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Clauses of concession

Paola Catenaccio

background • In the previous lessons you have focused on various ways to express relations between clauses • Contrast & comparison • Cause-effect • Condition… .

hat is concession about! • Compare the following exchanges • "ituation # $ %nn&s very careful with her money $ %nn! "he&s always broke' "he&s spends to the last penny on useless stuff' • "ituation ( $ %nn&s very careful with her money) $ *eally! "he&s so wealthy+ she could buy whatever she wishes and still have more than she can spend…) .

she spends to the last penny • "ituation ( $ %nn is careful with her money %-.%re two lines of each exchange compatible! • "ituation # $ . she has more than enough money .%nn is careful with her money %-.

hat does concession imply/suggest! • 0e was very tired+ but could not sleep) • 1ven though he wanted to leave+ he was prevented from doing so by his pride) • -otwithstanding the rain+ they went out) • 2ou are right3 however+ 4ary&s got a point) .

in spite of or despite) 7#) 8888888888888888888888888 a lot of people have worked to alleviate the problems in 1thiopia+ people are still dying of starvation there every day) () 8888888888888888888888888 the efforts of organisations like the 9 to stop it+ whaling continues in some countries) :) China is doing a lot to ensure the survival of the panda+ 8888888888888888888888888 it is still in danger of extinction) .5practice taken from this site6 Complete these sentences using although.) 8888888888888888888888888 being warned about the potential danger of sunbathing+ people continue to spend hours lying in the sun in the middle of the day) <) "ome people are not convinced that there is a serious risk to their health from smoking+ 8888888888888888888888888tobacco firms put a health warning on every packet of cigarettes) =) >he students understood the risk involved in going out to the war ?ones but 8888888888888888888888888 this they were determined to do what they could to help) @) 8888888888888888888888888 his failing health he continued to work in the >hird orld) A) >hey are often disheartened) >hey are now beginning to see some positive results 8888888888888888888888888) B) 8888888888888888888888888 she thinks the Covernment should do more to help developing countries+ she gives what she can to the different charities working in the field) #D) People are suspicious of some charities+ 8888888888888888888888888 most people gave willingly to Eand %id) . though.

) .Rewrite these sentences using the conjunction in the brackets. • 7#) "he speaks 1nglish very well although sheFs never been to 1ngland) GdespiteH • () In spite of being tired+ they stayed until they found out exactly what had happened) GalthoughH • :) "he eventually returned home) 9or a long time they had been afraid theyFd never see her again though) GalthoughH) • .espite the fact that she was afraid of going out alone at night+ she decided she had to find out where heFd gone) Gin spite ofH) .

#) >hey had a lovely holiday) It rained every day) () It was really difficult) >hey managed to get to the top of the mountain) :) >hey got to the top of the mountain) >hey couldnFt see very much) .) >hey were very tired) >hey started the Iourney down almost immediately) <) >hey continued walking) >he weather got very bad) =) >hey finally got down) It had been dark for over an hour) .Combine these sentences using concessive conjunctions.

#) GComparisonH 0e speaks 1nglish much better () G>imeH >hey decided to climb the mountain :) GPlaceH e left the car .Complete the sentences with finite or non-finite adverbial clauses of the type indicated.) GPurposeH >he Jnited -ations Krgani?ation was formed <) G*esultH >he book was so boring =) GConcessionH e went swimming @) GConditionH I should be delighted .

) G*esultH 0e was so angry .A) G*easonH + I didnFt have time to come) B) GPurposeH 0e arranged to come early #D) G*easonH %s they wonFt be necessary) ##) G>imeH %s I met someone I hadnFt seen for years) #() GComparisonH 0e did his Iob as #:) G>imeH I wrote to you #.

#<) GPlaceH 2ou should meet me #=) GConcessionH +they live very simply) #@) GPurposeH e arranged to hire a coach #A) GPurposeH e booked the rooms at the hotel lest #B) GConditionH >he men were told that they would be dismissed (D) GPurposeH 1xamination candidates are known by number+ and not by name (#) G>imeH I shall expect to see you more often) .

(() GConcessionH I have now changed my mind) (:) GComparisonH the more I like him) (.) GConditionH Provided that +you will be allowed to Ioin the "ociety) (<) G>ime/ConditionH %s long as we were safe) (=) G>imeH I decided to invite some friends to my house while (@) G*esultH "uch was his anxiety (A) GConcessionH hatever itFs best to take his advice) .

(B) G>ime/Purpose/>imeH e lit a fire before so that when ) :D) GConcessionH 0owever he shouldnFt have been so rude to his host) :#) >he 1nglish have to pay taxes to the Covernment+ whether :() G>imeH Patrons arriving late at the opera house will not be admitted ::) G*esultH >he meeting became disorderly .

) GPurpose/>imeH I am learning 1nglish when :<) GConcession/*easonH 4uch as8888888I couldnFt lend him the money because 888888 :=) GComparisonH the sooner you will be able to relax) :@) GConcessionH -o matter888888888I couldnFt persuade him to change his mind) :A) G>ime/*esultH "o enthusiastic were the audience that not until would they88888888 .:.

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