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MAT 1339 Introduction to Calculus and Vectors (Summer 2012) Instructor: Ibrahim Abdelrazeq Office: 585 King Edward

, Room B-07 & B-03 Email: Course webpage: Note: Throughout the term, this website will be used to provide you with information and updates about the course: lectures, assignments, and examinations. It is recommended that you check the website on a regular basis (at least once each week). all relevant information for this section of the course, including due dates for assignments and instructions for the midterms and final are as announced on this website. Office hours: Monday 4-5, Thursday 11:45- 12:45 at B-07. Otherwise email me for an appointment. Textbook: Calculus and Vectors 12, MacGraw-Hill Ryerson. Prerequisites: MAT 1318 or equivalent. Course Objectives and Contents: We cover chapters: 1.1-8.6: Rates of Change, Derivatives, Curve Sketching, Derivatives of Sinusoidal Functions, Exponential and Logarithmic Functions, Geometric Vectors, Cartesian Vectors, Lines and Planes. Assignments: • There will be 4 assignments, which will be posted on the course webpage. • They will be weighted equally towards the final grade (5% per each assignment). • Homework is collected at the beginning of the lecture and is returned in DGD. • Assignments must be submitted in class on the due date, late assignments will not be accepted. Exams: There will be 2 Midterms and 1 Final. 1 for more center 2 . July 30 (13:00-14:30 in the classroom) • Final: TBA (3-hour exam) No makeup exams: If you provide a valid written excuse (see http://web5. Friday 10am-3pm).uottawa. Otherwise. Accessibility: Students who require accommodations in this course due to a disability affecting mobility.mathstat.html). TI-30SLR scientist and non programmable. Grading: If the final exam mark is less than 40% (regardless of marks in assignments or midterms).5979. the total final grade is determined as follows: 4 Assignments (20%) + 2 Midterms (30%) + Final exam (50%). Student’s Responsibility: It is the University´ s policy that attending classes is mandatory. then the final grade is F.sass. the weight of your midterm will be transferred to your final grade. The DGD is a part of the course. please visit http://www. For more information.• Midterm I: Thursday. Graphing and programmable calculators are not email: adapt@uOttawa. Monday to Thursday 10am-7pm.html. so participation is mandatory as well. Calculators The calculators allowed during exams of the Faculty of Science are: the Texas TI-30X. Please consult the website http://www. (Marion 021. July 19 (13:00-14:30 in the classroom) • Midterm II: Monday. phone 613-562. Welcome to The Class Happy to Teach You I. vision. TI30XA. hearing or mental or physical health are advised to discuss their needs with Access Service. Help Center: The Mathematics and Statistics Help Center offers help to students who have trouble understanding concepts introduced in mathematics and statistics courses. 339 University Centre.