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The following information details our products for linear motion in theater. With 30 years of experience in the industry, our products have been specifically adapted for the theater. Our wealth of experience in the theatre industry comes from installations in well-known theatres around the world, including: Del Liceu Barcelone in Spain, Expo 2000 Hanover, Town hall Cottbus in Germany, Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles and Memphis Theatre USA, Al Raha theatre in Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates, and Brighton Theatre Dome in UK. As well as on cruise liners, like the Dawn Princess, Grand Princess, Sea princess, Rhapsody of the Seas, Visions of the Seas, Carnival Victory, and Costa Atlantica Our range of products are separated into two families: Vertical and Horizontal Each has different chains, depending on the technical parameters. As the manufacturer of the system, we can provide the transmissions and the positioning system by using switches or an encoder.

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The chain is attached to the wagon by a mobile pin and the wagon is guided in the same guide track as the chain. . 40 and 60. making assembly on site easier (Note: the data sheets size 40 are not available in this document).Maximum Speed .Maximum Play under Compression . with selection depending on the effort required to transfer the loads. thus allowing a fast and diverse possibility of scenery changes.Maximum Pushing Force .Maximum Height of Couple .Noise Level of Chain through Drive Housing : : : : : : : 35 tons 2500 Dan up to 1 m/s up to 250 mm 0.8 mm/m 2 mm/m for 2000 Dan 45 to 55 dBa depending on the speed To 1 m away from the source 60 to 67 dBa depending on the speed to 1 m away from the source These values are given for informational purposes only.HORIZONTAL TRANSFERS 1. which ensure a low noise level. Technical Characteristics (SCT 60) . Our product range includes two chain sizes. This system enables the stage wagons to cross the complete stage left to right and front to rear. The steel corner plates are used to guide the wagon and interface with the wooden floor. The systems are of modular design. 4. 2. We strongly recommend discussing each application with our engineering department to ensure the most cost effective solution.Maximum Play in the Chain .Maximum Load . Principle of Use The original principle of movement is based on driving a chain through the drive housing into a guide system. Guiding Principle The chain runs on plastic rollers in an aluminum guide track.Noise Level of Chain through Guide . The rollers move on plastic rails.

Motor Drive and Control The chain is driven by a geared motor. which drives an encoder permitting exact positional control of the wagon. A cable is fixed to the front end link and placed on the chain.5. .