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Is it Wrong for Animals to be Kept in Bad Conditions to be made into PIE?

by Aditi Mehendale

Edition 48 29th November 2013 Founded by Ben Owen

Hello and welcome to another issue of Totally Tockington, the Newsletter written BY students FOR students. This week we are talking 3.141592653589793238462643383 or as most know it, pi/e. Anything to do with pie, shepherds pie, steak and kidney pie, apple pie, pasties of any variety, strudel, pythagoras, pie charts and anything that has pie in the name. If you dont like pie ( that is shepherds pie, steak and kidney pie, apple pie, pasties of any variety or strudel), then turn to Alex Jacobis app of the week, or Adassas review. But if you do like pie, that is pie charts and anything to do with pie or that has pie in the name but dont like pie, (that is shepherds pie, steak and kidney pie, apple pie, pasties of any variety or strudel), then turn to Georges section on the history of the pie or Aditis investigative report. And if you like sweet pies, that IS Apple pie Tom Edwards or strudel, then turn 2 Aditi Mehendale Alex Gooch straight to Helenas Tabitha Huby How To, where you 9 Alex Jacobi Henry Allan-Jones can learn how to make Lucy Allan-Jones 1 Beth Pritchard mince pies, made with Alex Grocott FRUIT not mince!!! Its a Georgina Loring my Horler 1 A very confusing world An n a bel Sh epp ar d Max Curtis out there people. Oliver Shutt 2 Olivia Campbell Enjoy! Roshan Patel George Symonds Tom Edwards 0 Antonia Hopcraft Editor-in-Chief Adassa Walker
And if you want to know who is 1 responsible for all this pie-mania, then ask Mr Glanville!
Ryan Hann Abigail Blackwell Helena Brain Archie Symonds

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This week I decided to look into the vaguely pie-related topic of whether it is right to keep animals in bad conditions for food or (to tie in with the theme) - pie. I began this search on the internet, and was shocked to hear of the conditions that some animals are kept in. Many are shoved into barns, and then into containers barely big enough to turn around in. They are given drugs which try to prevent illness and also make them grow unnaturally large in an unnaturally short time. Some become crippled by supporting the weight of their own body and die merely inches away from food or water. I watched one clip which showed alarming footage of the abuse of animals. The man narrating started off with if slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian. The clip revealed how cows were kept in perpetual pregnancy and were sometimes made to provide as much as ten times more milk than was natural; how some animals didnt even survive the journey to the slaughterhouse; and how stunning (knocking out) methods were unreliable and often ineffective, meaning that the animal was often conscious when its throat was cut.

Piebald horses p 4 Mince pies p 5 SS p 6 Picasso p 7 1

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It also condemned fish farming and trawler fishing methods, saying that if we carried on fishing the way that we were the oceans would be a fish free place by 2048. All the animals Ive mentioned make appearances in some pies. However, if you get the impression that all farmers are heartless monsters who dont care about abusing animals to make money, then youre wrong. In general, the processes above are mainly used in intensive farming (which I did an article on in a previous issue). Organic farming generally has different and arguably more ethical aims. Organic farmings motive is to farm the old-school way. This means not using any chemicals on crops and raising animals outside, in the natural way, or in other words, the way animals would naturally live and are comfortable with. Also, everyone has seen farms where animals are kept outside. We have a field full of cows next-door to the adventure playground and if youve ever been to Wales, its almost certain that youve seen the Welsh farmland full of sheep roaming free. Its just some farmers who seem to think that money at the expense of another living creature is fair game, and ignore the people who say things like crowding pigs pay and chickens are cheap; cages are expensive. But in the long run, what do you think is right? Is keeping animals destined for the slaughterhouse in outrageous conditions acceptable, or not? Thats for you to decide.

by Henry Allan-Jones Pyrotechnics are fireworks, flares or smoke bombs. They make a large bang and a big flash. They have gunpowder, which is a mixture of potassium nitrate (KNO3) charcoal or sugar and 10% sulphur. The materials will react with each other when enough heat is applied. Lighting the fuse supplies the heat to light a firework or flare. The charcoal or sugar is the fuel. Potassium nitrate oxidises the fuel which creates carbon dioxide and energy as an explosion. Pyrotechnics have lots of uses including sparklers, flares used on ships to signal for help or to scare pirates away, fireworks and as a decoy for heat seeking missiles.

Source: Wikimedia Commons U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Julianne Showalter


Pie Corbett Website

by Georgina Loring Pie Corbett works with children creating poems and stories.His website is great for people who like being read to because Pie reads his poems out loud. But he doesnt just do that he also explains his ideas and how he got them. What I like the most about it is he teaches you ways to write yourself. One thing that is also very interesting is the poems you can download onto a word document like imagine and mini secrets. And if thats not enough for you can also contact him!,uk 2

TT Book Reviews
by Tabitha Huby


by Alex Jacobi This week Ive chosen to do apps with the letters pi in. I am going to show you some games, with my positive and negative reviews Number one: Picture IQ

PIratE Poems
This book is full of poems about pirates, some funny, some that dont make sense and some that you have to chant. Meet Blackbeard and hungry pirate Pete sailing along the ocean blue. Do you want to be a pirate with a parrot on your shoulder? I would rather be something else. The next book is bigger, great for big poetry fans

This is a very simple yet effective game. Its a strategic game where you have to spell a common word associating four pictures. You earn coins for every correct answer. Positive: A very good strategic game as it tests the mind. Very simple and the whole family can play it. Negative: Some levels are hard to work out, so you need some clues. Sadly, you have to have forty to seventy coins to do so. Number two: More Pie A pie making game which allows you to design and make your own virtual pies. Positive: a great pastime for children 4+. Its very imaginative and fun. Negative: after a while this game becomes less fun and slightly boring, because of limited choices. Number three: Easypie Its a quick and easy tool for making pie charts. Positive: a very good app because its so helpful for uses such as analysing projects or presentations. Negative: you can only do 7 segments and its only 2D.

A sPIdEr bought a Bicycle

This is another poetry book, with poems chosen by Michael Rosen. There are long poems, short poems and poems you might recognise but with a slight change, for example: London Bridge is falling down, falling down, London Bridge is falling down, my hairy baby. Strange!

Sky in the Pie

This is a selection of poems by Roger McGough. These poems are funny, original and also can make you think. There are poems about snowmen, cabbages, cats and friendship as well as PIEs! Roger McGough presents a poetry show on Radio 4 on Sundays and there you can hear all sorts of lovely poems. Try it out. Want to read these and other books? Check them out in the library!

Piebald Horses
by Lucy Allan-Jones Piebald horses are stereotypically black and white due to the different coloured pigments in their skin. The word piebald originates from a combination of pie from magpie and bald meaning white patch or spot. Now you may be wondering what the difference is between piebald and skewbald horses and the simple answer is that skewbald horses can have many other colours on them (typically brown, chestnut or bay) whereas piebald horses only have black on them. Here is a painting of a piebald horse painted by Paulus Potter in about 1650.

The Forklift Truck

by Alex Grocott Fork-arrying all those pies! This small truck is used in factories to carry lots of everyday things that are delivered on pallets. The forks on the front go underneath the pallet, and then lift it up and down. A pallet is a really useful way of carrying items and taking them to a lorry for loading, or to unload and store them in a warehouse. Fork lift trucks have engines than can run on diesel or gas.

The Adventures of Tom Thumb an Unusual Pie Filling

by Amy Horler
The fairy tale that I am going to tell you about is the story of a boy called Tom Thumb who goes on lots of adventures. This story takes place during the time of King Arthur. A man called Thomas really wanted a son even if he was smaller than his thumb. His wife gave birth to a son who was surprisingly small. The boy was very mischievous. One day his mother was making a Christmas pudding and when she was making the batter mix, Tom fell in the mixture and was cooked, like a roast potato. His mum gave the Christmas pudding away to a tinker. When Tom yelled out, the tinker had a fright and dropped the pudding, so Tom got out and sprinted home. This story was based on a real life person called Jeffrey Hudson who was born in 1619. He was a dwarf and was only 3 feet and 9 inches high. At the Duke of Buckinghams banquet, he jumped out a pie himself in front of King Charles I and his Queen. After this he became the Queens dwarf. This picture shows them together and was painted by the famous artist Van Dyck.

To drive a forklift, you dont need to have a driving licence, but you do need to go on a training course. Forklifts are only used in industrial settings you dont see them on the open road! You might be surprised to know that you would need between 10,000 and 100,000 to own a forklift truck! 4

Helenas How to Make... Mince Pies!

The time is ready, ready for MINCE PIES! To make mince pies you will obviously need mincemeat. You can either make your own like me and my mum did, following Delia Smiths recipe in her Christmas book, or buy some from the shop. (1) Get yourself ready with all your ingredients as shown in the picture.

(2) Roll your dough out

(3) Cut out your pastry and place it in your tins. (4) Place your mincemeat in your bases and put on lids. We used stars but you could do anything! (5) To glaze, you put on milk and a pinch of sugar. And they are ready to go in the oven(180C). Cook for about 15 minutes.

(6) Now to finish - sprinkle the tops with icing sugar and eat while warm with a cup of milk.

by Antonia Hopcraft-Guest
Pythagoras was a Greek mathematician and philosopher, mostly known for his theory, which he named after himself. It is known that he was born on the Greek island of Samos, in 570bc. When he was younger, he travelled a lot. He visited Egypt and Persia. He finally settled down in southern Italy in the city of Crotone, where he started teaching. Soon he had a handful of pupils who had a life of studying and exercising. His students were inspired by a philosophy based on mathematics. They became known as the Pythagoreans. The early Pythagoreans were politically active and were upper middle class. The Pythagoreans made a moral group of people who were determined to perfect their physical form in their mortal life, to gain immortality in the next. To make this happen the mortal body has to be disciplined to keep it morally pure and free. Until this happened the soul would keep reincarnating, until released by accumulated merit. The Pythagoreans also believed in cosmos, which at the time was an idea of a clockwork order and the whole universe in its beauty. They had a lot of taboos (social or religious custom), which includes them avoiding meat and beans, and all lived by a few rules governing every aspect of life. In 500BC there was an over powering of Pythagoreans. So Pythagorus fled and either was murdered or died shortly after. Find out more about Pythagorus Theorum on

Pop up Pirate Game

by Adassa Walker
This week I chose to review Pop up PIrate. Pop up Pirate is a childrens game about a pirate who is stuck in a barrel. To start the game, you push him down into the barrel until it clicks. You then take it in turns to stick the fake, coloured knives into the slots in the barrel until one of them makes him POP up and you are out. You repeat this game until you are left with the winner! After youve played a few times, its quite addictive and you want to play again and again because of the suspense - is your knife is going to be the one? It would make a really nice Christmas present maybe for younger friends or family. I really enjoyed playing it (when I was little). Its suitable for players between Reception and Year 3.
3 out of 5 pirates for this one

Is This a Pie I See Before Me?

The science of a pie
by George Symonds

Pablo Picasso
by Archie Symonds My two favourite pictures by Picasso:

Mediterranean Landscape

This article is dedicated to Mr Glanville. A pie is a baked dish, which is usually made of a pastry dough casing that covers or completely contains a filling of various sweet or savoury ingredients. Pies are defined by their crusts. A filled pie has pastry lining the baking dish, and the filling is placed on top of the pastry but left open. A top crust pie, which may also be called a cobbler, has the filling in the bottom of the dish and is covered with a pastry or other covering before baking. A two crust pie has the filling completely enclosed in the pastry shell. Flaky pastry is a typical kind of pastry used for pie crusts, but many things can be used, including baking powder biscuits, mashed potatoes, and crumbs. My favourite type of pie is an apple pie but you have to have custard or vanilla ice cream to enhance the taste. The reason I like this type of pie is because the sourness of the apple goes really well with the sweetness of the custard or vanilla ice cream. If you cook an apple pie you have to be careful to not overcook the pie otherwise it ruins the taste of the apple and the pastry goes soggy which tastes disgusting. My Granny Mo makes the best pies ever!!

This is a happy picture. I know this because I watched a BBC Class Clip about Picasso and it said that if he used bright colours he felt happy and if he used sad colours he painted in blue. I like this picture because it reminds me of my house in Cyprus. It looks like my favourite beach called Escape Beach.

Seated Portrait of Dora Maar

Cottage and shepherds pie are one and the same it is a poor mans pie which was created with the arrival of the potato. Mashed potato lined the pie dish AND topped the pie. Fishermans pie is a fishy version of the same only for fishermen not shepherds!

Picasso did pictures from all different angles. I like this picture because it is colourful and odd! It also has lots of patterns on it.

Musical Moments
with Annabel Sheppard Hello and welcome to another issue of Musical Moments. Today I will be showing you a musical show, which still is popular today. It is called:

Max Reports

Current Affairs
World Cup Disaster
Just recently the Brazil World Cup stadium at Sao Paulo fell down and unfortunately killed two workers. Emergency teams are still searching for survivors. The arena was due to be finished in mid-December to make the deadline for the 2014 FIFA world cup. They have been making 12 stadia for the world cup but none have yet to be finished. Due to this the workers fear they might have to work 7 days a week 24 hours a day, otherwise it could be a disaster!

The Pirates Of Penzance

The Pirates Of Penzance is a light comedy opera show, with two acts by Gilbert and Sullivan. It is a love story about Frederic and Mabel. Frederic is a pirates apprentice, whilst Mabel is the daughter of the Major General, who is in the British Army. The one thing that keeps him apart from Mabel is that Frederic must stay with the pirates until his 21st birthday. But, as he was born on the 29th of February, he wont be released until he is 84! One of the songs in the show is called The Modern Major General which is a patter song by Arthur Sullivan and libretto by W. S. Gilbert, and has some tricky tongue-twisters in it! I think this is a very silly (in a good way) comedy show and I would enjoy it!

Xbox One or PS4

The latest game console is the Xbox One and its arch rival is the PS4. These two consoles have been battling it out for the place of the best game console in history!! The Xbox one is faster and more powerful than its dad, the Xbox 360. Also, you can watch Bluray movies and in high definitionon the Xbox One! However. The PS4 company-Sony-say they have built the fastest ever console. So, so far its all to play for. But there are setbacks like they both cost over 400 and thats not including the games.

All pie illustrations by Abby Blackwell 8

by Ryan Hann One for sorrow, two for joy, three for a girl, four for a boy, five for silver, six for gold, seven for a secret never to be told 1. Did you know that during the winter magpies are vegetarian? 2. Magpies are actually a lot smaller than we think-their tails just make them look big! 3. The scientific name for a magpie is Pica Pica 4. A magpies wing span can be up to a HUGE WHOPPING 60cm! 5. In China and Korea, magpies are a symbol of good luck and fortune but in the UK seeing one is bad luck! 6. The Magpie can be found in a number of locations including: Africa, Asia, China, Europe, Mediterranean, Russia and the United Kingdom. 7. Magpies have a reputation for stealing shiny objects and hiding them in their nests.

Pie Quiz
by Oliver Shutt This week all you need to do is try and work out what pies you will get from the ingredients in the sum. Remember to put your answers in the TT box in the library. Example : Steak + Kidney+ pastry = steak and kidney pie 1. Bramley + Pastry = 2. Mash Potato + Minced Mutton = ..................... 3. Beef + Potato =.... 4. Poultry + Fungus + Pastry =.. 5. Beef + Beer = .. 6. Citrus + Egg Whites + Sugar + Broken Biscuit ... 7. Banana + Caramel = ... My name is 9

How many pies can you find in or around the picture? Answer ______________ Name _______________

In this weeks paper are a number of pies and pieces of pie hand-drawn by Abby Blackwell. How many can you find? Are there : 5 7 9 11 13

Last weeks competition winner was : Carmen Rey Jones Who correctly spotted all the differences with the Pudseys. A prize will be winging its way to you very soon

Circle the answer and post in the TT box. Name More pie in the sky Life of Pi Pylons Sing a Song of Sixpence Four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie Simple Simon Met a Pieman Pied Piper of Hamelin

Jokes from the Jester

Q: What's the best thing to put into a pie? A: Your teeth! Q: Why did the pie go to a dentist? A: Because he needed a filling! Q: What's the difference between a worm and an apple? A: Have you ever tried worm pie? Q: What do you get if you cross a jogger with an apple pie? A: Puff pastry 10