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Jim The Giants Cave of Doom

By Anthony DVirgilio and David Shay

Once upon a time there !as a girl named Julia !ho lived !ith her father in a small house in the country" Julia !o#e up and put on her clothes" She loo#ed out her !indo! and noticed there !as a storm overhead and it seemed to $e focused on one particular spot" She came to the living room and said %&i dad ho! did you sleep'( Julias dad didnt loo# up ever since Julias mom passed a!ay he !as al!ays grim" %)ine ( he finally replied sadly" %Dad *m hungry" *ts time for $rea#fast ( Julia remar#ed" %&o! do you suppose !e get food !ithout no money ( Julias dad snapped" %+ell,may$e you should get a $etter -o$.( Julia replied angrily" %* guess if you !ant to eat you should ta#e your horse /ightning do!n to the mar#et and sell it"( Julias dad ordered" So they decided to sell /ightning their only horse for cash" But the ne0t day as Julia and her $eloved horse !ere !al#ing sadly and slo!ly to the mar#et to ma#e the deal they came across a surprise" %+o! * !onder ho! much one of those is !orth ( Julia e0claimed" There !as a small stand near the road that displayed -e!els and ancient pottery" %*f * get my hands on some of those -e!els * !ouldnt have to sell you ( Julia told /ightning" /ightning $rayed in approval" %There are t!o men guarding and running the stand" &o! !ill * get past them'( Julia as#ed /ightning" /ightning ran and -umped into the stand #ic#ing and $raying" %Some distraction ( Julia muttered" *n the chaos Julia snuc# $ehind a ta$le !ith one of the -e!els on it" Julia gra$$ed a red -e!el and put it in her $ag" Julia turned $ac# around so she could escape $ut !hen she did there !as a man !ith a s!ord pointing it at Julia" (Thief scum ( the man said" %+here * dont see any thieves around here ( Julia lied feeling a $it $rave" %1ou #no! !hat !e do !ith thieves ( the man threatened" %* guess * !ouldnt $ecause *m not a thief ( Julia re$elled"

&e s!ung his s!ord and Julia duc#ed" Then she -umped on /ightning and yelled (#e2ya"( After that /ightning and Julia rode off into the forest !ith the angry man close $ehind" /ightning stopped and #ic#ed Julia off him in one solid motion" Julia got up and reali3ed !hy lightning !as acting up" There !as a large flying creature that resem$led a mon#ey in front of them" %&ide in there ( the creature urged them" Julia didnt even thin#" She gra$$ed /ightning $y the reins and started to !al# over to the cave the creature !as referring to" *t !as impossi$le to argue !ith the creature" There !as something a$out its voice that made Julia do !hat it said !ithout thin#ing" As she urged closer to the cave she noticed there !as a large door instead of an open entrance" As Julia and her horse slo!ly crept into the large door she heard a crac# under he feet" *t !as a human s#eleton. She $egan to run for the door $ut as she !as a$out to leave the door !as loc#ed" She didnt #no! !hat to do so she ran under the large $ed and hid" Then she heard something crying for help" *t !as a troll stuc# in a cage" As she got closer she sa! his frightened dar# devilish eyes" She !onder !hat he is doing there" &e ran to!ards her $egging her to let him out " %+hy should * trust you' +hat if you lured me here -ust to eat me'( she tried to say $ravely" %4lease oh please help if you !ont Jim the giant !ill eat me !ith his $ig monstrous teeth"( Said the troll" )or some strange reason she $elieved him and unloc#ed the cage and he ran out %Than# you than# you"( Said the troll" As she ga3ed around the room she sa! t!o giant feet underneath the door" She ran under the $ed ta#ing lightning and the troll !ith her" *t !as Jim the giant. &e dropped his a0e right in the middle of the floor She loo#ed around trying to find a !ay out" She sa! a crac# under the $ed -ust $ig enough for her and her comrades to get out" &alf !ay through the opening she forgot a$out the -e!els" She turned around telling the troll to !ait outside !ith the horse" As she got $ac# inside the cave she sa! her -e!els ne0t to the a0e" She slo!ly crept over to the -e!els and gra$$ed it she $egan to run" Jim the giant ran after her" She made through the crac# got on lightning gra$$ed the troll and left going into the forest she hears a $ig $oom $ehind her" *t !as Jim $lasting through the cave" As fast as lightning could go she ran through the !oods and came to a cliff" Jim !as close $ehind s!inging is a0e as she got closer to the edge of the cliff Jim let out one more $ig s!ing and cut the cliff in half. &e $egan to -ump to the other side $ut he slipped the a0e !ent flying out of his hands hitting the trolls right arm and #noc#ing it clean off... &e screamed and

fell off the horse and into the chasm" As she ran trying to gra$ his hand her hand slipped and let go of his hand and do!n he fell" She mourned his death for 5uic# moment and ran $ac# to her house" &er dad !as ama3ed $y her story and could $arely $elieve it" /ater that night he prepared a feast for the three of them and never got hungry again" A day later in the deep dar# chasm Jims 6yes opened !idely see#ing revenge on Julia and her &orse"