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Resources Lessons Quizzes Assignments Discussion Completion Wireless Networking completion: final exam results Final Exam E aluation of !our answers: 1. The most common wire used in wired computer networks is what? You chose: CA" #$ Correct% The most common wire used in wired computer networks is CAT 5. 2. Which of the following terms refers to the de ice that pro ides an access point for wireless de ices? You chose: WA&$ Correct% WA! stands for Wireless Access !oint" and it pro ides access for wireless de ices. #. Which of the following definitions $est descri$es a de ice dri er? You chose: A software component t'at ena(les 'ar)ware to interact wit' t'e operating s!stem$ Correct% A de ice dri er" sometimes %ust called a dri er" ena$les hardware to interact with the operating s&stem. '. Which of the following is an e(ample of a spreading techni)ue for wireless networking? You chose: *rt'ogonal Fre+uenc! Di ision ,ultiplex- or *FD,$ Correct% *+,- is a spreading techni)ue used in wireless networking. 5. Which of the following is a time.$ased measure? You chose: Fre+uenc!$ Correct% +re)uenc& is the measure of complete wa es o er a gi en period of time" and therefore is a time.$ased measure. /. 0ert1 is a measure of which of the following? You chose: .!tes per secon)$ 2ncorrect. 0ert1 is not a measure of $&tes per second. The correct answer is: C&cles per second. 3. What does the term !A4 stand for? You chose: &ersonal Area Network$ Correct% !A4 stands for !ersonal Area 4etwork" a phrase often associated with 5luetooth de ices. 6. Which of the following is the ma(imum $andwidth rating for 672.11a? You chose: #/ ,(ps$ Correct% 672.11a has a ma(imum $andwidth rating of 5' -$ps. 8. Which organi1ation manages the 5luetooth standard? You chose: .luetoot' 012$ Correct% The 5luetooth standard is managed $& the 5luetooth 9pecial 2nterest :roup ;92:<. 17. Which of the following descri$es the capa$ilit& of a mini.,0C! ser er? You chose: 1t assigns 1& a))resses to computers on t'e local pri ate network$ Correct% With a mini.,0C! ser er" &ou can %ust plug in new computers or connect new wireless de ices without worr&ing a$out 2! addresses" su$net masks" or other configuration parameters that mini.,0C! ser ers do automaticall&. 11. What is the function of a firewall? You chose: "o protect a pri ate network from intrusion (! outsi)e users or software$ Correct% +irewalls pre ent outsiders from peeking in at &our network $& filtering certain 2nternet traffic $efore it can reach &our pri ate network. 12. What is the function of a 4AT? You chose: "o translate (etween internal- pri ate 1& a))resses an) an external 1nternet 1& a))ress$ Correct% A 4AT ena$les &ou to easil& connect multiple computers to a single 2nternet connection" $ecause the& handle all the translation.$ased re)uirements of sending data $ack and forth through that single 2nternet connection. 1#. You would encounter a piconet in which of the following technologies? You chose: .luetoot'$ Correct% A scatternet is a collection of two or more interconnected 5luetooth piconets. 1'. 2n a Wi.+i network" the 992, performs what function? You chose: 1t uni+uel! i)entifies a wireless network$ Correct% A passke& uni)uel& identifies a wireless network. 15. 5luetooth is considered which of the following? You chose: A s'ort3range wireless tec'nolog!$ Correct% 5luetooth has a ma(imum range of a$out ## feet" which makes it a short.range wireless technolog&. 1/. With one.wa& satellite 2nternet access" what means of transmission is used for uploading information ;from the computer to the 2nternet!4<" the 9mith WA! must ha e >!4 pass.through capa$ilit&. 22. Which of the following is another name for a WA!? You chose: .ase 0tation$ Correct% 9ome manufacturers" such as -icrosoft" use the term 5ase 9tation when referring to their WA!s. 2#. +or wireless networking in $usiness en ironments" which of the following is a primar& concern? You chose: Exten)ing wireless connecti it!$ Correct% ?(tending wireless connecti it& is one of the two primar& concerns for wireless connecti it& in $usiness en ironments. The other primar& concern is enforcing securit&. 2'. You currentl& ha e an 672.11g WA! set to channel three. 2f &ou add another WA!" which channel should &ou set the second WA! to reduce the likelihood of interference? You chose: Eig't$ Correct% 4eigh$oring 672.11$@g WA!s must ha e fi e or more channels of separation. Channels three and eight ha e e(actl& fi e channels of separation. 25. What is the definition of a preferred network? You chose: A wireless network to w'ic' !ou 'a e pre iousl! aut'enticate) an) connecte)$ Correct% A preferred network is wireless network to which &ou ha e pre iousl& authenticated and connected. 2/. WAC stands for what? You chose: Win)ows :ero Configuration$ Correct% WAC does indeed stand for Windows Aero Configuration. 23. What is another term for W?! ke&? You chose: Wireless ke!$ Correct% Wireless ke& is another term for W?! ke&. 26. Your friend Bohn has created an Ad 0oc network called A=!0A. Your computer name is CCD90?C" and &our username is :A-?C. When &ou connect to the Ad 0oc network" which network name should &ou look for? You chose: AL&;A$ Correct% The network name A=!0A will $e used $& all de ices connecting to the Ad 0oc network. 28. 0ow do &ou make a 5luetooth de ice isi$le to other near$& 5luetooth de ices? You chose: &ut it in )isco er! mo)e$ Correct% !utting a de ice into disco er mode makes it isi$le to near$& 5luetooth de ices. -an& de ices must specificall& $e placed in disco er& mode. #7. Which profile ena$les a 5luetooth headset to communicate and place calls with a 5luetooth cell phone? You chose: ;an)s Free$ Correct% The 0ands +ree profile for 5luetooth ena$les communication and call placement with a headset or with an& other de ices" such as an automo$ile. #1. When a de ice is spoofed" what happens? You chose: Anot'er )e ice mas+uera)es as t'at )e ice$ Correct% 9poofing is the act of mas)uerading as another de ice. #2. What is a hotspot district? You chose: A region w'ere an entire section of town is Wi3Fi ena(le) in an effort to attract (usiness acti it!$ Correct% A hotspot district is a section of a town that is Wi.+i ena$led in an effort to attract $usiness acti it&. ##. What is an enterprise network? You chose: A network foun) in large organizations$ Correct% ?nterprise networks are networks found in large organi1ations" such as companies or go ernment agencies with thousands of computers. #'. What is meant $& Ethe last mileE? You chose: "'e copper ca(ling (etween a 'ouse an) t'e telep'one compan!