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Entry test Grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation

GRAMMAR 1 Underline the correct answer A, B, or C. Example They ________ from Rome. They’re from Florence. A not B aren’t C isn’t 1 ‘Have yo finishe! that report"’ ‘#o$ not ________.’ A % st B alrea!y C yet & 'hat ________ yo !o yester!ay afternoon" A are B !i! C !o ( ) ________ in the par* +hen it starte! rainin,. A sat B +as sittin, C sit - ‘________ yo ever .een to the m se m"’ ‘#o$ this is the first time.’ A Ha! B Has C Have / He co l!n’t +here he ________ his car. A ha! par*e! B +as par*in, C has par*e! 0 'e ________ +or* tomorro+. A haven’t to B !on’t have to C m st to 1 ) ________ the ,ym on Th rs!ay evenin,s. A ,o s ally to B al+ays ,o C often ,o to 2 ) p t ________ salt in the pasta. A a little B too many C a fe+ 3 Hello4 Come in. )’ve ________ ma!e some coffee. 'o l! yo li*e some" A % st B alrea!y C yet 15 ‘) !on’t +ant to rent a horror film.’ ‘________ !o ).’ A #either B 6o C Either 11 ________ in the sea ma*es yo really stron,. A 6+im B 6+immin, C 6+imin, 1& )t’s sno+in,. ________. A 7 ttin, yo r hat on B 8o r hat p t on C 7 t yo r hat on 1( A *ey is a thin, ________ yo se to open !oors. A +here B +hich C +ho 1- ________ to the .as*et.all match on 6at r!ay" A Are yo ,oin, B 9o yo ,o C 'ill yo ,o 1/ 6he ________ invite him if she !i!n’t +ant him to come. A +on’t B not C +o l!n’t 10 ) nee! some a!vice. 'hat ________ ) !o" A sho l! B m st C co l! 11 This castle ________ in 1055. A +as . ilt B . ilt C +as . il! 12 ) !on’t have ________ money left$ .eca se ) .o ,ht a ne+ %ac*et. A m ch B many C lots 13 He ________ me not to tell anyone. A say B tol! C sai! &5 'hat ________ yo !o if she !oesn’t reply to yo r email" A +ill B +o l! C !o &1 :et’s or!er a pi;;a. 'e !on’t have ________ to coo* for !inner. A nothin, B anythin, C somethin, && They’ve live! in the same ho se ________ forty years. A for B since C a,o
#e+ En,lish File )nterme!iate Test pac*< Entry test =rammar$ >oca. lary$ an! 7ron nciation

ero s C clean 13 ) fell ________ the steps an! . A at B on C in ( 9an’s so ________. A m st B mi.e so ________4 8o ’ll have to +ait.oin.enero s .o C have 0 ________ have . to ta*e it ________ to the shop.&( ) ________ come an! see yo toni.55 p. B into C !o+n #e+ En. A ha! B +in C earn & The meetin.)’ve .o o t.oes ________ the River Thames.lish File )nterme!iate Test pac*< Entry test =rammar$ >oca. A .ac* C on 3 The .et B . )’m .ro*e my arm.)’m . B. A ma*e B !o C coo* / )t’s really s nny.o!ies.s C han!s 10 9on’t .y B mean C .loves.e . lary$ an! 7ron nciation . s +as so ________. A over B n!er C thro . A trainers B trac*s it C .htseein. A impatient B nti!y C mean 11 ) loo* ________ my motherB +e have the same eyes an! nose.oots 1/ 8o r ________ are col!4 8o sho l! +ear .oin. A alon. C f nny 1 ) ________ a lot more money in my ne+ %o. or C. A as B li*e C to 12 )t’s ________ to r n +hen the floor is +et. ) nearly fell asleep. A Flies B @osA itoes C 'asps 1 Exc se me$ co l! ) ________ on these %eans$ please" A .ht if ) can . is ________ 11 @ay at &.h 1& 9i! yo ________ si. A misses B passes C fails 11 To+er Bri!. A arms B le.o . A sai! B tol! C as*e! 1. test a. ) ________ yo . on the C9. e" A !o B ma*e C . A a+ay B .ht C have to &.ain. to ________ a ca*e for Bill’s . :et’s ________ for a +al*. He pays for everythin. A cro+!e! B mo!ern C noisy 15 He +on’t . A la. +hen +e .e very happy if he ________ his ! B ta*e C try 2 @y ne+ camera !oesn’t +or*. B . A excitin.lac* an! yello+ stripes on their . ) co l!n’t a ne+ ________ for the athletics competition. A ’ll help B help C ’m .etter B most .irth!ay.orro+ ?oe’s car..est C . Example The film +as really ________.m. A safe B !an.orin. A .oin. to help /25 VOCABULARY 2 Underline the correct answer A.est &/ That case is too heavy for yo .o 1( He ________ me if ) co l! tell him the +ay.) thin* this is the ________ son. in 7ra.

A len! B . lary$ an! 7ron nciation .ht C yo can’t hear any traffic.lish File )nterme!iate Test pac*< Entry test =rammar$ >oca.A!rian as*e! me if ) co l! ________ him some money. ) ________ the .orro+ C ta*e &/ )’m sorry )’m late. A misse! B left C lost /25 /50 #e+ En. nec*.e more ______. A . 8o have to . A clean B safe C A iet &1 6ay ‘please’.&5 This street is ________ at ni.aroo C . A off B on C !o+n &. s. A r !e B noisy C polite && A ________ has a very lon.ear &( Can yo t rn ________ the ra!io" ) +ant to listen to the +eather forecast.iraffe B *an.