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Address: Muhammad Azam Mehar, Kaccha Fattomand Commissioner Road, Near Masjid Dary Wali, Gujranwala, 5 5!, "a#istan$ %!&&&'&&(&5!!) %*+ '&&() (5(,, Committed to e./lore new lines o0 #nowled1e and learnin1 0ield o0 /er0ormance and 2uality mana1ement$ 3oo#in1 0or a /lat0orm where 4 can /ro5e and 0urther /olish my a6ilities, s#ills, #nowled1e and also ha5e ma.imum chances o0 1roomin1 and learnin1$

Contact: Email: Objective : Education !ali"ication ++A ,HR*.com Metric

Name o" #nstit!tion .niversit/ o" '!jrat0 '!jrat (.+.1.#0 2ahore +.#.S.30 '!jranwala

$ear !7& !!, !!-

S%ecialization 8uman Resource Commerce 9cience

&'(A ) *ivision &$77 7st Di5ision 7st Di5ision

Work Experience 4ob 1itle Name o" Organization #nternee 9u/er Asia, Gujranwala

*e%artment Mar#etin1

5rom Au1ust, !7

1o 9e/tem6er, !7

4n this internshi/, 4 did mar#et research to analyze true "otential in the Gujranwala district, and com/ile a research re/ort, on the 6asis o0 /rimary and secondary data$ :his /roject was the most 6ene0icial as /er my learnin1 to understand a true local 6usiness en5ironment$ (roject GFC, Gujrat 8RM ;cto6er, !7 <anuary, !7&

4n this /roject we conducted 5arious sessions o0 trainin1 and de5elo/ment and /re/are a /roject re/ort, on the 6asis o0 jo6 analysis and jo6 descri/tion and trainin1 sessions$ And e.amine the chan1e in the 6eha5ior o0 their em/loyees due to 8RM /ractices$ Awards & Achievements  4 ha5e done =n1lish 3an1ua1e course$  4=3:9 certi0ied and 1ot - >ands$  4 ha5e done course o0 M9 ;00ice and 1ot A 1rade$  Acti5e /artici/ant o0 Glo6al youth leadershi/ con0erence$ %G?3C) @ni5ersity o0 Central 3ancashire, @K  Got &rd /osition in 6usiness /lan com/etition at @C" 3ahore$  Certi0ied 0rom Australian "ro0essional De5elo/ment Centre$ University of south Wales Australia "a1e 6 o0

 Aice /resident o0 8ayatian 2uiz society$  With colla6oration o0 other uni5ersities or1anized all "unja6 Buiz Com/etition$  Certi0ied /artici/ant o0 the 9tress Mana1ement 9eminar$  Certi0ied or1anizer o0 "unja6i drama 8==R at @ni5ersity o0 Gujrat$  Wor#ed as a mem6er o0 student Mana1ement 9er5ice$  Wor#ed 0or the admission cell o0 uni5ersity o0 Gujrat$ Professional Skills      =.N.cellence in mana1in1 administrati5e matters$ Good inter/ersonal s#ill$ "ro6lem sol5in1 s#ill$ Fle.I.i6ility$ 3eadershi/ s#ill$ Personal Profile Marital Status: 9in1le Date of Birth: !+C!+C7++! C.C: &(7!7'D!D(+&D'7 Domicile: Gujranwala Father Name: Muhammad Azam Mehar Well 5ersed in =n1lish. @rdu and "unja6i "a1e 7 o0 .