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Assignment 9

Introduction to Statistics
For handing in on 19–20 March 2013

You should attempt all of these questions, as they are designed to help you to learn and understand the material in the course. The ‘Feedback’ question is the one for handing in. Write your name, student number and group number at the top of your answer before handing it in. Staple all the pages together. Either (i) hand it to your allocated tutor when (s)he asks for it during your allocated Minitab laboratory session on Tuesday 19 March 2013, or (ii) post it in the red post-box on the ground floor of the Maths building before 1400 on Wednesday 20 March 2013. If you want help on any of the other questions, or want to check that you have done them correctly, you may ask any tutor during your laboratory session or ask me in any of my office hours. 1 Some books define a variance estimator V by 1 V = n

¯ )2 . ( Xi − X

Find the bias of V as an estimator of σ 2 . 2 A random sample of n observations, Xi i = 1, 2, . . . , n, is chosen from a population with unknown mean µ and unknown variance σ 2 . From this sample ¯ and the sample variance S 2 are calculated. Another random the sample mean X X ¯ and S 2 calculated. sample of m observations, Yj j = 1, . . . , m, is chosen and Y Y The two sets of observations are then pooled and the mean µ is estimated by ¯ + mY ¯ nX n+m and the variance σ 2 by
2 2 (n − 1)SX + (m − 1)SY . n+m−2 Show that these two estimators are unbiased estimators of µ and σ 2 respectively.


(e) the second graph. (c) an account of what you did to construct the first graph.3 The weight of luggage that aircraft passengers take with them is distributed with mean 20kg and standard deviation 5kg. (g) comments on what this graph shows. and whether or not this agrees with what theory predicts. Give the estimated standard error of your estimate. A certain type of aircraft carries 100 passengers. as shown in the following table. (d) comments on what this graph shows. Their heights were recorded to the nearest inch. and whether or not this agrees with what theory predicts.S. 2 .A. (b) the first graph. What is the probability that the total weight of the passengers’ luggage exceeds 2150kg? 4 From a population of about 70.. height (inches) 62 frequency 1 63 1 64 2 65 5 66 4 67 4 68 2 69 1 Estimate the mean height of female students at this university. 5 (Feedback) Write a report on Part 5 of Practical 8. Your report should include (a) your chosen distribution. its mean and variance. twenty were chosen at random. (f) an account of what you did to construct the second graph.000 female students at a certain university in the U.