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Phenoset Microspheres are small individual hollow spheres of phenolic resin. Lightweight, chemically inert and mechanically strong, they are primarily used as a hollow filler. Phenoset microspheres combine the benefits of low density and high compressive strength. Due to its spherical shape, they provide greater strength as opposed to diverse and unstable shapes. The hollow center of the Phenoset microspheres give them the predetermined lightweight which allows them to be used as density and weight control agents.

Phenoset microspheres can be mixed with phenolic, polyester, polyurethane and epoxy to form syntactic foam that feature reduced weight, increased stiffness and improved crack resistance Applications include • Automatic tooling compound • Structural Parts • Ablative heat shields (astrospace reentry vehicles • Modelling boards • Synthetic wood • Media for sculpturing

Phenoset microspheres used as extenders can save up to as much as 40 percent resin in adhesives

Abrasive/Grinding Wheels,
Phenoset microspheres are used • To control porosity in the grinding wheels • To aid in stabilizing the dimension of the wheel during process • As a spacer relative to the abrasive particles

Sensitized Dynamite,
Used specifically in gelatin dynamites for water resistant, pressurized application. Phenoset • helps to ensure a high detonation of velocity (VOD) • acts as a density control filler to meet precise lower density ‘hot spots’ to yield controlled, highly-reactive detonation.

Thermosetting putty,
Used in potting and fairing compound in marine and automotive applications for • Weight reduction • Faster, easier sanding • Better finishing

6 <4 --70 PHENOSET BJO-0930 500 0. well-ventilated area Keep away from sunlight For further information on storage and handling.6 kg STORAGE AND HANDLING • • Store Phenoset microspheres in a cool. The different density and maximum working pressure allows the formulator to choose the minimum density product that will survive formulation.25 to 0.104 max 6. Asia Pacific Microspheres Sdn Bhd (APM) produces two standard grades of microspheres: Phenoset BJO-0840 and Phenoset BJO 0930 These microspheres are reddish-brown in color and are primarily used as a hollow filler. pumping and use.25 0. please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheets.2 kg Phenoset BJO 0930 : 30 lbs / 13.24 to 9. TYPICAL PROPERTIES PROPERTY Average Hydrostatic Compressive Strength Liquid Density (Liquid Displacement) Average Bulk Density Moisture Content Floatation in Toluene (Dupanol solution) Average Particle Size psi g/cc Glcc lb/ft3 wt % % microns PHENOSET BJO-0840 1000 0.21 to 0.10 to 0.15 6. .5 max <4 > 90 90 PACKAGING Polyethylene-lined HDPE drums Phenoset BJO 0840 : 40 lbs / 18.PHENOSET MICROSPHERES To meet the requirements of their many applications.35 0.

Formulated into epoxy compounds to produce simulated tissues. . Used usually with reinforced plastic skin in submarines and missiles. application and conditions of use are beyond the control of Asia Pacific Microspheres Sdn Bhd. - IMIPORTANT This information is not to be taken as a warranty or representation for which we assume legal responsibility nor as permission or recommendation to practise any patented invention without a license. investigation and verification. Used with plastic binders in • low-pressure molding • low-pressure laminating Strength properties of cured castings are comparable to those of filled epoxies three times the weight Structural Parts. For Material Safety Data Sheets and other product safety information. For the aerospace coupling agents required Improved surface property of resultant syntactic foam Increased strength to density ratio of foams Viscosity reduction and improved flow unlike irregular-shaped fillers Maintains sharpness of abrasive wheels PRODUCT SAFETY When considering the use of APM products in a particular application. polyurethane . you must determine the suitability of the products and the suggestions mentioned herein for your specific application. Casting Applications. Since your specific use.Experimental radiation studies. As tissue substitutes for experimental radiation studies. as • Abradable seals • Potting compounds BENEFITS • • • • • • • Weight reduction Superior machinability with clear precise edge cuts Superior compatability with epoxy. FUIRTHER INFORMATION For information on additional literature. you should review our latest Material Safely Data Sheets and ensure that the use you intend can be accomplished safely. products and service. It is offered solely for your consideration. contact Asia Pacific Microspheres Sales / Distributor’s Office nearest to you. telephone 603 559 1801.