Assignment Title: Establishment of a Business Development Club Instruction The learner/ student is required to critically evaluate and analyses

the given scenario without restriction to the elements and information given below. Student should develop a focused view of various aspect of a chosen organization in the context of strategic change management. Student are encouraged and directed to carry out comprehensive research to answer the following four tasks, which are designed in accordance with the learning outcomes and assessment criteria. It is recommended that they review recent literature, analyse publications by the chosen organization, consider their own personal and employment experience and investigate issue arising from the assessment tasks. Scenario: You are the Strategic Head of renowned Management Consultancy firm in the UK and have been appointed to improve an Organization’s Strategic position. You have conducted several meetings with its management and identified a specific change (below) which will enable the organization to grow and enhance its business value. Although you have identified this change , you still need certain future key information in order to prepare a full strategic change management plan: following which you expect that the change will be managed. You have made the decision to obtain this information before building the plan, and it is for this purpose that the following tasks need to be done. You have put together a small team who will be working with you. Specific Change in the Organization: Establishment of a Business Development Club. You have observed that managers have many meetings, but that staff member, who are working at different levels in the organization, and who are supposedly given opportunities to participate in organization development activities, do not have their views taken on board. This Club is intended to bridge the gap between management, policy-making departments and the various levels of employees who are not directly involved in management discussions. Task 1: (25%) 1. Consider at least two models of strategic change management in terms of overcoming the challenges with which the chosen organization its dealing. (10%) 2. Evaluate the relevance of the two models and how each can used to improve the strategic condition of the organization, with specific reference to the Business Development Club (10%) 3. Perform a value assessment of strategic intervention techniques that might be used in the chosen organization, commenting how this assists in understanding issue and how these techniques can be implemented into the information of the Club. (5%) (This provides evidence for Learning Outcome- 1; Assessment Criteria 1.1; 1.2; 1.3)

3.1.2. Assess the factors which led you to propose the Business Club change. Then evaluate the system (or attributes of a system) that you have recommended to organization for planning the change process. (15%) 2. 3. (5%) 2. (5%) (This provides evidence for Learning Outcome-2. Also explain. Identify a system (or at least attributes of a system) that can help the management to involve stakeholders in the planning process.4) Task 4: (25%) 1. whenever it is planned to bring any change into an organization. Discuss the change management challenges for the staff member who have issue with meetings and who have difficulties with bringing the Business Club change into the organization.1. Then develop your own model for the implementation of change which you believe will be effective in this scenario. 1. (7%) 3. Assess the resources you need which could be beneficial in implementing this change and also identify which resources you have available but would not be effective for this task. Identify what systems are already in practice in the organization to engage stakeholders in the planning of change. 3. (7%) 4. Develop a strategy that will clearly reflect the involvement of stakeholders. Assessment criteria 3. As is well know. as a Strategic Head. 2. (10%) 2. You will recall that stakeholders are the backbone of any business and that it is important to have a system in place to engage them in the business. Perform a comprehensive literature review and analysis on models for the implementation of change. opposition appears. as Strategic Head you are asked to consider what system you would suggest to generate engagement with the Business Development Club.2.3.3) Task 3: (25%) One aim of the Business Development Club is to identify effective actions required to encourage stakeholder involvement in the business. Develop a plan for the implementation of change which you believe will be effective in this scenario. (5%) 3.Task 2: (25%) 1. Assessment Criteria 2. 2. which prevent or resists the implementation of that you expect many appear against this particular change management process (6%) (This provides evidence for Learning outcomes-3. (5%) . In this context. leading to the successful introduction and operation of a Business development Club. explain what strategy is used to perform this function. In the case tht there is no system. why you think this change is necessary for the organization.

3.4 Create a strategy for managing resistance to change. 4.2. 4. Learning outcomes 1 Understand the background to organization strategic change Assessment Criteria 1.2 Assess the factors that are driven the need for strategic change in an organization 2.3 Assess the resource implication of the organization not responding to strategic change 3.Be able to plan to implement models for ensuring ongoing change .1.3 Evaluate the system used to involve stakeholders in the planning of change 3.1 Discuss models of strategic change 1.2 Develop a change management strategy with stakeholders 3. The Assessment Criteria will act as a guide to support you out you into context your answer to fulfill the learning outcomes. the evidence that the learner presents for assessment needs to demonstrate that they can meet all the learning outcomes for the unit.3 Assess the value of using strategic intervention techniques in organization 2.3) Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria In order to pass this unit.1 Develop system to involve stakeholders in the planning change 3. understand issue relating to strategic change in an organization 3. The assessment criteria determine the standard required to achieve the unit. 4. Be able to lead stakeholder in developing a strategic for change 4.1Develop appropriate models for change 4.3 Develop appropriate measures to monitor progress 2. In the context of monitoring the change process.2 Evaluate the relevance of models of strategic change to organization in the current economy 1. you are asked to develop elements that will assist management to measure progress in implementing this change (10%) (This provides evidence for Learning Outcome-4. assessment Criteria 4.1 Examine the need for strategic change in an organization 2.2 Plan to implement a model for change 4.

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