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October 2005

Mitsubishi PLC

New Product Release


Loop Control Module

The New Loop Control Module Ideal For Fast Response Control*
*Examples: • Control of rapid temperature increases at flip chip bond IC manufacturer. • Drying oven cooling temperature control on freeze drying machines.

Staggering 25ms sampling and control update time, an industry first. Supports sensor types, such as thermocouple, microvoltage, voltage, and current input ranges. Continuous proportional PID control by 4 to 20mA current output results in highly stable and accurate control.
Flow rate sensor input

Control output

Temperature input

Flow rate sensor



Control output Heater Tank


Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Nagoya Works is a factory certified for ISO14001 (standards for environmental management systems) and ISO9001(standards for quality assurance managememt systems)


S. current inputs. Resin nozzle temperature control Control output Slave (CH2) Master (CH1) サイリスタ Thyristor Heater Extruder Thermocouple Thermocouple 1 . high-resolution thermocouple inputs. 2. voltage. Microvoltage 0 to 10mV 0 to 100mV -10 to 10mV -100 to 100mV Voltage 0 to 1V 1 to 5V 0 to 5V -1 to 1V -5 to 5V -10 to 10V Current 4 to 20mA 0 to 20mA CH1 CH2 4. B. Items complying with any of these standards can be used JIS Standard R. integral time [I]. and flow rate control. J. Program Control Function Control program profiles can be specified where set values (SV) and PID constants (proportional band [P]. S. Supports Variety of Input Ranges The use of an input sensor (microvoltage. and ASTM standards. which features a sampling period of 25ms for high-accuracy. pressure control. These features make the Q62HLC ideal for applications such as rapid temperature increase control. microvoltage inputs. IEC. NBS. Connectable to Thermocouples that Comply with Major International Standards The Q62HLC supports thermocouples which comply with the JIS. T IEC Standard R. Cascade Control Function Cascade control can be performed with channel 1 as the master and channel 2 as the slave. voltage inputs. N NBS Standard PL ASTM Standard W5Re. E. W26Re 3. K. T. E. differential time [D]) are automatically changed at specified times. Se t va lue Ex (SV ecu 1) tio nt PID con ime stan ts Pro gram prof ile Q62HLC Time 5. and current inputs) enables analog value measurements in the ranges shown below. B. K. Se Seg gm m entent 15 16 Se Se Seg gm mgme entent nt 3 1 2 SV Program control using 16-segment program profile. and current outputs. J.Features 1. High-Speed PID Control The Q62HLC loop control module uses a continuous proportional PID control format.

E. Voltage: 1MΩ. Microvoltage.25 to 3 (use of crimped terminal with sleeve is prohibited) DC24V +20%. W5Re/W26Re Item Number of output points Digital input Analog output − Specifications 2 channels per module Analog output specifications Specifications 2 points (2 channels) Binary with 16-bit symbol Current − When using simple analog output: Input characteristic See item (2) Output characteristic Digital value: 0 to 4000 Output range: 4 to 20mA Maximum resolution Command accuracy Ambient temperature: 23˚C ± 2˚C Ambient temperature: 0˚C to 55˚C Ambient temperature: 23˚C ± 2˚C Ambient temperature: 0˚C to 55˚C See item (2) See item (3) (a) Maximum resolution Command accuracy Ambient temperature: 23˚C ± 2˚C Ambient temperature: 0˚C to 55˚C 4 µA Full scale x (±0. N. spike 500mVp-p or less Inrush current: 0. voltage. voltage.2A. J. current 0.0 to 100.7s Thermocouple: Input range of thermocouple being used Specified input range for Microvoltage.0℃ 25ms / 2 channels (constant.00 to 50.0 to 3276. -15% External power supply Ripple.1-1000.1 to 10.1 to full scale ˚C Microvoltage.0 to 3276. Current: 250Ω Permissible load resistance Output impedance Specifications 60dB or more (50/60Hz) 120dB or more (50/60Hz) 0. B.7s 0.75mm2 R1.5℃ ±1. input Input impedance Item Normal-mode rejection ratio Common-mode rejection ratio Input filter (Primary delay digital filter) Sensor compensation value setting Control method PID constant setting PID constant range Proportional band (P) Integral time (I) Differential time (D) Set value setting range Dead band setting range Setting possible by auto tuning Thermocouple: 0.27A 0. R.4 (W) x 98 (H) x 112 (D) mm *1: Accuracy is calculated as follows: [Accuracy] = [Command accuracy] + [Reference junction temperature compensation accuracy] 2 . regardless of the number of channels used) 25ms / 2 channels (constant. S. current 0.0% 0.0% Specific isolated area Isolation method Transformer isolation Dielectric withstand voltage 500VAC for 1 minute Insulation resistance 500VDC for 20MΩ or more Isolation specifications Between input and ground Between input channels FeRAM reading/writing times Number of I/O occupied points Connector Applicable wire size Applicable solderless terminal Max.4%) Command accuracy ±0.25kg 27. 4µs or less 0.Performance specifications (1) Performance specifications Item Number of analog input/output points Analog input specifications Item Number of input points Analog input Digital output Supported thermocouples Specifications 2 points (2 channels) See item (2) 16-bit binary value K.07A Internal current consumption Weight External dimensions 0. 1010 times 16 points (I/O assignment: intelligent 16 points) 18-point terminal block 0.0s -50.3 to 0.2%) Accuracy*1 See item (3) (b) Full scale x (±0. Voltage: ±15V Current: ±30mA Thermocouple. PL . regardless of the number of channels used) Microvoltage: ±12V.00% Continuous proportional control 600Ω or less 5MΩ Speed change rate 25ms / 2 channels (constant. T. regardless of the number of channels used) Conversion speed Sampling period Absolute max.

5mV 0.1˚C Resolution -10000 to 10000 (3) Command Accuracy (a) With ambient temperature of 23 ± 2˚C Item Less than -100˚C K.25mV 0. N.2mV 0.0˚C ±[Command value x (0.1mV 0.0˚C ±[Command value x (0.2%) + 1 digit] ±140.5mV 1mV 0.2%) Error ±2. PL -100 to less than 500˚C 500˚C or more Thermocouple S.2%) + 1 digit] ±2.1%) + 1 digit] ±70.1%) + 1 digit] ±1.0˚C ±1.8µA 1µA 0. J. R.1%) + 1 digit] (b) With ambient temperature of 0 to 55˚C Item Less than -100˚C K. N.1%) Error ±1.5˚C ±[Command value x (0. E.0˚C ±2.05mV 0.0˚C ±[Command value x (0. R.(2) Supported I/P Sensor Types And Characteristics Input K J T S Thermocouple R N E B PL W5Re/W26Re Input Range -200 to 1372˚C -200 to 1200˚C -200 to 400˚C -50 to 1768˚C -50 to 1768˚C 0 to 1300˚C -200 to 1000˚C 0 to 1800˚C 0 to 1390˚C 0 to 2300˚C 0 to 10mV Microvoltage 0 to 100mV -10 to 10mV -100 to 100mV 0 to 1V 1 to 5V 0 to 5V Voltage 0 to 10V -1 to 1V -5 to 5V -10 to 10V Current 4 to 20mA 0 to 20mA 0 to 20000 -10000 to 10000 0 to 20000 Digital Value -2000 to 13720 -2000 to 12000 -2000 to 4000 -500 to 17680 -500 to 17680 0 to 13000 -2000 to 10000 0 to 18000 0 to 13900 0 to 23000 0 to 20000 0. PL -100 to less than 500˚C 500˚C or more Thermocouple S.0˚C ±[Command value x (0. W5Re/W26Re -50 to less than 1000˚C 1000˚C or more Less than 400˚C B 400 to less than 1000˚C 1000˚C or more Microvoltage Voltage Current Full scale x (±0. W5Re/W26Re -50 to less than 1000˚C 1000˚C or more Less than 400˚C B 400 to less than 1000˚C 1000˚C or more Microvoltage Voltage Current Full scale x (±0. E.0˚C ±1. T.2%) + 1 digit] 3 .0˚C ±0. J.5µV 5µV 1µV 10µV 0. T.0˚C ±[Command value x (0.

Buffer memory setting data can be backed up to an FeRAM. 10. the minimum-requirement sequence program (LD** + "OUT Yn1") is adequate. and when the set value (SV) is increased. 9. a DI module. without the need for any extra programming. Online Module Change (Hot Swap) 7. etc. and inputs (sensor). Loop Disconnection Detection This function detects control loop faults caused by problems with the load. and manually setting the manipulated value (MV). 14. Setting Data Backup This function allows the Q62HLC to serve as a simple thermocouple / microvoltage input module. by setting the AT (auto tuning) operation gap time and the AT insertion loss time. the RFB (reset feedback) limiter function performs an integral control action to prevent the PID operation result's "manipulated value MV" from exceeding the valid manipulated value (MV) range. 11. humidity. 0 to 5V. Diagnostics can also be performed. -1 to 1V. *4: No alarm is activated at any channel (even channels where no sensor is connected). The following Q62HLC operations are performed if an input disconnection occurs. RFB (Reset FeedBack) Limiter *1 In the event of Q62HLC failure. Although the module can be setup using standard ladder programming. 4 . 0 to 10V. ・ The RFB limiter also prevents "overshooting" which can easily occur at startup.Features 6. external operation device. This functions permits an auto tuning mode to be specified for the set control value. Simple Analog Input/Output 12. *1: Online module change can only be used with process CPU (QnPHCPU). Input Thermocouple Microvoltage Voltage Current Input Range All 1 to 5V 0 to 1V. etc. If data is written directly to the buffer memory by using GX Developer TEST function. -10 to 10V 4 to 20mA 0 to 20mA Operation Up-scale *2 Down-scale *3 0V vicinity value displays *4 Down-scale 0mA vicinity value displays *4 *2: Displays the [input range upper limit value] + [full scale x 5%] value. because the process value (PV) is in the input range. pressure. Scaling This function automatically saves a scaled process value (PV) to the buffer memory. Auto Tuning Mode Setting 13. and flow rate. Easy Setting Using Utility Package An optional utility package (GX Configurator-TC) is available. 8. Sensor Compensation A sensor compensation value can be specified to prevent deviations between process values (PV) and the actual temperature. -5 to 5V. the Q62HLC can be replaced without stopping the system. or an AI module by monitoring the process value (PV). *3: Displays the [input range lower limit value] + [full scale x 5%] value. ・ When a deviation continues for an extended period of time. Using this utility tool greatly simplifies setup.

Sant Cugat del Valles (Barcelona). Ltd. 1-3/F. 6F.T.A Brazil Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc.V. Kangseo-ku.S.City Building. Spain Tel : +49-2102-486-0 Fax : +49-2102-486-7170 Tel : +44-1707-276100 Fax : +44-1707-278695 Tel : +39-039-60531 Fax : +39-039-6053312 Tel : +34-93-565-3131 Fax : +34-93-589-2948 Korea Germany U.20W and later are supported Q62HLC SW0D5C-QTCU-E*1 Model Model code 1W4257 13PX16 Manual Related manuals Manual name Loop Control Module User's Manual (Hardware Edition) Loop Control Module User's Manual Manual supply status Included with product Sold separately IB/SH No. Korea Mitsubishi Electric Asia Pte.Rd. Pal. North Point.V. Seoul 157-030.5) 98 M3 screw (accessory item) 27. French Branch Tel : +33-1-5568-5568 25. HIGASIKU. Tech Co. 307 Alexandra Road #05-01/02.. AL10 8XB. Ltd.. Manulife Tower. 896/19. Shanghai 200233. Boulevard des Bouvets.K Italy Singapore Thailand Spain Indonesia P. F-92741 Nanterre Cedex. 500 Corporate Woods Parkway Vernon Hills. A. Tel : +55-11-5908-8331 Rua Correia Dias.4 Product list Product name Q62HLC type Loop Control Module GX Configurator-TC Version 1 *1: Version 1. Ltd. 10/F. Yannawa. Ltd.Deungchon-dong. Herts.22 S.Ingr.Utara 14440 Messung Systems Pvt. No. M. Mitsubishi Electric Building Singapore 159943 F. GERMANY Mitsubishi Electric Europe B. Tel : +27-11-928-2000 Private Bag 2016. 348 Victoria Road.1 Kav.11 Kawasan Industri/ Pergudangan Jakarta .V. Autoteknindo SUMBER MAKMUR Tel : +62-21-663-0833 Muara Karang Selatan Block A/Utara No. Italian Branch Centro Dir.. IL 60061 Tel/Fax Tel : +1-847-478-2100 Fax : +1-847-478-2396 Country/Region Sales office Taiwan Setsuyo Enterprise Co. Sao Paulo. YADAMINAMI 5.C Bhosari. OFFICE TOWER Z 14F HARUMI CHUO-KU 104-6212.20. China Tel : +852-2887-8870 Fax : +852-2887-7984 Tel : +86-21-6475-3228 Fax : +86-21-6474-6996 India Australia Hong Kong China HEAD OFFICE: 1-8-12. South Africa Mitsubishi Electric Automation (Hong Kong) Ltd.. Bangpongpang.V. Taiwan Mitsubishi Electric Automation Korea Co.S.. Ltd. India Mitsubishi Electric Australia Pty. Ltd.5) 90 112 L-bracket for FG terminal (accessory item) (9. I-20041 Agrate Brianza (Milano). Italy Mitsubishi Electric Europe B. UK Branch Travellers Lane. Hong Kong Mitsubishi Electric Automation (Shanghai) Ltd. 184.External dimensions Unit: mm M3 screw (accessory item) (49) (57. Perseo . 1600 Isando. 103 Cao Bao Road. Hatfield. Australia Tel : +91-20-2712-3130 Fax : +91-20-2712-8108 Tel : +61-2-9684-7777 Fax : +61-2-9684-7245 France South Africa Mitsubishi Electric Europe B. N. . Pune411026. Electronic Sadan NO:111 Unit No15. Fax : +62-21-663-0832 NO. Bangkok 10120 Tel/Fax Tel : +886-2-2299-2499 Fax : +886-2-2299-2509 Tel : +82-2-3660-9552 Fax : +82-2-3664-8372 Tel : +65-6470-2460 Fax : +65-6476-7439 Tel : +66-2-682-6522 Fax : +66-2-682-6020 MELCO-TEC Rep. Edificio Paraiso Trade Center-8 ander Fax : +55-11-5574-5296 Paraiso. 169 Electric Road. JAPAN NAGOYA WORKS: 1-14. German Branch Gothaer Strasse 8 D-40880 Ratingen.. Com. France Fax : +33-1-5568-5685 Circuit Breaker Industries LTD. Office Tower 1.D. Colleoni. Taipei Hsine. Spanish Branch Carretera de Rubi 76-80 E-08190 . Printed in Japan on recycled paper..2 Via Paracelso 12. JAPAN 0510 (MDOC) Specifications subject to change without notice. IB-0800319 SH-080573ENG Model code 13JP75 13JR85 Country/Region Sales office U. Elandsfontein Fax : +27-11-392-2354 Gauteng.V.V. Wu-Ku Hsiang. NAGOYA. Rydalmere. Dong seo Game Channel Bldg..105 Wu-Kung 3rd. SP Brazil Mitsubishi Electric Europe B. Floor 12 Rama III Rd. 2F 660-11. UK Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.e Assessoria Tecnica Ltda.W 2116.21. Tripswitch Drive.I. Block5.