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1. The North Pole __________ a latitude of 90 degrees north. (A) it has (B) is having (C) which is having ( ) has !.

The cit" of Beverl" #ills is surrounded on __________ the cit" of $os Angeles. (A) its sides (B) the sides are (C) it is the side of ( ) all sides %" &. __________ gre"hound' can achieve s(eeds u( to thirt")si* +iles (er hour. (A) The (B) The fastest (C) The fastest dog ( ) The fastest dog' the ,. -ar+ots s(end their ti+e foraging a+ong +eadow (lants and flowers or __________ on roc." cliffs. (A) gets sun (B) sunning (C) the sun ( ) sunn" /. The greenhouse effect occurs __________ heat radiated fro+ the 0un. (A) when does the 1arth2s at+os(here tra( (B) does the 1arth2s at+os(here tra( (C) when the 1arth2s at+os(here tra(s ( ) the 1arth2s at+os(here tra(s 3. The 4ose Bowl' __________ (lace on New 5ear2s a"' is the oldest (ostseason collegiate foot%all ga+e in the 6nited 0tates. (A) (B) it (C) which ( ) too. 7. 1*(eri+ents __________ re(resent a giant ste( into the +edicine of the future. (A) using gene thera(" (B) use gene thera(" (C) the" use ( ) gene thera(" uses 8. __________ off the #awaiian coastline are living' others are dead. (A) 9hile so+e t"(es of coral reefs (B) 0o+e t"(es of coral reefs

(C) There are +an" t"(es of coral reefs ( ) Coral reefs 9. Ni+%ostratus clouds are thic.' dar. gre" clouds __________ fore%ode rain. (A) what (B) which (C) what the" ( ) which the" 10. 0o+e econo+ists now suggest that ho+e e:uit" loans are +erel" a new tra( to (ush consu+ers %e"ond __________ . (A) the" can afford (B) the" can afford it (C) what is afforda%le ( ) a%le to afford 11. Peo(le who reverse the letters of words __________ to read suffer fro+ d"sle*ia. (A) when tr"ing (B) if the" tried (C) when tried ( ) if he tries 1!. ;eatured at the #enr" ;ord -useu+ __________ of anti:ue cars dating fro+ 183/. (A) is an e*hi%it (B) an e*hi%it (C) an e*hi%it is ( ) which is an e*hi%it 1&. 4u%%er __________ fro+ vulcani<ed silicones with a high +olecular weight is difficult to distinguish fro+ natural ru%%er. (A) is (roduced (B) (roducing (C) that (roduces ( ) (roduced 1,. __________ a((ears considera%l" larger at the hori<on than it does overhead is +erel" an o(tical illusion. (A) The -oon (B) That the -oon (C) 9hen the -oon ( ) The -oon which 1/. According to the 9orld #ealth =rgani<ation' __________ an" of the si* +ost dangerous diseases to %rea. out' it could %e cause for :uarantine. (A) were (B) the" were (C) there were ( ) were the"

s are rushing to +erge %ecause A consolidations ena%le the+ to slash theirs B C costs and e*(and. .nown as arc"2s 0tore. Allo"s of gold and co((er have A %een widel" using in various t"(es B C of coins.. The co++unit" of Bethesda' -ar"land' A was (revious . =n the floor of the Pacific =cean is A B hundreds of flat)to((ed +ountains +ore C than a +ile %eneath sea level. 17. Euarter horses were develo(ed in eighteenth)centur" Firginia to race on A courses short of a%out a :uarter of a +ile B C in length. The state seal still used in A -assachusetts designed %" Paul 4evere' B who also designed the first Continental C currenc". Because of the flourish with which A >ohn #ancoc. &0. !9. !!. @iller whales tend to wander in fa+il" A B clusters that hunt' (la"' and resting C together. &1. The 6nited 0tates has i+(ort all car(et A B wools in recent "ears %ecause do+estic C wools are too fine and soft for car(ets. 0egregation in (u%lic schools was A B declare unconstitutional %" the 0u(re+e C Court in 19/. !3. 0o+e of the +ost useful resistor A B +aterial are car%on' +etals' and +etallic C allo"s. B C !&. !8. !/. ?rving Berlin wrote A=h #ow ? #ate to A Bet 6( in the -orningC while serving in a B C 6. That water has a ver" high s(ecific A heat +eans that without a large B te+(erature change water can add or lose C a large nu+%er of heat." with an a%solute B +agnitude a%out twent")three ti+es that of C the 0un. 0irius' the og 0tar' is the +ost A %rightest star in the s. !0. !1. !. 19. Benn" Bood+an was e:uall" talented A as %oth a Da<< (erfor+er as well as a B C classical +usician.0. !7. 18. Pratt used grou( thera(" A earl" in this centur" when he B C %rought tu%erculosis (atients together to discuss its disease. #. >.13. Ar+" during 9orld 9ar ?. Ban. signed the eclaration of ?nde(endence' his na+e %eco+e B C s"non"+ous with signature..

e sna. . No longer satisfied with the e+(hasis A B C of the enishawn 0chool' -artha Braha+ has +oved to the staff of the 1ast+an 0chool in 19!/' li<ards can %e found on A B all others continents e*ce(t Antarctica. 9illia+ #art was an act %est . Artist But<on Borglu+ designed the A -ount 4ush+ore -e+orial and wor.&!. C . &/.nown for A B his roles as western heroes in silent fil+s. &8.s' savings and loans' and finance co+(anies have recentl" %een doing ho+e A B e:uit" loans with greater fre:uenc" than C ever %efore. $i. &&.ers to +ar. Prior to an e*ter+ination (rogra+ A earlier this centur"' alive wolves roa+ed B C across nearl" all of the North A+erica. C &.ed on (roDect fro+ 19!/ until his death in 19. B C &7.ele" A ca+(us of the 6niversit" of California ca+e to national attention as a result its B C radical (olitical activit". &9. &3. ?t is (roving less costl" and +ore A (rofita%l" for directl" B C to (atients. 0a((hires weighing as +uch as two A B C (ounds have on occasion +ined. uring the 19302s the Ber.1. Ban.

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