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Human body consists of 206 bones with 143 joints. Bones composition is with Proteins, collagen fibers, calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, magnesium, sodium, Potash, zinc, sulpher, phosphorous etc. Bones cell life is 20 to 25 years and there after replacement of cells starts. Thus from then calcium has to be supplied to the body about 600g. per day. It is available more in milk and sesame. Vitamin ‘D’ is also necessary to absorb calcium. It is required for body maintance daily & draws from bones when not available from food. Calcium has calming effect on nerves, mussels & arthritis pain. Calcium shortage causes about 100 problems. Weak bones are called OSTEOPOROTIC BONE. For quick healing broken bones after aliening give rest to digestive system more than 10 hrs. Consumption of non veg. delays healing but light food like sprouts, vegetables, green leaves, fruits, salads and their juice and water helps for quick healing. ARTHRITIS means ‘ARTH’=joint ‘ITIS’= swelled. Effected bones become red, warm, swollen etc. Two types of them are Rheumatoid arthritis & Osteoarthritis. I. RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS: It is autoimmune disease damages joints, surrounding tissues & swelling, pain, stiffness at joints. a) Symptoms : Morning sickness, fever, weight loss, uneasiness etc. As the disease advances, pain, musselspasm and progressive joint destruction results deformities and disorganised. b) The Reasons are 1. Nervous, tense, worried, depressed, moody, not having chance to express their feelings like Anger, sorrow etc and suppressed are affected. 2. Consumption of total salt (sodium) more than 1g. per day for prolonged period, converts into sodium bicarbonate crystals deposits in less movement joints. 3. Insufficient water intake. (Min. 1 L water for every 20 kg. weight of body per day is required) Take water ½ hr. before food & 2 hr. after food, drink 3 liters water in the day time. 4. Consumption of 4th type food (Junk food) often. c) FOR Relief: 1. Control the above 4 points. Do pranayam, take balanced diet to maintain metabolism rate. 2. Do yogasans for one hour to strengthen tendons, ligaments, mussels and joints etc. Particularly ensure moments of toes, ankles, wrist and all fingers. 3. Observe weekly fasting one time with the help of honey water & lemon. 4. Finish dinner before 7 P.M. and give more than 10 hrs. rest to your digestive system. 5. Ensure daily two times motion by drinking 1 to 1½ L. water. Before asanas one time, after asanas or with 1 hr. gap 2nd. time. Water solves many of health problems. 6. Consume more of natural foods Ex. Sprouts,Fruits,salads & vegetable juice, dry fruits etc. take Sufficient calcium and omega-3 also.l II. OSTEOARTHRITIS: When the synovial fluid in the synovium is reduced or dried up, the cartilages of two bones will be under wear & tear. Further the gap will be filled with sodium crystals and starts spoiling them. By creating the joints movement the synovial fluid generates itself. Mostly effected areas are lower limbs, hip, knee and spine at neck (cervical spondylosis), low back (lumbar spin / lumbar spondylosis). The Symptoms are intermittent and mild pain develops. The mussel inflammation,fibroses of tissue, new bone formation or remodeling of bone etc. The joint produces typical noise on movement. Relief Process is same as above. Remember prevention is better than cure. III. Knee pain : For pain relief take an equal quantity of turmeric powder, Bishop (Ajwain) seeds, garlic and grind them to make paste. Apply it around the knees and wash it after 6 to 7 mts. & if burning sensation is felt, massage with cocoanut oil on the knees. IV. Sciatic nerve: When this nerve is pinched awkwardly & constantly, there is pain in hips, thighs & legs. For relief stand straight, raise both hands straight up inhale air & bend backward until you can and bend front side exhaling air & touch your leg fingers. Repeat this exercise 5 to 10 times 2 times in a day for 4 to 5 days. V. Back bone pain : To relieve beck pain press with thumb on the foot in between thumb & next finger 3 inches length on top side 3 times a day with your finger and keep 1 mt. where pain noticed. VI. To relieve the cervical spondylosis pain press on point no.7 ( vide sketch), thumb root portion for 1-2 mts. particularly on the point where pain is noticed.