other han". the +. s<uare )eter lot. s<uare )eter portion clai)e" b4 respon"ents.-+.ithout *oin* into "etails.# The situation . if consi"ere". )isun"erstoo". s<uare )eters . . but there are reco*ni?e" e/ceptions to this *eneral rule. .oul" chan*e the outco)e of the caseG or .

++1 s<uare )eter lot# Consi"erin* these factors.een petitioners an" "e 'eon o!er the +-.or"s or )achinations constitutin* "eceit are those that ensnare.)achinations to in"uce the) to enter into the contract of sale# %s such.hen consent is *i!en throu*h frau".as "eception on the part of Ra4)un"o .hich the4 actuall4 bou*ht.hich is the subBect )atter of the contractG an" 6:7 cause of the obli*ation .++1 s<uare )eters an" that the +.hen there is a "ut4 to re!eal the).a4 to the fin"in* of the trial court that the Kasulatan has to be annulle" for !itiate" consent# %nent the first )ain issue as to . constitutes frau"# Dro) the factual )ilieu. or )islea" the other part4 . for the purpose of lea"in* another part4 into error an" thus e/ecute a particular act#K 2+03 Drau" has a J"eter)inin* influenceK on the consent of the preBu"ice" part4. base" on the unrebutte" testi)on4 an" state)ent of "e 'eon. an" spontaneit4 b4 frau"# %rticle 6%rt#7 +::. .hich it refersG 6.hether the Kasulatan o!er the 1+.hich is a"Bacent to petitioners> +-.oul" not ha!e a*ree" to# Insi"ious . as he is )isle" b4 a false appearance of facts. obtains consent of the other part4 . tricC. free"o) b4 !iolence.oul" not other.ithout the) he . consent coul" not ha!e been *i!en# %rt# +::.hich. the contract is !oi"able# Tolentino "efines frau" as Je!er4 Cin" of "eception . it )ust ha!e three essential ele)ents$ 6+7 consent of the contractin* partiesG 6.hen the parties are boun" b4 confi"ential relations. is the "rie" up canal . it is clear that actual frau" is present in this case# The sale bet.++1 s<uare )eter lot . .hat petitioners bou*ht .hich he or she .er is in the affir)ati!e# % contract.ithout .as the entire +-.hether in the for) of insi"ious )achinations.ho .as in"uce" to *i!e consent .as ne*otiate" b4 respon"ent Ra4)un"o Vi?con"e# %s such. conceal)ents or )isrepresentations.ise ha!e *i!en# Deceit is also present .ith respect to the other.hen he )isrepresente" . s<uare )eter lot is !oi"able for !itiate" consent.hich he clai)s he also bou*ht fro) "e 'eon actuall4 for)s part of petitioners> lot# It cannot be "enie" b4 respon"ents that the lot . the other is in"uce" to enter into a contract .hich is establishe"# The re<uisites of consent are 6+7 it shoul" be intelli*ent or .or"s or )achinations of one of the contractin* parties.3 Dor a contract to be !ali". is a )eetin* of )in"s.hen one part4.-+. throu*h insi"ious .7 obBect certain .ith an e/act notion of the )atter to .as e/plaine" that intelli*ence in consent is !itiate" b4 error.ith intent to "ecei!e.hen. there is frau" .hich . Ra4)un"o . b4 )eans of concealin* or o)ittin* to state )aterial facts.2+:3 it .or"s or )achinations# Un"er %rt# +::9 of the Ci!il Co" full4 a.7 it shoul" be freeG an" 6:7 it shoul" be spontaneous# In De Jesus !" $ntermediate %ppellate Court.are that . entrap. the C%>s fin"in* of fact )ust *i!e . to *i!e so)ethin* or to ren"er so)e ser!ice#2+. as "efine" in the Ci!il Co"e. the ans. it is clear as "a4 that there . thereb4 pro"ucin* error on his part in "eci"in* . of the Ci!il Co"e is e/plicit that failure to "isclose facts .hether or not to a*ree to the offer# One for) of frau" is )isrepresentation throu*h insi"ious . inti)i"ation or un"ue influence. )anipulations. as .of the Ci!il Co"e pro!i"es that . s<uare )eter lot .

for a portion of the subBect lot . s<uare )eter lot he bou*ht fro) "e 'eon is a separate an" "istinct lot fro) the +-. the abo!e contract of sale appears to be supporte" b4 a !aluable consi"eration# @e. .hich the4 full4 o. a*ree .to petitioners that the +.ron*ful clai) b4 respon"ents operate" as a conceal)ent of a )aterial fact in their a*reein* to an" in rea"il4 e/ecutin* the contract of sale.for the 1+.hich affecte" their consent# Petitioners> reliance an" belief on the .000.een the parties an" their successors in interest.hen the4 )a"e the necessar4 in<uir4 fro) Carlito "e ' "a a7'n n. s<uare )eter lot anchore" on their purchase thereof fro) "e 'eon# This ri*ht )ust be uphel" an" protecte"# On the issue of lacC of consi"eration.--. e/plain or a"" to the ter)s of the . thus$ Na Ca)in* )a*asa..005 "a&a-'* Ra)on 'e<uin at Vir*inia R# 'e<uin. at sa Canilan* )*a ta*apa*)ana an* / / /#2+13 On its face. (*on.hich petitioners actuall4 o. petitioners> consent . thus$ SEC# . e!en pa4 PhP 1-.n in the first place# There .ritten a*ree)entG . s<uare )eter portion. ho. 8a"'6a an.ritin*. a part4 )a4 present e!i"ence to )o"if4.e!er.# &!idence of 'ritten agreements #I@hen the ter)s of an a*ree)ent ha!e been re"uce" to . -'&'-'no na('na6a. no e!i"ence of such ter)s other than the contents of the .++1 s<uare )eter lot the petitioners bou*ht fro) "e 'eon# Ra4)un"o conceale" such )aterial fact fro) petitioners. Ca)arin.-+. Nue!a EciBa.--. the4 . ibini*a4 at ipina*bili n* bilihan* tulu4an sa naulit na )a*asa. the contract of sale or Kasulatan states that respon"ents pai" petitioners PhP +1.for the 1-.--. %lia*a. LA2INGLIMANG LI2ONG PISO 3P* )a4 sapat na *ulan*. )uch less pa4 PhP 1-. Dia)on" Court.n.1a&an.of the Re!ise" Rules on E!i"ence *i!es both the *eneral rule an" e/ception as re*ar"s . of Rule +:. Ari/ton Ville Sub"i!ision. )istaCe or i)perfection in .as !itiate" consent on the part of petitioners# There .ritten a*ree)ent# Ho.a"a)an. na.ith the trial court>s fin"in* that this is a si)ulate" sale an" unsupporte" b4 an4 consi"eration. a&an. for respon"ents ne!er pai" the PhP +1.ere con!ince" to si*n the sale instru)ent in <uestion an".as !itiate" b4 frau" or frau"ulent )achinations of Ra4)un"o# In the e4es of the la. . bet. "a a&a. EalooCan Cit4.oul" not ha!e entere" or si*ne" the contract of* )a4 sapat na *ulan*.orse. it is consi"ere" as containin* all the ter)s a*ree" upon an" there can be.or earl4 .oul" so)eti)e in late . as the4 e!entuall4 . &oo( na7'n n.ners of the subBect 1+. pilipino at naCatira sa Sto# Rosario.ho .n# Thus.ritten a*ree)ents.e!er. pilipino at naCatira sa .an.s<uare )eter lot . na.--.--. a4 a)in na)an n*a4on inilipat.purporte" purchase price# Section . s<uare )eter portion of the subBect propert4 to respon"ents. Ra67*ndo V'9$ond! a% Sa&o7! L!:*'n . 7a. as a"!ise" an" propose" b4 a notar4 public# Aelie!in* that Carlito "e 'eon in"ee" sol" a +.--+ . petitioners si*ne" the contract of sale base" on respon"ents> representations# Ha" petitioners frau" in the e/ecution of the contract use" on petitioners .ritten a*ree)ent if he puts in issue in his plea"in*$ 6a7 %n intrinsic a)bi*uit4. petitioners are the ri*htful an" le*al* Ra4)un"o Vi?con"e at Salo)e 'e<uin.

that the 1-. s<uare )eter portion of petitioners base" on the Kasulatan.ithout recei!in* an4thin* in returnL2+=3 There can be no "oubt that the contract of sale or Kasulatan lacCe" the essential ele)ent of consi"eration# It is a .3 Consi"eration an" consent are essential ele)ents in a contract of sale# @here a part4>s consent to a contract of sale is !itiate" or .as si)ulate" for no pa4)ent . the sale is !oi". his or her cause .in* that the Kasulatan "i" not e/press the true intent an" a*ree)ent of the parties# %s e/plaine" abo!e. thus. since the price purporte"l4 pai" as in"icate" in the contract of sale . the contract is null an" !oi" ab initio# %nent the secon" issue.s<uare )eter lot to petitioners )ust be restore" to the latter# Other. the4 ha!e no le*al obli*ation .--. the e!i"ence of petitioners . %rt# +0=+ of the Ci!il Co"e.-.ere the ones .!%oG 6c7 The !ali"it4 of the .hich pro!i"es that Jif the price is si)ulate".as uncontro!erte" as respon"ents faile" to a""uce an4 proof that the4 in"ee" pai" PhP +1. the co)plainant is entitle" to a !er"ict or "ecision in his or her fa!or#2+53 In the instant case.!"" % ! %.ho pai" the "efen"ants the a)ount of DIDTF THOUS%ND PESOS 6Php1-.# / / / 2I3t .ne" b4 petitioners as sho.ritten a*ree)ent# The ter) Ja*ree)entK inclu"es .!!7!n% o/ % ! -a.6b7 T ! /a'&*.as frau"ulentl4 entere" into throu*h the )isrepresentations of respon"ents causin* petitioners> !itiate" consent# Moreo!er. ha!in* asserte" their purchase of the can 4ou fin" a contract that a VENDOR . the "ee" of sale is null an" !oi" ab initio for lacC of consi"eration#2+93 Moreo!er.s<uare )eter lot is le*all4 o. the PhP 1-.*! 'n%!n% and a. the clear fin"in* of the trial court$ .--.n b4 the testi)on4 of "e 'eonG therefore.hich the )atter asserte" is pre"icate"..pai" b4 petitioners to respon"ents as consi"eration for the transfer of the 1-.ritten a*ree)entG or 6"7 The e/istence of other ter)s a*ree" to b4 the parties or their successors in interest after the e/ecution of the .ills# The secon" e/ception pro!i"e" for the acceptance of parol e!i"ence applies to the instant case# 'acC of consi"eration .here there is lacC of consi"eration "ue to a si)ulate" price.'%%!n a. it behoo!es upon respon"ents to pro!e such affir)ati!e "efense of purchase# Unless the part4 assertin* the affir)ati!e "efense of an issue sustains the bur"en of the "ee" of sale states that the purchase price has been pai" but in fact has ne!er been pai". sai" sale contract .ill con!e4 his real propert4 an" at the sa)e ti)e pa4 the VENDEE a certain a)ount of )one4 .---#--7 an" e/ecute a "ee" of sale also in fa!or of the "efen"ants# In a si)ple lo*ic. an unBust enrich)ent situation ensues# The facts clearl4 actuall4 )a"e# 2+.!!7!n% %o !.to petitioners# In"ee".! o/ % ! ). s<uare )eter portion fails# Thus.. the recor" is bereft of an4 proof of pa4)ent b4 respon"ents an". . .ell entrenche" rule that .ise.%'!" % !.as pro!e" b4 petitioners> e!i"ence aliunde sho.ill not succee"# If he or she fails to establish the facts of .K also applies to the instant case. their affir)ati!e "efense of the purporte" purchase of the establishe" b4 the plaintiffs 2petitioners3 that the4 .

--. then the Court "eclares petitioners> le*al o. an"" b4 petitioners. the instant petition is hereb4 GRANTED# %ccor"in*l4.-96. the C% Decision "ate" (ul4 .-.1 are hereb4 REVERSED an" SET ASIDE# The Decision of the RTC.--..ithout Bust or le*al *roun".H since such pa4)ent is neither a loan nor a forbearance of cre"it#2.hat course of action the4 inten" to pursue in relation thereto# Such is not an issue in this petition# <=ERE#ORE.shoul" onl4 earn interest at the le*al rate of 5H per annu) fro) the "ate of filin* of co)plaint up to finalit4 of Bu"*)ent an" not +.ith the MODI#ICATION that the a)ount of fift4 thousan" pesos 6PhP 1-.nership o!er sai" 1+.hich respon"ents> house is locate" is clearl4 o.H per annu) until full4 pai"# The a. Aranch .hich respon"ents )ust return to petitioners shall earn an interest of 5H per annu) fro) the "ate of filin* of the co)plaint up to the finalit4 of this Decision. ac<uires or co)es into possession of so)ethin* at the e/pense of the latter .ho throu*h an act or perfor)ance b4 another..---7 .-3 %fter finalit4 of "ecision.--.7 2.shall earn interest of pa4 PhP 1-.--= in C% 8#R# CV No# 9:1. s<uare )eter lot on .--.therefor# %rt# . shall return the sa)e to hi)#K Consi"erin* that the 1+. or an4 other )eans.H fro) the "ate of finalit4 of this Decision until full4 pai"# No pronounce)ent as to costs# SO ORDERED.--5 an" Resolution "ate" March :-.)ust be )aintaine" consi"erin* that petitioners ha!e to incur liti*ation e/penses to protect their interest in confor)it4 to %rt# . . s<uare )eter lot# The a)ount of PhP 1-.e lea!e it to the latter .ar" of )oral an" e/e)plar4 "a)a*es )ust be reinstate" in !ie. of the frau" or frau"ulent )achinations e)plo4e" b4 respon"ents on petitioners# The *rant of "a)a*es in the concept of attorne4>s fees in the a)ount of PhP" b4 petitioners. s<uare )eter portion le*all4 o. of the Ci!il Co"e pro!i"es that Je!er4 person . . the a)ount of PhP 1-.9 in Cabanatuan Cit4 in Ci!il Case No# 0-5: is REINSTATED . .+3 of the Ci!il Co"e# Consi"erin* that respon"ents ha!e built their house o!er the 1+. .

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